007’s Stunts Recreated In GTA V

Bond (James Bond), her majesty’s finest spy, is known as quite the athletic individual. In his pursuit of evil-doers, who often have some sort of association with the criminal illuminati-like organisation known as Spectre (also the title of the upcoming film), performs all sorts of death defying stunts and maneuvers in order to save the country/world/ally mere seconds before their untimely demise/death in a feat of superhuman achievement.

Well, the three protagonists of GTA V, Franklin, Michael and Trevor also have a tendency of doing stuff most people wouldn’t be capable of, though in that case the only restriction being adherence to basic human morality and ethics. Anyhow, recreating some of Bond’s stunts with the crazy trio of GTA V is something that came naturally to a few fans.


One of Bond’s most iconic stunts takes place in Tomorrow Never Dies, wherein the spy jumps over a chopper with a bike, crashes through a roof and lands perfectly. Well, the GTA equivalent is a whole lot less impressive we’re sorry to say.

Next up, is the purposeful car crash from Casino Royale. Surprisingly enough, the GTA player found a way of managing the situation a whole lot better than England’s “Greatest” spy.


Remember, whenever you’re late for a wedding, you can always jump out of a plane. If 007’s iconic entrance is anything to go by, the guests won’t object. The police, on the other hand…


As for making a daring escape, the agent surely performed better on this one.

I’m not sure what the concept was with this last one. Sure, GTA V has no bungee rope in it, so re-enacting a stunt involving bungee jumping fails at the concept stage, but hey, at least they tried. Right?

So, it’s clear that the protagonists of GTA V aren’t cut out for the MI6. Do you guys think you’d do any better?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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