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GAME Gives PS4, Xbox One & PC GTA V Release Date of 1 November


UK retailer GAME is making headlines today with a couple of tweets that saying Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 has a “provisional release date” of 1 November (this year).

What “provisional release date” is meant to mean we’re not exactly sure, but it’s mostly likely just a safety measure on GAME’s part, so that if the release date does change, they can point to that.

The tweets are also targeted to getting gamers to preorder GTA for PC or one of the next-gen consoles if they haven’t already… so we’re thinking that this potential release date of 1 November might really be a best case scenario, and that maybe we should expect some slippage.

Officially, all Rockstar Games has said about the new versions of GTA 5 is “autumn” – that’s the only official word at this stage.

PS: We realize the tweets didn’t refer to the PC version, but given Rockstar has been lumping them into one “release group” so are we!

New GTA V Release Rumor Points to November 14

GTA V PC release date screenshot

By now, you probably know GTA V will be released later this year for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There still isn’t an official release date. The last rumor we heard placed it on October 28 for all three versions. Now, a new rumor suggests at least the PC version of GTA V will come out on November 14.

This morning, a Danish retailer called Coolshop listed a release date of November 14, 2014 for GTA V. It has since been changed to the placeholder date of December 31, but PC Gamer got a screenshot beforehand.

Some fans are disappointed at the thought of such a late release date, but it’s probably better than if it joins the huge lineup set to release this October. This is still just a rumor, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything official.

GTA V on PS4/X1/PC Might Release October 28

GTA V amazon

We know GTA V will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this fall, but no official release date was given with the announcement. However, some users caught a glimpse of a potential release date on Amazon.

Yesterday, Amazon listed the games with a release date of October 28, 2014, although the date has since been replaced with the generic placeholder date of December 31. October 28 would make a lot of sense, as it’s in the fall and on a Tuesday. Still, consider this a rumor until the date is made official.

The retailer listings also let us know that the game will cost $59.99. Are you planning to get GTA V for the PS4/X1/PC?

GTA V Too Big For Its Own Good?

It was several days ago that Rockstar gave all us rabid GTA fans a nightstick to the gut when they announced the delay of Grand Theft Auto V from late spring/early summer to September 17. This is, of course, nothing new in the videogame world. More than any other form of media, videogames are prone to delays for numerous reasons.

Bug testing/quality assurance is a common one. Games are vast jumbles of code, and that code doesn’t simply write itself (in fact, we’re still waiting on someone to write some killer code that will write its own code!). What’s more, you also need to make sure everything is structured and performs as one would expect. Bug testing often uncovers hundreds of little errors or inconsistencies that require fixing, then the whole process has to take place again to ensure those fixes haven’t interfered with something else.


In other cases, developers are simply over-ambitious in determining the time, manpower, and resources it will take to see their creation brought to fruition. All it takes is a delay in one department to hold up work in other departments, potentially bringing the whole thing to a grinding, screeching halt.

Then there are developers who are simply not satisfied with their work and want to add more and more gaming goodness to their magnum opus (kick-ass game). This is a challenge every good developer faces, as it’s a rare occurrence that a company is ever completely satisfied with what they’ve wrought. There is always more that can be done; more content, more refinement, more secrets, more anything and everything!

In GTA V’s case, it’s probably safe to assume that the delay is due to a little (or a lot) of all three. Of the three however, the latter is the most likely cause of the extended development time. And while that’s certainly noble, it raises the question of GTA V is perhaps a little bigger, and a little more ambitious, than it really needed to be.

The world will be gargantuan, and in fact larger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and San Andreas – combined! While you wrap your head around that (and it may take a while), consider also that there will be more vehicles than in any other GTA game, that you’ll be able to control three different protagonists and switch between them at will, and that you’ll be able to take those three heroes underwater, for a swim with the fishies (a literal one this time).


Variety may be the spice of life, but bigger is not necessarily always better (I’m not gonna touch that one).  Does it really improve the game to have such a massive world? Or could it in fact even be a detriment to getting around, finding things, and completing missions? Do we really need three different characters to play? For a feature that is probably adding significantly to the development time, is that really going to improve GTA V in any meaningful way?

New features are great. More and more of everything is great. But eventually a point must be reached where the developers need to say “we’ve made a great game, now let’s get this baby in the hands of our waiting customers”. Sadly that point hasn’t been reached yet, and all we can do is hope that the delays are really worth the wait. To finish with an overused cliché – only time will tell!

GTA 5 Officially Delayed Until September

The video game industry’s weatherman, Michael Pachter, was in some ways correct with the predictions he made earlier this week. Rockstar has confirmed the release date for GTA 5, but to everyone’s shock and horror it has been delayed until September 17 2013!

Yup, it’s official. Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed.


Rockstar broke the news on its blog and put the delay down to needing more time to polish and finish up its flagship title…

We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you, but, trust us, it will be worth the extra time. GTAV is a massively ambitious and complex game and it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require.

Gamers everywhere are (of course) everything from disappointed, to abusive, to straight up pissed. Some are even spreading conspiracy theories blaming the delay on the recent gun violence in the United States (which Rockstar has denied as utter nonsense).

So, the bottom line things are going to drag on for a bit more… Nothing you can do but suck it up and take it (that’s right, cancelling your preorder in protest won’t do jack). We still think that GTA V will be worth the wait!

GTA V Release Date Could Be Announced Friday


Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter is without a doubt the most well-known financial analyst in the video games industry and even the smallest utterance from him is often pounced on and quoted dozens of times over… like now.

Take-Two Interactive (owner of Rockstar Games and NASDAQ listed company – TTWO) reports its Q3 2013 financials on Friday and Pachter thinks Rockstar might also announce the release date of Grand Theft Auto V at the same time.  In a research note Pachter has said:

TTWO initially provided FY:13 EPS guidance in “excess of $2.00″ in May 2011, a strong indication of GTA V’s release, but conceded that it would not ship in FY:13 last August when it lowered EPS guidance for the year to $0.00 – 0.20. Investor confidence appears shaken by repeated, unexpected, and unjustified swings in profit and loss. If Rockstar is ready to confide in Take-Two management, we may learn the launch date next week.

What that essentially means is that TTWO shareholders have been spooked by their company’s wild swings in revenue, and that in order to shore up some confidence, they might let everyone know when GTA 5 will be released (it being the most highly anticipated game in years and sure to bring in bucketloads of cash for Rockstar/TTWO).

Pachter, who’s track record is not 100% (we’ll be honest), also says he still believes a May release date is likely. This being within Rockstar’s spring release window of course.

What do you think? Is Michael Pachter the oracle or the weatherman of the video games industry?

Amazon France: GTA V Coming June 19

We’re taking this a pinch of proverbial salt at the moment, but Amazon France has given its Grand Theft Auto V listing a release date of “19 juin 2013″ – June 19 next year in other words.

Rockstar have officially given GTA 5 a release window of Spring 2013 / April to June already, and the Amazon FR release date is right at the end of that timeline – something that is surely going to disappoint pretty much all gamers (until it is disproven at least). We would have been much happier with April!

Anyway, the date is actually highly likely to be a placeholder only, and we would be extremely surprised if the watertight ship that is Rockstar let the cat of the bag like this, and through Amazon France.

Look at it this way: when the official release date is announced, it is roughly 90% likely to be 19 June or earlier, so we’re really setting ourselves up for good news whenever the actual date is revealed.  Time will tell, but hopefully we won’t be holding our breath all the way through to end of June!

Official: GTA 5 Coming Spring 2013

It’s on…. Grand Theft Auto V has an official worldwide release window of spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rockstar told the world today and also let us know: (1) pre-orders will begin starting 5 November next week; and (2) all whole heap of new information will also come out next month.

Spring starts March 20 next year in the United States so look for a release between then and June, although a firm date will probably be known well beforehand. Interesting that there is no mention of a PC version, although one will undoubtedly come out at some stage. In fact, Rockstar seem to have been so inundated with PC comments they’ve added the following to the announcement:

For those asking about the PC platform, we’re currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don’t have any details to share about a PC version at this time.

Q1 2013 or Earlier GTA 5 Looking Less Likely

Take Two LogoTake Two recently held its annual shareholding meeting and while GTA 5 was mentioned, it was pretty much the only big game talked about that did not get a release date! This does not bode well for a release during Q1 2013, much less later this year (as much as we are all hoping/praying).

Grand Theft Auto V is in full development and is making substantial progress.

The recent GTA 5 screenshots were mentioned, along with TTWO CEO Strauss Zelnick saying that development of the game is progressing, but that was all I’m afraid folks.

Oh well, the more time they take, the better and more polished the final version of the game will be, right?

No GTA 5 at E3 – Release Date now 2013?

E3 2012 Logo
I have some sad news. GTA 5 has not featured at E3 2012 and that does not bode well for the game being released this year. In fact, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter thinks the same thing and let investors know in a note recently released to investors:

There was no announcement of Grand Theft Auto V at the show, making a pre-holiday release less likely.

You just might get to know the release date itself by November this year though, with Pachter commenting further:

Company management confirmed that it would most likely notify retailers of a GTA release 3 – 4 months prior to launch, suggesting that a GTA release date announcement is virtually certain to occur by November.

Given the Take Two’s financial year end is 31 March 2013, there is a pretty good chance that it will be released before then (as covered previously)… giving us a possible release window of 3 months from 1 January 2013.

That said, Rockstar does like to do things a little differently, and a lot of people are not the slightest bit surprised GTA 5 didn’t feature at E3. Still, if we’re going to see it released this year, Rockstar must surely have a rather large announcement planned for some time soon.

What do you think?