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The Warriors Available In HD On PS4

Yesterday we reported on fan favorite Red Dead Redemption finally making its way to the Xbox One via Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative. The game popped up in the program some time ago, but was swiftly pulled and the occurrence was labeled a mistake.


Naturally PS4 players have been clamoring since to get their own re-release of the game, however this is unlikely to happen for the same reason that a PC port has been put off (rumors about the game code being untidy).

However, players who prefer Sony’s console over Microsoft’s aren’t forgotten. Rockstar has recently – and rather quietly – re-released another old classic on the PS4, with a HD makeover. Back when Rockstar wasn’t the AAA juggernaut it is today (but GTA was already insanely popular), the dev team made a licensed game adaptation of the 1979 film “The Warriors”.


The stylish beat-em-up action game saw actors from the film reprising their roles as voice actors. Critics universally praised the game, including the mechanics, soundtrack, progression and atmosphere. It’s one of those Rockstar classics that everyone liked, was popular, made a lot of money, but no-one speaks about anymore.

Until now, at least. It’s unexpected appearance on the European PS Store as a HD remaster available on PS4 has started quite the buzz in the gaming press. Releases in other regions are awaited. It is currently available with a price tag of £11.99.


The film – and novel – the game adapts feature a New York City street gang which has been accused of murdering a notable gang leader during a supposedly peaceful summit of all the gangs. Their home turf happens to be on the other side of the city, and the eponymous gang must fight through the rowdy streets of NYC in one night.

The game however expands on the story, kicking off three months prior to the events of the movie. There is added content, though the events of the film are also adapted in the game. The Warriors was formerly available on PS2, the original Xbox, PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360.


The PS4 release of The Warriors features a wider display resolution and an updated control scheme to fit the new PS4 dualshock controllers. With such an obscure game getting a re-release, things are boding well for other Rockstar games being made available on current-gen.

Are you eager to try out The Warriors on PS4?

Take-Two CEO States New Consoles Won’t Change Plans

Console manufacturers throwing out hardware improvements mid-generation isn’t a new concept. Slightly upgraded versions of systems within the span of what is considered the same console generation have been around pretty much since consoles are a thing. Often times manufacturer’s find themselves short on time – or maybe funds – so they put out a device on the market with the upgrade almost ready. At other times, the moment a console goes on sale, work on a hardware update significant enough to warrant a new name but not large enough to warrant a new gen begins.


The most frequent upgrades are “slim” versions of otherwise bulky launch-consoles, as well as hardware upgrades to the CPUs and GPUs. This trend was most obvious in the previous console gen, with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 going through multiple versions and both getting yet another new one with the release of the current-gen systems.

Considering the current generation has been available for several years, a hardware upgrade seems to be in order. There have been plenty of rumors floating around for several months now about both Sony and Microsoft working on upgrades to their respective consoles. However, these were only rumors until recently – both upgrades were tentatively confirmed one way or another at this year’s E3, but no images of the hardware were shown and not even specs were announced.


What we do know is that the PS4 “Neo” and Xbox One “Project Scorpio” will carry significant hardware upgrades when they do finally launch. These announcements were a tad overshadowed by the announcements of other console upgrades, namely the slim version of the Xbox One and the slightly upgraded PS4 with the same case.

As intriguing as all of this is, obviously the main question here is “how does this affect the games?”. More so than ever before, console manufacturers are in close contact with the biggest AAA publishers, sharing technological advancements and info on classified projects so that the software can keep up with the hardware and vice-versa. Why bother releasing upgraded consoles if it will take devs at least 3 years to make games that actually benefit from the hardware?


As such, publishers such as Take-Two Interactive were probably “in the know” about these new systems for a good long while now, allowing them to prepare. However, some industry professionals don’t attribute too much importance to these upgrades, as in the end, graphics are just one aspect and you’ve got to make a good game no matter what GPU it will run on.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO and Chairman of Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games, happens to be of the same opinion. It seems that Neo and Project Scorpio didn’t cause much of an alteration in the future plans of GTA’s publisher.

To have a landscape…where you put a game out and you don’t worry about it. The same way that when you make a television show you don’t ask yourself ‘what monitor is this going to play on?’. It could play on a 1964 color television or it could play on a brand-new 4K television, but you’re still going to make a good television show.

While Take-Two isn’t exactly running head over heels to restructure in light of the console upgrades, Zelnick sees much potential in this direction for console gaming. He suspects that the hardware upgrade curve might start to resemble that of smartphones more and more (hopefully not…), which in turn will make things very interesting and lucrative for the developers.


Whatever direction the console industry decides to take however, Zelnick is determined to uphold Take-Two’s penchant for quality in the products it delivers to consumer. Even if the console cycle speeds up, don’t expect the GTA franchise to turn into an annual release.

That doesn’t change any of our activities. We still have to make the very best products in the market and we have to push technology to its absolute limit to do so.

When it comes to mid-gen hardware upgrades, the biggest limiting factor is compatibility – if PS4 Neo games will be too taxing to run on standard PS4’s, then how is this not a whole new gen? It also means that developers are reined in from going too crazy with their visual upgrades. Further, it adds time to development cycles as two sets of assets much be made. Games will detect the hardware of the console at hand and set their visuals to the appropriate level.

This means that at one point GTA 5 is likely to get a massive update on consoles to make use of the new hardware, allowing the visuals to get a bit closer to what they are like on PC when running on a Neo or Project Scorpio console.


Even if that doesn’t happen, Rockstar’s next project is guaranteed to have this feature, as by the time that game releases, the new consoles will also be on the market. There are only rumored projected release dates for both console upgrades, but many suspect that they will go on sale somewhere around 2018/19.

Incidentally, many fans hope that Rockstar’s next project will also have a similar release date, with 2020 being the latest estimate. Of course, this is game development we’re speaking about, so delays are not only possible but outright likely.


The best guess as to what said project may be is Red Dead 3 – there has been significant leaked material over the past few months leading up to E3. Rockstar was hyped up by Take-Two representatives to show off something big at E3 and a new Red Dead game would definitely fit the profile.

However, Rockstar ended up being a no-show at E3 and no announcement as to why was made. Speculation run rampant ranging from them not being ready last minute to the hype being false for the sake of publicity. In the end we never officially found out why Rockstar wasn’t at E3, however this tragic theory seemed to gather the most momentum.


While Red Dead 3 has yet to get an official announcement, one can almost guarantee at this point that it is the next game on Rockstar’s production line. Based on Zelnick’s comments, its development will not be affected (read: prolonged) by the impending release of the new line of consoles. However, it will definitely make use of the upgraded hardware.

This stands in contrast with some of Zelnick’s views on other advances in gaming hardware – especially VR. He is highly skeptical that it will catch on with the mainstream crowd anytime soon, seeing as not only is it still pretty expensive, but it also requires a lot of room, which is a commodity many consumers do not possess.


Despite his views, he holds to the mentality that should VR catch on, Take-Two will happily provide its customers with high quality VR games. Maybe even a VR enabled GTA installment down the line. However, the medium still has a long way to go before the level of popularity is achieved to convince Zelnick.

While it is known that the PS4 Neo won’t include integrated Sony VR functionality (the headset and console-expansion box is sold separately), both Sony and Microsoft are opening up to the world of VR. The headset of the latter is still a long, long way off from release though.

So who’s excited about the Neo and Project Scorpio, and what do you think it means for GTA V, if anything?

GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally.


Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved. These frequent sales are one of the ways through which Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s non-discount price still at the $60 mark, three years after launch.

May Madness, lasting until the first of June, is one of the biggest Playstation specific sales Sony has going on. It includes over 100 discounted titles across the PS4, PS3 and PSVita, including a wide selection of digital-only deals as well. The GTA games have been frequent members of such discount promos due to their immense popularity and brand recognition.


Thanks to certain PS2 games being available in a remastered state on the PS4, GTA 5 isn’t the only installment of Rockstar’s open world crime’em’up available at a discount. While GTA 5 can be bought at a 22% markdown, various Shark Card bundles alongside the 3D era trilogy is on sale as well.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas can be bout separately, however you’ll be saving the most if you buy the trilogy pack (which, considering the amount of content in it, is more than bloody worth it at that price). Seeing as there is a Shark Card promo going on, meaning that this weekend Shark Cards will net you more in-game cash for the same price, the Shark Card bundles are even better deals than what is apparent on first glance.


GTA IV and it’s DLCs, alongside Chinatown Wars join the lineup for sales on the PS3 and the PSVita.

Will you be buying any GTA title for your Playstation during May Madness?

GTA V PS4 Bundle Discounted On Amazon

We’ve got some good news for those of you who’ve been looking to upgrade to the current console generation along with grabbing a few great games right off the bat at a cheaper price – Amazon has discounted the Playstation 4’s Black Friday bundle that was introduced last year for the mentioned occasion. The bundle comes with GTA V, The Last of Us Remastered and of course the PS4 console itself.


This is hardly the first time GTA V has been discounted on the PS4. Rockstar’s massively popular game is usually on sale constantly, moving between platforms and retailers with stunning frequency. Discounts appear and disappear back to back all the time. Prospective buyers pretty much have no reason to buy the game full price, as it is on sale for each platform at least once a month, but usually more frequently.

Not only that, but the sales are becoming more and more generous. The lowest price record of GTA V was broken just recently, pushing the game’s price below the $30 mark for the first time. Shark Card sales are also becoming more frequent in recent weeks, so buying up some in-game cash is getting more affordable.


The bundle contains the base PS4 500 GB console with all the doodads (cords, camera, headset, one controller) and digital activation codes for both games. The bundle was originally intended to be a Black Friday exclusive, to be snatched all up by the ravenous hordes of ferocious shoppers, however surprisingly enough there were plenty of leftovers.

At full price, this console bundle goes for $519.97, however if you purchase from Amazon you’ll get it for 12% off plus free shipping. Now, 12% may not look like much at first glance, however considering that the discounted price is $455.50, meaning buyers save $64.47, shows that it isn’t all that insignificant. The price of a newly released AAA game comes off the console bundle – so you’ll have enough left over to nab a third title for your new and shiny PS4.


Jumping in on the PS4 might be a good idea, as Sony will be releasing the Playstation VR device this October. Obviously, you’ll need a PS4 console to use the device, so why not cash in on the discount?

At the same time, you might want to consider holding off on the console, as Sony is allegedly working on a “PS4.5” with a beefier interior, able to support 4K.

Will you be nabbing this GTA V console bundle, or are you holding off?

GTA V’s Current-Gen Editions On Sale

Just when you thought the seemingly endless stream of discounts for GTA V were at an end, Amazon has arrived to prove you wrong. Over the months, GTA V discounts and sales have been following one another back to back, with the PC being the most prevalent among them.


Even so, the PS4 and Xbox One version have been getting plenty of attention from various storefronts. This year, the more important sales were the Steam Lunar New Year sale and the Playstation Essentials sale earlier this year.

GTA V’s sales are ever increasing even so long after launch, leading to Rockstar’s and Take Two’s rather grandiose plans for the game’s future.

Of course these sales are a pretty significant contributing factor, seeing as they allow gamers with a somewhat tighter budget to jump in as well. GTA V is a prime game in that regard by default, considering the sheer amount of content you get for your money.

With both the massive single player campaign and GTA Online with its constant stream of free updates included, this is one of the best valued games currently on the market.


Currently, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One version of GTA V are discounted on Amazon’s Canadian site. The prices are slashed by 43%, meaning the game can be bought for CDN$ 39.99 instead of CDN$ 69.99. Add to that free worldwide shipping and you’ve got a pretty solid deal.

Possibly the only downside of cashing in on this discount is that any version of GTA V bought from the Canadian Amazon site will not contain the one million in-game currency for GTA Online most current-gen versions of the game come with.

Considering how difficult it is to accumulate money in the game, that one million is a solid boost, however there are plenty of ways to grind up that amount through gameplay.


While sales and discounts are aplenty, it is quite surprising that GTA V has managed to retain its full price for such a long time. Games like this are only released ever so often when the planets align and the ancient prophecies are fulfilled – not only has the average number of sales slightly increased over the years since the initial release spike, the price has remained constant.

Despite the numerous discounts, countless people are still buying the game full price, which is quite the feat as well.

Have you guys upgraded to current-gen GTA V, or are you waiting for an even better discount?

GTA Online Cars Come To Single Player Without Mod

You better get on to this GTA Online glitch before it’s patched right up.

GTA Online has been getting an endless stream of free content updates over the years, expanding the list of available vehicles extensively. The single player mode, however, was stuck with the same number of rides as it had on launch, which stuck out as odd for quite a few players.


On PC, the modding community swiftly began porting Online only DLC vehicles over to story mode with some success, however the console players were still out of luck.

Until now. The GTA V community is on a never-ending search for glitches which may be exploited to the player’s advantage. These aren’t mods, cheats or hacks, these are bugs or mechanical loopholes which players can use to circumvent the game’s own rules.

A particular glitch which allows players to warp Online vehicles into single player has recently been found and it works on consoles as well. You’ll need to have unlocked Trevor in single player and have access to his garage in Sandy Shores, preferably empty.

This is as easy as glitches get. Load into a private or invite-only lobby in GTA Online, drive your vehicle of choice into the Sandy Shores garage, switch to single player picking Trevor and voila, the ride is there.


Initially, it will be locked. Just cause some minor damage to the car, leave the are and go back. Not only will the car be repaired, it will also be unlocked.

This glitch has been confirmed on PC, Xbox One and PS4 by various users. Players on Xbox 360 have yet to succeed and there is no word on testing result from the PS3, meaning that is might not work on last-gen.

Which GTA Online vehicle will you be glitching over into single player?

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Essentials Sale

Let’s kick off 2016 with even more GTA V discounts!

Sony has begun the year with the so called Playstation Essentials sale, which slashes the price of must-have games for the owners of the PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles. Surprisingly enough, only a single Playstation exclusive made its way into the list, however there are some great deals to be had.

PlayStation Sale

Players looking to pick up some GTA games for their PS4 are in luck, as all games in the franchise which are currently available on the console have been discounted, alongside a few shark card bundles of GTA V. PS+ members get a percentage lifted off the discount price as well, making these deals even more enticing.

GTA V on its own can be bought for $44.99 for regular customers, and $38.99 for PS+. Depending on which shark card bundle you buy, prices will shoot up nicely, however PS+ members can save almost half on the most expensive bundle.


All the 3D era games are also discounted, making this a prime opportunity to catch up on some good old retro GTA. Separately, each game costs $10.49 for standard buyers, while PS+ member can grab them at $8.99. Buying the three together in the Trilogy bundle will cost you $20.99, or $17.49 if you’re a subscriber.

The list contains a lot more than GTA, mind you. The single exclusive on offer isInfamous: Second Son, while there are some gems among the discounts such as Child of Light, Metro 2033 and the best Assassin’s Creed installment in the face of Black Flag.

This sale is clearly aimed at the crowd who picked up a new PS4 for Christmas, and needs to fill up their library. Honestly though, you hardly need anything other than GTA V, since you won’t be playing anything else anyway.

Anyone picking up GTA V for their new and shiny PS4?

GTA Online Was Down On PS4 For Almost Two Days

If you’ve been experiencing issues connecting to GTA Online through your PS4, we hope you didn’t go and give your modem the hammer treatment – the issue has been fixed now.


GTA V players first began reporting issues with connecting to the online service on Sunday, however on a small scale. The issue didn’t seem major at the time and could even have been viewed as a particularly unlucky coincidence of many isolated incidents occurring simultaneously.

Unfortunately the problems persisted, and got worse. For almost two days, the GTA Online servers were down in the Playstation 4. All players were unable to access the service at the time, and Rockstar got on the case swiftly.

We have received reports of issues connecting to GTA Online and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience

All other platforms, including the PS3, were unaffected. Rockstar has yet to comment on the cause of the outage,  or how they fixed the issue, though it might be a while until we find out what went wrong.


While players have a tendency to blame “Rockstar’s servers”, that claim isn’t at all correct. GTA Online works on a peer to peer basis, meaning the players’ platforms act as a networked server, and there are no central Rockstar servers running the game. While this saves significant resources for the company, it also makes troubleshooting much more difficult.

In fact GTA Online has a pretty  good reputation with regards to uptime, with only a few outages in the past. These usually occurred right after the release of a major update, caused by the massive influx of players all at the same time to see all the new content. It’s fared particularly well compared in terms of uptime compared to other massive online games – anyone remember trying to play World of Warcraft in the first several years of that game’s release?

GTA V Still Used To Promote Consoles

Typically when consoles are sold in bundles with games, the games are either recent releases, or the bundles were put together close to the system’s launch with either exclusive or highly popular games being sold in the same pack as the console itself.


It seems that GTA V’s popularity has given it a unique kind of longevity even as a promotional item. Amazon has a tendency to accidentally list items before they’re supposed to, which leads to some unintentional information leaks. Most recently, the French Amazon site listed two games with the all new 1TB Playstation 4 bundle.

One of the games should be no surprise. The Uncharted Collection contains the remastered entries of what is arguably the most popular exclusive franchise on the Playstation. It has been put together in anticipation of the upcoming final chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Regardless, seeing as this site is dedicated to GTA V, it should not be hard to figure out what the other game was… Here’s a hint: it was released on current-gen consoles a year ago, and yet it got itself a place next to an anticipated exclusive release.

If the immense sales, continued popularity and constant news coverage wasn’t enough (how would that not be enough?!), this should be ample proof that GTA V is one of the biggest juggernauts of the gaming industry. The game has done incredibly well for both Rockstar and Take Two Interactive and the shareholder of the former should be very pleased. Plus with all these promotions and sale, plus with Story DLC possibly coming soon, the game’s popularity will only be going up.


The 1TB PS4 is virtually identical to the launch model, save for the storage space, so if you’ve already got one of these beauties, now would not be the time for an upgrade. However, for late adopters, never before has there been a better time to jump into the current gen.

Any of you looking to pick up this PS4 bundle?

Agent Screenshots Leaked, Game Canned Or Restarted

GTA’s long lost brother, the mysterious game project called Agent, has been another potential smash-hit Rockstar franchise since 2009. This year however, some signs may point to a resurgence of the secretive property. First, a hush-hush appearance at a gaming conference. Then, a set of leaked screenshots, and a reference in the Social Club.

So what is going on with Agent?


Agent was announced way back in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive title to be developed by Rockstar Games. Recently, a former Rockstar artist added a few screenshots from the seemingly cancelled game to his online portfolio, which can be freely viewed online by anyone, and he also stated that his team was taken off the project at an undefined date to work on GTA V instead. Images from a work-in-progress game are never publicized in this manner, which would lead one to believe that Agent is dead and gone, however could be another explanation.


Earlier this year, back in summer, Europe’s largest video game conferenc, and one of the largest gaming events on the planet, was held in Köln, Germany. Gamescom is an event where several big-name publishers reveal new projects, or allow eager fans to try out demos of upcoming games for the first time. While it isn’t as big on announcements as, say, E3 or PAX, it is still an important show.


Rockstar was present in a limited manner this year. They only had a booth in the business area, which is already a restricted part of the show, and even then they only let select people in. Many people theorized that they were showing off the earliest build of a new take on Agent, rebooted as a PS4 exclusive. If the project was scrapped and restarted from the beginning, they would not use any old assets anyway, which is why the artist was allowed to use the above screenshots.

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So, the question is – do you hope that Agent is still an active project, or do you care more about GTA VI?