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Master GTA V Videos With This Mod

Your GTA V videos made with the Rockstar Editor will be much more professional after learning to use this mod.

Make no mistake, this here is no green screen. While that particular mod, along with the true free camera mod are extremely useful for aspiring GTA V video creators, this following mod gives filmmakers the control they really need. We’re not talking about mental control, oh no. If anything, this mod allows for GTA fans to loose their imaginations with regard to video ideas. This mod grants players complete control over the various actors (as the NPCs in Director Mode are called) and how the scene is built up.


In its official form, as it was released with the PC version of GTA V, and later with the 1.29 update on consoles, the Rockstar Editor is already a very flexible, versatile and complex tool. However, it is not without its shortcomings and limitations. The Editor, as it is, has some restrictions which stem from the game’s actual mechanics, rather than Rockstar’s unwillingness to lift these restrictions.

This is where modding comes into the picture. One of the biggest changes Scene Director adds to the Rockstar Editor is that users may record the actions of actors entirely independently of the other actors or the scene itself.

The mod also adds an absolutely mind-boggling number of animations that the aspiring GTA filmmaker can use – a total of 21,882 separate gestures and movements. 00000 through 06999 can be viewed on the author’s Youtube channel, with demonstrations of the rest being constantly uploaded. Who said making GTA V videos doesn’t take some serious dedication?


The mod also adds some new miscellaneous commands to the Editor, and as the Scene Director is gradually updated, more and more of these will be added in order to give you maximum control over your scene – just like an actual director, unrestricted by game mechanics.

Do we have any dedicated GTA V filmmakers among our readers?

Rockstar Announces Cross Platform Editor Contest

This isn’t the first time Rockstar has hosted a competition to create the official music video for a song. However it is the first time that players from three platforms may enter.

Before the release of the Freemode Events update, the Rockstar Editor, a feature-rich and versatile game play recording and video editing suite designed especially for GTA V, was only available on the PC. The update, however, brought the Editor, in a somewhat limited form, to the next generation consoles as well. With the competition increasing, it is only fitting that Rockstar up the stakes as well. The winner will take home a prize like no other Rockstar competition winner did before.


Wanderer, by Little Dragon, was featured on the recently released “Welcome To Los Santos” soundtrack CD, and can also be listened to on the in-game radio station, the Lab. Little Dragon and Rockstar have posted a short guide on what you should put together.

Entrants are challenged to create a music video using the Rockstar Editor telling the story of a rogue – a very clever double-agent or double-crosser who plays two sides of a criminal enterprise to her or his own advantage.

The prize pack the winner can take home will include a golden peripheral for their platform of choice (controller for PS4 or Xbox One, Mouse for PC) with their Social Club ID printed on it. You’ll also get a one of a kind director’s chair with the Rockstar Editor logo on it, plus your Social Club ID, and a never before seen GTA V Varsity Jacket with, you guessed it, your Social Club ID. Two runner ups will receive $100 gift cards to the Rockstar Warehouse, as well as some sweet in-game prizes. To make your video eligible, simple tag it with “wanderer”.

Will any of you guys be entering your Rockstar Editor videos into this competition? Better make sure your Social Club ID is one you want emblazoned everywhere!

GTA V Announced 4 Years Ago Yesterday

Yesterday, we slipped over a rather significant landmark in the life of GTA V. Over the years, the game has grown in ways we could not have imagined previously. With countless GTA Online DLCs behind us, such as the Hipster, the Business, the Ill-Gotten Gains, the Freemode Events, most recently the Lowriders and the upcoming Halloween update, plus many more we have not listed, the game is much more today than what it was at launch.

The community has gamed through numerous GTA Online events, racking up riches and fame twice as fast. Players celebrated special dates such as Independence Day in GTA Online. Players have uncovered clue after clue, leading them towards unraveling the baffling Mount Chilliad Mystery. Players have discovered the secret of the Bigfoot. Players have created legendary videos with the Rockstar Editor, entertaining missions with the Rockstar Creator and artful shots with the in-game Snapmatic app.


And it all began four years ago, on the 25th of October 2011. Since then, the game has been released on 5 platforms. Since then, GTA V sold over 54 million copies, plus who knows how many millions in digital sales. Since then, Rockstar has fought a bloody war against the hackers and modders of GTA Online, and went so far as breaking the game entirely at one point. Since then, GTA V was discounted numerous times. Since then, the community has pulled together to create a digital art magazine dedicated entirely to GTA V.

Four years ago, the fans of the franchise went wild as the hastag with the much awaited “V” behind it was first tweeted by an official Rockstar source, confirming that the next big installment of the massively popular series is on its way. GTA V has dominated the gaming press ever since.

Four years of awesomeness. Rockstar, we salute you!

You Can Walk Across The GTA Franchise In 5 Hours

This is what I call an interesting idea for a video. Nowadays, open-world games are dominating the gaming industry, and they have been around in abundance for ages. Wide, seamless, varied game settings have captivated the minds of many a player, with all sorts of hidden secrets and stunning landscapes. However, how well do most players come to know these open worlds? How much of it do they explore? How much of it do they miss? How many players actually go for 100% completion?


Well, even if you don’t explore every nook and cranny of a map, chances are, you’ll be spending a whole lot of time running back and forth all around it. However, these massive and expansive worlds may suddenly seem a lot smaller if you take the most direct route from one end to the other.

One GTA fan decided to walk from one end of the GTA franchise to the other, by running all across the maps of GTA, GTA II, GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV, and finally GTA V, and record it the whole way through. He also times how long it takes to walk from one end of each map to the other, and then add up the time. In the end, if you start at the first game and end with the most recent, you’ll have spent 4 hours and 40 minutes in real time just walking through virtual worlds.

The final result is somewhat skewed due to the GTA V trek having been done in first person, in which the movement speed is greater than the third person walking speed of previous titles, so in truth the time to cross Los Santos and Blaine county would be significantly more than a measly 52 minutes.

How well have you guys come to know the map of GTA V?

GTA V Meets Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again”

Despite the massive popularity Rockstar’s Editor has been seeing among players – who frequently use it to recreate famous scenes from their favorite TV series, movies or other games, or to make short films of varying artistic value – the proprietary gameplay capture and video editing tool developed specifically for GTA V has been seldom used to make adaptations of music videos. Or at least, seldom have adaptations of music videos been made which are of a quality that makes them news worthy.


This, however, is one of those seldom occasions. Considering GTA V is rated as 18+, most of you should know of the band called Blink-182, a pop punk-rock band which sprung up during the 90’s and made its mainstream breakthrough in the 00’s. The band is considered one of the most influential groups in the history of punk rock and its mainstream explosion. This grandiose title is thanks to several hit songs which are considered “classics” in some strange warped interpretation of the word. One such song is titled What’s My Age Again, which sees the band members run around town stark naked.

In keeping with how these sorts of things usually go, the GTA V adaptation is more or less authentic in theme and less as a scene to scene adaptation, however it has been augmented with a healthy dose of good old added GTA flavored violence… Because what good would any GTA video be without pints of blood and ‘SPLOSIONS, right? The three band members have been replaced with Franklin, Michael and Trevor, who gallivant around Los Santos with naught but their socks and shoes on. For those of you unfamiliar with the source material, we really hope it’s just because this isn’t really your musical style, and not the generation gap. Here’s the original video for reference.

What do you think, which of the three GTA V protagonists is most likely to be into punk rock?

Most GTA V “Journalism” These Days Is A Joke

Do us a favor. Do a quick search for GTA V on Google and head over to the News tab. Now do this again for just “GTA”, and then GTA 5.

You’ll get, on first glance, different results from different sources, on first glance. However, it won’t take long for it to become clear that in truth you’re seeing all the same “news” and worse, that you’ve been seeing all the same news for freakin’ months!


Sure, whenever something actually happens in the world of GTA V, there is a small spike of real news going around. But otherwise, it’s all regurgitated filler. It’s all the same baseless and contrived “GTA 6” rumors all over again. It’s always the same predictions about upcoming updates all over again. It’s always the same “players are still waiting for story DLC” (no, they’re not) all. over. again.

And it’s always the same websites, posting the same content, linking to one another’s identical articles, all over again. They’re gaming Google News and the GTA community in general.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find any honest or genuine journalism of any measure of quality in this glorified circle-jerk of rumors. Whenever people get creative, they just post a video made by some popular GTA V streamer and report on what they say in said video as fact. Granted, there are newer and newer articles about the game going up every day, and there can hardly be that much newsworthy stuff going on around just GTA V all the time. But these sites… these “journalists” really ought to put a tad more effort into it.


GTA V has a sprawling fandom, a dedicated modding community, and Rockstar are also paying plenty of attention to their flagship product. This is a topic with the potential for a whole lot more variety, instead of reading how some star may or may not play a unconfirmed protagonist of a game which may or may not exist for the umpteenth time.

We’re not going to just preach from the mountain tops either though – do you guys feel GTA 5 Cheats is providing enough variety in its posts?

Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

The stars have not aligned, the sky is not falling, the end of the world is not nigh. Equally, the rapture is not coming to pass, the great spirit has not awakened and GTA VI didn’t get its first trailer.

Sure, someone tried to make you think that the first GTA VI trailer had arrived, and they did a really, really bad job, but countless people still believed it! The video popped up quite recently and has already made the rounds on the web as anything with “GTA VI” is bound to be getting clicks nowadays (funny this sentence should appear in this article, oh well…). The trailer for an un-confirmed and un-announced game was always going to rack up the views.


Well, to the genuine surprise of absolutely nobody, the trailer is a fake! A really quite obvious fake for anyone with even the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding video games and Grand Theft Auto.

To start off, the first version misspelled “Rockstar” (LOL), so the whole thing failed there and then. While this particular mistake has since been rectified, the rest of the video isn’t much more convincing. It starts off in New York Liberty City, then warps to a desert landscape with a drifting Mustang, then there are shots of an obviously European town, and then random villas and mansions.

One, GTA probably won’t be seeing licensed vehicles. Two, the next GTA is unlikely to go to Europe. Three, the video description states that the game will be set in Vice City, and yet nothing but the (very poorly made) logo has any relation to the Vice City theme.

It is quite obvious that Rockstar has no intention of releasing the next GTA game, which shouldn’t even be a numbered installment anyway, as early as 2017. Clearly they are taking their time with GTA Online, focusing resources on that instead of a new game.

We really hope the GTA VI “trailer” didn’t fool any of you guys!

Real-Life GTA Video Filmed… In Russia

We’ve seen videos recreating GTA in real life, with flesh-blood actors and famous locales in the actual city of Los Angeles (plus a healthy amount of special effects) before, but this is quite something else.

All (well, almost all) GTA games have been set in a re-imagined fictional major North American city, featuring slightly altered versions of notable landmarks. However, as with many other games of similar popularity, the community thoroughly enjoys exploring “But what if x?” scenarios. Today, we’ll get an answer to one of those proposed scenarios. Instead of a major US city, what if GTA would travel to the westernmost major city of great mother Russia?


GTA: Kursk City is a live-action YouTube video which emulates the character animations, HUD and gameplay features of the 3D universe GTA games, primarily GTA: Vice City. The actors do a great job of replicating the jarred, inaccurate motions of the NPCs in GTA games of the era (the air-hug best demonstrates this), as well as the unnatural death animations. The sped-up footage also adds to the feel of authenticity, making the movements that much more jagged.

While strangely (and disappointingly) devoid of any actual stealing of automobiles, and scarce driving (of a go kart, no less), if it wasn’t for the perfect acting and the action sequences, you wouldn’t guess this is a GTA fan video, however overall it is absolutely recognizable. Even the pistol prop used is large and blocky, reminiscent of GTA graphics back in the day (amazing how far we’ve come, no?).

Pedestrians cower in fear or run while waving their arms in the air, missions are received through an uncomfortably large phone, the player character opens doors with the force of a constipated gorilla and you know you’re going the right direction if you bump into a goon who starts shooting at you. Yup, definitely GTA.

What country would you like to see an official GTA game take place in other than the US?

This Is What A Hollywood Filmmaker Does With GTA V’s Rockstar Editor

What happens when you let a genuine, professional Hollywood film-maker get his hands on the Rockstar Editor, the advanced game play recording and video editing software designed and released for GTA V? Short videos about aliens killing humans, obviously.


Lee Iovino makes money as a “proper” director during work hours. But when he kicks back for some well earned relaxation, he still doesn’t stand up from the figurative director’s chair. Instead in his free time, Lee creates short videos using the Rockstar Editor. Now, what kinds of videos would a professional filmmaker create? Epic tales of greatness? Artistic masterpieces of cinematography? Enthralling dramas? Of course not!

Lee Iovino is the creator of the Extreme Extermination Challenge, an extra-terrestrial game show wherein the competing aliens must gather as much points as they can by killing hapless humans, the first of whom happens to be a masturbating clown. GTA. LOL.

It all feels authentic, with the show’s logo being the bottom face of the UFO from GTA V, and the arcade-like scoring system shows the points in a retro sci-fi font. The whole show, especially the choice of music will certainly be a treat for many viewers who are somewhat versed in the gaming and geek world.

Watch Narp Narp and Glorp murder their way to fame and glory as they massacre the squishy, stupid humans in droves. Be it with golf-clubs, monster trucks or rail-guns, the aliens really show the homo-sapiens which species is on the top of the inter-galactic food chain. The competition is as intense as the violence on display, with plenty of things belonging inside people coming out of them. At least the guy who writes the “note: no x was hurt during the making of this film” has some vacation time.

Which GTA V alien did you cheer for, Narp Narp or Glorp?

Godzilla Stomps Around GTA V (Or Not)

Someone has remade the teaser trailer for the Godzilla reboot in GTA V using the Rockstar editor. And not only did they go for maximum authenticity, they’ve gone above and beyond all expectations. You know how the official trailer barely showed anything of the titular beast? Well, this GTA V video shows none.


Considering mods are a thing that exists, it feels like a bit of a cop out, but if you look at it as building suspense much like the official trailer did with just the tiny snippet of ‘Zilla being shown, you can appreciate the GTA V version for what it is.

Godzilla is the forefather of the Kaiju craze of Japan. Really, really old movies wherein a guy dressed up in a plastic suit stomps around a cardboard city, fighting humans or other men in plastic suits was the apex of popular Japanese cinema for a very long time, with Godzilla topping the charts.

Godzilla looks vaguely like a massive T-Rex (or exactly like a massive T-Rex – again, depends on which country you ask), just a tad fatter, with better posture and cool spikes running down his spine. He can also breath radioactive flames.

Recently, Godzilla has been made an honorary citizen of Japan due to the immense cultural influence attributed to the Kaiju. The recent big budget movie was the second attempt to translate Godzilla to western audiences, and went several times better than the first.

Since we’ve had mods put Reapers into GTA V, I’d love to see a full-sized Godzilla stomping around Los Santos. Maybe the player could even control it?

What did you guys think of last year’s Godzilla?