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GTA V Meets Creepypasta

Way back in the days of GTA San Andreas, there were a number of rumored easter eggs and mysteries loaded into the game which had some kind of creepy vibe to them. The original bigfoot legend originated in SA, as did a number of ghost stories and other alleged cryptid sightings.


Some of the wilder stories went meta, with tales of tragic real-life events being represented in the game or caused by it due to curses or demons and somesuch. Most of it was your run-of-the-mill horror B-movie silliness, but some of the fans were pretty enthusiastic about these “mysteries” and put quite a bit of effort into creating them.

In the end, many of these were proven false or achieved with mods. Some rumors were debunked by Rockstar themselves, while in other cases the authors themselves came out to say that they were just joking. Either way, very few verified cryptid easter eggs remain today in San Andreas.


However Rockstar clearly took note of the large sub-culture that developed around these spooky easter eggs, and decided to fill GTA V to the brim with them. The whole Mt. Chiliad mystery has countless players poring over a mural found in the game, crafting all kinds of insane and contrived theories as to how to progress.

The actual presence of a Bigfoot peyote in GTA V, which itself is only a step towards a larger mystery, shows that Rockstar really took this angle to heart. However, it somehow hasn’t gained the same kind of traction as creepy easter eggs did back in the days of San Andreas.


While mods are a significant part of GTA V, they too lag a tad behind the cultural significance of San Andreas modding. An extremely famous mod called Misterix was once made for SA which collected a number of the most popular in-game ghost stories, often based on pre-existing creepypasta, and made them “real”.

Misterix took a handful of creepy creatures and apparitions, and tossed them into GTA SA as hostile NPCs with unique behaviors programmed for them. The mod quickly became a cult classic, achieving great popularity with the monster-hunter (as in the activity, not the JRPG game franchise) crowd.


Creepypastas are relatively short stories shared and re-posted all over the internet in their appropriate platforms which are, in essence, horror stories. They usually have a central “monster” figure which acts as the antagonist, but there are wide variations. Some of the most popular of these characters are the likes of Slenderman and Jeff.

One modder, most likely motivated by nostalgia, decided to revive Misterix for GTA V. Appropriately named Misterix V brings a number of the original monsters as well as a few new additions and seeds them around Blaine County and Los Santos for players to track down and – hopefully – kill.


Some of the creatures added come from other Rockstar properties, such as Piggsy from Manhunt, or CJ’s mother from GTA San Andreas. Aliens also show up, because of course they do, as does slasher icon Jason Voorhees. The mod’s description contains the locations of some of these beings, but most of them you’ll have to find on your own.

Did you try out the original Misterix mod for GTA San Andreas back in the day?

Play Pokémon Go In GTA V, Literally

GTA V and Pokémon have had an… odd history of crossovers in the past. Between an extremely creepy Merfish recreation and a retro video which pulls as GTA skin over classic Pokémon gameplay, the crossing-over has gone both ways. This should come as no surprise though, since both franchises are extremely popular.


However while Rockstar’s notorious open-world action-adventure franchise has achieved massive mainstream popularity, Pokémon has more or less stuck to a specific target audience (and no, that audience isn’t children). This all changes upon the recent release of the AR mobile game, Pokémon Go.

Go has exploded in popularity globally, with millions upon millions of players jumping on the bandwagon. Soon after release, the stock worth of Nintendo shot through the skies, hilarious (and not-so-hilarious) news stories related to the shenanigans of the game have popped up, and practically every gaming site has been covering it since launch.

One of the main draws of Pokémon Go is that it requires players to get up and actually go out into the world to play. You encounter wild Pokémon by walking around outside, as the game tracks your location via GPS. You can also hatch special Pokémon Eggs by walking certain distances.

While the use of bots, hacks, GPS spoofing and even drones has allowed lazy PGO players to stay at home and still catch ’em all, all of these methods are bannable offenses. Well, GTA V modder LudicrousBeach has created a way of playing Pokémon Go from the couch without getting banned – unless you play GTA Online with the mod active of course… Because we all know that the use of any mods in Online will get you banned.


Pokémon Go GTA Edition is a pretty large mod, which faithfully recreates the Pokémon Go experience in Grand Theft Auto V’s story mode. Many of the features and gameplay mechanics from the actual game have been replicated in the mod. Pokéstops are scattered around Los Santos and Blaine County, wild creatures at their first stage of evolution spawn across the map and finally there is a levelling system in place identical to that in Niantic’s AR game.

There are a few minor changes, as can be expected. Only Pokémon at the first stage of their evolutionary trees can be encountered in the wild. Ten of one given species must be captured across the GTA V map to evolve a stage-two creature, and again 10 stage-two specimens are required to unlock stage-three.


There are also no Gyms, since this mod is to be used in single player. The Pokémon have no CP and can’t level up, unlike the player and nicknames that cannot be given to the creatures either. The mod is also a work in progress, since many of the Pokémon models aren’t finished, none have eyes, and none are animated, so the GTA V game world will be populated by large stiff Pokémon bobbing up and down as they walk around.

Whereas in Pokémon Go, Pokéstops are (officially, at least) reset every five minutes, this figure is implemented in the mod as the timer for the autosave. There is a separate save function in the mod, meaning each time you load up GTA V with the mod active, you’ll continue where you left off.


The mod also includes the egg hatching mechanic from Pokémon Go. You can acquire eggs from Pokéstops, just like in the game, and incubating them required travelling a given distance. Here, instead of using a speed tracker, the mod is more strict. The use of scripting in GTA V allowed the author to code the mod so that distance is only tracked while the player is on foot.

The eggs are much more straightforward in the mod too. The same three distance varieties are present in the mod – 2 km, 5 km and 10 km – with corresponding evolution levels. While in Pokémon Go, the longer the incubation is, the wider the range of Pokémon you can hatch, the three distance tiers in the mod determine the level of evolution the hatching Pokémon will be.

Merfish's terrifying version
Merfish’s terrifying version

The catching mechanic has also been revamped a tad for the mod. The Pokéball works like a baseball, and simply needs to be tossed near a Pokémon that you’re aiming at and a successful capture is guaranteed. If only things were that easy in the real game!

Speaking of, if you’re one of the many players of Pokémon Go and are looking for guides on playing the real thing as well as up-to-date news coverage, head on over to PokéChase, where you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to succeed as a trainer.

Finally, the mod also features its own UI. While many aspects of Pokémon Go GTA Edition are still under development, the mod already stands out as the only faithful recreation of the Nintendo/Niantic’s mobile sensation in Rockstar’s popular game.

Have you been bewitched by Pokémon Go, or is GTA Online preventing you from leaving the house like that game requires?

GTA V’s PEDs Made More Realistic (Mod)

Alternate title: GTA V’s PEDs turned into assholes.

If you’ve been following the GTA V modding scene, you’ll probably be familiar with the very-over-the-top modder known as ZiPPO RAID. He’s best-known creation is probably the gore, violence and ragdoll overhaul, which has gotten over 60 thousand unique downloads. Granted, that was created with the help of other modders too, however he has other popular creations such as Trevor’s Shitkickers and Revolver Overhaul that we featured on this site.


The current mod on the menu is one that assumes all PEDs in GTA V are assholes incapable of empathy – you know, like most human beings. The default programming causes all PEDs to flee the area when a weapon is fired, and to despawn after some time. There is also a timed spawn-blocker to prevent new PEDs from entering an area where a gunfight is going down.

The Bystanders are Ignorant Pieces of Shit (it’s actually called that) mod disables the latter feature and alters the former. Some PEDs will still turn tail, but others will either completely ignore what is happening, they will turn to watch, some will record video with their phones, while others will join in on the violence. The only way to guarantee a PED to flee is to directly point a weapon at them within a given range.


New PEDs will also spawn in the area. Sometimes an entire crowd may gather to observe a gunfight, even if stray bullets nail a few members of the ill begotten audience. While literally everyone running away head over heels isn’t the most realistic approach, this one takes things over the top on the other end of the scale. But hey, it’s a hell of a lot more fun than the default.

What other mods from ZiPPO do you usually run while playing GTA V?

GTA V’s Newest Gameplay Overhaul Mod

Mods for GTA V that change or add some kind of gameplay feature or mechanic are plentiful and common. Collections of these aren’t too rare either. There are a few well known large overhaul projects out there, though many are very much works in progress. Some are thematic, like that mod that seeks to spirit the world back to the 80’s, or the ever expanding total conversion mod known as LSPDFR.


However, mods like Real_Gabe’s Real | RAGE don’t just grow on trees. This mod takes a number of gameplay tweaks, features and mechanics, alongside map enhancements and texture updates and packs them all into one big overhaul pack.

While GTA V has been skirting the peak of what commercial video game productions can muster in terms of realism, depth and vibrancy, there are always corners that must be cut due to budgetary and deadline constraints. It’s the reality of game development. However, dedicated fans are always eager to add their own little improvements to the well weathered formula.


Real | RAGE tweaks a number of variables that affect gameplay. Stats for weapons have been adjusted across the board in order to get them closer to how they would behave in reality, whilst also maintaining balance. Vehicle handling has been tweaked in order to make driving more fun.

Some changes that add realism to the game have also found a place in Real | RAGE. Instead of dropping stacks of cash upon death, PEDs now drop wallets which can be picked up. Said wallets do not glow and also have ragdoll physics implemented, meaning they won’t just slam into the ground immediately below them upon spawning, rather they will retain inertia, bounce, skid and slide depending on the forces at work.


The scope on the marksman rifle now has a zoom function with three settings and dynamic cover mechanics have been implemented for various long-range weapons, primarily sniper rifles. The Rhino tank has gotten a complete overhaul with better textures and revised firing. The recoil is much larger, the range has increased and the trail from the slug has been removed for the sake of realism (though that trail did look baller).

One of the more odd additions to the game is the flaming snowball. This “weapon” can be thrown at PEDs in GTA V who, upon being hit, will promptly burst out in flames. Realistic? No. Fun? Yes.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

Which tweak in this mod do you think benefits GTA V the most?

GTA V Mod Turns You Into A Paranormal Detective

GTA V’s map is massive, detailed and filled to the brim with stuff to do, explore and discover. Countless easter eggs have been found over the years and several mysteries still remain unsolved. The PEDs interact with one another, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies everywhere with a unique hallmark, there are animals prowling the wild – the world is alive and vibrant.


Now, obviously there is more to GTA V than just the map – there’s the award winning storyline, a massive number of missions to play, all sorts of side-activities, heaps of cars to steal and so forth. However, some players enjoy hunting for easter eggs and other secrets the most, or they’ve already gone through all of the vanilla content.

So what can an aspiring treasure-hunter do in-game? Well, there is always the Mt. Chiliad Mystery to sink your teeth into, however considering that investigations in that venue more often take you to the game files and code rather than the countryside, plus any meaningful progress is only really achieved every few months, it may not be the most attractive choice.


Well, fret not, as mods have you covered. We’re not speaking of a whole wealth of mods that add all kinds of new gameplay mechanics to kill time with. No, no, we’re speaking of something to scratch that treasure hunting itch of yours.

We’re speaking of State_of_Mind’s Hidden Occurrences mod that adds 13 new secret creatures and people to find across the map. Some of these encounters will just be creepy, while others will be actually dangerous. There are some crime scenes, crime scenes waiting to happen and some odd animals thrown into the mix.


Now, the author hasn’t provided a map or any hints, since that would kind of ruin the whole thing, however giving players the number of encounters added to GTA V by this mod allows you to track progress – and who knows, maybe while hunting for these easter eggs, you’ll encounter some undiscovered secret that Rockstar left in the game.

This is also a pretty sweet mod for starting players. Most people tend to prefer playing through a game without mods first, however, this one is actually prime for first time players. It doesn’t interfere with Rockstar’s vision for progression and gameplay, however it does add some neat scavenger hunting content to the game for you enthusiasts out there.

Have you found all 13 new easter eggs this mod adds to GTA V?

GTA 5 Gets Stunt Creator Early Thanks To Mods

Way back when Cunning Stunts was first teased alongside Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the DLC was hyped up to be an overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator, bringing new props and features. The announcements and trailer following the tease all seemed to back this up. However, when the DLC finally launched, the Content Creator was untouched.


Rockstar clarified in the Newswire post dedicated to the launch of Cunning Stunts that the Stunt Race Creator update is still coming and will be released on the second of August. The delay has probably something to do with the bug that really kicked this whole thing off.

Creators of fan-made maps in GTA Online really tended to like the method of stacking props on one another to create new buildings or objects in order to make their map truly unique. Stacking props allowed players to introduce pretty innovative mechanics for their maps.


Until it was removed, at least. After a particular patch, stacking props caused a bug where players could fall through not only the props themselves, but the bottom layer of GTA Online’s world map, causing them to fall into “blue hell”, the untextured eternal abyss below all video game maps that simply has the same color as the un-textured skybox in the game.

This bug proved to be a difficult one to squash, as Rockstar has been trying to do so ever since its detection. The removal of prop stacking proved to be a functional quick fix, however it wasn’t ever considered to be a permanent solution, simply due to the popularity of maps utilizing it.


It’s likely that the effort put into fixing this one bug also lead the team to start fixing other things that were wrong with the Creator. Hey, if they’re touching the thing, might as well fix more than one issue right? And if they’re at it, why not add more features? And Props?

That’s pretty much how we picture the thought process that went into coming up with the Cunning Stunts concept. Except, then they realised they won’t be done with it all in time and came up with a regular DLC idea to tide GTA Online players over. Then again – what better way to hype up the Stunt Race Creator than to allow players to race on some maps made using said creator?


Anyhow, a quick glance at your calendar will tell you that the 2nd of August is still a ways out. However, if you’re itching for some custom Cunning Stunts racing and happen to play GTA 5 on PC, the modding community has you covered. Kind of.

With the props for the Cunning Stunts map being in the game, just not unlocked in the Creator, the PC folks who put together the custom map creation tool have managed to access said props. This means that the fantastical Map Editor mod that we’ve covered in the past can now be used to make custom race-course using parts from Cunning Stunts.


A few avid map-makers have taken this opportunity to put together their own custom race tracks using bits and pieces introduced with Cunning Stunts. Granted, these maps can only be played in single players, but they’re fun for some solo time-trial style racing.

We’ve collected some of the most promising maps of this nature in order for you to get a taste of what it will be like once the Stunt Race Creator is finally released for GTA Online. If you want to try your hand at it too, feel free to download the newly updated Map Editor mod.


While currently only featuring the first complete track, Rutger100’s Cunning Stunts Racetracks mod will be updated frequently, adding several more tracks to the lineup. The tracks will presumably get bigger and bigger as the mod is being updated. The track features many of the tube elements that have become so iconic to the recent GTA Online DLC as well as some speed boosters.

Next up is what is more like an amusement park instead of a straight race. A set of thematic stunts a set up for you to experiment with at your leisure in Samkimahri’s Cunning Stunts Stunt Park. The mod is filled with loops, massive jumps, wall rides and more for your to explore. This is a perfect map on which to practise if you’re having a tough time with Stunt Races.


We also have something of a more straight-faced stunt course with an emphasis on jumps. The McKenzie Stunt Jump map by Flukey_th takes players out to the desert of Blaine County for a thrilling ride through a tube, across a massive loop and more. This one is more of a one-off map, but it’s really well put together, it a bit easy for you veteran stunters out there.

Last but not least we have a map coming from the genius modder Guadmaz, who also happens to be the mastermind behind the Map Editor mod. Incidentally, this mod is designed to work with said Editor. The Maze Bank Ascent mod is supposed to be a copy of the map of the same name from Cunning Stunts with a few slight modifications. Again, this is a great track for some practice runs.


Have you used the Map Editor to build some custom stunt maps for GTA 5? Feel free to share them for us to enjoy while we wait on the release of the Stunt Race Creator!

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Vehicles In SP (Mod)

It should come as no surprise that the content that was added to GTA Online with the Cunning Stunts DLC has since made it to single player thanks to the work of modders. The modding community supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 have been pretty vigilant about adapting the content of the Online DLCs to single player, when possible.


GTA 5 has stayed pretty much the same as it was on launch, barring a few of the early Online DLCs adding content to it too. However, most of the truly beefy content updates the multiplayer portion received over the years stayed out of story mode. As insane as it must sound, there are actually players out there who prefer a solo experience but have already seen everything there is to see in GTA 5.

These are the players to tend to start modding their games, adding new content, game mechanics, missions and items to the experience to extend the playtime. While some have no qualms about going off the hook in the name of fun, playing with mods that add the Iron Man suit, or subject the world to a monarchy ruled by monkeys, others prefer to stick to lore-friendly mods.


In fact, some are so adamant about being lore-friendly, that they only mod items, missions and vehicles into the game which have already appeared in the GTA franchise as canon. This gave rise to the trend of creating mods that bring Online DLC content to story mode.

Now, obviously some things like Adversary Modes and new job types don’t translate well to single player, so sometimes these mods stuck just to the vehicles. The most recent Online DLC, Cunning Stunts, added a whopping 13 of those and solo players were eager to get their hands on them.


A modder team comprised of _CP_, mockba.the.borg, sjaak327, WildBrick and robi29 delivered on that and then some. Recent updates to the game messed with vehicle spawning in single player, essentially breaking all older Online vehicle mods. Their newest project, titled “mpstunt in SP” grew into something much larger than the name would imply.

Not only does this new mod offer players a stable and reliable way of spawning modded vehicles while playing single player (any use of this mod or anything similar in GTA Online will ban your cheating ass), but it includes all the vehicles of recent DLCs, including Cunning Stunts, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Lowriders Classics and the various one-off vehicle mini-DLCs in between.


The team is planning on expanding the mod with further DLC vehicles, both in the future and retroactively. The mod is fairly difficult to get running, so if you’re not too tech-savvy, get ready to embarrass yourself in the comments pleading for assistance.

In spite of the constant updates Rockstar is rolling out for GTA Online, there is still no word on any single player DLC ever coming. Hopes for this are dwindling, especially when you take into account that there really isn’t a business case for it in light of Online’s success.

Would you prefer if Rockstar added the Online DLC content to story mode as well?

GTA 5’s Best Pokémon Mods

With Pokémon Go taking the world by storm, countless players have found that either their old fandom for Pokémon has been rekindled, or that they are now interested in what this fad about pocket monsters is all about. Considering the massive popularity of both GTA 5 and the Pokémon franchise as a whole, it is no surprise that the audience of the two overlap.


We’ve seen what overlapping fans bases can do in the past. With the massive modding community backing GTA 5 being filled with all kinds of talented (or absolutely insane) people, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing Pokémon themed mods popping up.

Granted, these all pre-date Pokémon Go, but that makes sense. All of the Pokémon fans are busy playing Go, after all. However, if you happen to be living in one of the many countries where the app hasn’t been released yet and don’t want to risk the viruses which come hand-in-hand with .apks downloaded from file sharing sites, you’ll be looking for something to tide you over.


That’s where Pokémon themed GTA 5 mods come into the picture. Various modders have created several files that add a bit of Kanto to Los Santos. While no one has gone to the lengths to create a total conversion mod for the game, populating the whole map with randomly appearing Pokémon you can battle and capture, a few neat little mods have sprung up.

Many of these mods are pretty simple and don’t really add much in terms of gameplay. Rather, they change textures and such to make the world of GTA 5 feel a tad more like that of Pokémon.


First up, we have what has become a symbol for the franchise. The Pokéball, a small red and white sphere with a button along its equator is pretty central to the whole thing. These devices somehow manage to convert living Pokémon into some form of energy, and store them within without harming them in any way. The Pokémon retain consciousness, as evidenced by some of them managing to break free from the Pokéballs if strong enough.

Once a trainer captures a Pokémon with such a ball, said creature will follow the trainer with unparalleled loyalty – in most cases, at least. Luckily for trainers, Pokémon don’t tend to get jealous, hence the tagline “gotta catch ’em all”. Imagine the catastrophe if your magikarp got pissed because you captured that new zubat…

RUNitsAlpha, an experienced modder whose work we’ve featured before, has brought the Pokéball to GTA 5 as a retexture of the baseball already present in the game. Granted, functionality-wise, it will still be just a baseball, so no energy-conversion-magic going on here. However, if throwing Pokéball lookalikes at police or gang members just for the heck of it brings you joy, power to you! It’s certainly a nice way to smuggle a bit of Pokémon into the game.


Next up we have a mod that was used in the creation of one of Merfish’s nightmare fuelling videos. His recreation of the Pokémon anime’s intro in GTA 5 using the Rockstar Editor and a healthy dose of mods is still one of his most terrifying, disturbing and hilarious creations yet. Following the publication of the video, he released a texture pack that contained all the character mods he used in the video.

In Merfish’s vision, Trevor jumps in as Ash, Franklin replaces Brock and Pikachu is played by… Michael. That’s just the start of all the weirdness, though. Lester jumps in as Mew, Floyd plays Caterpie and Simeon replaces Zubat. In total, 35 characters across the game have had their textures changed to resemble some character or creature from the Pokémon franchise.

These textures try to be as true to the source material as they can be without actually being new models. While succeeding to some extent, humor was also a goal here, resulting in some of them being… terrifying. There is plenty of satire going on here, so if you want more of a serious homage to Pokémon in your game, this may not be the way to go. However, this mod is perfect for a few laughs.


Next we have a pretty… deviant mod. We’re not quite sure what combination of drugs was required to put the author in a state where he came up with this, but it must have been one hell of a trip. RUNitsAlpha returns with a simple yet pretty far out mod which replaces the textures of the whales with the skin if Pikachu. Really.

Of course, unless you’re using some kind of spawning mod, encountering whales in GTA 5 isn’t something you’re going to do every 5 minutes. Spawning in the Pikachu whales might be great fun, however it is probably even better to install the mod, but refrain from hunting down the whales all together. Leave the mod on, and weeks later once you’ve already forgotten about it, you might encounter a Pikachu whale and be absolutely dumbfounded by your discovery.


Or, you know, just spawn hundreds of them mid-air and watch as the pika-whale-ocalypse devastates Los Santos. That’s cool too.

Last up we have what is the most functional of the four mods we’re showcasing today. This mod acts as a sort of add-on for JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, which is among the best made and most popular mods out there for GTA 5. RX1StrideR’s mod re-skins the Iron Man armor to look like a freaking Gyrarados.

That’s right. With this mod, you can be Gyrarados. Sure, you don’t get any of the beastly Pokémon’s abilities, but you get to look like it and swim like it. Well, you can also walk and fly, but those will cause clipping and immersion breaking issues, respectively so we caution against it. Either way, you get to be freaking Gyrarados. What more do you want?


Keep in mind that this mod is a tad buggy. Switching to first person mode while you’re Gyrarados will crash your game – because no one is cool enough to look through Gyrarados’ eyes. As we said before, there are some clipping issues as well, but that is to be expected with a model of this size.

These mods might not quite turn GTA 5 into a fully blown 3D open-world Pokémon experience, but they do bring some of the series’ magic to the world of Los Santos. For fans stuck in regions where Pokémon Go has yet to be released, playing around with these should distract you long enough while getting you your Pokémon fix while you’re waiting on the newest AR sensation to launch.

Which of the Pokémon themed GTA 5 mods is your favorite?

GTA 5 Heavily Discounted On PC

GTA 5 is probably going for a Guinness World Record for “game most frequently discounted” or something like that with all these sales going on all the time. We’ve always said that it’s technically on sale all the time, as there is almost definitely some kind of discount on one of the platforms at some distributor somewhere, at any given time.


The game has managed to retain the same full price that it had upon launch, which is rare when first release happened three years ago. Not even the biggest AAA rivals keep their value for so long, but it seems that the game is compensating for the $60 regular price tag with the constant sales.

While the PS4 version of the game is trying to keep up, it is undoubtedly the PC version that sees the most discounts, simply due to the high number of third party digital distribution sites available for the platform. In fact, GTA 5 has hit its lowest price ever on PC last year, going for less than thirty bucks.


While this most recent sale gets close to that, it isn’t breaking any records. The base game and some Shark Card bundles are all discounted on GreenManGaming, a third party game-key distribution site.

The standard version is discounted by 33%, the Great White Shark Card bundle by 35%, the Whale Shark Bundle by 40% and finally the Megalodon bundle by 45%. Add to this a stacking 20% coupon code “DEALZON20” and the prices are slashed by an even greater degree.

Not only is this a great way for players to upgrade to the definitive edition of GTA 5, but it is also a prime time to nab some of the bigger Shark Cards for cheaper. For example, the stock price of the Megalodon Shark Card is $100. With these discounts, you can buy a Megaloson bundle for $59.83, which is a pretty solid markdown, plus you’ll have a spare copy of the game to gift to your friends, for example.

The other card bundles don’t quite offer such epic savings, but all of these are solid discounts, perfect for any player still looking to upgrade, or to acquire some in-game cash the easy way for cheap. GreenManGaming often hosts sales on many popular titles, so even if you aren’t buying in now, you should keep an eye on their store page to catch any good discounts.

Will you be cashing in on any of these sweet GTA 5 deals?

GTA V Gets Dashcams, Police RP Improves

GTA V mods are so numerous at this point that getting mods that mod other mods was inevitable. Of course, there is the map maker mod, which makes the base mod a requirement for loading custom maps, but when players take a given mod and alter it, or just add to it, you’ve got something really meta on your hands.


One of the most popular mods for GTA V happens to be one that gets re-modded all the time by the players themselves, or coupled with numerous other mods to make the experience more whole. We are talking about the incredibly detailed and ambitious LSPDFR mod, which acts as a total conversion for the game, turning it into a police simulator.

The dev team have loaded their mod chock-full of content and features, but the community always comes up with new things. This is why LSPDFR is extremely receptive towards other mods, specifically ones that work together with it.


Enter the Dashcam mod from PieRGud. The mod is pretty self-explanatory – it adds a camera mounted on the dashboard of various law enforcement vehicles in the game. You can switch to the dashcam while driving or when you’re on foot out and about. There is an optional grayscale filter mode as well, if you’re into realistic RP.

You can edit pretty much anything about the display of the cam, such as which police department is cited as the user, the unit number of the vehicle you’re in and the date format.


This mod is obviously aimed at players interested in police role-playing, as it adds to the feeling of authenticity, but serves no other purpose. There isn’t any actual benefit in terms of gameplay beyond that you can, I don’t know, have a better view of what’s directly in front of your car? You won’t hit squirrels?

We jest, of course. This is a solid mod, with the only bug being that leaving a car with Dashcam turned on will turn it off when you get back in – but honestly, that kinda makes sense, too.


A cool way of expanding this mod would be to have the dashcam record stuff. Of course, you have the Editor for that, but nonetheless, it would add to the realism factor of mod, which is after all what we’re all here for, right?

Do you like playing as police in GTA V with the use of various mods?