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GTA V Discounted In Playstation Essentials Sale

Let’s kick off 2016 with even more GTA V discounts!

Sony has begun the year with the so called Playstation Essentials sale, which slashes the price of must-have games for the owners of the PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles. Surprisingly enough, only a single Playstation exclusive made its way into the list, however there are some great deals to be had.

PlayStation Sale

Players looking to pick up some GTA games for their PS4 are in luck, as all games in the franchise which are currently available on the console have been discounted, alongside a few shark card bundles of GTA V. PS+ members get a percentage lifted off the discount price as well, making these deals even more enticing.

GTA V on its own can be bought for $44.99 for regular customers, and $38.99 for PS+. Depending on which shark card bundle you buy, prices will shoot up nicely, however PS+ members can save almost half on the most expensive bundle.


All the 3D era games are also discounted, making this a prime opportunity to catch up on some good old retro GTA. Separately, each game costs $10.49 for standard buyers, while PS+ member can grab them at $8.99. Buying the three together in the Trilogy bundle will cost you $20.99, or $17.49 if you’re a subscriber.

The list contains a lot more than GTA, mind you. The single exclusive on offer isInfamous: Second Son, while there are some gems among the discounts such as Child of Light, Metro 2033 and the best Assassin’s Creed installment in the face of Black Flag.

This sale is clearly aimed at the crowd who picked up a new PS4 for Christmas, and needs to fill up their library. Honestly though, you hardly need anything other than GTA V, since you won’t be playing anything else anyway.

Anyone picking up GTA V for their new and shiny PS4?

GTA Online Was Down On PS4 For Almost Two Days

If you’ve been experiencing issues connecting to GTA Online through your PS4, we hope you didn’t go and give your modem the hammer treatment – the issue has been fixed now.


GTA V players first began reporting issues with connecting to the online service on Sunday, however on a small scale. The issue didn’t seem major at the time and could even have been viewed as a particularly unlucky coincidence of many isolated incidents occurring simultaneously.

Unfortunately the problems persisted, and got worse. For almost two days, the GTA Online servers were down in the Playstation 4. All players were unable to access the service at the time, and Rockstar got on the case swiftly.

We have received reports of issues connecting to GTA Online and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience

All other platforms, including the PS3, were unaffected. Rockstar has yet to comment on the cause of the outage,  or how they fixed the issue, though it might be a while until we find out what went wrong.


While players have a tendency to blame “Rockstar’s servers”, that claim isn’t at all correct. GTA Online works on a peer to peer basis, meaning the players’ platforms act as a networked server, and there are no central Rockstar servers running the game. While this saves significant resources for the company, it also makes troubleshooting much more difficult.

In fact GTA Online has a pretty  good reputation with regards to uptime, with only a few outages in the past. These usually occurred right after the release of a major update, caused by the massive influx of players all at the same time to see all the new content. It’s fared particularly well compared in terms of uptime compared to other massive online games – anyone remember trying to play World of Warcraft in the first several years of that game’s release?

GTA V Still Used To Promote Consoles

Typically when consoles are sold in bundles with games, the games are either recent releases, or the bundles were put together close to the system’s launch with either exclusive or highly popular games being sold in the same pack as the console itself.


It seems that GTA V’s popularity has given it a unique kind of longevity even as a promotional item. Amazon has a tendency to accidentally list items before they’re supposed to, which leads to some unintentional information leaks. Most recently, the French Amazon site listed two games with the all new 1TB Playstation 4 bundle.

One of the games should be no surprise. The Uncharted Collection contains the remastered entries of what is arguably the most popular exclusive franchise on the Playstation. It has been put together in anticipation of the upcoming final chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Regardless, seeing as this site is dedicated to GTA V, it should not be hard to figure out what the other game was… Here’s a hint: it was released on current-gen consoles a year ago, and yet it got itself a place next to an anticipated exclusive release.

If the immense sales, continued popularity and constant news coverage wasn’t enough (how would that not be enough?!), this should be ample proof that GTA V is one of the biggest juggernauts of the gaming industry. The game has done incredibly well for both Rockstar and Take Two Interactive and the shareholder of the former should be very pleased. Plus with all these promotions and sale, plus with Story DLC possibly coming soon, the game’s popularity will only be going up.


The 1TB PS4 is virtually identical to the launch model, save for the storage space, so if you’ve already got one of these beauties, now would not be the time for an upgrade. However, for late adopters, never before has there been a better time to jump into the current gen.

Any of you looking to pick up this PS4 bundle?

Agent Screenshots Leaked, Game Canned Or Restarted

GTA’s long lost brother, the mysterious game project called Agent, has been another potential smash-hit Rockstar franchise since 2009. This year however, some signs may point to a resurgence of the secretive property. First, a hush-hush appearance at a gaming conference. Then, a set of leaked screenshots, and a reference in the Social Club.

So what is going on with Agent?


Agent was announced way back in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive title to be developed by Rockstar Games. Recently, a former Rockstar artist added a few screenshots from the seemingly cancelled game to his online portfolio, which can be freely viewed online by anyone, and he also stated that his team was taken off the project at an undefined date to work on GTA V instead. Images from a work-in-progress game are never publicized in this manner, which would lead one to believe that Agent is dead and gone, however could be another explanation.


Earlier this year, back in summer, Europe’s largest video game conferenc, and one of the largest gaming events on the planet, was held in Köln, Germany. Gamescom is an event where several big-name publishers reveal new projects, or allow eager fans to try out demos of upcoming games for the first time. While it isn’t as big on announcements as, say, E3 or PAX, it is still an important show.


Rockstar was present in a limited manner this year. They only had a booth in the business area, which is already a restricted part of the show, and even then they only let select people in. Many people theorized that they were showing off the earliest build of a new take on Agent, rebooted as a PS4 exclusive. If the project was scrapped and restarted from the beginning, they would not use any old assets anyway, which is why the artist was allowed to use the above screenshots.

View post on imgur.com

So, the question is – do you hope that Agent is still an active project, or do you care more about GTA VI?

Could Script Kiddies Have Cracked GTA V On PS4 & Xbox One?

PS4 and Xbox One players beware – it seems that the hackers might have managed to break GTA Online.

Some would say the hacking and modding issue on GTA V for the last-gen consoles and PC has been getting worse in recent months, however the current-gen consoles have been mostly safe due to their rock solid hardware-software locks and advanced anti-tampering and anti-cheating (the bad kind of cheating) measures. The PS4 and the Xbox One were a safe haven of sorts, a place where players could enjoy the vast, content-filled world of GTA Online without having to endure the inconvenience of a script-kiddie fouling the air in every lobby – like you might playing on PC.


However, it seems that hordes of bored a-holes have now brute-forced their way on to the new consoles. One gamer, playing GTA Online on PS4, encountered a rather strange occurrence in his garage which coincides with typical scripter behaviour. Had he been playing on any other platform, it would just be any other day. However, on PS4, this was worth recording.


The player posted his video to Reddit, asking whether or not any other players have encountered similar issues. A popular theory among comments in response was that a bug causing the prop-spawning capability from the Rockstar Creator “bleeding” over into real play allowed players to drop the satellites wherever they choose. However, the satellites are not among the spawnable props, and this would still not explain what they were doing in the player’s private garage.

I bought the new gen version of GTA V the day it came out and have played almost every day since then, and I’ve never seen this happen until today. I think script kiddies mannies may have finally cracked at least the PS4, I don’t know about the Xbone.

Have any of our Xbox One and PS4 players encountered signs that the hackers may have managed to infiltrate GTA Online on those platforms?

Old GTA Games Released On PS4

Sony really likes porting GTA games to new platforms under the radar.

Recently we reported on the low-key release of the mobile port of GTA San Andreas on the PS3 via the Playstation Network. There were no notable announcements regarding the launch, and the only way most people realized that it happened was via the news reports that went up after someone accidentally came across it.

It seems the same thing happened again today, with a few more GTA titles. Though considering these games has mobile ports as well, not to mention the push towards backwards compatibility is big this generation, it was to be expected.


GTA 3, Vice City and (again) San Andreas have all been released for the PS4 platform. Yeah, PS4. It seems that while Sony has made it clear that they aren’t planning on making the PS4 backwards compatible unlike what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One, they are porting a number of PS2 games to the new system.

Along the three mentioned GTA games, the announcement also included Dark Cloud, The Mark of Kri, Rogue Galaxy, Twisted Metal: Black and War of the Monsters. All together, that’s 8 classic PS2 games making their way to the current-gen console.

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas were the three console games in the franchise which got mobile ports for their 10th anniversaries, and were sequentially released for the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 in recent years.


The PS4 ports of the games feature an upscaled resolution, meaning they will be running at 1080p, and will be compatible with a number of PS4 features such as Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support. The three GTA games will be purchasable through the PSN for $14.99 each.

What kinds of fond memories do you guys have of the 3D universe GTA trilogy?

Even More GTA V Discounts On Consoles

Yup, because apparently this still sells really really well. While the PC and last-gen sales did confuse us a tad, discounting the game on the PS4 and Xbox One makes sense to the extent that it gives last-gen players more incentive to upgrade. Not that the lack of any further DLC for GTA Online being released on the 360 and PS3 wasn’t incentive enough, but hey, spending money in video games may not be a priority for some.

However the timing of this particular sale should not be a surprise to anyone, considering that next week is Black Friday, the annual shopping spree holiday which is nothing more than a construct of consumerist society, and a minimum of five American people will be trampled to death by rabid crowds who just have to get that thing which is 50% off or something. (/rant)


Amazon is holding a special pre-Black Friday sale event for their Prime subscribers, who can nick some special deals. A whole horde of video games had been discounted quite significantly, with some special edition pre-orders among them. If you’re a PS4 owner and are looking to pick up GTA V cheap, and also happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. The PS4 version of Rockstar’s record breaking blockbuster is discounted by 43% in the Black Friday Prime sale.


Now, in the beginning of this article, we did write “consoles“, so members of the Microsoft crowd need not feel left out – in fact, Amazon is more generous to Xbox One owners, as they can get GTA V at a 43% markdown even if they’re not Amazon Prime subscribers.

Most other video game related sales this Black Friday focus on either very recently released titles, or highly anticipated upcoming releases – with heavy emphasis on special editions.

Any of you guys picking up GTA V today?

Even More GTA V Sales This Week

Seriously, I never thought we’d reach this point. I didn’t even think this point existed. There are too many GTA V sales and discounts going on.


It has been available at significant markdowns several times on all five platforms in the past month. Sale is heaped on sale, with no three consecutive days passing without GTA V being available at a discount somewhere. Cheap games is never really something to complain about, but seriously, considering its been two and a half years since initial release, the fact that more than 54 million copies were sold, not counting digital sales, and that we have been assaulted with an endless stream of discounts in the past few weeks, is there really anyone left who wants GTA V but does not have it yet? Where are all the customers justifying these sales coming from?

Not that we’re complaining of course… the more that discover and get to enjoy Rockstar’s masterpiece of a game the better!

On Microsoft’s side of things, Rockstar’s blockbuster can be purchased for 33% off if you have a gold or platinum Xbox Live subscription, and GTA V can be nicked for Xbox 360 at a 58% markdown.


Sony fans don’t despair, as the same percentage of discounts are active on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 versions of GTA V should you purchase them through the PS Store. Both these and the Xbox discounts are live until next Tuesday.

Before the PC crowd starts feeling left out, Rockstar has slapped the downloadable PC version of GTA V, purchasable from the Rockstar Warehouse, with the 33% discount as well.

That’s a lot of discounts. Thing is, who’s going to be living with the opportunity? Sure, GTA V is a famous game even among those who do not play it, and chances are people not too interested in it will happen upon the discount now (if somehow they missed all the other discounts in the past few weeks…). They’ll most likely be like “sure, why not?”, but at this point everyone who was actively looking to get their hands on the game probably has.

Are any of you guys picking GTA V up for another platform, perchance?

Fake GTA V Halloween DLC Banner Pops Up On PS4

So, you know how the latest wave of baseless GTA Online DLC rumors are about how Rockstar should/will be releasing new content for Halloween? Well, someone took it to the next level and tacked together a fake screenshot which has just been convincing enough to make the rounds on the web before people started realizing how obviously fake it is.

With things like this happening every fortnight or so, you’d think the community would be on their toes a bit more and spot the signs of a hoax quicker? Well, I guess we know what the GTA V fandom is like when it comes to DLC.


The above screenshot started making the rounds after it was posted to a few GTA V related sites and discussion forums and people took it at face value instantly. With speculation regarding what the update would actually entail for the longest time no one actually took a step back to examine whether or not the screenshot was real. But luckily after a while people began to see the irregularities.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll see that it is just a reused screenshot from ye olde Business DLC, photoshopped (badly, with generic template) to fit the Halloween theme. There is no reason for Rockstar to reuse promotional material like that.

The stylized spelling of “HalloWeen” is also uncanny, and a quick trip to the Rockstar Newswire will show you that there is no official word on any update, which would definitely predate a dashboard banner. The absence of the banner on Xbox is also a tell, as while some publishers have adopted a policy of timed exclusive DLC, so far all GTA content launched on the two consoles simultaneously, and Rockstar has no stated intention to change that.

Do you guys think there is any hope for GTA V getting any Halloween DLC?

Unlisted GTA Online 1.29 Features Detailed

Rockstar recently announced and subsequently released update 1.29 for GTA online. The update contains the Freemode Events DLC pack as well as the updated version of the Rockstar Editor which is coming for the first time to current generation consoles, namely the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (note the PC version of the Editor is also getting the new features).

The initial announcement of the GTA Online update only mentioned 4 of the new events, while it was later revealed that there were 12 in total. This led players to assume that there was still more to Freemode Events than meets the eye, and it seems that assumption was correct.


With the release of the patch notes for GTA Online 1.29, and the update itself, players have begun to discover previously unlisted new features which the massive update has implemented.

Aside from the host of bug fixes and various backstage tweaks, the update introduced some smaller features worth mentioning. For one, now you can accept and send friend invites while playing the game’s single player mode provided you are connected to the internet. Vehicle spawn points have been revamped over the board, but this is most apparent in the case of aerial vehicles (which have become more common) and the Barracks military truck (which can be encountered at certain times of day).

Players also now have the ability to customize their mini maps, getting rid of the incomprehensible clutter the slew of new markers and blips is bound to cause. You can toggle practically all markers on or off at your leisure in any combination, as well as doing away with the pesky pop-up notifications.

While hardly a feature, there is an exploit which allows players to track the Werewolf in the “Hunt the Beast” game mode using the players tab in the menu. Have you guys tried out any of the new events in GTA Online? Thoughts?