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Kifflom! Here’s Some New Rockstar Endorsed GTA V Jobs

Following straight after a set of fan made GTA V videos using the Rockstar Editor, the developer has gone ahead and posted a batch of player created missions which are styled after the actions and activities of the expansive and arguably insane Epsilon Program cult.


The Epsilon cult has been a part of GTA lore for quite a while. They appeared in GTA: San Andreas to a limited extent, but got a bit more of the spotlight in GTA V than they did ever before. These challenges have been hand picked by Rockstar Games for your playing and truth seeking pleasure. Kifflom!

The first job is accessible to PC players, and is a team deathmatch titled Cult of Cash. As we all know, cults are typically hoaxes, fronts for greedy people trying to get rich. Chances are, Epsilon is no different, so its time you took all that dough off their grabby hands, by shooting up their headquarters.


In Blood N’ Fire, Playstation players go back to where it all started and light the peak of Mount Chiliad on fire with their team, after which they proceed to cause blunt force trauma to anything that moves in the blaze.

Xbox players may take part in the Altruist Camp Offensive, where one team is armed with a wide range of weaponry but only their legs to transport them, while the Cult Stoppers will have a limiter armory, but several rides at their disposal.

PC players, once tired of spilling enemy blood, may take to the road in the Going With The Downflow race, taking them through Tongva Hills, Tongva Valley and Banham Canyon. Let Kraff take the wheel!

Rockstar assumes Playstation players are more bloodthirsty than the others, as their second job is a deathmatch once again, sans the team bit. Time to shoot up the Epsilon HQ (again)!

Finally, Xbox players will take part in a challenging bike race called San Chianski Race. The title kinda gives away the location.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

GTA V Finally Meets Pokémon And It’s Creepy As Hell

Much like the recent cross between Skyrim and GTA V, Rockstar’s blockbuster was destined to eventually be mashed up with Nintendo’s legendary animal abuse collection “simulator”, Pokémon. Tie your shoes friends, this is a wild one.


We’ve seen a lot of intuitive ways in the past wherein users of GTA V would substitute things found in the game in the place of iconic things from the source material which aren‘t in the game.

This video opts to go for “brick-shitting creepy” instead of intuitive.

Just imagine what it would be like if fantastical mutant animals which are anthropomorphic to varying degrees need to be substituted by actual humans, but still need to be recognizable. Be prepared, this is worse than even the most disturbing Pikachu cosplays out there, and damn, there are quite a few.

This wonderful creation comes to us courtesy of Merfish – because of course it does – and has done much to waiver our faith in him. This video is an absolute abomination. I know you’re gonna watch it anyway, but I cannot stress enough times that you shouldn’t. Images the likes of which no human mind should bear will be scorched into your memory, and you will never be able to unsee it.

To give you a general idea, Trevor plays Ash, and of the several Pokémon which appear in the… adaptation, only one is replaced by an actual animal (poor Chop). This is a depiction of the most demonic violation of the sanctity of the human form.

*Disclaimer: much like the video itself, this article is a joke. The video is hilarious, and we here at GTA 5 Cheats do not care for the sanctity of the human form*

Would you guys be interested in a Pokémon themed mod for GTA V, adding new side activities and collectibles?

Our Numbers Will Darken The Sky Of Los Santos

“Ah yes, Reapers…”


It seems that even in Los Santos, dismissing those claims would be a mistake. The ancient harbingers of our destruction have arrived in Blaine County, and the full invasion will soon follow.

Mass Effect, a legendary Sci-Fi RPG developed by Bioware and lauded for its story (the endings were fine, dammit!), follows the exploits of one Commander Shepard, who seeks to thwart the imminent destruction of galactic civilization by way of giant space shellfish who speak dramatically and shoot lasers at stuff. These so called Reapers, massive sentient spaceships, return to the galaxy from dark space every few million years to destroy all technologically advanced societies because [spoiler].


GTA V modder JJxORACLE has replaced the Blimp that cruises harmlessly around the skyline of Los Santos with the model of Harbinger, the largest of the Reapers, and the one considered to be their leader. In lore, Harbinger is supposed to be over 2km tall, and while the mod does not quite get that size right, the massive Reaper looming over Los Santos is still a frightening sight. Harby can be piloted, just like the blimp, but the mod is very much a work in progress. There is no hit detection on it, and occasionally it disappears outright. JJxORACLE plans on updating the mod over time, hopefully solving these issues, as well as adding some of the features that commenters have been suggesting. Adding the ability to shoot lasers, and adding a horn sound which is the characteristic reaper “BWWWAAAARRRRRMMMMMM” sound would be absolutely awesome.

Now all we need is an N7 armor skin and an Avenger assault rifle modded into the game and the vision will be complete. That, or replace one of the jets with the Normandy. I mean, we have an X-wing already.


Are you looking forward to assuming direct control of Los Santos?

Time For You To Get A Job… In Los Santos

On occasion, we here at GTA 5 Cheats like to bring attention to particularly well made, creative or unique mods for GTA V. Today, we bring to you one particular mod which goes against the whole escapism idea behind gaming, and brings some real-life normality to the game – in the most fun way possible.


We all know that GTA is about as far removed from “normal” as you can get in a realistic setting. I mean, sure, you can do all sorts of normal things like yoga, tennis, driving in accordance with traffic rules etc. etc., but why would you when you can shoot up a bank, buy a jet with the stolen money, go on a killing spree downtown, have the entire police force trying to catch you, lead them on a high speed chase resulting in numerous crashes until your reach the place where you stashed the jet, take off, circle around over to the city and jump out as the jet crashes into the FIB headquarters and you splatter yourself on the pavement because you forgot your parachute. Then respawn, and redo the whole thing with the parachute this time around.

GTA V modder TylerEspo has recently released JobsV, a mod which allows you to come home from a long day of hard work, sit down in front of the screen, boot up GTA V for some well earned downtime, and have your in-game character… err, go to work.

Yup, JobsV lets you get a job. It also features an education system in which you can enroll ,and thus you will get better jobs. Over time, as you go to work, you will get better at your job. You will get paid for your job, and you can get promoted to a better job, which will pay you more. It’s all very interesting, we swear (disclaimer: the above paragraph is satire, and we fully appreciate the additional enjoyment and immersion this mod adds to GTA V). Props, TylerEspo!

Will you guys be getting a job in GTA V?

Forget Forza, Gran Tursimo – GTA V Has The Best Looking Cars

Marketing graphical fidelity is one of the main selling points of the new generation of consoles. And with console exclusive titles trying to outperform one another in order to prove the superiority of their respective host platform, you would think that the Forza (Microsoft) and Gran Turismo (Sony) franchises would have the best looking automobiles in the industry. Especially considering how they are both racing games, as well as Forza being one of the Xbox One’s launch titles back in the day, with a sequel in the works.


Well, you’d be wrong! Here we have GTA V, which is not only a multiplatform game that launched initially in the previous console generation, but cars aren’t even the primary focus. Sure, they’re kind of a big thing, with “Auto” being the A in the title and all, but they aren’t as much in the spotlight as cars would be in dedicated racing games such as Forza and Gran Turismo.

Now, lest we be accused of being biased, we all can agree that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are solid platforms, and their prospective games look pretty damn good. Discounting any and all opinions, however (keep the console wars out of the comments, please), the PC’s hardware capabilities allow for high end desktops to outperform both – especially when mods are taken into account.

We bring to you, in the following Rockstar Editor video, the best looking car models from the gaming industry, straight from GTA V. The video makes use of a modded PC version of GTA V, with several graphical mods installed to up the visual quality, as well as a few of the recent real-world car model mods that have been in part enabled with the new ZModeler GTA V import/export feature.

What do you guys think of the video? Impressive, right?

GTA V Mod LSPDFR’s Site Under DDoS Attack

We’ve been following the development of the popular police themed total conversion mod for GTA V, Los Santos Police Department First Response, rather closely here at GTA 5 Cheats. Arguably the largest and most ambitious mod for GTA V to date, LSPDFR is filled with an immense amount of content, and has a full development team behind it – plus a pretty large community of GTA V players. A similar mod, LCPDFR, was previously released for GTA IV, and was the project which got the team their reputation and following, however their work with GTA V is even more impressive.


Recently the team has been stricken by a number of setbacks delaying the mod’s development and release. With Rockstar’s war on GTA Online cheating, modding the game has become increasingly difficult. The counter-measures introduced in the 1.27 and 1.28 updates not only broke mods entirely for a while, but filled the game files with heaps of dead code to make the work of modders that much more difficult, however the method proved to make the game unplayable even on unmodded instances.

Despite the massive setbacks due to Rockstar’s anti-modding measures, development on LSPDFR continued, and they released newer and newer versions. The mod is currently running the 0.2b beta build, and has enough features for it to be a game in and of itself – and all this can be downloaded legally for free.

Now, at this point I think we can all agree that the team working on LSPDFR is awesome.

Well, someone seems to think otherwise. If you visit the LSPDFR website, you’ll see a little notice at the top of the page.

The community is currently under a sustained flooding attack. Please expect some drops in service whilst we work to mitigate the attacks. Apologies for inconvenience caused.

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack basically floods the targeted server with significantly more requests than it can handle, essentially crippling the system. The team is still working on clearing up the issue.

Who do you guys think is responsible for the DDoS attack on the LSPDFR website?

We’ve Got Even More Good News About The Rockstar Editor

Rockstar Games recently announced that the next update to GTA Online will be bringing the popular Rockstar Editor to the current generation consoles. However, it has since been confirmed that the 1.29 update will affect the editor beyond porting it to new platforms.


The not-for-long PC exclusive gameplay recording and video editing suite was developed specifically for GTA V. It allows players to capture their screen while playing, and then later edit the footage. They can do this by snipping it, re-arranging it, adjusting camera distance and angle, adding special effects, changing the weather and also the time of day. The application offers a plethora of other editing options besides these as well.

The 1.29 update will expand the features of the Editor on all platforms. The new features include an Ambient Audio and Sound Effects library that will allow you to further customize the audio of your video, and you’ll be able to add your own files to this library. The update will also bring Snapmatic and the Editor closer together by integrating the former into the latter, allowing you to transfer any still frame from the editor to the Snapmatic app.

The favored Director Mode will also be seeing an update, with a new minimap that will show preset POIs, and the mode will give players the ability to spawn air and aquatic vehicles which are available in GTA Online. You’ll also be able to copy your already painstakingly edited audio settings from marker to marker, making the editing process a lot easier and quicker. The fonts library at your disposal has also been tripled in size.

The Rockstar Editor has been an extremely popular tool ever since it launched alongside the PC version of GTA V back in the day, and numerous immensely creative videos have popped up in the community since.

Will the Xbox One and PS4 players among you be making use of the Editor when 1.29 launches?

The GTA V Vehicle Modding Floodgates Have Opened

We recently reported that popular 3D modelling software, ZModeler, had an import/export feature designed specifically for GTA V added to it, in order to facilitate vehicle modding. Up until this point doing such a thing by way of GTA 5 mods has been a pretty difficult ordeal.


It didn’t take long for the new method to catch on, as the web is already flooded with new GTA V vehicle mods that were made with the ZModeler software. While ZModeler allows for skilled modders to create their own models from scratch, it has also made converting other models to be compatible with GTA V a possibility, which in turn has lead to vehicles from previous GTA games, primarily IV, as well as vehicles from entirely other franchises, to be added to GTA V (ever wanted to fly around Los Santos in an X-wing?).

Besides the obvious and awesome move of putting Starfighters into GTA V, the most popular mods are those adding real-world cars to the game, replacing the licence-and-legal-issues-free fake cars currently populating the streets of Los Santos (yup, including real world cards in GTA V like this might not stack up 100% legally – same issues as the New Zealand mod has).

If you’ve been hurting for real life BMWs and Nissans to be cruising around GTA V, then these are golden times for you however.

Modders have already created a multitude of vehicle mods for the game. Applying these mods will almost always require the use of the OpenIV tool, so make sure you have it installed and updated, and all mods come with a warning to only use them offline, as modding in GTA Online will bring upon you the burning wrath of Rockstar.

Among the new influx of car mods are one which add the 2013 BMW M135i, the Nissan Skyline R34 (which has been modeled after Paul Walker’s car in Fast and Furious 2) and 2015 Dodge Charger RT, among many others.

Will you guys be using the new vehicle mods for GTA V?

Here’s Something New: R* Endorsed GTA 5 Playlists

Rockstar is an industry leader when it comes to community engagement, possibly second only to Star Citizen. With GTA V featuring numerous ways in which players can create fan content in relation to the game, it is clear that the community is extremely vibrant in this regard. Rockstar has taken to endorsing certain fan made videos, jobs and now activity playlists on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer’s own news platform.


Every now and then, where there are a few player made jobs on each GTA 5 platform, Rockstar posts these jobs on the Newswire. Now this tradition has been extended to playlists, where, instead of songs in the usual sense, players string jobs together to form a cohesive campaign. Be it artistic expression, humor or story-telling, these seemingly simple GTA Online playlists can accomplish a number of tasks. Rockstar has looked far and wide to find the most sublime community created playlists to grace the Newswire with and here is what they came up with!

Xbox players will be treated to 4 select races of the highest quality in the Z-Games Rallycross Tournament, which incrementally get more and more difficult as you progress. These races are made with only the most skilled of GTA Online drivers in mind, with plenty of nasty tricks hidden in them, requiring great expertise to master.

Playstation players will get to take part in a day of reckless fun in the To be Rich and Bored in LS playlist, which sees the bored teens of the dirty rich Lake Vinewood area getting up to no good to pass the time. These are a wide variety of jobs, covering the whole spectrum, and much like the spoiled kid of Los Santos, it will surely keep you occupied.

PC players will be able to participate in the aptly named PC Master Race, which features a number of unique races, be it in the air or on water. Will you guys be trying these playlists out?

Do We Have a New Ultimate GTA V Graphics Mod Champion?

Over the past few months we’ve been reporting on the work of a few GTA V modders who, instead of adding new vehicles or game-play features or some-such, have been working on improving the already astounding visuals of the game. GTA V’s PC version is a beauty to look at, even on the lower graphical settings, but if you ramp up the heat, and provided you have a brutal enough rig to handle it, you’re in for a treat. There is a reason why people took to calling GTA V’s PC version the first real “next-gen” game – and we’re not even talking about the console versions! These mods – ENBSeries, SweetFX, Gionight – take things to the next level, even further improving the game’s visuals. Usually, GTA V graphical mods target textures, shaders and lighting effects, but these are pretty complex beasts and tweak practically everything humanly possible to give you the best visual end result.



The newest modder to join the unofficial competition to determine the best mod-smith in the graphical department is reddit user Toddyftw, who has recently released the first batch of screenshots for his own GTA V graphical mod. This mod hopes to make GTA V downright photo realistic, and while focusing on the usual texture, shader and lighting elements, we can also recognize obvious signs of improved water effects, draw-distance tweaking, and distortion effects in play. The screenshots are pretty darn impressive, and can definitely go head to head with the other contenders. If we would have one nitpick with the results, everything seems extremely dark. Possibly this is due to all screenshots being taken at sunrise/sundown. If this is the case then color us even more impressed, as the images are atmospheric as hell.


Who do you think will win this competition? Do you guys use any of the contenders’ mods?