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Even Saints Row Devs Admit to Enjoying GTA


GTA V, and the Grand Theft Auto series in general, are so popular that even team members from “rival” studios will openly admit to being fans of the franchise and having played all the games (it makes sense, but still…).

Two staff members from Volition (the developers behind Saints Row IV) recently took to Reddit to conduct an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session about the upcoming release of Saints Row IV – 20 August by the way.

Scott Phillips, design director for Saints Row IV had the following to say when asked about the Grand Theft Auto franchise:

I’ve played every GTA (on the consoles) since GTA3. They do some amazing things and I can’t wait for GTA 5. My favorite, for reference, is still Vice City.

However, Saints Row and Saints Row IV specifically are very different games than GTA and serve a very different need/niche for gamers. I don’t think we need to live in a world where only one open world game exists and I think if you saw anything from E3 this year it was that open world games are the future.

I personally think you’d have to be crazy to make open world games and claim you haven’t played GTA… I’m of the opinion that if you are going to do something and do it right, you’d better learn how everyone else who came before you did it and then try to do it better and improve on things.

Good to see he gave an honest answer which makes sense – how could you make open world games without having played the best!?

In case you missed it, Saints Row IV will be released on August 20, with Grand Theft Auto V following on September 17.

What Cheats and Codes to Expect in GTA 5?

Cheats and codes have traditionally been a way for gamers to skip a level, beat a particular boss, or otherwise advance in a video game without doing the required tasks or meeting the necessary objectives.  Sandbox game series like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row have changed this however and introduced a more “fun” element to cheats.  This means cheats are no longer limited to being useful for only lazy or unskilled gamers, and can be utilized by anyone (including hardcore gamers) to simply change things up a little or assist in having some mindless fun.

Instead of being able to skip a mission for example, traditional cheats for the Grand Theft Auto series give you all the weapons and vehicles available, or full health, while still requiring you to progress through the story as usual and face and defeat all the bad guys as originally intended.

This approach has two distinct, but related, advantages over traditional “lazy/level skip” cheats:

  1. You are still required to play the game though.  The cheats don’t allow you to choose to skip some levels or any content at all.  Which leads to…
  2. You still experience everything the game has to offer (albeit with a lot less hassle/difficulty) and don’t miss out any of the storyline.

In the end this means the cheats that are included make the game more fun, at least in games like GTA and Saints Row.  It means that you can play through the game as normal the first time, with no cheats enabled, and test your skill the way the developers intended.  Then afterwards, when you might otherwise be bored with what’s on offer, you can go back and play through with all the weapons or vehicles from the start, or even just walk around with some crazy environmental effects in play (e.g. chaos mode or some the cool pedestrian cheats from San Andreas).

The Grand Theft Auto series in particular is known for this, especially prior to GTA 4.  In GTA San Andreas for example, you could lower the gravity level, make cars fly and control the behavior of pedestrians.  Cheats that let you spawn various pieces of equipment, such as parachutes, were also included.  That said however, GTA 4 also had some extra cheats beyond the usual “all weapons” and “full health”, such as the ability to change the weather and increase or lower your wanted level.

What Rockstar Games has in store for GTA 5 is anyone’s guess, although it’s a pretty safe bet that a full selection of cheat codes will be included.  There is going to be a lot more activities that you can undertake in the next installment of GTA and we hope that Rockstar are creative with the cheats that they let you use in relation to them.  We think base-jumping, one such recently confirmed activity, has lots of promise for some complementary cheats.

If you have any cheat suggestions that you’d like to see implemented in GTA 5 be sure to let us know.