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Real-Life GTA Video Filmed… In Russia

We’ve seen videos recreating GTA in real life, with flesh-blood actors and famous locales in the actual city of Los Angeles (plus a healthy amount of special effects) before, but this is quite something else.

All (well, almost all) GTA games have been set in a re-imagined fictional major North American city, featuring slightly altered versions of notable landmarks. However, as with many other games of similar popularity, the community thoroughly enjoys exploring “But what if x?” scenarios. Today, we’ll get an answer to one of those proposed scenarios. Instead of a major US city, what if GTA would travel to the westernmost major city of great mother Russia?


GTA: Kursk City is a live-action YouTube video which emulates the character animations, HUD and gameplay features of the 3D universe GTA games, primarily GTA: Vice City. The actors do a great job of replicating the jarred, inaccurate motions of the NPCs in GTA games of the era (the air-hug best demonstrates this), as well as the unnatural death animations. The sped-up footage also adds to the feel of authenticity, making the movements that much more jagged.

While strangely (and disappointingly) devoid of any actual stealing of automobiles, and scarce driving (of a go kart, no less), if it wasn’t for the perfect acting and the action sequences, you wouldn’t guess this is a GTA fan video, however overall it is absolutely recognizable. Even the pistol prop used is large and blocky, reminiscent of GTA graphics back in the day (amazing how far we’ve come, no?).

Pedestrians cower in fear or run while waving their arms in the air, missions are received through an uncomfortably large phone, the player character opens doors with the force of a constipated gorilla and you know you’re going the right direction if you bump into a goon who starts shooting at you. Yup, definitely GTA.

What country would you like to see an official GTA game take place in other than the US?

This Is What A Hollywood Filmmaker Does With GTA V’s Rockstar Editor

What happens when you let a genuine, professional Hollywood film-maker get his hands on the Rockstar Editor, the advanced game play recording and video editing software designed and released for GTA V? Short videos about aliens killing humans, obviously.


Lee Iovino makes money as a “proper” director during work hours. But when he kicks back for some well earned relaxation, he still doesn’t stand up from the figurative director’s chair. Instead in his free time, Lee creates short videos using the Rockstar Editor. Now, what kinds of videos would a professional filmmaker create? Epic tales of greatness? Artistic masterpieces of cinematography? Enthralling dramas? Of course not!

Lee Iovino is the creator of the Extreme Extermination Challenge, an extra-terrestrial game show wherein the competing aliens must gather as much points as they can by killing hapless humans, the first of whom happens to be a masturbating clown. GTA. LOL.

It all feels authentic, with the show’s logo being the bottom face of the UFO from GTA V, and the arcade-like scoring system shows the points in a retro sci-fi font. The whole show, especially the choice of music will certainly be a treat for many viewers who are somewhat versed in the gaming and geek world.

Watch Narp Narp and Glorp murder their way to fame and glory as they massacre the squishy, stupid humans in droves. Be it with golf-clubs, monster trucks or rail-guns, the aliens really show the homo-sapiens which species is on the top of the inter-galactic food chain. The competition is as intense as the violence on display, with plenty of things belonging inside people coming out of them. At least the guy who writes the “note: no x was hurt during the making of this film” has some vacation time.

Which GTA V alien did you cheer for, Narp Narp or Glorp?

Godzilla Stomps Around GTA V (Or Not)

Someone has remade the teaser trailer for the Godzilla reboot in GTA V using the Rockstar editor. And not only did they go for maximum authenticity, they’ve gone above and beyond all expectations. You know how the official trailer barely showed anything of the titular beast? Well, this GTA V video shows none.


Considering mods are a thing that exists, it feels like a bit of a cop out, but if you look at it as building suspense much like the official trailer did with just the tiny snippet of ‘Zilla being shown, you can appreciate the GTA V version for what it is.

Godzilla is the forefather of the Kaiju craze of Japan. Really, really old movies wherein a guy dressed up in a plastic suit stomps around a cardboard city, fighting humans or other men in plastic suits was the apex of popular Japanese cinema for a very long time, with Godzilla topping the charts.

Godzilla looks vaguely like a massive T-Rex (or exactly like a massive T-Rex – again, depends on which country you ask), just a tad fatter, with better posture and cool spikes running down his spine. He can also breath radioactive flames.

Recently, Godzilla has been made an honorary citizen of Japan due to the immense cultural influence attributed to the Kaiju. The recent big budget movie was the second attempt to translate Godzilla to western audiences, and went several times better than the first.

Since we’ve had mods put Reapers into GTA V, I’d love to see a full-sized Godzilla stomping around Los Santos. Maybe the player could even control it?

What did you guys think of last year’s Godzilla?

We Shine The Spotlight On GTA V Fan Videos

Once again Rockstar has taken to it’s Newswire to increase the popularity of select GTA V fan videos which go above and beyond all expectations. These videos are particularly well shot, particularly entertaining, particularly crazy or particularly professional. The one thing that is common among them all is the immense amount of effort that went into perfecting them, into making them the best of the best.


Occasionally Rockstar has been known to use it’s own blog as a platform to spread the word on select fan creations, be it jobs, videos, challenges or art.

This week, they’ve brought us the cream of the crop when it comes to Rockstar Editor creations. We here at GTA 5 Cheats decided to complement Rockstar’s list with the unsung stars of GTA V fan videos.

First up we have “Breackneck”, an 8 minute short film made using the Rockstar Editor, 150 GB of footage, and a custom soundtrack mixed one-effect-at-a-time, containing over 1100 individual sounds. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the video. It is inspired by some of the greatest car chase scenes in all of cinematography, and features Trevor as he attempts a high speed escape. Every scene is made with care, and the whole thing oozes professionalism.

Next up we have a rather valiant effort of creating a GTA V video on a console instead of PC. While the Rockstar Editor will be releasing on consoles soon, it hasn’t quite happened yet, and creating machinima in consoles is significantly more difficult. This video is a GTA V adaptation of Friday the 13th. Jason uses a rubber baton instead of a machete, and the scream near the beginning of the film is still better voice acting that the source material. Check it out!

Rockstar collected some truly great videos in their list. Which videos would you guys add?

This GTA V Deep Sea Video Is Awesome

We’ve recently posted about 8-BIT BASTARD’s amazingly detailed GTA V wildlife documentary, which took 6 months of research and work to complete, and runs for 15 minutes. The video is made with immense professionalism, and is on par with anything aired on reputable television channels such as Animal Planet or National Geographic. Of course, the info relayed by the video is hardly accurate when applied to real-life, as it is based on the animal’s AI coded by Rockstar for GTA V.


As impressive as this video is, 8BB wet their feet in the waters of wildlife documentary a little less than a year ago with their GTA V marine biology documentary. Titled Into The Deep, the documentary gives us valuable insight into the aquatic flora and fauna which makes its home in the waters surrounding Los Santos and Blaine County.

It should go to show that the video is so well made, that people out there started taking it seriously and getting all “angry-youtube-commenter” about the false info, which prompted an updated description:

DISCLAIMER: Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn’t totally accurate – of course it isn’t. We’re not professional wildlife researchers, we’re idiots who play computer games. Enjoy it for what it is!

And enjoy it you should. The 13 minute video about virtual fish in a fictional world is surprisingly entertaining. The commentator is a perfect fit for this kind of thing, and the whole video evokes that typical atmosphere of these kinds of documentaries.

Using the submarine, 8BB takes us on a tour of the deep sea, showing the various species, reefs, and man-made wrecks on the sea bottom. It is quite amazing how much detail Rockstar filled the deep sea with, consider a large percentage of players will likely never venture there.

Has this video made you more curious about the sea surrounding the world of GTA V?

GTA V Meets Animal Planet… Sort Of

GTA V was the first installment to introduce wild animals and a hunting mechanic for the player. Hunting is a potentially lucrative side activity accessible by Trevor, and involves putting a bullet in all things cute and fluffy (except cougars – they’re anything but cute and fluffy). Snap a picture of the now dead anything cute and fluffy, send it to your mate with a vendetta against all things cute and fluffy, and he sends you money; the amount of which varies based on where you put the bullet into what kind of anything cute and fluffy.


But one GTA V player out there decided that it is time to not put bullets into all things cute and fluffy. One GTA V player decided that the animals of Blaine County have more to them than just being game for hunting. Therefore, this one GTA V player made a video which… will ultimately help the people trying to put bullets into all things cute and fluffy.

8-BIT BASTARD, the up and coming wildlife reporter, has created a whopping 15 minute long, extremely well made and entirely professional documentary film using the Rockstar Editor introducing players to all the animals of GTA V, their behaviours and their patterns. The video is accurate in the sense that it takes wildlife AI used by GTA V’s code as a base, and the information conferred in the video really does represent how the in-game animals behave, making this video particularly useful for players who seek to master the hunting minigames.

It also goes to show that this video took 6 months of research and work to complete, which comes as no surprise considering the level of detail and quality of the film. This is truly a professional piece of work.

Did this video spark your interest in the animals of Blaine County?

GTA V Finally Meets Pokémon And It’s Creepy As Hell

Much like the recent cross between Skyrim and GTA V, Rockstar’s blockbuster was destined to eventually be mashed up with Nintendo’s legendary animal abuse collection “simulator”, Pokémon. Tie your shoes friends, this is a wild one.


We’ve seen a lot of intuitive ways in the past wherein users of GTA V would substitute things found in the game in the place of iconic things from the source material which aren‘t in the game.

This video opts to go for “brick-shitting creepy” instead of intuitive.

Just imagine what it would be like if fantastical mutant animals which are anthropomorphic to varying degrees need to be substituted by actual humans, but still need to be recognizable. Be prepared, this is worse than even the most disturbing Pikachu cosplays out there, and damn, there are quite a few.

This wonderful creation comes to us courtesy of Merfish – because of course it does – and has done much to waiver our faith in him. This video is an absolute abomination. I know you’re gonna watch it anyway, but I cannot stress enough times that you shouldn’t. Images the likes of which no human mind should bear will be scorched into your memory, and you will never be able to unsee it.

To give you a general idea, Trevor plays Ash, and of the several Pokémon which appear in the… adaptation, only one is replaced by an actual animal (poor Chop). This is a depiction of the most demonic violation of the sanctity of the human form.

*Disclaimer: much like the video itself, this article is a joke. The video is hilarious, and we here at GTA 5 Cheats do not care for the sanctity of the human form*

Would you guys be interested in a Pokémon themed mod for GTA V, adding new side activities and collectibles?

We’ve Got Even More Good News About The Rockstar Editor

Rockstar Games recently announced that the next update to GTA Online will be bringing the popular Rockstar Editor to the current generation consoles. However, it has since been confirmed that the 1.29 update will affect the editor beyond porting it to new platforms.


The not-for-long PC exclusive gameplay recording and video editing suite was developed specifically for GTA V. It allows players to capture their screen while playing, and then later edit the footage. They can do this by snipping it, re-arranging it, adjusting camera distance and angle, adding special effects, changing the weather and also the time of day. The application offers a plethora of other editing options besides these as well.

The 1.29 update will expand the features of the Editor on all platforms. The new features include an Ambient Audio and Sound Effects library that will allow you to further customize the audio of your video, and you’ll be able to add your own files to this library. The update will also bring Snapmatic and the Editor closer together by integrating the former into the latter, allowing you to transfer any still frame from the editor to the Snapmatic app.

The favored Director Mode will also be seeing an update, with a new minimap that will show preset POIs, and the mode will give players the ability to spawn air and aquatic vehicles which are available in GTA Online. You’ll also be able to copy your already painstakingly edited audio settings from marker to marker, making the editing process a lot easier and quicker. The fonts library at your disposal has also been tripled in size.

The Rockstar Editor has been an extremely popular tool ever since it launched alongside the PC version of GTA V back in the day, and numerous immensely creative videos have popped up in the community since.

Will the Xbox One and PS4 players among you be making use of the Editor when 1.29 launches?

GTA V Video Double Deal: The Debt And Accidental Survival

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we’re determined to bring to you only the finest of GTA V related news and entertainment. While we already posted news about news today (meta), we now bring to you not one, but two pretty damn impressive videos. The first is a short film made with the Rockstar Editor, while the second is just some gameplay footage that you’ll surely replay a few times out of sheer disbelief.


First up, we have The Debt: Director’s Cut. A very, very dark (and we don’t mean the lighting) short film made using the Rockstar Editor, the gameplay capture and video editing software that shipped with the PC version of GTA V (but making its way to consoles soon). This film had a bumpy production history, as the non-director’s cut version was hit by a DMCA claim on Youtube due to some of the audio it used. This isn’t the lighthearted humorous take on crime as what we’ve come to expect from the GTA franchise, so watching it may not be the best idea if you’ve had a bad day. The video is extremely professional and well done, proving that the creators of the film, The Game Mechanics, are quite masterful at this kind of thing. While the film is a pretty run of the mill revenge story, the way atmosphere is created and the shots handled is exquisite, lending the video weight.

After that little trip into the darker sides of human emotion, let’s get back to what GTA V is about: screwing around with friends, lighthearted humor, and wanton destruction. Apparently one particular GTA Online player is a seer or something, as they ditch the vehicle being driven by their mate just in time to not get blown up by the volley of missiles a passing chopper fired at them. He too, repays his debt.

You Won’t Believe These Insane GTA V BMX Stunts (Video)

The players of GTA V have been flexing their stunt muscles ever since the game originally launched way back when on last-gen console – the Xbox 360 and PS3. People have been pulling off all kinds of improbable and insane stunts with different vehicles that are seemingly ill equipped for these kinds of things. Among the most popular stunts were the ones of the “threading the needle” variety, which involved something small going through something bigger at high speeds, preferably mid air.


We’ve also seen some impossible-looking stunts performed with various trucks. Have you ever seen a semi jump a ramp, detach from the trailer, land, and have the trailer land just on top of the semi and re-attach itself? Well, in GTA V, it happened.

Stunts have become an integral part of the GTA V community, and the most skilled virtual stuntmen have become something of folk heroes to the other players. Today we bring to you a video where, instead of trucks and air stunts, a player wows viewers with some stylish BMX stunts, dressed as a ninja, no less.

Other than the stunts being pretty darn impressive, the video itself is also pretty darn professional, putting it on par with some of the best Rockstar Editor creations yet.

Granted, many of these stunts seemingly disregard the rules of physics, because well… video games. But honestly, there are few things cooler than knocking out a street light with the back wheel of your bike.

This clip is just one in a series dedicated to BMX stunts in GTA V, and the rest are just as impressive as this one, so be sure to check those out too! And remember kids, don’t try this at home! No matter how skilled you think you are, unfortunately you can’t respawn in real life, and dying ain’t as fun as you might imagine.

Have you guys made any GTA V stunt videos? Feel free to post them in the comments!