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Monkey Masks, Rocket Launchers & More (New Screens)

Twenty brand new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5 have been released today and you can check them all out simply by clicking below!

As you can see they show off some pretty cool features and scenes from the game; things like monkey masks (!?), rocket launchers, a mini-gun, lots of vehicle scenes, shoot-outs, robbery planning and more!

[nggallery id=4]

Lots of fresh info on the gameplay features of GTA 5 has also been released today and we’ll have all the details for you, right here, very soon.

Reports of GTA 5 Commercial Shoot False

Over the past 24 hours or so, you might have seen several reports of Rockstar Games shooting a real-life commercial for Grand Theft Auto 5 in Mexico.  The reports stem from some pictures that poppped up on Reddit and which you can see below.  Note the GTA 5 logo that features prominently in several of them.

It can now be revealed that in fact the commercial being shot was not for Grand Theft Auto 5, but is instead a general commercial being done by Sony for the Playstation, and which they’ll probably use at E3 2013 in June. What makes the story all the more interesting is that apparently the GTA 5 logo was used without Rockstar’s permission – tsk tsk Sony…

Check back for more GTA 5 related developments as we get them and don’t forget to submit all your cheat ideas for GTA 5 in the comments section here.