Could A New GTA V Heist Be On The Way?

Game developers really should keep track of what they leave strewn about in their code.

It seems that in recent days, we hear of nothing but newer and newer rumors sprung by so called GTA V “data miners”, players who dig and sniff around the source code of GTA V in order to discover any hidden secrets or hints as to what may come in the future. Luckily Rockstar has taken note of this trend, and has begun to seemingly lay false-info mines in the code in order to discount the findings of any prospective data miner in the future. This being the case, take the following information with a grain of salt. Or a handful.


Recently, someone who was nosing around the code of GTA V’s game files happened upon a set of audio files which, when extracted and played, lead the player to conclude that they are parts of a currently-under-development heist that will take place near, in or around the Clucking Bell Processing Facility in Paleto Bay. The audio files that have been uncovered relate to the objectives of the heist itself.

Note that this is not the first time that new heists have been hinted at by game files, and nothing has come of that. Meaning that either these are just leftovers from cut content or Rockstar will be launching a large number of new heists simultaneously, and are adding files procedurally.


It stands to reason that Rockstar might be introducing new heists to the game. The Freemode Events update reworked much of GTA Online’s framework to set it up for a new wave of incoming updates. Now, with heists being the major attraction of GTA V, Rockstar would do well to expand the current library of five heists with a few more to give high-end players some more endgame content following Freemode Events.

Do you think we will be seeing new GTA Online heists soon?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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