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GTA V’s Most Groundbreaking Alpha Mod

Here at GTA 5 Cheats, we often write about above average mods which we believe are worthy of talking to our readers about. Some are funny, some are useful, some are unique in terms of functionality. Some are just cool to look at. A few, however – a small fraction – are downright groundbreaking.


The mod we’re bringing to you today is – almost literally – groundbreaking. This is just the alpha version of something that, when completed, could take GTA V to it’s next evolutionary stage. It’s also painfully simple.

You can pick shit up and put it somewhere else.

Of course, that sentence is about as accurate a description of the mod as “it sucks stuff in” is an accurate description of a black hole (i.e. it isn’t). The World interaction / inventory / prop control mod allows players in GTA V’s single player mode to manipulate and handle all kinds of props and objects in a lifelike manner.


While the world of vanilla GTA V is far from static, it sure will seem like it after using this mod. The one thing games haven’t nailed down in terms of realism is the ability to interact with literally everything around you. This mod allows you to pick up a chair, and move it slightly. You can push tables, pick up cups.

Can you grab a chair and place it on top of a table in real life? Sure you can (whether or not you should is another matter). Now you can do it in GTA V. Can you move a vending machine provided you’re strong enough? Check.


While some mods merely nudge GTA V closer to realism, this one boots the game on it’s ass so hard that it flies a good mile in the right direction.

In what other ways would you like to see GTA V become more realistic?

GTA V Meets… Concussions? (Mod)

it’s quite obvious that GTA V was aiming for an as realistic approach to pretty much everything save for story. Game mechanics, visuals and sound design all serve the purpose of making the game more immersive, more realistic. Rockstar has done a great job of achieving a great measure of realism, however as always, there is room for improvement.


Several mods out there are geared towards making GTA V more realistic – even if that means sacrificing some of the fun factor. Whether these mods focus on visuals and graphics or game mechanics, their use can greatly improve the sense of immersion you get while playing the game. These mods do a lot to narrow the gap between the virtual world and the real one, though it isn’t quite on the same level as Virtual Reality would be.

Sob, despite being a relatively new name in the GTA V modding sphere, has already built up a reputation with a host of well coded and polished mods which add to both the game’s difficulty and realism. He’s put together mods which affect various factors such as the weather, NPC behavior and more.

His most recent mod deals with the question of injuries and their effects on the character in question. By default, GTA V has the standard health-bar system, meaning no matter how many bullets your character takes, as long as the little line is green, they will act and perform as if they were at full health. If it runs out however, it’s the end of the line.

Now, in reality an uninjured human and a human who has taken a dozen body-shots will not exactly behave in the same way. While the former will happily continue fighting, the latter will be experiencing some… distractions.

S oB’s Realistic Concussions, Injury and Fatigue mod adds a new layer of complexity and function to the health system. Players will now suffer the debilitating effects of bleeding out when shot, enduring a concussion when in a traffic accident and getting tired from fatigue if they exert themselves physically.

Not only does this add a new layer of realism, but of gameplay complexity and thus difficulty. You’ll need to strategize according to your state of health. Taking damage will be much more dangerous with this mod, as you can’t keep on fighting at 1% HP like you did at 100%.

Would you guys want a dynamic health system to be implemented in the next GTA game?

GTA V’s Law Enforcement Gets Realistic With Mod

It seems that the GTA V modding community just can’t leave the police be. Whether we’re talking about mods that make taking them on beneficial, mods that let you play as them, or mods that change their appearance, the vast majority of fan made content for GTA V revolves around cops.

It is understandable after all, GTA being focused on crime, that blues have a rather big role in the game – or they should, at least. One of the few criticisms brought against GTA V time and time again is that the cops aren’t really harrowing, nor are they particularly intelligent, but they are overly trigger happy.


Among the most detailed and comprehensive police overhaul mods out there is Realism Dispatch Enhanced, by a modder named Dilapitated, and some others who helped out. It is part of a larger modding effort which seeks to make GTA V more realistic, and overall more enjoyable and challenging.

The kind of deep detail into which this mod goes into is quite staggering. It revamps the system with which crimes are detected. Gunshots can be heard at longer distances, which can cause PEDs to call police without witnessing the crime. Smaller crimes, like reckless driving or running red lights could result in bystanders calling the police on you, giving you a one star wanted level.


Now, we could sit here all day, describing all the features this mod has, but that’s what the file description is for. I’d like to take this space, and time, to draw attention to what is quite possibly the single most entertaining line ever written in a mod description. When it catches a reader unawares, the pure absurdity of it is bound to make one laugh.

13. Animals cannot call police (Rockstar’s oversight)

Ain’t modding a thing of wonder?

In what ways would you revamp the police in GTA V?

Spice Up GTA V With Rippler’s Realism

Do you over feel like your GTA V experience is missing something, but don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of modding with all sorts of different files and utilities? Would you rather just play than fiddle around with a dozen different mods to get around compatibility conflicts? You don’t need all sorts of flashy new additions, just improvements to the stuff Rockstar already put into the game, as well as some deeper game mechanics? Rippler’s Realism might be perfect for you.

In one neat, user friendly mod, Rippler’s Realism adds some solid new game mechanics to GTA V’s single player mode. The mod started out as a weapon tweak which revamped the gunplay mechanics in GTA V to allow for more realistic combat. The shots from the grenade launcher exploded on impact like they’re supposed to, and the damage and rate of fire stats for several weapons were made to resemble their real life counterparts.

A later addition was a bullet penetration mechanic, which meant that shots passed through certain materials, like wood or thinner sheets of metal, causing damage to whatever or whoever was behind.

After several updates, a mechanic allowing players to fire pretty much any weapon from a vehicle while driving, even in first person, was added, giving you some new tactical options during a firefight or chase. Rippler, the mod’s author, also began porting over weapons from GTA Online exclusive DLCs, such as the PDW and Machine Pistol from their respective updates. DLC content showing up in single player thanks to mods is quite the popular trend.

Another tweak to the combat is the inclusion of damage states for the enemies, meaning that damage and wounds depend on what area of the body you hit, and what kind of protection the target is wearing on said body part.

Do you hope to see some more realistic game mechanics in GTA VI whenever it is released?

Make GTA V More Realistic – Less Fun

Let’s face it – taxes aren’t fun. And now you can have taxes in GTA V, but why would you want to?

GTA 5 Cheats has discussed this topic a few times before when reporting on certain mods which add more realistic features to GTA V. Some of these mods work in the game’s favor, such as making the visuals more realistic, or adding more realistic vehicle damaging, however some just make the game a bit of a chore. That said some players still look for absolute realism, even if it may be a bit of a burden. Well, here are three mods which add new features to the game which make it more realistic.


These three add a wide range of new features and game mechanics to GTA V. The least “intrusive” one of the mods is Complete Vehicle Indicator, which gives you real-time feedback regarding your the integrity of the car’s body, its engines, its windows and the bumpers. It also shows how degraded your tires are and at what temperature the engine is running.


The next one is a realistic Vehicle Call Service. If your car has been wrecked on the road, you can call out a repair service – however the work isn’t fixed price. Depending on the value of the damaged vehicle, you might end up shelling out a fortune to get your super-car back into shape, as fixing a Zentorno will not be as easy as fixing any old wreck.


Last up we have the least entertaining addition – the Complex Tax System. GTA V allows you to drive around luxurious vehicles, live in massive mansions, use the phone freely, once you’ve paid the purchase price and no more. However, life does not work that way, and people need to continuously pay taxes and insurance. If nothing else, this mod will give you motivation to make some money in GTA V.

Do you guys enjoy this sort of punishing realism in GTA V?

Calling All Fun Police: Give GTA V Some Traffic Laws

GTA V is well known for its high speed chases, high pedestrian death toll and abundance of criminal activity. However, after a while, breaking all those laws can become tiring, and the dedicated GTA modding community is keen on ensuring that even if that happens, you do not become bored. Be it with additional game modes, silly conversions, or total conversions, the modding community is never without an idea to mix up the game.


GTA V, like all GTA games before it, has a rather liberal take on traffic laws and their enforcement. If you’re the kind of sadist who likes extreme realism and plays with the sorts of thing such as the engine overheating mod, then this is truly for you. The Traffic Laws mod continues the proud lineage of mods with extremely self explanatory titles. The mod adds some scripts to GTA V which causes you to acquire wanted stars for breaking traffic laws and going over the speed limit.

In the current version, there are a few infractions which will win your the ire of the authorities, which is a large leap considering the total of *one* infraction present in the release version. Currently, driving against the road side, driving on pavement, running over someone, crashing into a vehicle and finally, as previously mentioned, going over the speed limit will each grant you one wanted star.


You are free to edit the speed limit in the .ini file, and having different zones with different speeds is a feature coming in an update soon. Some commenters have been suggesting some further features, such as adding running red lights as an infraction, with someone suggesting something which is geared more at Rockstar – how about police trying to pull you over or arrest you as opposed to immediately being all kill-happy?

Are you guys into extensive realism in GTA V?

Watch GTA V Played On A Motion Simulator

Modern AAA games strive to be as realistic as current technology allows, with the biggest publishers and devs going so far as to invent newer and newer tech to make their games ever more immersive and life-like.

The focus in the endeavor to create realistic games is usually placed on the visuals. As time goes on, games feature greater and greater graphical fidelity, with higher resolution textures, more polygons, and better animation. Another big factor is immersion, and the given game’s physics engine is a key factor here, because if the character falls in the opposite direction of the push, no level of graphical fidelity will make it look realistic!


That said though, software can do only so much. No matter how many individual strands of hair are animated on the hero’s head, no matter how smoothly the blades of grass sway in the breeze, no matter how closely the blood spurting from the neck of the hundredth orc adheres to liquid physics, you’re still just sitting on a couch with a controller in your hands.


The guys over at Force Dynamics want to change that. Motion simulators with tactile feedback are hardly and innovative, but what Force Dynamics has done with their 401cr models is truly a step forward. While the motion simulators of the past were severely handicapped, and their limitation caused extremely jarring movement, the 401cr has a full range of motion and is considerably smooth. The team demonstrated what their machine can do by playing none other than GTA V, displaying its versatility by driving several of the in-game vehicles, including a jet ski, as well as getting on a roller coaster. Also, since this is GTA, they got into a police chase. Running over innocent pedestrians has never been so realistic!

Any of you guys dream of playing GTA V using a motion sim?

Add Another Level Of Realism To GTA V With Engine Overheating

GTA V has achieved a level of realism seldom seen in gaming, regardless of how advanced AAA games have become of late. There’s the extreme attention to detail, the inspiring player freedom, the wide range of activities available, the amazing visuals, and the realistic tone and atmosphere. Sure, GTA V has plenty of game-y mechanics, and the story and writing are obviously satire with over-the-top set pieces. The whole thing really is far out, but still firmly grounded in realism.


Well, realism is kind of a fixation for the gaming community (something which absolutely baffles us. The point of gaming is escapism. Why do you want it to be realistic?), and the level of realism in a given game has become a marketing tool. However, it isn’t just the AAA devs who are trying to make their games more realistic, but the players as well. While obvious examples of this are the various graphical mods which claim to be photorealistic, some modders are attempting to put a little more of our real world into GTA V by way of game play features and mechanics.


This following mod really is geared to the “hardcore” realism players, as it actually subtracts from the game’s fun factor. But hey, it turns out that some of you guys like this sort of thing, as attested to by the over 2 hundred downloads.


It is a simple mod, called Overheat & Degradable Vehicle. Basically, if you push your ride over the 100 km/hr mark, the engine will begin to gradually overheat. If you keep going strong with an overheated engine, you vehicle will being to take damage over time, and once you’ve went below 90%, the heat sensor will get borked. Your tires will also get eaten up by the asphalt if you’re not careful, which can lead to a puncture.

Are you guys into this level of realism in GTA V?

GTA V Never Looked This Good

Some time ago, the race between the various authors of GTA V graphical mods was heated. ENBSeries, SweetFX, Gionight and Toddyhancer all threw their best works up on the web and gained serious reputations as graphics modders. Enough time has passed though, and we’re now able to settle the score once and for all, and whose work is the best.


Of the four big runner ups, ENBSeries has the longest history, having been released for several games. SweetFX and Gionight followed closely, with a similar approach. Toddyhancer was popularized most recently, being lauded as making the game “photorealistic”. While this claim was (obviously) a tad exaggerated, the mod is extremely impressive.


It was about time for these mods to catch up to the seemingly miraculous iCEnhancer mod for the previous installment in the series, GTA IV. The ENBSeries base has been used for graphical mods by several users, who modified it to their personal specifications. Now SweetFX is getting the same treatment, however on a professional level.


Enter ReShade, a new, universal and generic post processing and graphical enhancement tool based on SweetFX’s framework. This tool can be used to add an extensive range of adaptive post processing effects to almost any game.

Imagine your favorite game with ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, color correction and more …

The team decided to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities using GTA V as a testing platform. The images we posted here do contain jets which were modded in, but they weren’t pre-enhanced, and everything else in the shots is unmodified beyond the use of ReShade. Even more so than Toddyhancer, this particular GTA V graphical mod has propelled the game even closer to photo realism, however you’re going to need a beast of a machine to get decent framerates while playing with this baby active.

Which GTA V graphical mod takes the crown in your opinion?

GTA 5 to be more realistic says producer

Since the release of the official trailer for GTA 5, Rockstar really has been quite discreet in terms of discussing possible developments for the game. However, more and more information is leaking by the day and using it we can slowly (but surely) start to get an idea of what the next release of GTA will be like.

First of all, we know by now that the game will take us back to San Andreas, which is great news for fans of what many/most? consider to be the best GTA game made – GTA: San Andreas.

We also know that the action will take place in the city of Los Santos, which is essentially a replica of the city of Los Angeles. And we already know that Rockstar’s has some experience working with the Los Angeles landscape, as it was the setting of the L.A. Noire, a game set in mid 20th century Los Angeles.

According to various sites, players will also have the option to play as multiple characters in GTA V, which would be a great addition to the game. PSP versions of GTA that were released after GTA 3 and Vice City all allow players to play as multiple characters, so this means the option to do so in GTA 5 is certainly not out of the question.

GTA 5 Convertible

Plus, people who’ve bought GTA IV and the two downloadable episodes had the option to play as Luis Lopez, Nicco Belic or Johnny Klebitz, which are further hints that you could be able to live more than one life in the next version of GTA. Each player had its own very distinct storyline and missions, and the feature would be a great way to add longevity to GTA 5.

Leslie Benzies, one of the producers of the series, has said that there will be more emphasis on the character’s physiology in GTA 5. He stated that what made San Andreas such a unique game was not the action or the ability to explore such a rich and diverse environment, but the changes in the character’s physiology. For instance, your character would become fatter and less agile if he ate too much and would become stronger when he went to the gym.

According to Benzies, this is what made the gaming experience so engulfing in GTA San Andreas and it is why the team decided to really push the idea to the forefront and expand on the concept. This could be a good thing for GTA V as long as the realism factor doesn’t affect the gameplay too much.

In GTA San Andreas, maintaining your character was pretty simple. All you had to do is go to the gym, press a few buttons and you were done. But in this version, it is expected you will have to train each part of your character’s body, do things such as cardio to maintain your stamina and even wipe off the equipment when you’re finished! If this is done properly, it could add a whole new dimension to the game. Continue reading