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Two New Pieces of GTA V Artwork

We hope you guys are enjoying Grand Theft Auto V – is there anyone out there who hasn’t clocked the story mode yet?

If you have, then take a look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for the next stage of the game, GTA Online. If not, then you might wanna look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for single player to help you out.

Also, it’s nice to see Rockstar still taking the time to release new artwork for the game. These two latest pieces feature Chop (Lamar/Franklin’s dog) and Franklin with a heavy sniper (something you can have a lot of fun with in GTA Online). Both pictures make great wallpaper.




GTA V avatar items, prison system, wallpaper & HQ gameplay video

This post is a mash-up of sorts and represents all the cool Grand Theft Auto V stuff we’ve come across in the last 24 hours. Considering the short time-frame, we’re pretty pleased!

GTA V avatar items

First off, those of you with an Xbox 360 can now download GTA V avatar items from the Xbox Live Marketplace. These include a GTA V t-shirt, Chop (Franklin’s dog), and Bugstar, abseiling, scuba and FIB outfits. Take a look here.


 Uncompressed gameplay trailer

There is an uncompressed version of the GTA V gameplay trailer available to download on the Playstation Network, which obviously doesn’t help those of us without a PS3! Never fear though, because a copy has popped up on Kim Dotcom’s new file hosting site, This is the download link and to unencrypt it you’ll need this key: d0P89xd8QLCeoIQxG3sskGESxt0OvRfjo2SfZVmul0Y

This difference is slight, but noticeable.


 Prison in GTA 5

Next up, and thanks to Reddit, we have what looks to be the first (or at least noticed) sighting of a prison in GTA V. Check out the screencap below, but this follows on from previous rumors that there would be a prison of some kind in GTA 5. It definitely looks more like a prison to us anyway. What do you think?


 New GTA V wallpaper

Finally we have two very special wallpapers for Grand Theft Auto V. The first image comes courtesy of Patrick Brown, who has done drawings for GTA V before (here and here). The second image is from bu22y of deviantART. Not often you get two highly professional new wallpapers on the same day!




GTA 5 Dominates Preorder Charts

VGChartz has just released its preorders stats for the week ending June 15 and we’re very pleased to say that Grand Theft Auto V is completely dominating in the United States.


As you can see, the Xbox 360 version of the game has proven most popular so far with a total of 333,477 units preordered. The PS3 version comes in as the second most popular preordered game with 290,997 units. Finally, we have Battlefield 4 in a distant third with just 161,500 units preordered.

Also interesting is that preorders for GTA 5 appear to be ramping up (which you would expect as we get closer to 17 September). Extrapolating the chart below we might even break one million units on each platform!


Have you preordered Grand Theft Auto 5 yet? If not, do it now! Xbox 360 version | PS3 version.

PS: We also have a new, much higher quality version of the new Gamestop GTA V posters. Makes for a perfect wallpaper!


New GTA 5 Artwork Released

Four new pieces of GTA 5 artwork have just been released by Rockstar and we have them available for download in high definition. You might have noticed the new shots alongside the character trailers that were recently revealed, and now you can use them as a wallpaper on your PC, tablet, phone – whatever. Perfect for staving off that craving we all have for Grand Theft Auto V… at least temporarily!
[nggallery id=7] The image showing each of Michael, Trevor and Franklin is currently acting as wallpaper on the PC here at GTA5Cheats.  What’s your favorite?

New GTA 5 Wallpaper, Release Countdown Timer

New GTA 5 Wallpaper

Rockstar Games has just released two new HD wallpapers for GTA 5. First, in an image titled “Cash and Carry: By Sea”, we have Michael making what looks to be a getaway on a specific jetski model – the “SpeedoPhile 2000”. Then, in a related picture called “Cash and Carry: By Land”, we have Franklin making a getaway from a robbery on a motorcycle. It’s safe to say that both modes of transport will be available to players in the final version of GTA V and you can download high definition versions of both new wallpapers by simply clicking on them below.




GTA 5 Release Date Countdown Timer

You should have noticed the new countdown timer in the sidebar up and to the right of this post. The concept is pretty straight forward – it’s just a handy little timer that will tell you exactly how long you have to wait until the game is released. So bookmark it and be sure to check back whenever you need to know just how much longer there is to wait until you can get your hands on GTA V!

GTA V Screenshot Bonanza

We have a ton of brand new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V direct from Rockstar and the new images really give you a sense of what each of the in-game characters will specialize in. For example, Trevor is frequently seen in violent scenes; either with a gun, blowing up buildings, or standing over dead bodies. Franklin on the other hand is often seen driving a vehicle, while Michael is very much more of a “businessman” – doing deals and the like.

You also see plenty of cool environments/scenes from in and around Los Santos, as well as lots of the different types of vehicles that will feature in the game. Trail bikes, jets, supercars, jetskis, boats and helicopters, they are all shown! It also looks like there will be some pretty cool/different activities you can undertake in the game (handgliding, abseiling, etc).


Once you’re done admiring the screenshots, make sure you head over to the artwork section of our images page and check out all the new wallpaper that Rockstar have also released. The image rotaton feature in Windows will certainly come in handy given there are so many cool looking desktop wallpapers to choose from now!