AMD Drivers Point to GTA V on PC


Does PC chip manufacturer AMD know something about Grand Theft Auto 5 appearing on PC that we don’t? It would seem so if you take a close look at the latest BETA drivers for it’s series of graphics cards…

kn00tcn of the Guru3D forums was doing some investigating and came across the text you can see below, which essentially means that AMD has included a special “profile” for Grand Theft Auto V within the drivers. These profiles enable you to automatically apply the most optimal video card settings for the particular game they are made for – in this case GTA V.


Before you PC owners break out the champagne there are two caveats however:

  1. The profile inclusion could just be a placeholder.
  2. A profile for Halo 3 was previously found in the drivers and that game has not been released for PC

Either way there are extremely good odds that GTA 5 will sooner or later be released for the PC. Here at GTA 5 Cheats we are picking some time during the first half of 2014.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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