Copcreeping, GTA V’s Newest Fad

You know you are dealing with a very special kind of game when people are inventing their own brand new pastimes within it.


This coincides with the whole player freedom and “unscripted awesome” discussion in which GTA V is so relevant right now.

When your game is so fluid and versatile that it allows for well rounded activities to be “invented” outside of established game mechanics, then you’re doing open-world right. GTA V has been known for its excellence in these fields. Players have been entertaining themselves within the bounds of the game ever since release, rather than relying on the game to entertain them instead.


One Redditor and GTA V fan has recently given two detailed accounts of his newest hobby, “Copcreeping”. Basically, in GTA V, the NPC AI is programmed in a way that random criminal acts are committed in the world entirely independently of the player. You may not even see the majority of the secret lives that NPCs live in Los Santos and Blaine County. Police drive around, and when a random crime is committed, they respond.

Player DeathMountainDew decided to randomly pick a police patrol car, and follow it to see what the job of a cop in GTA V is really like (when the protagonists aren’t causing national tragedies, that is). He trailed a cop in Los Santos and another in Sandy Shores to see how the two departments operate under regular circumstances.


Turns out, the cops of GTA V are about as much of a danger to themselves and the innocent citizens of Los Santos as they are to the criminals themselves. Police brutality is an everyday occurrence in Los Santos state, as the local cops have decided to carry out the death penalty on all suspects.

Have you guys ever stalked NPCs in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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