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Will the Wait for PS4/X1/PC GTA V End at E3?

GTA V High Life 4

We’ve spent a long time waiting for the announcement that GTA V will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC. There have been plenty of rumors and random retail listings, but nothing concrete. Well, if Rockstar is going to announce it, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be at E3.

Rockstar doesn’t usually go to E3, but as pointed out by gaming site Rockstarturk, Take-Two Interactive is going to be there. Now, Take-Two is responsible for many more series besides Grand Theft Auto, but don’t forget all the rumors that place a PS4/X1/PC release in the middle of June. Some even marked out June 13 as the release date, and what would be more dramatic than for Take-Two to announce that the game is not only on its way, but will be available immediately after E3?

Then there’s the mysterious game Rockstar will release for the PS4 and Xbox One before March 2015.

We have just over two weeks to wait until E3. If GTA V isn’t announced for more systems then, we’ll be back to the waiting game.

GTA V for PC petition reaches over 240,000 signatories


Most of you probably already know about the change.org petition to have GTA 5 ported over to the PC. If not, check it out here and also see our previous coverage on the matter.

Signatory numbers have been steadily increasing for the petition. It was at 100,000 signatures around the end of November last year, then at 150,000 at the end of February this year. At the time of writing however it’s now cracked over 244,000 signatures! It actually only hit 200,000 just a few days ago, but the press coverage of this fact seems to have sent signatory numbers skyrocketing.

In terms of GTA V actually coming to the PC, there has been a few positive indications lately. The main one being this job posting at Rockstar. There has also been other rumors and LinkedIn profiles pointing to work being done for a PC version of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V is otherwise scheduled to be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 only on September 17 this year. Thank you also to the anonymous source of the (fan-made) wall-paper you can see above.

More New GTA 5 Rumors


Spanish site Area Jugones (literally “Area Hardcore Gamers”) apparently got itself access to some exclusive new GTA 5 information. While the info is about as unconfirmed as you can get (and indeed some of it seems pretty improbable) we’re posting it nonetheless to keep you guys as informed as possible about GTA V. Let us know what rumored features make sense to you and what you think are unlikely, we’ve included some of our comments below.

  • Franklin starts at the bottom of the “crime ladder” and restores cars cars for a “crappy” Armenian named Simeon Yetaria. (GTA5C: this possibly means you’ll start the game with Franklin, who knows what “crappy” is meant to mean!).
  • You can check the bank balance of your character via ATMs (GTA5C: we’ve seen this rumored elsewhere before).
  • There are hitchhikers in the game.
  • Michael has a special mini-game in which he can attempt to rob ATMs.
  • There are no internet cafes, instead you can access websites and social networks from your in-game mobile phone (GTA5C: makes sense).
  • You can park your car, ignite the gas tank and explode the vehicle to destroy it/other people/things (GTA5C: we guess this is as opposed to trying to smash up your car and make it explode that way).
  • Hundreds of pet accessories are available (GTA5C: sounds like a lot…)
  • If you have a dog, it can die or get lost. You can then purchase a new one at a pet store (GTA5C: the getting lost part is at least true).
  • The meat you obtain from hunting can be sold to food factories and farms. The meat is then used by in-game burger joint “Burger Shot”.
  • If you park your car on the street without a parking ticket it will be towed away. It is possible to reclaim your vehicle by paying a fine to the relevant municipal department (like if you’ve modified it heavily).
  • Character special abilities are activated using L3 (GTA5C: special ability details here).

Fans speculate over new features in GTA 5

Well, you can definitely say this much about Rockstar: they know how to build expectation for a game! All it took was one trailer to send a whole army of GTA fans into a speculative frenzy about what new features will be in GTA 5. Will there be crazier weapons? Will old characters come back? Will there be a female character?

Well, one thing is for sure… nobody really knows. However, there have been leaks here and there that gave us fans more insight into the game’s developments and new features.

Some fans have been speculating that popular characters from previous releases might come back in GTA 5. There have been rumors that the Grove Street Gang might make a return and that characters such as Tony Cipriani and CJ might return to our console screens.

Rumors of the return of the Grove Street Gang (from GTA: San Andreas) have been encouraged by the fact that you can spot references to the gang in “The Lost and The Damned” (an expansion pack for GTA 4). However, as one member of GTAForums said, previous versions of GTA were set in a previous universe, so it’s unlikely that old characters will make a comeback. You may see them on ads around the city or hear about them on the radio, but the chances of actual characters coming back on screen are pretty slim.

Grove Street Gang

However, there is no official indication either way as to whether Rockstar will choose to forsake its previous formula and bring those much loved characters from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas back onto the scene. It is not out of the realms of possibility – especially since San Andreas was the most critically acclaimed game of the series and given that GTA 5 is set to take place in the state that shares the name.

There has also been much speculation as to what the main character’s gender will be. As you may already know, the gaming industry is trying to target female demographics more aggressively. It has been said that 48% of current gamers are women, and this would be the perfect opportunity to put a female in the lead role. However, if the trailer is any indication, this is unlikely to happen since we can only see a male protagonist. Continue reading