Actually, About That GTA Online Halloween DLC…

Well, these few days have been absolutely filled with surprises. Not only did it turn out that the Lowriders DLC for GTA Online is real, but most of the rumors that were circulating about it actually turned out to be true. This includes the ones about the new vehicles, the hydraulics, and the new missions courtesy of Lamar.

The DLC went live just today, giving players 1.4 GB worth of new content to play around with.


Now, Lowriders is quite the substantial update, and it will keep GTA Online fresh for a very long time. However it seems that counter to what every sign has been pointing to, Rockstar won’t actually let the spookiest celebration of the year pass by without some more new content to celebrate it with.


Last year’s Halloween passed in GTA Online with naught but a weekend event, and after a fake banner, and the recent release of Lowriders, it looked like Rockstar will be skipping Halloween DLC this year as well. However, the data miners who dug up the first hints to Lowriders all those months ago immediately began to pick the DLC’s files apart to see what they can find.


And boy did they find something.

The images in this article are all from files taken from the update, and loaded into the game engine SDK. As you can see, there are a full set of spooky Halloween masks and two new vehicles which look like the kinds of automobiles you’d see a modern Dracula driving.


It seems that the community will be getting a treat rather than a trick in GTA Online next week, so get your crew ready for some spooky crime-fests! When bombs go in the same basket as the sweets, this year’s Halloween will be a lot more exciting than ever before.

Are you guys looking forward to the Halloween GTA Online DLC, or is Lowriders sufficient for now?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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