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GTA Players Divided Over Running Back

Some GTA V fans aren’t giving thanks to Rockstar for the new Adversary Mode.

Rockstar recently released an all new Adversary Mode for GTA Online in order to celebrate the event of Thanksgiving. The Running Back mode is based on American football to commemorate the celebratory games traditionally held on that day. The mode features two teams, offense and defense. The goal of the offensive team is to get their runner, a Panto, across the score line. While, the defensive team needs to prevent this (obviously). The blockers, regardless of team, are driving BF Biftas.


These games are held on long, thin maps situated on bridges or in tunnels. In order to entice players even further to play this new mode, Rockstar has made Running Back part of the new Thanksgiving event, rewarding players with double RP and GTA $ along with all the other Adversary Mode.


However, based on a few Reddit reactions, the players are not particularly pleased. The push to liken the Adversary Mode to American football has taken focus off balancing issues, making Running Back a tad broken. In most cases, as the GTA V players describe, the Panto manages to zip past the blockers immediately, and the defensive team didn’t even have a chance to win.


Every game has been the Panto dodging the defenders at the first charge, and then that’s game.

Some players suggested the mode be somewhat altered, while still retaining the connection to football. Players suggest that an unmanned Panto be used as a “ball”, with the two teams being evenly matched (as opposed to the defense having one more), and each needing to push the Panto over the other’s score line while defending their own. If the thread garners enough publicity, chances are Rockstar may implement the change.

How are your feelings on the new GTA Online Mode, Running Back?

Make GTA V More Realistic – Less Fun

Let’s face it – taxes aren’t fun. And now you can have taxes in GTA V, but why would you want to?

GTA 5 Cheats has discussed this topic a few times before when reporting on certain mods which add more realistic features to GTA V. Some of these mods work in the game’s favor, such as making the visuals more realistic, or adding more realistic vehicle damaging, however some just make the game a bit of a chore. That said some players still look for absolute realism, even if it may be a bit of a burden. Well, here are three mods which add new features to the game which make it more realistic.


These three add a wide range of new features and game mechanics to GTA V. The least “intrusive” one of the mods is Complete Vehicle Indicator, which gives you real-time feedback regarding your the integrity of the car’s body, its engines, its windows and the bumpers. It also shows how degraded your tires are and at what temperature the engine is running.


The next one is a realistic Vehicle Call Service. If your car has been wrecked on the road, you can call out a repair service – however the work isn’t fixed price. Depending on the value of the damaged vehicle, you might end up shelling out a fortune to get your super-car back into shape, as fixing a Zentorno will not be as easy as fixing any old wreck.


Last up we have the least entertaining addition – the Complex Tax System. GTA V allows you to drive around luxurious vehicles, live in massive mansions, use the phone freely, once you’ve paid the purchase price and no more. However, life does not work that way, and people need to continuously pay taxes and insurance. If nothing else, this mod will give you motivation to make some money in GTA V.

Do you guys enjoy this sort of punishing realism in GTA V?

Check Out This GTA V Themed Music Video From Iman Shumpert

Those of you who follow basketball may be asking how a specific player is connected to both GTA V and music.

With street and gang culture being quite a significant theme of GTA, we’ve already linked two of the aforementioned topics. However, how does a basketball player factor into all of this? Well, with the media turning sport into a lucrative business with almost as much money going into it as all non-sports related media combined, professional athletes have become celebrities with unrivaled fortunes. In fact teams now make billion dollar trades when it came to contracting the best players.


However, contrary to popular belief, professional sport does leave room for other hobbies and pursuits. One particular basketball player who made his name playing for the New York Knicks but is currently throwing three-pointers for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA is Iman Shumpert. Shumpert is a relative newcomer to the basketball scene, having only begun his career in 2011. However, the 25 year old rising star isn’t just involved in professional sport.


In his free time, Shumpert dabbles in the art of rap music, having composed a few songs beginning with the “Knicks Anthem”, in honor of his first professional team. Since then, he has released a few further songs. Most recently, “Build Em”, which is a music video based entirely on GTA V.

This isn’t just some publicity stunt geared to ride on the popularity of GTA V either. The video proves Shumpert really knows his GTA, such as accurately simulating a cheat code to spawn a BMX bike. Even the movement “animation” seems to be accurate to the way characters move in-game. Shumpert also demonstrates the GTA V wardrobe’s functionality quite accurately. It’s just too bad GTA V doesn’t allow Franklin to sport a haircut like that!

Do any of our readers follow basketball when they’re not busy playing GTA V?

Petition For Next GTA City To Be Vancouver

Lets see how many GTA fans want to see the series move to Canada.

Various games in the GTA franchise have shown us a wide variety of cities in the fictionalized version of the USA depicted in the franchise. We have been introduced to the not-New-York Liberty City, the Not-Los-Angeles Los Santos, the Not-Las-Vegas Las Venturas, and many more. Most GTA games provided the player with one large city map with countless things to do and kill, with all sorts of in game events and activities which hammer home the whole satirical, social commentary message of the game.


However, the GTA community has begun to theorize what other countries in this fictional universe may be like. GTA fans may have gotten a feel of this with the two expansions in the 2D era which were set in England. While dropping players off in a city in a country on the other side of the largest body of water may seem too risky for big-budget AAA development, Canada seems to be the perfect destination  – but is it?

The GTA franchise has come into contact with Canada before on multiple occasions with the fact that Trevor himself is from up north. Setting the game in a non-US city would be a first for the current universe. The GTA franchise is deeply mired in satire and political commentary, and having the game set in a nation where the people are notoriously well-mannered is peculiar at best.


Currently, the petition to move GTA VI to Vancouver, Canada is sitting at 1,909 signatories. Now, Petition.org does not mark the minimum amount of signatures needed for something to actually happen. Rather, it just marks whatever new milestone is up next. If a considerable number of positive votes were registered, then it might hold some sway with Rockstar (although to be honest they are probably already working on GTA VI and this petition is too late…).

Do we have any Canadian GTA V fans among us?

GTA V Steam Sale Won’t Undermine Rockstar’s Own

Rockstar recently posted the details of their various Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotions, which involve reductions in the price of GTA V across all platforms when bought via the Rockstar Warehouse, which includes the PC download.

Incidentally, the Steam sale commemorating Black Friday (well, sort of. It’s called the “Exploration” Sale, and lasts a week), has also recently begun. One of the games on offer, as expected, is GTA V. The PC Download available from the Rockstar Warehouse isn’t the same as the Steam version, however it is a digital download, so the two are practically the same.


Thus, should Steam offer a deal better than the 40% discount Rockstar has going for it, it would be an obvious dent in revenue. When the discounts for the Steam Exploration Sale went up, the game was stamped with the 40% off mark. Now, granted, this is a better price than the game has ever had on Steam, but seeing as Rockstar is running the same sale, they hardly gave Valve a choice, as offering any less is hardly a sound business choice.

There has been an issue regarding Steam sales and GTA V before, which saw the game’s price inflated just before the sale went up, so that the unaware customers would still pay full price.


Has there has been some small measure of “foul play” this time around as well? As a part of Rockstar’s Black Friday promotion, people purchasing PC copies of GTA V will get a deposit of GTA$ 500k in their account – a deal the Steam version does not have. Again, Rockstar has managed to ensure that they get the biggest cut, as when GTA V is bought through Steam, they presumably have to share more with Steam.

Anyone bought something through the Steam sale yet?

LSPDFR Just Went Full Meta – 0.3

The team over at LSPDFR just pulled the biggest and least expected twist by virtue of a new feature the upcoming 0.3 update.

No mod has been more impressive, nor more ambitious, than the massive police simulator total conversion mod LSPDFR. The team has been hard at work on delivering the next major update for the modification, the 0.3 build, and have been posting frequent preview articles showcasing some of the new features that will be included in the new release. Until now at least, the whole concept of LSPDFR has been to flip the tables of GTA V and instead of a criminal, have the player take control of a police officer enforcing the law. Well, the team have made a rather stupefying announcement regarding the newest feature of their mod.


You will be able to play as a criminal in LSPDFR. To make it absolutely clear for all of you, let’s run this down. You can play a criminal simulator within a police simulator within a criminal simulator. You can play GTA in LSPDFR in GTA. Yep. They just went metameta.

The mod has been steadily gaining popularity, having now passed the half-million total downloads mark. The preview posts for 0.3 helped boost the popularity of the mod, as the new features are extensive and radical. This particular new feature was born of a testing methodology used by the development team.


The AI cops in the mod have been advanced far beyond anything found in the vanilla game, and what better way to test the effectiveness of AI cops than to give them someone to chase? Whenever the team introduced a new protocol to the NPC police allies present in the mod, they would jump into the game as one of the protagonists, cause a bit of trouble, and see how the police respond – and now, this has become a full feature.

Which previewed 0.3 feature of LSPDFR are you looking forward to the most?

This Mod Just Made GTA V Much, Much Harder

If you think GTA V isn’t hard, complicated, or dank enough, then this mod is for you.

GTA V isn’t known for its difficulty, though the game does have occasional harrowing moments. And while GTA Online’s heists are considered by some to be rather challenging, they can be turned into cake-walks by a well organised crew and a few tips and tricks which eliminate the troublesome aspects of the missions.

However, some gamers out there do appreciate a good challenge, as proven by the popularity of From Software’s RPG series, Dark Souls, which is infamous for its unforgiving difficulty.


One particular such gamer, who also happens to be an adept modder and a fan of GTA V, has decided to add a similar level of difficulty to Rockstar’s blockbuster. Aptly titled “Dank Souls” in honor of the infamous fantasy RPG.

The basic concept in Dank Souls is that the harder you fight against your enemies, the harder the game will push back at you. However, while absolute pacifism is an option, the slightest show of violence will result in an onslaught that forces you to fight with fervor.


The mechanics of the mod are turn-based as surprising as that may be. During the player’s turn, there are no police, so you may cause as much mayhem as you like. For each PED you kill, you will receive a soul. However, keep in mind that each PED kill results in three Dank Souls to be allocated to the “enemy”. During the enemy turn, you are attacked by waves of increasingly powerful opponents, with a boss following each third wave. The types of the enemies are marked by their mini-map blips, so you can plan your attack. This is necessary, as diving head first into conflict, you’ll probably not survive.

Who among you thinks GTA V would benefit from some more challenge?

Physical GTA V Goods Discounted For Black Friday

Rockstar’s celebration of Thanksgiving has extended beyond an in-game GTA Online event.


The GTA Online Thanksgiving event is well under way and gives players a chance to rack up double the RP and GTA $ by playing any of the several PvP Adversary Modes available. In fact, a whole new Adversary Mode was added to the game recently to celebrate the holiday. And in keeping with the tradition of the festive Thanksgiving football games, the new Adversary Mode, Running Back, is loosely based on hand-egg, or as the majority likes to call it, American “football”.

However, Rockstar’s special Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend sales will ensure that you bring a bit of GTA V into your celebration even if you’re not in front of the screen.

The special Rockstar Warehouse sale includes not just a few select items, but rather has a universal 40% discount on absolutely all games and merchandise found in the online store. However, that isn’t all, as Rockstar has also made some all new gear available for purchase as well, just so you have something special coming to you in that delivery. The special discount is live from tomorrow, Friday the 27th, all the way through the weekend until Monday the 30th, so you have four full days to carefully select what goes into your own personal crate drop.


Rockstar has also made some limited GTA V merchandise available for purchase. Previously, your only chance to nab any of these sought-after items was through promotions and giveaways, however now the Merryweather Polo, T-shirt, Cap and Mug, the Snapmatic T-shirt, the Loneliest Robot Pendrive and Greeting Card, the Epsilon Program Paperweight and the iFruit mouse pad and phone cases can be bought through the Rockstar Warehouse.

PC players got lucky with this sale, as not only is the PC version of GTA V also at a 40% discount, but all PC purchases will land the new players a deposit of GTA$500K. There is also an exclusive buy-one-get-one promotion in effect for all Shark Cards.

What GTA V merch are you guys buying?

GTA Online Gives Thanks With Double RP and $GTA


First it was just an Adversary Mode – now, a whole event.

You asked for more double RP and GTA$ events, Rockstar is giving you more double RP and GTA$ events. With the Lowriders week just behind us, Rockstar is tossing yet another event our way.

This time it is for the occasion of Thanksgiving, that one very old celebration which is held for various reasons in various countries (but is predominantly known as a US thing). Preparations are being made in households all over the world for this rather significant event where families unite to remember all the good things that have happened to them – or, you know, log on to GTA Online because double GTA$, yo.


The event lasts from the 26th till the 29th (don’t worry, that turkey dinner will fit), with something special planned for the 27th. Players will be able to pack in double the rewards and reputation from all Adversary Modes, including the all new “Running Back” mode, which is based on the traditional Thanksgiving football games held in the USA.

While the last-gen consoles are missing out on all the new content, they’re still getting a piece of the double reward action, and that offer is valid on all Adversary Modes.


On the 27th, which happens to fall on a particular Friday which is associated with a dark color (or lack of color, if you want to nitpick), there will be some special discounts on in-game items. All apartments can be yours for 40% less than regular price, plus a 25% discount on all vehicles. With the lowriders being as pricey as they are, that latter discount sure will be popular. Good thing your GTA Online character can’t get trampled to death.

How are you guys celebrating Thanksgiving? Will you be having your slice of the turkey while sitting in front of a screen, grinding GTA Online Adversary Modes?

GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips

Rockstar has really been pushing the Adversary Modes these past updates, so if you need some guiding this post is perfect for you.

Recent updates to GTA Online have continuously added new and unique Adversary Modes to the game; expanding the PVP possibilities of the game considerably. The new modes are quite varied and are sufficiently different from previous game modes so that even seasoned players might benefit from a few tips on how to dominate these new mission types. Rockstar has been known to release guides to new content before, though it is hardly a rule. One of the modes featured in these tips is “Offense Defense”, which concluded the Lowriders Weeks GTA Online event a few days ago.


We might as well jump in with that mode right away. Offense Defense is a checkpoint based activity, with 2 to 4 teams competing for the win. Each team has two members, one Runner and one Blocker. The Runner’s goal is to reach the end of the course in the shortest possible time while the Blocker needs to prevent the other Runners from achieving this and also defend their own Runner in the process. Runners might try leading attackers off on other routes, while Blockers should always keep close to their runners, rather than going on the hunt.


“Hunting Pack” is a different mode that features a truck which will blow up if it slows down. One team needs to prevent this from happening, while the other seeks to achieve it. Blockers should try to block the Runner when its turning a corner, or near immovable objects, and don’t forget – the handbrake is your friend. As for the Defenders, you should keep a tight formation around the Runner to protect it from harm.


Finally, we have Cross the Line, which it basically dodgeball with bullets. You need to get from your end of the map over into enemy territory, while preventing the enemy from doing the same. The best tactic here is to take it slow and stick to cover.

Have fun!