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GTA Online Hack Videos Banned

Rockstar is completing its recent massive crackdown on the use of hacks in GTA Online. After implementing an extremely effective anti-hacking system in Online cleaning out the lobbies on PC, making public lobbies free of malicious hackers, scripters and modders, they are now targeting the YouTube accounts of the hackers.


Initially many thought that this is simply a typical ban-wave, from which the hacker population recovers within a week. However, those players who know members of the GTA Online hacking community and some (now former) hackers themselves have reported that this is a different case altogether.

It seems that the guys over at Rockstar have devised a permanent fix to the hacker issue by not simply making hacking difficult like in the past, but by making script injection outright impossible. While no such thing as “unhackable” exists, it takes far longer to devise a whole new way of hacking that it does to simply find workarounds to preventative measures.


Now that instead of “blocking the bridge”, Rockstar has decided to bomb it, hackers will be a rare sight on PC, if a sight at all. However, Rockstar wants to make sure that the chances of a new hacking exploit be found are minimal.

Their first order of business is decreasing the publicity of hacks. How? By placing take-down orders on YouTube videos on the subject. Several channels that have been known to publish videos about cheating in GTA Online, as well as how to do it have been taken down.


These videos not only encourage the use of cheats and hacks in GTA Online, but also usually link to sites selling paid mod menus for the game, which were the main source of the script-kiddies in the game.

The way YouTube’s system works, channels hit with three or more copyright takedown notices are banned entirely, making all content uploaded to the channel unavailable. Granted, these claims can be refuted with proper evidence, however lacking that, hack video channels will stay down.


Since this is the internet, some of the people operating these hack channels are actually upset that this happened…

Oh, we’re sorry, the fact that you decided to record yourself violating pretty much every TOS and EULA associated with both GTA 5 and YouTube caught up with you and is now biting you in the ass? Excuse us while we celebrate the event!


Operators of some of the channels taken down have taken to social media, notably Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction with not being treated as exceptions from the rules. Most people had a reaction to this similar to ours, i.e. telling the whining hackers to suck it.

Rockstar finally stepping on some toes feels just as gratifying as we imagined. Not only are the streets of GTA Online being swiped clean of hacker filth, but they’re sad attempts at gaining publicity are also being picked off. Since the “transfer-glitchers” are very rare on PC, it has now become the safest platform in terms of hackers.

How are you enjoying the hack-free experience of GTA Online?

GTA Online’s CEO Editor Competition Announced

While the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony snapmatic competition is still running, giving players a chance to win GTA $ 1 million with a sweet shot flashing the new goods added to the game with the new update, Rockstar is now offering you budding artists out there another – and even better – opportunity to win some prizes for your creations.


The Finance and Felony DLC was released last week, bringing a whole new layer of gameplay to GTA Online with CEO missions. The DLC has players found a criminal enterprise built around the illicit business of black market merchandise trafficking.

Missions involve buying goods, protecting said goods and finally delivering the goods. In all three motions of a transaction, you are bound to be attacked by not only NPCs, but rival organisations (which is okay) as well as asshole griefers in Hydras (not okay).


In fact, the griefer issue has gotten so out of hand that people have begun to tamper with their internet connections just to get into a public lobby alone in order to run missions in peace. CEO missions in GTA Online can become extremely fruitful, however they require an initial investment – which is a concept not all players seem to grasp.

Rockstar has been known to host snapmatic competitions whenever they release a major DLC update for GTA Online, however Editor contests were scarce in the past. This one, which is obviously modeled after the DLC itself might be an indication that Rockstar is going to make these things more frequent.


After all, the next DLC that is slated for release, called Cunning Stunts, is prime material for this kind of thing. The competition could be for the best stunt montage and boom, you have the perfect community event.

But we digress – The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest is the name of the game and the prizes are some pretty sweet physical goods as well as store credit in the Rockstar Warehouse for runner-ups. The theme of the contest should be pretty self-explanatory.


Entrants must create a completely original video using the Rockstar Editor showcasing their illegal activities as an elite crime syndicate in the most stylish way possible. Obviously, the goal is for the videos to be primarily focused on content introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals and the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates.

While you are tasked with showcasing your company as an enticing workplace or potential target for investment, Rockstar doesn’t want you to go with the typical, overtly happy, clean and tame family friendly video. As they state in the Newswire post, the point of this competition is to show off your less than legal activities.


The creative brief for the competition is, well, brief. The only guidelines Rockstar has provided are that the video must be made entirely in the Editor, i.e. no third party video editing software and that the video should focus on the criminal activities of a given organisation gallivanting around GTA Online.

Will it be a narrative with a story to tell? An action-flick where organisations clash? A montage of all kinds of dastardly deeds? You decide! Pretty much everything goes as long as it is overflowing with felony and is primarily based on the two executive DLCs.


The first prize for the competition is a pretty impressive one – though it isn’t a gaming peripheral this time around. The winner of the competition will obviously have their work showcased on the Newswire, but they will also receive the first-ever Rockstar Editor trophy, emblazoned with the logo of the Editor and the Social Club ID of the winner. Other than this, they will get a Director’s Chair (also with SC ID) and the “ultra-rare” GTA 5 varsity jacket (you guessed it, also with the SC ID).

Two runner-ups will receive a smaller rewards in the shape of $100 Rockstar Warehouse store credit and a small package of physical merchandise. Funnily enough, this might even be more enticing to some players, as it allows them to buy anything GTA 5 related based on what they actually like.


Entering the contest is a simple matter. Make your video, tag it with “#CEO”, publish it and voila! There are some restrictions as to eligibility, seeing as some countries and even states don’t allow these kinds of competitions and obviously Rockstar employees can’t participate.

It is also stated that the entered videos must be made in 100% mod-free versions of the game. The use of any mod will get the video disqualified, even non-content mods like Scene Director used to augment the movie-making experience, not adding any actual stuff to GTA 5 on its own.


There isn’t a set date for winner announcement, however entrees are only accepted until the 18th of July, one month from now. That should be plenty of time for aspiring GTA 5 filmmakers out there to whip together a winning entry.

Will you be entering the Rockstar Editor contest?

Half-Hour GTA 5 Fan Vid Wins Everything

The Rockstar Editor has been used in the past to make some fairly impressive and amazing things. All kinds of videos have been filmed within the world of GTA 5 ranging from original productions to trailer remakes. Coupled with mods, the versatility of the Editor allows for seemingly infinite possibility in terms of fan videos.

By mods we don’t only mean various skins for characters or vehicles. Stuff like Scene Director or those green screen mods add to the movie making experience in a functional way. The community is still bustling with new ideas and is easily the largest active fan-video crowd for any video game out there.

However, we’ve never come across anything quite like this video we’ll be sharing with you today. We feel this project deserves significantly more views than what it has. The creator has been building hype for this video for some time now with short clips used as trailers.

The creator, 88Jackob88 has more than a little experience with GTA fan videos, since he’s been uploading San Andreas related content for over 6 years now. He also dabbles in modding, as shown by those of his videos which show off custom maps.

This particular video is the one that will earn him fame, most likely. The Hungarian content creator has spent 3 months working on a project called “Rover”, which he has now completed and uploaded.

But what is Rover?

A 25 minute, high-quality, masterfully edited sci-fi short film, is what. The plot of the film revolves around a humanoid alien astronaut, who is travelling through the universe exploring various planets. He discovers a downed human ship and extracts the location of Earth from one of the survivors. He travels to the planet and bears witness to 5000 years of history.

It is obvious from the start that there are more than a few mods being used here, in order to create the locations which represent the various planets. The shots are detailed, intricate and well edited. The whole video shows the signs of a professional touch. The editing work is phenomenal and the choice of music is spot on.


The video has been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback on YouTube, with pretty much every comment declaring Rover as the best GTA 5 machinima ever made. Fans and other film-making enthusiasts both praise the video for the great effort put into making it.

What do you think of this GTA 5 fan film?

GTA 5 Used By Portugese Police For Publicity

Using GTA 5 as a venue of publicity isn’t exactly new – it being used by an official law enforcement agency as a means of online publicity is novel. You know your local police force is pretty fly when they’re replicating a high-speed chase inside Rockstar’s hit open-world crime game.portugal2

The Polícia Segurança Pública, which is the national law enforcement agency of Portugal recently shared a video on their official Facebook page wherein a player in GTA 5 engages in some good old police work.

Oh, and this isn’t just some agency’s misguided attempt at capitalizing on something that’s popular without actually knowing anything about it. This isn’t a poorly edited video thrown together by the only officer in the station who once briefly held a controller in their hands.


What we’re looking at here is an expertly put together video from a modded version of GTA 5 running not only a Portuguese Police Cruiser skin mod, but LSPDFR, which happens to be the biggest and most detailed mod developed for the game.

LSPDFR is something of a total conversion mod which turns the massive, vibrant world of GTA 5 into a police simulator. Players take on the role of a law enforcement officer, tasked with patrolling the city and responding to various emergencies.


The video, courtesy of Workgrafix-Brand Agency, seeks to depict a high-speed car chase within GTA 5 as realistically as the game allows. They call in air support, pay attention to innocent traffic, call in a tow-truck for the stolen vehicle and call in an ambulance for the injured fugitive after he has been apprehended.

Of course, since the PSP aren’t eldritch wizards, they can’t summon police barriers out of thin air – but give the video some credit. LSPDFR is pretty much as close video games have ever gotten to realistic police simulation, so you’ll excuse it for allowing players to spawn barriers in this manner.


Definite props to the PSP for rolling with this little publicity stunt. It’s nice to see big serious government institutions suspending the no-fun law in terms of publicity in order to reach a different target group. If you’re scratching your head as to why a police department even needs publicity, you’d be surprised – just check with your local PD and you’ll be amazed how much help average civilians could provide.

This also greatly helps the public image of the GTA franchise. With the series being among the most controversial in all of gaming, positive points such as this go a long way.


Even the comments under the video – if Google translate was accurate, at least – praise this post for proving that games like GTA 5 can indeed be used to positive effect and shouldn’t take the brunt of public outcry.

Then again, seeing as Rockstar thrives on the angry vibes of stuffy conservatives, it’s not like they’re particularly hurting for the franchise to gain an overall positive image among the non-gaming crowd.

Has any governmental institution in your area/country used GTA 5, or any other game, for similar purposes?

GTA V Gets Judged By Its Cover

Some of you who are frequent flyers of the online gaming community may be familiar with game critic and hobby-level indie developer Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, creator of the Zero Punctuation semi-serious, semi-satire game review video series. While he reviewed GTA V way back when it first launched and GTA Online a while later, the game has once again come to be the theme of one of his videos in the new “Judging by the Cover” series.

Judging by the Cover is yet another parody series where Yahtzee satirizes the cover-art of video games and movies, trying to extrapolate what the source material is about solely on it. Obviously, for the sake of comedic effect, the the attempt is not a serious one.

In the GTA V episode of Judging by the Cover, Yahtzee riffs on the disjointed mass of images used in the collage, instead of a single cover image. His narratives of a left-to-right and right-to-left are extremely imaginative and really quite… far out. We’d have loved to hear what he comes up with for top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top versions.

The video perfectly captures Yahtzee’s comedic style, which has becoming the defining aspect of the highly popular Zero Punctuation review series. His reviews of GTA V and GTA Online both reflect this style – his videos are popular because of his funny style of criticism. He himself has said that his positive reviews aren’t nearly as popular as the ones which rip up the game in question.

Exaggerating many of the same criticisms as what fans have noted over the years since initial release lends itself perfectly to the videos, providing all of Yahtzee’s jokes which spiral wildly off topic relevant grounds to jump off from. The load times, the quitters and the Win/Lose ratio buffers are all part of the reality of GTA Online, as are the insane stunt maps.

GTA V’s story mode not featuring any truly likable protagonists is another grip often brought up, despite the massive fan following that has amassed around Trevor, who very well could be representing the mindset of the average GTA fan while playing. If we get down to it, we’re all murderous psychos when given a controller*.


To be fair, Yahtzee does share his positive views on the games and their cover art, so he isn’t entirely critical.

What other humorous joke-reviews of GTA V have you encountered over the years?

*not really, obviously.

GTA V Fan Video Starring… Fearless Bunny?

As far as odd GTA V fan videos go, this takes the cake – and gets nominated for cutest picture in the meantime. The introduction of the Rockstar Editor in GTA V’s PC version led to the appearance of a whole new generation of Grand Theft Auto fan film creators. Not only is gameplay capture much easier on PC than it is on consoles for laymen, the Rockstar Editor cuts out the need for the use of various third-party programs for recording and editing.


The Editor allows players to record their gameplay in GTA V and edit it using a diverse range of tools, effects and props all without having to leave the game. Director mode allows players to set up entire scenes, with NPC actors performing scripted actions. This handed the kind of power to the average gamer that was reserved for those with enough technical know-how to get it done.

Countless fans with the desire to create videos based on and within their favorite game now could do so without too much extra effort required. Those who simply didn’t want to bother with all fuss now had no “excuse” not to make the videos they’ve envisioned.

This led to a boom in the number of GTA V fan videos being shared with the internet every day. When the Editor came to current-gen consoles last year, the potential user-base multiplied once more. All kinds of videos, ranging from recreations to original content have been made over the months.

The video we’re sharing with you today falls in the latter category. A joke trailer for a movie that would be shot within GTA V titled simply “Bunny”, the video goes for a funny tone. This would pair up real nice with the video someone made of a chicken’s daring escape.

Bunny, the protagonist of his or her eponymous film, is a fearless rabbit who braves not only the highest peak of GTA V, but takes the indestructible train head on and even jousts with the jumbo jets on the tarmac of LSIA. The trailer reaches its crux when the scene where Bunny is escaping a frantic shoot-out switches to the shot of two planes exploding at the airport.


Is it a film of self-discovery? It is an action flick for the ages? Well, we’ll never know, since this is more of a one-off joke video than an actual trailer for a longer GTA fan film in the works.

Have any of you guys dallied in the Rockstar Editor? Feel free to share your GTA V fan videos!

Three Hours Of GTA V In A Minute

We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again. GTA V is a game absolutely overflowing with content. There is always stuff happening. Missions, side-missions, additional activities, collectibles, random encounters, NPCs interacting with you and one another. Plenty of locations to explore, plenty of enemies, challenges. There’s a whole multiplayer section which adds countless other missions, side-missions, etc. along with Adversary Modes and new heists. You can’t take two steps in GTA V without tripping over something to do in game.

But what happens if you take no steps at all? For three hours? That’s was GTA fan and YouTuber Jassinlive set out to discover in his latest video. Los Santos and Blaine County are overflowing with people and traffic running whatever odd errands these NPCs must perform.

A lot of things can happen while you stand perfectly still on a randomly picked sidewalk near an intersection. Jassinlive has decided to record a full three hours worth of video of Michael doing absolutely nothing in one of the busier parts of Los Santos. He then took the video and sped it up so that it lasts only a single minute.

While there are no murders, explosions, acts of violence or even vandalsim, the video depicts a busy, vibrant city that pulsates with life. PEDs walking around minding their own business, cars driving along, the moon taking the sun’s place before switching back again.


This video has a similar vibe to the one that depicts a day in the life of GTA V NPCs when the player doesn’t blow everything up and kill everyone horribly. Once again this goes to show how much effort Rockstar put into making the world of GTA V feel like a real one.

Do you guys ever just stop to take in the world of GTA V, or are you on a perpetual binge of violence?

GTA V Landmark’s Real Life Version Rebuilt

This is a bit different from the usual GTA V related news we report on as it has no direct impact on the game itself, but we think many of you will find this bit of information interesting nonetheless.

As we all know GTA V’s Los Santos is based on the real life city of Los Angeles. It shares many landmarks and tries to mimic much of LA’s layout as well – so much so that people have been making “real life GTA” videos in the city for comparison.


Unfortunately one particular landmark won’t be appearing in any such videos in the future, or at least not in the same way. The Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge is a triple-section vertical lift bridge crossing the port of Los Angeles at the Cerritos Channel. To allow larger ships to pass the midsection of the bridge can be elevated on vertical rails located in the two towers, which also act as support structures.

Said mid-section, which is the bridge’s main characteristic, is being dismantled and replaced with a stationary element in the coming months. The bridge has stood in its current form for 68 years, and has been in need of restoration for quite a while now. Unfortunately it will never be the same without the lift function.

While it’s role in the blockbuster flick Inception may be its most well known outing in popular culture, its equivalent in GTA V may be the best virtual preservation of the landmark. For all we know, future GTA games set in Los Santos will feature the new, non-lifting version of the bridge. All of this may seem insignificant to many of you, but the prospect of a video game acting as a “memoir” for an old piece of architecture and engineering is quite fascinating.

Do we have and LA locals among our readers? Have you ever seen the bridge in the flesh concrete?

GTA V Meets Carl Sagan, Science Happens

GTA V’s magnificent Rockstar Editor video suite has been used for all sorts of awesome things. Many of these creations were things people didn’t expect to see coming from something related to GTA V. Be it a thinly veiled animal rights message, various trailer recreations or somber artsy short films, there is a plethora of creativity streaming from the GTA V community. This video might just be the coolest thing the Editor was used for, which is saying a lot.

I’ll assume you’ve all heard of a man named Carl Sagan. This legendary scientist had an impressive number of accolades to his name. He penned over 600 academic papers, 20 books, he composed the first physical communiques which would be sent into space in order for other intelligent life-forms to interpret. He discovered the high surface temperatures of Venus. He demonstrated how amino acids could form on other planets or even out in space due to radiation. He narrated the most viewed television series, Cosmos: a Personal Voyage, ever.


Among his works is an audiobook titled “Pale Blue Dot”. A segment of this work has been popularized to the point of being known more than its source. It is one of the best verbal representations of how small and insignificant we all really are.


Duggy, Youtuber and GTA V fan decided to make a video to accompany this speech using the Rockstar Editor. You usually wouldn’t link GTA with deep, moving philosophical rhetoric about the insignificance of humanity and our planet. This makes it even more strange that the video works. This is undoubtedly one of the best Rockstar Editor creations we’ve seen and definitely the most unique and unexpected. The video respects Sagan’s message and there isn’t any typical lewd GTA-esque punchline here.

Do we have any fans of good old Cosmos among our readers?

GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Content Video

We recently turned our calendars to February which means two things – Valentine’s Day is coming up and GTA Online is getting a new update. Rockstar released a small scale DLC to commemorate the event last year and most players took it as a given that they’d do so again. A recent leak seems to have confirmed this, which listed a high number of new clothing items as well as the good old Roosevelt.

If a rather extensive and authentic-looking snippet of game code wasn’t enough to convince you, the following videos certainly will. Some industrious players managed to access the preloaded models and files from the upcoming DLC in-game.

The featured videos show off the wide range of new clothing items both the male and female GTA Online characters will have access to once the update hits.

The male lineup is the smaller of the two. A few color variations on retro suits, vests and hats will be available as well as a modern pimp outfit and several boxers.

Female characters will have access to a larger range of new outfits. With all kinds of sleeping gowns, innumerable variations of underwear and corsets and stockings. For outer wear, they get a selection of dresses and gowns which evoke the same era as the retro suits do for the men.

In the background of the second video we see what may be the new Roosevelt, however it seems somewhat different from the stock version. Many players have theorized that the new Roosevelt will be serviced by Benny’s when the Valentine’s Day DLC launches. GTA Online’s most recent update added two new cars to Benny’s, and more are on the way. We’ll have to wait and see if the new Roosevelt can be customized or not.

Which new GTA Online outfit are you looking forward to the most?