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Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit Coming To GTA Online On The 14th of March

We’re finally getting 2017’s first major DLC

Rockstar has finally announced the concrete release date for GTA On’s next major DLC, which will also be the first this year following a few minor updates each adding a single vehicle to the fray. The developers recently unveiled their plans for the rest of 2017 which included our first lo at Cunning Stunts: Special…

Rockstar Confirms Import/Export Release For Tuesday

A Tweet clearly states the day GTA Online’s next DLC will launch

It really does pay to follow the accounts of game development companies. Sometimes it isn’t a large press release, or an article, or a post that gives away a bit of information, but a tweet. Rockstar confirmed the release date of GTA On’s next DLC in under 140 characters not too long ago….

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Coming July 12

Rockstar has finally unveiled the next major GTA On DLC, as well as its release date – which is thankfully almost here. Sometime after the slow trickle of content earlier this year (finally) ended, Rockstar posted a description of two upcoming major DLC packs for the game. One of them was the recently released Further…