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GTA 5’s Spiritual Successor Shows Heist In Trailer

Just in case the similarities between Mafia 3 and GTA 5 weren’t confusing enough already, the newest trailer for the former prominently features a bank heist. Now, we’ve talked about how the close resemblance could but won’t hurt Grand Theft Auto Online in terms of stealing players, but this new trailer just makes it look like 2K is poking Rockstar Games just for the hell of it.


Now, we might be looking at some sort of rivalry going on between the two developers under the 2K umbrella here. We mentioned how it is likely that Mafia 3 will be a single-player only experience probably because the suits at Take-Two Interactive didn’t want their successful work-horse GTA Online to bleed players. It is likely that the 2K team working on M3 did intend to create some kind of Online mode, but were forbidden from doing so.

Obviously, they should now that Rockstar’s dev team didn’t handle that decision, but even so, this newest trailer focusing on the protagonist boosting sacks of cash from a bank could be some kind of retaliation.

GTA 5’s story, while rather branching, revolves around a series of heists planned and pulled off by a trio of unlikely allies. The storyline does get more complicated than that and features some spin-off missions, but the heists are the main plot points taking things forward.

Heists also happen to be one of the main end-game (or mid-game) activities of GTA Online. While ferrying crates has become a competing method of acquiring cash since the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, running heists is still the preferred method of racking up a fortune in the game.


While obviously heisting isn’t exclusive to GTA 5, seeing as there are plenty of other games out there featuring heists to varying degrees of prominence, they are easily associated with Rockstar’s franchise. Seeing as 2K, the developers of Mafia 3 share parent companies with Rockstar, the comparison must be made.

The trailer reveals that the story of Mafia 3 will involve the protagonist taking part in a bank heist organised by the mob. After successfully making off with the cash, the ring-leader kills the family/friends/group of the protagonist in order to secure his cut of the profits as well. While 2K’s game is trying to set itself apart, there are plenty of themes it shares with GTA 5.

Will you be giving GTA Online a rest when Mafia 3 comes out while you finish the story, or are you sticking to the virtual streets of Los Santos?

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Coming July 12

Rockstar has finally unveiled the next major GTA Online DLC, as well as its release date – which is thankfully almost here. Sometime after the slow trickle of content earlier this year (finally) ended, Rockstar posted a description of two upcoming major DLC packs for the game.


One of them was the recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which built upon the groundwork laid by Executives and Other Criminals late last year. Players could become powerful CEOs running a black market organisation, buying and selling contraband and getting rich in the process.

Finance and Felony added enough gameplay content to keep the community satisfied for a good long time, though it had its issues. Some players jumped head first into the largest investments, draining their bank accounts thinking they would turn a profit within hours. Griefers were causing damage worth millions in-game.


However, amid the issues which have since been solved thanks to a few guides, there was plenty of good. CEO work has offered an alternative to Heists for most effective money-making activity. The new gameplay has encouraged players to take law-enforcement into their own hands. Hackers have been cleared out from PC.

Even so, the GTA Online community being what it is, was already clamoring for Rockstar to release the next big thing. First assumed to be called “Stunt Ready”, the name of the big Content Creator overhaul was eventually confirmed as Cunning Stunts. The DLC promised to bring a motherload of new props to the Creator, add a ton of vehicles designed specifically with stunting in mind and, most importantly, to re-enable prop stacking (woo!).


Information beyond this was scarce all this time – no leaks occurred beyond the three cars that have already been released – so players were scratching their heads as to what is going on. Many assumed that due to the red-white-blue and starred tubes seen on the only promo image available at the time that the DLC will be out in time for Independence Day.

Instead, GTA Online celebrated the 4th of July by re-releasing the content of the Independence Day Special, making items such as the Musket, the Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign bike and many other customization items available for purchase once more.


Now, finally, the curtain has been pulled and the Cunning Stunts update has been officially revealed.

Be daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth with Cunning Stunts, a visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA Online, coming Tuesday, July 12th.

Based on the images, this DLC is what happens when GTA Online takes a look at those insane “parkour” race map videos, goes like “hey, that’s cool” and tries to replicate the experience while getting drunk on American beer.


A massive library of new props allow creative players to build massive, intricate race-tracks in the skies of Los Santos, filled with all kinds of twists, turns and loops. Wall-rides are the new norm, ramps are littered all over the place and vehicles of all manners will be jumping left and right.

The DLC will add a number of stock race tracks pre-built by Rockstar to allow players to instantly try out the new content and to put the new rides through their paces, but obviously the main draw here is the chance to put together all new race courses with the overhauled GTA Online Content Creator. Stunt enthusiasts will have more specialized tools and building blocks to work with when building challenging new courses.


Of course, you’re going to need something with which to traverse said new tracks – worry not, Rockstar has all the bases covered. The new DLC will add a ton of new vehicles, including supercars, sports cars and bikes. While none of these have been named or described, nor do we know exactly how many new cars will be added, Rockstar fans have already analysed the crap out of the trailer and came up with a preliminary list.

A new race-car with a rally-style going on will be released under the Obey manufacturer, based on the Audi Quattro Group B, featuring heavy use of decals and wheel-guards as distinctive features. There will be a new Lampadati car based on the Lancia Stratos Group 4 with a similar basic style going for it.


There will be a new supercar with an undetermined manufacturer based on the Mazda 787B with some unique front lights and a low spoiler. Another possible super, or maybe sports car will also be released with a more reserved design, based on the McLaren F1. Two more cars barely glimpsed in the trailer are in turn based on the Fiat/Abarth 500 and Lexus LF-A.

There is also seemingly a new variant of the Karin Rebel as well as three new bikes on offer, one of which looks something like a motocross bike and another which is more sturdier looking (I’m no bike expert…). There is currently no info on the prices of these vehicles either. Rockstar hasn’t verified whether these vehicles will only be usable in stunt races, or whether other vehicles can also be chosen, but our guesses are “no” and “yes” to those questions.

(Thanks to I_AM_STILL_A_IDIOT for the data [yes that’s his username, don’t say anything])


The description of the post also promises some appropriate attire for the new theme of the DLC, meaning you can outfit your GTA Online character to look like a real rally driver or professional racer. Seeing as we are getting a massive amount of vehicles in this update, chances are Rockstar will also be focusing on character customization quite a bit.

Since this update is essentially bringing new props and some new functionality to the Content Creator, there isn’t any new major game mechanic to take up development resources. As such, we can expect a motherload of character customization options, primarily in the face of clothing, as well as extensive vehicle customization.


A really cool addition to GTA Online would be adding an upgrade shop to the game similar to Benny’s Original Motorworks, except it would allow players to modify any vehicle in the game to be more suitable for professional racing and stunting. You could add rollcages, additional lights and all kinds of liveries.

A sponsorship system could also be implemented – the more brand liveries you slap on the vehicle, the less you need to pay in the end, since those companies pay you for the advertisement. A separate racer reputation system could be altered by your performance as a driver. The better your rep, the more publicity you get for companies, hence bigger discounts at the upgrade shop. This could also be further incentive to perform well in races. If you’re consistently in first place, companies will pay you for advertising, thus providing bigger payouts after winning a race job.


Of course, this is just wishful thinking at this point, as there is no sign of such a system being implemented. Chances are Cunning Stunts will bring alterations to the way races are managed in the game, but nothing as major.

Cunning Stunts, with all the vehicles, booster rings, insane jumps and races defying physics itself launches next Tuesday, 12th of July, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Make sure to call in sick for that day *wink-wink*!


Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC are you most excited about? Is it the new vehicles, or the updated Content Creator?

GTA 5 Meets Watch_Dogs 2 Trailer (Video)

Ever since Ubisoft revealed the first Watch_Dogs gameplay style a few years ago, the comparisons with GTA 5 seemed to be never-ending. While hyped up as a GTA “killer”, the game ended up being a bit of a disappointment following a serious graphical downgrade. Content wise, the game was still top-notch, which is why outside of the very vocal hater minority, most people considered the first game a flawed but fun open-world hacker romp.

However, there is a reason why GTA 5, an older game, is still popular today, while Watch_Dogs is gathering the digital dust in everyone’s UPlay library. While the sequel hasn’t shed the obvious similarities with Rockstar’s hit series, the developers have stated that they are going for a more original and unique feel this time around, putting more emphasis on their own, new game mechanics instead of trying to conform.

Despite Ubisoft’s desire to distance the two franchises (which isn’t too hard thematically, but tricky in terms of gameplay), the communities of both games have seemingly latched on to the comparisons and are refusing to let go.


After all, it was probably inevitable, but for a Rockstar Editor recreation of the Watch_Dogs 2 reveal trailer to pop up so soon? Looks like the creator is purposefully trying to poke fun at Ubisoft.

Youtuber and gamer Lion Montages, who previously specialized in GTA IV machinima has displayed obvious talent with the Rockstar Editor and third-party video editing software in his aforementioned recreation.

If you’ve been busy trafficking crates as a part of the all new Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC and didn’t have time to watch all the E3 trailers, there is a side-by-side comparison below to show just how accurate the creator was.

While some mods were obviously used in the making of this video, Lion Montages got pretty creative with the use of assets in the game by default.

Incidentally, one of the mods Lion Montages did use was the detailed and fantastic Marcus Holloway skin mod made by GTAFREAk67S. The mod is intended to be used in conjunction with JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, as it acts as an additional “armor”.


It’s pretty impressive that the protagonist of a game that was only just revealed has already been modded into GTA 5. Many of the assets used in the mod are completely hand-made by the author, seeing as there are no sources for Watch_Dogs 2 assets available to the public.

How much many cues do you think the Watch_Dogs franchise takes from GTA?

GTA Online On A Bad Day (Video)

You’ve all heard the horror stories about GTA Online’s hacker issue. Some of you have experienced it. For the former, this can be a bit of insight into what a particularly hackeritious day in the game is like – for the latter, this is a funny “yeah, been there” experience.


GTA 5’s Rockstar Editor is a tool of wondrous potential. It allows players to record gameplay and go back to edit it, alter the camera angle, add effects, cut the footage – it hands players a whole video editing suite within the game.

This has been used for all kinds of purposes. Trailer recreations – of both the satirical and serious varieties – and original content both find their place besides droves of zero effort “funny moments” videos.


Of course, on occasion the Rockstar Editor also proved to be a way of parodying GTA 5 itself. The way the prices of end-game items, vehicles and specials (such as the yachts) are set pretty high, while acquiring cash is slow and difficult has drawn a bit of ire for promoting Shark Cards, but then that’s why we’re still getting free DLC.

The hacker problem has been pretty prominent when it comes to GTA Online discussion. As unfortunate as it is, there are plenty of ways to counter them and avoid them altogether. However, the hackers and jokes about them have become a part of GTA Online “culture”.


Monarch, a Youtuber and player of Online put together a video – possibly after a day filled with hackers – which parodies the game by focusing on the few negative aspects and emphasizing them.

Full of players with props spawned into their characters, random windmills, a skateboard park spawned into a garage, random Shark Card adverts everywhere – it’s all of the bad GTA Online Reddit threads rolled into one video.

Have you ever encountered two players encased in an upside down shark with a cow sticking out of it? Maybe silver Insurgents were raining over your GTA Online session, or a green boat was seen soaring through the sky.

The Shark Card ads sprinkled throughout the in addition to the obviously glitched/modded outfits give it further satirical undertones. Obviously, this is just jabbing fun at the game and isn’t to be taken seriously on any level.


Incidentally, Rockstar often offers reverse-discount promos on the Shark Cards, which means that instead of being discounted, they offer more in-game cash for the same buying price. On the flip side, various online retailers offer cheaper Shark Card Codes.

Shark Cards are the microtransaction system implemented in GTA Online, giving players various tiers of purchases ranging from the low range of three bucks all the way to one hundred (not so micro anymore, eh?), offering from $100,000 to $8,000,000 in in-game currency.


Shark Cards, in spite of the disapproving minority, have caught on and are exceedingly popular among players who value time over a few bucks. Rockstar has amassed half a billion USD in profits from microtransactions.

How often do your GTA Online sessions turn out to be like the video?

GTA V Becomes Manhunt 3 In Fan Video

While GTA may be Rockstar’s most famous and successful franchise, it sure isn’t their only one. Especially in recent times, when GTA V has been the only Rockstar game everyone has been hearing about, it would be easy to forget about the likes of The Midnight Club, Max Payne or L. A. Noire. Rockstar, despite being all focused on their massively popular open-world action-adventure game, has an extremely impressive line-up of IP to their name.

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t continued any of them for quite some time now. Long-time fans have been wishing for new installments in older series quite often. Among these franchises is Manhunt, which incidentally takes place within the same universe as GTA.

The violent stealth game kicked up as much of a controversy upon release as successful it ended up being. With the push to get the game banned almost as strong as in the case of GTA, the very people trying to bury the game ended up shining the spotlight on it.


Manhunt follows the story of a man who is kidnapped and forced to violently execute countless other criminals for the sick personal entertainment of the criminal kingpin of Carcer City.

The game had a focus on stealth, as the player character couldn’t hold their own against several armed enemies at once, as well as the varied and over-the-top executions one could perform when attacking unwitting targets. The opponents faced weren’t exactly the kind that made you feel too bad about offing them – the various levels had the player take out a particularly violent gang, a group of murderous deranged psychopaths and Nazis.


The sequel improved and polished the solid gameplay formula of the first game, whilst introducing a deeper storyline in the process. Unfortunately, the series only ever got to the second installment, which was released back in 2007. While fans of the series could briefly relive the games in some capacity via the GTA Online Adversary Mode “Slasher”, their desire for a sequel remains unsatisfied.

Not that that stops them from wishing, anyway. Cody Liepins, aka “DaddyHitsMe247” on the Rockstar Social Club has recently posted a video created in the Editor which acts as a fan-made trailer for the third Manhunt game we never got. The video is extremely well cut with a sufficiently eerie intro with the long- drawn out alley shot with the intermittent TV static.


The editing work on the video is great. While on first glance the techniques used are horror 101, they are in fact especially elegant executions (no pun intended) of tried and true formulae. Manhunt was never the high-octane, action-packed, high-speed murder-romp that the GTA games resemble. It was cold, calculative and when done right, slow.

Cody has managed to capture the atmosphere of the Manhunt games with this GTA V fan video in a way you’d think impossible. GTA V is riddled with its own creepy locations and secrets, with the more remote areas lending themselves to the horror setting perfectly.

Would you like to see the Manhunt franchise revived, or is GTA 6 all you care about?

GTA V Meets The Suicide Squad

2016 is shaping up to be quite the year for superhero movies, meaning it’s going to be quite the year for GTA V trailer recreations using the Rockstar Editor. Deadpool broke records just recently and a number of highly anticipated films are heading to cinemas soon. Dawn of Justice is DC’s heavy hitter this year competing with Marvel’s universe-wide grand slam in the face of Captain America: Civil War.

Batman vs Superman isn’t DC’s only racehorse however as the super-villain team-up film Suicide Squad is also dropping this year. As far as publicity goes, it may have even stolen the spotlight from Dawn of Justice.

Despite being worlds apart on first glance, GTA V and Suicide Squad are pretty similar when we get down to it. A group of horrible people team up against even worse people, forcing the audience into identifying and empathizing with murderous insane psychopaths. Did we get that right?

While this is hardly the only GTA V recreation of the Suicide Squad trailer, it is among the best of them. As things usually go with these the recreation is faithful to the original scene for scene. The outfits are pretty authentic, as are the set pieces – all done without mods as far as we can tell. That’s quite the seal of quality there since most Rockstar Editor recreations rely on custom assets to authentically recreate characters, vehicles or other props.

The recreation make full use of the cinematic opportunities of the Rockstar Editor. The team working on this recreation didn’t only pay attention to staying true to the source material, they also made sure their recreation looked good even on its own merit. The action shots might feel more game-y, but the more passive ones have a distinct cinematic and professional feel to them.

What other upcoming big-budget superhero flick would you like to see get the GTA V treatment?

GTA V Meets Captain America: Civil War

It seems that the new direction Merfish has taken his humorous GTA V fan videos is working well for him. Until now Merfish, eldritch abomination and lord of darkness, has specialized in using the Rockstar Editor and various mods to recreate the opening sequences for popular children’s shows – and defiling them in the process. The trademarks of Merfish are violence, turds and dildos, so you can more or less imagine the kinds of mind-numbing horrors he has brought upon this world. Most recently he’s taken a liking to the trailers of AAA superhero blockbusters.

While not an actual Avengers title, the next installment in Captain America’s personal series is bringing the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe on board, not to mention adding some never before seen characters too. Iron Man’s fight with Cap might be the biggest focus but the large scale hoe-down between the best known faces of Marvel is plenty to be excited about.

With the SuperBowl, that marketing fair masquerading as some sort of sport event, not far behind us the new trailers are still fresh in everyone’s minds. Merfish took his chance and remade the first Civil War trailer in GTA V.

All the typical Merfish-isms are present here. Captain America’s shield is made up of turds, Falcon’s wings are made of dildos and everyone is constantly wanking. Considering the original trailer is full of punching, shooting, exploding and more punching, citing violence doesn’t do much here – which is why Merfish focused on his other assets.

GTA V’s Michael makes a surprisingly good Tony Stark but that’s where the genuine similarities end. All the rest of the characters are complete misfits. Cap is Trevor, a Canadian, Black Widow is an elderly lady and Franklin really doesn’t fit Falcon’s strong facial features. Granted, this is Merfish so these are entirely on purpose.

Which superhero movie would you want to see Merfish recreate in GTA V next?

GTA V Trailer Remade In Madrid

Real life GTA videos are hardly a new thing with fans having previously recorded themselves revisiting notable landmarks in Los Angeles which also appear in the game’s world. Hell, the foreign GTA video is also a frequent idea with both Russian and Taiwanese versions existing. This most recent production fits both bills but does something different by going for a scene-for-scene recreation of the first GTA V teaser trailer that was released waaaay back.

The primarily Spanish team over at Zapruder Pictures has done a pretty solid job of recreating the magnificent teaser trailer for GTA V. This trailer got folks hella excited back in the day when the launch of GTA V was still a bit off and people could only speculate as to what kind of an experience it will be. No one knew at the time how big a hit it would become. Of course they knew it would be successful, it’s GTA after all, however no one could have foreseen the massive success it still enjoys three years later.

Surprisingly enough Madrid makes for a great Los Santos despite not resembling Los Angeles in the least. The teaser’s scenes and direction lend themselves to live action and the team really put the effort into getting all the shots right. With quite a few guest actors, they have all the NPC placement right on point, as well as all the locations for the various shots.

In some places the team had to resort to special effects, as they hardly had the kind of funding to get two police car replicas to crash, or, you know, a fighter jet. The video is quite popular too, having reached near two million views since it was first posted, making it one of the most popular GTA V fan videos out there.

Have you ever attempted to create a real life fan vid?

GTA San Andreas Trailers Remade In GTA V

The long list of GTA San Andreas related content remade using/for GTA V has expanded yet again.

We’ve seen both the older game’s intro and full first mission remade using the Rockstar Editor before as well as a boatload of “Franklin to CJ” mods being available for download.

This particular video is ticking all the Rockstar Editor check boxes. Recreation of a trailer? Multiple check. Recreation of old GTA content? Check. Same setting? Check. Authentic, scene to scene recreation? Check. It feels like the creator Ramsking is attempting to scientifically put together the “perfect” Rockstar Editor video.

The authenticity of the video is spot on. Some of the angles aren’t right but that can be accounted to the basic differences between the two games. The standard variation in animations also comes into play but that should go without saying by now.

The video shows off recreations of three of San Andreas’ trailers, all with a small comparison window showing the original in the top right corner. The familiar faces and locations really sell the atmosphere of returning to a good old place from fond memories even if it is less block-y and low-rez than it used to be.


San Andreas has the largest following of any older GTA game today being present in pretty much every top-list, lauded as one of the best PS2 games ever and considered by some to be even better than V within the GTA franchise. To achieve that kind of legacy the game really must have done something right. It was recently re-released on mobile platforms as well as current and last-gen consoles. Not having a machine to run it is no longer any excuse not to go back to play that masterpiece.

Do you guys have fond memories of San Andreas, or did you get into GTA later on?

GTA V Meets Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This is one trailer recreation long in the making. With the trailers of countless upcoming and highly anticipated films getting the Rockstar Editor treatment, it really is a surprise that this clip took so much time to make after it was first revealed. We haven’t even gotten a teaser recreation before now and this here is the real deal.

Merfish returns to us once more, leaving us with barely enough time to recover from his previous abomination, wherein the Powerpuff Girls were replaced with three grown hairy men.

This most recent creation of his is surprisingly… reserved. Nary a dildo in sight, there are a few turds (most of them concentrated on Lester’s face) to remind us who to blame for this thing.

Michael as Superman
Michael as Superman

This particular video is an adaptation of the full 3 minute trailer for the upcoming film that has the masses excited and long time comic fans dismayed. In keeping with tradition when it comes to GTA V trailer recreations, this too attempts to be a shot for shot remake, with a few deviations for the sake of humor.

As previously mentioned, the whole thing is uncharacteristically reserved for Merfish. His involvement only becomes apparent in the very end, with the parts preceding it being a pretty run of the mill Editor flick.

Trevor as Batman
Trevor as Batman

Two characters who only appear in the final scene of the trailer have been substituted with the most hilarious GTA V characters possible, with typical Merfish-brand outfits on one of them.

I’m fairly certain that there are more than a few hardcore DC fans who would rather watch a full length film a la Merfish, as opposed to the official thing.

Are any of you guys looking forward to Batman Vs Superman, or are you steering clear of what very likely might be a train-wreck of a film?