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GTA 5 Meets Treasure Island (Mod)

If you’ve been following GTA 5’s modding community for some time, you’ll probably be familiar with the name of Shaezbreizh, even if it’s long and difficult to pronounce. The French modder seemingly sticks only to creating new map additions for the game, which is just as well, seeing as he is a downright master of his craft and considered by many – other esteemed modders alike – as the best map maker currently modding GTA 5.


We’ve featured Shaezbreizh’s work here on the website before when we featured his overgrown post-apocalyptic take on Los Santos developed with content creators in mind – even though any of this mapper’s mods would be perfect for GTA 5 fan videos.

His most recent map, Dead Island: Treasure Quest was recently released and immediately featured on the hosting site’s front page. The map is rated a solid 5/5, like most of his other creations and the comments are glowing as always.


While there are a pair of zombies on the landmass and one particular screenshot does make the island seem like the lower half of a skull, the emphasis is on the “Treasure Quest” part of the title instead of the “Dead Island” part. There really is no reference to that game other than the two undead shambling around.

The island is populated by rabid dogs, mercenaries, the aforementioned re-animated corpses, hostile natives and particularly dangerous toxic plants. These inhabitants are guarding, or searching for, 8 hidden caches of treasure which contain cash. Quite a bit of cash.


If you haven’t figured it out, we’ll spell it out for you: the objective of the map is to find the treasure before the opponents do, kill any attackers and survive without getting killed via toxic plant. A hidden danger lurks around the surrounding waters as well, so be careful if you decide to get your feet wet.

The island is surprisingly large and expansive and you can’t help but feel vibes of Far Cry 3 or even the first Crysis when exploring it. Funnily enough, this map has gotten much better reception than the game it references with its name. When a GTA 5 mod is a better Dead Island than Dead Island, you know development went awry somewhere.


Shaezbreizh has promised to keep updating the mod with further features and content, meaning we’ll probably see more treasure in the near future – and maybe even more zombies.

What kinds of GTA 5 maps do you hope Shaezbreizh will move on to next?

GTA 5’s World Becomes More Vibrant (Mod)

Typically, GTA 5’s mod popular mods are quite specific in their nature. They either affect one concrete aspect of gameplay, add a specific new feature or tweak clearly defined attributes of the game. Even total conversion mods like LSPDFR have a clear direction. However, occasionally a mod turns out to affect GTA 5 on multiple levels, tweaking this, that and whatnot to get an overall better experience.

There world improvement mods used to be all the craze in the modding community a while back, but no new ones have popped up anytime recently. These usually added random events to the game, changed the way police or NPCs react to the player or just litter GTA 5 with tiny but meaningful changes.

A new mod has recently popped up to strengthen the ranks of these world improvement projects which takes the route of adding a wide selection of new random events to the game. Ever since launch, GTA 5 players have been wishing for more varied and frequent random events in the game.


Despite the high number of similar mods, Darkmyre’s GTA Comes Alive mod manages to add entirely new and original encounters. Many of them seem pretty self explanatory, with names like “Flat Tire”, “Blown Engine” and “Road Rage”.

There is a decent mix between passive and active random events. We consider events where you blow a tire or and engine to be passive. They just happen and there’s not much you can do about it. The active events count for “Mugging”, “Murder” and “Lost MC”. In these cases, opponents will appear and either confront you or another NPC, prompting combat.


GTA 5 isn’t really the kind of game where you get bored for lack of things to do. There is a massive pool of side-missions, collectibles, vanilla random events and challenges to complete even once you’ve finished the – pretty long – story. Even when you’ve gotten 100% completion, there is plenty of metagame for you to explore. Easter eggs and the Mt. Chiliad Mystery offer plenty of unexplored content.

Even so, the massive modding community that has developed around GTA 5 can’t help but keep on expanding it. At this point, the mods have become so varied and numerous that you can increase the potential playtime of the game exponentially, packing it full of content – of your choosing – buffing out the time value of it to upwards of a thousand hours.

And then you haven’t even touched Online yet.

Do you hope Rockstar include a greater number of random events in their next GTA game?

LSPDFR Shows Signs Of Activity

Some time ago we posted a short piece about the relative silence the LSPDFR website wrapped itself in. While the massive total conversion mod was a big thing in the news some months back, it went rather quiet following the release of their 0.3 build. While the player base of the mod remained steady and even increased, it would be no surprise if most of you didn’t know what it is.


Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive GTA 5 mod being developed by a dedicated team, some members of which worked on it full-time, which re-purposes the game as a police simulator. The mod is of an exceptionally high quality packed to the brim with all kinds of features and constantly expanding.

Best of all, it was free. The LSPDFR team, who previously made a similar mod for GTA IV titled LCPDFR, get their money from ads on their website, which doubles as a place to host and download your own mods as well as donations from the community.


The team behind the mod faced their fair share of hurdles during development. The massive anti-modding measures of the two Ill-Gotten Gains updates, the second of which broke the game on PC completely, hit them particularly hard. However, they persevered and development continued.

Rockstar, however unwittingly (the official stance is that single player mods are perfectly fine), wasn’t the only ones to hinder them. Some time ago the site went offline due to a DDoS attack from an unknown source – luckily this didn’t affect development, only the site.


However, even though no major issues were encountered since the DDoS was cleared up, a few months ago the official flow of news on the site went dry. The community kept things going in the forums, but the last time we saw one of the “weekly” posts was in February.

But now, finally, official activity has been once again spotted on the LSPDFR website. Earlier in April, however small, a Community Spotlight post was published in the news feed. Even more interestingly, the website is currently undergoing maintenance.


Either there was an issue with the site that cause the radio silence, or maybe that “maintenance” is actually a large scale site update that the team was working on until now. If nothing else, we now know for sure that the team is still hard at work on what is without question the greatest GTA 5 mod of them all.

Have you guys given LSPDFR a try, or is police role-play not your cup of tea?

GTA 5 Get’s Bullet Cam Thanks To Mod

While many mods we feature either innovate the single player mode of GTA 5 by adding whole new original features, adapt features from another medium, or even just do –something– sufficiently grandiose, those coders who create the small and nice mods also need some time in the spotlight.


Especially if that mod, no matter how small, was considerably hard to code. When you’re looking at a tough coding hurdle, even a mod that ports a small but cool looking feature from other games to GTA 5.

We’ve seen veteran coders and modders like JulioNIB take features like the entire hacking mechanic from Watch_Dogs and weaved it into Rockstar’s massive open world experience. However, if you’ve ever dealt with programming before you’ll know that for someone inexperienced a bigger piece of code might be intimidating.

Even so, relative newcomer to the modding scene PeterTheHacker managed to expertly pull off a mod for GTA 5 which undoubtedly took some serious coding effort, even though the end result isn’t particularly complex – but damn us if it doesn’t look freaking awesome.

Fans of the older Max Payne games or the somewhat more recent Sniper Elite titles will be familiar with the Bullet Cam effect. Basically, when taking a long range shot, the camera closely follows the bullet on it’s path to the unwitting target’s whichever body part (famously even testicles in Sniper Elite).

The effect is pretty cool, but can be detrimental if you think about it since losing control of your character for even a split second could be disastrous in some situations. Then again, you won’t be under fire or in immediate danger of death when sniping if done right – this isn’t Call of Duty after all.


The Bullet Cam mod not only follows the projectile to the intended destination but tweaks the values of GTA 5 to increase the knock-back effect of bullets to make for a more cinematic experience. Few things are cooler than to follow the trajectory of a well placed shot in slow-mo until it reaches its target, launching the now lifeless body of your opponent backward with the force of a jackhammer.

Now if only someone would mod the guided sniper rifle shot from Bulletstorm into GTA 5. Everyone’s sniping dreams would come true. I’m sure many of us would donate to see that happen.

What other cool features from various games would you like to see modded into GTA 5?

GTA V Meets Fight Club In Arena Mod

Ever since the Rockstar Editor became available on the current-gen consoles, GTA V’s PC version now only has superior visuals and mods with which it retains its status as the definitive edition of the game. Mods, being the stronger of the two, have accumulated a large community around them, with creators and users alike contributing constantly in countless ways.


By now anyone who likes to mod their GTA V are probably familiar with the name of JediJosh920. The acclaimed modder has put together countless well received files which have greatly expanded the single player portion of the game with new features, mechanics and various tweaks.

We’ve covered many of his creations here at GTA 5 Cheat, such as the kidnapping mod, the mod which turns the game into the Force Unleashed and the tribute to Lemmy. Jedisjosh920 has once again created something that has a place in everyone’s mods folder.

The widely popular and often grossly misinterpreted book and latter film adaption of Fight Club hasn’t had a particularly flowering run in the gaming medium. There was a movie tie-in fighting game akin to Mortal Kombat released, but it was of poor quality, couldn’t afford the same actors or ever the license to use their likeness and only adapted about 10% of the actual story.

JediJosh920’s mod is an endless fighter arena which keeps spawning enemies that come at you with melee weapons for as long as you survive. The longer you wing it, the more cash you accumulate. The mod will be expanded with a betting system and different gameplay types. There is also a shop at the arena where you can hire team-mates or buy weapons for yourself as well.

This is another one of those moments where you wonder why there wasn’t a fighting mini-game in the game by default.

What other kinds of mini-games would you have liked to see in GTA 5?

GTA V’s Streets Get A Lot Meaner (Mod)

GTA V is a game thoroughly based in crime and the criminal underworld. You steal money and cars, you own and use unlicensed weaponry, you hurt and kill people and much much more. Of course, you’re hardly the only criminal walking the game’s virtual streets- usually the guys you’re knocking off aren’t exactly law abiding citizens either. Even so, Los Santos and Blaine county seem particularly peaceful, if it weren’t for the mayhem caused by the players themselves.


Have you ever felt that GTA V needs more crime? Usually, you’d say no. Between, the main missions, the side missions and the game mechanics themselves, there is plenty of illegal activity to go around. But then, GTA has always been about doing things over the top. In vanilla V, there isn’t a lot of street crime going on. Not many muggings, street shootouts, burglaries and the like. Plus, since when are you the only car thief in the entire state?

There have been mods in the past to help this issue, such as the mod adding a whole gang war mechanic and the other which occasionally sends people after you in the open world to shake things up, but that too involved the player character in a large capacity. What about everyone else in Los Santos being violent towards one another for a change?


The very descriptively named More Crime Mod seeks to address this issue specifically. A set of pre-defined criminal events are randomly spawned all over the game map and can play out without the involvement of the player if you choose not to get involved (unless some of the psychos target you for choppin’).

The mod will randomly initiate one of the following: a shootout between two rival street gangs, where the police also get involved; a group of shooters randomly appearing, targeting everyone including one another and the player; a pair of NPCs beating one another up with just their fists and finally a sole attacker who has some kind of grievance with the player character and intends to discuss his issues over a nice cup of assault and battery.


While encountering any of this with the frequency that you will after using the mod in real life is impossible, since LA is nearly that dangerous, realism wasn’t the goal here anyway. This mod seeks to shake up the freemode faffing about portion of GTA V’s single player with some good old violence. This mod may not be for everyone, or some may only enjoy it on small portions, but it certainly makes things more interesting and combat-heavy.

The author intends to continue supporting the mod with further updates, such as adding a configurable .ini file so that users may manage the frequency with which the various criminal events spawn, as the mod does turn GTA V particularly chaotic. That’s saying a lot, knowing what the game is like by default.


Would you like to see a higher rate of dynamic freemode crime in the next GTA game?

GTA V’s Most Groundbreaking Alpha Mod

Here at GTA 5 Cheats, we often write about above average mods which we believe are worthy of talking to our readers about. Some are funny, some are useful, some are unique in terms of functionality. Some are just cool to look at. A few, however – a small fraction – are downright groundbreaking.


The mod we’re bringing to you today is – almost literally – groundbreaking. This is just the alpha version of something that, when completed, could take GTA V to it’s next evolutionary stage. It’s also painfully simple.

You can pick shit up and put it somewhere else.

Of course, that sentence is about as accurate a description of the mod as “it sucks stuff in” is an accurate description of a black hole (i.e. it isn’t). The World interaction / inventory / prop control mod allows players in GTA V’s single player mode to manipulate and handle all kinds of props and objects in a lifelike manner.


While the world of vanilla GTA V is far from static, it sure will seem like it after using this mod. The one thing games haven’t nailed down in terms of realism is the ability to interact with literally everything around you. This mod allows you to pick up a chair, and move it slightly. You can push tables, pick up cups.

Can you grab a chair and place it on top of a table in real life? Sure you can (whether or not you should is another matter). Now you can do it in GTA V. Can you move a vending machine provided you’re strong enough? Check.


While some mods merely nudge GTA V closer to realism, this one boots the game on it’s ass so hard that it flies a good mile in the right direction.

In what other ways would you like to see GTA V become more realistic?

GTA V’s Best Flash Mod Released

GTA V’s greatest modder is at it again. JulioNIB, who is responsible for legendary creations like the Iron Man and Hulk mods, has been working on a number of projects since. The former of the two mentioned got him significant fame in the modding community. After putting together a grappling hook mod based on Just Cause 2 and rebuilding the hacking mechanic from Watch_Dogs, he has now returned to his super-hero roots.

While the big-screen is dominated by Marvel’s insanely popular cinematic universe, the realm of television belongs to DC. Between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and countless cartoons, they dominate the shows. Sure, Marvel also began moving into series territory, with some solid shows, however DC has been in on this field for longer and has more popular shows.


One of the shows mentioned, the Flash, is possibly the most popular of the three live-action series. It features Barry Allen, AKA the fastest man alive, as the title character, backed by a repertoire of familiar faces to DC fans. As the Flash, Barry does superhero things in superhero ways – namely, he saves the world.

This isn’t the first time GTA V saw a mod based on the red and gold superhero, however it is the best. Julio has been working on the mod for some time, allowing him to polish it to a perfect shine. He previewed the mod in a short video displaying near infinite acceleration earlier in development.


Not only is the released version significantly more stable but it contains some sweet new features. Barry’s increased strength is applied in melee combat and Julio’s custom wind physics are shown off when his Flash creates a whirlwind by running in a tight circle. It also contains other high-speed characters. Zoom and the Reverse-Flash make appearances, with appropriate abilities.

Which superhero do you hope JulioNIB mods into GTA V next?

GTA V’s UFOs Up Close And Personal

The mysterious UFO easter eggs across the GTA franchise have always been elusive and shrouded in unanswered questions. The whole web of puzzles, secrets and hidden clues of the Mt. Chiliad Mystery which is constructed around UFO sightings in-game has yet to be solved. The aliens of the GTA universe are quaint creatures, similar to your typical ‘little grey men” in terms of transportation and behavior. They are unique and different in terms of appearance though.


The strange green creatures have been eagerly hunted by the easter-egg seekers of the GTA V community ever since the game initially launched. Players have uncovered several UFOs and sighted the aliens themselves on multiple occasions. Michael even hallucinates (or does he?) that he is abducted by a group of aliens and is experimented upon in their ship.

However, never before has any player gotten this close to GTA V’s aliens. Two mods coming to us from enterprising and creative modder, Abstractmode, whose work we have extensively featured on this site, seek to get us better acquainted with our extraterrestrial friends.


One of these mods opens up the interior of an alien UFO. Specifically, the UFO in which Michael is experimented on. Since this is the same game asset, Michael’s body is also present on the operating table.

This interior works as a map mod and requires the Menyoo trainer to be spawned. The UFO first appears close to the ground, dropping monkeys below it. After this it climbs to a higher altitude, allowing for prime base-jumping to be had. The interior is pretty bare with only the four aliens, Michael and a strange disco-ball like contraption hanging from the ceiling to decorate the place.


The other mod which literally puts you within inches of an alien is the flyable GTA V UFO mod. This mod wraps the Fort Zancudo UFO model around a Hydra with a custom cockpit. E.T. is also riding shotgun with you. The controls in the custom cockpit are a tad low-rez, but you’ll probably be more focused on the fact that a freaking alien is riding shotgun. Or the beautiful night-time skyline of Los Santos through the large windows.


In some sort of freak restriction, the UFO can only be spawned in the vicinity of Fort Zancudo, which is also the location where the actual UFO also appears.


I think not!

What other alien related GTA V mods would you like to see in the future?

GTA V Mod Makes You A Monster Hunter

The GTA series is somewhat famous for its cryptic themed easter eggs. There are plenty of confirmed ghost easter eggs across the franchise, with GTA V’s being among the creepiest. The Bigfoot mystery, which was conceived in San Andreas back in 2004, was only solved in GTA V, 11 years later. The entire Mt. Chiliad Mystery is mired in secrets, UFOs and hidden clues.


Seeing as ghosts an Bigfoot have such a considerable role as easter eggs, it is only fitting that they should get a little more time out in the spotlight. Tracking down easter eggs is a massive craze among GTA V players. It’s a thoroughly challenging activity where luck plays a major role – however it is also pretty safe and harmless.

Until now, at least. It’s time that the easter eggs fight back. In newbie modder Maryo_Nicle7’s first creation, San Andreas Creatures, the player is tasked with tracking down and killing off the elusive Bigfoot and 4 ghosts of characters who are killed at some point in the story.


Among those who have returned to haunt in our world is Johnny Klebitz, star of GTA IV’s DLC The Lost and Damned, who is killed by Trevor in GTA V. Johnny’s minigun wielding ghost is joined by Steve Haines, Andreas and an unnamed Ghost protected by zombies at the Morgue.


For a first attempt at modding, this a magnificent one. There are no known bugs – though the author does humbly list the necessity of using the Map Editor mod as one – and many renowned and reputable modders have praised the work in the comments. The use of a night-vision or thermal vision mod is recommended, as tracking down the ghost without will prove to be quite the challenge.

Do you hope that paranormal easter eggs will appear in future GTA games?