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GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally.


Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved. These frequent sales are one of the ways through which Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s non-discount price still at the $60 mark, three years after launch.

May Madness, lasting until the first of June, is one of the biggest Playstation specific sales Sony has going on. It includes over 100 discounted titles across the PS4, PS3 and PSVita, including a wide selection of digital-only deals as well. The GTA games have been frequent members of such discount promos due to their immense popularity and brand recognition.


Thanks to certain PS2 games being available in a remastered state on the PS4, GTA 5 isn’t the only installment of Rockstar’s open world crime’em’up available at a discount. While GTA 5 can be bought at a 22% markdown, various Shark Card bundles alongside the 3D era trilogy is on sale as well.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas can be bout separately, however you’ll be saving the most if you buy the trilogy pack (which, considering the amount of content in it, is more than bloody worth it at that price). Seeing as there is a Shark Card promo going on, meaning that this weekend Shark Cards will net you more in-game cash for the same price, the Shark Card bundles are even better deals than what is apparent on first glance.


GTA IV and it’s DLCs, alongside Chinatown Wars join the lineup for sales on the PS3 and the PSVita.

Will you be buying any GTA title for your Playstation during May Madness?

Agent Screenshots Leaked, Game Canned Or Restarted

GTA’s long lost brother, the mysterious game project called Agent, has been another potential smash-hit Rockstar franchise since 2009. This year however, some signs may point to a resurgence of the secretive property. First, a hush-hush appearance at a gaming conference. Then, a set of leaked screenshots, and a reference in the Social Club.

So what is going on with Agent?


Agent was announced way back in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive title to be developed by Rockstar Games. Recently, a former Rockstar artist added a few screenshots from the seemingly cancelled game to his online portfolio, which can be freely viewed online by anyone, and he also stated that his team was taken off the project at an undefined date to work on GTA V instead. Images from a work-in-progress game are never publicized in this manner, which would lead one to believe that Agent is dead and gone, however could be another explanation.


Earlier this year, back in summer, Europe’s largest video game conferenc, and one of the largest gaming events on the planet, was held in Köln, Germany. Gamescom is an event where several big-name publishers reveal new projects, or allow eager fans to try out demos of upcoming games for the first time. While it isn’t as big on announcements as, say, E3 or PAX, it is still an important show.


Rockstar was present in a limited manner this year. They only had a booth in the business area, which is already a restricted part of the show, and even then they only let select people in. Many people theorized that they were showing off the earliest build of a new take on Agent, rebooted as a PS4 exclusive. If the project was scrapped and restarted from the beginning, they would not use any old assets anyway, which is why the artist was allowed to use the above screenshots.

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So, the question is – do you hope that Agent is still an active project, or do you care more about GTA VI?

GTA San Andreas Released On PSN

Rockstar has quietly released a port of the iconic GTA installment on Sony’s digital distribution platform.


The legendary PS2 era classic, GTA San Andreas, is lauded by many as one of the best games of its generation, and a number of avid fans swear by it as the best game in the series to this day. In fact, GTA: SA has seen a string of re-releases these past few years. The original game was released in 2004, and first re-release of San Andreas came two years short of a decade later. The 2012 PS2 classic’s release was closely followed by a mobile port following in suit after the GTA III and GTA Vice City iOS re-releases. Last year saw the game’s launch on the Xbox 360, which was a port of the iOS port.


Just when you thought the meta-porting was done with Rockstar has released, in a rather low key fashion, a PS3 port of the Xbox 360 port of the IOS port on the PSN. Quite the mouthful, no? It seems things have come full circle, as the game has returned to its preferred habitat, the Sony console. Debuting on the Playstation 2, it took San Andreas 8 whole years (the entire lifespan of the previous console generation) to show up on the Playstation 3. However it has finally come home!


As we have stated before, many to this day defend San Andreas as the best game in the franchise, if not on the PS2. The supreme voice-acting, the open-endedness and freedom, the vast map and the engaging story made GTA: SA the kind of game people played and replayed for years on end. It managed to enthrall generations of players in a way GTA V only could achieve with Online.

How many fans of GTA San Andreas do we have among our readers? Show hands!

GTA V 1.29 Released On Last Gen – No DLC

GTA 5 fans playing on last generation consoles – the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 – might have gotten their hopes up when they saw that their game version was updating to v1.29. This is because version 1.29 contained the very substantial Freedmode Events DLC, or at least it did when launched for PC and next-gen consoles. Sadly however, those fans would be disappointed – there’s no DLC in the update for Xbox 360 and PS3 (which is not unexpected).

Gamers playing GTA V on last-gen were a bit disgruntled recently as it became clear that Rockstar was serious when it said no more DLC on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The developer cited hardware restrictions and memory constraints, saying that it had already filled the game to the brim with Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and it took magic to get a bit more in, but this is it.


However, while DLC support has ceased, Rockstar has hardly forgotten about this sizeable chunk of their original GTA 5 playing customers. It must be noted that the last-gen crowd also represents the early adopters of GTA V, not to mention all the pre-orderers and launch-day buyers, who helped the company break records and rake in massive profits. Technical and customer support is still very much active on these platforms as evidenced by the latest update, the aforementioned 1.29, which adds a list of bug fixes which rivals that of the same update on the current-gen platforms.


Alongside the massive amount of tweaks, Rockstar also sought to mend the hacker situation that has the community up in arms. It implemented the same anti-cheating measures which have been working quite well (according to Rockstar) but also quite poorly (according to others). As for any in-game content coming with the update – Rockstar really meant it when they said no more DLC.

Have any of our last-gen GTA Online fans seen any positive change regarding the hackers?

Even More GTA V Sales This Week

Seriously, I never thought we’d reach this point. I didn’t even think this point existed. There are too many GTA V sales and discounts going on.


It has been available at significant markdowns several times on all five platforms in the past month. Sale is heaped on sale, with no three consecutive days passing without GTA V being available at a discount somewhere. Cheap games is never really something to complain about, but seriously, considering its been two and a half years since initial release, the fact that more than 54 million copies were sold, not counting digital sales, and that we have been assaulted with an endless stream of discounts in the past few weeks, is there really anyone left who wants GTA V but does not have it yet? Where are all the customers justifying these sales coming from?

Not that we’re complaining of course… the more that discover and get to enjoy Rockstar’s masterpiece of a game the better!

On Microsoft’s side of things, Rockstar’s blockbuster can be purchased for 33% off if you have a gold or platinum Xbox Live subscription, and GTA V can be nicked for Xbox 360 at a 58% markdown.


Sony fans don’t despair, as the same percentage of discounts are active on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 versions of GTA V should you purchase them through the PS Store. Both these and the Xbox discounts are live until next Tuesday.

Before the PC crowd starts feeling left out, Rockstar has slapped the downloadable PC version of GTA V, purchasable from the Rockstar Warehouse, with the 33% discount as well.

That’s a lot of discounts. Thing is, who’s going to be living with the opportunity? Sure, GTA V is a famous game even among those who do not play it, and chances are people not too interested in it will happen upon the discount now (if somehow they missed all the other discounts in the past few weeks…). They’ll most likely be like “sure, why not?”, but at this point everyone who was actively looking to get their hands on the game probably has.

Are any of you guys picking GTA V up for another platform, perchance?

Industry Moves Point To Console Mods for GTA V?

We recently published a piece regarding the possible discontinuation of future DLC and other content updates for GTA V on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, meaning that no more new in-game content will be released for the game on last-gen platforms. This is a trend that has been increasing in frequency in the AAA industry, with games that have been released on both next and last-gen consoles that have continued content support.

However, in the light of the announcement that Fallout 4 will be supporting mods on next-gen consoles as well as PC, it seems like a logical step for GTA V to adopt this new feature. The only question is, can it?

Soon you may experience this while playing on console.
Soon you may experience this while playing on console.

In a technical sense GTA V made a massive leap when jumping from last-gen consoles to the current generation. While, in terms of gameplay features, we could count the new additions on two hands, the backstage alterations that the average player will never witness were immense. Despite this the current-gen versions of GTA V were built on the foundations of of the launch version.

Fallout 4 however has been developed with the current-gen consoles in mind from the very beginning. The hardware capabilities of the new consoles has made mods technically possible, but no games have exploited this yet. GTA V has a massive and active modding community, and making mods available on consoles would be a move of genius on Rockstar’s part. However, unlike Fallout 4, GTA V’s game code is based on a framework built around last-gen, and as such is it malleable enough for such a significant alteration, or would Rockstar wait for the release of GTA VI to bring mod support to couch gamers?

Hopefully we’ll get some word on this in the coming months as Fallout 4 releases, since its console mod support is bound to make some waves in the industry, and hopefully this won’t just turn into another GTA VI rumor. Would any of our console readers be interested in mod support for GTA V on Xbox One and Playstation 4?

Rumor: No More GTA V DLC For Last-Gen?

Players who have held on to their last-gen consoles: it might be time to upgrade. GTA V might be about to join the growing list of multi-gen games which cease updates (or even support entirely) for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This might be reinforced with the next update for GTA Online, 1.29, which contains some long-awaited DLC, will also bring the Rockstar Editor to consoles.

Current-gen consoles, that is.


The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms.

The popular game play capture and video editing suite developed specifically for GTA V’s PC version will be getting an expanded list of features both on the Xbox One/Playstation 4 and retroactively on PC, which includes an expanded sound effects and ambient music library, more fonts and some new effects. Despite this, the Director Mode will be a tad more limited on the consoles than it is on PC, and couch gamers will miss out on the improvements made to the Editor through mods such as OpenCamera.

While some might argue how this isn’t much to go on, it must be noted that the dropping of DLC support for games which are available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles is becoming more and more commonplace in the AAA industry. This was bound to happen eventually and with the current-gen consoles having launched over a year ago, should not at all be surprising. Developers are significantly more restricted in what they want their game to be capable of if they need to take multiple console generations into account, and it can be argued that in such cases developing for last-gen is holding the industry back.

What do our Xbox 360 and PS3 owners think about this?

GTA V Graphics Comparison: PS3 v PS4 v PC


Although the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed until April 14, there is still much excitement about how GTA V will look and run on the PC. Aside from advantages like fan-made mods, the PC version will also be able to achieve a higher-quality appearance for players running it on the maximum settings. Back when the PS4 and Xbox One versions were unveiled, comparisons between generations became a big incentive for fans to upgrade. None of us have seen the official PC version of GTA V, but we can get an idea of what it will look like.

Thanks to Gamersky, we can take a look at several images comparing GTA V on the PS3, on the PS4, and running on a PC at 4K resolution. Take a look at GTA V’s progression.









Impressed? While the contrast between the PS3 and PS4 versions is startling, the PC version takes another leap in quality. The level of detail, lighting effects, and even the colors have a noticeably more realistic appearance. If you’d like to see these images in video form, as well as more console-to-PC comparisons, you can check them out below.

Share your thoughts on these images and videos in the comments below. GTA V on PC is bound to be beautiful, and there are many reasons why fans of the game might consider an upgrade. Are you planning to buy it, or do you remain unconvinced?

Bonus Content for Returning GTA V Players Revealed


Rockstar has finally given more information on the exclusive bonus content you’ll receive if you play the PS4, Xbox One, or PC version of GTA V with the Rockstar Social Club account you used to pass at least the prologue of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. Previously, we knew these bonuses would include classic cars and new weapons, among other things, but today Rockstar released pictures and details about them.

Vehicles include the Dodo Seaplane, the Imponte Duke O’Death, the Cheval Marshall monster truck, and a Blimp.





That’s not all. If none of those vehicles appeal to you, maybe you’ll be more interested in the new Muscle Cars you can earn by winning Stock Car Races, or the Kraken Sub you’ll unlock as a reward if you document new animal species as Franklin.



As Michael, you can solve a murder mystery to unlock two Noir Style Filters for your photos, and earn a special Go Go Monkey Blista in addition to the regular rewards from the new monkey silhouette quest. You’ll also be able to get two new weapons: the Rail Gun and the Hatchet. Fans are especially excited for the Rail Gun’s power.

These screenshots look fantastic, and the bonuses are all exclusive loyalty rewards for returning fans who already played an older version of GTA V–more incentive for players to upgrade. There seems to be some confusion about this point. As far as we know, the bonuses described here will be available only to players who played GTA V on PS3 or Xbox 360 and will now buy the remastered version. Remember, it doesn’t matter which version you had originally, as either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version can be upgraded to the PS4, Xbox One, or PC version. Some fans who never bought the original consider this unfair, but look at it from the other perspective: this isn’t content being withheld from you, it’s a reward for fans who bought the game twice.

Additionally, Rockstar has confirmed that if you originally received bonus content from a Special Edition or Collector’s Edition of the PS3/Xbox 360 version, your content will carry over when you upgrade. Other players will be able to buy these items.

For the full details on GTA V’s returning player bonuses, take a look at the official announcement. Are you excited?

Screenshot Comparison: GTA V on PS3 versus PS4

Want to know just how the recently confirmed Playstation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V will compare to the currently available Playstation 3 version? Just check out these animated GIFs made up by some helpful people over at the GTAForums…

Simply click each image in order to open up the animated GIF version and see exactly the sorts of enhancements that the next-generation PS4 version of GTA 5 will bring us.

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