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GTA Online: Tiny Racers Now Available

There’s also an odd tax rebate on offer

GTA On’s retro throwback Adversary Mode, Tiny Racers, has just been released to much fanfare and… not a lot of applause. However, Rockstar also dropped a in the announcement post that might prove to be infinitely interesting than the Mode itself. But first, let’s talk Tiny Racers. The bird’s eye view vehicular deathmatch…

GTA Online Gets Duke O’Death

Returning player content unlocked amidst bonuses

As leaked a good long while ago, Rockstar has crossed the final “t” and dotted the final “i” in phasing out the release edition of GTA 5 by unlocking returning player content for all players of On, adding the dastardly Duke O’Death to the multiplayer portion of the game. Returning player content was a small bundle…

GTA Online Gets Infernus Classic, Resurrection Adversary Mode

The new mode is exactly what we predicted

Right on schedule GTA On once again got a new update on Tuesday, and the next weekly car has been added to the game alongside one of the two teased Adversary Modes. The game’s up of classic sports rides has been expanded, and players have an all new way to get into PvP scuffles.  …

GTA Online Gets Ruston, Special Vehicle Creator

The new car won’t be a classic that’s for sure

It’s Tuesday. Every GTA On player out there had money saved up for either the Infernus Classic or Turismo Classic. We all waited with baited breath to see which of the good old, truly legendary cars will show up in the game. And then Rockstar went and released the ugly duckling that interested a comparatively…

GTA Online – Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit Now Available

The new update is finally live

The time has finally come – the first major update for GTA On in 2017 is now live. Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit just blasted into the game at terminal velocity, adding a whole new way to enjoy the stunt races that the community fell in with last year with the launch of the original…

GTA Online: Import/Export Out Now

Time to grand theft some autos

Following an announcement, a leak, a tell-tale shortened event, server downtime and finally a revealing tweet, the latest GTA On DLC, Import/Export is now live globally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Rockstar decided to take the game back to its roots by expanding a larger game mechanic around the concept of steal cars….

GTA Online Experiences Connection Issues

Possibly maintenance preparing for Tuesday’s DLC

Various GTA On players reported throughout the day that the service was unavailable for hours. Some players still cannot access On, though most have been able to log in since. With the upcoming Import/Export DLC having been announced to launch sometime December, and the current bonus event is being cut short on the 12th, chances…

Bully: Anniversary Edition Available On Mobile Devices

The Rockstar classic comes to IOS and Android

If Red Dead Redemption is basically “Grand Theft Horse”, then Bully is Rockstar’s “Grand Theft Boarding School”. Bully was initially released for PlayStation 2 back in 2006 and immediately gained fame and caused controversy – this is a Rockstar title, after all. Now, following the game’s 10th anniversary, the game has been made available for mobile…