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GTA 5 Meets Drone Racing In New Mod

If you’re prone to motion sickness, we suggest not watching the videos

Commercial drones are a relatively new fad in the grand scheme of things, however enthusiasts have already come up with all kinds of wacky things to do with them – and no, we don’t mean voyeurism. With the immense popularity GTA 5 boasts, it overlaps with the fandom of countless other activities, so it was…

Why There Are So Many Griefers In GTA Online And How To Avoid Them

You don’t get to 8 million unique log-ins a week without most of them being trolls

GTA On is an immensely popular multiplayer game, however it has gained some measure of negative reputation due to the general behavior of the community. We’re talking about a game that is still selling insanely well almost 4 years after initial release, having recently bren 75 million shipped copies – with that many players, of…

Grand Theft Game Design: Interiors And Instancing

Here’s how all of you can own the same warehouse at the same time

In our previous, debut post of Grand Theft Game Design, we loed at the game’s props and showed you why trees are indestructible while lamp posts will flatten with the wind. Today, we’ll take a lo at how building interiors work (and sometimes don’t). The topic of this post was inspired by a recent thread…