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LSPDFR’s Newest Build Sees Public Release

After a damn long bout of silence from the LSPDFR team, they’ve finally released the public version of their biggest update yet. We’ve covered and previewed the various new features of build 0.3, which revamps the police precinct, adds (yeah, “adds”) the gameplay feature of playing as a criminal, and polishes the arrest mechanic to a shine.


LSPDFR is the single most elaborate, detailed and highest quality mod currently available for GTA V. It has a full-time dedicated development team constantly working on it, providing a AAA grade experience.

Los Santos Police Department First Response is a total conversion mod for GTA V, which turns the game into a full fledged police simulator, packed to the brim with realistic features that put any other police role play game to shame. LSPDFR features randomized suspects, vastly improved AI, new mission types, new outfits, interiors, game mechanics, and in-game police radio and compute, and much, much more.

The fact that the team has put so much effort into perfecting this mod, and yet making it available absolutely for free, is commendable. With 0.3, the developers clocked in an extreme amount of hours to get the mod done. Their jobs have not been made easier with Rockstar’s relentless crusade to make GTA Online mod-proof, but the team has persevered.


0.3 has a massive list of features which a new to the update, and that does not even count the improvements of features already in the mod. For the first time, you can customize the units that will arrive on the scene as backup. You can explore the living, breathing Downtown Police Station. Arrests are now interactive, giving you multiple options on how to get it done. To see the full list of new and update features, check out the release notes.

Have any of you guys tried out LSPDFR yet, or are you a vanilla GTA V purist?

GTA V Producer Leslie Benzies Leaves Rockstar

Leslie Benzies, one of the top dogs at Rockstar North, the studio which headed GTA V’s development, is no longer with the company. A long time Rockstar veteran, Benzies went on extended leave after the release of GTA V and has now decided not to return.

Just over a year ago rumors that Benzies was leaving the developer behind GTA 5 cropped up for the first time. However, the official statement was that he had gone on sabbatical following the massive push to get GTA V out to the fans.


Recently Kotaku reached out to Rockstar, asking whether or not the core member had since returned. They provided this statement:

We can confirm that Leslie Benzies went on sabbatical on September 1, 2014 and has decided not to return to work for the company. We are very grateful for Leslie’s contributions to Rockstar over the last 15 years as we worked together to make some amazing games.

Benzies joined up with Rockstar way back in 1999. His first project was an extremely obscure N64 sci-fi game after which he moved on to GTA, shepherding it all the way until 2014. Of course, GTA wasn’t his only responsibility, has his studio played the leading role in the development of games such as Manhunt and Red Dead Redemption.


Based on Rockstar’s statement, it seems that Leslie planned on going back after some time off and changed his mind while away. Regardless, the folks over a Rockstar harbor no hard feelings:

Leslie helped us build an incredible team that will continue to create great experiences for our fans. Leslie will always be a friend to the company and of course we are going to miss him but we wish him the absolute best for the future.

Leslie’s shoes will be filled by two other veterans of the studio, Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson, which shows just how influential Benzies was for the company.

Which game that Benzies worked on was your favorite?

GTA V Story DLC Debunked, Rebunked And Overanalyzed

The tale of GTA V’s alleged Story DLC that may or may not exist is a lengthy one; full of false hopes, disappointments, and stubborn believers. It is a tale of announcements, leaks, and lots of silence and conjecture.


Some time ago we reported on findings by one particular leaker. He had seemingly found some pretty solid proof that the DLC is coming and it looked to be rather definitive. Many hoped it would put an end to the discussion.

Sadly that wasn’t the case and, as ever, the plot thickens.

A number of people began to claim that the leaker’s “proof” was an extremely elaborate fake. The user (LondonTown2004) has been tracked by some sneaky web sleuths and it turned out that he has had a number of different aliases and what’s more, been the source of several fake leaks in the past. It seems that this “leaker” simply changes moniker each time he is uncovered.

As these findings have come to light the GTA V community has also become divided. There are those who think the allegations against LondonTown are false, and that those who “uncovered” his past trickery are just very dedicated trolls. On the other hand there are those who now dismiss the DLC management system “proof” and any claim that GTA V might receive some Story DLC down the line along with it.


In the past months, one particular thread dealing specifically with the Story DLC over at GTAForums has been extremely active. Previous articles from GTA 5 Cheats have been cited amongst others in rather heated arguments regarding the future of Story DLC.

Originally, single player DLC for story mode, which would allegedly continue the story of Michael, Trevor and Franklin (we say “continue”, but it could only possibly be an interlude) beyond what we got in vanilla GTA V, was announced way back in 2014.

However, ever since, Rockstar has been mum over the issue, and at one point Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, stated that there was no plan for any single player DLC at all.

As time passed, all kinds of wild rumors and alleged leaks popped up. At one time, Franklin’s voice actor even lead the community on a wild goose chase with a bit of a prank.


Before LondonTown’s leak, there was never anything which was anywhere close to believable, and now that it too is under scrutiny, those still hoping for some solo DLC don’t have much to hold on to.

However, a new occurrence has put the whole situation into new light, as a number of well known GTA V YouTubers have recently been called by Rockstar to Los Angeles. This could quite possibly be some sort of content creator event showcasing some new stuff. It could also be a more public showing of whatever went down at Gamescom last summer (which probably isn’t Agent).

Of course, it could merely be a livestream event with YouTubers as guest stars, however those have occurred several times in the past, and never were the noteworthy enough to be heralded by the YouTubers themselves beforehand. So we think that it is likely something of a higher caliber.

Since then, the contributors over at GTAForums have generally marked 2016 as the “last possible” release window for any single player DLC. With the best estimate of the next full GTA game (i.e. GTA VI) to be released around 2018 this would still mean a relatively large gap between the two pieces of content.


As the story developed, more and more have accepted the theory that LondonTown’s leak was indeed a fake. Sadly, faith that single player DLC is coming is now at an all time low following its recent peak after the rather convincing leak was first posted.

While we frequently praise modding as one of the best things that has ever happened to GTA V, it did make the world of leaks much more mired in fakes. This is because it does not take too much modding know-how to mock up a home-made “DLC management system” menu, as seen in the leak.

What are your views on this issue? Is there any hope for single player DLC for GTA V, or should solo players stick to mods while they wait for the next game?

GTA Online Festive Surprise Announced And Released

That was quick. Soon after a few last-minute leaks spoiled most of the content and the release date of this year’s Christmas DLC for GTA Online, the official announcement, in tandem with the release, was made.

Much like with the Halloween Surprise DLC, the Newswire post went up at the same time as when the update itself went live in-game. Also much like with the Halloween Surprise DLC, a lot of the new content will only be available for a limited time.


The DLC works more like an Advent calendar of sorts, with not all content being available or even revealed yet. The initial post and release are quite bare bones, but the wording of the news update gives us some idea of what is to come.

New designs for festive clothing, like pyjamas and costumes, as well as various new Christmas themed masks are available for free while the DLC is live. As well as this, the content from the previous two holiday DLCs, the 2014 Festive Surprise and the 2013 Holidays Gifts being available for purchase.

Christmas trees have been set up at Legion Square as well as in all apartments, mansions and yachts, to give you that proper holiday feel. While the pavement of Los Santos’ streets are still bone-dry, you can expect some soft, pure snow to fall soon, allowing players to have some deadly snowball fights.


However the free masks and outfits won’t be the only gifts that players can expect this Christmas. Various other free items, events and gameplay additions will be released, for free, during the course of the DLC’s lifespan, the nature of which have yet to be revealed. The vehicle that is purported to be added to GTA Online with this DLC is bound to be one of them.

Have you tried out some of the new additions to GTA Online with the Festive Surprise?

Christmas DLC Release Date Leaked Too?

It seems that the content of the Festive Surprise isn’t the only thing that was leaked recently. Last year’s Christmas DLC was announced and launched around this time, and with the days to the holiday slowly passing us by, it can be assumed that the announcement and release of 2015’s Festive Surprise update is right around the corner.

And if a recently posted image, which seemingly contains the entry terms for a new GTA$ 1 million Snapmatic contest focusing on new content which will be released with the Holiday DLC, is to be believed, the new update might be released as soon as later today.


We might be hours away from the joint announcement and launch of the Christmas GTA Online DLC, and not even know it. Based on what is written in the document, the Snapmatic contest itself will begin at 12:01 a.m. ET, meaning Eastern Time, the local time in New York City, so time to set your alarms in relation!

This would suggest that the new update goes live at 12:00 a.m. ET, as one of the requirements for a photo to be eligible is for it to feature content from the DLC itself.


This is not unlike any of the previous Snapmatic competitions hosted by Rockstar to commemorate DLC launches. The rest of the document reads like a standard terms of use description, with all the requirements and formal language. The list of eligible countries hasn’t changed, nor have the judgement criteria.

The creativity of the shot counts for 35% of the verdict, with Originality getting another 35% and image positioning just 30%. Of course, this doesn’t mean a creative and unique image shoddily directed will get you first place and the coveted one million in cash.

Do we have any previous winners of GTA Online snapmatic competitions among our readers?

Executives And Other Criminals Feature Details

The much awaited GTA Online DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, is now available for downloaded worldwide. The new DLC adds a number of groundbreaking features such as the new VIP and Bodyguard system. It also includes several other new features that aim to turn GTA Online into “the ultimate VIP experience”.


All new game modes have been added to Freemode, giving players new ways to make a name for themselves as top bodyguards or the fiercest corporate sharks.

Hostile Takeover requires two teams to compete in extracting and delivering a package to a drop-off point. But this isn’t your typical fetch-quest. Each variation has a unique twist, such as the “package” being a tank which you need to steal from the fort.

Asset Recovery has bodyguards face off against enemy players and NPC cops as well. You’ll need to secure organization vehicles that have been impounded, with the enemy team and the LSPD trying to destroy said cars before you get them to the safe zone.


In Piracy Prevention, players are faced with a siege scenario. The defending team spawn on the yacht, an need to protect the ship from the attackers coming in from the beach.

Executive deathmatch is the high-roller version of the classic gamemode, being played across the entire Freemode map, with each player given no more than 10 lives.


VIP challenges also add a way for bodyguards within the same organisztion to decide who is best. Most Wanted strikes all members with 5 stars, and the last one alive wins. Market Manipulation has players race to “collect protection money” from all convenience stores across the map. Finally, Auto Buyout has players commit Grand Theft Auto, and steal as many cars as possible.

Which game mode added to GTA Online are you enjoying the most?

GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals Available Now

The newest DLC for GTA Online, the update all the news has been about these past days, the content which was leaked weeks in advance, is finally out.

Executives and Other Criminals went online a few hours ago worldwide giving players the chance to download the update and access the all new content. This DLC is quite a big one, bringing significant changes to GTA Online, and you can expect on-going coverage over the coming days and weeks.


In fact, the initial announcement of this DLC only scratched the surface of what the update is adding to GTA Online. The whole VIP system introduced in this update will work by allowing players who have at least GTA$ 1M deposited in their Maze bank account to found their own organisation, name it, and hire a maximum of three bodyguards.

Prospective bodyguards can look for employers through the SecuroServ app on the in-game smartphone. Players who choose to become bosses can supply their bodyguards with weapons, ammo, armor and special vehicles, like the turreted limo as seen in the trailer. Special organisation abilities also come into play, like making your company temporarily “disappear” with the Ghost Organisation ability.

Bodyguards earn GTA$5,000 in-game cash as a fixed salary with the chance to earn more via jobs done for their employer, or by completing random VIP Freemode Events. However, keep in mind that as a bodyguard, any job you do that is unrelated to the organisation will benefit your boss, as the cash reward will go to them.


The update also adds an all new Adversary Mode (surprise surprise), called Extraction. Here, bodyguards must locate and safely escort their VIP to safety, while the offensive team of rival Bodyguards must take the VIP out.

Executives and Other Criminals is available for download now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Which new feature of the new GTA Online DLC do you enjoy the most?

New GTA Online Property Locations Revealed

The release of Executives and Other Criminals is mere hours away, and yet even now, there are content leaks occurring. GTA Online dataminers are not a patient sort, and are racing against the clock to go down in internet history as the ones to leak info about the new DLC before release, even if it is less than 24 hours before!


In the GTA Online content update announcement trailer it was revealed that new properties will be added to the Vinewood Hills area. Now, one of the fans responsible for the initial leak which revealed the yacht and many other additions ahead of time has managed to discern the exact locations of the upcoming properties.

Before you fire up GTA Online and race to the locations to check out which static buildings will be purchasable, keep in mind that Rockstar will most likely reconstruct the buildings in the set locations, and some may not even have houses at them currently.

We know for a fact that the new Vinewood Hills properties will be massive, with some of them having at least three stories. The new properties also suggest that the apartment customization feature will be coming to GTA Online with this particular update, though this has yet to be confirmed.


While mansions and manors in the most expensive and luxurious region of the GTA V map are cool and all, nothing will quite be as flashy as the new yachts, which will also function as properties with their own upgrades, garages and fully detailed interiors.

The new houses will make the apartments of the High Life DLC look like student hostels, this we know for sure, however what exactly the new properties will look like, and what architectural style they will follow, is still a mystery.

This also confirms for the first time the exact number of new properties, which is 12. Which are you more looking forward to: the new properties, or the yacht?

GTA Online’s Christmas DLC Soon To Be Announced?

Executives and Other Criminals, the next main DLC update, has been announced, and is arriving next week. However, one of the big remaining questions for us is: when will Rockstar unveil the special Holiday DLC for GTA Online? The days of December are rapidly passing and there has yet to be any official word on how players will be able to celebrate the festivities within GTA Online.


Releasing thematic DLC packs for GTA Online is something Rockstar has been doing for some time now. They did it with Halloween, they did it with Thanksgiving, they did it with Independence Day and they did it with Christmas (previously). Based on the same leak that outed Executives and Other Criminals a while back, Rockstar is planning for Santa to visit Los Santos this year too, however there has yet to be any official word.

Granted, there have been cases in the past when the announcement and release of a thematic GTA Online DLC pack happened on the same day, so it is entirely possible that the same will occur this year. In that case, Rockstar certainly still has some time left, but if the other DLCs are anything to go on, they’ll probably release it slightly ahead of the actual event taking place.

Players can expect the Holiday DLC to add new clothing items and weapons to the game, based on the leak. If Executives and Other Criminals does in fact include the apartment customization feature, you can also expect a limited-time Christmas Tree and other decorations to become available.


Rockstar also recently adopted the trend of flooding GTA Online with all new Adversary Modes, like Slasher for Halloween, Running Back for Thanksgiving and, most recently, Every Bullet Counts. Maybe, in the spirit of the holidays, they’ll release a Snowball Fight Adversary Mode, where players are armed with nothing but grenades.

What features or items do you hope the Holiday DLC for GTA Online will contain?

Old GTA Games Released On PS4

Sony really likes porting GTA games to new platforms under the radar.

Recently we reported on the low-key release of the mobile port of GTA San Andreas on the PS3 via the Playstation Network. There were no notable announcements regarding the launch, and the only way most people realized that it happened was via the news reports that went up after someone accidentally came across it.

It seems the same thing happened again today, with a few more GTA titles. Though considering these games has mobile ports as well, not to mention the push towards backwards compatibility is big this generation, it was to be expected.


GTA 3, Vice City and (again) San Andreas have all been released for the PS4 platform. Yeah, PS4. It seems that while Sony has made it clear that they aren’t planning on making the PS4 backwards compatible unlike what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One, they are porting a number of PS2 games to the new system.

Along the three mentioned GTA games, the announcement also included Dark Cloud, The Mark of Kri, Rogue Galaxy, Twisted Metal: Black and War of the Monsters. All together, that’s 8 classic PS2 games making their way to the current-gen console.

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas were the three console games in the franchise which got mobile ports for their 10th anniversaries, and were sequentially released for the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 in recent years.


The PS4 ports of the games feature an upscaled resolution, meaning they will be running at 1080p, and will be compatible with a number of PS4 features such as Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support. The three GTA games will be purchasable through the PSN for $14.99 each.

What kinds of fond memories do you guys have of the 3D universe GTA trilogy?