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Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

The stars have not aligned, the sky is not falling, the end of the world is not nigh. Equally, the rapture is not coming to pass, the great spirit has not awakened and GTA VI didn’t get its first trailer.

Sure, someone tried to make you think that the first GTA VI trailer had arrived, and they did a really, really bad job, but countless people still believed it! The video popped up quite recently and has already made the rounds on the web as anything with “GTA VI” is bound to be getting clicks nowadays (funny this sentence should appear in this article, oh well…). The trailer for an un-confirmed and un-announced game was always going to rack up the views.


Well, to the genuine surprise of absolutely nobody, the trailer is a fake! A really quite obvious fake for anyone with even the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding video games and Grand Theft Auto.

To start off, the first version misspelled “Rockstar” (LOL), so the whole thing failed there and then. While this particular mistake has since been rectified, the rest of the video isn’t much more convincing. It starts off in New York Liberty City, then warps to a desert landscape with a drifting Mustang, then there are shots of an obviously European town, and then random villas and mansions.

One, GTA probably won’t be seeing licensed vehicles. Two, the next GTA is unlikely to go to Europe. Three, the video description states that the game will be set in Vice City, and yet nothing but the (very poorly made) logo has any relation to the Vice City theme.

It is quite obvious that Rockstar has no intention of releasing the next GTA game, which shouldn’t even be a numbered installment anyway, as early as 2017. Clearly they are taking their time with GTA Online, focusing resources on that instead of a new game.

We really hope the GTA VI “trailer” didn’t fool any of you guys!

GTA V’s Rumored Gender Change Implemented, But Not As Feature

In the days leading up to the release of patch 1.29 for GTA Online which contained the long awaited Freemode Events DLC, alongside several dozen new missions, activities and also fixed countless long-surviving bugs, the foundations of GTA Online were completely reworked by wiping away loading screens, lobbies and menus.

While on the surface this does not seem like a significant change, if you couple it with the numerous back-stage adjustments and alterations Rockstar made to the game code in order to prepare GTA Online for the next wave of DLC, the upgrade is a groundbreaking one.


Preceding the announcement of what 1.29 will contain exactly, the GTA community went overboard with the rumors and speculation (because of course it did), and invented and/or “found” several new features that the game will be getting with the new update. One such rumored feature was the addition of plastic surgery clinics where you could change the gender of your GTA Online character for a rather large sum of GTA $.

Now, as we all know by now, there is no such feature in Freemode Events. However, as with most rumors and fabrications, it did have some basis in reality, as a form of a gender swapping system has been implemented in GTA Online. It just isn’t an in-game feature with an in-game store you visit with your character.

Instead all players are given the chance to contact Rockstar support to claim their one-time gender change “token”. Everyone can change their character’s gender once with no cost or any other strings attached. You just contact support, and the next time you boot up GTA Online, you can customize your existing character again, but with the other gender this time around. The one-time limit is probably implemented to keep players from exploiting the system as a character-recustomizer or having people switch gender every day.

Will you be changing the gender of your GTA Online character?

Could A New GTA V Heist Be On The Way?

Game developers really should keep track of what they leave strewn about in their code.

It seems that in recent days, we hear of nothing but newer and newer rumors sprung by so called GTA V “data miners”, players who dig and sniff around the source code of GTA V in order to discover any hidden secrets or hints as to what may come in the future. Luckily Rockstar has taken note of this trend, and has begun to seemingly lay false-info mines in the code in order to discount the findings of any prospective data miner in the future. This being the case, take the following information with a grain of salt. Or a handful.


Recently, someone who was nosing around the code of GTA V’s game files happened upon a set of audio files which, when extracted and played, lead the player to conclude that they are parts of a currently-under-development heist that will take place near, in or around the Clucking Bell Processing Facility in Paleto Bay. The audio files that have been uncovered relate to the objectives of the heist itself.

Note that this is not the first time that new heists have been hinted at by game files, and nothing has come of that. Meaning that either these are just leftovers from cut content or Rockstar will be launching a large number of new heists simultaneously, and are adding files procedurally.


It stands to reason that Rockstar might be introducing new heists to the game. The Freemode Events update reworked much of GTA Online’s framework to set it up for a new wave of incoming updates. Now, with heists being the major attraction of GTA V, Rockstar would do well to expand the current library of five heists with a few more to give high-end players some more endgame content following Freemode Events.

Do you think we will be seeing new GTA Online heists soon?

Rockstar Trolling GTA V Dataminers?

So it seems that after the period of strict iron rule imposed during the brutal war against GTA Online hackers by Rockstar, the game developers’ sense of humor is returning slowly and steadily. With countless GTA V related rumors springing up based on information uncovered by data miners, players who dig around in the game’s code and files to discover hidden data, Rockstar has decided to put an end to it. In a move befitting Rockstar’s silly-funny public persona, seemingly they’ve begun to hide false info in the game files to throw data miners and tipsters off track.


Months ago, rumors regarding the eventual opening of the GTA 5 casino began circulating. It all began when someone reported that the sign on the casino changed from “opening soon” to “opening next week”. When no-one else encountered the phenomenon, and it was noted that the tipster was playing a PC version, it was concluded that he simply used a mod to gain fifteen minutes of fame. True enough, the casino has remained closed to this day, but the rumors have not died down. I mean, just thinking about it, it would be logical for Rockstar to do something with the casino, adding a gambling system to the in-game economy.

Another rumored DLC was the so-called “Mansions” update, which would add ridiculously over priced properties to the game with countless luxurious features for players with an endless wallet (possibly made possible through gambling wins) to blow their GTA $ on.


Recently though, some GTA V data miners happened upon the following:

0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you’ll never own.

References to both the casino and a mansion and we think, a not-too-obvious troll. Both the casino and mansions were popular rumored DLCs. Coincidence? What do you think?

GTA V’s Hidden Peyote Turns You Into Bigfoot

Well, well, well, it seems that amidst the endless stream of false, baseless rumors, some speculation regarding future GTA V content actually turned out to be true. Some time ago, in the weeks leading up to the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, we reported on some data miners happening upon some code segments in the GTA V files which suggested that the 1.29 update would include new peyote plants. Peyote plants are collectibles scattered around GTA V’s game world, which allow players to transform into various animals. Based on some references discovered in GTA V’s code, players began to theorize that some of the peyote plants were either cut from the final release of the game, or they were held off as DLC.


The three unreleased peyote plants revealed by the data miners could allegedly turn the player in a rat, a chimp, and a freaking Sasquatch. More commonly known as Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), Sasquatches are classified as cryptids, which means their existence has not been proven. While the bigfoot urban legend is merely a marketing ploy to generate income from tourism in regions which are not interesting in any way whatsoever, it has managed to capture the imaginations of countless people across the globe. This popularity spurred Rockstar to add the being to GTA V.


Post the Freemode Events update, finding the known peyote plants grants you a trophy, the flavor text of which reads as follows:

You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?

Also, at this point, the stat tracking peyote plants will be one short of 100% completion. This, coupled with the reference to the bigfoot peyote in GTA V’s source-code, is ample evidence to come to the conclusion that the final peyote does indeed transform the player into a Sasquatch.

Have any of you found the bigfoot peyote in GTA V yet?

GTA V Datamining Reveals New Characters

Did anyone honestly think that the release of an update as massive as GTA Online Freemode Events, containing a huge amount of content including new missions, new adversary modes and more, would provide the so called “tipsters” of the GTA community with enough stuff to do in order to shut them up for a short while?

The data miners have been picking apart the code of GTA V’s 1.29 patch ever since it launched, and have actually found something of note among the endless lines. Bound to spark endless rumors, it seems that new characters will be introduced to the game soon…


Currently, characters are labeled as FMMC_PD_???. For example, Avi Schwartzman is referred to as FMMC_PD_AVI. The tipsters have discovered several references of that format which do not correspond with any characters currently found in-game. Among the new discoveries is “FMMC_PD_FVG”, which could be a reference to a character who will be added in a future update or DLC.

This is in a similar vein to a rumor that was circulating some time ago and related to the inclusion of agent 14 in GTA V’s single-player component, who is currently on present in GTA Online. However, with recent developments suggesting we won’t ever be seeing any kind of story DLC for GTA V, it seems those rumors were just as baseless as any other.

With Rockstar already teasing new content for GTA V, it should come as no surprise that the tipsters have gotten to data mining this quickly. The 1.29 patch reworked GTA Online from the ground up, meaning a lot of programming work went into it, so the Freemode Events update is a goldmine for tipsters.

Recently, we’ve also reported on a set of unlisted features included in GTA Online’s new update, which included new and more numerous spawn points of aerial vehicles. A map detailing the locations of these new spawn points can be viewed here.

GTA V Fans Annoyed With Rumors, Lack Of Communication

Yesterday we reported on a new alleged information leak indicating that Rockstar will soon be announcing and releasing much-rumored GTA V DLC paired with the upcoming 1.29 update, which also contains the console versions of the Rockstar Editor. Initially it was believed the update would be released before the summer ends, however recently that was pushed to the beginning of September. Considering that it is already the 9th, it is safe to assume that it has been delayed once more. Like so many times already, new rumors have already begun popping up all over regarding the possible release date and new features.


Well known GTA V tipster Funmw2 is usually in the middle of anything related to GTA V rumors, and this case is no different. However, some members of the GTA V community have gone and had their jimmies rustled by all this speculation and hearsay making the rounds, and have expressed their displeasure on the appropriate outlet: forums.

People have started taking note of a few personal attacks against the tipsters and anyone defending the tipsters later. Considering that the upcoming 1.29 update is the one with the most discussion and conjecture surrounding it, surpassing all previous DLCs and even the infamous unannounced GTA VI, one would assume that Rockstar would have made a peep by now. We’re not expecting anything concrete… nothing that would spoil the reveal proper, but a tiny shred to toss to the masses in order to keep them quiet.

Could it be that maybe Rockstar doesn’t want them quiet? All this is free publicity after all. With a game that was released as long ago as GTA V, the best bet to drive sales up again is with substantial DLC packs, making 1.29’s popularity of paramount importance.

Are you particularly annoyed at the delay and lack of any communication, or are you happy to let Rockstar do its thing and deliver when ready?

New Leak Confirms GTA Online DLC Release Date, Genderbender?

Would you look at that – new information regarding unreleased and unannounced GTA V content which is backed up with actual evidence! Well known rumor-smith and GTA V tipster TezFunz has taken to Twitter in order to tell the world of their new findings regarding the mysterious Lowlife DLC content update that should be coming with patch 1.29 along with the console versions of the versatile Rockstar Editor. 


“TezFunz” has been known as a whistle blower of the GTA V community for quite some time now and has managed to get his hands on some new info whenever a new major update is around the corner. Version 1.29 really ought to be be a big one by the way, considering it was originally supposed to be released in late August. Recently the release window has been moved to early September and it’s already the eighth of the month. Recently, TezFunz graced the GTA V community with the following tweets.

Allegedly, Rockstar will be adding a plastic surgery feature allowing you to switch your character’s gender, both in the visual sense and in the genuine sense. This means that your character may have the character model of a female but be listed as male and vice versa, or you can go all the way. This can be facilitated both through an in-game feature, or by contacting the Rockstar support staff.

Exactly how the system will work, and what kinds of restrictions it will have, along side the concrete release date of the update, is all unknown.

Are you looking forward to gender surgery in GTA V?

Industry Moves Point To Console Mods for GTA V?

We recently published a piece regarding the possible discontinuation of future DLC and other content updates for GTA V on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, meaning that no more new in-game content will be released for the game on last-gen platforms. This is a trend that has been increasing in frequency in the AAA industry, with games that have been released on both next and last-gen consoles that have continued content support.

However, in the light of the announcement that Fallout 4 will be supporting mods on next-gen consoles as well as PC, it seems like a logical step for GTA V to adopt this new feature. The only question is, can it?

Soon you may experience this while playing on console.
Soon you may experience this while playing on console.

In a technical sense GTA V made a massive leap when jumping from last-gen consoles to the current generation. While, in terms of gameplay features, we could count the new additions on two hands, the backstage alterations that the average player will never witness were immense. Despite this the current-gen versions of GTA V were built on the foundations of of the launch version.

Fallout 4 however has been developed with the current-gen consoles in mind from the very beginning. The hardware capabilities of the new consoles has made mods technically possible, but no games have exploited this yet. GTA V has a massive and active modding community, and making mods available on consoles would be a move of genius on Rockstar’s part. However, unlike Fallout 4, GTA V’s game code is based on a framework built around last-gen, and as such is it malleable enough for such a significant alteration, or would Rockstar wait for the release of GTA VI to bring mod support to couch gamers?

Hopefully we’ll get some word on this in the coming months as Fallout 4 releases, since its console mod support is bound to make some waves in the industry, and hopefully this won’t just turn into another GTA VI rumor. Would any of our console readers be interested in mod support for GTA V on Xbox One and Playstation 4?

Our Top Must-Haves For Future GTA V DLC

The rumors for GTA V’s upcoming Lowlife DLC are at an all time high, and the same can be said for the alleged single player story DLC, the existence of which is debatable. All we know of the former is based on a shred of evidence, one announcement and a whole lot of speculation.

The 1.29 update will be adding 12 vehicles to the game, as well as bringing the much loved Rockstar Editor video capture and editing suite to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. All we know of the latter is that it might be a thing. Perhaps. Maybe.


Something we do know as fact however, is that GTA V will definitely be getting further content updates in the future, so let’s look at the features we want most.

Firstly, if the DLCs would continue to launch on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, that would be swell. We bring this up as the future of GTA V’s content support on last-gen consoles is unsure.

Secondly, let’s look at the logical, grounded features we’d want for GTA V. What would amount to a rather substantial update, considering the number of buildings in the game, and what we’d love to see is explorable interiors. Sure, there are a few in the game, but how about the chance to go into most, if not all, the buildings in the city of Los Santos? Rockstar could hide a wealth of secrets and collectibles in the metropolis.


The other feature a future update could introduce is destructible scenery. If I plow through a hundred cars with my tank, I don’t want to be stopped by a glass wall or a twig.

As for the bonkers GTA tomfoolery, I want a disco shark with neon eyes and a laser cannon on its back to roam the waters around the island. It would be elusive, unlisted and extremely rare, but if a player encounters it, manages to track and kill it, they would receive the ability to turn into it at will.

What sorts of insane DLCs would you like to see in GTA V?