Blog Has 3,000 Pictures of GTA V Food!


Everyone plays games in their own way, and gamers get enjoyment out of different things. Nevertheless, this is a new one—a man named Paul Yan has a blog devoted to pictures he takes of video game food.

He has taken 3,000 pictures of food in GTA V.

These pictures comprise about 2,000 of restaurants and 1,000 of NPCs who have food. His blog also has gifs and clips of GTA V food. He compiled these images in about a month, taking 4-8 hours each day to seek out new food in the game. Now that’s dedication.

Well, it’s not how most gamers would spend their time, but if that’s what he enjoys, who are we to complain? Feel free to check out his blog and see just how much food there is in GTA V.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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