Beware, the Angry Planes and No Clip Mods Contain Malware


Just like you, we’ve been excited to see all the cool GTA V mods created for the PC, including the Angry Planes and No Clip mods. However, users on the GTA Forums discovered that those mods contain malware. If you’ve downloaded them, you may have been affected by a sneaky keylogger called Fade.exe.

Follow the instructions given here to remove the virus. Once you complete the steps to make sure Fade.exe isn’t on your computer anymore, change all your passwords. Some GTA V players have already reported accounts being hacked because of this malware.

If you downloaded either Angry Planes or No Clip, you should change your passwords even if you can’t find any trace of the virus on your system. Some viruses like this can delete themselves after they steal your information, so assume you’ve been affected.

One of the most disturbing things about this incident is that most anti-virus scanners didn’t detect the malware in these mods. intends to increase the measures it takes to prevent things like this from happening in the future. If you’re worried, tool and script mods are the kinds of GTA V mods that could hold malware.

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