Amazon: GTA V for PC Announcement Due Christmas Eve


Someone decided to ask Amazon support (in Germany) when Grand Theft Auto V would be arriving for the PC. Given that GTA 5 has not been announced for the PC platform as yet, the response received is pretty surprising…

According to the chat log posted above, GTA V for the PC will be announced on Christmas Eve, 24 December, and will then be released in the United States on March 3 and in Europe on 14 March.

Here’s a loose translation of what the Amazon rep had to say:

Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima. According to our information, GTA V for the PC will be announced on 24 December and it will be released in the USA on March 3 and [in Germany] on 14 March.

We’re posting this purely to keep you informed and think that in all likelihood (and unfortunately) this rumor is probably not true. Given that 24 December is literally tomorrow we don’t have long to wait to find out though!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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