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GTA Online: Calm Down, Transfers Aren’t Going Away

A bit of news has been spreading across the GTA community like wildfire and it has people up in arms.

However, said bit of news has been torn out of context and spun in a way that is bound to generate clicks while also causing some controversy for even more publicity. Surprisingly enough, we’re not talking about a faked DLC leak, in spite of the previous characterization fitting such an event perfectly.


No no, this is about a cropped screenshot from a Rockstar Support article. The article in question is the recently updated FAQ on transferring characters between the old-gen consoles and either the PC or current-gen versions of GTA Online. A new section has been added to the FAQ titled “Limitations on Transfer” which contains a few, while precariously worded, understandable points about the service.


The above image shows the entries which sparked a community outcry. Certain “news” sites dealing with GTA 5 reported on that image as if it was stating that the character transfer service will be shutting down within 30 days from now (or, technically yesterday). However, this is not the case, put the pitchforks away.

Now, if this would be happening, it would understandably be infuriating, as there was no large announcement about the decision to prevent players on old consoles from bringing their progress with them if they choose to upgrade. Since people think this is actually happening, they think they are justified in their anger.


However there is a short albeit very very important word in that first point which people seem to be glossing over. Read with me:

Transferring previous GTA Online data is a special feature of GTAV that may not be available to all users or at all times, and may, upon 30 days notice be terminated, modified, or offered under different terms.

Did you see it? No? Here, let me help:

Transferring previous GTA Online data is a special feature of GTAV that may not be available to all users or at all times,

    and may


, upon 30 days notice be terminated, modified, or offered under different terms.

May. Yes, the service may be terminated (or modified or offered under different terms) by Rockstar with a 30 day notice period. All this entry serves as is a legal heads up that yes, when the service’s inevtiable end done come (whenever that might that be) you’ll have 30 days notice of it.


As long as the announcement in the future comes 30 days before the actual termination of the service, people will have no legal grounds upon which to complain/sue/etc. However, this isn’t happening yet.

So there you have it, plain as day: GTA Online’s transfer service isn’t going away next month. That said, some players also have taken issue with the second point on that screenshot, which states that transfers may only take place between accounts owned by the same person, and may be reversed by Rockstar if they see that the TOS has been breached.


Now, we’re sort of scratching our heads as to why people take issue with this. Some have said that maybe they have a high level character with lots of money on old-gen that they don’t play with anymore, and want to transfer it to a friend of theirs playing on current-gen. Sure, that technically isn’t sharing the software, since the recipient is assumed to also own the game legitimately, however this kind of content-sharing has never been looked at kindly by developers. That’s why DRM exists.

Look at it from Rockstar’s point of view. Player 1 doesn’t want to play anymore, therefore they are no longer a potential customer. Player 2 does want to play, and is a potential customer. If player 1 transfers a character with lots of cash to player 2, player 2 won’t have to go about building their character from scratch (and, you know, maybe buying a few Shark Cards along the way to help themselves…).


As for the reversal part – you should be happy. Ever since the massive purge of hackers on PC, the enhanced editions of GTA Online have been cheater-free except for the transfer-hackers. Basically, if you mod your character on PS3 or Xbox 360 and transfer it to a new system, some of the perks also carry over. With this reversal clause, Rockstar has empowered itself to clean out even this residual filth and turn GTA Online truly, 100% cheater free on the current systems. As for old-gen, due to hardware modding, keeping cheaters out of those systems is impossible.

Which is why this new policy is mainly required. It has become common practice for hackers to create new, modded accounts on either PS3 or Xbox 360, boost the character’s rank to above the soft cap where everything is unlocked (meaning above 120. Even so, rank 8000 seems common among hacked accounts) and fill up the character’s bank account with ludicrous amounts of cash, usually the limit, meaning 2,147,483,647. That number is the maximum value a 32-bit signed binary integer may reach, which is why it is used as a hidden maximum for a number of stats across gaming.


That amount of cash is pretty much more than enough for your needs in GTA Online. With that much cash, you can buy up all vehicles, get the most expensive apartments, all the fully upgraded lowriders, the most expensive yacht (though why would you want it instead of the middle-tier one?) the flashiest corporate HQ and the biggest warehouses, with still more than enough left to last you a lifetime. With that much money, why bother even looking at Shark Cards?

So you see, the world isn’t ending. If you haven’t upgraded to current-gen yet for whatever reason, you aren’t being cheated out of your progress. Rockstar won’t undo your transfer out of spite. The GTA universe isn’t about to be swallowed by the black hole of corporate asshattery. Everything is fine.


These are those cases where you really ought to read and re-read these clauses. News sites focusing on GTA have a common and troubling tendency to latch onto whatever bullshit story is about to generate the most clicks, be it about “confirmed” details regarding GTA 6, future DLC or, you know, this. Rockstar won’t remove one of their main features without announcing it.

Did this bit of controversy have you worried, or were you sure GTA Online’s transfer system won’t just up and disappear?

Fake GTA 5 Story DLC Leaks Appear Again

Considering how common these were some months ago, we’re actually surprised things were this quite for such a long time. During the entire later half of last year, as well as the early months of 2016, GTA related journalism practically thrived on fake leak stories being posted, referenced, re-referenced, back-linked and re-re-referenced in a criss-cross pattern by the same handful of websites.


Of course, all of these turned out to be fake. Even one of the voice actors for a GTA 5 protagonist, namely Shawn Fonteno who played Franklin Clinton tried to once again play the community for fools, this time by recruiting the voice actor of CJ from San Andreas to help him in his little facade. Since then, the relative number of single-player DLC “leaks” has dropped significantly – considering that in the autumn/winter of 2015, we had more than one per week.

But all good things must come to an end. Yet another blatantly fake story DLC “leak” has been making the rounds, getting the hopes of gullible fans up over nothing. We’ve seen some shoddily made fake leaks in the past. While this doesn’t number among the worst of them, it is a pretty poor attempt.

Let’s start this off that the whole leak is based on alleged screenshots and details being shared by a leaker with some journalist – who then reported on the leak but neglected to show any evidence, such as the mentioned screenshots. Then this report promptly disappeared once the news of the leak picked up.

As the story goes, a YouTuber called “XXII” shared with one of the writers of a Greek news site some photographic evidence of upcoming Story DLC. This update would greatly expand the map of the game, adding new continents with the cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro as playable areas.


The story wouldn’t follow Michael, Trevor or Franklin as originally planned, nor any established GTA character. Rather, an all new protagonist by the name of Anthony Miller would be controlled by the players. The DLC would also have added a number of new features to the game, such as opening the Casino (we’ve already covered why that won’t happen) and include a horse-racing and betting minigame. Both of these would have played major parts in the story.

Now, all of this would be dandy, but it’s bleeding from quite a few gaps. Major Story DLC like this would require a lengthy development schedule – with new continents, new story, extra voice work and so on – which simply hasn’t been facilitated. Before 2016, there has been a steady stream of large-scale content next to which this project wouldn’t have been possible.


there has been a quite period in the past months, but not enough to warrant for such large-scale content. Also, let’s not forget the major GTA Online DLC on its way, which also took time to develop.

We’ve already mentioned that the Casino isn’t ever going to open and considering that the real-life Anthony Miller is a high profile football player in the US, Rockstar probably isn’t looking for yet another lawsuit against them like the one Lindsay Lohan is pulling.

Add to all this that GTA Online is generating stupid amounts of profit, Rockstar wouldn’t spend tons of resources on a major single-player DLC only the fraction of the player-base will buy, when they can spend the same resources on countless mid-to-large GTA Online updates that will drive up Shark Card sales – not that they need to be driven any higher.


Would you have liked to see this particular GTA 5 story DLC, or are the alleged features not to your liking?

Why GTA Online Will Never Have A Casino

About a year ago, rumors of a GTA Online DLC related to the Casino with the “coming soon” sign hanging outside began circulating before being shot down on account of images allegedly showing the sign saying “opening next week” to be a result of mods. However, the fact that a Casino fits into the profile of a GTA game so well kept the rumor alive to some extent to this day, with many players expecting the doors of the money-sink to open at some stage.


Sorry to crush any hopes of making in-game fortunes off of gambling, but it will never happen. GTA Online’s Casino will never open.

At least, it will never introduce any actual gambling minigames. At most it will be an open location where some mission takes us, maybe a new heist even – but there will never be gambling in GTA Online, for two very, very simple reasons.

First of all, it would be unprofitable. While at first glance, tantalizing players with a chance at easy cash without buying Shark Cards, only to have them lose their money, forcing them to buy Shark Cards may seem like a good business model, it wouldn’t work. The conspiracy theorists out there would accuse Rockstar of purposefully making winning impossible and considering how vulnerable to hacks GTA Online is, the system would be exploited.


Secondly, Online gambling is quite literally illegal. In some countries or states, the mere possibility of real money being involved due to Shark Cards would make this illegal activity, effectively forcing local authorities to ban the game. Even though players have no means of turning in-game currency into actual money, only the other way around, the mere fact that actual cash can in some tangential way be related to an in-game activity which simulates gambling can make this thing a literal crime.

While Rockstar and GTA may thrive on superficial controversy about the virtual depiction of violence and sex, they hardly want to be associated with any *actual* felonies! While it is odd to include the Casino building and not actually do anything with it, that isn’t grounds enough to assume that Rockstar will include unprofitable and probably illegal features into their flagship title.


While GTA Online does include betting on races, due to the indecipherable mess that gambling laws are, that is somehow legal under all jurisdictions that also happen to be selling GTA Online.

Would you have enjoyed seeing gambling in GTA Online, or are you happy that they’re keeping it out of the game?

Hidden GTA V Car Upgrades Hint At DLC?

While Rockstar may have GTA Online covered DLC-wise for April, what lies beyond is still a mystery. Following this month’s one-a-week lowrider release schedule, some players feel that after the Sabre GT, there should be a break from updates to Benny’s Original Motorworks – but this doesn’t mean that vehicle customization should be shelved as well. There have been plenty of DLC ideas floating around fan discussion boards which would give Rockstar plenty to jump off from. But what if they’ve already have things planned out?


A player recently uncovered (most likely through a trainer) some hidden modifications to the LSPD Vapid Cruiser. Neither the police nor civil variants can be owned by players or taken to Los Santos Customs, however the GTA V game files prove that the vehicle was at least intended to be customized.

While we’ve known of similar hidden modifications for other vehicles – including planes, the paint-jobs of which could have been altered – this one is new, which possibly means Rockstar has been sneaking in features of a future DLC well ahead of release to dodge data-miners and leaks.


While a Biker DLC for GTA Online is by far the most hotly requested, the massive success of the LSPDFR mod proves that there would certainly be an audience for police-related content. Of course, news of such a DLC would be pretty massive, which could be why Rockstar planned ahead and spread out pre-loads across months of other DLCs.

Then again, we might just be looking at cut content, however the customization range seems complete enough, so Rockstar really had no reason to cut it. A new corrupt cop/undercover cop update with new contact missions for a clandestine organisation within the LSPD (think HR from Person of Interest) would sure as hell satisfy players calling out for a more significant update.


Such a DLC would perfectly fit into the profile of the VIP mechanic of Executives and Other Criminals. Similarly to becoming a VIP, players could optionally go “undercover”, unlocking new missions and abilities, plus the privilege of owning police vehicles. You could take heat off players, place heat on enemies, call in corrupt police back-up and the missions would revolve around taking control of the criminal underworld instead of prosecuting it.

Rockstar would surely gain some serious good karma points with the community if they dropped something like this. While a Police themed DLC isn’t as widely requested as Biker DLC, it has been on the community wishlist for longer. Plus, making some Police items expensive would give players more variety in end-game items.


I’d buy a Shark Card out of principle if we could buy and modify police vehicles. Hell, I’d buy a Whale Shark Card just as a thank you if this ever happened.

It’s clear that the idea resonates with players. Maybe the DLC could also contain that “Cops Vs. Robbers” Adversary Mode everyone’s been hoping for ever since the competitive game modes were introduced?

Would you enjoy a dirty-cop themed GTA Online DLC?

GTA V Voice Actor Denies Single Player DLC Knowledge

In recent weeks the discussion around single player DLC possibly being released for GTA V has hit an all time high, particularly following various leaks and rumors, many of which have yet to be confirmed as either true or false.

Here we have Franklin’s voice actor is pulling his usual shenanigans, which is most likely just another prank. In the meanwhile separate, reputable sources are claiming opposing things regarding the story expansion.

This most recent piece of the puzzle might give a definitive answer – however it won’t be one that you’ll like.


The voice actor of Michael de Santa, Ned Luke, recently gave his own thoughts regarding the possibility of story DLC. Naturally, if Shawn Fonteno is in on something regarding voice-work, Ned would be too.


However, Rockstar might be planning something more. Ned did say that the three voice actors will be going around various video game conventions this year in order to meet their fans.

[…]But I do know the boyz are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past

It's a new year we gonna do this tour thing

Posted by Ned Luke on Friday, 15 January 2016

Based on how fixated the community is on the idea of single player DLC, you can bet that those convention appearances will be mired in questions regarding it. Rockstar has released post-launch single player content for most of their main games, like GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption. This would make it strange to leave GTA V out.


Granted, Online is what’s generating most of the revenue, but they’d surely make a killing on paid SP DLC, considering the massive hype around it, and the praise the game’s story has received.

Has Ned’s comment killed any hope you’ve had for GTA V single player DLC?

GTA V Voice Actor Teases Story DLC… Again

Franklin’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno, has a penchant for pulling the community’s leg with ambiguous posts on his personal Instagram account.

The latest tease is an image of the actor sitting in what looks to be one of the Rockstar offices. In the background are large framed posters of GTA IV, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3. The biggest tell, however, is the fact that he’s wearing a mo-cap (motion capture) suit.

LOL ……

A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on

Fonteno has pulled similar tricks in the past, leading fans on with a rarely seen promotional image of GTA V’s PC version. He hinted that it might be a shot from Liberty City which will appear in the mythical Story DLC. Some eagle-eyed fans pointed that out rather hastily, but not fast enough to stem the tide of rumors.

As such, players are taking this particular picture with several spoonfuls of salt. The odd commenter here and there asks whether or not this means that Story DLC is confirmed, but others swiftly quiet them down.

The buzz around Story DLC has picked up in recent weeks following nearly one and a half years of silence broken only briefly by shoddy rumors every few months or so.

Amidst leaks and rumors, this is just more fuel on the fire, regardless of how believable – or, to be more precise, unbelievable – it is. Rumors of Story DLC being released at some point for GTA V have been around ever since a few months after GTA 5 was originally released.


That’s nearly two years of nothing and rumors, despite massive popular demand. A rather large portion of GTA V players prefer single player, and some stay away from Online all together. While these players have mods to add new content to the game, this option is only available on PC. Console lone wolves have no alternatives and are itching for some new content.

Based on the rumors and leaks, do you thing that we might be seeing Story DLC for GTA V soon?

New GTA V Phone Easter Egg Found

Over two years after its release GTA V still has a few secrets. Those folks intent on solving the Mount Chiliad mystery don’t seem all that insane anymore, do they?

A significant portion of GTA V’s easter eggs and cheats can be accessed via the in-game cellphone. Calling certain number combinations will result in some rather odd occurrences. Sometimes you’ll get the iconic chirping of a dial-up modem, or some pissed guy telling you to ‘stop prank calling’ them (check out the full list).


Cheats can also be activated by calling certain numbers instead of the using regular button combo method. All of your regular cheats, like invincibility, drunk mode, slow-mo, fast run, and so on are accessible from the cellphone.

Recently, a new phone “effect” has been discovered. It isn’t a cheat per-se (of course, it may have as of yet undiscovered effects), as it does not benefit the player in any way. If you call 1-999-367-3767 (1-999-EMP-DROP) the phone will show that you’re connecting to someone or something called “Black Cellphones”. All this does is trigger a small explosion in the air near you, but far enough not to hurt, and changes the color of your phone to black.

On its own this isn’t particularly interesting, but since this is GTA V, the rumors have begun circulating instantly. Many believe this is the next step in solving the Chiliad mystery. Others think it is in some way related to single player DLC. The numbers after the second dash, based on what letters are associated with them could mean “EMP Drop”. Some speculate that this is a hit as to the story line of the SP DLC, which might concern either the player or their enemies using an EMP to cause a blackout in Los Santos.

Because, you know, two excellent mods weren’t enough of a Watch_Dogs connection… What do you think this newest GTA V phone easter egg could mean?

Opinion: GTA Journalism Hits All Time Low, Cites “PS5”

Seriously, “journalism”, we need to talk. This is not okay.

The way the tiny pool of regurgitated baseless rumors regarding the next game in the GTA franchise (which, anyone that has been paying any attention would know, will either be a spin off or a standalone expansion) has been covered last year was pretty atrocious. A handful of websites, which don’t even deal with videogames, writing and re-writing articles that have appeared on their counterparts and then cross-linking to them, was the status quo.

Some of you may notice how the screenshot is of Sleeping Dogs. Grade A+ journalism right there.
Some of you may notice how the screenshot is of Sleeping Dogs. Grade A+ journalism right there. This was posted in a genuinely serious article.

For six months straight, every week a “new” article would be posted about the exact same speculation regarding the protagonist or map or release date of GTA “6”, even though the game does not officially even exist. If one were to follow the trail of links in one such article, it would not take long to get back to the starting point, and the links would always take you through the same websites. Someone who, at the end of the string, actually owns all these sites, is making a killing off a sensationalist circlejerk.

But never was it this low. Never before has online GTA related journalism reach as deep and dark a point as now. While until now, these sites were at least making minute attempts at hiding the fact that they just look up the most searched-for keywords (albeit poorly), they seemingly stopped giving a shit anymore.

GTA 5 Cheats: Wading through endless bullshit so you don't have to!
GTA 5 Cheats: Wading through endless bullshit so you don’t have to!

You know there is something very, very wrong with journalism when you see an article speaking about how a nonexistent game will release five years from now on a nonexistent console (the best part is how most of these hack sites are on auto refresh just to artificially boost ad revenue…). The latest “rumors” are that GTA 6 will launch exclusively on something called the PlayStation 5 in 2020.

Someone actually wrote those lines.

And it was published.


Make it stop.

GTA V Casino DLC Rumors Pop Up Again From Reputable Source

Do you guys remember those times late in summer and also throughout the autumn of 2015, where wild DLC rumors were being produced faster than baby rabbits? Remember how the whole GTA V community was ganging up on so called leakers and tipsters, because everything they said sounded like bullshit?


Remember how much of it turned out to be true in the end? Well, a new year means a new wave of rumors, and the first major one to drop in 2016 is one that made the rounds a few months back. It was also swiftly discounted, which now seems a tad premature.

The Casino in Los Santos has been standing abandoned and empty ever since the game launched with an “opening soon” sign posted outside. When the rumors of a gambling DLC first popped up, they were started by an image which showed the same sign with the text “opening next week”, however with no code reference. It was dismissed as a mod.

Funmw2, a reputable leaker who nailed the details of the Lowriders DLC back in the day, has now reignited the rumor. He did lose a little face recently with the Liberty City blunder, but he is hardly out of the game.

In recent posts on GTAForums, he’s alluded to the Casino opening in both single player and in Online, the second of which could be backed up with a file reference. Furthermore, it seems that the long awaited single player DLC will come along with an Online update, both of which contain a lot more than just the Casino, though obviously the other content won’t be shared.


Many rumors state that the SP DLC will indeed be paid, meaning the Casino content will be locked behind a paywall. If the same Casino content will be added to Online free, we can expect a series shitstorm to ensue.

How much faith do you guys have in these recent GTA V rumors?

Alas, No Liberty City For GTA V

No Liberty City any time soon, at the very least. Some time ago we reported on a known leaker who, despite having been frequently criticized and scrutinized in the past, cleared his name after correctly leaking information from the Lowriders, Halloween and Executives DLCs.


Funmw2, known as TezFunz on Twitter, was among those who took the brunt of the hatred in the long period of rumor grinding before the release of the Lowriders DLC. So many alleged “leaks” happened, (many of which were obviously false) that he, being one of the most active GTA V data-miners, was looked down upon by the community. However, after the release of the DLC confirmed that the things he was saying were mostly true, the hate stopped short.

Recently, the known leaker suggested that Rockstar might be adding Liberty City to GTA Online as a fully playable location in a future update, possibly paid. This occurred around the time undeniable proof was found that single player DLC is on the way for GTA V.

The idea that GTA Online will be expanded to incorporate other cities and regions has been floating around practically since it was launched, and Liberty City has always been among the prime targets for the next chapter of Online to take place in.


However, Funmw2 recently stated that the source on which he based his earlier claims was, in fact, incorrect.

Looks like my source was wrong about this week regarding getting new info about SP DLC
I will try to check if he can get more pictures.

For someone whose reputation as a leaker has gained him much hate in the past, such a misstep could unleash yet another slew of animosity. Since this is the internet though, it would be too much to expect people to remember that he was right before, and that this was an honest mistake. He’s only human.

How excited did you get for seeing Liberty City in GTA Online after the initial rumor arose?