Best Deals On Rockstar’s Games

Because there’s more to them than GTA 5

Unless you’ve retreated to a convent or something, chances are you know that countless Black Friday sales are already long underway, and will continue on even once it isn’t Friday anymore. Economy! However, with literally every source of games, be they digital or physical, throwing discounts around, it might be tough to keep track of all the deals.


Rockstar Games titles are also prominently featured across distributors, and the hyper-popular GTA 5 isn’t the only game being offered on the cheap. That said, it is leading the charge, so to say. We’ve already covered the deals on physical merchandise being sold over at the Rockstar Warehouse in case you already have all their games.

For starters, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: yes, GTA 5 *is* discounted, and by a pretty steep amount. As opposed to deals of 30% and 33% off in the past, and only third party distributors going lower, this is the first time major retailers hit the game with a 50% deal. The game goes for $29.99 on both Steam and the Playstation Store.


There was – and technically still is – a better deal for Xbox players, as the game’s physical version cost $24.99 on the Marketplace. However, it’s out of stock and the digital version is still $60. Bummer.

Swinging back to the steam deal for a moment, we’d like to point out that individual Shark Cards, as well as Shark Card bundles, are also on the cheap. The smallest discount on a bundle is 50% for the Great White pack, while the Whale goes for 55% off and the Megalodon has a 60% off deal. The Megalodon bundle screeches in at $63, making it pretty much the same cost as the non-discounted base game, except you also get 8 million in in-game currency. If that isn’t a hot deal, I don’t know what is.


While the difference is basically meaningless, Green Man Gaming is offering a minutely better deal on the PC version of GTA 5. You can buy the game for $28.57, a whopping $1.43 cheaper than via Steam. This only means anything if you don’t care about the bundles since those have identical discounts as on Steam, and you’re safer jumping through fewer hoops. The distributor once held the titled of carrying GTA 5 for the cheapest but has since been beat.

Bundlestars, one of the very few wholly legitimate third party distributors that have a constant stock of insanely cheap titles, is also hosting a Rockstar Games sale. All Rockstar titles they carry are discounted, with highlights including L.A. Noire: Complete Edition for €8.99 (cheaper than the base game), the GTA trilogy (including GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas) for €7.49, and retro classic The Midnight Club 2 for €3.49.


If you’re looking to bag L.A. Noire for even cheaper, another legit third party site GamersGate (not to be confused with the convoluted controversy from a few years ago) is selling it for $5.25. The Complete Edition is also going for cheaper than over at Bundlestars, with a price of $6.89. Both versions are more than worth these prices since they have a tonne fo content going for them.

If all the buzz around Red Dead Redemption 2 has you in a wild west feeling but you’ve somehow never picked up the original RDR, Amazon has a neat deal for you. Xbox 360 copies of Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition now go for $9.99 instead of $29.99. Again, that’s a great deal for the amount of content you’re getting since this edition includes all DLC including the Undead Nightmare.

Will you be picking up any Rockstar titles this Black Friday?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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