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GTA V Becomes Manhunt 3 In Fan Video

While GTA may be Rockstar’s most famous and successful franchise, it sure isn’t their only one. Especially in recent times, when GTA V has been the only Rockstar game everyone has been hearing about, it would be easy to forget about the likes of The Midnight Club, Max Payne or L. A. Noire. Rockstar, despite being all focused on their massively popular open-world action-adventure game, has an extremely impressive line-up of IP to their name.

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t continued any of them for quite some time now. Long-time fans have been wishing for new installments in older series quite often. Among these franchises is Manhunt, which incidentally takes place within the same universe as GTA.

The violent stealth game kicked up as much of a controversy upon release as successful it ended up being. With the push to get the game banned almost as strong as in the case of GTA, the very people trying to bury the game ended up shining the spotlight on it.


Manhunt follows the story of a man who is kidnapped and forced to violently execute countless other criminals for the sick personal entertainment of the criminal kingpin of Carcer City.

The game had a focus on stealth, as the player character couldn’t hold their own against several armed enemies at once, as well as the varied and over-the-top executions one could perform when attacking unwitting targets. The opponents faced weren’t exactly the kind that made you feel too bad about offing them – the various levels had the player take out a particularly violent gang, a group of murderous deranged psychopaths and Nazis.


The sequel improved and polished the solid gameplay formula of the first game, whilst introducing a deeper storyline in the process. Unfortunately, the series only ever got to the second installment, which was released back in 2007. While fans of the series could briefly relive the games in some capacity via the GTA Online Adversary Mode “Slasher”, their desire for a sequel remains unsatisfied.

Not that that stops them from wishing, anyway. Cody Liepins, aka “DaddyHitsMe247” on the Rockstar Social Club has recently posted a video created in the Editor which acts as a fan-made trailer for the third Manhunt game we never got. The video is extremely well cut with a sufficiently eerie intro with the long- drawn out alley shot with the intermittent TV static.


The editing work on the video is great. While on first glance the techniques used are horror 101, they are in fact especially elegant executions (no pun intended) of tried and true formulae. Manhunt was never the high-octane, action-packed, high-speed murder-romp that the GTA games resemble. It was cold, calculative and when done right, slow.

Cody has managed to capture the atmosphere of the Manhunt games with this GTA V fan video in a way you’d think impossible. GTA V is riddled with its own creepy locations and secrets, with the more remote areas lending themselves to the horror setting perfectly.

Would you like to see the Manhunt franchise revived, or is GTA 6 all you care about?

GTA V Meets The Suicide Squad

2016 is shaping up to be quite the year for superhero movies, meaning it’s going to be quite the year for GTA V trailer recreations using the Rockstar Editor. Deadpool broke records just recently and a number of highly anticipated films are heading to cinemas soon. Dawn of Justice is DC’s heavy hitter this year competing with Marvel’s universe-wide grand slam in the face of Captain America: Civil War.

Batman vs Superman isn’t DC’s only racehorse however as the super-villain team-up film Suicide Squad is also dropping this year. As far as publicity goes, it may have even stolen the spotlight from Dawn of Justice.

Despite being worlds apart on first glance, GTA V and Suicide Squad are pretty similar when we get down to it. A group of horrible people team up against even worse people, forcing the audience into identifying and empathizing with murderous insane psychopaths. Did we get that right?

While this is hardly the only GTA V recreation of the Suicide Squad trailer, it is among the best of them. As things usually go with these the recreation is faithful to the original scene for scene. The outfits are pretty authentic, as are the set pieces – all done without mods as far as we can tell. That’s quite the seal of quality there since most Rockstar Editor recreations rely on custom assets to authentically recreate characters, vehicles or other props.

The recreation make full use of the cinematic opportunities of the Rockstar Editor. The team working on this recreation didn’t only pay attention to staying true to the source material, they also made sure their recreation looked good even on its own merit. The action shots might feel more game-y, but the more passive ones have a distinct cinematic and professional feel to them.

What other upcoming big-budget superhero flick would you like to see get the GTA V treatment?

GTA V Meets Captain America: Civil War

It seems that the new direction Merfish has taken his humorous GTA V fan videos is working well for him. Until now Merfish, eldritch abomination and lord of darkness, has specialized in using the Rockstar Editor and various mods to recreate the opening sequences for popular children’s shows – and defiling them in the process. The trademarks of Merfish are violence, turds and dildos, so you can more or less imagine the kinds of mind-numbing horrors he has brought upon this world. Most recently he’s taken a liking to the trailers of AAA superhero blockbusters.

While not an actual Avengers title, the next installment in Captain America’s personal series is bringing the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe on board, not to mention adding some never before seen characters too. Iron Man’s fight with Cap might be the biggest focus but the large scale hoe-down between the best known faces of Marvel is plenty to be excited about.

With the SuperBowl, that marketing fair masquerading as some sort of sport event, not far behind us the new trailers are still fresh in everyone’s minds. Merfish took his chance and remade the first Civil War trailer in GTA V.

All the typical Merfish-isms are present here. Captain America’s shield is made up of turds, Falcon’s wings are made of dildos and everyone is constantly wanking. Considering the original trailer is full of punching, shooting, exploding and more punching, citing violence doesn’t do much here – which is why Merfish focused on his other assets.

GTA V’s Michael makes a surprisingly good Tony Stark but that’s where the genuine similarities end. All the rest of the characters are complete misfits. Cap is Trevor, a Canadian, Black Widow is an elderly lady and Franklin really doesn’t fit Falcon’s strong facial features. Granted, this is Merfish so these are entirely on purpose.

Which superhero movie would you want to see Merfish recreate in GTA V next?

GTA V Trailer Remade In Madrid

Real life GTA videos are hardly a new thing with fans having previously recorded themselves revisiting notable landmarks in Los Angeles which also appear in the game’s world. Hell, the foreign GTA video is also a frequent idea with both Russian and Taiwanese versions existing. This most recent production fits both bills but does something different by going for a scene-for-scene recreation of the first GTA V teaser trailer that was released waaaay back.

The primarily Spanish team over at Zapruder Pictures has done a pretty solid job of recreating the magnificent teaser trailer for GTA V. This trailer got folks hella excited back in the day when the launch of GTA V was still a bit off and people could only speculate as to what kind of an experience it will be. No one knew at the time how big a hit it would become. Of course they knew it would be successful, it’s GTA after all, however no one could have foreseen the massive success it still enjoys three years later.

Surprisingly enough Madrid makes for a great Los Santos despite not resembling Los Angeles in the least. The teaser’s scenes and direction lend themselves to live action and the team really put the effort into getting all the shots right. With quite a few guest actors, they have all the NPC placement right on point, as well as all the locations for the various shots.

In some places the team had to resort to special effects, as they hardly had the kind of funding to get two police car replicas to crash, or, you know, a fighter jet. The video is quite popular too, having reached near two million views since it was first posted, making it one of the most popular GTA V fan videos out there.

Have you ever attempted to create a real life fan vid?

GTA San Andreas Trailers Remade In GTA V

The long list of GTA San Andreas related content remade using/for GTA V has expanded yet again.

We’ve seen both the older game’s intro and full first mission remade using the Rockstar Editor before as well as a boatload of “Franklin to CJ” mods being available for download.

This particular video is ticking all the Rockstar Editor check boxes. Recreation of a trailer? Multiple check. Recreation of old GTA content? Check. Same setting? Check. Authentic, scene to scene recreation? Check. It feels like the creator Ramsking is attempting to scientifically put together the “perfect” Rockstar Editor video.

The authenticity of the video is spot on. Some of the angles aren’t right but that can be accounted to the basic differences between the two games. The standard variation in animations also comes into play but that should go without saying by now.

The video shows off recreations of three of San Andreas’ trailers, all with a small comparison window showing the original in the top right corner. The familiar faces and locations really sell the atmosphere of returning to a good old place from fond memories even if it is less block-y and low-rez than it used to be.


San Andreas has the largest following of any older GTA game today being present in pretty much every top-list, lauded as one of the best PS2 games ever and considered by some to be even better than V within the GTA franchise. To achieve that kind of legacy the game really must have done something right. It was recently re-released on mobile platforms as well as current and last-gen consoles. Not having a machine to run it is no longer any excuse not to go back to play that masterpiece.

Do you guys have fond memories of San Andreas, or did you get into GTA later on?

GTA V Meets Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This is one trailer recreation long in the making. With the trailers of countless upcoming and highly anticipated films getting the Rockstar Editor treatment, it really is a surprise that this clip took so much time to make after it was first revealed. We haven’t even gotten a teaser recreation before now and this here is the real deal.

Merfish returns to us once more, leaving us with barely enough time to recover from his previous abomination, wherein the Powerpuff Girls were replaced with three grown hairy men.

This most recent creation of his is surprisingly… reserved. Nary a dildo in sight, there are a few turds (most of them concentrated on Lester’s face) to remind us who to blame for this thing.

Michael as Superman
Michael as Superman

This particular video is an adaptation of the full 3 minute trailer for the upcoming film that has the masses excited and long time comic fans dismayed. In keeping with tradition when it comes to GTA V trailer recreations, this too attempts to be a shot for shot remake, with a few deviations for the sake of humor.

As previously mentioned, the whole thing is uncharacteristically reserved for Merfish. His involvement only becomes apparent in the very end, with the parts preceding it being a pretty run of the mill Editor flick.

Trevor as Batman
Trevor as Batman

Two characters who only appear in the final scene of the trailer have been substituted with the most hilarious GTA V characters possible, with typical Merfish-brand outfits on one of them.

I’m fairly certain that there are more than a few hardcore DC fans who would rather watch a full length film a la Merfish, as opposed to the official thing.

Are any of you guys looking forward to Batman Vs Superman, or are you steering clear of what very likely might be a train-wreck of a film?

Legendary GTA V Stunt Recreated

Here is something entirely new to the Rockstar Editor scene.

Recently, we interviewed well known GTA V fan video creator Adam Pinkman regarding his craft. In it, he states that one of the best tips he has for others looking to make GTA V fan videos is to be original, and that originality is his staple. Well, he really holds himself to that with this newest video.

But first, some history. While the stunt scene has quieted down in the GTA V community, it was quite large back in the day, and the name of one Blacksmoke Billy was well known for the epic stunts he pulled off, only occasionally using mods to alter the game’s physics slightly. One of his most well-known feats was jumping an overpass with a semi, detaching the trailer, flipping the truck, landing, and have the trailer land right on mark and re-attaching itself to the truck.

Now, when it comes to the Rockstar Editor and recreations, typically all you see is scenes from films, the opening sequences of television series, or other games. However, recreating a stunt made within GTA V in the past is entirely novel, completely original.

Of course, for this to be a true recreation, Adam must have succeeded in the stunt which Billy pulled of way back when. He does indeed manage to replicate the stunt, but it’s anyone’s guess how many tries it took to get it right. The little cinematic intro at the beginning also show that this really is the work of someone who is dedicated to creating spectacular fan films for GTA V.

Whatever will he bring out next? A recreation of an actual GTA V cutscene in the Editor to see how closely he can replicate it? A recreation of a recreation? Something entirely different and unique?

Have you guys ever performed any amazing stunts in GTA V?

GTA V Meets Forza 6 Launch Trailer

When crossed with mods on the PC version of GTA 5, the Rockstar Editor can create things of wonder.

The kinds of videos that GTA V fans have produced over the months since the launch of the game’s PC version are nothing short of truly astounding – especially considering the level of detail and expertise that goes into these creations. Of course, there are always those that will be poorly made, and those which, while entertaining, are extremely silly (but still might display quite a bit of creativity). It is always the really elegantly made ones that amaze the most.

The attention to detail some Rockstar Editor film-makers display is most apparent in trailer recreations, which are an extremely popular and large segment of GTA V fan videos. Several popular games have had their trailers and teasers remade using the Editor, be it before release or well after.

What better trailer to remake in a game about cars, than that of a game about cars? Racing games getting crossed with GTA V is hardly anything new, and this particular game has gotten the Editor treatment in the past as well.

Forza has been one of the flagship titles of Microsoft’s consoles for a good long while now with Forza 5 being one of the release titles of the Xbox One. Gamers generally know of the strong franchise rivalries that exist in the FPS, MMO and MOBA genres, however there is a pretty strong three-way war going on in the racing scene. Forza, Need for Speed and Grand Turismo all have their respective fans who vehemently defend their game of choice.

Of course, they could all just switch over to GTA V, which not only has racing and sweet rides, but a boatload of other content too. Plus, you know, you can remake all the scenes from those three games in the Rockstar Editor, not just their trailers.

If not GTA V, what is your racing game of choice?

Trailer Analysis: GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals

The next big GTA Online update, Executives and Other Criminals, is soon launching and Rockstar is slowly revealing all the features the DLC will contain. However, since this is the GTA community we are speaking of, people obviously aren’t content with waiting less than a week, with an intermittent gradual trickle of details flowing. Some GTA V fans out there picked the new DLC’s trailer apart frame by frame, and here’s what they discovered.

hotel hotel2

First up, the trailer features two hotels, the Gentry Manor and the Von Crastenburg. Hotels, until now, had no gameplay role in GTA Online. However with two of them getting such attention, chances are they will be more than mere set pieces. Speculation suggests that either they will work as temporary properties where you need to pay by the night, or you can own them and gain income from the guests.


One frame of the trailer confirms that the flare gun will make a return. Possibly as a way to signal your bodyguards?


The DLC will also be adding some new luxurious properties to the Vinewood Hills, giving players the chance to buy manors, mansions and villas… provided they have the dough of course (see our previous warning in this regard). These properties will be among the largest the game has seen, with some being at least three stories high.

car gown

Executives will also be adding some new vehicles, which, based on a shot from the trailer, will be customizable to a greater extent than non-Lowrider vehicles were up to this point. However it is unlikely that they will feature as many options as the Lowriders themselves. There will also be some new clothing items added to the game, enabling players to capture that true VIP look with complete elegance.

Which aspect of the next big GTA Online DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, are you looking forward to the most?

GTA V Meets Battlefront, Star Wars VII

With the premier of The Force Awakens on the horizon, and the launch of Battlefront not long passed, even the GTA V community can’t help but be all caught up in the Star Wars hype.

This would be hardly the first time a bit of Star Wars has leaked into GTA V. Between mods, trailer recreations and short animations, Star Wars has reared its head in Los Santos many times over, and many GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the return to that galaxy far, far away.


It is also hardly the first time someone remade a trailer for episode VII specifically using mods and the Rockstar Editor. However, this video is unique for its hybrid use of Battlefront, as certain shots were recorded in that game instead of GTA V.

The rather ingenious use of the two games in tandem makes this the best looking and most authentic recreation of any of the trailer for the upcoming film. The parts shot in GTA V are in the vast majority, and depict most non-dogfighting scenes from the trailers. While mods for X-Wings and other Star Wars ships exist, the game is hardly the best platform to record epic Starfighter battles. While there isn’t any actual *space* combat in Battlefront, the iconic vehicles of Star Wars are flyable. Battlefront was a highly anticipated game, however it did receive lukewarm reviews, and Take-Two’s CEO isn’t worried about its impact on GTA V sales.

GTA V shipped with the Rockstar Editor with its PC release and a recent update made the video editor suite available on current gen consoles as well. One of the early teasers of The Force Awakens was recreated using the editor in the past. On occasion, GTA V videos made use of additional editing and mods, but never before were they laced with footage from another game.

What are your opinions on the recently released Star Wars Battlefront remake?