The “Official Trailer” – August 29 2013

The First Gameplay Video – July 9 2013

The First GTA Online (multiplayer) Gameplay Video – 15 August 2013

The First Trailer – November 2 2011

The Second Trailer – November 14 2012

Blaine County Trailer

The Character Trailers – April 30 2013

Character Trailer: Franklin

Character Trailer: Michael

Character Trailer: Trevor

Satirical Videos

Jock Cranley GTA V Campaign Video

Sue Murry GTA V Campaign Video

Life Invader GTA V Social Network

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  • User 121390

    This shit is awesome

  • Da Rei

    Looks Great

  • mari

    I cant f*#king wait…..

  • DayDay Young

    i hope its not gonna be like mafia… all yu do is missions

    • RockyStar

      Trust me it won’t be. Rockstar will deliver!

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