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LSPDFR Just Went Full Meta – 0.3

The team over at LSPDFR just pulled the biggest and least expected twist by virtue of a new feature the upcoming 0.3 update.

No mod has been more impressive, nor more ambitious, than the massive police simulator total conversion mod LSPDFR. The team has been hard at work on delivering the next major update for the modification, the 0.3 build, and have been posting frequent preview articles showcasing some of the new features that will be included in the new release. Until now at least, the whole concept of LSPDFR has been to flip the tables of GTA V and instead of a criminal, have the player take control of a police officer enforcing the law. Well, the team have made a rather stupefying announcement regarding the newest feature of their mod.


You will be able to play as a criminal in LSPDFR. To make it absolutely clear for all of you, let’s run this down. You can play a criminal simulator within a police simulator within a criminal simulator. You can play GTA in LSPDFR in GTA. Yep. They just went metameta.

The mod has been steadily gaining popularity, having now passed the half-million total downloads mark. The preview posts for 0.3 helped boost the popularity of the mod, as the new features are extensive and radical. This particular new feature was born of a testing methodology used by the development team.


The AI cops in the mod have been advanced far beyond anything found in the vanilla game, and what better way to test the effectiveness of AI cops than to give them someone to chase? Whenever the team introduced a new protocol to the NPC police allies present in the mod, they would jump into the game as one of the protagonists, cause a bit of trouble, and see how the police respond – and now, this has become a full feature.

Which previewed 0.3 feature of LSPDFR are you looking forward to the most?

This Mod Just Made GTA V Much, Much Harder

If you think GTA V isn’t hard, complicated, or dank enough, then this mod is for you.

GTA V isn’t known for its difficulty, though the game does have occasional harrowing moments. And while GTA Online’s heists are considered by some to be rather challenging, they can be turned into cake-walks by a well organised crew and a few tips and tricks which eliminate the troublesome aspects of the missions.

However, some gamers out there do appreciate a good challenge, as proven by the popularity of From Software’s RPG series, Dark Souls, which is infamous for its unforgiving difficulty.


One particular such gamer, who also happens to be an adept modder and a fan of GTA V, has decided to add a similar level of difficulty to Rockstar’s blockbuster. Aptly titled “Dank Souls” in honor of the infamous fantasy RPG.

The basic concept in Dank Souls is that the harder you fight against your enemies, the harder the game will push back at you. However, while absolute pacifism is an option, the slightest show of violence will result in an onslaught that forces you to fight with fervor.


The mechanics of the mod are turn-based as surprising as that may be. During the player’s turn, there are no police, so you may cause as much mayhem as you like. For each PED you kill, you will receive a soul. However, keep in mind that each PED kill results in three Dank Souls to be allocated to the “enemy”. During the enemy turn, you are attacked by waves of increasingly powerful opponents, with a boss following each third wave. The types of the enemies are marked by their mini-map blips, so you can plan your attack. This is necessary, as diving head first into conflict, you’ll probably not survive.

Who among you thinks GTA V would benefit from some more challenge?

GTA V AMD GPU Crashing Fixed

You know what gamers look for in their graphics cards? Great performance, low heat, low noise, and an affordable price which fits the value of the card.


You know what else gamers look for in their graphics cards? The ability to run the most popular games without crashing constantly due to poor drivers. Nvidia may be top dog when it comes to GPUs, however quality comes with a price, and the more affordable pricing of AMD cards have made the arguably inferior manufacturer equally popular among the hardcore gamer crowd. However, this time around it wasn’t the hardware causing the issues.


GTA V fans with AMD cards have been reporting for quite a while now that the game started crashing with alarming frequency since the latest driver update. AMD has reached out to the community regarding the matter, stating that they have compiled a list of the 10 most urgent fixes, with the crashes that have been plaguing GTA V and Diablo 3 being at the top.

Placing this issue at the top of the hit list is understandable, considering that GTA V and Diablo 3 are among the most popular games still being played. GTA V alone sees a weekly traffic of over 8 million players, which makes it the single most popular online AAA video game, surpassing even the weekly players of most popular MMOs, and outperforming the most popular modern-military shooter franchise.


GTA V on PC has been known to be quite the hardware-hog when pushed to max settings, however it is undoubtedly worth it. GTA V has been praised as the first truly next-gen game – even though it came out in the previous generation. Don’t worry though – the game is well optimized, and on medium to low settings, any rig will run this open-world masterpiece.

Do we have any AMD gamers who had issues with GTA V before?

Master GTA V Videos With This Mod

Your GTA V videos made with the Rockstar Editor will be much more professional after learning to use this mod.

Make no mistake, this here is no green screen. While that particular mod, along with the true free camera mod are extremely useful for aspiring GTA V video creators, this following mod gives filmmakers the control they really need. We’re not talking about mental control, oh no. If anything, this mod allows for GTA fans to loose their imaginations with regard to video ideas. This mod grants players complete control over the various actors (as the NPCs in Director Mode are called) and how the scene is built up.


In its official form, as it was released with the PC version of GTA V, and later with the 1.29 update on consoles, the Rockstar Editor is already a very flexible, versatile and complex tool. However, it is not without its shortcomings and limitations. The Editor, as it is, has some restrictions which stem from the game’s actual mechanics, rather than Rockstar’s unwillingness to lift these restrictions.

This is where modding comes into the picture. One of the biggest changes Scene Director adds to the Rockstar Editor is that users may record the actions of actors entirely independently of the other actors or the scene itself.

The mod also adds an absolutely mind-boggling number of animations that the aspiring GTA filmmaker can use – a total of 21,882 separate gestures and movements. 00000 through 06999 can be viewed on the author’s Youtube channel, with demonstrations of the rest being constantly uploaded. Who said making GTA V videos doesn’t take some serious dedication?


The mod also adds some new miscellaneous commands to the Editor, and as the Scene Director is gradually updated, more and more of these will be added in order to give you maximum control over your scene – just like an actual director, unrestricted by game mechanics.

Do we have any dedicated GTA V filmmakers among our readers?

GTA V Gets Some Mod Expansion

Hold on guys – this is a big one.


Typically, the mods we encounter for GTA V are quite specific. A jetpack here, a re-creation of the Iron Man armor here. They’re all pretty straight forward.

Some may focus on porting GTA Online exclusive content over to single player. Some may focus on brutal gang warfare. Of course, there are the somewhat broader ones which change a whole lot of stuff, like staging a hostile chimpanzee takeover, or the conversion of the game into an RPG. Even the massive total conversion mods such as LSPDFR have a clear focus.


This mod however, is all over the place, giving players a not-at-all-needed but sufficiently entertaining injection of all sorts of new content. If it is some sort of GTA V content – you name it, literally – this mod has it. Seriously.

Featuring new missions, maps, random events, mini-games, safehouses, treasure hunts, hidden easter eggs, and more!

The mod called the Omega Jampack is still very much in its beta phase, because, you know, it doesn’t have all that content. However, what it does have is a whole lot of potential. Currently, the mod has implemented four of the mini games, with two more on the way, alongside the six planned larger missions. The mod makes use of ScriptHookV, the RAGE plugin, as well as two other mods we have covered before, the map editor and the mission creator. Hopefully the rest of the content planned for the mod will be delivered promptly, and that it will live up to expectations.


The current mini-games available in the mod are “chase”, “run”, “takedown” and the peculiarly named “pull the plug”. While the first three are quite self explanatory, the fourth might raise some eyebrows.

Any of you guys suffering from a overflow of content in GTA V?

Graphical Mods In GTA Online Will Get You Banned

GTA 5 Cheats has covered the most popular and most advanced graphical mods out there quite extensively – however, will they get you banned from GTA Online?


These mods allow PC users to drastically enhance the visuals of GTA V by adding extremely high resolution textures to the game, as well as new visual effects and tweaks to existing ones. The kinds of results these mods have achieved are nothing less than astounding, with the most popular ones creating a near photo-realistic graphics while playing – provided you have a rig powerful enough to run it.

Now, these graphical mods increase visual fidelity and improve special effects, but they don’t affect gameplay – or do they? The question whether or now strictly visual mods are allowed in GTA Online has been one even Rockstar Support hasn’t been able to answer for a good long while. Players have spoken of instances when even after a 6 response ticket was closed, the support representative still could not provide a clear answer as to whether or not its use is a bannable offense.


Some users of SweetFX have, surprisingly, gotten positive response from Rockstar.


As long as you do not use the mods to effect the online experience you will not be banned.

However, it seems Rockstar’s policy has since changed, and this is likely to be a result of the prolonged crisis regarding the extremely high amount of hackers present in GTA Online. Most recently, one player reported that they got a very, very clear response from Rockstar, which is bound to quell any further discussion on the matter for good.

Unfortunately, mods of any kind are prohibited for online use. This would include graphic enhancement mods.

Another rep goes on to clarify as to the reason why.


Even a subtle change in saturation can give you an edge in visibility (eliminating glare for instance) when engaged in PVP.

Straight from the source folks – no graphics mods are allowed in GTA Online.

Have you guys been using any visual mods while playing GTA Online?

GTA V’s Gangs Go To War

The GTA franchise has always placed a heavy focus on street and gang culture. Since we’re talking about a game satirizing the criminal underworld of urban and suburban USA, this should come as no surprise.


Gangs have always been present in GTA games, however they were just kinda there. Sure, you did missions for them, or against them, and they fought over turf, riches or fame if the plot so desired it. But other than that, they were no more than static set pieces. As we all know, that’s not how gangs operate in reality. They are in constant conflict with one another and the authorities. And while massive shootouts are hardly realistic either, they’re a hell of a lot more GTA.

The aptly named Gang War Reloaded (War-Combat Mod) is a modded mod (meta-mod?) using the Gang War script made by Kerosini as its basis. Basically, this mod makes the gangs and the police a tad more trigger happy. You can trigger the encounters manually, and all you need do is pick the spawn locations of the two opposing sides, define their faction and let it rip.


Currently, the mod has a whopping five variations on what kinds of conflicts you can set up. First up you have the Gangs Vs. Cops mode, where all the criminal affiliated factions (Ballas, Families, Vagos & Lost MC) face off against all law enforcement entities (LSPD, Sheriff, Rangers, the Army, FIB, NOOSE…), with the player fighting for the gangs.

The second version is the same as the previously described one, except here the player backs up the cops. Third, you have a rather peculiar scenario with the Lost MC and the player facing off against the Families with only muskets. Then you’ve got the Families against the Ballas, with the player strengthening the Families, and finally the same as the Families versus Ballas, except with only knives.

Are you guys ready for some GTA V gang warfare?

GTA V Single Players Get Online’s Random Events

Once again, we bring to you a mod which strengthens the lines of those which port GTA Online content over to the single player component of the game. Previous mods in this vein have brought over Benny’s Original Motorworks from the Lowriders DLC and the additional properties added in the High Life DLC. A few of the new heists were also ported over in a few mods we haven’t reported on.


This particular one adds some more stuff to do in GTA V while messing around, because, you know, it is totally in need of more content and players are just lazing around, not knowing what to do. GTA V is known to be boring, after all, right?


In GTA Online, while playing in Freemode, even before the Freemode Events DLC, a whole lot of random activities popped up for you to partake in. These small scale occurrences served to give the game an active vibe, a feeling that the world is alive, and that you truly are just one little crook in a city full of criminals. The Online Random Events For Single Player mod adds the first generation of random events from Freemode, meaning the Crate Drops, the Armoured Trucks, the Assassinations, the Smuggler Vehicles and finally the Special Vehicles. All of these have various different types which are rolled randomly.


As the title suggests, these events are initiated randomly, however you can expect to run into one five minutes after the one before. Once one “activates”, you’ll have approximately seven minutes to decide whether or not you want to complete it before it disappears. These time intervals may be edited freely in the .ini file. All events will be clearly marked on your map for ease of access.

Do you guys prefer solo play in GTA V?

Yet Another Solution To GTA V Gridlock – The Traffic Plow

Some time ago we reported on a particularly creative and/or insane GTA V modder who built large ramps around his vehicle in order to plow through oncoming traffic like it was nothing to worry about.


The result was a thoroughly entertaining video and a lot of wrecked NPC vehicles littering the highways of GTA V’s Los Santos and Blaine County. Well, someone was seemingly inspired by this show of genius lunacy, and decided to come up with a whole new way of getting cars out of your way when you’re in a hurry.

One modder known as “the Suspect” has decided to take inspiration from the snow-plows which cruise around during the winter, clearing the roads of the pesky white frozen fluff which is the bane of personal vehicles. These high-power trucks are equipped with a large, eponymous snow plow which tossed the oncoming frozen matter off to one side.


Well, the Suspect has decided to implement the same principle with cars. The construction of his plow is a bit crude, using the cargo container models already used in GTA V, which incidentally were also used for the ancestral ramp.

In the end we are greeted by a rather peculiar contraption, which, while resembling a snow plow quite closely, works in the opposite direction. Instead of the angled face of the device being at the front of the vehicle, tossing oncoming traffic into the ditch, it is located at the rear, depositing them in the other lane (because, you know, screw everyone).

The resulting mayhem in both directions is truly a magnificent sight to behold, however, as surprising as it may be, the Suspect fails to cause an epic highway accident with his monster machine.

Would you guys make use of such a machine in real life, or do you drive like it’s GTA anyway?

Calling All Fun Police: Give GTA V Some Traffic Laws

GTA V is well known for its high speed chases, high pedestrian death toll and abundance of criminal activity. However, after a while, breaking all those laws can become tiring, and the dedicated GTA modding community is keen on ensuring that even if that happens, you do not become bored. Be it with additional game modes, silly conversions, or total conversions, the modding community is never without an idea to mix up the game.


GTA V, like all GTA games before it, has a rather liberal take on traffic laws and their enforcement. If you’re the kind of sadist who likes extreme realism and plays with the sorts of thing such as the engine overheating mod, then this is truly for you. The Traffic Laws mod continues the proud lineage of mods with extremely self explanatory titles. The mod adds some scripts to GTA V which causes you to acquire wanted stars for breaking traffic laws and going over the speed limit.

In the current version, there are a few infractions which will win your the ire of the authorities, which is a large leap considering the total of *one* infraction present in the release version. Currently, driving against the road side, driving on pavement, running over someone, crashing into a vehicle and finally, as previously mentioned, going over the speed limit will each grant you one wanted star.


You are free to edit the speed limit in the .ini file, and having different zones with different speeds is a feature coming in an update soon. Some commenters have been suggesting some further features, such as adding running red lights as an infraction, with someone suggesting something which is geared more at Rockstar – how about police trying to pull you over or arrest you as opposed to immediately being all kill-happy?

Are you guys into extensive realism in GTA V?