Become Indiana Jones In GTA 5 With Mod

Well, sort of. Indy has a whip and this is a lasso, but close enough.

While there is plenty of creativity budding in the GTA 5 modding community, with modders coming up with all sorts of original and new features that add to the overall experience of single player. While there is plenty of content which hasn’t been adapted from, based upon or inspired by features of other film or game franchises, these kinds of homage mods are among the most numerous.


Many of the most popular and best executed mods out there are based on some iconic item, object, weapon or something else from well known media. GTA 5 itself has many references to such franchises throughout the story and world – but these mods take it to the next level. Things like JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, his Flash mod, the Watch_Dogs hack mod or the various Just Cause gadget mods are all prime examples of this.

One of the best known names in the realm of GTA 5 modding, Jedijosh920 has recently released a new mod for the game which is based on a gameplay feature of a previous Rockstar game – namely, Red Dead Redemption. The wild-west gunslinger game had players reach for their lasso almost as often as for their revolver considering how versatile the hooped piece of rope could be when used right.


The mod is a fully functional port of the beloved tool, allowing players to lasso other characters (obviously), to hogtie them, to attach them to vehicles and to brutally and unceremoniously hang them.

Despite being only a day old, the mod is already running its third version, which has significantly more features than it did at launch. Armed PEDs will now retaliate if you have them lassoed, but if they’re hogtied they will become unarmed. The mod also has a particularly cruel and chilling feature, wherein if you attach a lassoed PED to a vehicle, they will stare at your character in the face with a pleading expression.

It goes without saying that this mod is best enjoyed if you also have some kind of John Marston skin downloaded for one of the three GTA 5 protagonists. Also, you’ll probably be using it in the desert region north of Los Santos if you’re going for something of a cowboy roleplay feel.

Red Dead Redemption has become quite topical in the past few weeks. With E3 2016 looming, players are all excited to see if yet another installment of Grand Theft Horse is under development or not. Usually Rockstar gives E3 a pass, however a recent statement from Take-Two Interactive has alluded that the developers of GTA 5 will be pretty active this year.


They didn’t specify that Rockstar will have something big to show, but since the only other dev under the Take-Two label is 2K, who have already shown their cards, chances are that fan hopes will be met. Whether it is going to be GTA related, or a different IP however remains a mystery.

What other well loved features or weapons would you like to see modded into GTA 5?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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