Breaking News: Los Santos Invaded By UFOs

What’s that in the sky? A bird? A plane? A man wearing red underpants on the outside of a blue tight-suit? No, its aliens!


UFOs have been part of the GTA mythos for a long time now and their presence in the game universe is a known fact. They have been present in the form of hidden easter eggs in multiple games now, but are most prominent in GTA V. Especially due to the Mount Chiliad mystery being focused on them. The UFOs have been avidly hunted by players since the game’s release and slowly but steadily the mystery is being unraveled.

However, if you’re the kind of player who has no patience for all this clue hunting, theorizing, investigating and mystery solving. And instead you want a piece of the sweet alien action, you can download a mod where the city of Los Santos is attacked by malevolent flying circles.

This mod has achieved something two otherwise impressive big-space-related-evil-thing-looming-over-los-santos mods have failed to include: LASERS, YO.

The UFOs which attack the city in this mod actually do some attacking. The flying saucers make use of their highly advanced beam weapons, wreaking fiery havoc all over the city and countryside.



But wait, there’s more! Other than blowing stuff up with highly concentrated beams of light and energy, the UFOs also come equipped to tractor beams, in order to facilitate the characteristic “abductions” which involve the subject being pulled into the ship by a bright light.

Being a human in the game, a member of the squish species the aliens wish to annihilate, your task is, obviously, to stop (read: kill) the alien invaders. The HUD is expanded with a small display letting you know how many of the invading ships are currently in Los Santos airspace, so you know when to get into action against E.T. & Co.

Will you be blowing up some aliens with this GTA V mod?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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