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GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Release Date Announced (For Real)


Well, time to stop the rumor mills, Rockstar has announced not only the official release date of Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, but they’ve also announced the content of the Independence Day DLC. In a recent post on the newswire, Rockstar has marked July 8th (a Wednesday? Seriously?) as the day when Ill-Gotten Gains Par II will launch on all platforms, adding even more stuff in the game to spend your hard earned cash on.


The reason for Ill-Gotten Gains’ existence is that players began to run out of stuff to buy. Astounding, I know, but people don’t like having money in GTA V.


So, in response, Rockstar added a bunch of grossly overpriced luxury items to the popular video game. In Ill-Gotten Gains Part I, Rockstar added a bunch of clothes, weapon and vehicle engravings, some high-end cars, a helicopter and a 10 million dollar gold plated private jet which, admittedly, is rather useless but looks blinging.


Ill-Gotten Gains Part II will add another boatload of clothing items, the Knuckleduster and ridiculously powerful Marksman Pistol weapons, a luxury off-road vehicle called the Coil Brawler, a ship with a wooden finish called the Lampadati Toro, the Invetero Coquette BlackFin old timer, the Progen T20 sports car, the stylish Vapid Chino, and the luxurious bike, the Dinka (seriously?) Vindicator.


There will also be a weekend event kicking off on the 10th to celebrate the release of the DLC pack. This year, what Rockstar is doing is re-introducing the same content of last year’s Independence Day DLC at a cheaper price.


Are you guys looking forward to Ill-Gotten Gains Part II? What stuff will you be buying first? Will you even have any money left over from last time around (mainly asking owners of the golden jet here.)?





GTA V’s Welcome To Los Santos Coming To All Platforms

Rockstar has recently announced that the collection of GTA V’s songs known as Welcome To Los Santos, which debuted in the PC version of the game, will be added to the other four platforms with the coming Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC (more on that here).


In accordance with the announcement, Rockstar has launched a competition on the Rockstar Social Club, where they’ll be raffling out vinyl records to five lucky winners. The vinyls come in vibrant colors with cover art depicting a stylized map of Los Santos. The vinyls will feature music collected by the in-game radio hosts Doctor No and Chemical Bro, who run The Lab radio station.

Featuring a diverse array of artists from across the musical spectrum – including Earl Sweatshirt, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs, Popcaan, Killer Mike, Tunde Adebimpe and Samuel T. Herring (from Future Islands).

You can take part in the competition if you enter by the 30th of June. That’s next Tuesday, so you better get on it if you haven’t already! The vinyls will be available after the competition, but this is your chance to get one of these flashy collector’s items for free, and earlier than everyone else (save four other people, that is). Obviously, you’ll need to have an active Rockstar Social Club account to enter the competition, and need to be 18 years of age at the very least.

Video game soundtracks are cool and all, but I’m of the opinion that they should be available with every purchase of base games, since the songs are in the game you bought so you’ll be hearing them anyway, but putting out vinyl records that are this stylish is a cool collector’s item.

Will you guys be picking up the vinyl record down the line? Does anyone among you even have a still working vinyl player?

GTA V Meets 007 and John Wick

Oh my, what’s this? Not one but two amazingly detailed and authentic videos made using the Rockstar Editor, adapting various pop culture icons? Well, considering there are goddamn millions of these, this should come as no surprise.


While these videos are a little older (well, internet old – nothing that has been on the web for longer than a few hours can be considered new), they’re definitely worth another look, simply by virtue of them being absolutely awesome.

Here we have two suit-wearing, gun toting badasses. While one is a little more guns blazing and the other a tad sneaky beaky, the similarities cannot be denied. Both Mr. Bond and Mr. Wick would be well suited to the criminal world of GTA. One would charm himself through, while the other would carve himself a blood soaked warpath.

First up, we have Bond. James Bond.

That’s right folks, it’s all there. The iconic opening, the weaponized spy car, the music, the atmosphere, the style, the feel. This right here is what authenticity means. The amount of time and effort fans must be putting into these recreations is pretty damned impressive. The Rockstar Editor was a stroke of genius on the developer’s part, that’s for sure.

In related news, do not mess with Keanu Reeves’ dog. Ever.


With gratuitous violence being a staple of both GTA and John Wick, this pairing was a match made in heaven. If heaven was a bullet hell filled with mangled corpses. You get the picture. John Wick was widely acclaimed, and anyone who has seen the film should know why. If all the praise the action flick has gotten wasn’t enough to get you to watch it, this GTA-ified version of its trailer should!

We’ve seen a host of high quality Rockstar Editor videos. What IP do you want to see get the GTA treatment next?

GTA V Goes To New Zealand

GTA V is set in an exciting, sprawling open world modeled after Los Angeles. Many iconic landmarks from the real world city of angels can be found in Los Santos, but don’t be surprised if you bump into a Pak’n Save.

With the PC version of GTA V supporting mods (I use the word “supporting” loosely), a whole world of opportunity has opened up before the modding community. Total conversion mods aren’t unheard of, nor are the recreation of other maps. This particular mod is a tad less ambitious, but it certainly pays quite some attention to detail.


Welcome to New Zealand, folks! Before you pack your bags, note that this mod hasn’t actually been released, due to fear for copyright issues.

Kiwiana GTA is a mod that adds kiwi flare to an otherwise obviously american setting, be it TUI beer banners or KFC (which, granted, is an american company, but still characteristic of New Zealand).

Owing to the criminal side of the GTA franchise, Andre Hema-Kani, the mod’s author, added some mighty mongrel mobsters to the game as well. Andre got overwhelmingly positive feedback after posting screenshots of his creation, however he is reluctant to release the mod to the masses, as the logos and banners used belong to existing commercial entities, and he wants to steer clear of any lawsuits.

While Andre does say that if the mod is anything to go on, his hometown is hardly typical kiwi, but the brands he used are the most widely recognized. He has full intention to continue work on the mod, and the community has been throwing suggestions at him non-stop.

Cultural modifications are few and far between, though considering the amount of media coverage this mod has gotten, we just might see a surge in similar projects soon. I’d love to see some szürkemarha and parasztkolbász in GTA (if anyone gets that, you’re officially awesome.).

What kind of cultural mods would you like to see in GTA V?

GTA V Used To Recreate Arthur Opening

The internet is a wild, wild place, with all sorts of insanely creative and creatively insane people. One such person, praise be done upon his name, is Merfish. Merfish, in his wisdom and glory, decided to grace the internet with this beauty a while back:

May the voice of angels buckle as they speak his name.

That masterpiece of high art was created using the Rockstar Editor, an in-built gameplay capture and video editing software found in the PC versions of GTA V. It allows players to view a recorded scene from many different cinematic angles, allows for the changing of lighting conditions and so on. Some skilled youtubers made extensive use of this tool, recreating various pop-culture scenes in GTA, and the popularity of this tool has been a major factor in GTA’s long lifespan, second only to modding (also, only on PC). Other notable creations include Breaking Bad and Mad Max.


This time around, Merfish has targeted another one of your fond childhood memories for sanctification. In his endless wisdom, Merfish has selected the late PBS cartoon, Arthur, to go through the rite of Grand Theft Autoification, and in his generosity, has allowed us mortals to glimpse it. As with the Full House video, a tad more violence was added this time around as well. Observe, and be humbled.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show in question, firstly, shame, secondly, here’s a side by side comparison of the original opening and merfish’s improved version.

As with the previous video, the attention to detail and the strife towards authenticity, coupled with the over the top violence (for a children’s cartoon, anyway) which is a staple of GTA, this creation is quite an accurate representation of just what extended exposure to GTA does to a human brain. It’s beautiful.

What show’s opening will Merfish, praise be done upon his name, tackle next?

GTA V 1.12 Update Might Include DLC

With all the rumors afoot about various upcoming content updates for GTA Online and singleplayer DLC, the upcoming 1.12 patch for current gen consoles and PC might be bringing with it some new toys and missions. Rockstar has, on multiple occasions, stated that new content will be coming pretty soon, and that players should keep a close eye on the newswire for more info in the coming days.

While most information we have on upcoming content is speculation at best, all of these possible runner-ups have some pretty solid evidence behind them, not to mention that Rockstar themselves have corroborated. Let’s take a look at the runner ups, shall we?


Ill-Gotten Gains Part II seems like the obvious choice, since part one was recently released with Rockstar saying that the followup will come this summer. Ill-Gotten Gains gave players the chance to purchase some exquisite luxury times, such as a gold plated private jet, and introduced weapon engravings. Ill-Gotten Gains Part II will probably follow the same high-life theme of Part I, and many have speculated that the casino will be added, either as a feature with gambling gameplay, as a heist, or both. Two weapons, the Marksman Pistol and the Knuckleduster have been confirmed to become available with Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, alongside some clothing items and new vehicles.

Many assume that Rockstar has an Independence Day DLC lined up this year as well, like they did last time around. Whether or not this will come in the same update as Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, or if the two DLCs are actually one and the same, no one knows. Some players are hoping that the DLC is the exact same as it was last year, giving new players a chance to acquire the exclusive content that was on offer for a limited time, while others who already have the Liberator Monster Truck are hoping for all new content. The Independence Day DLC with be available either the Tuesday or Thursday the week before the actual event.


Some players have cooked up a theory that the casino’s opening will warrant its own DLC all together. With rumors about more singplayer DLC coming, a casino heist featuring Franklin among them, it is possible that the addition of a gambling feature, the casino opening as a playable area both in GTA Online and singplayer, plus  the heist we mentioned will be included in a self contained Casino DLC. When players noticed that the casino’s sign changed from “coming soon” to “opening next week” and contacted Rockstar, official response was to keep an eye on the newswire.


The last piece of potential DLC that will be coming soon is the rumored singleplayer DLCs, namely, the Agent DLC for Trevor and the Zombies DLC for Michael. These are the least likely, since they have only recently been teased with a picture of Franklin’s voice actor in a mocap suit, which means production is still in early stages.

What do you guys think? Which of the rumored DLCs will be the next one to launch?

GTA V Online Casino Might Open Next Week

With rumors about upcoming DLC, and info about the sequel, we’ve already have a ton of unconfirmed info about the future of the GTA franchise. To add to it, one player noticed something interesting in GTA Online the other day. The casino, which has been present but closed since launch with a sign saying “Coming Soon”, has been a fixation of many a player, wondering when the feature will be implemented in the game.

For some players, the sign changed and read “Opening Next Week”, which would suggest that the launch of the GTA Online casino is 7 days away.



Some users reached out to notable GTA V personalities, but Rockstar themselves decided to chip in with a tweet about what this might mean.

With Rockstar clearly referring to the casino itself as “that”, and the call for attention, we’re certain to be getting something official on this, and presumably within the week. It is also plausible that the casino will come as a feature of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, and if this is true, then the DLC will be launching significantly sooner than expected. Since gambling very much fits the theme of the DLC, this theory isn’t far fetched.

There have been all kinds of rumors circulating recently about upcoming GTA V content, such as singleplayer DLCs, new heists, a DLC pack commemorating Independence Day, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, and so on. With all of these rumors going around, something must be brewing over at Rockstar games, and it seems that we will find out just what that particular something is very soon. In less than a week, to be exact. Fans are all spinning their tales of what kind of hints they’ve found, what certain leaks suggest and what would seem most likely, but in time, we’ll know what is really going on.

What to you guys think? What is the most likely DLC to be actually in development?

GTA V Singleplayer DLC Coming After All

Oh, the AAA industry. When a big name company says they won’t do something and then do the thing anyway. Most recently we had Microsoft announcing backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and now, after the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company said not to expect any singleplayer content, one of the voice actors teases some upcoming DLC.


A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on

Shawn Fonteno, voice actor of Franklin, one of the three playable protagonists of GTA V, posted a picture on Instagram of himself wearing a motion capture suit in front of a GTA Vice City poster. The image description reads “Shhhh…..YALL KNOW WHY I GOT THIS SUIT ON”.

Its pretty obvious he’s doing some mocap work for is role in GTA V, which means we’ll definitely be getting some more single player DLC.

Some eager players began mining the game’s code for information, and some interesting things popped up. A pointer to a model called “ig_agent14″, which is different from the “ig_mp_agent14″ which appears in GTA Online suggest we’ll be meeting Agent 14 in the upcoming DLC. Other sources say that, while Trevor will be off infiltrating the IAA in the Agent DLC, Michael will be battling the risen dead in the Zombie DLC. How Franklin factors into this all, we do not yet know, but he is most likely involved in the Casino Heist.


The info mining on the unconfirmed DLC has turned up possible mission trigger locations, such as the IAA headquarters.

In regards to the Zombie DLC, there is much less concrete info. The DLC has been hinted at in the past, and it’s not unlike Rockstar to release undead content for their games, see RDR. It is most likely that the DLC will be in connection with Michael’s strong ties to the movie industry, and the missions will be centered around the production of a zombie flick.

What do you guys think of these rumors? Are you happy that there is singleplayer DLC on the way?

GTA V Event Awards Clothing

Fact of the matter is, gamers love collecting. Be it achievements, weapons, skins, clothes or… collectibles, if there is an x/y counter of it in game, players will want to max it out, get it 100%.

GTA players are no different, and oh boy are there collectibles in Grand Theft Auto V. For those of you seeking to accumulate all the wearable items in GTA V because you just can’t stand a wardrobe that isn’t full, Rockstar has a treat for you.


Following the launch of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, there was a one-time weekend event with some exclusive loot, including and Enema-0 designer shirt. For those of you who missed out, Rockstar is offering another chance. For a limited time, as a part of the bonus loot event, the shirt will be found in any crate drops in GTA Online.

If you missed out on collecting the weekend-exclusive quartet of designer tees, not to worry – we’ve got an additional bonus tee available starting today bearing the name of one of Portola Drive’s luxury retailers (pictured above). The Enema 0 t-shirt will be available in all Crate Drops for a limited time only – so jump in your Osiris or Swift Deluxe to race there first.

Giving players who missed out on the Ill-Gotten Gains weekend event another shot at this shirt isn’t the only treat Rockstar has for players who couldn’t log on at that time. They’ve put together a video of the event’s highlights so that you can catch up on the mayhem that the players and devs were up to when the luxurious content was launched.

Meanwhile, speculation regarding the next DLC pack for GTA Online is afoot. Newest developments suggest that it might not even be part 2 of Ill-Gotten Gains, but rather a special Independence Day DLC.

What do you guys think the next content drop will include?

Upcoming GTA V Mods To Keep An Eye On

Yesterday we looked at some of the best or most fun mods available for GTA V right now. These mods were just a few of the droves upon droves of mods available for the game, which keep the experience fresh, and add to the mayhem.


However, just like developing games, making mods of this caliber is difficult, especially considering most mods are the work of a one-man team, and instead of working with their own code, they need to get acclimatized to the ins, outs and quirks of Rockstar’s code in order to not break the game completely. These mods do see the light of day before becoming publicly available, in order to show off the modder’s prowess before the eager players jump in to discover a multitude of bugs, since more ambitious mods only ever reach a vaguely stable state rather late in their life cycle.

We’ve reported on quite a few mods in the past, and many of the are still works in progress. One of our previously mentioned mods is the massive undertaking of porting Vice City into GTA V’s engine. The city itself is there, and the water and lighting effects are that of GTA V, as well as the vehicles, however the city is devoid of life, and the textures/models still need a bit of work. Soon, the mod will be freely available for all to enjoy, but in the mean time, we have this video:

Another rather ambitious undertaking that has gotten the media’s attention is the upcoming Los Santos Life RPG. The team working on this project, Grey’s Late Night Diner, said that the idea came from the Altis Life mod made for the extremely popular (because mods) shooter ArmA 3, which added several features that allowed players to “live a real life”. Getting a job, purchasing a house, join law enforcement – all in a military FPS. Now, Los Santos is a sprawling metropolis which already provides players with a number of every-day activities to perform, so we’re interested to see where this ambitious mod will take us.

What do you guys think about the GTA V modding community? Do you like playing fan content?