Two Official GTAV Mobile Apps Released by Rockstar

Rockstar Games has launched two free mobile apps that partner with Grand Theft Auto 5.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit.

First up we have Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, currently available free for iOS only (but coming to the Android shortly). It basically gives you quick and easy access to Los Santos Customs from your mobile device. Using it you can customize your cars and also create custom license plates while on the run and then have your new ride ready and waiting for you next time you go to play the game.



The iFruit app also features a Tamagotchi like game in respect of Lamar’s dog and Franklin’s companion, Chop. Using the app you can take care of, play with and feed Chop, and as a reward the actual in-game version of Chop that’s linked to your account will perform better. For example he’ll be able to find items hidden within throughout Los Santos more easily.


Mobile GTA V Game Manual

Rockstar has also released a full mobile version of the game manual, absolutely free of course. Like the iFruit app it’s only available for iOS at the moment, but we expect to see an Android version shortly. A stand-out feature for us in the manual is an interactive game map and it looks like this will become a must-have companion app for any serious GTA V player. Coming in at over 100 pages, you might want to download it now and get reading…

gta-v-mobile-manual-1 gta-v-mobile-manual-2

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