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No, Ned Luke Didn’t Just Confirm GTA V Story DLC

We think it’s about time for GTA V players to accept that the game probably won’t be seeing any single player DLC. Ever.

Despite all the alleged leaks, despite Shawn Fonteno’s relentless attempts to troll the community, despite all the hope fans can muster, the only new content the game is getting seems to be GTA Online updates. Despite everyone knowing this deep down, every little sign that story mode DLC might be in the works is followed by a flood of tweets and shoddy YouTube videos claiming that “Story DLC has been confirmed”.


The most recent cause for this craze was a tweet by Ned Luke – who incidentally denied all knowledge of GTA V Story content – featuring the three voice actors. The tweet was accompanied by hashtags such as “#BackTogether” and “#Happening #Soon” (why those two are separate is beyond me, but then I never did understand hashtags).

Of course the knee-jerk reaction of the GTA V community was mouth-foaming about how Story DLC has now been officially confirmed. In reality all this is about are those convention appearances that were planned for the three voice actors (see previous link for details). For quite a while Rockstar had been looking to get the guys out to events again and Luke recently confirmed that this is indeed happening.

Take-Two Interactive recently released their financial records which showed that Online is their biggest cash cow. While GTA V sold over 60 million copies, it was Shark Card sales for Online which generated the most revenue.


Based on this you’d think it would be pretty obvious to steer any resources it would have spent on single player content to creating more GTA Online DLC updates.

Of course it must also be taken into account that two of the three endings of V would exclude both Trevor and Michael from future content.

Which convention do you think GTA V’s voice actors will be attending?

GTA V Meets Hey Arnold (Trevor)!

Legendary Rockstar Editor junkie and defiler of childhood memories Merfish has claimed yet another victim. After he has butchered a number of good old shows like Captain Planet, Pokemon, Arthur and The Powerpuff Girls, Merfish moved on to big Hollywood releases like Batman Vs Superman.

He’s returned to dishonoring well liked children’s shows in GTA V again with this most recent video.

Hey Arnold! was a show from before the turn of the century, beginning in 1996 and having an 8 year run with 5 seasons, 100 episodes and a feature film. The series mainly focused on the everyday lives of a small cast of characters and their mundane problems.

Merfish’s signature quips are present in full force. The characters in GTA V are a tad more realistic than the weird morphology adopted by the designers of the original show. After a few well placed dildos (this is Merfish after all) and edited outfits Arnold and crew are instantly recognizable.


Trevor jumps in as the titular Arnold with Franklin being Gerald. Lester, Michael and others fill in supporting roles. Lester, obviously, is once again the punch line of many lewd jokes. The whole recreation features significantly more phallic imagery and violence than the original did.

Despite the typical Merfish type crude humor the recreation is surprisingly authentic. Unlike in previous recreation, this time Merfish didn’t go to great lengths for modding in things that could not be done with the props at hand. The inhuman hairstyles which were a staple of the series are nowhere to be seen. All Trevor gets is a lousy cap and some side burn recoloring and Franklin just uses his default hair to represent Gerald’s glorious mane.

In some aspects, this is the best work of Merfish – in others, the quality dipped a tad. The dildos are here to save it though.

Which retro cartoon do you want Merfish to GTA V-ify next?

GTA V Voice Actor To Appear On The Walking Dead

The voice of GTA V’s craziest protagonist might be making an appearance in AMC’s zombie post-apocalypse series.

Trevor Phillips, the resident psychopath of GTA V, is possibly the most popular and certainly the most controversial of the three protagonists players may control in the game. Played by Steven Ogg, Trevor is a hyper-violent Canadian socio- and psychopath, who is the least morally grey of the deadly trio – with both Franklin and Michael having some, albeit few, redeeming qualities. On the other hand, Trevor is the one character who has access to the rampage missions. That should tell you enough.


Steven Ogg has had some roles in gaming prior to GTA V, as well as occasional one-episode character in some well known television series. However he primarily appeared in films until his popularity exploded following the release of GTA V. Now, it seems his primary role in Rockstar’s blockbuster and the critical acclaim he has gained for it has put him on the radar of big-name networks and developers.

The Walking Dead, originally a graphic novel, was adapted into a massively popular television series a few years back, which has diverged from the story told by the comics greatly since. A recent Tweet by GTA V star Steven Ogg suggests that he will be appearing on the show in upcoming episodes.

It is unknown what his role in the series may be, but if his GTA V character is anything to go on, chances are the main cast are going to encounter a particularly cruel foe. Do we have any The Walking Dead fans among us?

Petition For Next GTA City To Be Vancouver

Lets see how many GTA fans want to see the series move to Canada.

Various games in the GTA franchise have shown us a wide variety of cities in the fictionalized version of the USA depicted in the franchise. We have been introduced to the not-New-York Liberty City, the Not-Los-Angeles Los Santos, the Not-Las-Vegas Las Venturas, and many more. Most GTA games provided the player with one large city map with countless things to do and kill, with all sorts of in game events and activities which hammer home the whole satirical, social commentary message of the game.


However, the GTA community has begun to theorize what other countries in this fictional universe may be like. GTA fans may have gotten a feel of this with the two expansions in the 2D era which were set in England. While dropping players off in a city in a country on the other side of the largest body of water may seem too risky for big-budget AAA development, Canada seems to be the perfect destination  – but is it?

The GTA franchise has come into contact with Canada before on multiple occasions with the fact that Trevor himself is from up north. Setting the game in a non-US city would be a first for the current universe. The GTA franchise is deeply mired in satire and political commentary, and having the game set in a nation where the people are notoriously well-mannered is peculiar at best.


Currently, the petition to move GTA VI to Vancouver, Canada is sitting at 1,909 signatories. Now, Petition.org does not mark the minimum amount of signatures needed for something to actually happen. Rather, it just marks whatever new milestone is up next. If a considerable number of positive votes were registered, then it might hold some sway with Rockstar (although to be honest they are probably already working on GTA VI and this petition is too late…).

Do we have any Canadian GTA V fans among us?

GTA V Meets Star Wars In Epic Video

Star Wars Episode VII hype has found its way into GTA V.

This isn’t a recreation, or an adaptation, however it is clearly inspired by the space opera epic which is getting revived next month. Star Wars is a staple of all forms of entertainment, not only film. However it is on the silver screen where it excels above all. The much awaited seventh episode, The Force Awakens, arrives next month after a decade has passed since the release of the previous installment, which happened to be the third of six. Yeah, its weird. Whatever. Star Wars.


This extremely well made animation features the epic showdown between Darth Maple-leaf Trevor Phillips, and Jedi Knight Michael De Santa. The whole thing is laced with typical GTA-style profanity and humor, plus the ever present violence.

Yeah, we’re talking about *additional* violence added to a duel between two space-magicians using laser swords. The force makes an appearance as well in the form of an awesome move by Trevor in the shape of the “force-flip-off” which launched a volley of lightning at Michael straight from the angry Canadian’s middle finger.


The ending is certainly scores more violent than anything that is shown in any Star Wars media (a large portion of its audience is children, after all), and we’re talking about a movie series which features frequent dismemberment and third-degree burns on the whole body. However, a lightsaber to the face just seems so much more effective.

That one aspect also happens to be the only issue with the video. The work put into making the animation fluid and realistic is impressive, and it is clear that a lot of attention was put into it. Too bad the fact that the heat of the lightsaber would instantly cauterize any wound, so the massive splash of blood would never occur.

How excited are you guys for the upcoming Star Wars film?

GTA V Meets The Teletubbies

It has been quite a long while since we’ve had one of these. The one and only Merfish has awoken from his deep slumber to bring terror upon us mere mortals once more. The man, the legend, the master of the Rockstar Editor has arisen again.

For some incomprehensible reason, ever since the 1.29 update (which contained the massive Freemode Events update) brought the versatile Rockstar Editor to the current generation of consoles, we’ve gotten far less interesting GTA V videos. The only thing that really comes to mind is that one short film about the chicken and the psycho.


However, Merfish has arrived to save us all from damnation. He has blessed us once again with an heirloom of his masterwork. He has taken an old children’s television show and elevated it to a whole new plane of artistry. Merfish has transplanted a piece of many childhoods into the world of GTA V.


This time on the chopping block is the Teletubbies, the odd gang of four color coded mutant somethings with functional television sets cybernetically implanted into their abdomens. They live in what looks like techno-Hobbiton, and have forced a strange biomechanical creature into their servitude who works as a living vacuum cleaner. They also offer tribute to the sun god, whose terrifying visage observes the creatures every single day.

Merfish has perfectly captured the atmosphere and feel of the teletubbies television series, adding the required dose of good old extra violence in order to make it all feel that much more like GTA V. Merfish had to resort to the use of mods to turn Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Lamar into the four demonic creatures, and his infinite wisdom becomes apparent through his choice of antennae.

Do we have any GTA V fans here who used to watch this series?

Trevor Phillips Is In Fallout 4?

You may have noticed that there is quite a bit of buzz around Fallout 4 on GTA 5 Cheats, despite this being a site dedicated to GTA V, as the name suggests.

The reason for this is that multiple times in the past it became clear that the fanbase of the two franchises overlaps greatly. This is proven by how much Fallout themed fan content has been made for GTA V, and, to our defense, we only ever write about something that is related to GTA V.

Now, with the release of Fallout 4, which supports mods on both PC and Xbox One (take notes, Rockstar), it’s time to report on some GTA V fan content made for the post-apocalyptic RPG.


With the amount of content in Fallout 4’s release version, people are still chomping through the official content, so modding hasn’t really taken off yet. Despite this, players have found a way of bringing a bit of other franchises, namely GTA V, into the wasteland. Fallout 4 features the most advanced character creation system the video game industry has ever seen, giving the player a seemingly insurmountable amount of customization options. Obviously the first thing people did with it was try and remake existing characters or celebrities.

One player, wselander, has remade GTA V’s own Trevor Phillips, the psychopathic Canadian who appears as a protagonist in Rockstar’s blockbuster. The recreation is so authentic, that you’d think it really is just Trevor from GTA V, and if you weren’t told that the screenshot was made in Fallout 4, you’d probably never figure it out.


Players have also recreated other popular game characters, such as Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher franchise, the third installment of which also took some creative pointers from GTA V. Others include Walter White, Vladimir Putin and the duo from Beavis and Butthead.

Have you guys stayed true to GTA V, or are you off exploring the wasteland?

GTA V Meets… GTA 2?

Well, this is fun. Just in case you felt that GTA V doesn’t have enough GTA, this is a GTA V mod which puts more GTA 2 into your GTA V.


That’s a lot of GTA.

Mods which add features from a previous installment of a franchise into a newer release are hardly a new concept… even within the realm of GTA V, with mods bringing over the maps of previous GTA games into the engine of the newest blockbuster in the series.

Considering the number of games in the GTA franchise, it is clear that the various games won’t have the same features, and while as time progressed, more and more features were added, some old mission types and game modes have also been cut, regardless of their popularity at the time.

One of the defining features of GTA 2 were the kill frenzy missions, which had players kill a number of civilians and police, as well as causing property damage in a given amount of time. While these later returned to the series as Rampages, and appear in GTA V as five of Trevor’s side missions, they have gone through a few changes, and the traditional Kill Frenzy is missing from the GTA V experience.

Or at least, it was until now. Coming to us from modder YUNoCake (a profound question indeed), the Kill Frenzy mod adds 7 new kill frenzy missions to Grand Theft Auto V, which can be played by all three protagonists, replayed any time, and each will give the player a unique weapon with infinite ammo. The weapon is yours to keep after the frenzy is over, regardless of whether or not you succeeded. These frenzies are scattered across the map, each close by to either a LS Customs or an Ammunation store.

Do you guys have fond memories of GTA 2?

Bombing The Hell Out Of GTA V Has Never Been Easier

Just when you thought tanks, fighter jets and heavy ordnance is the only way to make things go boom in GTA V, modders come up with crazy stuff like this. Be it a gun that shoots cars, or aliens with lasers, being a citizen of Los Santos must be a massive dent in life expectancy. And after this fun little creation, you’ll guaranteed to shave a few more years off of it.

There’s something about GTA and pyromaniacs which results in the two always getting mixed. But hey, as long as they’re having their fiery fun and flaming fantasies in a virtual world, so be it, right?


While all this mod really does is unlock a feature already in GTA V which is normally restricted to specific side missions, it is not any less fun due to the fact. When playing as Trevor in GTA V’s single player portion (which, you know, exists), you will have the option to purchase the McKenzie airfield after completing the mission “Nervous Ron”. Buying the property will grant access to the Cuban 800 plane within, which triggers arms trafficking air missions. These missions have you fly crates of weaponry to drop off zones as well as carpet bombing rival traffickers.


This mod makes the aforementioned carpet bombing feature available at all times. When flying in an applicable plane, such as the Cuban 800 or Lazer, you can switch to bombing view and peek out of the bomb hatch to see what it is you are disintegrating; then dropping the boomers to your heart’s pleasure. Fly wherever you will, whenever you will, and leave a fiery, burning wasteland in your wake. Funny how systematically blowing shit up can be so fun, right?

Will any of you guys be maniacally laughing while blowing GTA V to hell with this mod?

We Shine The Spotlight On GTA V Fan Videos

Once again Rockstar has taken to it’s Newswire to increase the popularity of select GTA V fan videos which go above and beyond all expectations. These videos are particularly well shot, particularly entertaining, particularly crazy or particularly professional. The one thing that is common among them all is the immense amount of effort that went into perfecting them, into making them the best of the best.


Occasionally Rockstar has been known to use it’s own blog as a platform to spread the word on select fan creations, be it jobs, videos, challenges or art.

This week, they’ve brought us the cream of the crop when it comes to Rockstar Editor creations. We here at GTA 5 Cheats decided to complement Rockstar’s list with the unsung stars of GTA V fan videos.

First up we have “Breackneck”, an 8 minute short film made using the Rockstar Editor, 150 GB of footage, and a custom soundtrack mixed one-effect-at-a-time, containing over 1100 individual sounds. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the video. It is inspired by some of the greatest car chase scenes in all of cinematography, and features Trevor as he attempts a high speed escape. Every scene is made with care, and the whole thing oozes professionalism.

Next up we have a rather valiant effort of creating a GTA V video on a console instead of PC. While the Rockstar Editor will be releasing on consoles soon, it hasn’t quite happened yet, and creating machinima in consoles is significantly more difficult. This video is a GTA V adaptation of Friday the 13th. Jason uses a rubber baton instead of a machete, and the scream near the beginning of the film is still better voice acting that the source material. Check it out!

Rockstar collected some truly great videos in their list. Which videos would you guys add?