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GTA V Modders Find Files for Zombies and Horses


Despite some concern that GTA V PC couldn’t be modded, modders have cracked into the game’s files to begin creating their mods. This has also led to some interesting discoveries about the files themselves… including hints to potential DLC.

For example, there seem to be several files in a “dlcpacks” folder with the word “zombie” in their titles. This is far from the first time zombie DLC has been rumored, but these files suggest Rockstar at least considered it at some point.

A series of audio files about horses have led players to discuss horse-based DLC and horse commercials, and a series of “minigame” files hint at potential GTA V mini games, with titles like “benchpress,” “blowtorch,” “squats,” and more.

User GooD-NTS over at the GTA Forums has posted several screenshots of these uncovered GTA V files, so be sure to take a look to see many others in addition to the ones we highlighted.

We can’t say for sure what these files are for, and Rockstar may never use them at all. Any talk of DLC is still just a rumor at this point, but we’ll keep you updated!

Rumor Says GTA V DLC Will Come to Xbox First


New single-player DLC for GTA V has been the source of many rumors for a while now, but the newest rumor is not about the DLC’s existence or content, but rather which platform will see it first.

Finance website Bidness Etc. believes Microsoft has made a deal with Rockstar to bring GTA V’s single-player DLC to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game before any others, similar to how Call of Duty DLC has been handled. If so, the author expects the announcement to be made at E3 2015.

While it’s certainly possible, we’ve been unable to find the sources to back up this rumor. More importantly, it’s hard to understand such a decision from a business perspective. Timed exclusive DLC works as an incentive for players to buy one version over another, but this long after GTA V’s release, most people interested in it have already bought it.

Whether or not single-player GTA V DLC is in development is uncertain, but the rumor that it will come first to Xbox consoles is most likely wrong.

GTA Online Mods Uncertain, Offline Should Be Fine


Mods are one of the biggest attractions for many PC players, and one of the advantages GTA V PC has over the console versions. We’ve discussed in the past potential mods for GTA V once the PC version comes out next week, and some fans have already begun work on GTA V PC mods.

Therefore, fans have been disturbed by a recent rumor that Rockstar intends to stop the modding community. Gamer Heroes has reported that a credible Twitch podcast show, Dropped Frames, suggested in a recent episode that Rockstar is “employing people to stop people doing mods” for GTA V.

However, when Tech Radar asked Rockstar North’s Technical Director Adam Fowler about what PC modders will do with GTA V, Fowler responded:

“The priority for us is maintaining the integrity of GTA Online and making sure that nothing detracts from that experience. We will be working to protect that environment and making sure nothing has a negative effect on the overall community, but we look forward to seeing and hearing about the experiences PC gamers have once the game is in their hands.”

That makes it sound as though Rockstar is concerned with stopping GTA Online mods, but offline single-player mods will be left alone. Since online mods could disrupt the experience for other players, this makes sense, although perhaps a compromise could be reached if mods were allowed on private servers.

If you’ve been looking forward to PC mods for GTA V, don’t lose hope yet. Enough evidence contradicts the anti-modding rumor that we’re hopeful offline mods will be fine.

Don’t Believe the San Andreas 2 Rumors


If you keep up to date on Grand Theft Auto news, you might have just seen something exciting: a press release about a sequel to GTA San Andreas, planned for 2015. It claimed this new game would once again follow CJ in a new story set 7 years after San Andreas, and provided details on some of the features. Well, if you’re excited about the possibility of a San Andreas 2, take a deep breath and step back. It’s probably false.

For one thing, the “press release” claims Rockstar secretly announced this game at PlayStation Experience, which was held in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th, and showed it to members of the press. Unless this was meant to remain a secret for some reason, we would have most likely heard of it before now, from multiple news sources. That takes us to the second point.

The site responsible for this rumor is Grand Times. The site only has a handful of other news articles, and they cover topics such as Electronic Dance Music based around Al Gore’s speeches and golf matches being used to determine the next president.

In short, Grand Times is not reliable. These articles are either meant as parodies or just intended to draw in traffic–and in the case of the San Andreas 2 article, the plan worked. Over 42,000 people have already shared the “news.”

While there’s a tiny possibility this rumor is true, we’re inclined to doubt it when a site like that is the only one with the information. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 has not been announced, and unless Rockstar makes such an announcement, the best thing fans can do is spread the word and stop sharing that article.

Rumor: Heist Update Contains 6 Missions, New Vehicles


When Rockstar released the impressive stats for GTA Online, it was accompanied by a promise: the much-anticipated heists would be a part of the first GTA Online update after the PS4 and Xbox One launch. Yesterday, we alerted you to a rumor that both a holiday update and heists would arrive on December 23.

We still don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but this supposed leak has resulted in new details about what the heist DLC will include. The original source of the leak, NillxModz, was banned from PSN shortly after the leak. According to this information, the GTA Online heist update will include 6 heist missions found in 4 locations, as well as 5 Cops and Crooks missions in 4 locations. So far, information has been leaked about six of these:

  • Prison Van Rescue (Cops and Crooks) – capture a news van and use it to rescue an imprisoned gang member, while being chased down by the cops.
  • Weapons Deal (Cops and Crooks) – make a deal with the police to capture a criminal and bring him back in exchange for weapons and money.
  • Hostage Deal (Cops and Crooks) – while NPC gangs attempt to move a hostage, either capture the hostage as a biker gang or rescue him as the police.
  • Country Bank Heist – hold up a bank and get the money from the vault back to your safe house, playing with up to 4 criminals and 16 cops.
  • Ornate Bank Heist – hack into the bank vault and get the money to the designated drop-off location, playing with up to 4 criminals and 16 cops.
  • The final leaked mission tasks you with stealing a special artifact from a military base.

It will also come with a new layout for High-End apartments, 3 new vehicles, 3 new heist-themed outfits, 5 new hairstyles, and 2 new contact lenses. PS4 and Xbox One games will also receive new CCTV features for their apartments and 2 new Crops and Crooks-themed masks.

Heists will be listed on a special new menu screen, and the heist matchmaking features will be implemented. Players can purchase BZ Gas from Ammu-Nation to use during heist missions, and you can revive a fallen Crew member during heists by calling a new phone contact called Jeff. You can also email other members of your Crew about your heist plans, which will make you the leader for that heist. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to print out the email and keep it in their documents.

The update also includes 34 texture modifications to 4 locations, 4 heist audio files, and unrelated measures to prevent GTA Online cheating.

Without official word from Rockstar, this is still just a rumor… but if it’s fake, it’s an incredibly elaborate hoax, with this much leaked information being reported by multiple sources. We might have a good idea now of what the heist update will contain. Are GTA Online heists really set for next Tuesday, December 23?

Rumor: Heists Arrive December 23


What would be a better Christmas present for GTA Online players than the long-awaited arrival of cooperative heists? It’s been over three weeks since GTA V came out for the PS4 and Xbox One, after which heists were supposed to come soon. They were promised to be included in the first GTA Online update after the remastered version’s launch, and fans have been waiting.

Well, the latest heist rumor points to an early Christmas present, with heists coming on December 23. NillxModz, whose leaks have been accurate in the past, announced a list of features to be included in the GTA Online Holiday Season update. He also said heists would be released at the same time.

If his information is accurate, PS3 and PS4 users will be able to access heists at 5:00 AM Eastern Time, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One users to follow at 10:30 AM. While still a rumor, this is believable. GTA Online has received updates for most other holidays, so a Christmas-themed update isn’t unexpected–and heists are supposed to coincide with the next GTA Online update.

Some players don’t think heists are coming soon, no matter what anyone says. Heists were originally announced for last spring, after all. What do you think? Is December 23 the day fans have been waiting for?

Rockstar Rep: Heists Are Almost Here


Well, it’s been 7 months since Rockstar first said GTA Online heists were on the way, and maybe this time they really are. According to Gamereactor, a Rockstar representative confirmed heists will come “shortly after the launch” of GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Some people thought the heists were delayed on purpose to coincide with the new-gen releases. As terrible as that sounds, maybe we should hope it’s true. After all, if the delay was deliberate, heists probably will come out soon. Right now, most fans are too jaded by Rockstar’s previous heist promises to give much credence to this claim.

November 18 is when GTA V releases for the PS4 and Xbox One, so perhaps GTA Online will see heists before the end of the month. We’ll keep you updated.

PS4 GTA V Bundle Appears in Europe


GTA V will be released for the PS4 this November, although whether it will be November 18 or earlier is a hot topic for debate right now. Whenever it comes out, it looks as though a PS4 bundle option may be available… at least in Europe.

Like many rumors, this one comes by way of a retail listing. This time it’s Amazon (which adds some credibility), and not just one Amazon site, but three. The Spanish, Italian, and German Amazon sites all list the GTA V PS4 bundle. It’s priced at 449,99 euros, which comes in at 26,99 less than if the console and game were bought separately.

Since a lot of people have yet to make the jump to the new console generation, this is a great opportunity for GTA V fans. We haven’t heard anything official about this bundle, and we have no idea if it will be available in places outside of Europe. Europe has already gotten several exclusive PS4 bundles, so there’s a chance this one won’t reach the US or Australia. Still, we can hope for the best! We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Rumor Says GTA V PS4 Will Release November 4


We all know GTA V is coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18… don’t we? Well, a new rumor suggests that release date is only half right, and that the PS4 version of GTA V will two weeks earlier.

On October 2, GTA V for PS4 was mistakenly opened up for pre-orders on PSN in Europe. This is how we learned about the game’s large size. However, German website GamePlane.de has also since discovered that the PS4’s download queue lists a release date of November 4. Mysterious pre-order bonuses were also listed.

Now, there are a couple of things that make this credible. First, Sony hinted back in June there would be an incentive to buy GTA V for the PS4. Second, a PlayStation Store exclusive pre-order bonus was revealed yesterday. Players who pre-order GTA V from the PlayStation Store will receive an extra $300k for GTA Online–but only if they pre-order by November 3.

Why cut off the special pre-order bonus two weeks ahead of November 18? Combined with this rumor of a November 4 release date, it sounds suspicious. This is still just a rumor, but a very intriguing one. Do you think GTA V will release early on the PS4? If you’re an Xbox One player, will it upset you if this is true?

GTA V Heists Code Found – Launch Imminent?


Heists… where do we even begin!? The one year anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V’s launch recently passed and heists, a feature promised and touted by Rockstar as a major part of the game, are still missing from GTA Online.

We’ve have update upon update, and controversy after controversy in respect of GTA Online, and yet heists are still nowhere to be found… even with the launch of GTA 5 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 coming next month in November, and the PC version following in January next year.

Are heists, finally, almost upon us though? User “funmw2″ from the GTAForums seems to think so and recently posted the code you can see below. Apparently it was added to the source code within GTA V as part of The Last Man Standing update that went live just a few days ago.

  • [0x02084EA9] GTA Online: Complete a Heist finale without anyone dying.
  • [0x02814D53] You completed a Heist prep mission.
  • [0x0B613162] You completed a Heist finale without taking any damage.
  • [0x0D1CCCEE] GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.
  • [0x1279D064] You completed The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • [0x18E0B12D] GTA Online: Earn 5 gold medals across Heist preps and finales.
  • [0x2461135F] You earned 25 gold medals across Heist preps and finales.
  • [0x2B55B227] You invested your hard earned cash and set up a Heist.
  • [0x2DD110E8] GTA Online: Complete a Heist prep mission.
  • [0x2EBD3538] You earned 5 gold medals across Heist preps and finales.
  • [0x3DDD9050] GTA Online: Complete a Heist finale without taking any damage.
  • [0x41A4A445] GTA Online: Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • [0x4FDE48C5] GTA Online: As Heist Leader set the finale cut as 25% across all players.
  • [0x68870839] You completed a Heist finale without anyone dying.
  • [0x8AA2D780] Prep Mission
  • [0x8B59FB4E] Heist
  • [0x91F12997] As Heist Leader you set the finale cut as 25% across all players.
  • [0x93EF3B70] GTA Online: Complete The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • [0xB0D21411] GTA Online: Earn 25 gold medals across Heist preps and finales.
  • [0xC8AA9219] You completed The Humane Labs Raid as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • [0xF59037BD] GTA Online: Complete The Humane Labs Raid as Heist Leader or Crew.

As you can see it appears to be a list of Achievements/Trophies that can be earned while carrying out heists. Given the code was literally only just included within the “live game”, does this mean that Rockstar Games are actually preparing to open up/launch heists publicly in GTA Online?

Let us know what you think… the crew here at GTA 5 Cheats think that heists will be launched some time this month, prior to the launch of the game on the Xbox One and PS4 next month in November. What do you think?