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The Warriors Available In HD On PS4

Yesterday we reported on fan favorite Red Dead Redemption finally making its way to the Xbox One via Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative. The game popped up in the program some time ago, but was swiftly pulled and the occurrence was labeled a mistake.


Naturally PS4 players have been clamoring since to get their own re-release of the game, however this is unlikely to happen for the same reason that a PC port has been put off (rumors about the game code being untidy).

However, players who prefer Sony’s console over Microsoft’s aren’t forgotten. Rockstar has recently – and rather quietly – re-released another old classic on the PS4, with a HD makeover. Back when Rockstar wasn’t the AAA juggernaut it is today (but GTA was already insanely popular), the dev team made a licensed game adaptation of the 1979 film “The Warriors”.


The stylish beat-em-up action game saw actors from the film reprising their roles as voice actors. Critics universally praised the game, including the mechanics, soundtrack, progression and atmosphere. It’s one of those Rockstar classics that everyone liked, was popular, made a lot of money, but no-one speaks about anymore.

Until now, at least. It’s unexpected appearance on the European PS Store as a HD remaster available on PS4 has started quite the buzz in the gaming press. Releases in other regions are awaited. It is currently available with a price tag of £11.99.


The film – and novel – the game adapts feature a New York City street gang which has been accused of murdering a notable gang leader during a supposedly peaceful summit of all the gangs. Their home turf happens to be on the other side of the city, and the eponymous gang must fight through the rowdy streets of NYC in one night.

The game however expands on the story, kicking off three months prior to the events of the movie. There is added content, though the events of the film are also adapted in the game. The Warriors was formerly available on PS2, the original Xbox, PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360.


The PS4 release of The Warriors features a wider display resolution and an updated control scheme to fit the new PS4 dualshock controllers. With such an obscure game getting a re-release, things are boding well for other Rockstar games being made available on current-gen.

Are you eager to try out The Warriors on PS4?

GTA Online Power Play DLC Released

Yesterday’s unannounced GTA Online update which added a new car, free shirt and new discounts to the game has finally been unveiled by Rockstar on their Newswire. The update also includes a new Adversary Mode which wasn’t made available before the official reveal went up.


The update was noticed yesterday after Steam users saw the client update the game with a 55.2 MB patch. The small size first made players assume it was just a handful of tweaks, however some eagle-eyed players noticed that a new car has snuck into the game. A few discounts were also noticed, alongside a free T-shirt awarded to anyone who logged on.

The whole thing smelled like a weekly event with a tiny DLC attached, however no official announcement was posted about it. While updates going live before the Newswire post isn’t new, this was the longest time in between the two. The update was also updated (so meta) today with further content.


GTA Online has received yet another Adversary Mode, which is something of an amalgamation of existing game mechanics. Power Play is your typical team deathmatch spiced up with all kinds of crazy power-ups that hearken back to the heyday of competitive shooters. Big circular icons floating a few inches above ground will grant you various wacky advantages over the enemy.

Beasted will turn the user into the beast from Freemode Events, including all of the special powers; Zoned will activate bullet-time for all players; Doped will obscure the sight of enemies with a green haze; Raging will increase damage dealt and decrease damage taken for your whole team; Flipped will change the camera controls of the enemy team and scramble team chat and finally Dark will take your team off the radar.


Honestly, Flipped seems to be the most intuitive and interesting of all these power ups which really can mess with the enemy. While the power ups may make this Adversary Mode fun for a few rounds and good fodder for Youtube videos, we’re guessing it won’t hit the same status of being a classic like Slasher or Sumo.

GTA Online’s fascination with Adversary Modes has always been something of a double edged sword. The modes allow the developers to explore fun gameplay ideas that wouldn’t fit into the proper game and are simple enough to be churned out, however they are all plagued by low populations.


Rockstar hopes to boost the player base of Power Play by offering a week-long double RP and GTA $ promo on the new mode. Just jump into the event playlist and watch as the cash rewards roll in twice as fast. There are currently three maps available for this new Adversary Mode but you can expect more to come.

The new super car, which is not only the fastest but the most expensive ride in the game, has also finally been officially inaugurated. The car, as well as two others, were first leaked soon after the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Chances are Rockstar is going for another weekly release schedule for each car.


The new free t-shirt that is rewarded to anyone logging in to GTA Online while the event lasts is adorned with the Grotti logo, in celebration of the all new X80 Proto. This shirt was also released ahead of schedule, yesterday. There are some 50% discounts going for Valkyries, all Swift variants and the Toro, as well as a 33% markdown for all homing launchers to dissuade Hydra griefers.

Have you bought the new car yet? What are your impressions of the new Adversary Mode that has been added to GTA Online?

GTA Online’s In And Out Available Now

After the announcement last weekend, the release day for GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode, In and Out has arrived. The new mode is yet another one in a long list of competitive multiplayer game types added to Online by Rockstar in recent months, earning the ire of some players in the community – even if it isn’t entirely deserved.


This newest Adversary Mode is basically good old capture the flag on steroids. The attacking team needs to acquire not one, but 8 packages of contraband while dealing with the disadvantage of being outgunned by the enemy. The heavily armed defenders need to be on their toes if they’re up against a well coordinated team, as the attackers are more light on their feet.

The mode launched with 3 maps, which are now in the weekly event’s double RP and GTA $ deal rotation. In and Out looks to be the most “tactical” of the Adversary Modes, if you allow the use of such a buzzword. The varied strengths and weaknesses of the different teams, coupled with the high number of packages demands a significant amount of coordination from both sides. Planning is crucial if you want to get out on top of this mode.


While we mistakenly associated the last of the leaked content with the second wave of Inch By Inch maps, we can now truthfully say that every item on the list of leaked content is ticked off.

For the first time (for real this time) players have no clue as to what the future of GTA Online looks like, but there are a few guesses. If the Biker DLC petition gets enough steam, you can bet on seeing it come to fruition.

Either way, following the slow-period of 2016 so far, meaning that while we got more frequent updates, they weren’t particularly substantial, there is a good chance that Rockstar will drop a pretty big DLC soon.


A studio that big wouldn’t be even near capacity working on these small DLCs, meaning that they’ve been baking whatever is next in line for GTA Online for a good long while. We’re hoping for something at least as big as Executives and Other Criminals – if not bigger.

In the mean time, we’ll have to make do with this newest Adversary Mode. You can count on In and Out receiving new maps soon, before the big update drops, so we just have to sit and wait.

What kind of a big GTA Online DLC are you hoping for?

GTA Online’s New Lowrider And Adversary Mode Released

Right on schedule, Rockstar has released the latest update for GTA Online. Announced officially last week and leaked a good long while before, the newest fully customizable lowrider has finally arrived to Benny’s Original Motorworks along with the newest in a long line of Adversary Modes, Inch By Inch.


The new update’s announcement coincided with the beginning of a new week-long GTA Online event with a rotating playlist of Adversary Modes providing twice as much RP and cash for each match. Incidentally, the current Adversary Mode which happens to be on offer for the double payout is Inch By Inch, a hectic football based mode.

The goal in the mode is to deliver the package, which spawns in the center of the playing field, to the score zone of your team while the opposing force tries to nab it from you by riddling the carrier with bullet holes. The twist here is that while carrying the package, you cannot use any weapons and need to rely on your mates for protection. This is a particularly fast paced mode, as the package re-spawns after each score.


The other new feature of the small scale update is the Vapid Minivan Custom, second of the three lowriders to be added to GTA Online in April. Next up is the Sabre GT custom, which will arrive next week following an announcement either tomorrow or Friday, if the template of the previous two releases is anything to go on.

The Minivan was probably the car in GTA Online that players least expected to see as a lowrider, however in practice it works surprisingly well. The sliding doors make it an ideal troop transport for your crew, as passengers are given a wide firing angle. Riding into an impromptu battle with a squad of these isn’t only effective, but exceedingly stylish.


Once the Sabre GT Custom is released next week (possibly alongside a second football themed Adversary Mode), we’ll reach the end of all the content that has been leaked so far, leaving the future updates of GTA Online a complete mystery.

Whether or not Rockstar decides to continue with the lowrider theme or to sail to new and unfamiliar seas is anyone’s guess, though as far as much of the community is concerned, seeing something new and fresh would be preferred – such as a biker or police themed DLC.

How do you like GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode and lowrider?

GTA Online’s Declasse Tornado Custom Is Available

Rockstar has now made the Declasse Tornado Custom, the lowrider version of the regular Tornado, available in GTA Online as per their announcement. While the vehicle was only recently revealed, players knew of its impending arrival thanks to a few leaks concerning the new lowriders themselves and their projected release dates.


Rockstar officially unveiled the Tornado Custom last week, just before kicking off a 7 day GTA Online event dedicated entirely to the new lowrider. The event features a number of opportunities to accumulate twice as much RP from jobs compared to the regular amount. There’s also a ton of discounts, primarily at Benny’s Original Motorworks.

The Tornado Custom was made available for purchase at Benny’s just a few hours ago, allowing players either to take their already owned Tornado for an upgrade, or to buy an upgraded version right at the garage. The Tornado Custom introduces a whole range of never before seen vehicle upgrades, as each lowrider is entirely unique in the modifications you can buy for it.


Many players have taken to community boards to discuss the new Tornado Custom, with the majority declaring it to be the best lowrider currently in GTA Online. The Tornado will soon be joined by the Minivan and the Sabre GT later this month, both released a week apart from one another.

The three April lowriders were already technically added to GTA Online a while ago, as they were present in the game files of the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC. It was in these files that data miners happened upon them, leading to the leaks. New lowriders won’t be the only new content coming in April (to the relief of some), as based on a few in-game models, there will be a pair of football related Adversary Modes added as well.


Which of GTA Online’s three April lowriders is your favorite?

GTA Liberty City Stories Released On Android

After last year’s release of GTA Liberty City Stories on iOS the mobile port of the spin-off game has finally made its way to Android devices.

Following the tenth anniversary of GTA III a few years back which Rockstar celebrated by porting the legendary game to mobile devices, all 3D era games have gradually gone portable. Vice City, San Andreas and now Liberty City Stories are all available on both iOS and Android. Allegedly a version of LCS is coming to Amazon devices however there is no official word on when to expect it.


Liberty City Stories’ arrival to mobile wasn’t as much of a surprise as Rockstar had intended. Not only were players expecting it since it would be next in line for the mobile treatment anyway, but the rating of the game leaked a few days ahead of the official announcement. Apparently Rockstar makes quite a bit of cash off its mobile ports, suggested by how strongly they pushed this version on the Newswire, their own announcement platform.

One of their biggest stunts was a giveaway that possibly was the biggest one in the developer’s history. Anyone on the Social Club had the chance to win either the most recent versions of an iPad or iPhone with one-of-a-kind hyper-detailed LCS themed paint-jobs. These weren’t shoddy skins either, but automotive class work.

Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.
Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.

The Android version of Liberty City Stories is virtually identical to the iOS one, the only difference being you don’t need to own overpriced fashion devices to be able to play on the go. The controls of the game have been adapted to touchscreens, the draw distance and textures have been improved, and general game stability is better than it was on the PS2 original.

Do we have any long time Liberty City Stories fans here, or is this your first encounter with this GTA installment?

GTA Online’s Valentine’s Day DLC Released

After pretty much all of its content was leaked some time ago we can now actually play the long awaited Be My Valentine DLC in GTA Online. Rockstar released a content update to commemorate this date last year (and the year before) as well, adding new clothes, a vehicle and some special events.


This is hardly a major DLC release such as Lowriders or Executives and Other Criminals were. Rockstar tends to release small-scale DLCs in honor of certain real-word events like Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Valentine’s Day is getting more than an Adversary Mode, though.


Returning to GTA Online better than ever is the old timer Roosevelt, now with an updated model. Dubbed the Roosevelt Valor, the new version of the car features a polished in-game model and new customizations at Los Santos Customs. It seems the fan theory that the Roosevelt will make its way to Benny’s in wake of the Sultan and Banshee have fell through. Last year’s Roosevelt has been made available for purchase as well in case you missed out.

The DLC also adds a massive amount of new vintage style clothing to GTA Online. Not only is there a massive collection of new attire with all the items needed for your retro charmer outfit, underwear and all, but the clothes from last year’s DLC can be bought once again! The replica tommy gun is back in stock as Ammunation as well.


Coming tomorrow is the gameplay feature of the DLC. A new Adversary Mode named Till Death Do Us Part is advertised as a couples based mode. By the looks of it, we’re looking at a deathmatch style setup with 2-man teams. Knowing Rockstar, they still have a few tricks up their sleeve, and this isn’t all the Valentine’s Day goodies they have in store for GTA Online. Keep your eyes out for more info.

PS: It’s been confirmed 100% that all content from the Be My Valentine DLC will remain available in GTA Online indefinitely!

LSPDFR’s Newest Build Sees Public Release

After a damn long bout of silence from the LSPDFR team, they’ve finally released the public version of their biggest update yet. We’ve covered and previewed the various new features of build 0.3, which revamps the police precinct, adds (yeah, “adds”) the gameplay feature of playing as a criminal, and polishes the arrest mechanic to a shine.


LSPDFR is the single most elaborate, detailed and highest quality mod currently available for GTA V. It has a full-time dedicated development team constantly working on it, providing a AAA grade experience.

Los Santos Police Department First Response is a total conversion mod for GTA V, which turns the game into a full fledged police simulator, packed to the brim with realistic features that put any other police role play game to shame. LSPDFR features randomized suspects, vastly improved AI, new mission types, new outfits, interiors, game mechanics, and in-game police radio and compute, and much, much more.

The fact that the team has put so much effort into perfecting this mod, and yet making it available absolutely for free, is commendable. With 0.3, the developers clocked in an extreme amount of hours to get the mod done. Their jobs have not been made easier with Rockstar’s relentless crusade to make GTA Online mod-proof, but the team has persevered.


0.3 has a massive list of features which a new to the update, and that does not even count the improvements of features already in the mod. For the first time, you can customize the units that will arrive on the scene as backup. You can explore the living, breathing Downtown Police Station. Arrests are now interactive, giving you multiple options on how to get it done. To see the full list of new and update features, check out the release notes.

Have any of you guys tried out LSPDFR yet, or are you a vanilla GTA V purist?

GTA V Producer Leslie Benzies Leaves Rockstar

Leslie Benzies, one of the top dogs at Rockstar North, the studio which headed GTA V’s development, is no longer with the company. A long time Rockstar veteran, Benzies went on extended leave after the release of GTA V and has now decided not to return.

Just over a year ago rumors that Benzies was leaving the developer behind GTA 5 cropped up for the first time. However, the official statement was that he had gone on sabbatical following the massive push to get GTA V out to the fans.


Recently Kotaku reached out to Rockstar, asking whether or not the core member had since returned. They provided this statement:

We can confirm that Leslie Benzies went on sabbatical on September 1, 2014 and has decided not to return to work for the company. We are very grateful for Leslie’s contributions to Rockstar over the last 15 years as we worked together to make some amazing games.

Benzies joined up with Rockstar way back in 1999. His first project was an extremely obscure N64 sci-fi game after which he moved on to GTA, shepherding it all the way until 2014. Of course, GTA wasn’t his only responsibility, has his studio played the leading role in the development of games such as Manhunt and Red Dead Redemption.


Based on Rockstar’s statement, it seems that Leslie planned on going back after some time off and changed his mind while away. Regardless, the folks over a Rockstar harbor no hard feelings:

Leslie helped us build an incredible team that will continue to create great experiences for our fans. Leslie will always be a friend to the company and of course we are going to miss him but we wish him the absolute best for the future.

Leslie’s shoes will be filled by two other veterans of the studio, Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson, which shows just how influential Benzies was for the company.

Which game that Benzies worked on was your favorite?

GTA V Story DLC Debunked, Rebunked And Overanalyzed

The tale of GTA V’s alleged Story DLC that may or may not exist is a lengthy one; full of false hopes, disappointments, and stubborn believers. It is a tale of announcements, leaks, and lots of silence and conjecture.


Some time ago we reported on findings by one particular leaker. He had seemingly found some pretty solid proof that the DLC is coming and it looked to be rather definitive. Many hoped it would put an end to the discussion.

Sadly that wasn’t the case and, as ever, the plot thickens.

A number of people began to claim that the leaker’s “proof” was an extremely elaborate fake. The user (LondonTown2004) has been tracked by some sneaky web sleuths and it turned out that he has had a number of different aliases and what’s more, been the source of several fake leaks in the past. It seems that this “leaker” simply changes moniker each time he is uncovered.

As these findings have come to light the GTA V community has also become divided. There are those who think the allegations against LondonTown are false, and that those who “uncovered” his past trickery are just very dedicated trolls. On the other hand there are those who now dismiss the DLC management system “proof” and any claim that GTA V might receive some Story DLC down the line along with it.


In the past months, one particular thread dealing specifically with the Story DLC over at GTAForums has been extremely active. Previous articles from GTA 5 Cheats have been cited amongst others in rather heated arguments regarding the future of Story DLC.

Originally, single player DLC for story mode, which would allegedly continue the story of Michael, Trevor and Franklin (we say “continue”, but it could only possibly be an interlude) beyond what we got in vanilla GTA V, was announced way back in 2014.

However, ever since, Rockstar has been mum over the issue, and at one point Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, stated that there was no plan for any single player DLC at all.

As time passed, all kinds of wild rumors and alleged leaks popped up. At one time, Franklin’s voice actor even lead the community on a wild goose chase with a bit of a prank.


Before LondonTown’s leak, there was never anything which was anywhere close to believable, and now that it too is under scrutiny, those still hoping for some solo DLC don’t have much to hold on to.

However, a new occurrence has put the whole situation into new light, as a number of well known GTA V YouTubers have recently been called by Rockstar to Los Angeles. This could quite possibly be some sort of content creator event showcasing some new stuff. It could also be a more public showing of whatever went down at Gamescom last summer (which probably isn’t Agent).

Of course, it could merely be a livestream event with YouTubers as guest stars, however those have occurred several times in the past, and never were the noteworthy enough to be heralded by the YouTubers themselves beforehand. So we think that it is likely something of a higher caliber.

Since then, the contributors over at GTAForums have generally marked 2016 as the “last possible” release window for any single player DLC. With the best estimate of the next full GTA game (i.e. GTA VI) to be released around 2018 this would still mean a relatively large gap between the two pieces of content.


As the story developed, more and more have accepted the theory that LondonTown’s leak was indeed a fake. Sadly, faith that single player DLC is coming is now at an all time low following its recent peak after the rather convincing leak was first posted.

While we frequently praise modding as one of the best things that has ever happened to GTA V, it did make the world of leaks much more mired in fakes. This is because it does not take too much modding know-how to mock up a home-made “DLC management system” menu, as seen in the leak.

What are your views on this issue? Is there any hope for single player DLC for GTA V, or should solo players stick to mods while they wait for the next game?