Three Million Copies of GTA V Allocated for UK Launch Day


According to a CVG-source, Grand Theft Auto V will have a record smashing three million game copies set aside on launch day in order to satisfy perceived demand – in the UK alone!

If true, this would give GTA 5 room to take the fastest selling game title off Call of Duty: Black Ops, 1.4 million copies of which were sold on its launch day back on November 9 2010. If Take-Two are more than doubling unit allocations of that figure (which admittedly would include stock for 17 September and the immediately following period, before supplies can be replenished), the expected demand must be pretty crazy. Then again, THIS IS GRAND THEFT AUTO V! Preorders have also been doing well, as we revealed yesterday.


If you’re wondering how Grand Theft Auto IV did in the UK upon its release (29 April 2008), 630,000 copies of the title were sold. As CVG notes, that number represented about a quarter of the install base of both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 at that time. With the install base having increased to 13 million consoles in the UK, the three million unit allocation given to GTA V equates to almost the same proportion.

The numbers are big, but GTA 5 is an even bigger game, and I think we’ll see more than a few records broken come 17 September and beyond.

  • OldPom

    Three million – just for UK. Couldn’t be more pumped for this game!

  • GangStar74

    Yeah these numbers are getting me excited

  • Get it on Steam and I’ll pre-order it!

    • Michael

      You’ll be waiting a while for the PC version…

      • Yes, I know. Still waiting on Red Dead Redemption (actually, I’ve given up).

        • RDRToo

          Haha wise decision. I don’t know why they didn’t do it though!!!

    • DANIEL S

      pc gaming is dead, enjoy your mmo WoW clones

      • I don’t play MMOs. I’m not sure if you’ve ever played some of the PC exclusives but they’re pretty amazing. There are games like Garry’s Mod, Mount & Blade, Kerbal’s Space Program, and a bunch of simulation and strategy games that just don’t get console releases. I have both a console and a PC for a good reason. PC gaming is better in some aspects(mods and graphics) but it doesn’t get some of the console exclusives. Both PC gaming and console gaming are very much alive and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • AusGamer

          Precisely, both types of gaming cater to different preferences. I’m console only but have full respect for our PC gaming friends 🙂