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Petition For Next GTA City To Be Vancouver

Lets see how many GTA fans want to see the series move to Canada.

Various games in the GTA franchise have shown us a wide variety of cities in the fictionalized version of the USA depicted in the franchise. We have been introduced to the not-New-York Liberty City, the Not-Los-Angeles Los Santos, the Not-Las-Vegas Las Venturas, and many more. Most GTA games provided the player with one large city map with countless things to do and kill, with all sorts of in game events and activities which hammer home the whole satirical, social commentary message of the game.


However, the GTA community has begun to theorize what other countries in this fictional universe may be like. GTA fans may have gotten a feel of this with the two expansions in the 2D era which were set in England. While dropping players off in a city in a country on the other side of the largest body of water may seem too risky for big-budget AAA development, Canada seems to be the perfect destination  – but is it?

The GTA franchise has come into contact with Canada before on multiple occasions with the fact that Trevor himself is from up north. Setting the game in a non-US city would be a first for the current universe. The GTA franchise is deeply mired in satire and political commentary, and having the game set in a nation where the people are notoriously well-mannered is peculiar at best.


Currently, the petition to move GTA VI to Vancouver, Canada is sitting at 1,909 signatories. Now, Petition.org does not mark the minimum amount of signatures needed for something to actually happen. Rather, it just marks whatever new milestone is up next. If a considerable number of positive votes were registered, then it might hold some sway with Rockstar (although to be honest they are probably already working on GTA VI and this petition is too late…).

Do we have any Canadian GTA V fans among us?

GTA V Needs A Plastic Surgeon

GTA Online allows for players to customize the appearance and gender of their characters – once. However most other online games nowadays (which incorporate custom characters) have mechanics which allow players to alter or re-customize their in-game avatars in case some new options are added later on or if the player just simply wants to change their face. This may appear as a game mechanic found in the relevant game’s virtual world, such as a magic mirror or barber shop, while in other cases players must contact the game’s support staff to trigger the character-creation process on that given avatar once again.


GTA Online didn’t have any such option available for quite a while, however after popular demand, the support method was implemented. If you contacted Rockstar support, telling them you want to change your character’s appearance, they would have you log out of GTA V, and the next time you log in with the character you want to re-customize, you would be shown the character creation screen before spawning into the world. While there wasn’t any official set limit to this, obviously you couldn’t go around changing your character’s appearance every other day. However you weren’t necessarily restricted to a single alteration either. One thing the new system did not allow for though, was a change of your character’s gender.


Once again, following popular demand, a gender change system was eventually implemented. While rumors of the feature circulated before the release of the update it was contained in, the rumors assumed it would be an in-game feature. Instead, it could be done by contacting support, and only once.


For some incomprehensible reason, neither of these services are available for players any more, one GTA V fan has pointed out. He and some other players stated that adding a plastic surgeon feature to GTA Online would be a win-win situation, as making it expensive would boost Shark Card sales, and give players a feature they’ve been wanting for a good long while.

Would you make use of a plastic surgeon in GTA Online?

Big Leak Appears To Confirm Yacht, New Vehicles, More

We recently reported on someone finding a reference in the code for a yacht coming to GTA V via DLC in the future. This discovery sent data miners into a frenzy, and a whole lot of new info has seemingly been revealed. Strap in, this is a big one!

Firstly, a video detailing a few of the newly discovered features went up on Youtube quite quickly, and it featured an advertisement image of the rumored yacht. As it turns out, the image is a stock photo of a real world yacht, and this realization lead to some players mistaking the leak for a fake. However, based on the massive amount of in-engine footage and game models subsequently dug up by reputable sources, the findings actually appear like they might be real (we can only hope!).

First of all, the content discovered is not related to one upcoming DLC, but three DLC packs which will all launch this year. It seems that the labeling of the previous post-Halloween rumor as fake was too hasty, as the next content update codenamed “Apartments” could in fact add a wide range of customization options to your in-game properties (primarily furniture) , as well as the new yacht.

The helipad and mini-dock mentioned in the previous rumor are in fact optional customization options for the floating palace. The update should also add a bloody heap of new cars, a full list of which can be found in the original post on GTANF.

Two new weapons, a Magnum revolver and a switchblade emblazoned with a skull also look like they’re coming to GTA Online, as well as new outfits including a large SWAT ablative bullet proof vest. Two new missions seem to be in the works too, most likely new heists.

We should also see an update to the Lowriders DLC. GTA Online Lowriders part two will add the vehicles missing from the previous one based on the original leak of 12 new cars, as well as two new weapons, both of which are rifles.

There is also a bit of information regarding a GTA Online Christmas DLC, which might be adding at least one vehicle we know about so far…. Phew, we told you to strap in. Rockstar has been VERY busy!

GTA Online Rumored To Be Getting A Yacht

With the recent release of the Halloween DLC for GTA Online, players are already becoming impatient with regards to the announcement of the next DLC (because of course they are).

Rockstar’s recent tendency to release DLCs more and more frequently has conditioned the community to expect more content in less time. This, in turn, has resulted in yet another surge in upcoming GTA Online DLC rumors, and unfortunately so far all are fake. This new rumor however is showing promise, and the GTA V Reddit community have begun theorizing how this new feature will be implemented from a game play standpoint.

Recently, a relatively well known YouTuber named Taltigolt tweeted an image of a code segment taken from the GTA V game files. The reference is for what seems like an all new type of property, and knowing Rockstar, it will have a price tag to match.

It’s a massive luxury yacht. With living quarters. And a helipad. Did we mention it has its own dock? Yeah. Rockstar heard you like boats, so now you can boat while you boat. Looking at all of these features contained in the yacht, you can bet that Ill-Gotten Gains’ GTA$ 10 million gold plated jet will be like a matchbox compared to this beast.


Many have since been speculating how this yacht will fit into the gameplay of GTA Online. Due to the living quarters, some say it will work like any other property, and entering the yacht will open another instance. However, in that case, how will the helipad and dock work like in such a case? Would the interior of the yacht be another instance, with the exterior being a vehicle in the open world? Will dozens of yachts be buzzing around the waters of Los Santos, or will they be so insanely expensive that so few players will have them as to compensate?

Do you guys hope the GTA Online yacht rumor is true?

New GTA Online DLC Hoax

Just when you thought with both the Lowriders and Halloween DLC rumors turning out to be true, that you can start believing rumors floating around the web… But here we have yet another GTA Online DLC hoax.


The fact that people out there have the kind of free time and dedication to put effort into these things is baffling. Many fake DLC “leaks” pertain to the kinds of features or new content which quite obviously wouldn’t be Rockstar’s first choice, and very rarely are they believable to any extent.


This newest “leak” concerns an upcoming apartment and safehouse customization feature, allowing you to play interior decorator and architect with your in-game properties. A relatively unknown YouTuber posted a video about how he allegedly found images and game files dug out of the GTA Online Lowriders source code. Turns out, however, that these were all fabrications, and the files he “found” in the code were actually created by the YouTuber.

In recent weeks, DLC releases for GTA Online have become more and more frequent. As a side effect, the official announcements always happen really close to launch, meaning we probably won’t get any official info on upcoming updates until a few days before actual release, or on the day of release itself.


People are determined to find out what the next DLC for GTA Online will contain. Players know to anticipate a few vehicles – as of the 12 cars found by the data miners who uncovered Lowriders, only 6 have been released (or 8, depending on whether or not the Halloween vehicles come from that batch). Lowriders added a fourth purchasable property to the game, allegedly to buff out garage space, but with the attention properties got, it is plausible that apartment customization is in the pipeline.

This leak, however, is definitely a hoax!

GTA Online Halloween Adversary Mode And Zombie Hoax

With the possible announcement and definite release of the GTA Online Halloween “surprise” DLC drawing near, excitement is mounting. And whenever excitement regarding a new GTA Online DLC mounts, you can guarantee that rumors will jump into the saddle as well. With the spooky masks, new bobble-heads, two new vehicles and the new weapon revealed by data miners already, you can bet that the latest info they’ve uncovered is also good – as is their warning about a particular rumor which is as popular as it is fake.


But first, the good news – the upcoming Halloween DLC will be adding a whole new Adversary mode to GTA V (we’re getting a ton of those nowadays, aren’t we?) with a spooky theme. Players of this game mode will sure as hell be making good use of them spooky masks the update is introducing to the game. For the best experience, make sure to play in first person with headphones.

I’ll stop pulling your legs now. The new Adversary Mode is called Slasher, and much like the eponymous film genre, features one player who takes on the role of the titular “Slasher”. The Slasher is equipped with a machete and needs to hunt down the other players, who are unarmed, in a given amount of time. Once the timer runs out, the surviving runners are blessed with shotguns, and the hunter-prey relationship gets multiplied by minus one.


As for that rumor you should look out for, it is anything involving the undead. No matter what you see, no matter who says what, there is no way zombies are coming to GTA V – yet. One particular rumor showed a spiked baseball bat as a weapon that will be added in the update, with the caption “undead nightmare”, a clear allusion to the Red Dead Redemption expansion. Reputable dataminers confirm that the upcoming update has no such weapon, nor any undead.

What part of the GTA Online Halloween DLC are you guys looking forward to the most?

Actually, About That GTA Online Halloween DLC…

Well, these few days have been absolutely filled with surprises. Not only did it turn out that the Lowriders DLC for GTA Online is real, but most of the rumors that were circulating about it actually turned out to be true. This includes the ones about the new vehicles, the hydraulics, and the new missions courtesy of Lamar.

The DLC went live just today, giving players 1.4 GB worth of new content to play around with.


Now, Lowriders is quite the substantial update, and it will keep GTA Online fresh for a very long time. However it seems that counter to what every sign has been pointing to, Rockstar won’t actually let the spookiest celebration of the year pass by without some more new content to celebrate it with.


Last year’s Halloween passed in GTA Online with naught but a weekend event, and after a fake banner, and the recent release of Lowriders, it looked like Rockstar will be skipping Halloween DLC this year as well. However, the data miners who dug up the first hints to Lowriders all those months ago immediately began to pick the DLC’s files apart to see what they can find.


And boy did they find something.

The images in this article are all from files taken from the update, and loaded into the game engine SDK. As you can see, there are a full set of spooky Halloween masks and two new vehicles which look like the kinds of automobiles you’d see a modern Dracula driving.


It seems that the community will be getting a treat rather than a trick in GTA Online next week, so get your crew ready for some spooky crime-fests! When bombs go in the same basket as the sweets, this year’s Halloween will be a lot more exciting than ever before.

Are you guys looking forward to the Halloween GTA Online DLC, or is Lowriders sufficient for now?

GTA Online Lowriders Puts Rumors In New Light

Today held quite the surprise for GTA V fans. Over the weeks leading up to the Freemode Events announcement, rumors regarding what the next DLC may be were mounting.

It started off slow, with proper evidence and not too wild claims. Then things started getting more clickbait-y with the invention of newer and newer rumors with seemingly absolutely no basis in reality, lacking any sort of evidence to back them up.  Then we got a slew of data miners showing us segments of code into which some sort of implication was explained in, strenuously, and whether or not it is a real reference to future content or trash fragments of cut content which weren’t cleaned. Further rumors were sparked by popular GTA V YouTubers and “tipsters”, whose mere speculation was immediately taken as possible.


The community started getting tired, then very very pissed at all the lies and bullshit floating around the web about the upcoming GTA Online DLC.

Then it turned out to be true.

Yes, the DLC is called Lowriders. Yes, you do get a set of new missions from Lamar. We’re as surprised as you.

However, with the next DLC not being the only subject of rumors regarding the GTA franchise, the truth behind these rumors might suggest that other GTA related rumors which have been dismissed off hand as bullshit and clickbait could also turn out to be true.


The whole Lowriders affair places the rumors regarding things such as the casino, GTA 6 and other DLC may not be full of lies and conjecture, and have significantly more basis in truth than initially thought. The rumor issue this month really was reason enough to make the community weary, and judgmental against anything regarding rumors on the internet.

How do you guys feel about GTA related rumors?

Check Out the GTA Online Lowriders Trailer

We just reported about the extremely surprising announcement of the Lowriders update for GTA Online, coming on the 20th of October as a free update. The DLC will add some new vehicles as well as new missions and customization options.

The most surprising thing about the whole affair is how many of the seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be actually true. The fact that the DLC even exists, the Lamar missions and other all had rather strained “evidence” to show for themselves, and the community became weary of the speculation quite swiftly. However, with many of the rumors turning out to be not so baseless, it leads us to re-evaluate our stance on other GTA V related rumors.


With excitement for the new GTA Online DLC mounting, Rockstar has released a trailer for Lowriders just to tease the update even more. Showing off some sweet tricked out rides and the new machine pistol in action, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the massive and brutal gang wars we can look forward to in the future of Los Santos. While it is clear that Lamar has some plan going for the various gangs of the criminal underworld, we’ll need to wait till the 20th of October (just 4 days away!) to find out what his endgame and true motivation is.

The trailer is true to the Rockstar tradition of being action packed, brief, to the point, exciting and explosive. Fancy cars are jumping  around to the beat of music with hydraulics and massive speakers, criminals are either killing each other or helping each other kill each other, and the hints to the story of the DLC are spread out evenly, giving us enough info to whet our tongue, but not so much as to spoil the experience in any way.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online’s Lowriders DLC?

GTA Online Lowriders Is A Thing, Coming October 20th

Update: Rockstar has released a trailer too.

It’s coming!


You guys know how the GTA community couldn’t shut up about a Lowrider DLC for GTA Online based on a code reference and indexes for 12 new vehicles? Remember how random, baseless rumors were linked with this unconfirmed DLC for over a month? Well, actually quite a few of these seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be true, leading us to question how many others that we dismissed offhand might become reality.


Launching on the 20th of October as a free update, GTA Online Lowriders will contain a whole lot of new customization options both for your character and your vehicles. As rumored, alongside a set of new vehicles just waiting for you to customize them, you can add hydraulics, trick out your engine block, gear levers, wheel, add speakers and neon lights, and cover your interior with leather or velour.


Another rumor that came through is a new set of missions brought to you by none other than Lamar. Make sure you’re well equipped when you undertake one of his assignments, as these will be dangerous and challenging.


Other smaller additions include two new weapons; a machine pistol and a machete; a fourth property slot to give you more garage space, and a massive amount of new clothing and accessory items.


It’s funny how many people quickly began to grow skeptical of and annoyed with all the Lowrider rumors, which, at the time, seemed unlikely to be true. Then, when Freemode Events was announced, everyone instantly wrote off “Lowrider” as being some internet legend and won’t ever actually be announced or released.


While the majority of rumors are still bullshit, the number of rumors which turned out to be true make the whole rumor discussion much more interesting going forward. Knowing that with the release of Freemode Events, a new wave of GTA Online DLC is coming, of which Lowriders is just the first, rumors in the future will have much more credibility.


Are you guys surprised that GTA Online Lowriders turned out to actually exist?