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GTA V Meets Carl Sagan, Science Happens

GTA V’s magnificent Rockstar Editor video suite has been used for all sorts of awesome things. Many of these creations were things people didn’t expect to see coming from something related to GTA V. Be it a thinly veiled animal rights message, various trailer recreations or somber artsy short films, there is a plethora of creativity streaming from the GTA V community. This video might just be the coolest thing the Editor was used for, which is saying a lot.

I’ll assume you’ve all heard of a man named Carl Sagan. This legendary scientist had an impressive number of accolades to his name. He penned over 600 academic papers, 20 books, he composed the first physical communiques which would be sent into space in order for other intelligent life-forms to interpret. He discovered the high surface temperatures of Venus. He demonstrated how amino acids could form on other planets or even out in space due to radiation. He narrated the most viewed television series, Cosmos: a Personal Voyage, ever.


Among his works is an audiobook titled “Pale Blue Dot”. A segment of this work has been popularized to the point of being known more than its source. It is one of the best verbal representations of how small and insignificant we all really are.


Duggy, Youtuber and GTA V fan decided to make a video to accompany this speech using the Rockstar Editor. You usually wouldn’t link GTA with deep, moving philosophical rhetoric about the insignificance of humanity and our planet. This makes it even more strange that the video works. This is undoubtedly one of the best Rockstar Editor creations we’ve seen and definitely the most unique and unexpected. The video respects Sagan’s message and there isn’t any typical lewd GTA-esque punchline here.

Do we have any fans of good old Cosmos among our readers?

GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Content Video

We recently turned our calendars to February which means two things – Valentine’s Day is coming up and GTA Online is getting a new update. Rockstar released a small scale DLC to commemorate the event last year and most players took it as a given that they’d do so again. A recent leak seems to have confirmed this, which listed a high number of new clothing items as well as the good old Roosevelt.

If a rather extensive and authentic-looking snippet of game code wasn’t enough to convince you, the following videos certainly will. Some industrious players managed to access the preloaded models and files from the upcoming DLC in-game.

The featured videos show off the wide range of new clothing items both the male and female GTA Online characters will have access to once the update hits.

The male lineup is the smaller of the two. A few color variations on retro suits, vests and hats will be available as well as a modern pimp outfit and several boxers.

Female characters will have access to a larger range of new outfits. With all kinds of sleeping gowns, innumerable variations of underwear and corsets and stockings. For outer wear, they get a selection of dresses and gowns which evoke the same era as the retro suits do for the men.

In the background of the second video we see what may be the new Roosevelt, however it seems somewhat different from the stock version. Many players have theorized that the new Roosevelt will be serviced by Benny’s when the Valentine’s Day DLC launches. GTA Online’s most recent update added two new cars to Benny’s, and more are on the way. We’ll have to wait and see if the new Roosevelt can be customized or not.

Which new GTA Online outfit are you looking forward to the most?

GTA V Meets The Godfather

The epitome of all organised crime related fiction, the magnificent Godfather saga, has set a high standard in many fields. Film-making, pacing, writing, acting, direction and so on. While they focus on different eras and settings it is obvious that the Godfather had quite a bit of influence on the GTA franchise. Granted though, the Mafia series may be a tad closer.

The Godfather can really be described as a much more elegant and grounded version of GTA. That sentence may be better if reversed, but the similarities are undeniable. With certain retro cars like the Roosevelt appearing in GTA V along with the legendary Tommy gun, acting like a good old gangster is possible.

The Godfather films, as many other influential movies, have several iconic scenes. Debating which one is the most iconic is pointless as there is no definitive answer.


One of these is definitely the toll booth assassination scene. We’d put a spoiler warning here but this movie is an ancient classic. It’s not like there is a spoiler warning before all the “Luke, I am you father” jokes, right?

8-Bit Bastard, the magnificent team behind the two GTA V wildlife documentary videos is back again with their recreation of the aforementioned scene from the first Godfather film.

Sonny Corleone meets his grisly death in GTA V the exact way he did on screen – scene for scene. When comparing with the original footage, every minute detail is perfectly replicated by the 8-Bit team, up to the rather ridiculous way he writhes from the near hundred bullet wounds he suffers.

Of course, there are some things that the Rockstar Editor isn’t capable of, however 8BB really brought out the best they could from the limited animation and asset library of the software.

Do you guys wish GTA V would get some DLC geared at good old retro gangsters?

GTA V Turns Kenan And Kel Into Franklin And Lamar

Looks like there is a public holiday or something going on wherever it is that Merfish lives, as the undeniable prince of darkness and defiler of the past has been on quite the roll lately. Naturally, given the chance a diabolical man like Merfish will spend so much time on making GTA V recreations of popular shows from out past. After he was done with Hey Arnold! just a few days ago he has moved on to the newest prey.

Merfish is probably the most well known creator of GTA V fan videos using the Rockstar Editor. His over-the-top, vile and humorous recreations of the opening sequences of shows from before the century have earned him quite a bit of fame. Usually he targets series aimed primarily at children or comedies suitable for the whole family. Recently he has expanded his enterprises with big budget film trailers being targeted as well.

Merfish’s GTA V videos all have three things in common. Authenticity, violence and dildos.  His most recent creation pits Franklin and Lamar in place of famous child comedians Kenan and Kel, who had their own show on Nickelodeon some years back. He also included Lester to jump in for the rapper Coolio singing the theme song. Seeing as Lester is bald, Merfish opted to adorn him with a crown of turds to make him resemble the artist a bit more.

While the shot-for-shot recreation still gets most things right, this wouldn’t be Merfish if there weren’t a few out of place gunshots and consumption of alcohol involved. All in all this is one of his more reserved works, with nary and explosion to be had. If the master is conserving his insane antics, his next production is bound to set a new record.

What favorite childhood show do you hope Merfish will never defile with his GTA V videos?

GTA V Overgrown In Cinematic Post-Apoc Mods

GTA V has its fair share of post-apocalyptic mods. Many of them focus on zombies, there is that survival game conversion and of course the big Fallout mod. All of these depict the world after the end as a barren, dry place with no life. GTA V also has its fair share of mods geared towards fan film creation, allowing you to augment your Rockstar Editor videos.


So what happens when you put the two together with a new spin on the whole post-apocalypse theme? You get the GTA V – After Us and Plant Invasion mods.

These two have a take on the end of the world which more resembles Crysis 3 than it does Fallout with the ruined metropolis having been overgrown with vegetation and plant life. Instead of being a dry, barren landscape, these show us a lust and vibrant world after humanity has fallen. Both mods are primarily geared towards avid GTA V Fan Filmmakers.


After Us focuses on a smaller area, part of a block that has a highly detailed city ruin feel to it. Burned out cars, crashed planes, crumbled walls, destroyed buildings and lots of greenery have taken over a few streets with expertly placed props all over.

Plant Invasion goes more for quantity than quality. A significant portion of Los Santos has been overgrown with sliding plants (mostly due to performance issues). The buildings still glow with the lights from the rooms at night and quite a few surfaces are bare, however this mod makes for some magnificent scenes at dusk and dawn, with the rays of sunlight filtering through the thicket around towering skyscrapers.


Both mods are a great addition to the arsenal of any avid GTA V video creator, and they certainly mix up the usual post apocalyptic setting.

What kinds of post apocalyptic GTA V fan videos would you guys make using these mods?

GTA V Trailer Remade In Madrid

Real life GTA videos are hardly a new thing with fans having previously recorded themselves revisiting notable landmarks in Los Angeles which also appear in the game’s world. Hell, the foreign GTA video is also a frequent idea with both Russian and Taiwanese versions existing. This most recent production fits both bills but does something different by going for a scene-for-scene recreation of the first GTA V teaser trailer that was released waaaay back.

The primarily Spanish team over at Zapruder Pictures has done a pretty solid job of recreating the magnificent teaser trailer for GTA V. This trailer got folks hella excited back in the day when the launch of GTA V was still a bit off and people could only speculate as to what kind of an experience it will be. No one knew at the time how big a hit it would become. Of course they knew it would be successful, it’s GTA after all, however no one could have foreseen the massive success it still enjoys three years later.

Surprisingly enough Madrid makes for a great Los Santos despite not resembling Los Angeles in the least. The teaser’s scenes and direction lend themselves to live action and the team really put the effort into getting all the shots right. With quite a few guest actors, they have all the NPC placement right on point, as well as all the locations for the various shots.

In some places the team had to resort to special effects, as they hardly had the kind of funding to get two police car replicas to crash, or, you know, a fighter jet. The video is quite popular too, having reached near two million views since it was first posted, making it one of the most popular GTA V fan videos out there.

Have you ever attempted to create a real life fan vid?

GTA Online Cancer Awareness Ride Videos Uploaded

It seems even the GTA V community does not know how to react to the game being used for a good cause. Ever since the GTA Online MC Cervical Cancer Awareness Ride took place the organizers have been posting about it on most major GTA V subreddits and the general public reaction has been less than exemplary (we did get some good support on our own Facebook page though).

Three GTA Online MCs trying to fight the good fight #CancerAwareness #GTAOnline

Posted by GTA 5 Cheats Community on Monday, 25 January 2016

The participating crews have since uploaded videos of the awareness ride showing off what they actually did during this event. Unfortunately not much awareness was raised as every post related to the ride either had no comments or just one or two questioning the point of it. Some commenters dismissed the whole event as a “moral superiority thing”.

We’ve praised the GTA V community to be an enlightened and creative bunch and stated on several occasions that is is absolutely unlike what the “outsiders” generally think. We still stand by this but damn guys, this ain’t okay.

Granted, doing a cancer awareness ride in GTA Online might not be the most logical idea that would come to someone’s mind but we are talking about one of the most popular online games here. While the ride didn’t generate a lot of publicity much of that can be attributed to how little of a shit was given by the community. These guys have their hearts in the right place and were doing what they were doing for a good cause.

Online gaming, as it is become more and more mainstream is becoming a prime channel for this sort of thing. Granted while GTA Online, with its relatively small lobbies and typical audience may not be the best choice but doing awareness events in MMOs, for example, would be a perfect way to expand the reach of the given campaign.

We usually reserve this space for a question. This time, we’d just like to ask you all to spread the word on this.

GTA V Fan Tribute To The Eagles

2016 is shaping up to be quite a tragic year with a number of high profile celebrity deaths occurring. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy Kilminster all passed on during the first month of the new year. An actor, a musician, and someone who did plenty of both. What was similar about all three was that they were extremely influential in their particular fields and had massive followings, leaving millions of grieving fans behind them.

Unfortunately, about a week ago yet another name was added to that list. Glenn Frey, founder and lead of the Eagles, one of the most influential American rock bands ever to exist, passed on due to complications which arose due to the medication he took for his long-term arthritis.


As with Lemmy, fans from all walks of life decided to give tribute to their favorite musician. While Frey didn’t get his own mod, he did get a Rockstar Editor tribute in the form of a GTA V music video for Hotel California.

The video depicts the lone night drive of an unknown individual through the landscapes of GTA V. We usually view it from a first person perspective with it occasionally switching to a cinematic third person view when it fits the music.

The video is nothing overly fancy with elaborate set pieces or directing. This is just a tribute created by a fan sad to see Frey go. The Eagles had a bumpy run, but whenever the band was together, Frey was part of it. Despite having been at the center of all the band’s many conflicts, he was also the force that kept it together in the good times. Hotel California was one of the most popular songs of the band.

Have any of you guys done anything in GTA V in memoriam of Frey?

Here’s What Being a Rockstar In GTA V Is Like

GTA V fans really know how to make their own entertainment in the game. Be it via modding, stunting or starting a taxi service, they find ways of entertaining themselves in ways the game does not basically intend. The Rockstar Editor is a perfect method of facilitating this. Getting all the shots right definitely takes dedication, but having fun with the Editor ain’t hard.

Bombastic Gamer Films and The Warlock decided to use the Rockstar Editor for what may be the coolest purpose – they made a rock music video. Their GTA V adaptation of Lost and Blind by performer Suffer City is quite the sight to behold – plus you know, the music is great.

Some might see the use of air-instruments as sloppy work, but keep in mind that this is GTA we’re speaking about, so satire and crude humor is right up the video’s alley. Where the creation lacks in instruments, it makes up with superb animation and editing work. If this were an actual music video it sure would be a damn great one.


Based on their name and a quick glance at their channel it is clear that Bombastic Gamer Films is a team who know their Machinima. While this isn’t strictly that, their experience should not make this high level of quality surprising at all .

The well timed and placed dance animations really sell the video’s atmosphere and the use of existing animations and props shows that the video was pulled off mod-free.


GTA V Cheats does not advocate the recreational use of mind-altering substances so let’s just say that some of the effects used in this video may be enhanced when you’re, like, really really happy, you know?

What other popular rock songs would you like to see with a GTA V music video?

GTA V Meets Hitman In Fan Video

Agent 47 is one of the most known assassins in video games – though he isn’t well known within his own universe (that wouldn’t make him a very good assassin, would it!).

The Hitman series is right up there with Splinter Cell and Thief amongst the greatest stealth franchises the industry has known. A recent film adaptation took the character into a more action oriented direction that really didn’t work out for him. While the movie strayed away from the franchise roots, it did give us some solid GTA V adaptation material.

Whether you are a Hitman fan or not, you probably did not like Agent 47 (the film). Poor story, poor acting and poor directing are universal issues, and while the film does suffer from all of these, it undoubtedly did have at least a few good looking shots (pun entirely intended).


GTA and Hitman fan(s?) Gamer Family recently uploaded a Rockstar Editor fan video which uses GTA V’s powerful footage editor suite to recreate the Hitman feel – the movie’s Hitman feel that is.

If you’ve come here for some sneaky stealth, minimal weapon usage, impersonation, hiding in plain sight, and a garrote, you are going to be very disappointed. This here is guns blazing action, with explosions, intense hollywoodesque one-on-one duels on a subway, and an army’s worth of SWAT officers being taken down by one guy toting heavy weaponry.


But you know, he’s bald, wears a black suit with a red tie, and has a bar code (which isn’t a bar code) tattooed on the back of his neck so it’s totally Hitman. At least he uses silencers and a sniper rifle at one point so it ain’t all bad.

Do you prefer the sneaky, stealthy gameplay of the (proper) Hitman games, or are you more a fan of the balls-off-the-wall insane mayhem of GTA V and Online?