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GTA V Meets Creepypasta

Way back in the days of GTA San Andreas, there were a number of rumored easter eggs and mysteries loaded into the game which had some kind of creepy vibe to them. The original bigfoot legend originated in SA, as did a number of ghost stories and other alleged cryptid sightings.


Some of the wilder stories went meta, with tales of tragic real-life events being represented in the game or caused by it due to curses or demons and somesuch. Most of it was your run-of-the-mill horror B-movie silliness, but some of the fans were pretty enthusiastic about these “mysteries” and put quite a bit of effort into creating them.

In the end, many of these were proven false or achieved with mods. Some rumors were debunked by Rockstar themselves, while in other cases the authors themselves came out to say that they were just joking. Either way, very few verified cryptid easter eggs remain today in San Andreas.


However Rockstar clearly took note of the large sub-culture that developed around these spooky easter eggs, and decided to fill GTA V to the brim with them. The whole Mt. Chiliad mystery has countless players poring over a mural found in the game, crafting all kinds of insane and contrived theories as to how to progress.

The actual presence of a Bigfoot peyote in GTA V, which itself is only a step towards a larger mystery, shows that Rockstar really took this angle to heart. However, it somehow hasn’t gained the same kind of traction as creepy easter eggs did back in the days of San Andreas.


While mods are a significant part of GTA V, they too lag a tad behind the cultural significance of San Andreas modding. An extremely famous mod called Misterix was once made for SA which collected a number of the most popular in-game ghost stories, often based on pre-existing creepypasta, and made them “real”.

Misterix took a handful of creepy creatures and apparitions, and tossed them into GTA SA as hostile NPCs with unique behaviors programmed for them. The mod quickly became a cult classic, achieving great popularity with the monster-hunter (as in the activity, not the JRPG game franchise) crowd.


Creepypastas are relatively short stories shared and re-posted all over the internet in their appropriate platforms which are, in essence, horror stories. They usually have a central “monster” figure which acts as the antagonist, but there are wide variations. Some of the most popular of these characters are the likes of Slenderman and Jeff.

One modder, most likely motivated by nostalgia, decided to revive Misterix for GTA V. Appropriately named Misterix V brings a number of the original monsters as well as a few new additions and seeds them around Blaine County and Los Santos for players to track down and – hopefully – kill.


Some of the creatures added come from other Rockstar properties, such as Piggsy from Manhunt, or CJ’s mother from GTA San Andreas. Aliens also show up, because of course they do, as does slasher icon Jason Voorhees. The mod’s description contains the locations of some of these beings, but most of them you’ll have to find on your own.

Did you try out the original Misterix mod for GTA San Andreas back in the day?

Are GTA Remasters A Possibility?

All the buzz in GTA news lately is around the recent announcement by Take-Two Interactive that Rockstar Games is working on “new, exciting projects”. Of course, the bulk of the speculation is directed at what their next major game might turn out to be, however the word “projects” suggests that the developer is spinning multiple plates at the same time.


Of course, the main guesses are GTA 6 and a third Red Dead game (everyone seems to forget that Red Dead Revolver was a thing), however some fans are still holding out hope for another Manhunt, or possibly a follow-up to L.A. Noire. The chances of another Midnight Club or Max Payne game are thin, but the possibility is there.

However, looking at AAA game release trends nowadays, a seldom mentioned option has also been added to the mix – GTA remasters. With the exclusion of V and maybe IV (debatable), all Grand Theft Auto games are pretty dated in terms of visuals.


It was V that really defined the franchise as a kind of visual benchmark, as none of the older games were particularly extraordinary in terms of graphics when they launched. GTA IV especially was often criticized for its graphics when it first launched.

However, the fact that there is still a sizable market for the 3D era masterpieces of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on mobile platforms and even the current-gen consoles proves that these games are still sought after.


While the mobile versions already have marginally improved visuals, they’re still nowhere near the quality of AAA console games, even older ones. Here’s the thing though – the fact that the fairly recent mobile versions exist proves that Rockstar still has every single asset from those games on hand, making a remaster relatively simple.

Clearly, if they wanted to turn GTA III into something that resembles V from a visual standpoint, they would need to re-build the graphical assets from the ground up in many cases, but having the originals as a starting point is a great help. If they would keep everything else – gameplay, missions, soundtrack, story, mechanics – the same, only updating the graphics and keeping the price relatively low, it would sell extremely well.


While jumping into new projects is risky, this is the kind of thing that would turn a guaranteed profit with little investment required. It would give newer fans who just can’t get over the blocky graphics a chance to experience the past of the franchise. Older fans would be able to experience these classics “like they remember them” once more.

While GTA IV is more recent, it too could use a face-lift. It being a newer release would make a remaster even easier, since the models and textures are already pretty high quality and would only need some polish and re-touching (while they’re at it, Rockstar might add some color to the game too) to be on-par with V at max settings on PC, for example.


The remaster/remake trend has been on the rise for the past few years, with “Definitive Editions” also becoming popular as low-effort versions. Fondly remembered classics and even popular games only a few years old are frequently getting visual upgrades thanks to the lack of backwards-compatibility (on launch, at least) on the current-gen consoles.

Examples of this trend include Halo: The Masterchief Collection, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, God of War III Remastered and most recently, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered (which, unfortunately, won’t be available as standalone…).

Would you buy remastered versions of 3D era GTA games and IV, or would you stick to the good old original versions?

GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally.


Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved. These frequent sales are one of the ways through which Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s non-discount price still at the $60 mark, three years after launch.

May Madness, lasting until the first of June, is one of the biggest Playstation specific sales Sony has going on. It includes over 100 discounted titles across the PS4, PS3 and PSVita, including a wide selection of digital-only deals as well. The GTA games have been frequent members of such discount promos due to their immense popularity and brand recognition.


Thanks to certain PS2 games being available in a remastered state on the PS4, GTA 5 isn’t the only installment of Rockstar’s open world crime’em’up available at a discount. While GTA 5 can be bought at a 22% markdown, various Shark Card bundles alongside the 3D era trilogy is on sale as well.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas can be bout separately, however you’ll be saving the most if you buy the trilogy pack (which, considering the amount of content in it, is more than bloody worth it at that price). Seeing as there is a Shark Card promo going on, meaning that this weekend Shark Cards will net you more in-game cash for the same price, the Shark Card bundles are even better deals than what is apparent on first glance.


GTA IV and it’s DLCs, alongside Chinatown Wars join the lineup for sales on the PS3 and the PSVita.

Will you be buying any GTA title for your Playstation during May Madness?

GTA Mobile Sale Ending Soon

Rockstar knows that with the extremely wide popularity of the GTA franchise, especially outside of the hardcore gaming  community, they have plenty of chances to cater to their fans with new content. Considering that in the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has far outperformed the regular gaming industry in terms of revenue, it would have been unsound from a business point of view for Rockstar not to jump in.


Over the span of a few years, Rockstar has gradually remastered various 3D era GTA games and released them on mobile devices with updated graphics (who would have thought that phones are more powerful than consoles, even old ones?), new controls and in some cases some new content as well.

The first game to get the mobile treatment was GTA III, celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Every year since, Rockstar has released the games of the 3D era in consecutive order. Liberty City Stories was the latest release. It made its way to iOS, Android and Kindle devices with a staggered release.


Chinatown Wars, which by virtue of its release date technically is part of the HD era despite being a top-down game with graphics evocative of the cartoon style seen in cover-art and promotional media typical of GTA has also seen a mobile release. Rockstar even experimented with their other franchises. They have breathed new life into Max Payne and releasing the first game of the shooter franchise on mobiles as well.

Rockstar is holding a sale on these mobile games which will be ending on the 18th of May, Wednesday. GTA III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars are available for merely $2.99, San Andreas for $3.99 and Max Payne Mobile for just $1.99.


All of these games are complete and uncut ports of the originals. Considering how much content was crammed into each GTA game with all the easter eggs, side missions, customization, mini-games, exploration and on and on, these prices are a steal. San Andreas is understandably the most expensive, as it has the largest map with three major cities and four continents included instead of the standard of one – and a lengthy story to match.

Chances are that Rockstar will continue this trend of re-releasing GTA games on mobile, meaning that Vice City Stories is next in line. Of course, we’ll probably also see Max Payne 2 on mobile soon as well, possibly accompanied by Bully.

Will you guys be picking up any GTA games on mobile?

GTA San Andreas Turf War Comes To V (Mod)

GTA San Andreas has solidified its status as one of the timeless classics of gaming. It is not only considered one of the best games in the franchise, but many count it as the best game ever to grace the PS2. GTA V has returned to San Andreas’ setting, but the game has deviated greatly from its legendary predecessor.


While obviously not an inherently bad thing, as GTA V is great on its own right, these changes did cut out some of the fun parts of SA as well. Naturally, the modding community has taken it upon themselves to close the gap, as evidenced by the boatload of various CJ-in-V mods out there.

In fact, with the kinds of graphics mods being made for SA making it less aged and the number of SA feature mods being made for V, it’s pretty surprising that a few modders haven’t joined forces for a collaborative full conversion mod for GTA V turning it into quasi-SA.


While such a mod doesn’t yet exist, you can get near enough with all the SA themed mods out there. This one adds yet another feature from the fabled game to GTA V. San Andreas had a strong focus on gang culture and turf wars, so much so that a game mechanic around this was also included.

Lucasvinbr’s Gang and Turf Mod brings a system similar to the turf war system in San Andreas. This mod allows you to create your own gang, name it, pick the members, equip them and fight against other gangs. The map of GTA V has been separated into control zones which you can take control of by pushing out enemy gangs.


Controlling these zones lead to a steady source of constant income, however enemy gangs will attempt to reconquer lost territory. The mod also allows you to directly take control of your fellow gang members, adding a tactical edge to combat when moving into new turf or defending your own territory.

The mod is completely open source, with the entire source code freely available on GitHub. If you have any ideas with which to expand on the mod, or use part of the code in one of your own creations (with proper credit given, of course), the author has given anyone full access.


What other iconic game mechanics and features of San Andreas would you like to see modded into GTA V?

GTA San Andreas Gets New Graphics Mod

Yeah, GTA San Andreas. You read that right, bud. Modders are working on bringing the old classic up to speed in terms of visuals with a complete graphical overhaul. We’ve seen the nigh unbelievable things modders have achieved with GTA V – let’s see what they can do with good old SA.


The game is near 12 years old now and has established itself as a timeless classic, both within the franchise and within gaming in general. Many consider San Andreas not only to be the greatest GTA game ever released, but the best game ever released on the PS2 – and that’s saying a lot considering the console’s library.

San Andreas’ age shows, as the game’s visuals didn’t age well. Most games from that era – when 3D was still relatively new, blocky and ugly – look worse than the pixellated 2D games which came before. This is why group of modders is so hell bent on revamping GTA San Andreas to make the game easy on the eyes by today’s standards.


GTAForums user Marty McFly is something of a legend in ENB graphics modding circles. Sporting years of modding expertise to back up that Back to the Future username. He has been working on revamping the visuals of GTA San Andreas for quite some time now.

His mod has gotten quite a bit of traction in the media, as it has seen some publicity from the gaming press. With good reason too, as this seems to be the only San Andreas restoration project which is making as much headway. Marty hasn’t publicly released his ENB shaders as of yet, but we’re sure others will be able to enjoy his work soon.


Do you guys have fond memories of GTA San Andreas? Were you a fan on initial release, or did you jump on the bandwagon later on?

GTA V Voice Actors Messing Around Again

Ever heard of the boy that cried wolf? One of these days Shawn Fonteno (Franklin’s voice actor) is going to leak a hint about upcoming GTA V content that’s actually legit and no one is going to believe him.

#CJ #Franklin #GTA Shh!

A photo posted by MayLay (@mayleeno) on

This is not that day, however, as his most recent attempt to take the GTA V fandom on a ride has people hoping so much for it to be true that they forgot about all the other times he pulled something like this.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Shawn Fonteno shared an image on his Instagram account which in some way may allude to potential single player DLC being in development for GTA V accompanied by a vague caption.

As exciting as all this may sound because as a voice actor he must be a legit source, unfortunately every time he pulled something like this it was debunked – once by his fellow voice actor, in fact. So what makes this instance special and newsworthy?

This time around, the image shared is a collage of his GTA V character, Franklin; The protagonist of San Andreas, CJ; and a photograph with him and CJ’s voice actor, Christopher “Mayleeno” Bellard. Additionally, the image wasn’t shared by Fonteno, but by Bellard.


Knowing the GTA community, you can guess that this is more than enough to send everyone off into a rumor frenzy. But wait! There’s more! The biggest rumor bomb was dropped in the caption with accompanied the image.

#CJ #Franklin #GTA #DLC? Shh!

Just in case that was a tad too direct, Bellard later edited the “DLC” tag out of the caption. However, the damage, so to say, was done. The rumors were in the air, everyone is now railing on about how CJ will be part of the next GTA V DLC. The usual suspects when it comes to hack journalism have milked the topic almost dry.

This particular troll (or legit leak) is a more nuanced and interesting one than the others. Before now all we got was a picture of Fonteno wearing a mo-cap suit from the time GTA V was under development and a promo image from the PC release dressed up to look like Liberty City.

However this is special. The picture of Fonteno and Maylay is one not before seen, and it must be noted that their characters might share family ties. If you have played GTA San Andreas, you may remember that CJ had a girlfriend called Denise.

According to some fan theories, that same Denise happens to be Franklin’s aunt. This connection could easily be expanded upon for story purposes.


Beyond the rather obvious connection of San Andreas and V having the same setting, this would lead to some interesting story developments. The fact that the multiple endings of GTA V’s story would restrict any continuation to Franklin unless Rockstar decides to canonize one particular ending also adds to the credibility of this leak.

Some outlets have somehow theorized that the connection will be based on CJ being Franklin’s father. This is rather far fetched, as there isn’t any hint or allusion to this anywhere in GTA V, however many fans have jumped on the bandwagon.

With Take-Two’s recent statement regarding the publisher’s major presence at this year’s E3, rumors and hopes for upcoming single player DLC rose once again after its recent and seemingly final demise. Take-Two’s financial reports showed that GTA Online and its microtransactions were pulling in the most cash, so it is easy to assume that the company would focus on the multiplayer aspect.

Are you putting any faith in this new GTA V singleplayer DLC “leak”?

You Can Walk Across The GTA Franchise In 5 Hours

This is what I call an interesting idea for a video. Nowadays, open-world games are dominating the gaming industry, and they have been around in abundance for ages. Wide, seamless, varied game settings have captivated the minds of many a player, with all sorts of hidden secrets and stunning landscapes. However, how well do most players come to know these open worlds? How much of it do they explore? How much of it do they miss? How many players actually go for 100% completion?


Well, even if you don’t explore every nook and cranny of a map, chances are, you’ll be spending a whole lot of time running back and forth all around it. However, these massive and expansive worlds may suddenly seem a lot smaller if you take the most direct route from one end to the other.

One GTA fan decided to walk from one end of the GTA franchise to the other, by running all across the maps of GTA, GTA II, GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV, and finally GTA V, and record it the whole way through. He also times how long it takes to walk from one end of each map to the other, and then add up the time. In the end, if you start at the first game and end with the most recent, you’ll have spent 4 hours and 40 minutes in real time just walking through virtual worlds.

The final result is somewhat skewed due to the GTA V trek having been done in first person, in which the movement speed is greater than the third person walking speed of previous titles, so in truth the time to cross Los Santos and Blaine county would be significantly more than a measly 52 minutes.

How well have you guys come to know the map of GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto Mobile Ports On Sale

It seems like the planets have aligned, with a constellation depicting the Rockstar logo forming in the night sky, as in rapid succession, Rockstar games across all platforms have been seeing sales and discounts.

First, Sony slashed the price of various GTA titles in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first ever Playstation console. Among others, GTA V was discounted on the Playstation store for a time. Following this, Microsoft gave players the chance to put their hands on some Rockstar games at a lower price with Deals with Gold, where GTA V was once again cheaper than usual. Most recently, however, Green Man Gaming, a PC digital distribution service, has put GTA V’s price to the lowest it has ever been since its initial release back in 2013.


Just to round things off, Rockstar has decided to allow mobile gamers to get a piece of the fun at a discount as well. Several GTA games have been reworked for a mobile release, and these are the games you can now pick up at a discount, as well a Max Payne’s mobile version.

GTA III was among the most important for the franchise, as it was what catapulted the series into the international entertainment spotlight, so for the legendary game’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar ported it to IOS and Android systems, so you can enjoy the classic on the go. The port’s success spurred Rockstar to release ports of Vice City and San Andreas as well. GTA: Chinatown Wars, a game made for handheld console also saw a mobile release.

Now, for a limited time, you can pick up these games for less than 5 bucks, with San Andreas, the most expensive of the lot, clocking in at $4.99. You can check out all of Rockstar’s games in the App Store right here and have your pick! Have you guys played the mobile GTA ports? What did you think?

GTA V Discounted In Deals With Gold

Recently many games in the GTA series were discounted on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the initial release of the first iteration of that legendary gaming console. With the Playstation players getting their fill, it is time for the Xbox players to get some sweet deals as well.

Deals with Gold is the discount service accessible by Xbox owners with an Xbox Live Gold or Silver subscription, which also enables certain online and multiplayer features. The service also includes Games with Gold, which allows subscribers to play games the haven’t bought, with a different selection available each month.


It seems logical that Rockstar would put a discount on the GTA games at this time, as the announcement and subsequent release of the massive GTA Online Freemode Events update has put the global entertainment spotlight on the blockbuster video game franchise once again. GTA 5 Cheats has previously theorized that the launch of GTA Online 1.29 will attract a large number of new players, and now with GTA V being on sale, that number can only get larger. If you know anyone who has been eyeing GTA V, now would be a good time to urge them to jump in.

The games on sale are GTA V, going for $47.99 on Xbox One, which is a 20% discount, and $25.20 on Xbox 360, meaning you save 58%. There are also discounts on other GTA games, including GTA IV and GTA San Andreas on Xbox 360, and the price of various shark cash cards for GTA Online have been slashed on Xbox One. Games which aren’t related to GTA are also on sale, so if you have a few extra bucks kicking around and you’re looking to add to that backlog of yours, now would be a great time to do so.

Do you know anyone who’s jumping on to the GTA bandwagon thanks to the 1.29 release, or even due to this sale?