Check Out This GTA V Themed Music Video From Iman Shumpert

Those of you who follow basketball may be asking how a specific player is connected to both GTA V and music.

With street and gang culture being quite a significant theme of GTA, we’ve already linked two of the aforementioned topics. However, how does a basketball player factor into all of this? Well, with the media turning sport into a lucrative business with almost as much money going into it as all non-sports related media combined, professional athletes have become celebrities with unrivaled fortunes. In fact teams now make billion dollar trades when it came to contracting the best players.


However, contrary to popular belief, professional sport does leave room for other hobbies and pursuits. One particular basketball player who made his name playing for the New York Knicks but is currently throwing three-pointers for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA is Iman Shumpert. Shumpert is a relative newcomer to the basketball scene, having only begun his career in 2011. However, the 25 year old rising star isn’t just involved in professional sport.


In his free time, Shumpert dabbles in the art of rap music, having composed a few songs beginning with the “Knicks Anthem”, in honor of his first professional team. Since then, he has released a few further songs. Most recently, “Build Em”, which is a music video based entirely on GTA V.

This isn’t just some publicity stunt geared to ride on the popularity of GTA V either. The video proves Shumpert really knows his GTA, such as accurately simulating a cheat code to spawn a BMX bike. Even the movement “animation” seems to be accurate to the way characters move in-game. Shumpert also demonstrates the GTA V wardrobe’s functionality quite accurately. It’s just too bad GTA V doesn’t allow Franklin to sport a haircut like that!

Do any of our readers follow basketball when they’re not busy playing GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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