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GTA Liberty City Stories Released On Android

After last year’s release of GTA Liberty City Stories on iOS the mobile port of the spin-off game has finally made its way to Android devices.

Following the tenth anniversary of GTA III a few years back which Rockstar celebrated by porting the legendary game to mobile devices, all 3D era games have gradually gone portable. Vice City, San Andreas and now Liberty City Stories are all available on both iOS and Android. Allegedly a version of LCS is coming to Amazon devices however there is no official word on when to expect it.


Liberty City Stories’ arrival to mobile wasn’t as much of a surprise as Rockstar had intended. Not only were players expecting it since it would be next in line for the mobile treatment anyway, but the rating of the game leaked a few days ahead of the official announcement. Apparently Rockstar makes quite a bit of cash off its mobile ports, suggested by how strongly they pushed this version on the Newswire, their own announcement platform.

One of their biggest stunts was a giveaway that possibly was the biggest one in the developer’s history. Anyone on the Social Club had the chance to win either the most recent versions of an iPad or iPhone with one-of-a-kind hyper-detailed LCS themed paint-jobs. These weren’t shoddy skins either, but automotive class work.

Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.
Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.

The Android version of Liberty City Stories is virtually identical to the iOS one, the only difference being you don’t need to own overpriced fashion devices to be able to play on the go. The controls of the game have been adapted to touchscreens, the draw distance and textures have been improved, and general game stability is better than it was on the PS2 original.

Do we have any long time Liberty City Stories fans here, or is this your first encounter with this GTA installment?

GTA V Soundtrack Bestseller For Second Year

Since GTA V being the second best selling game last month clearly isn’t good enough, another product associated with the title must also be a top-seller. There was a time when games weren’t known for their soundtrack. There was a time when they didn’t even have soundtrack, or the best that we could hope for were beeps and boops.

Since it became custom for games to have their own full original soundtrack, many eternal legends and instant classics have arisen. A large portion of the music industry is driven by selling game soundtracks separately (a baffling proposition. If you’ve bought and played the game then you’ve already paid for and heard the music. Why should you have to pay for it again?). Naturally GTA V’s soundtrack is pretty sought after.


So much so that “The Music of Grand Theft Auto V” is the best selling soundtrack (not video game soundtrack – soundtrack in general!) for the second consecutive year. The soundtrack came in before Destiny, another AAA heavy hitter with popular music. The sci-fi shooter’s soundtrack has also been on the charts for two years.

While the difference between first place and second was pretty big in terms of revenue, second and third were separated by a hair. GTA V’s soundtrack grossed £12,409, Destiny’s made £9,593, with Halo 5 coming in third at £9,400. Ironic really, how Bungie, the original creators of the Halo franchise, beat their successors at their own game.


Surprisingly enough GTA V and Destiny aren’t the only top tenners from previous years. Despite 2015 being really strong in terms of AAA releases with solid soundtracks, the charts are still dominated by the likes of Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition and The Last Of Us. Let’s see if GTA V can stay on top for yet another year, shall we?

Have any of you guys bought GTA V’s soundtrack separately?

GTA Online Valentine’s Day Event Kicked Off

Rockstar had just released its newest GTA Online DLC for the event of Valentine’s Day along with the all new Adversary Mode Till Death Do Us Part. The Be My Valentine update saw the return of the Roosevelt and the Gusenberg Sweeper from last year as well as the addition of a host of all new clothing items. Granted, most of this was known to players a bit sooner than Rockstar wanted. While the event may only be here for the weekend, the items added in the DLC are in the game permanently so there is no rush to buy it all before the deadline.


But what would a thematic DLC be without its own GTA Online event?  Lasting from yesterday all the way till the 18th of February, the Be My Valentine Event has plenty of new ways to make some serious cash. The obligatory double RP and GTA $ promo this time around is on the new Adversary Mode. Whether you’re just jumping in to a match of Till Dead Do Us Part or going through the playlist, you’ll get twice as much cash. Players completing the playlist will even receive a unique fireworks launcher and matching ammo to liven things up a bit.

Since the celebration of the Day of Saint Valentine is all about couples and pairing up, Rockstar geared this event with that in mind. Activities which require two people (at least. No one’s judgmental here…). Things like arm wrestling and riding in a vehicle with another player double your RP intake, allowing you to level up twice as fast. Unfortunately Rockstar opted not to double cash rewards for these activities – that would be too easy for the players, wouldn’t it?


GTA Online is an extremely immersive game and is filled to the brim with all kinds of side-activities with no actual impact on your character or your progression. Among these are some typical date activities which have now been made free of charge while the event lasts. Why you’d want to “go on a date” in GTA V is beyond us but going to the cinema in-game, or taking a ride on the roller-coaster or Ferris wheel won’t be setting you back any GTA $.

Nothing says “Be My Valentine” like a volley of lead, so ammunition for SMGs (which means the Sweeper!) costs half as much during the event than it usually does. No gangster worth his salt would venture out into the streets without his Tommy gun fully loaded.


Log-in rewards return in the shape of two shirts. Players who boot up GTA Online during Saturday and Sunday will get a free, exclusive shirt each day. Granted, these are a lot more simple than some of the one’s we saw in the past but hey, free clothes.

Photographers, time to whip your phones out (I bet that made you cringe)! The Be My Valentine Snapmatic contest is on. Rockstar usually announces a Snapmatic contest during the event associated with a new DLC release, so this should be familiar ground. Unlimited entries. $GTA 1 million cash prize. You know the drill.


No proper DLC-warming week-long event would be complete with some merchandise being given away. Social Club members will get the chance to nick some sweet physical GTA V goods if they keep their eyes out. Scented candles, pendants, greeting cards and best-selling soundtracks are up for the taking.

Rockstar is also hosting a livestream, like they usually do. Rockstar staff and some guest players will be taking the new Adversary Mode out for a spin on the official Twitch channel.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you most excited about?

GTA Online Gets Valentine’s Adversary Mode

Following the release of GTA Online’s Be My Valentine DLC, Rockstar teased at an upcoming Adversary Mode to commemorate the event as well. The new mode wasn’t among the details of the update leaked a while back, so players had no idea what to expect, nor did anyone expect to see it so soon. Last year’s Valentine’s Day update didn’t bring any new PvP game modes, however in recent months Rockstar has been tossing out new Adversary Modes like there’s no tomorrow.


We speculated that the Till Death Do Us Part mode will be some sort of deathmatch with 2-player teams. As it turns out we were right, but there is more to it than that. Since true love is typically characterized by not being able to live without your better half, in this Adversary Mode if your partner dies, so do you. Each team has one life in between the two members and gain a health regeneration bonus if in close proximity. Of course it goes without saying that this mode is best played in vintage clothes and with the Gusenberg Sweeper.

Currently there are five locations where you can play Till Death Do Us Part, all in some of the most scenic and romantic areas of GTA Online. To keep you in the game Rockstar has put together an event playlist cycling through the locations. When team coordination and strategy is so important, it pays to know the terrain.


The new Adversary Mode will be a rather prominent feature of the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend event Rockstar has organised. No doubt playing the new mode will provide double payouts, however if Adversary Modes aren’t your thing, we’re sure there will be other lucrative opportunities as well.

Do you guys have anyone with whom to play this new GTA Online Adversary Mode?

GTA V Second Best Selling Game In 2016 So Far

Rockstar sure knows how to kick off a new year. January was an extremely strong month for the guys behind GTA V and they’re showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. GTA 5 has somehow managed to stay in the current top five games constantly without dropping off ever since launch. The number of records broken by this one game is astounding. Rockstar sure had the right idea when they spread out the launch dates of the various ports – those intervals guaranteed the game’s longevity at the financial peak.


Typically the top-five best selling games can be easily predicted in the AAA sphere. The big-name, over-hyped titles always switch each other out. Whenever a Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA or Assassin’s Creed game is launch, it’s bound to hold the spot for a while until the next over-marketed big budget title drops. However somehow GTA V managed to defy the unwritten laws of the AAA industry and it never surrendered its position. Hell, it went up.

This is the third consecutive January where Grand Theft Auto V was a Top 5 title. Astonishingly, the game has moved up in ranking placement from fifth place in January 2014, to third in January 2015 and to the second-best selling game in January 2016.


The above quote comes from an NDP Group analyst and they’re hard to impress. The NDP is known for disregarding digital sales, which in today’s world is a significant oversight. Add to this the fact that GTA V has sold over 60 million copies since launch and those figures might change a tad. The only game that outsold GTA V in January was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Because of course it did. If the game’s sales keep up the pace GTA V just might become the best selling video game of all time before it’s taken out of circulation.


How many sales have you contributed to GTA V’s portfolio? We ask since some players are known to re-buy games for multiple platforms.

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Sale

In yet another wave of sales GTA V has been discounted on the PS3 and PS4. This particular sale doesn’t really have a specific reason for being, not that retailers really need explanations for their sales (though they do take every chance to make up excuses for one).


A few rather popular titles on Sony’s consoles have been discounted on the Playstation store.  This coincides with Steam’s Lunar New Year sale, which also features a cheaper GTA V among just under 10,000 other discounted games. That’s Steam for you.

Among the several big-name games that have had their prices slashed is God of War 3 Remastered and Destiny: The Taken King alongside Rockstar’s cash cow. Techically the latter isn’t part of the same sale as the other two, not that it particularly matters. If you want to experience Kratos’ ultimate adventure on the superior hardware of the PS4, you’ll need to pay £15.99 instead of the regular thirty.

Coming to GTA V, prices differ depending on platform. Naturally the older PS3 version is the cheaper of the two – and the lesser. Last-gen gamers can pick up GTA V for £17.49 compared to the original price of £49.99. We’ve spoken about how steady GTA V’s price has been all this time despite its age, however even that doesn’t justify keeping the last-gen version’s price that high.

The current gen version got itself a smaller discount but it’s still something. Rather than the regular £54.99, you can now pick up GTA V on PS4 for just £36.84. The discounts on the three games last until the 17th of February.


GTA V, despite having originally been released almost three years ago with current-gen version having been around for a year, will be seeing a promotional console bundle package together with the Uncharted collection.

Are any of you guys picking up either GTA V or God of War 3 Remastered during the sale?

GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Items Here To Stay

The times of missing out on thematic DLC content appear to be behind us. GTA Online’s most recent update, Be My Valentine is adding a bunch of new content to the game. Hopefully this update has set a new status quo too, as Rockstar has confirmed that unlike the Halloween Surprise DLC, all Valentine’s DLC items will remain in the game permanently. No more drive to buy everything up before they’re gone forever. No more watching others pounce about in their DLC clothes knowing that you missed out.


The content of the Be My Valentine DLC leaked a good long while ago, spoiling the surprise of a boatload of new vintage clothing items and the return of the Roosevelt. Last year Rockstar also released a DLC commemorating Valentine’s Day which included gangster era clothes, an old timer car in the shape of the Roosevelt and the legendary tommy gun.

Then soon after they took it all out again. Of course if you’d bought the gear it stayed yours, however it otherwise disappeared from stores to purchase. Rockstar repeated this policy with several other thematic and seasonal DLCs.


This Valentin’s though, a fan decided to go and ask Rockstar support how long the DLC items would be around, since there was no word on this in the official announcement.  Seeing as this is kind of a big deal, it’s surprising that Rockstar decided to downplay this little tidbit of info. The comments regarding this revelation show just how much it means to the fans. It’s not like Rockstar needs to improve their already perfect public image, but this would have been a solid boost.

A discussion regarding making thematic DLC items permanent in game had popped up previously in the past, and surprisingly enough most people were against the idea. Now that Rockstar’s actually doing it, they’re all for it!

What are your feelings on making DLC items a permanent addition to GTA Online?

GTA Online’s Valentine’s Day DLC Released

After pretty much all of its content was leaked some time ago we can now actually play the long awaited Be My Valentine DLC in GTA Online. Rockstar released a content update to commemorate this date last year (and the year before) as well, adding new clothes, a vehicle and some special events.


This is hardly a major DLC release such as Lowriders or Executives and Other Criminals were. Rockstar tends to release small-scale DLCs in honor of certain real-word events like Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Valentine’s Day is getting more than an Adversary Mode, though.


Returning to GTA Online better than ever is the old timer Roosevelt, now with an updated model. Dubbed the Roosevelt Valor, the new version of the car features a polished in-game model and new customizations at Los Santos Customs. It seems the fan theory that the Roosevelt will make its way to Benny’s in wake of the Sultan and Banshee have fell through. Last year’s Roosevelt has been made available for purchase as well in case you missed out.

The DLC also adds a massive amount of new vintage style clothing to GTA Online. Not only is there a massive collection of new attire with all the items needed for your retro charmer outfit, underwear and all, but the clothes from last year’s DLC can be bought once again! The replica tommy gun is back in stock as Ammunation as well.


Coming tomorrow is the gameplay feature of the DLC. A new Adversary Mode named Till Death Do Us Part is advertised as a couples based mode. By the looks of it, we’re looking at a deathmatch style setup with 2-man teams. Knowing Rockstar, they still have a few tricks up their sleeve, and this isn’t all the Valentine’s Day goodies they have in store for GTA Online. Keep your eyes out for more info.

PS: It’s been confirmed 100% that all content from the Be My Valentine DLC will remain available in GTA Online indefinitely!

GTA V Landmark’s Real Life Version Rebuilt

This is a bit different from the usual GTA V related news we report on as it has no direct impact on the game itself, but we think many of you will find this bit of information interesting nonetheless.

As we all know GTA V’s Los Santos is based on the real life city of Los Angeles. It shares many landmarks and tries to mimic much of LA’s layout as well – so much so that people have been making “real life GTA” videos in the city for comparison.


Unfortunately one particular landmark won’t be appearing in any such videos in the future, or at least not in the same way. The Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge is a triple-section vertical lift bridge crossing the port of Los Angeles at the Cerritos Channel. To allow larger ships to pass the midsection of the bridge can be elevated on vertical rails located in the two towers, which also act as support structures.

Said mid-section, which is the bridge’s main characteristic, is being dismantled and replaced with a stationary element in the coming months. The bridge has stood in its current form for 68 years, and has been in need of restoration for quite a while now. Unfortunately it will never be the same without the lift function.

While it’s role in the blockbuster flick Inception may be its most well known outing in popular culture, its equivalent in GTA V may be the best virtual preservation of the landmark. For all we know, future GTA games set in Los Santos will feature the new, non-lifting version of the bridge. All of this may seem insignificant to many of you, but the prospect of a video game acting as a “memoir” for an old piece of architecture and engineering is quite fascinating.

Do we have and LA locals among our readers? Have you ever seen the bridge in the flesh concrete?

Drive Your GTA V Yacht In Single Player

Modding GTA Online exclusive DLC content into single player is one thing. Doing it even better than the official version? Now that’s skill.

The modding community has made it an unofficial mission to get as much official Rockstar content from Online over into single player as possible. Many players who like story mode as much as Online or even more, are a tad sore that Rockstar is only ever giving the multiplayer mode any love. While it is impossible to implement certain elements of the Online DLC in Single Player, things such as cars are entirely possible.


You know what GTA V now has that Online doesn’t? Drivable yachts. Granted, it’s the yacht from GTA IV, the windows don’t break, the interior is sort of empty and it bugs out often but you can drive it.


Modder Tall70 has ported over the model of the yacht from the previous numbered installment of the franchise to GTA V in it’s (almost) full glory. The ship is a tad slow coming in with a max speed of 35 mph, but if you’re cruising in a luxury yacht speed shouldn’t be your priority.

While the interior is bare at the moment, as mentioned earlier the author intends to redecorate in the next update. He also intends to get most of the bugs fixed. Compared to a first release, the mod is pretty solid already. The color scheme can be customized and the rain does not fall through the roof. The yacht has proper collision, so you won’t be clipping into the landscape or falling though the floor.


In fact, the collision is better than it was on the original version back in GTA 4. Now you can actually land a helicopter on the pad and have it stay there, though it’s hardly stable.

What other GTA IV vehicles would you like to see make a return?