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It’s Yet Another GTA V PC Sale

In the world of digital distribution purchasing games at full price is flushing money down the shitter.

Buying games at full price is this, literally

When one distributor’s sale ends, another’s begins. Discounts codes, coupons, and sales offer a multitude of methods to acquire games for a significantly lower price than the standard $60 you usually need to shell out (for a AAA game like GTA 5). Recently, GTA V has been discounted on several occasions for every platform it released on. And now yet again the PC version of Rockstar’s blockbusting open world crime game can be bought at a low price.

If you head on over to GamesPlanet, a retailer and digital distributor based in the United Kingdom, you can pick up GTA V for £31.99. That is a full 20% markdown from the game’s standard price. Considering GTA V initially released more than 2 years ago, it has kept its value (at full price at least) steady. This was mainly made possible due to the spread out release schedule of the various platform ports, with the PC version being less than a year old.

You after this latest sale

In this day and age AAA titles lose value swiftly and the vast majority of games have their price reduced by half pretty quickly. However GTA is one of the few games with the kind of brand recognition that allows it to keep the $US60 price point up for so long. It stands alongside the likes of Call of Duty (even after several years, the older installments are still full price) and FIFA in this regard.

Yup, it's a games sale
Yup, it’s a games sale

Considering that this is the umpteenth GTA V discount in recent weeks, and that a ludicrous number of copies have been shipped (a whole 54 million), not counting digital sales (which far outnumbers physical), chances are that anyone who wanted to get GTA V probably has it by now.

Honestly, does anyone know anyone who wants GTA V but still hasn’t gotten around to purchasing it?

GTA Livestream With Soundtrack Artist Delayed

A few days ago we posted about Rockstar’s new livestream schedule which was supposed to be keeping you company these cold weekend afternoons.


The first scheduled stream, featuring several prominent YouTubers taking some of the new Freemode Events and the two newly added Adversary modes for a spin went without a hitch. However, yesterday eager fans waiting for the much anticipated stream with Neon Indian, one of the artists who worked on GTA V’s soundtrack, could do naught but stare at an empty screen. Rockstar has since updated their Newswire post stating that the stream with the artists has been delayed to a later date.

Please note that today’s originally announced livestream with Neon Indian is being postponed to a later date. Please make sure to follow Rockstar on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay notified of the new date.


Neon Indian was set to feature the members of the band giving an exclusive first look (or listen) into their new upcoming LP, VEGA INTL. Night School. Including previewing a few of their never before heard songs during the stream and being broken up with the musicians trying their hand at some GTA Online Adversary modes. This would have been the band’s debut on a Rockstar livestream, and it would have been made possible by the band passing through town while on tour. During the stream, Rockstar would have held a concurrent set of giveaways on their Twitter feed, which would have seen a few lucky fans become richer with an autographed GTA V soundtrack CD.


It is currently unknown why the stream was delayed, but we’re guessing it could be due to complications with the band and their tour. However it is entirely possible that the delay happened by no fault of Neon Indian at all. Fans of the band are eager to see their performance, so we are sure they’re diligent in getting everywhere on time. Rockstar has yet to announce the actual date of the stream.

Were any of you guys looking forward to this GTA V stream?

Opinion: The Highest Rated GTA V Mod Is A Car?


I know the game of has “Auto” in the name, and cars/stealing cars/driving cars is a big chunk of the gameplay and carries quite a bit of importance in it. But how is a car mod, and a very generic super-car mod for that matter, the highest rated file on the most prominent GTA V modding site? Especially when you have stuff like Reapers, working suits of Iron Man armor, guns which shoot vehicles, or mods which have the whole of GTA V taken over by an oppressive monarchic regime of chimps?


Maybe it’s just because I’m one of those people who never understood the infatuation with obscenely expensive, pointlessly luxurious and disgustingly pollutive machines of personal transport. But this is something I just don’t get. I mean, sure I can appreciate the visual design of a vehicle, or its mechanical performance, and I can appreciate the value of having such a real world vehicle ported into GTA V, but the highest rated GTA 5 mod?

We’re talking about YCA-RE’s Lamborghini Aventador mod. Granted, the mod looks absolutely fantastic, and it has a lot more functionality than the vast majority of the other umpteen car mods flooding the site: it has functioning brake lights, proper damage mapping, and a view-able engine bay. It’s still just a car though.


I agree it’s fast and damn fine looking with a slick, elegant and futuristic design. It has strong lines, a characteristic silhouette, aesthetic vent placement and smooth curves, and it has “expensive” written all over it.

But it’s still just a car.


If this is what the community wants, then sure, go for it. But I’ll personally always prefer mods which add more substance to GTA V. Mods which aren’t generic and aren’t the sorts of mods you’d expect. Mods with original content and creative input. Mods which are more than just a car.

Fake GTA V Halloween DLC Banner Pops Up On PS4

So, you know how the latest wave of baseless GTA Online DLC rumors are about how Rockstar should/will be releasing new content for Halloween? Well, someone took it to the next level and tacked together a fake screenshot which has just been convincing enough to make the rounds on the web before people started realizing how obviously fake it is.

With things like this happening every fortnight or so, you’d think the community would be on their toes a bit more and spot the signs of a hoax quicker? Well, I guess we know what the GTA V fandom is like when it comes to DLC.


The above screenshot started making the rounds after it was posted to a few GTA V related sites and discussion forums and people took it at face value instantly. With speculation regarding what the update would actually entail for the longest time no one actually took a step back to examine whether or not the screenshot was real. But luckily after a while people began to see the irregularities.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll see that it is just a reused screenshot from ye olde Business DLC, photoshopped (badly, with generic template) to fit the Halloween theme. There is no reason for Rockstar to reuse promotional material like that.

The stylized spelling of “HalloWeen” is also uncanny, and a quick trip to the Rockstar Newswire will show you that there is no official word on any update, which would definitely predate a dashboard banner. The absence of the banner on Xbox is also a tell, as while some publishers have adopted a policy of timed exclusive DLC, so far all GTA content launched on the two consoles simultaneously, and Rockstar has no stated intention to change that.

Do you guys think there is any hope for GTA V getting any Halloween DLC?

Most GTA V “Journalism” These Days Is A Joke

Do us a favor. Do a quick search for GTA V on Google and head over to the News tab. Now do this again for just “GTA”, and then GTA 5.

You’ll get, on first glance, different results from different sources, on first glance. However, it won’t take long for it to become clear that in truth you’re seeing all the same “news” and worse, that you’ve been seeing all the same news for freakin’ months!


Sure, whenever something actually happens in the world of GTA V, there is a small spike of real news going around. But otherwise, it’s all regurgitated filler. It’s all the same baseless and contrived “GTA 6” rumors all over again. It’s always the same predictions about upcoming updates all over again. It’s always the same “players are still waiting for story DLC” (no, they’re not) all. over. again.

And it’s always the same websites, posting the same content, linking to one another’s identical articles, all over again. They’re gaming Google News and the GTA community in general.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find any honest or genuine journalism of any measure of quality in this glorified circle-jerk of rumors. Whenever people get creative, they just post a video made by some popular GTA V streamer and report on what they say in said video as fact. Granted, there are newer and newer articles about the game going up every day, and there can hardly be that much newsworthy stuff going on around just GTA V all the time. But these sites… these “journalists” really ought to put a tad more effort into it.


GTA V has a sprawling fandom, a dedicated modding community, and Rockstar are also paying plenty of attention to their flagship product. This is a topic with the potential for a whole lot more variety, instead of reading how some star may or may not play a unconfirmed protagonist of a game which may or may not exist for the umpteenth time.

We’re not going to just preach from the mountain tops either though – do you guys feel GTA 5 Cheats is providing enough variety in its posts?

Rockstar Should Respond To Gamechangers With Actual GTA Movie

You know what would make heaps of money? An official GTA motion picture. You know what didn’t make heaps of money? The Gamechangers, BBC’s misguided attempt at making an “unbiased” (spoiler alert: it’s biased) documentary about the controversy surrounding Jack Thompson’s attempt to get GTA banned.

It was nasty business when it occurred, and birthed a toxic discussion topic which this tasteless film merely dredged up from the deep dark hole it should have remained in. The whole affair is politically loaded (obviously) and all in all just a bad film from a production standpoint.


However, instead of taking the BBC to court (like they’re actually doing), it would be awesome for Rockstar to handle this in a Rockstar-y way.

Pull a retaliation of the Duke’o’Death variety. How about they release a big budget Hollywood action thriller flick, meaning that if anyone ever searches for something along the lines of “gta film” or “gta movie”, they won’t ever happen upon anything regarding the Gamechangers. Instead the search results would be flooded with news, excitement and popular gaming news outlets going insane over an actual big budget Hollywood GTA film happening.


Also, they should, you know, actually make it a good movie. You’d think that an action movie about a criminal who is actually a “good guy” with a heavy emphasis on car theft couldn’t be anything but generic. However if you let someone from Rockstar write the script, fill it up with typical GTA satire, and work the use of cheats into it (at least as an easter egg), and have the guys who made John Wick work on it, you’d get the action movie of the decade. A proper GTA movie which leaves realism in the dressing room needs to happen.

Would you guys watch an actual GTA movie (I mean, of course you would, but we have to ask)?

Welcome to Planet Chimp

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we like to bring the community’s attention to some of the more creative or insane mods out there.

Sometimes we write about mods which add a fun feature from a previous GTA game, or another IP. Sometimes we write about a silly weapon mod which will give you a few laughs. Sometimes we write about mods which turn the blimp into space faring icons of evil. Sometimes we write about action packed mods adding gardening to GTA V. These mods are all sufficiently wacky or absurd to be titled “crazy”, but the novelty wears off quickly (okay, except for the gardening – that’s fly for months!).


And then sometimes, we come across something on a whole new level. Something so utterly insane, so endlessly banal, so absolutely stupid, and yet infinitely entertaining, that by the time you’d get bored of the other mods, in this case you’re still just kinda sitting there like “what the heck, and more importantly, why and what the heck is this?”.

The following mod adds a number of ambient improvements such as helipads for all safe houses, draw distance improvements, bug fixes, prop and PED enhancements, improved world map, and chimps.


Like, a whole empire.

We’re not even kidding.

Global Explorer: Planet Chimp offers freaking story content wherein Los Santos has been taken over by sapient and violent chimps, and it’s up to Trevor, Michael and Franklin to destroy their bases and kill the chimp god. The police are now chimps. The military are now chimps. Merryweather is now chimps. There is a new location north of the main landmass called Chimp Island. The chimps have several military bases, one of which is a ruined aircraft carrier sticking out of the slope of Mount Chiliad. The chimps speak different languages. The chimps use different weapons. We have no idea.


Will you try to save the world of GTA V from the chimp god?

GTA V Meets Halo 5: Guardians

One of the biggest names in console gaming is getting a new installment soon. As anticipation in the industry is building, more and more trailers and information about it is being revealed.

halo 5

We are of course talking about Halo 5: Guardians, the newest upcoming part in Microsoft’s blockbuster FPS franchise. The story of the game has been kept under wraps, and 343 Industries has been showing players two different versions of a very similar premise, with fans having no idea which of the two to believe. Is the Chief dead? Is he the hero, or the villain?

Halo 5’s campaign will feature a 4 player Co-Op campaign and an extensive multiplayer component. Many fans of the series disliked the direction the fourth numbered installment of the series franchise and Halo 5 is allegedly 343’s attempt to win back those disgruntled fans.

However, whatever damage Halo 4 may have caused, it isn’t really showing, as Halo 5 has been getting massive attention from the media and community alike. Plenty of players are greatly anticipating the game’s release. In fact to “pass the time” until release, some people are trying all matter of things to occupy themselves with other matters. Some read up on all the lore and backstory on a wiki. Some people re watch all the trailers and re-read all the articles. Some people replay all the previous games in the franchise.


And some people take to GTA V to remake one of the game’s trailers using the Rockstar Editor. You’d forgotten you were on a Grand Theft Auto fan site hadn’t you!? One such person is Pinkman, who is also responsible for this impressive Skyrim trailer he remade with the Editor. This time around he gives the Master Chief version of the Hunt the Truth Halo 5 trailer the GTA treatment, with two different versions of Mjolnir power armor modded into the game for the sake of authenticity.

Are any of you guys looking forward to Halo 5?

Hold Onto Your Socks: You Can Now Be A Gardener In GTA V!

Modders have been adding newer and newer ways to spend your time in GTA V’s ever expanding virtual world. Now, considering that if you’re reading this, chances are you are a GTA player, and you’ll know that GTA is all about crime, violence, killing, theft, carjacking and mayhem. It’s all presented with a side dish of social commentary sprinkled with satire, but we’re talking about crime, violence, killing, theft, carjacking and mayhem none the less.

Thanks to the modding community, players can now also do things other than crime, violence, killing, theft, carjacking and mayhem! GTA is a truly action packed game. This keeps your adrenaline pumping from the title screen all the way till let go of the controller.


And in adherence with this high-octane, blood-pumping, action packed boom boom wahey, someone has added gardening to GTA V.

Yep, you read that right. Nothing in GTA V will keep you on the edge of your seat as much as cultivating crops and plants. Thrilling robberies? High-speed chases? Dangerous heists? Assaulting rival gangs? A trip down to the stripclub? Nothing will get your blood pumping quite like planting trees!


But wait! Some of the more timid among you might want to stop reading here, as the next feature is for the most hardcore of adrenaline junkies out there. If the thrill of planting trees leaves you only wanting more, you can always break out the astonishing leaf blower to restore lawn and order to your green realm. Ran out of leaves to blow but still itching for more? You have the power to spawn even more leaves to your heart’s desire! This mod here should be restricted, as it has significantly more than the regulation amount of thrill contained within. Make sure to duct tape your foot-gloves to your shins, and this is guaranteed to (leaf) blow your socks off.

Did we mention you’ll be playing as Carlos the gardener, GTA V’s fourth protagonist? Because you’ll be playing as Carlos the gardener, GTA V’s fourth protagonist.

Rad. Will you guys be trying out gardening in GTA V, or is the action just too much for you?

Could “Agent” Be Revived As “GTA: Undercover”?


Back in August Europe’s largest gaming convention, Gamescom, was held in Köln just like it is every year. The show can be separated into two distinct sections, the public sector where visitors can freely move around and check out booths, and the business area, where only industry professionals and some reputable journalists are allowed to tread.

Rockstar was present at Gamescom and had a booth set up as well as a press conference. However, this was only in the business area and the general public wasn’t allowed near. What could they have possibly shown that is such a large secret? Well, the gaming press leaped on the opportunity for some educated guesses regarding what was shown, and one of the most plausible options seemed to be that Rockstar has gotten around to actually doing something with the Agent game they announced a damn long time ago.


The GTA franchise is known for its spin offs. Sure, we’ve got the five numbered GTA games, but then there are the expansions and the interludes. Rockstar has stated several times that their resources are focused on GTA, and mainly GTA Online, so them working on a new IP seems unlikely. However, while every day it seems that the next major GTA release might be an online only affair, we can expect some variety to show in the GTA V spin offs which we will inevitably get.


Considering the massive popularity police themed mods for GTA IV and V are, it would not be a stretch to think that Rockstar may have re-purposed the assets of Agent and began work on an official look at what the life of a police officer is like in the GTA universe. Of course, since GTA is still mainly about crime, it would be framed as the story of an undercover operative, with 50% crime and 50% law enforcement. Of course, all of this is complete conjecture!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a GTA game from the police’s perspective?