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GTA Online DDoS Attack Claimed By PoodleCorp

If any of you happen to play on Playstation 4 and/or are fans of GTA Online, chances are you experienced some downtime on these services recently. Both the PSN and Rockstar’s servers went down a few days ago (naturally, both a necessary for playing the game on PS3 and PS4) in spite of no maintenance being scheduled. The two services did synchronize their downtimes in the past, however it wasn’t the case this time around.


With no official word on the servers going offline, players were understandably irritated. The services were restored soon enough, but neither company released any official statement on the hickup. Well, get ready for more unexplained disconnects, as the culprits are planning further “attacks”.

A hacker group known as PoodleCorp have publicly claimed to have caused the unannounced downtime on both services. While those people who don’t read up on or don’t care about hacking only know about Anonymous, PoodleCorp is pretty well known in hacking circles. Like most other hacker collectives, they don’t have some kind of moral justification backing them – they’re just messing with people’s stuff for the “fun” of it.


The group claims that they launched DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks on both the PSN and the Rockstar Social Club as some kind of test. The group’s Twitter account also said that these were small compared to the attacks they have planned in the future.

The PSN has been a popular target for hackers. A hack that stole credit card info from the service made headlines some time ago, costing Sony greatly. GTA Online, on the other hand, hasn’t often been hacked in such a way as to make the service unavailable for whatever reason. Games with this level of popularity are often preferred targets.


While the GTA Online servers weren’t “down” per se, the status page did show access to be limited and many players took to Twitter, asking Rockstar Support what was up. The support account always replied that they’re working on fixing the issue, which they managed to do pretty swiftly.

PoodleCorp has also taken responsibility for hacking the server of Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games before their GTA Online and PSN attack. Many Blizzard games suffered from the attack, since all of the newer ones require a constant internet connection. League of Legends, the insanely popular MOBA from Riot was also inaccessible at the time.


Previously, PoodleCorp mostly stuck to hacking popular YouTubers either for contrived reasons or no reason at all. What prompted their jump to taking down large profile gaming services is unclear, as is how a group whose skills were recently capped at changing the titles of videos suddenly become capable of pulling things like this off.

It isn’t clear based on the group’s Tweets whether or not their planned larger attacks in the near future also include GTA Online as a target, or only the Playstation Network. We guess time will tell, however chances are both Sony and Rockstar are preparing for such attacks.

Did you experience any downtime in GTA Online during the past few days?

GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally.


Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved. These frequent sales are one of the ways through which Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s non-discount price still at the $60 mark, three years after launch.

May Madness, lasting until the first of June, is one of the biggest Playstation specific sales Sony has going on. It includes over 100 discounted titles across the PS4, PS3 and PSVita, including a wide selection of digital-only deals as well. The GTA games have been frequent members of such discount promos due to their immense popularity and brand recognition.


Thanks to certain PS2 games being available in a remastered state on the PS4, GTA 5 isn’t the only installment of Rockstar’s open world crime’em’up available at a discount. While GTA 5 can be bought at a 22% markdown, various Shark Card bundles alongside the 3D era trilogy is on sale as well.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas can be bout separately, however you’ll be saving the most if you buy the trilogy pack (which, considering the amount of content in it, is more than bloody worth it at that price). Seeing as there is a Shark Card promo going on, meaning that this weekend Shark Cards will net you more in-game cash for the same price, the Shark Card bundles are even better deals than what is apparent on first glance.


GTA IV and it’s DLCs, alongside Chinatown Wars join the lineup for sales on the PS3 and the PSVita.

Will you be buying any GTA title for your Playstation during May Madness?

GTA Games Cheap In Playstation Sale

Sony is seeking to cash in on the continued massive success of GTA V. Not soon after the recently ended Easter Sale, the Playstation versions of the game have once again been discounted.

Rockstar’s hyper-popular blockbuster isn’t only the most successful game in the history of the industry, but also the one most frequently discounted – the game is pretty much constantly on sale, with either one distributor slashing its price or another. When one sale ends, another begins. Players pretty much have no reason to buy the game full price thanks to back-to-back deals.


Sony has put a massive selection of GTA games on sale across all of its platforms in order to celebrate, well, uh… money, I guess? While the sale is lacking in apropo, it isn’t lacking in some serious discounts. Every GTA game from III to V including the spin-offs and DLCs have had their prices cut by various amounts across both major home console platforms, with a few deals thrown in for fans who still have their good old PSPs kicking.

The star of the sales, however, are the GTA V + Shark Card bundles.

These discounts, coupled with the reverse Shark Card discount bonus going on in GTA Online as a part of the week-long event commemorating the release of the Sabre Turbo, means you’re not only getting more in-game cash for the same price, but now you’re getting more in-game cash for a lower price.

Seriously, there has never been a better GTA V deal than this. If you’re looking in to cash in on some serious bonuses with a financial boost in GTA Online, you have no excuse to let this opportunity pass you by.


Fans of the franchise who have only jumped aboard the GTA juggernaut now also have the chance to load up their game libraries with some great classics such as San Andreas and Vice City. The GTA VI Complete Edition is also discounted if you’re interesting in one of the more modern takes on the franchise, but have V maxed out already.


Just in case these games didn’t satiate your need for high octane vehicle based criminal action, the Fast and Furious movie franchise, which can be bought on the Playstation store (for whatever reason) in either SD or HD has also been discounted. It seems that the fans weren’t the only ones to note the similarities between the franchises.

Will you be grabbing any GTA games during this sale?

GTA VR Edition Announced, Launching In October

UPDATE: April’s Fools!

Is this what Rockstar has been leading up to with the recent drip-fed content releases? In something of a surprise announcement, the developer behind GTA has revealed that they are bringing GTA V to Sony’s upcoming Playstation VR, launching this October. As one of the launch titles of the new device, there will be several bundles packaging the headset with the fourth edition of Rockstar’s blockbuster game.


With the releases of the last-gen, current-gen and PC version of GTA V having been spread out, tossing in a fourth release version will once again significantly increase the full-price lifespan of the game. GTA “Vr” as it has been rebranded will contain all of the content that was present in in the PC release with a few tweaks.


There will be a special graphical preset for VR use, however the game will be playable in “regular mode” without a VR headset. The single player mode will be updated with all of the vehicles, weapons, clothes and all other non-multiplayer reliant content up to and including GTA Online’s Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC – no need for mods to get Benny’s into story mode anymore.


When playing in VR mode, gameplay will be locked into first-person mode. Rockstar has also implemented various new mechanics to make use of the capabilities of VR. Flashes of light and staring into the sun can temporarily “blind” the player, PEDs will dynamically react based on pre-scripted behavior profiles if you look directly at them and melee attacks will occasionally result in a dazed effect, blurring the player’s vision for a few seconds.

There will also be select jobs in the Online component of GTA Vr which aren’t available on previous version, or when not playing in VR mode. These jobs and missions were specifically developed to showcase the capabilities of VR with intuitive game mechanics and level design.


Rockstar knows that it might be pissing off some players if they make them buy yet another full price version of GTA V, so any previous owner of GTA V with a linked Social Club account can apply for a 60% discount coupon through Rockstar Support starting this August. As a standalone, GTA Vr will cost regular AAA full price, meaning $60. Certain Playstation VR bundles will give it either for free or at a lowered price, depending on retailer.


Playstation VR will be launching this October and already has a host of exclusive games announced. Since Microsoft’s VR project is still a way away, GTA Vr is currently a Sony exclusive, though we can expect an Oculus Rift port soon enough. GTA Vr is the first truly AAA game to be announced for the new device and will probably be the biggest draw of sales – if predictions hold.

Rockstar has also teased that they littered the story mode of Vr with new, VR mode exclusive easter eggs, some of which may be crucial in solving the infamous “Mt. Chiliad Mystery“, a string of easter eggs which are in some way linked to strange UFO sightings in GTA V.

So who’s gonna be picking up GTA Vr when it launches!?

GTA V Discounted For PS4 In Easter Sale

Not long after the previous PS4 sale, GTA V will once again be available for cheap on  Sony’s current gen console. Easter has become similarly commercialized as Christmas has and the time of the bunny themed marketing campaigns has started, which also means that video game sales are incoming en masse as well.


The Sony Easter Sale is split up into two periods, with different selections of discounted games during each. The first part of the double-sale as just begun and will last until the 30th of March, featuring a wide range of discounted games on the PS4, PS3 and PSVita.

Once again, GTA V is leading the charge with other popular AAA titles adding to the list. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the other noteworthy title on discount, with both the standard and gold editions available at discounts. EA’s E3 show-stealer Unravel and a few smaller Star Wars titles are also on sale if you’re looking to expand your PS4 library.


Rockstar’s latest heavy hitter isn’t the only GTA title on the list either. All the games from the 3D era are on offer as well, either as standalone PS2 ported versions, or as the updated HD Trilogy. If that isn’t enough GTA for you, there are several discounted bundles of V with Shark Cards of various sizes.

The PS3 and Vita are also dominated by GTA for this sale. The same deals as the PS4 are present along with IV’s Complete Edition, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. On the Vita, Chinatown Wars and Vice City Stories are the games on special offer.


Unfortunately, the second half of the double sale is devoid of any Grand Theft Auto games, but it has a solid roster of titles nonetheless – Battlefield, Broken Sword, Dragon Age, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Bloodborne and much much more will be seeing a price cut through the sixth of April.

The fact that the GTA franchise is the most numerous among the discounted games, and reaches back the farthest in time only goes to show once again that these games are nigh immortal. Their value hasn’t dropped with the passage of time. Many games from 2004 and before aren’t even available anymore in any form, let alone at the forefront of a promotion by one of the industry’s biggest names.

Will you be picking up any new or old GTA games during this Easter sale?

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Sale

In yet another wave of sales GTA V has been discounted on the PS3 and PS4. This particular sale doesn’t really have a specific reason for being, not that retailers really need explanations for their sales (though they do take every chance to make up excuses for one).


A few rather popular titles on Sony’s consoles have been discounted on the Playstation store.  This coincides with Steam’s Lunar New Year sale, which also features a cheaper GTA V among just under 10,000 other discounted games. That’s Steam for you.

Among the several big-name games that have had their prices slashed is God of War 3 Remastered and Destiny: The Taken King alongside Rockstar’s cash cow. Techically the latter isn’t part of the same sale as the other two, not that it particularly matters. If you want to experience Kratos’ ultimate adventure on the superior hardware of the PS4, you’ll need to pay £15.99 instead of the regular thirty.

Coming to GTA V, prices differ depending on platform. Naturally the older PS3 version is the cheaper of the two – and the lesser. Last-gen gamers can pick up GTA V for £17.49 compared to the original price of £49.99. We’ve spoken about how steady GTA V’s price has been all this time despite its age, however even that doesn’t justify keeping the last-gen version’s price that high.

The current gen version got itself a smaller discount but it’s still something. Rather than the regular £54.99, you can now pick up GTA V on PS4 for just £36.84. The discounts on the three games last until the 17th of February.


GTA V, despite having originally been released almost three years ago with current-gen version having been around for a year, will be seeing a promotional console bundle package together with the Uncharted collection.

Are any of you guys picking up either GTA V or God of War 3 Remastered during the sale?

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Essentials Sale

Let’s kick off 2016 with even more GTA V discounts!

Sony has begun the year with the so called Playstation Essentials sale, which slashes the price of must-have games for the owners of the PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles. Surprisingly enough, only a single Playstation exclusive made its way into the list, however there are some great deals to be had.

PlayStation Sale

Players looking to pick up some GTA games for their PS4 are in luck, as all games in the franchise which are currently available on the console have been discounted, alongside a few shark card bundles of GTA V. PS+ members get a percentage lifted off the discount price as well, making these deals even more enticing.

GTA V on its own can be bought for $44.99 for regular customers, and $38.99 for PS+. Depending on which shark card bundle you buy, prices will shoot up nicely, however PS+ members can save almost half on the most expensive bundle.


All the 3D era games are also discounted, making this a prime opportunity to catch up on some good old retro GTA. Separately, each game costs $10.49 for standard buyers, while PS+ member can grab them at $8.99. Buying the three together in the Trilogy bundle will cost you $20.99, or $17.49 if you’re a subscriber.

The list contains a lot more than GTA, mind you. The single exclusive on offer isInfamous: Second Son, while there are some gems among the discounts such as Child of Light, Metro 2033 and the best Assassin’s Creed installment in the face of Black Flag.

This sale is clearly aimed at the crowd who picked up a new PS4 for Christmas, and needs to fill up their library. Honestly though, you hardly need anything other than GTA V, since you won’t be playing anything else anyway.

Anyone picking up GTA V for their new and shiny PS4?

GTA V Still Used To Promote Consoles

Typically when consoles are sold in bundles with games, the games are either recent releases, or the bundles were put together close to the system’s launch with either exclusive or highly popular games being sold in the same pack as the console itself.


It seems that GTA V’s popularity has given it a unique kind of longevity even as a promotional item. Amazon has a tendency to accidentally list items before they’re supposed to, which leads to some unintentional information leaks. Most recently, the French Amazon site listed two games with the all new 1TB Playstation 4 bundle.

One of the games should be no surprise. The Uncharted Collection contains the remastered entries of what is arguably the most popular exclusive franchise on the Playstation. It has been put together in anticipation of the upcoming final chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Regardless, seeing as this site is dedicated to GTA V, it should not be hard to figure out what the other game was… Here’s a hint: it was released on current-gen consoles a year ago, and yet it got itself a place next to an anticipated exclusive release.

If the immense sales, continued popularity and constant news coverage wasn’t enough (how would that not be enough?!), this should be ample proof that GTA V is one of the biggest juggernauts of the gaming industry. The game has done incredibly well for both Rockstar and Take Two Interactive and the shareholder of the former should be very pleased. Plus with all these promotions and sale, plus with Story DLC possibly coming soon, the game’s popularity will only be going up.


The 1TB PS4 is virtually identical to the launch model, save for the storage space, so if you’ve already got one of these beauties, now would not be the time for an upgrade. However, for late adopters, never before has there been a better time to jump into the current gen.

Any of you looking to pick up this PS4 bundle?

GTA V Discounted In Sony Holiday Sale

Because, you know, GTA V gets discounted so rarely, right?

As December drags on, more and more online platforms are holding various sales and discounts on a wide selection of game titles. While the heavy hitters like the Steam Holiday Sale are still some days away, Sony has jumped the gun and launched their Holiday sale already, with a number of popular titles getting significant discounts. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players consciously hold off on buying games until the holiday season and save up, so they can get the best bang for their buck on discounted games.


As is customary with these sales, there is a wide variety of deals to choose from, though several of them are limited offers. There is a healthy mix of new and old, AAA and indie, so gamers of any taste can find something to their liking.

Among the discountees is the PS4 version of GTA V, which had its price slashed to $40.19 for regular users. If you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber you’re in luck though, and can get your hands on Rockstar’s blockbuster open wold crime game for just $35.99.

The current lineup of deals lasts for one week, until the 15th of December. Alongside GTA V, it includes games such as God of War 3 Remastered, various Telltale games, the sidescroller Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, and a few others.

PS4 Controller

The trend of PS Plus members getting better prices continues in the other discounts – although this was to be expected. It was the case with all sales since the launch of the PS Plus program, which also grants members some neat discounts even when there is no sale going on.

The amount of times GTA V was discounted in recent months is massive, with it constantly seeing price reductions on all platforms in some form or another. Despite the game having sold extremely well, it still continues to be highly sought after too. Any PS3 gamers upgrading to the current-gen version of GTA V?

Could Script Kiddies Have Cracked GTA V On PS4 & Xbox One?

PS4 and Xbox One players beware – it seems that the hackers might have managed to break GTA Online.

Some would say the hacking and modding issue on GTA V for the last-gen consoles and PC has been getting worse in recent months, however the current-gen consoles have been mostly safe due to their rock solid hardware-software locks and advanced anti-tampering and anti-cheating (the bad kind of cheating) measures. The PS4 and the Xbox One were a safe haven of sorts, a place where players could enjoy the vast, content-filled world of GTA Online without having to endure the inconvenience of a script-kiddie fouling the air in every lobby – like you might playing on PC.


However, it seems that hordes of bored a-holes have now brute-forced their way on to the new consoles. One gamer, playing GTA Online on PS4, encountered a rather strange occurrence in his garage which coincides with typical scripter behaviour. Had he been playing on any other platform, it would just be any other day. However, on PS4, this was worth recording.


The player posted his video to Reddit, asking whether or not any other players have encountered similar issues. A popular theory among comments in response was that a bug causing the prop-spawning capability from the Rockstar Creator “bleeding” over into real play allowed players to drop the satellites wherever they choose. However, the satellites are not among the spawnable props, and this would still not explain what they were doing in the player’s private garage.

I bought the new gen version of GTA V the day it came out and have played almost every day since then, and I’ve never seen this happen until today. I think script kiddies mannies may have finally cracked at least the PS4, I don’t know about the Xbone.

Have any of our Xbox One and PS4 players encountered signs that the hackers may have managed to infiltrate GTA Online on those platforms?