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GTA V Discounted In Playstation Sale

In yet another wave of sales GTA V has been discounted on the PS3 and PS4. This particular sale doesn’t really have a specific reason for being, not that retailers really need explanations for their sales (though they do take every chance to make up excuses for one).


A few rather popular titles on Sony’s consoles have been discounted on the Playstation store.  This coincides with Steam’s Lunar New Year sale, which also features a cheaper GTA V among just under 10,000 other discounted games. That’s Steam for you.

Among the several big-name games that have had their prices slashed is God of War 3 Remastered and Destiny: The Taken King alongside Rockstar’s cash cow. Techically the latter isn’t part of the same sale as the other two, not that it particularly matters. If you want to experience Kratos’ ultimate adventure on the superior hardware of the PS4, you’ll need to pay £15.99 instead of the regular thirty.

Coming to GTA V, prices differ depending on platform. Naturally the older PS3 version is the cheaper of the two – and the lesser. Last-gen gamers can pick up GTA V for £17.49 compared to the original price of £49.99. We’ve spoken about how steady GTA V’s price has been all this time despite its age, however even that doesn’t justify keeping the last-gen version’s price that high.

The current gen version got itself a smaller discount but it’s still something. Rather than the regular £54.99, you can now pick up GTA V on PS4 for just £36.84. The discounts on the three games last until the 17th of February.


GTA V, despite having originally been released almost three years ago with current-gen version having been around for a year, will be seeing a promotional console bundle package together with the Uncharted collection.

Are any of you guys picking up either GTA V or God of War 3 Remastered during the sale?

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Essentials Sale

Let’s kick off 2016 with even more GTA V discounts!

Sony has begun the year with the so called Playstation Essentials sale, which slashes the price of must-have games for the owners of the PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles. Surprisingly enough, only a single Playstation exclusive made its way into the list, however there are some great deals to be had.

PlayStation Sale

Players looking to pick up some GTA games for their PS4 are in luck, as all games in the franchise which are currently available on the console have been discounted, alongside a few shark card bundles of GTA V. PS+ members get a percentage lifted off the discount price as well, making these deals even more enticing.

GTA V on its own can be bought for $44.99 for regular customers, and $38.99 for PS+. Depending on which shark card bundle you buy, prices will shoot up nicely, however PS+ members can save almost half on the most expensive bundle.


All the 3D era games are also discounted, making this a prime opportunity to catch up on some good old retro GTA. Separately, each game costs $10.49 for standard buyers, while PS+ member can grab them at $8.99. Buying the three together in the Trilogy bundle will cost you $20.99, or $17.49 if you’re a subscriber.

The list contains a lot more than GTA, mind you. The single exclusive on offer isInfamous: Second Son, while there are some gems among the discounts such as Child of Light, Metro 2033 and the best Assassin’s Creed installment in the face of Black Flag.

This sale is clearly aimed at the crowd who picked up a new PS4 for Christmas, and needs to fill up their library. Honestly though, you hardly need anything other than GTA V, since you won’t be playing anything else anyway.

Anyone picking up GTA V for their new and shiny PS4?

GTA V Still Used To Promote Consoles

Typically when consoles are sold in bundles with games, the games are either recent releases, or the bundles were put together close to the system’s launch with either exclusive or highly popular games being sold in the same pack as the console itself.


It seems that GTA V’s popularity has given it a unique kind of longevity even as a promotional item. Amazon has a tendency to accidentally list items before they’re supposed to, which leads to some unintentional information leaks. Most recently, the French Amazon site listed two games with the all new 1TB Playstation 4 bundle.

One of the games should be no surprise. The Uncharted Collection contains the remastered entries of what is arguably the most popular exclusive franchise on the Playstation. It has been put together in anticipation of the upcoming final chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Regardless, seeing as this site is dedicated to GTA V, it should not be hard to figure out what the other game was… Here’s a hint: it was released on current-gen consoles a year ago, and yet it got itself a place next to an anticipated exclusive release.

If the immense sales, continued popularity and constant news coverage wasn’t enough (how would that not be enough?!), this should be ample proof that GTA V is one of the biggest juggernauts of the gaming industry. The game has done incredibly well for both Rockstar and Take Two Interactive and the shareholder of the former should be very pleased. Plus with all these promotions and sale, plus with Story DLC possibly coming soon, the game’s popularity will only be going up.


The 1TB PS4 is virtually identical to the launch model, save for the storage space, so if you’ve already got one of these beauties, now would not be the time for an upgrade. However, for late adopters, never before has there been a better time to jump into the current gen.

Any of you looking to pick up this PS4 bundle?

GTA V Discounted In Sony Holiday Sale

Because, you know, GTA V gets discounted so rarely, right?

As December drags on, more and more online platforms are holding various sales and discounts on a wide selection of game titles. While the heavy hitters like the Steam Holiday Sale are still some days away, Sony has jumped the gun and launched their Holiday sale already, with a number of popular titles getting significant discounts. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players consciously hold off on buying games until the holiday season and save up, so they can get the best bang for their buck on discounted games.


As is customary with these sales, there is a wide variety of deals to choose from, though several of them are limited offers. There is a healthy mix of new and old, AAA and indie, so gamers of any taste can find something to their liking.

Among the discountees is the PS4 version of GTA V, which had its price slashed to $40.19 for regular users. If you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber you’re in luck though, and can get your hands on Rockstar’s blockbuster open wold crime game for just $35.99.

The current lineup of deals lasts for one week, until the 15th of December. Alongside GTA V, it includes games such as God of War 3 Remastered, various Telltale games, the sidescroller Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, and a few others.

PS4 Controller

The trend of PS Plus members getting better prices continues in the other discounts – although this was to be expected. It was the case with all sales since the launch of the PS Plus program, which also grants members some neat discounts even when there is no sale going on.

The amount of times GTA V was discounted in recent months is massive, with it constantly seeing price reductions on all platforms in some form or another. Despite the game having sold extremely well, it still continues to be highly sought after too. Any PS3 gamers upgrading to the current-gen version of GTA V?

Could Script Kiddies Have Cracked GTA V On PS4 & Xbox One?

PS4 and Xbox One players beware – it seems that the hackers might have managed to break GTA Online.

Some would say the hacking and modding issue on GTA V for the last-gen consoles and PC has been getting worse in recent months, however the current-gen consoles have been mostly safe due to their rock solid hardware-software locks and advanced anti-tampering and anti-cheating (the bad kind of cheating) measures. The PS4 and the Xbox One were a safe haven of sorts, a place where players could enjoy the vast, content-filled world of GTA Online without having to endure the inconvenience of a script-kiddie fouling the air in every lobby – like you might playing on PC.


However, it seems that hordes of bored a-holes have now brute-forced their way on to the new consoles. One gamer, playing GTA Online on PS4, encountered a rather strange occurrence in his garage which coincides with typical scripter behaviour. Had he been playing on any other platform, it would just be any other day. However, on PS4, this was worth recording.


The player posted his video to Reddit, asking whether or not any other players have encountered similar issues. A popular theory among comments in response was that a bug causing the prop-spawning capability from the Rockstar Creator “bleeding” over into real play allowed players to drop the satellites wherever they choose. However, the satellites are not among the spawnable props, and this would still not explain what they were doing in the player’s private garage.

I bought the new gen version of GTA V the day it came out and have played almost every day since then, and I’ve never seen this happen until today. I think script kiddies mannies may have finally cracked at least the PS4, I don’t know about the Xbone.

Have any of our Xbox One and PS4 players encountered signs that the hackers may have managed to infiltrate GTA Online on those platforms?

Old GTA Games Released On PS4

Sony really likes porting GTA games to new platforms under the radar.

Recently we reported on the low-key release of the mobile port of GTA San Andreas on the PS3 via the Playstation Network. There were no notable announcements regarding the launch, and the only way most people realized that it happened was via the news reports that went up after someone accidentally came across it.

It seems the same thing happened again today, with a few more GTA titles. Though considering these games has mobile ports as well, not to mention the push towards backwards compatibility is big this generation, it was to be expected.


GTA 3, Vice City and (again) San Andreas have all been released for the PS4 platform. Yeah, PS4. It seems that while Sony has made it clear that they aren’t planning on making the PS4 backwards compatible unlike what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One, they are porting a number of PS2 games to the new system.

Along the three mentioned GTA games, the announcement also included Dark Cloud, The Mark of Kri, Rogue Galaxy, Twisted Metal: Black and War of the Monsters. All together, that’s 8 classic PS2 games making their way to the current-gen console.

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas were the three console games in the franchise which got mobile ports for their 10th anniversaries, and were sequentially released for the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 in recent years.


The PS4 ports of the games feature an upscaled resolution, meaning they will be running at 1080p, and will be compatible with a number of PS4 features such as Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support. The three GTA games will be purchasable through the PSN for $14.99 each.

What kinds of fond memories do you guys have of the 3D universe GTA trilogy?

GTA V Wins Big In Sony’s Playstation Awards

With the highly covered Game Awards coming up soon, chances are the Playstation Awards slipped under the radar of most GTA fans.


More and more annual video game award events keep popping up over time, and while most aren’t particularly significant, there are a few heavy hitters out there. The Playstation Awards is the defining event for any game that has been released on a Sony console, and GTA has a serious relationship with the PS going on. The awards event resulted in a few surprises, as well as the stuff you’d expect.

The fact that GTA V, a game that has been out on the PS4 for some time now, is even among the nominees is a feat to be proud of. However being a winner as a result is less surprising given the game’s magnificent track record. GTA V won the Gold Prize, which is awarded to games which shipped over 500,000 copies (haha), as well as the user’s choice award in the Asia and Japan regions (which, for some reason, are separate). One unique victory for GTA V is the “Asia Special Award”, which focuses on the business side of things and is awarded to games which significantly boosted the financial success of the Playstation line of consoles in a given area.

Another surprise was the fact that the Witcher 3, one of the biggest award winners of the year, only won three awards. While that may not seem so few, considering the number of other awards the Wild Hunt has won, and how many awards it wins on average on an event, it is.

Another surprise winner alongside GTA V was Mincraft’s PS4 version, which won the platinum award for shipping a million copies. While the game was massively popular a few years back, the Minecraft craze was seemingly dying down. What kinds of award do you think GTA V will win at The Game Awards?

GTA V Meets Classic Crash Bandicoot

Sometimes we come across certain franchises that cross with GTA V so well that it seems obvious, natural, even. This is not one of those times.


Sure, GTA meshes well with, say, Fast and Furious. As surprising as it may be, it also meshes well with Fallout, as certain mods have proven to us. However, it seems that it does not mesh particularly well with PS2 era classics featuring vaguely anthropomorphic animals who fight against the nefarious schemes of an insane scientist who wants to use an army of mutant animals to take over the world.


Yeah, well, it really isn’t the kind of thing you’d expect to hear in the same sentence as GTA, but here we are. The wonders of modding in GTA V have allowed the series to be granted a limited revival. The comes courtesy of well-known GTA V modder and YouTuber Pinkman, who is also responsible for the Halo 5 and Skyrim trailers being remade within the bounds of Rockstar’s blockbuster.

The Crash Bandicoot series has seen many spin-offs, including an arcade racing game in the vein of Mario Kart, which is featured in this homage. Other elements of the fan-favorite series which appear include the crates which contain the various collectibles one can find in the game. Most prominent of which is the Wumpa fruit, which grants the player and extra life if 100 are collected. The tribal aku-aku masks also played a major role in gameplay, as acquiring three would grant Crash temporary invulnerability, which is shown in the epic climax of the video. Sometimes even disembodied magical masks need a break too, right?

The Crash franchise hasn’t been heard of for several years, though Sony has stated that they’ve been eyeing it for quite a while now, hoping to soon revive the franchise. Do we have any Crash Bandicoot fans among our readers?

Have You What GTA V Would Look Like On N64? (Video)

Well, this is certainly new. We here at GTA 5 Cheats like to bring attention to the newest graphics mods for the game, and also frequently highlight how visually stunning GTA V is. Well, today we have something a bit contradictory in store for you guys. Several Playstation 4 players have encountered a peculiar glitch which won’t just make you question whether you’re playing on PS4 or PS3, but more like if you’re playing on a PSOne or N64.


This glitch always occurs in one particular GTA Online mission for PS4, meaning there is some sort of bug in the code there messing up the game’s visuals. At least, that was what was assumed until recently, when PC players also encountered the same issue, in the exact same place, and the bug could not be “undone” in-game…. As the visual issues still persist no matter how much distance players put between themselves and the “infected” area, nor does it matter how much time passes.

The bug seems to take texture resolutions down to the absolute minimum, and also massacres polygons in the static assets, making all buildings completely angular and rectangular, and some things just flat out do not load.

Other issues this bug causes which I have christened the “Retro-Virus” include clipping and collision errors, shaky camera, missing animations, and weird wonky physics.

Honestly, some of the older gamers out there (or the younger ones who have caught up on their retro gaming) might find this glitch to be genuinely charming and nostalgic to a degree. To be frank, knowing what a bunch of silly tricksters the folks over at Rockstar can be, I would not be surprised in the least if it turns out that this whole things happens on purpose!

Would you guys want a true “retro” graphics option for GTA V?

Rumor: No More GTA V DLC For Last-Gen?

Players who have held on to their last-gen consoles: it might be time to upgrade. GTA V might be about to join the growing list of multi-gen games which cease updates (or even support entirely) for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This might be reinforced with the next update for GTA Online, 1.29, which contains some long-awaited DLC, will also bring the Rockstar Editor to consoles.

Current-gen consoles, that is.


The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms.

The popular game play capture and video editing suite developed specifically for GTA V’s PC version will be getting an expanded list of features both on the Xbox One/Playstation 4 and retroactively on PC, which includes an expanded sound effects and ambient music library, more fonts and some new effects. Despite this, the Director Mode will be a tad more limited on the consoles than it is on PC, and couch gamers will miss out on the improvements made to the Editor through mods such as OpenCamera.

While some might argue how this isn’t much to go on, it must be noted that the dropping of DLC support for games which are available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles is becoming more and more commonplace in the AAA industry. This was bound to happen eventually and with the current-gen consoles having launched over a year ago, should not at all be surprising. Developers are significantly more restricted in what they want their game to be capable of if they need to take multiple console generations into account, and it can be argued that in such cases developing for last-gen is holding the industry back.

What do our Xbox 360 and PS3 owners think about this?