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GTA V Gets Military Submarine And Boat (Mod)

When it comes to GTA V vehicle mods, usually you’ll encounter your standard run of the mill real-world car mods that replace the fantasy vehicles of the game with something more realistic. Of course, occasionally you can come across the wilder vehicle mod, or maybe even one that allows you to build your own custom vehicles, but these and any mod other than real cars are quite rare.


The sea surrounding the landmass of Los Santos and Blaine County is surprisingly detailed for a region that plays no real role in the story, nor has any gameplay significance. The seabed is a wonderful landscape just asking to be explored – which you can do using the submarine already present in the game.

However, some players think one sub-aquatic vehicle isn’t enough for GTA V. Dilapidated and SkylineGTRFreak have put together an imposing and impressive military submarine model for GTAV and tossed another patrol boat into the mod as a bonus.

The large military sub is a truly intimidating sight to behold and is perfect for any avid Rockstar Editor fan video creators. It’s size makes it less maneuverable than the Kraken, so it may not be the best choice for some deep-sea exploration, however if you’re looking to do some Hunt for the Red October role-play, you’ll find no better mod.


The small patrol boat is modeled after short-range coast guard boats, armed with a machine gun fixed to the nose – which unfortunately does not work at present, but the authors plan to fix this in coming updates.


While, as vehicles, these do not add a whole lot to the game, however using them for GTA V fan videos featuring naval battles or underwater scenes the mod is perfect.

What other kinds of rare vehicles would you like to see modded into GTA V?

This GTA V Deep Sea Video Is Awesome

We’ve recently posted about 8-BIT BASTARD’s amazingly detailed GTA V wildlife documentary, which took 6 months of research and work to complete, and runs for 15 minutes. The video is made with immense professionalism, and is on par with anything aired on reputable television channels such as Animal Planet or National Geographic. Of course, the info relayed by the video is hardly accurate when applied to real-life, as it is based on the animal’s AI coded by Rockstar for GTA V.


As impressive as this video is, 8BB wet their feet in the waters of wildlife documentary a little less than a year ago with their GTA V marine biology documentary. Titled Into The Deep, the documentary gives us valuable insight into the aquatic flora and fauna which makes its home in the waters surrounding Los Santos and Blaine County.

It should go to show that the video is so well made, that people out there started taking it seriously and getting all “angry-youtube-commenter” about the false info, which prompted an updated description:

DISCLAIMER: Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn’t totally accurate – of course it isn’t. We’re not professional wildlife researchers, we’re idiots who play computer games. Enjoy it for what it is!

And enjoy it you should. The 13 minute video about virtual fish in a fictional world is surprisingly entertaining. The commentator is a perfect fit for this kind of thing, and the whole video evokes that typical atmosphere of these kinds of documentaries.

Using the submarine, 8BB takes us on a tour of the deep sea, showing the various species, reefs, and man-made wrecks on the sea bottom. It is quite amazing how much detail Rockstar filled the deep sea with, consider a large percentage of players will likely never venture there.

Has this video made you more curious about the sea surrounding the world of GTA V?

GTA 5 Submarine Shot Leaked

A new screenshot taken from Grand Theft Auto 5 has been leaked. The image, which can be seen below, depicts a yellow submarine surfacing and appears to be gameplay footage rather than simply taken from a cut-scene.


It was leaked on the GTAForums by a mysterious member named onenewscreenshot and has been confirmed as legitimate by comparing the background from the image to other official shots released by Rockstar to date, and the map that comes as part of the collector’s edition pack.

We think it’s time that Rockstar ditched the screenshots and trailers and we get some proper gameplay footage.  Who’s with us!?