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GTA V’s Awesome Airstrike Mod

GTA V modders are getting progressively more and more insane with the kinds of over the top modifications they are cooking up for this game. I mean, a jetpack, sure, there was one of those in GTA: San Andreas. A Just Cause grappling hook? Well, yeah, pretty crazy, but the mayhem associated with Just Cause can mainly be attributed to the destructibility.

Well, how about an AC130 Flying Fortress?

Popularized in gaming by the universally known Call of Duty franchise, the air strike became engraved in gaming culture. Regardless of what you opinion of Call of Duty may be (bane of the AAA industry), you have to admit that it is a massively popular franchise, with millions of fans.

Don’t take this for some small visual mod showing an AC130 flying around in the distance. You can call in the flying fortress, and pilot it yourself, wreaking havoc and destruction in Los Santos with the plane’s characteristic 150mm Howitzer and a 40mm Bofor Gun. This mod may be familiar to those of you who played GTA IV on PC, and modded that game too. The original mod’s author simply ported his flying death machine over to GTA V, however he did say that it works best in first person view.


Make sure to check your version though. The recent GTA V update 1.27, which contained the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, messed around with the game’s code in order to protect GTA Online from unfair modding and hacking, however this also affected the single player portion of the game, making ScriptHook V, a modding tool, incompatible with the game. You guessed it, the AC130 mod needs ScriptHook V to work. The author of ScripHook V is hard at work to jump this particular hurdle, however.

What kinds of over-the-top destruction mods would you guys like to see in GTA V?

GTA V Used To Recreate Arthur Opening

The internet is a wild, wild place, with all sorts of insanely creative and creatively insane people. One such person, praise be done upon his name, is Merfish. Merfish, in his wisdom and glory, decided to grace the internet with this beauty a while back:

May the voice of angels buckle as they speak his name.

That masterpiece of high art was created using the Rockstar Editor, an in-built gameplay capture and video editing software found in the PC versions of GTA V. It allows players to view a recorded scene from many different cinematic angles, allows for the changing of lighting conditions and so on. Some skilled youtubers made extensive use of this tool, recreating various pop-culture scenes in GTA, and the popularity of this tool has been a major factor in GTA’s long lifespan, second only to modding (also, only on PC). Other notable creations include Breaking Bad and Mad Max.


This time around, Merfish has targeted another one of your fond childhood memories for sanctification. In his endless wisdom, Merfish has selected the late PBS cartoon, Arthur, to go through the rite of Grand Theft Autoification, and in his generosity, has allowed us mortals to glimpse it. As with the Full House video, a tad more violence was added this time around as well. Observe, and be humbled.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show in question, firstly, shame, secondly, here’s a side by side comparison of the original opening and merfish’s improved version.

As with the previous video, the attention to detail and the strife towards authenticity, coupled with the over the top violence (for a children’s cartoon, anyway) which is a staple of GTA, this creation is quite an accurate representation of just what extended exposure to GTA does to a human brain. It’s beautiful.

What show’s opening will Merfish, praise be done upon his name, tackle next?

Full House Intro Recreated in GTA V


The Rockstar Editor, a gameplay capture and video editing software developed specifically for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC has been used in numerous fun and creative ways by the community. Much like the use of mods (also on the PC), the Rockstar Editor is one of the main reasons why we still see GTA V in the news pretty much every week even so long after the game’s release. The editor can be used both in GTA V’s single player mode, and in Grand Theft Auto Online, and features a special “Director Mode” allowing for choreography and staging, and allows users to make use of pedestrian character models and animals, as well as approaching the recorded segment from any angle in-engine.

The recreation of notable scenes from popular culture definitely isn’t a novel idea, as it has been done ever since the Rockstar Editor launched alongside the PC version of GTA V. Some time ago the adaptation of Breaking Bad in GTA V was making the rounds on the internet.

Most recently, the classic sitcom Full House got the Grand Theft Auto treatment. With the announcement of a follow up series, “Fuller House” (see what they did there? Really subtle, that…), word of the sitcom has been often spoken in recent news. The recreation is pretty damn accurate, though there is a tad more death and destruction involved, because of course there is. This is GTA we’re speaking about here. Someone gets hit by a cable car at one point. Check out the video here:

And for those of you unfamiliar with Full House, or just have forgotten what the opening was like, here’s a side by side comparison of the two. Pretty faithful, no?

Fuller House is set to hit Netflix sometime soon, with much of the old cast reprising their roles from the classic series.

Grand Theft Auto V Recreated in Live Action Video

With all the creative videos, trailers and recreations of movie scenes players have been creating with the GTA V video editor, currently available only on PC, it’s rare to find a video about the game making the rounds on the internet that was recorded outside of the cyberverse.


While real-life fan adaptations of the Grand Theft Auto franchise are hardly an innovation, the team over at Corridor Digital took it to the next level with their extremely authentic video shot in Los Angeles, the city that inspired GTA: San Andreas’ and GTA V’s Los Santos. Featuring many of the landmarks that appear in the digital rendition of the city, this video accurately captures the camera angles of the game, as well as some of the mechanics (if you beat someone up, stacks of money explode from their body which you collect by walking over them).

The special effects used in the video are great, and it’s really well choreographed. Check out the team’s other videos here.

How to Fire Cars from a Cannon and Fly Like a Monkey

Let’s just say people are starting to do some very cool stuff with mods on the PC version of GTA V! #pcmasterrace #pc #gtav GTA 5 Cheats Community

Posted by GTA 5 Cheats Community on Friday, 8 May 2015

Wanna know how you too can become a monkey in GTA V, fire cars out of your machine gun, and fly like Superman – just like in the video clip above? Well, you’ll need the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V for one, along with the following mods:

  1. Vehicle Cannon Mod – Obvious…
  2. Simple Health Bar – this shows enemy health
  3. Native Trainer – Gives you infinite ammo and health, explosive bullets and of course the monkey skin!
  4. Nice Fly – Suuuuuuperman!

We are not responsible for any damage you might cause to your system by installing mods so proceed at your own risk, but it sure as heck is fun!

Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass


This is easily the funniest user-created GTA V video we’ve seen so far. Heck, it’s the funniest GTA V we’ve seen full stop! “Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass

We never knew that Trevor was a dead ringer for Johnny Knoxville!? On the other hand we’re thinking that the actual stunts themselves are a little extreme for Knoxville, so maybe it’s more Steve-O?

Enjoy and let us know your favorite stunt!

Here’s What the GTA V PC Graphics Settings Look Like


Prior to GTA V’s PC release, we took a look at the impressive amount of graphics options added to this version of the game. If you have GTA V for the PC, you might be a little overwhelmed with the variety of options, especially since you can’t see what they look like without changing your settings.

Well, Youtube user wiliextreme has the answer: a video comparing all of GTA V PC’s graphics options. You can check them out and look at the different settings one after another before you make up your mind.

Additionally, the video’s creator has answered a few questions on Reddit, such as saying he found no noticeable difference between the different Particle Effect settings.

This should definitely help you decide what GTA V PC graphics options to use.

“Grand Theft Fortress” Parodies GTA V in Source Filmmaker


We’ve seen GTA V re-created by fans in a variety of ways, such as the recent model of Los Santos created in Cities: Skylines. We’ve also shared many unique fan videos, often created with GTA V. Today, we have a different sort of video to share.

With Valve’s Source Filmmaker, Youtube user MaGGoT4th has created “Grand Theft Fortress,” a GTA V parody with Team Fortress 2 characters. It’s well-done and pretty entertaining, so check it out.

Fan videos like this take a lot of work to put together, and it’s amazing what creative users can come up with. Share your thoughts on Grand Theft Fortress and similar fan works in the comments below.

Watch This GTA Online Criminal Mastermind Video


Heists have been out for over a week now, and we hope you’re enjoying them. As you might know (if not, take a look at our Heists guide), you can earn special one-time bonuses from Heists, in addition to their regular payouts, by completing certain challenges. The most difficult of these is the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.

Criminal Mastermind builds upon the previous challenges in that you must play through every Heist (including all of the setup missions) in order, with the same team. You also have to play them all on Hard difficulty. One more thing–you have to make it through without anyone on your team dying.

Sound pretty tough? It might be worth it for the reward: a $10,000,000 bonus.

If you’d like to see the Criminal Mastermind Challenge completed, this player recorded his gameplay progress as his team progressed through the challenge. He intends to upload the gameplay in separate parts later on, as well, in case a 7 hour video is a bit much for you.

It’s too bad his other teammates didn’t record their parts as well, but it’s still pretty cool to watch. If you hope to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Practice the Heists beforehand. Although you have to play them in order for the challenge, it doesn’t matter if you’ve played them previously. Therefore, you and your team can make sure you’re well-acquainted with what each mission demands.
  2. If you do not do it in a single sitting, none of your teammates can complete any other Heists in the meantime, or you’ll break the order.
  3. Your team will have to perform the Fleeca Job as two separate groups, and then join up for the first four-player Heist.
  4. If you die, you’ll have to start over from the first Heist. Restarting won’t work.
  5. You can, however, fail a mission. As long as no one dies, you’re fine.

Criminal Mastermind is a tough challenge to complete, but with enough skill and teamwork, it’s definitely possible. Have you completed it? What other tips would you offer to interested players?

Another GTA Online Heists Teaser


Like yesterday, today Rockstar sent out a short Tweet teasing the arrival of GTA Online heists on March 10. This one, also like yesterday’s, included a short teaser trailer to build anticipation. Take a look.

Fans are pleased with what these videos have shown, and the Hydra especially has people excited about the upcoming heists. We aren’t sure if Rockstar intends to send out a new teaser every day until heists launch, but these quick snippets are certainly an effective way to prepare fans.

After so many delays, it’s almost hard to believe heists are almost here. What are you looking forward to the most?