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Red Dead Redemption Now Backwards Compatible

It turns out maybe that small mistake some months ago was more of a leak than an error? With Microsoft pushing its backwards compatibility initiative on the Xbox One, people were wondering why Rockstar didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Red Dead Redemption popped up as a backwards compatible title a while back, but was swiftly removed and Rockstar declared it an error on Microsoft’s part.


The Xbox 360 and PS3 classic achieved legendary popularity back when it was released. An open-world adventure game set in a fictional corner of the wild west, it followed the exploits of John Marston, a former outlaw whose family is held hostage by the government in exchange for Marston’s services as a freelancer mercenary, tasked with hunting down his former associates.

Fans and hopeful onlookers alike have been begging Rockstar to release a PC version of the game pretty much since release, seeing as it has been universally acclaimed by both reviewers and fans. Red Dead Redemption has always been lauded as being basically “Grand Theft Horse”, but this little joke was always meant in a positive manner.


Now, finally the game is confirmed to be coming to Xbox One via Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative. RDR is slated for backwards compatibility release on the 8th of July, this Friday. This suggests that the slip up a few months ago wasn’t as accidental as Rockstar would have fans believe.

This release allows former fans who have upgraded and consequently sold their old consoles and new prospective players alike experience the game in full glory – provided they play on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the game isn’t coming to PS4, nor is there any news on a PC release.


However, that latter hope has an ever greater chance for becoming reality. With the recently announced “Windows Play Everywhere” feature, Microsoft is bridging the gap between Xbox and PC, making the prospect of cross-compatible games more and more likely. Couple this with backwards compatibility, and RDR coming to PC has just gotten more likely than ever before.

Seems fitting, as it has been pretty much guaranteed by various sources that Red Dead 3 is the next big project Rockstar is working on behind closed doors. A tragedy seemingly prevented them from revealing the game at E3 this year, however that doesn’t make the rumors and leaks any less plausible.

Are you excited about getting a chance to play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One, or are you more hyped by the prospect of an eventual PC release?

Take-Two CEO States New Consoles Won’t Change Plans

Console manufacturers throwing out hardware improvements mid-generation isn’t a new concept. Slightly upgraded versions of systems within the span of what is considered the same console generation have been around pretty much since consoles are a thing. Often times manufacturer’s find themselves short on time – or maybe funds – so they put out a device on the market with the upgrade almost ready. At other times, the moment a console goes on sale, work on a hardware update significant enough to warrant a new name but not large enough to warrant a new gen begins.


The most frequent upgrades are “slim” versions of otherwise bulky launch-consoles, as well as hardware upgrades to the CPUs and GPUs. This trend was most obvious in the previous console gen, with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 going through multiple versions and both getting yet another new one with the release of the current-gen systems.

Considering the current generation has been available for several years, a hardware upgrade seems to be in order. There have been plenty of rumors floating around for several months now about both Sony and Microsoft working on upgrades to their respective consoles. However, these were only rumors until recently – both upgrades were tentatively confirmed one way or another at this year’s E3, but no images of the hardware were shown and not even specs were announced.


What we do know is that the PS4 “Neo” and Xbox One “Project Scorpio” will carry significant hardware upgrades when they do finally launch. These announcements were a tad overshadowed by the announcements of other console upgrades, namely the slim version of the Xbox One and the slightly upgraded PS4 with the same case.

As intriguing as all of this is, obviously the main question here is “how does this affect the games?”. More so than ever before, console manufacturers are in close contact with the biggest AAA publishers, sharing technological advancements and info on classified projects so that the software can keep up with the hardware and vice-versa. Why bother releasing upgraded consoles if it will take devs at least 3 years to make games that actually benefit from the hardware?


As such, publishers such as Take-Two Interactive were probably “in the know” about these new systems for a good long while now, allowing them to prepare. However, some industry professionals don’t attribute too much importance to these upgrades, as in the end, graphics are just one aspect and you’ve got to make a good game no matter what GPU it will run on.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO and Chairman of Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games, happens to be of the same opinion. It seems that Neo and Project Scorpio didn’t cause much of an alteration in the future plans of GTA’s publisher.

To have a landscape…where you put a game out and you don’t worry about it. The same way that when you make a television show you don’t ask yourself ‘what monitor is this going to play on?’. It could play on a 1964 color television or it could play on a brand-new 4K television, but you’re still going to make a good television show.

While Take-Two isn’t exactly running head over heels to restructure in light of the console upgrades, Zelnick sees much potential in this direction for console gaming. He suspects that the hardware upgrade curve might start to resemble that of smartphones more and more (hopefully not…), which in turn will make things very interesting and lucrative for the developers.


Whatever direction the console industry decides to take however, Zelnick is determined to uphold Take-Two’s penchant for quality in the products it delivers to consumer. Even if the console cycle speeds up, don’t expect the GTA franchise to turn into an annual release.

That doesn’t change any of our activities. We still have to make the very best products in the market and we have to push technology to its absolute limit to do so.

When it comes to mid-gen hardware upgrades, the biggest limiting factor is compatibility – if PS4 Neo games will be too taxing to run on standard PS4’s, then how is this not a whole new gen? It also means that developers are reined in from going too crazy with their visual upgrades. Further, it adds time to development cycles as two sets of assets much be made. Games will detect the hardware of the console at hand and set their visuals to the appropriate level.

This means that at one point GTA 5 is likely to get a massive update on consoles to make use of the new hardware, allowing the visuals to get a bit closer to what they are like on PC when running on a Neo or Project Scorpio console.


Even if that doesn’t happen, Rockstar’s next project is guaranteed to have this feature, as by the time that game releases, the new consoles will also be on the market. There are only rumored projected release dates for both console upgrades, but many suspect that they will go on sale somewhere around 2018/19.

Incidentally, many fans hope that Rockstar’s next project will also have a similar release date, with 2020 being the latest estimate. Of course, this is game development we’re speaking about, so delays are not only possible but outright likely.


The best guess as to what said project may be is Red Dead 3 – there has been significant leaked material over the past few months leading up to E3. Rockstar was hyped up by Take-Two representatives to show off something big at E3 and a new Red Dead game would definitely fit the profile.

However, Rockstar ended up being a no-show at E3 and no announcement as to why was made. Speculation run rampant ranging from them not being ready last minute to the hype being false for the sake of publicity. In the end we never officially found out why Rockstar wasn’t at E3, however this tragic theory seemed to gather the most momentum.


While Red Dead 3 has yet to get an official announcement, one can almost guarantee at this point that it is the next game on Rockstar’s production line. Based on Zelnick’s comments, its development will not be affected (read: prolonged) by the impending release of the new line of consoles. However, it will definitely make use of the upgraded hardware.

This stands in contrast with some of Zelnick’s views on other advances in gaming hardware – especially VR. He is highly skeptical that it will catch on with the mainstream crowd anytime soon, seeing as not only is it still pretty expensive, but it also requires a lot of room, which is a commodity many consumers do not possess.


Despite his views, he holds to the mentality that should VR catch on, Take-Two will happily provide its customers with high quality VR games. Maybe even a VR enabled GTA installment down the line. However, the medium still has a long way to go before the level of popularity is achieved to convince Zelnick.

While it is known that the PS4 Neo won’t include integrated Sony VR functionality (the headset and console-expansion box is sold separately), both Sony and Microsoft are opening up to the world of VR. The headset of the latter is still a long, long way off from release though.

So who’s excited about the Neo and Project Scorpio, and what do you think it means for GTA V, if anything?

GTA V And Online Cash Free With Xbox One Bundles

Not a sale in the regular sense, but this promotion proves that Rockstar still believes in GTA V’s novelty and longevity. Usually when retailers want to drive up console sales, they do it with massively hyped new AAA releases that are only available on said console. Makes sense, right? Well, not if GTA V is around it doesn’t.


GTA V saw its initial release back in early 2013. Today, middle of March, 2016, it retains full price, steadily high sales on a constant basis, frequent discounts and is the subject of several promotions internationally. The player base only ever grows, Shark Card sales are on the high and these tendencies have no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Best Buy and Gamestop, two of the biggest names when it comes to video game retail, are hosting a special kind of promotion this week. Any purchase of a new Xbox One means you will get a free copy of GTA V with it, along with a Great White Shark Cash Card, worth 1.25 million in GTA $.

But wait! There is more!

This is one of those rather rare occasions when a promotion can be combined with others. This promotion is active on any and all Xbox One systems purchased at one of those two retailers, even if other promos are active on those products, or if they are Xbox bundles which already come with free games.


Usually the promotional lifespan of an average AAA game lasts a few weeks beyond its launch date. Regardless of whether it tanks or garners critical and popular acclaim, regardless of how many copies it sells, regardless of how much hype preceded it, retailers usually take away the spotlight from a game two three weeks after it hit the shelves.

Not GTA V. It has been years since GTA V launched, it has sold so many copies that you’d think everyone with an interest in gaming has a copy. And their cat does too. As does the mouse the cat hasn’t caught because it was busy playing GTA V.

Despite this, it keeps popping up. Recently it was listed bundled with the Uncharted Collection in a new PS4 bundle on Amazon. Every weekend marks yet another discount on the game. Even the PC release, which was the most recent, occurred early last year.

What do you think it is about GTA V that still compels people to pick it up in stores?


GTA V’s Current-Gen Editions On Sale

Just when you thought the seemingly endless stream of discounts for GTA V were at an end, Amazon has arrived to prove you wrong. Over the months, GTA V discounts and sales have been following one another back to back, with the PC being the most prevalent among them.


Even so, the PS4 and Xbox One version have been getting plenty of attention from various storefronts. This year, the more important sales were the Steam Lunar New Year sale and the Playstation Essentials sale earlier this year.

GTA V’s sales are ever increasing even so long after launch, leading to Rockstar’s and Take Two’s rather grandiose plans for the game’s future.

Of course these sales are a pretty significant contributing factor, seeing as they allow gamers with a somewhat tighter budget to jump in as well. GTA V is a prime game in that regard by default, considering the sheer amount of content you get for your money.

With both the massive single player campaign and GTA Online with its constant stream of free updates included, this is one of the best valued games currently on the market.


Currently, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One version of GTA V are discounted on Amazon’s Canadian site. The prices are slashed by 43%, meaning the game can be bought for CDN$ 39.99 instead of CDN$ 69.99. Add to that free worldwide shipping and you’ve got a pretty solid deal.

Possibly the only downside of cashing in on this discount is that any version of GTA V bought from the Canadian Amazon site will not contain the one million in-game currency for GTA Online most current-gen versions of the game come with.

Considering how difficult it is to accumulate money in the game, that one million is a solid boost, however there are plenty of ways to grind up that amount through gameplay.


While sales and discounts are aplenty, it is quite surprising that GTA V has managed to retain its full price for such a long time. Games like this are only released ever so often when the planets align and the ancient prophecies are fulfilled – not only has the average number of sales slightly increased over the years since the initial release spike, the price has remained constant.

Despite the numerous discounts, countless people are still buying the game full price, which is quite the feat as well.

Have you guys upgraded to current-gen GTA V, or are you waiting for an even better discount?

We’ve Got Even More Good News About The Rockstar Editor

Rockstar Games recently announced that the next update to GTA Online will be bringing the popular Rockstar Editor to the current generation consoles. However, it has since been confirmed that the 1.29 update will affect the editor beyond porting it to new platforms.


The not-for-long PC exclusive gameplay recording and video editing suite was developed specifically for GTA V. It allows players to capture their screen while playing, and then later edit the footage. They can do this by snipping it, re-arranging it, adjusting camera distance and angle, adding special effects, changing the weather and also the time of day. The application offers a plethora of other editing options besides these as well.

The 1.29 update will expand the features of the Editor on all platforms. The new features include an Ambient Audio and Sound Effects library that will allow you to further customize the audio of your video, and you’ll be able to add your own files to this library. The update will also bring Snapmatic and the Editor closer together by integrating the former into the latter, allowing you to transfer any still frame from the editor to the Snapmatic app.

The favored Director Mode will also be seeing an update, with a new minimap that will show preset POIs, and the mode will give players the ability to spawn air and aquatic vehicles which are available in GTA Online. You’ll also be able to copy your already painstakingly edited audio settings from marker to marker, making the editing process a lot easier and quicker. The fonts library at your disposal has also been tripled in size.

The Rockstar Editor has been an extremely popular tool ever since it launched alongside the PC version of GTA V back in the day, and numerous immensely creative videos have popped up in the community since.

Will the Xbox One and PS4 players among you be making use of the Editor when 1.29 launches?

Fake GTA V News and Heroin Smuggling

We’ve all gotten used to about two thirds of GTA V “news” being baseless rumor/pure speculation. Just recently we had a rather large, popular and promising rumor debunked, and that was hardly the first such case.


Fake image courtesy of these guys

But where do all these rumors sprout? Where does this speculation originate from? Well, the most readily available answer is Reddit. With several subreddits dedicated to GTA V in some way, shape of form, it should come as no surprise that some of the insane theories people fabricate are bound to be mistaken for “leaked info”. Either that, or a troll purposefully begins to spread lies as if they were fact.

Reddit, however, isn’t the only source of GTA V misinformation. The other one is the gaming press, which either makes a honest mistake, or outright lies just to get some more clicks.

Recently, a popular website which primarily deals in PC hardware reviews and news, but also occasionally posts gaming-related content, put up a news piece detailing how mods wil be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. This one was sure to raise eyebrows, as while plenty of outlets were reporting on the Rockstar Editor making its way to consoles, no one mentioned mods, and this was the only site reporting this, despite the subject matter being pretty big news.

Turns out this misguided PC-focused site was reporting on the Rockstar Editor’s console debut too, but it made the honest mistake of having someone who had never ever played or even briefly researched GTA V write the piece. We won’t be pointing fingers, since this is a reputable site and we’re all only human.

However, one article we will gladly point fingers at is this one. Rockstar introducing a $10 DLC pack honoring kids who smuggled heroin into the US with a drone? And no official announcement has been made? And this is the only site reporting it? Something so absolutely absurd? With faked quotes? Seriously! We still can’t tell if that site is meant to be similar to “The Onion” or not…

Have you guys ever been fooled by fake GTA V “news”?

GTA V Rockstar Editor Coming To Consoles – Confirmed

Rockstar has announced the winner of their recent Rockstar Editor GTA V fan video contest. The winner, pimpedupbadass, won a Logitech mouse and keyboard combo with their Social Club handle engraved, as well as a gift card and some in-game gear. Rockstar also featured some other pretty sweet videos which received some token prizes, but arguably the most important part of the announcement was hidden at the very end.


The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms – so the creative competition will be fiercer than ever.

Boom, official confirmation!

The Rockstar Editor will be heading to the current generation consoles with the next GTA Online update. There have been rumors about this for a while now, and people were speculating as to what extent will the Editor be ported over to the consoles, as it was apparent from the beginning that it won’t be able to retain full functionality due to hardware limitations.

This rather significant update may also be the cause of the massive 7 hour GTA Online server maintenance. Players were asking Rockstar whether or not the extra long maintenance was in some way related to upcoming DLC, however all the answers were negative. Technically this would have been true even if the maintenance was related to the porting of the Editor, so there is that.

There is still that unannounced GTA Online DLC that needs to launch in August, and if Rockstar comes through there, then we’re looking forward to a really strong month for GTA Online.

Will you guys be giving the console version of the Rockstar Editor when it launches?

GTA V Sale On Xbox One

With the upcoming Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, Microsoft seeks to take a bite out of your vacation savings with massive summer price drops. Among a slew of other games, GTA V will be among the discounted titles, giving players a chance to jump in at a lower price if they haven’t already. You know you always wanted to utilize the cell phone cheats and also the new special vehicle cheats (scroll right down)!


Considering the insane amount of copies GTA V sold, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t already causing havoc in Los Santos on a regular basis. If you’re going to pick up GTA V during this sale, you’ll be doing it at a 25% discount and also get a free Great White Shark Cash Card worth $1,250,000 in game currency. Just in time for the upcoming Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC, which will add a boatload of expensive luxury items for you to blow all your money on, such as a flashy off-road beast of a vehicle.

The sale kicked off today, and will go all summer with various deals. Other than GTA V, many other popular AAA titles and a few indies also had their prices cut. The discounts range from 10% (the only game with this joke of a discount is FIFA 15, obviously…) to 75%, with most games’ price cut in half. This will give Xbox One players to expand their libraries with a few of the top games of the past two years they might have missed, at a discount.

Rockstar isn’t a stranger to summer sales, however the last one didn’t go over so well, and there was more than one issue. Rockstar was accused to inflating the price of GTA V prior to the sale so that while allegedly there was a 25% discount in place, players essentially were paying full price, and that they forced you to buy a bundle with a cash card to void the refund guarantee.

Will you be picking up any games in the Xbox One Summer Sale?

GTA V’s Rockstar Editor Might Come To Current-Gen Consoles

Oh, Rockstar Games. The dev that absolutely loves taking its sweet time with anything and everything it does. Not that we’re complaining – look how great GTA V turned out. Quality work needs time, and in the case that the idea hasn’t been abandoned, then the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the Rockstar Editor will be damn good, considering that the possibility of the video editing software coming to current-gen consoles was first mentioned by Rockstar back in May, and we’ve had no word on the matter since. Work was already well under way at the time, but Rockstar didn’t give any specifics regarding when the Editor will be released on the consoles.


Due to hardware restrictions, there is absolutely no way that the Rockstar Editor will ever be released on the previous generation of consoles, so Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 GTA players will need to live out their fantasies of being a film director in some other way (may I suggest the PC and possibly the current-gen versions of GTA V?).

How much the console version of the Editor will differ from the one that shipped with GTA V’s PC version, we do not know, but it can be assumed that some of the functionality will be more limited. The director mode will hopefully be present, but we cannot be sure in what capacity.

Another way in which the Rockstar Editor will be limited on consoles will be the lack of mods. What is the connection between these seemingly unrelated things? Well, if you take a look at youtube, then the top Rockstar Editor videos will pretty much be exclusively modded creations, making use of fan created content in some capacity or other. Videos of 100% vanilla GTA V will be plenty, sure, but hardly as popular as recreations of popular pop-culture scenes, for example, the best of which all utilize mods.

Do you guys hope the Editor will have an outing on consoles?

Forza Motorsport 6 Trailer Recreated In GTA V

Another day, another spectacular Rockstar Editor creation. E3 2015 just wrapped up, with a ton of awesome new games shown off at the expo. Microsoft seemingly “won” E3 (until Sony came along, that is) with their announcement of backwards compatibility coming to the Xbox One free of charge, but that certainly wasn’t the only thing they had going for them. A bunch of Xbox One and Microsoft exclusives were also announced, or previously announced titles got their first trailers. One such game, exclusive to the Xbox One, is Forza Motortsport 6, successor to the Xbox One launch title.

The first gameplay trailer for Forza 6 was shown off at E3 2015.

What does Forza have? Cars! What else has cars? GTA V! What game has in-built gameplay recording and editing software? Also GTA V! You see where this is going.

Many fans were disappointed by Forza Motorsport 5 back when it launched on the then-newborn Xbox One, as they didn’t feel that the graphical and technical difference between it and the later racing games of the previous generation was large enough to warrant the “next-gen” descriptor. Current-gen car games started popping up, as Ubisoft released The Crew last year, and Forza Horizon 2 was also released. But hey, we’ve all had GTA for our racing needs, right?


The current-gen racing scene is a tad sparse, but we can look forward to a few newer releases soon to scratch this particular itch, and it seems that these titles will finally make proper use of the current generation’s hardware. We’ve already seen an improvement in the visuals of games released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 in the past year over the launch titles, and considering the massive difference between the launch titles of their predecessors and later games released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, we can look forward to some genuinely amazing graphics. (Or, you know, just play on PC.)

Are you guys looking forward to Forza Motorsport 6? What did you think of Forza Motorsport 5?