Control GTA V With Your Eyes (Mod)

As far as niche GTA V hardware-reliant mods go this one might be the first one that’s actually useful and not just a fun novelty. In the past, a few particularly industrious modders and GTA fans went the extra mile and hooked up special Arduino creations to the game and other devices. One allowed you to control the in-game smartphone from an actual real-life smartphone. Another had a small LCD display and a few LEDs working like the in-game HUD, except in physical form. Both of these were undeniably cool – but rather useless.

Gaming technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years. With graphical advancements slowing down to a crawl, the industry has turned back to hardware. While visually the difference between games from 10 and 5 years ago is gargantuan, games didn’t look all too different five years ago from how they look now.

Blurring the line between game and reality is the new fad, with Virtual and Augmented reality being the craze. One direction being explored is partially using your eyes to control a game and appropriate hardware has already been developed.

So what happens when a GTA V fan and modder gets his hand on such hardware? The GTA V Eye Tracking Mod is what. If you happen to have the surprisingly affordable Tobii EyeX Controller (or the $3000 MSi gaming laptop that has it integrated…), this mod will allow you to make use of it in GTA V.

With this installed and configured correctly you can use your eyes to aim and move the camera while in-game, allowing for swifter response, better accuracy and better immersion. Specialized hardware like this is still rather niche but in a year or two all standard webcams will have this technology. This may be a cool little mod today, but it will be gaming industry standard tomorrow.

Do you guys use any special hardware while playing GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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