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Beware, the Angry Planes and No Clip Mods Contain Malware


Just like you, we’ve been excited to see all the cool GTA V mods created for the PC, including the Angry Planes and No Clip mods. However, users on the GTA Forums discovered that those mods contain malware. If you’ve downloaded them, you may have been affected by a sneaky keylogger called Fade.exe.

Follow the instructions given here to remove the virus. Once you complete the steps to make sure Fade.exe isn’t on your computer anymore, change all your passwords. Some GTA V players have already reported accounts being hacked because of this malware.

If you downloaded either Angry Planes or No Clip, you should change your passwords even if you can’t find any trace of the virus on your system. Some viruses like this can delete themselves after they steal your information, so assume you’ve been affected.

One of the most disturbing things about this incident is that most anti-virus scanners didn’t detect the malware in these mods. GTA5-Mods.com intends to increase the measures it takes to prevent things like this from happening in the future. If you’re worried, tool and script mods are the kinds of GTA V mods that could hold malware.

Amazing Screenshots of In-Progress Mod from iCEnhancer Creator


GTA IV players may be familiar with the popular iCEnhancer mods for improving the game’s graphics. The creator of iCEnhancer has begun work on a new PC mod for GTA V, a timecycle mod that removes the noise when you change players and weapons, reduces the amount of fog, makes the background less blurry, makes the sun a more neutral color, enhances the water, and removes the characters’ post-processing effects.

Although this mod is still in progress, the creator released several screenshots so fans can see what’s in store. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

This GTA V Mod has Multiplayer With Dedicated Servers


Of all the many GTA V PC mods we’ve heard about so far, this is one of the most interesting. FiveM is a multiplayer mod that “builds on the solid multiplayer framework set by the Rockstar Studios themselves as part of the RAGE engine.” It allows players to enjoy user-created game modes on dedicated servers.

An experimental build was released today. The final version of the mod will have better quality, be more polished, and contain new features such as a server browser so players can choose modes or rules they want. You can see the experimental FiveM build in action by checking out the video below.

So far, 32 users can play together at once. The final build will support more.

Rockstar’s stance on GTA V mods is still unclear. It will be interesting to see what will happen with an ambitious mod such as this. For now, FiveM provides a great opportunity for GTA V players who want a multiplayer experience outside of GTA Online.

Lower Wanted Level Cheat for PC and Cell Phone Found

01 - 0wahGW6

Good news! We’ve discovered a brand new cell phone / PC cheat code for GTA V. You can now lower your wanted level if you’re playing the PC version, and also add this type of cheat to your cell phone arsenal if you’re a Xbox One or PS4 player.

The code to lower your wanted level is “LAWYERUP” – simply enter this into the console (bring it up by pressing ~) on the PC version of the game to activate it. And if you want to use your cell phone, then whip it out and dial 1-999-5299-3787 (LAWYERUP).

Enjoy, and thanks to site fan Erik for sending this in! There’s still a couple of other cheats for the PC (and cell phone) version of the game outstanding, and we’re working on getting them to you asap.

Mass Ban Wave in GTA Online Right Now


Rockstar is handing out two week bans on mass right now!

We’re trying to find out exactly what the ban criteria is, but it seems to be anyone who’s used either a cheat engine or a DLL injector – things like Script Hook and the Field of View mod.

There’s also some uncomfirmed reports that if you happened to have received $GTA from a modder then you have been banned too, but then some people who did this have been banned, others haven’t. Maybe Rockstar is having trouble tracking who did and got what. The problem with this though is that some banned gamers literally walked into the money in-game unintentionally – the hackers were throwing it around! Doesn’t seem all that fair to us. In addition to being banned, we’ve also heard reports of characters being deleted.

A lot of people are now crying out for Rockstar to open up private servers for GTA V multiplayer, something that we covered in a recent expose on how hacking is rampant in GTA Online. The biggest problem with this is that it would allow pirates to then play multiplayer, something with Rockstar definitely don’t want to enable (and for which we don’t blame them!).

Update: we’ve got a copy of the email Rockstar is sending out to those affected (thanks KR1ST0).


Anyway, be sure to let us know if you’ve been banned, what you might have been doing (ie running the FOV mod) and if you lost your characters. We’ll have more info shortly.

GTA V PC Crosses Two Million Sales


Official sales data for GTA V PC hasn’t been announced yet, but according to SteamSpy, Steam sales of GTA V have already crossed two million, even though the game has only been out for a little more than two weeks. Two million sales is an impressive number, made even more impressive when you realize it doesn’t include non-Steam digital copies or retail copies.

As a comparison, the GTA game with the highest number of Steam sales is GTA IV, which SteamSpy lists at around 3.5 million sales. At this rate, GTA V could catch up to it quickly.

GTA V’s sales numbers continue to impress, and it will be interesting to see just high how they climb.

Latest GTA V PC Patch Fixes Garage Bug


Many GTA V PC players have lost vehicles due to a garage bug that caused vehicles they drove from the street into their garages to replace their personal vehicles. Rockstar promised to look into the issue, and has reported it as fixed in the latest PC patch. It’s unclear yet if Rockstar will replace players’ lost vehicles or not.

The garage glitch is the most notable, but Patch 350.1 has fixed several other bugs as well, including an issue with the Steam overlay. This patch also improves stability, download speeds, and matchmaking. Although the patch notes do not mention it, it appears this update has also fixed the remaining problems with ambient occlusion.

Finally, the update has rendered GTA V PC incompatible with the “Script Hook” mod. Why, exactly, remains unclear. The simplest explanation is that the mod just needs to be altered slightly due to changes in the new version. Some players, however, worry it could be a deliberate attempt on Rockstar’s part to stop modders–or perhaps an unintentional side effect of an attempt to stop the cheaters troubling GTA Online. Time will tell which is correct.

GTA V PC still has some bugs, but at least this patch has fixed one of the biggest. If you lost a vehicle due to the garage glitch, let us know if you contact Rockstar about replacing it.

Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass


This is easily the funniest user-created GTA V video we’ve seen so far. Heck, it’s the funniest GTA V we’ve seen full stop! “Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass

We never knew that Trevor was a dead ringer for Johnny Knoxville!? On the other hand we’re thinking that the actual stunts themselves are a little extreme for Knoxville, so maybe it’s more Steve-O?

Enjoy and let us know your favorite stunt!

GTA V Ragdoll PC Mod Now Available


With the game out for over two weeks, GTA V PC mods are beginning to surface across the Internet. One of the newest and most amusing is the Ragdoll on Demand mod. This mod allows you to made your character go ragdoll and collapse at the press of a key, as humorously demonstrated in this montage of ragdoll cutscenes from Tyrannicon.

Ragdoll mods have been created for the GTA games (among others) before, and this one is an excellent example of how mods can add new humor and entertainment to GTA V. Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

Hacking Rampant in GTA Online for PC, Possible Fixes

15 - v3ljjgx

If you’ve been playing GTA Online for PC, you might have noticed a problem with hacking. Players have altered their games in order to give themselves unfair advantages–and as the old GTA Online money glitches taught fans, this can cause major issues in an online game.

The GTA Online hacks that we’ve received reports on so far include invincibility, unlimited ammo, breaking the level cap, teleportation, and infinite money, among others. All of these are, of course, against the game’s terms of service and completely unrelated to the legitimate cheat codes that GTA5Cheats.com provides.

Hacks like this are made easier because of the system GTA Online uses. Instead of dedicated servers, GTA Online use a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh system. The game servers connect players to one another, and then your data is sent to other players as they get close to you. This includes your position, weapon, health. etc.

What this means is that in lobbies as well as free mode, players’ information is sent directly to one another. Therefore, players can hack their games by changing the information that is sent.

So far, Rockstar’s solution has been to release updates to catch and stop player modifications, but with each new update, the hackers simply change their methods to get around it. Stiffer penalties and bans for hacking might also cut down on the prevalence of hacks, although it won’t go away completely.

Some might argue that hacking isn’t really harming the overall experience, even though it puts players at a disadvantage. However, this P2P framework also provides a small security risk: players can learn one another’s IP addresses during gameplay.

The only way to solve both of these issues is if Rockstar switches GTA Online to dedicated servers. However, since GTA Online’s system has been in place since the release of the PS3 and Xbox 360 verions in 2013, it seems unlikely unless fans really make their feelings known.

How bad has the hacking in GTA Online that you’ve encountered been?