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GTA V PC Requirements to be Announced Next Week


If you’re looking forward to more information about the PC version of GTA V, which will be released on January 27, you’ll want to keep your eyes open next week. Along with the other information revealed yesterday, Rockstar mentioned the PC version right at the end of the Q&A. While no new details were provided just then, Rockstar hopes “to have confirmed official system requirements to share soon here at the Newswire, please stay tuned for that to be announced in the coming week.”

It isn’t a promise, just a hope, but it still means there’s a very good chance the GTA V PC system requirements will be announced sometime next week. We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the game, so it will be nice to hear some definite facts for a change. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Rumor: GTA V PC Runs at 60 FPS, Ported by Max Payne 3 Team

GTA V wallpaper 1

While the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V have been out for weeks now, we’re still over a month away from the arrival of GTA V for the PC, which will be released on January 27. Reception to the remastered version has been positive so far, but with the increased capabilities and potential for mods, many people are still very curious about how the PC version will perform.

New rumors brought to us by DSOGaming suggest it will perform very well indeed. DSOGaming’s source claims to have the word of a Rockstar developer that GTA V already runs at 60 fps for the PC. This rumor also says the port is in the hands of the team that handled the PC port of Max Payne 3.

Max Payne 3 ran extremely well on the PC, so fans are excited about the possibility and hopeful that this is true. Keep in mind that GTA V is very different than Max Payne 3, so it isn’t an absolute comparison, but it still inspires confidence that the team knows what to do.

What are your hopes for GTA V on PC?

Things to Look Forward To in GTA V Remastered


Back in September, it looked as though many players were still uncertain about whether or not they would buy the remastered version of Grand Theft Auto V. The November 18 release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions is less than two weeks away, and we’re here to help you make up your minds. While this new version of GTA V will still be the same game at its core, there are plenty of new features to look forward to.

Graphics stand out, of course. GTA V has been redone to improve the level of detail and richness of the world, thanks to the power of the new consoles and the PC. We’ve shared a lot of GTA V screenshots, but for the full effect, check out the video embedded below which contains comparison shots between the PS3 and PS4 versions. In some areas, the difference is staggering.

When people hear that a remastered game has more detail, they often think only in terms of appearance. It’ll look more realistic, the resolution will be better, and so on. However, this renewed attention to even the smallest details brings a lot of additional benefits.

For example, when you drive a car in the newly-revealed first-person mode, you’ll be able to check your speedometer to see how fast you’re traveling, as discovered by a delighted Reddit user. The ABS and E Brake lights work, too, and you can also see the name of the radio station you’re listening to. From the cockpit of a helicopter, you can check your attitude and altitude indicators, as well. These are only a few examples of how the realism has been increased beyond just its surface appearance.

While driving a vehicle or riding in the front seat, you can also duck to avoid gunfire, a truly useful new feature. And if you think a different control scheme would work better for you, you can remap the controls to suit your style.

Let’s not forget the vast array of new wildlife in this version of GTA V, including Hammerhead Sharks, dolphins, cats, and fireflies. Pedestrians have new lines, the radio is filled with more songs and shows, and additional weapons, vehicles, and activities are available to you.

PS4 players will have a couple of additional features thanks to the controller. When the cops are after you, the controller’s light bar will flash red and blue, and its speaker will broadcast your telephone calls and the police radio. You can also use the touchpad to manually switch between first-person and third-person, change radio stations, and switch weapons.

And if you played GTA V on either the PS4 or Xbox 360, and now buy one of the new versions, you’ll have access to exclusive features to reward your loyalty: vehicles, weapons, a wildlife photo challenge (with an unlockable submarine), and more. Owners of the original version’s Collector’s Edition will get to keep their special items, as well. GTA Online players can transfer their characters and online game data to pick up from where they left off, and all of the previous DLC will be available. Multiplayer gameplay should be better than ever with the power of the new systems.

Rockstar has put a lot of effort into making GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC a higher-quality experience than just a re-release with a fresh coat of paint. We hope this helps you make up your mind. Let us know if you still have any questions about the remastered versions of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto HD Collection is Possible

GTA logo

HD Collections are becoming more and more popular. From last-gen collections such as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles or the Jak and Daxter Collection, to new-gen products like the Xbox One’s upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it’s a great way to remaster old games and introduce new fans to titles they might otherwise miss out on. It’s especially popular when the games in question are old enough to not be readily available.

It’s no surprise, then, that Grand Theft Auto fans have discussed how great it would be to have a GTA HD Collection, with multiple GTA titles re-released in a single package. Well, this question was posed to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, and he replied that Take-Two and Rockstar “don’t have a policy answer to it” but they “wouldn’t rule anything out.”

He went on to say that one of the company’s top priorities is to make sure the “consumers are thrilled,” along with checking market viability for a new title, so if you’d love to see a GTA HD Collection, you might want to bring that to Rockstar and Two-Two’s attentions.

Lastly, he said that the reason the PC version of GTA V was delayed was to have enough time to make it the quality fans deserve. While game delays are always disappointing, we have to agree that a delayed, quality game is much better than a rushed game.

Would you be interested in an HD Collection of some of the earlier GTA games? Which would you like to see included, and what enhancements and features would you want?

All the GTA V Next-Gen Screenshots

With all the talk of bonus remastered GTA V content lately, as well as more images being released, we thought it would be good to collate all the next-gen screenshots posted to date in one place.

Some cool things we noticed – the Railgun, the Monster Truck and the Armored Dukes… did anyone say Zombie DLC!?

With under three weeks until GTA 5 is released on PS4 and Xbox One there is not long to wait now (PC release comes a little later on January 27 next year). Check out our GTA V Remastered FAQ if you want more info.

























Bonus Content for Returning GTA V Players Revealed


Rockstar has finally given more information on the exclusive bonus content you’ll receive if you play the PS4, Xbox One, or PC version of GTA V with the Rockstar Social Club account you used to pass at least the prologue of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. Previously, we knew these bonuses would include classic cars and new weapons, among other things, but today Rockstar released pictures and details about them.

Vehicles include the Dodo Seaplane, the Imponte Duke O’Death, the Cheval Marshall monster truck, and a Blimp.





That’s not all. If none of those vehicles appeal to you, maybe you’ll be more interested in the new Muscle Cars you can earn by winning Stock Car Races, or the Kraken Sub you’ll unlock as a reward if you document new animal species as Franklin.



As Michael, you can solve a murder mystery to unlock two Noir Style Filters for your photos, and earn a special Go Go Monkey Blista in addition to the regular rewards from the new monkey silhouette quest. You’ll also be able to get two new weapons: the Rail Gun and the Hatchet. Fans are especially excited for the Rail Gun’s power.

These screenshots look fantastic, and the bonuses are all exclusive loyalty rewards for returning fans who already played an older version of GTA V–more incentive for players to upgrade. There seems to be some confusion about this point. As far as we know, the bonuses described here will be available only to players who played GTA V on PS3 or Xbox 360 and will now buy the remastered version. Remember, it doesn’t matter which version you had originally, as either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version can be upgraded to the PS4, Xbox One, or PC version. Some fans who never bought the original consider this unfair, but look at it from the other perspective: this isn’t content being withheld from you, it’s a reward for fans who bought the game twice.

Additionally, Rockstar has confirmed that if you originally received bonus content from a Special Edition or Collector’s Edition of the PS3/Xbox 360 version, your content will carry over when you upgrade. Other players will be able to buy these items.

For the full details on GTA V’s returning player bonuses, take a look at the official announcement. Are you excited?

Top 10 Mods for GTA V on PC

With the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V planned for early 2015, we can begin to anticipate some of the mods that fans will inevitably create to alter the PC version of the game. Past Grand Theft Auto PC mods have ranged from minor additions such as new character skins, to expansive mods that completely change the nature of the game. So, what are the top 10 mods fans anticipate for GTA V on PC?


10. Vehicle Alterations

Changing the vehicles in a GTA game is almost a given for mods, because it’s relatively simple and opens up a variety of possibilities. GTA V vehicle mods could change the vehicle’s appearances, either to change the fake cars into their real-world counterparts, or to turn them into entirely different vehicles. For example, mods for past GTA games have introduced new types of vehicles or even specific ones, such as police cars from Resident Evil.

9. New Character Models

Along the same lines, it’s always fun to bring new characters into the game. Minor character mods can provide skins to just alter the existing characters’ appearances, while bigger ones can completely replace them with new character models. This can get pretty crazy, and you’ll have some players running through the streets of Los Santos as cartoon characters just for giggles. For others, it’s just the sheer entertainment of playing a game as their favorite characters from another franchise, such as Leon S. Kennedy or Max Payne.

8. No Wanted Levels

While there are GTA V cheats that let you change your wanted level, some players would rather see it done away with forever. With a “no wanted level” mod, you’d be able to do anything without ever getting the police’s attention.

7. More Wanted Levels

Yes, on the flipside, there are players who want to see even more from the Wanted system. From an extra possible star to the involvement of the FBI and military, mods could make your life of crime deadlier than ever. The Wanted system could also be expanded so that police react differently to you depending on how many stars you have.


6. The Invasion

We can’t talk about mods without bringing up zombies, can we? Amidst all the rumors of official zombie content for GTA V, zombie mods are an ever-present possibility. Zombie storylines, special modes, and survival games are all ways the undead could be added through mods. Why stop with zombies, though? Some fans would love to see an invasion not from the grave, but from the sky. UFO mods and alien invasion mods would definitely shake things up and provide some great sci-fi fun.

5. Cheat Save Application

One thing players have found disappointing about GTA V’s cheat codes is that there’s no way to save them. If you want to activate a code, you have to enter it manually every time. A mod could make it possible to save cheat codes to the player character’s phone, making them accessible from a menu. Using cheat codes would be easier and faster.

4. Restaurants

Though it may sound like a little thing, restaurants are a big deal to a lot of fans. In GTA IV, players could enter various restaurants and order food. However, in GTA V, the restaurants were present but impossible to enter. Mods are already planned to introduce restaurant interiors and food the player can buy, to return this much-loved feature.

3. Simple Native Trainer

We can find a lot of inspiration by looking at past games, and a lot of fans want their favorite GTA IV mods to return. One popular mod from GTA IV was known as Simple Native Trainer. It included teleportation, a god mode, a speedometer, and many other features that make it stand out as a fan-favorite mod.


2. North Yankton

The state of North Yankton holds an odd place in fans’ hearts. Officially, this snowy state and the town within it are only seen during the “Prologue” and “Bury the Hatchet” sections of GTA V. However, for a while GTA Online players were able to glitch their way into North Yankton. Since it was used for so little of the game, it was an incomplete map, filled with missing textures and strange noises. The ability to visit North Yankton has since been patched out of the game, but many fans would love to return—and modders could make it happen.

1. Los Santos Police Department First Response

Fans continue to look forward to the day when the popular Liberty City Police Department First Response mod from GTA IV is made for GTA V. Incongruous though it may seem with Grand Theft Auto’s crime-focused gameplay, players loved the LCPDFR GTA IV mod, which put them in the role of the police. A similar mod made for GTA V is sure to be a huge hit.

GTA V: Will Current Players Upgrade?


Many players are looking forward to the release of GTA V on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Some are newcomers who never got to play the original. Others are current players who want to replay the game with better graphics, new features, and more. There are even bonuses for players who are upgrading from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

But how many will actually upgrade, really? We swung by Reddit and also consulted some GTA 5 Cheats regulars to get a feeling for the situation. Following are the results:

Some players can’t justify spending money on a remastered version of a game they’ve already played; while many are passing on the PS4 and Xbox One versions to hold out for the PC release in early 2015, either for the mods or to access GTA Online without paying for a service like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

On the other hand, there are players who love GTA V so much, they aren’t just getting the PS4 or Xbox One version, but both! Most GTA V players who have one of the newer consoles seem interested in picking up a copy of the game for it, at least when the price goes down.

What about you? Will you be upgrading to a new version of GTA V? Is the PC version more appealing because of the potential for mods, or less appealing because of the delay? PS3 players, is the PlayStation Plus requirement for online gameplay on the PS4 a deterrent for you? Chime in with all of your thoughts in the comments below.

Official First-Person Mode in GTA V?

GTA V first person

In January and July, we shared footage from fan-made mods that added a first-person view to GTA V. It’s one of the potential mods for the upcoming PC version a lot of fans are hoping for. But what if you don’t need a mod at all? What if the remastered versions of GTA V for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One have official first-person modes already?

Thanks to Gamechup, we learned that Rockstar recently announced a first-person mode. The statement was deleted, but not before a user from GTAforums got a screenshot.


The relevant section says:

“In addition to the above features, you’ll see:

  • A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more

  • A brand new first person mode while on foot”

First-person view for both on-foot travel and vehicles? Sounds great! Take this as a rumor for now, but since the supposed source is Rockstar itself, we think this has a good chance of being true. What do you think?

GTA 5 Mods We’d Love to See


On January 27, the highly successful open world game Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the PC, following its November release for the PS4 and the Xbox One. One of the many reasons to be excited for the PC version is its potential for mods. Right now, GTA 5 mods are possible, but uncommon. It’s not nearly as easy to create console game mods. PC mods, on the other hand, can be found by the thousands. Looking at past Grand Theft Auto mods and considering what we have to work with in GTA V, what sorts of mods will fans create?

Character models and skins are popular things to change with mods, and the end result is you’d get to play through the game as other characters—even characters from other games or movies. Along the same lines, there will probably be mods to change the appearance of vehicles and add new vehicles to GTA 5. The same goes for weapons, which opens up a lot of possibilities. And even though the remastered GTA V’s graphics look phenomenal, some fans will surely create mods to press the game’s limits by improving its visuals even further. These are all the usual sorts of mods we’d expect to see, but what are some we’d love to see?


One GTA V cheat allows the player to enter freefall. This becomes a limited form of flight. Players have found glitches in GTA Online that let their characters walk through the air, but what would be really cool would be a mod that simply grants your character the power of flight. Soar above the city toward your next mission!

Perspective Shifts

We’d also like to see the game from some new perspectives. There are some first-person GTA 5 mods already, and the PC release opens the door for even better ones. If first-person isn’t your thing, it might be fun to play the game with a top-down view, along the lines of the early games in the series.


After all the rumors we’ve heard, we can’t talk about mods without bringing up the dreaded z-word. There could be official zombie content for GTA V on the horizon, but whether there is or isn’t, we bet modders will have a lot of fun creating their own Los Santos undead apocalypse. From survival simulators to shooting-fests, zombie mods have a lot of potential.


A really popular GTA IV mod was the Liberty City Police Department First Response (LCPDFR) mod. It put players in the shoes of the LCPD, allowing them to patrol the city, make arrests, call for backup, and more. Players had a lot of fun taking on the role of the police for once, and many would love to see a similar mod return for the Los Santos Police Department in GTA 5.

Since the PC version of GTA V will also be released through Steam, there’s a good chance it will utilize the Steam Workshop, a platform for user-based content. Existing Steam Workshop games have allowed players to create new items, skins, maps, scenarios, and basically everything else mods are used for. It makes game mods more accessible, easier to implement, and safer.

Rockstar hasn’t said whether or not it will support the Steam Workshop, but even if it doesn’t, we still have some great fan-made content to look forward to. What GTA V mods are you most interested in?