Ten Features for Grand Theft Auto V


(sorry, The Game isn’t included, it’s just cool art!)

While the GTA V news blackout continues (seriously, it’s been a drought!) we got thinking what new features it would be cool to see included in the game. Have a read of the list below and then let us know what new stuff you want to see in GTA 5 in the comments section below.

  1. Toll pass: stopping at the bridge toll booth each time can be annoying after a while, so how about being able to purchase an e-tag or some sort of pass that lets you through via a special lane. Of course if you smash the barrier arm the cops are called.
  2. Zombie mode: there could be a dedicated online zombie mode. Either everyone else turns into zombies and you (and maybe some buddies) need to survive, or everyone turns and it’s a free-for-all. Another options is for some sort of zombie mode cheat, which we’ve previously discussed.
  3. Weather effects: the weather affects the environment more noticeably than in previous games. For example if you’re flying and there is a storm, it is harder to control your plane or helicopter (and you’re screwed if you happen to be skydiving!). In addition, weather forecasts are played over the radio.
  4. Visibility to police: if the police can’t see you, they will search for you and will not universally “know where you are”. Dogs could be used to chase you and at night they will use flashlights to try and spot you.
  5. Crash scenes: when you, or anyone else, causes a car crash, the police mark-off the incident and traffic flow is restricted around that area. You need to take different routes and be a lot more careful around the increased emergency services presence.
  6. Vehicle ownership: you can purchase and own your own car (or any other vehicle). You don’t lose these vehicles by way of despawn, but rather can go back and get them from wherever you left them (via GPS). If one happens to get stolen you can report it or even seek retribution from the thief yourself (potential mini-game).
  7. Prison system: instead of being transported to outside the police station after being arrested, if there was some sort of prison system that could be interesting. For example, while “inside” you could learn new methods for heists, recruit people to help, establish businesses within the prison and generally cause havoc: think riots!
  8. Progressive rewards for collectibles: instead of being required to find all 100 hidden packages in the game (or whatever the number is) and getting a reward then, you get rewarded for every ten packages you find. This would make the process feel a lot more achievable and less of a grind!
  9. Movie studios: how can Vinewood not have one or more movie studios/sets with actual production carrying on? These would be cool to check out and cause mischief in. Would also add to the realism of the game.
  10. Cheats: we need these. They are a huge part of the GTA series to date and make the game more fun! If you don’t want to use cheats, then don’t. Others like to use them once they’ve clocked the game to increase replayability, and also to generally cause havoc. We’ve included this “feature” as a site dedicated to GTA 5 cheats and also because we’ve seen a few (albeit not many) calls for cheats to be excluded from the game. That said, cheating in multiplayer games should not be allowed (unless there is a specific cheat/anything goes multiplayer mode).

  • Roger

    1, 3, 5, 8, 10 I agree with. Cool art too

  • wotwot


    • Biggie

      The article quite clearly says no…

      • MLJ

        Actually he is in GTA V

  • Gary Caviness

    u should be able to become a cop get a uniform be able to give ppl tickets and arrest them and all tht

    • ChrisPac

      Yeah an undercover part of the game would be awesome!

  • mrovious

    how about a mod shop

  • Rich Stenfeldt

    I agree with numbers1, 2 , 3 , 5 , 6 ,9 , and 10. It would be cool to skip traffic and go through an ez pass lane.make it realistic. It would also be cool to go around biting people. And it would be cool to fly throught accident scenes when someone could have been shot or something .Or going on movie sets and screwing with people. Also being able to leave ur vehicle wherever and being able to go back for it . Loosing a customized car sucks.
    I think it would be cool to have a trailer race or a figure 8 race or an offroad 4 wheeled race ( not atv’s).

  • F3arl3ss

    A most of those are general as. Who doesn’t want all that? Kind of goes without saying…

    • Dakan45

      Then why the hell gta iv sycjed and still got a 10, lets face it none of those were in the game,

  • Joshua TheAthlete Ragan

    car customizations and buying and selling houses and cars

  • shosho

    i love number 4 and 7 and the car ownership

  • ian

    emergancy vehicals should have more led lights. lightbars, bumper lights, and turn signals. they should aslo add off road police vehicals. such as trucks, and suv’s

  • someguy

    There should be some extreme monster car and truck derby stadium somewhere where you can show off your modded truck or car and clash with the competitors and stuff like that

  • DooleyDinkyBro V

    I like “Cheats,Movie studio, Prision system, Vehicle ownership, Visibilty to police, crash scenes”.

  • DooleyDinkyBro V

    And also. You should put a feauture where you can “Unlock/lock your cars in multiplayer, Slow motion scenes (If anything great happens), Wind affects (Like hard winds sometimes blow your clothes a bit moveable).