The Five Cheats We Must Have in GTA 5

With Grand Theft Auto 5 several months away, we have time (maybe a little too much time) to speculate what might be, and dream that it is so.

As a site dedicated primarily to cheats, we naturally want to devote some of our speculating and dreaming energies on what the newest Grand Theft Auto game will deliver in terms of cheats and codes. There are many cheats that are common across most GTA games, in addition to many other action games as well.  There are also some cheats that truly shocked and awed us in ways that few cheats have ever done before (that is, they were highly creative, funny, crazy or just ridiculously stupid).

From that exhaustive list of past cheats, we’ve pulled forth, for your perusing pleasure, the five cheats we can’t wait to cheat around with in GTA 5.



You can’t get much more of a thrill than wading into a room full of gangsters and opening fire on them, knowing that not one of their pathetic bullets will graze your invincible self. Why, it almost makes you feel like an action hero from… well just about any action movie with guns and bullets ever made. And it’s a great feeling.

Crazy NPC’s/NPC’s Hate You

This one is pretty much on the opposite end of the thrill spectrum from our first cheat, yet a thrill it is when you have a horde of angry prostitutes chasing you down the street, while you run past a melee involving a cop getting beaten to death by four senior citizens. This cheat will spawn some of the wackiest scenes and craziest action you’ll likely ever see, and we can’t wait to see what it spawns in GTA 5 (assuming it’s in the game).

Spawn “Insert Vehicle Here”

Who wants to drive halfway across town to that one location where their favorite vehicle resides? Oh you do? Well, you’re weird. As for the rest of us, we’ll take this great cheat that lets us spawn our favorite vehicles right in front of us (and use the time we saved to run people over with it)!

Super Jump

Jumping across buildings to escape the fuzz never gets old, and that’s how the super jump aims to please. It’s also great for exploring and finding all those secrets hidden in pesky locations… namely ones that require jumping to reach.


Super Punch

What could be more fun than punching guys a mile in the air and crushing them with one devastating blow? Well, maybe there’s a few things we could think of, but this would definitely be in the Top 27 or so, and we’d love to see it in GTA 5.

If GTA 5 can deliver some or all of these cheats (or even better ones), we’re sure to be in gaming bliss, with endless hours of additional fun possible through nothing but our cheating ways.   What are some of your favorite cheats from previous Grand Theft Auto games?

  • Entrep

    Chaos mode/ped riot mode would have to be my favorite/most fun cheat code!

    • damdude

      i agree

  • Dan

    I don’t want any cheats in GTAV or any game for that matter, what’s the point?

    • Because it makes the game more fun, I agree with you in terms of completing the story. Using them to get through the game you’re only cheating yourself but when you’re free roaming it’s fun to spawn your favourite car and fly around in it or take down a mob of angry civilians who have machine guns with no problem because you’re invincible. The GTA franchise lends itself to fun cheats.

    • Entrep

      It makes it more fun and adds replay value once you’ve completed the game

    • hg

      i love cheats

  • Farpmon

    Flying Cars Cheat

    • Entrep

      That’s another mandatory cheat!

  • Super gta fan

    i say they use the exact same cheats from sanandreas and some from GTA 4 you know to bring back some good old memories from the old days

  • infinite ammo would be nice also so you wont have to stop @ a gun store or get the ammo from a fallen opponent

  • F U C K IT

    So many people like the rain so GET THE F U C K OUT

    • Weatherman

      Calm down the language. But yeah rain is good