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One of the key aspects to the GTA series, and one of the many reasons it is so popular, is the often outlandish cheats that we are able to activate within the games. Indeed, if Rockstar wishes to try and recreate some of the magic of previous GTA titles, then it is pretty much essential that cheats and codes play a role in GTA 5.

For example, cheats definitely added another dimension to the gameplay in GTA: San Andreas. While some of the cheats were very useful, others were geared more to being on the strictly fun side. For instance, the cheat that allowed your car to fly was a great way to explore the game’s environment further and adds hours of extra gameplay.

One of the best cheats in Grand Theft Auto 4 was the one that allowed you to unlock a helicopter and fly it around the city. A particularly good thing about this cheat is that it added extra gameplay options, such as the ability to land on top of buildings and snipe people on the street.

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We expect GTA 5 to include more complex and innovative cheats. For example, things like remote controlled drones would be a great addition to the game and also make for a natural progression from the helicopter cheat in GTA 4.

Some people have suggested that a zombie cheat should be featured in GTA 5. Zombies have featured in very popular games such as Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption, and also seem to be popular with fans, so there is a chance zombies will be included in some way in GTA 5 (maybe even via an expansion pack?). On the flip side to this, some have argued that zombies might interfere with the game’s core element, which is a valid argument.

Many have suggested that the environment in GTA 5 should be destructible (although this won’t be a cheat in itself). Being able to destroy buildings and other in-game items would add a whole other dimension to GTA, and it is highly likely that Rockstar have at least contemplated the idea. They could even mix destructive elements with cheats in order to make the game more interesting. For instance, imagine being able to unlock diggers and wreak havoc on buildings round the city? Or being able to use special explosives like C4 to destroy a building during a heist?

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Another great feature in previous versions of GTA was the many secret vehicles that were hidden in various parts of the city. We can definitely expect to see more secret vehicles in GTA 5. For example, one of the most sought after vehicles in GTA 4 was the Sultan RS, which was modeled after the Mitsubishi Evolution 5.

Many people were disappointed by the cheat selection in GTA 4 though, especially when you compare it against a title like GTA: San Andreas, which has loads more cheats. Complaints include that popular cheats such as riot mode were completely absent from GTA 4 and that most of the cheats only gave you instant access to items that were very costly in the game (although still able to be acquired “normally”, as opposed to giving you access to “cheats only” special vehicles). Rockstar would be wise to revisit some of the cheats that made San Andreas so popular and look at including them in GTA 5.

Many of what could be considered the “funny cheats” in GTA: San Andreas were also abandoned in GTA 4. Cheats that gave pedestrians weapons or allowed players to spawn the Rhino tank, for example, were crowd favorites. Fans were also disappointed with the absence of planes (although if you look at the trailer, it appears Rockstar already intend on rectifying this).

Cheats played a major role in GTA: San Andreas’ success, as well as the other Grand Theft Auto games. In respect of GTA 5 we are certain that Rockstar will be spending a not-insignificant amount of time on the cheats system and look forward to bringing you all the details as soon as they’re available.

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