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GTA V Explores The Distant Stars

Just when we mentioned that Rockstar Editor recreations were a scarcity nowadays – yet another fantastic remake of the trailer of a popular film has been created using the video editing software made specially for GTA V.

With 1.29 launching the Rockstar Editor on current-gen consoles alongside the Freemode Events DLC for GTA Online, one would assume that the number of such newsworthy creations would drastically increase. However, up until the extremely creepy Teletubbies remake we wrote about yesterday, the only video to be worth mentioning since the release of 1.29 was that one about the chickens.


However, it seems that suddenly the community came to its senses following our article yesterday, and the Rockstar Editor business is booming once more. This time around, we bring to you the GTA V incarnation of the teaser of a popular Sci-Fi epic which has divided viewers and critics alike. Interstellar, in the opinions of some, was less than stellar due to its ending, however most people agree that the stuff leading up to it was solid, and the film undoubtedly had the most accurate representation of what a wormhole would be like in reality to date in fiction.

Christopher Nolan’s tale of the astronauts seeking a new home for humanity combines a whole lot of science with some solid fiction and implements some serious emotional elements via time dilation. This results in the humans back home growing old and dying off while mere hours pass for the explorers.

The recreation, as is with any worthy of being written about, is a perfect scene-for-scene match of the original teaser. The retrospective shots have plenty of NPC stand-ins to fill in for the crowds, and Michael’s face fits that of Matthew McConaughey perfectly in the car driving scene.

How did you guys like Interstellar? Did the ending ruin it for you?

GTA Online Lowriders Gets New Trailer

Just when you thought the hype train has reached its final destination, Rockstar decided the ride ain’t over till it’s over and released a new trailer just to rev up your excitement that much more.

This trailer for the Lowriders update, coming to GTA Online later today, shows off what the newly reopened Benny’s Original Motorworks has to offer the eager customers looking to either purchase a new lowrider ready to go through the bling machine, or to trick out their existing rides.


The trailer introduces yet again the features which have been teased, namely the new vehicles, the interior and body jobs, the special artistry and the over powered sound systems we’ll be able to blow all out cash on.

The new features also include hydraulics, letting you and your squad hop and bounce all around the neighborhood in a fashion which will be stylish and intimidating to some, and absolutely laughable to others (seriously, how can you take anyone seriously if their car jumps around like that? Does anyone genuinely think that’s cool?).

Located conveniently in Strawberry, just south of the Olympic Freeway, Benny’s is a full service garage specialising in Lowrider culture and customisation. Visit for their grand re-opening, October 20.


As far as we know, Benny’s will be the one and only store of its kind in GTA V, but it will have a website accessible from the in-game smartphone interface in case you wish to make a remote purchase. Benny’s opening will mark the release of the update, and the new story missions from Lamar will become available in which you’ll need to take on the gangs of Los Santos, as teased in the above trailer. Whether or not vehicles present in the game prior to Lowriders will also be customizable is still a mystery.

Which new car added in GTA V Lowriders are you most looking forward to?

Check Out the GTA Online Lowriders Trailer

We just reported about the extremely surprising announcement of the Lowriders update for GTA Online, coming on the 20th of October as a free update. The DLC will add some new vehicles as well as new missions and customization options.

The most surprising thing about the whole affair is how many of the seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be actually true. The fact that the DLC even exists, the Lamar missions and other all had rather strained “evidence” to show for themselves, and the community became weary of the speculation quite swiftly. However, with many of the rumors turning out to be not so baseless, it leads us to re-evaluate our stance on other GTA V related rumors.


With excitement for the new GTA Online DLC mounting, Rockstar has released a trailer for Lowriders just to tease the update even more. Showing off some sweet tricked out rides and the new machine pistol in action, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the massive and brutal gang wars we can look forward to in the future of Los Santos. While it is clear that Lamar has some plan going for the various gangs of the criminal underworld, we’ll need to wait till the 20th of October (just 4 days away!) to find out what his endgame and true motivation is.

The trailer is true to the Rockstar tradition of being action packed, brief, to the point, exciting and explosive. Fancy cars are jumping  around to the beat of music with hydraulics and massive speakers, criminals are either killing each other or helping each other kill each other, and the hints to the story of the DLC are spread out evenly, giving us enough info to whet our tongue, but not so much as to spoil the experience in any way.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online’s Lowriders DLC?

GTA V Meets Halo 5: Guardians

One of the biggest names in console gaming is getting a new installment soon. As anticipation in the industry is building, more and more trailers and information about it is being revealed.

halo 5

We are of course talking about Halo 5: Guardians, the newest upcoming part in Microsoft’s blockbuster FPS franchise. The story of the game has been kept under wraps, and 343 Industries has been showing players two different versions of a very similar premise, with fans having no idea which of the two to believe. Is the Chief dead? Is he the hero, or the villain?

Halo 5’s campaign will feature a 4 player Co-Op campaign and an extensive multiplayer component. Many fans of the series disliked the direction the fourth numbered installment of the series franchise and Halo 5 is allegedly 343’s attempt to win back those disgruntled fans.

However, whatever damage Halo 4 may have caused, it isn’t really showing, as Halo 5 has been getting massive attention from the media and community alike. Plenty of players are greatly anticipating the game’s release. In fact to “pass the time” until release, some people are trying all matter of things to occupy themselves with other matters. Some read up on all the lore and backstory on a wiki. Some people re watch all the trailers and re-read all the articles. Some people replay all the previous games in the franchise.


And some people take to GTA V to remake one of the game’s trailers using the Rockstar Editor. You’d forgotten you were on a Grand Theft Auto fan site hadn’t you!? One such person is Pinkman, who is also responsible for this impressive Skyrim trailer he remade with the Editor. This time around he gives the Master Chief version of the Hunt the Truth Halo 5 trailer the GTA treatment, with two different versions of Mjolnir power armor modded into the game for the sake of authenticity.

Are any of you guys looking forward to Halo 5?

Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

The stars have not aligned, the sky is not falling, the end of the world is not nigh. Equally, the rapture is not coming to pass, the great spirit has not awakened and GTA VI didn’t get its first trailer.

Sure, someone tried to make you think that the first GTA VI trailer had arrived, and they did a really, really bad job, but countless people still believed it! The video popped up quite recently and has already made the rounds on the web as anything with “GTA VI” is bound to be getting clicks nowadays (funny this sentence should appear in this article, oh well…). The trailer for an un-confirmed and un-announced game was always going to rack up the views.


Well, to the genuine surprise of absolutely nobody, the trailer is a fake! A really quite obvious fake for anyone with even the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding video games and Grand Theft Auto.

To start off, the first version misspelled “Rockstar” (LOL), so the whole thing failed there and then. While this particular mistake has since been rectified, the rest of the video isn’t much more convincing. It starts off in New York Liberty City, then warps to a desert landscape with a drifting Mustang, then there are shots of an obviously European town, and then random villas and mansions.

One, GTA probably won’t be seeing licensed vehicles. Two, the next GTA is unlikely to go to Europe. Three, the video description states that the game will be set in Vice City, and yet nothing but the (very poorly made) logo has any relation to the Vice City theme.

It is quite obvious that Rockstar has no intention of releasing the next GTA game, which shouldn’t even be a numbered installment anyway, as early as 2017. Clearly they are taking their time with GTA Online, focusing resources on that instead of a new game.

We really hope the GTA VI “trailer” didn’t fool any of you guys!

Epic GTA V Semi Truck Stunts Return

Long, long ago we reported on some seriously insane stunts performed in GTA V using semi trucks. These stunts involved driving a semi up a ramp, catching air, de-attaching the trailer, flipping the truck, landing, and having the trailer land in a way that it re-attaches to the semi. We also showcased a number of other extremely impressive GTA V stunts involving large, cumbersome vehicles.


Well, the daredevil behind those feats has now returned for yet again another epic stunt using a semi, pulled off in GTA V. Once again involving the trailer and some flight, Blacksmoke Billy decided to add explosives to the mix this time around, because, you know, his stunts weren’t visually impressive enough until now, after all.

What we see below is as follows: Man enters truck. Man equips C4. Man Drives truck. Man begins seeping pure testosterone through all cavities. Man throws C4. Man detaches trailer from truck. C4 explodes. Trailer flies into air. Trailer goes above overpass. Trailer lands on truck. Trailer re-attaches. Sunglasses materialize on man’s face.

I mean, this might not quite be up to the caliber of actual time travel in GTA V, but it sure as hell comes in as a close second coolest thing in GTA ever.

Granted, Billy did use some mods for this stunt which ruins the magic a tad. He used an invincibility mod to prevent the C4 from destroying the truck when it detonates, he used a down-scaled nuke mod to pack enough explosive power into the sticky bomb to send the trailer flying, and he reduced the weight of the trailer to a measly 10 grams so that it is light enough to fly. Even so, this is still an extremely impressive GTA V stunt.

What as the coolest stunt any of you guys pulled off in GTA V?

GTA Documentary “Gamechangers” Airs

We recently reported on the first-released trailer for BBC’s upcoming documentary on the first few games of the GTA franchise.

The film stars Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) as Rockstar co-founder and head honcho Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson. The film drew the ire of Rockstar Games, as BBC green lit the project without any consultation with the developer what so ever. Rockstar went straight for the lawsuit, which is still on-going. However despite the legal altercations the airing of the film is happening on schedule, meaning tonight, on BBC Two from 9 PM.

The film follows the story of Jack Thompson, the wet dream of every single 60-something hyper-conservative catholic white American woman out there, and his crusade to get the GTA games banned. His and Sam Houser’s battle unfolds into one of the most famous (or infamous) controversies of the gaming industry. The name of Thompson is one that is generally spat upon in gaming circles, mainly due to the fact that his vendetta against gaming appeared to be fuelled by personal greed more than anything else.

The film is based on real life events and evidence. However it has been dramatized and is presented in the form of a narrative. As the legal dispute continues behind sealed doors, the release of the film seems like an unconventional and risky move by Rockstar, who have skirted the anti-video game crowd perpetually since their foundation. Daniel Radcliffe might seem like a strange choice for this role, however the beard fits him pretty well.

Will any of you guys be tuning in to the GTA documentary?

GTA V Meets Bond. James Bond.

James Bond is a franchise much like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars in that whether or not you are a fan, you know more or less what it is, what it is about, who is in it. You know what “007” is, you know the phrases “My Precious” and “May the Force be with you”.

The James Bond franchise, which started out as a series of books penned by Ian Fleming, has had a long history on the silver screen with several actors depicting the famous suave British spy, who were all awarded with a signature Aston Martin for portraying Bond. The current “host” of the James Bond persona is British actor Daniel Craig, who will be playing the legendary character for at least five films, of which the upcoming and highly anticipated Spectre is the fourth.

1$_V?_Job Name

With the premier of the film drawing close, trailers have been steadily released. And what happens when the GTA V community gets its hands on popular movie trailers?

They jump straight into the Rockstar Editor, a versatile game play recording and video editing suite designed specifically for GTA V and recreate the trailer in the game’s engine.

Now, James Bond has never been a pacifist, so we’ll be leaving out the line about “added GTA brand violence. The original trailer has plenty of it, not to mention intrigue, mystery, betrayal and gloom. Lots of gloom. The majority of characters are portrayed by custom models in the recreation, but you’ll see a few familiar faces along the way.

The new film, Spectre, will shine some (hopefully not too much) light on the mysterious organisation of the same name, which has been omnipresent in the franchise as the primary antagonist. Spectre is the Bond ‘verse’s Illuminati-esque super-rich, super-influential, super-secret and super-evil group of the world’s 0.1%’.

Are you guys looking forward to Spectre?

Watch the First Trailer For BBC’s Controversial GTA Drama

As you probably know GTA is a rather controversial franchise. The non-gaming layers of society always look down upon the display and depiction of themes such as violence, crime, and sex in video games, and these are the usual culprits when you have a 50-something conservative politician trying to ban video games because “oh god someone think of the children”.


Violence, crime and sex are themes which appear in the GTA franchise. Hell, the first two are the GTA franchise. Back when GTA was just taking its baby steps, and when they still actually wrote “GTA” on the box, the game was already immensely popular and extremely violent. One person, whose name might ring a bell for people who follow the gaming industry and the gaming scene news-wise, tried to get a ban on the franchise. One Jack Thompson, played by Bill Paxton, decided on a sunny morning that he wanted many, many people to be angry at him, so he tried to take the most popular video game of the time out of circulation.

He failed.

The GTA controversy has become an event of legend in the gaming community and is always, always brought up in any discussion of banning video games. BBC decided to make a film-drama about the controversy, with Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame playing Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser. Now, the only problem is, BBC decided to do this without Rockstar’s consent, who are now suing.

And yet, the project is still on-going, so much so that BBC released the first trailer, in which we can see a rare bearded Daniel Radcliffe.

This drama goes back to 2002, to tell the story of a three-year period of intense controversy in the history of this iconic game’s development. It happened when two passionate men on either side of a high-stakes cultural divide clashed.

Are you looking forward to The Gamechangers? Lawsuit aside, we sure are!

Godzilla Stomps Around GTA V (Or Not)

Someone has remade the teaser trailer for the Godzilla reboot in GTA V using the Rockstar editor. And not only did they go for maximum authenticity, they’ve gone above and beyond all expectations. You know how the official trailer barely showed anything of the titular beast? Well, this GTA V video shows none.


Considering mods are a thing that exists, it feels like a bit of a cop out, but if you look at it as building suspense much like the official trailer did with just the tiny snippet of ‘Zilla being shown, you can appreciate the GTA V version for what it is.

Godzilla is the forefather of the Kaiju craze of Japan. Really, really old movies wherein a guy dressed up in a plastic suit stomps around a cardboard city, fighting humans or other men in plastic suits was the apex of popular Japanese cinema for a very long time, with Godzilla topping the charts.

Godzilla looks vaguely like a massive T-Rex (or exactly like a massive T-Rex – again, depends on which country you ask), just a tad fatter, with better posture and cool spikes running down his spine. He can also breath radioactive flames.

Recently, Godzilla has been made an honorary citizen of Japan due to the immense cultural influence attributed to the Kaiju. The recent big budget movie was the second attempt to translate Godzilla to western audiences, and went several times better than the first.

Since we’ve had mods put Reapers into GTA V, I’d love to see a full-sized Godzilla stomping around Los Santos. Maybe the player could even control it?

What did you guys think of last year’s Godzilla?