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Drive Your GTA V Yacht In Single Player

Modding GTA Online exclusive DLC content into single player is one thing. Doing it even better than the official version? Now that’s skill.

The modding community has made it an unofficial mission to get as much official Rockstar content from Online over into single player as possible. Many players who like story mode as much as Online or even more, are a tad sore that Rockstar is only ever giving the multiplayer mode any love. While it is impossible to implement certain elements of the Online DLC in Single Player, things such as cars are entirely possible.


You know what GTA V now has that Online doesn’t? Drivable yachts. Granted, it’s the yacht from GTA IV, the windows don’t break, the interior is sort of empty and it bugs out often but you can drive it.


Modder Tall70 has ported over the model of the yacht from the previous numbered installment of the franchise to GTA V in it’s (almost) full glory. The ship is a tad slow coming in with a max speed of 35 mph, but if you’re cruising in a luxury yacht speed shouldn’t be your priority.

While the interior is bare at the moment, as mentioned earlier the author intends to redecorate in the next update. He also intends to get most of the bugs fixed. Compared to a first release, the mod is pretty solid already. The color scheme can be customized and the rain does not fall through the roof. The yacht has proper collision, so you won’t be clipping into the landscape or falling though the floor.


In fact, the collision is better than it was on the original version back in GTA 4. Now you can actually land a helicopter on the pad and have it stay there, though it’s hardly stable.

What other GTA IV vehicles would you like to see make a return?

GTA V Takes On The Sims With Realistic Mod

Even at its launch, GTA V was already considered one of the most immersive games of its time. The seemingly endless list of odd activities your player could do, which technically had no impact on gameplay or the story, awed fans far and wide. The game was lauded for its sense of freedom – so much so that other AAA games looked to it as inspiration – and realism.


Michael could do yoga, Franklin could walk is dog and Trevor could… well, kill people. Of course this is just scratching the surface of the fluff and faff the game is filled with. These small, inconsequential actions make the world of GTA V feel alive and vibrant.

But there’s always more to be done, right? Even with these in mind, GTA V is hardly a life simulator. You can’t micromanage everything about the lives of your characters (not that you’d want to. You’d be playing the Sims if you did). While this mod by Marcs742 doesn’t quite bring GTA V to that level of simulation, it does add a whole lot of new needs characters will have that you need to pay attention to.


Michael, Trevor and Franklin will grow hungry, thirsty, tired or unhappy as you play the game. This mod adds a new inventory system which stores consumables like food and drink to manage the first two and you can sleep at the respective character’s house or at motels. The reason to keep these needs satisfied is that certain stats take a debuff is your character goes hungry or thirsty. You’ll gradually lose health, you’ll be slower or you won’t be able to use your special ability.


While nothing groundbreaking, this mod adds another level of depth to GTA V’s gameplay and immersion. Hardcore players may find this to be a treat.

What other immersion enhancing changes would you make to GTA V?

GTA V Gets RDR’s Witness System

One of the few things that GTA V is often called out on is its unrealistic wanted system. Committing any kind of crime instantly draws the ire of law enforcement. If you are out in the middle of the desert with not another soul nearby and shot the hostage you dragged out there unseen with a silenced pistol, the police will be on your ass within minutes. Somehow they will know you did something, they’ll know that you did something and they will pinpoint your exact location.


Strangely enough an older Rockstar game already had a more functional and realistic system in place. Why GTA V didn’t simply lift the feature over from RDR like this modder did is beyond us. The way Red Dead Redemption’s witness system worked was that other NPC’s had to witness a crime and report it before the authorities went after you. The player had a chance to catch and “silence” the witness before they alerted anyone, and thus a wanted level could be avoided.


Well established modder GTATerminal also came to the conclusion that this is a better system than the omniscient police found in the game by default. His version sees the witnesses phone the police if you’re a bad boy around them. Currently the only way to prevent a wanted level is to murder the witnesses, however a future update will feature a bribe option as well as a lower witness rate by using silencers.


Several mods affecting police behavior and the game’s response to crimes have been created over the months, as this is one of the few areas in which GTA V has been getting constant criticism. While it is in keeping with traditional GTA gameplay, the system is dated and unrealistic.

What changes would you make to GTA V’s crime system?

GTA V Meets District 9’s Alien Slum

District 9 made some serious waves back in 2009 when it was first released. It was lauded for its writing, visuals, pacing, directing and pretty much everything that a movie can be commended for. It’s also a movie that has absolutely nothing in common with GTA V, but leave it to modders when gaps need to be bridged. Several mods out there feature characters, locales, vehicles or objects from various popular films, so this isn’t all that out of place. This mod may be of interest to GTA V fan video creators, functioning in a manner similar to the overgrown cityscapes featured previously.


District 9 deals with a large alien ship descending over Johannesburg. While the aliens are capable of FTL travel, they are hardly an advanced race. Instead, they are filthy, malnourished, uncivilized and disease ridden. Humanity offers them shelter in a segregated area dubbed District 9, which is a refugee camp-turned-slum. Here the so called “Prawns” live is shoddy bungalows alongside homeless humans. The District is rife with crime and violence with authorities trying desperately to restore order.


The plot of the film itself follows a particular member of the agency which deals with the aliens as he gets himself in a rather tragic situation, but that is of little import here. French modder Plutonmania has put together an extremely elaborate, if smaller scale replica of District 9 using GTA V’s map editor mod.


The buildings look the part and he has populated the walled off shanty town with aliens. There are guards stationed on the wall and at the entrance. The land is dirty and arid, with trash everywhere and soot on the plates which make up the walls of the small houses. The atmosphere of the District from the film is perfectly captured by this mod, and really gets the dirty feeling across.

Did you guys see District 9? What did you think?

GTA V Discounted On Steam In Lunar New Year Sale

Despite being considered the definitive and most well rounded edition of the game, GTA V’s PC version just isn’t pulling in as many sales as the console releases. That is probably the reason why it is the version of the game. With various sites selling games at a lower price while still staying within the bounds of legality (if only just) and several large digital retailers holding sales every two days, it isn’t hard to buy a copy cheap.


Steam, arguably the largest digital retailer on PC, has had its share of run-ins with GTA V. Since that one debacle, everything has been legit and the retailer recently kicked off a new kind of sale celebrating the Lunar New Year. The traditional Chinese calendar does not work like the standardized Gregorian one, as their new year is linked to the movements and position of the moon. Each year is also assigned to one of their zodiac animals.

This year being the year of the monkey, small apes are the mascots of the Steam sale. There is a “choose your own adventure” style of catalog game going on to present you with a selection of games based on your decisions. While GTA V isn’t present in this little interactive gimmick, it is among the over 9,000 games currently on sale.


GTA V has still retained its full price of €59.99 (and USD$ – that’s not how money is meant to work, but whatever…), of which during the sale 33% has been sliced off. Players can now buy GTA V for €40.19, which is still pretty steep compared to other sales the game has recently seen on PC.

We’re not expecting any response from our normal GTA 5 Cheats readers, but anyone out there that still hasn’t grabbed a copy of GTA V, for any platform?

GTA V Gets Prototype Weapon Thanks To Mod

It seems that the GTA V modding community is quicker when it comes to weapon development than the guys over at Heckler & Koch. They’ve been working on an experimental smart grenade launcher since the late 1990’s. We’ll bet putting this mod together took less time.

GTA V has seen some unique weapon mods in the past and the majority of weapon mods focus on real-life firearms. This may be the first time however that the game gets a working and fully animated version of a prototype weapon that is still being developed.


The United States Armed Forces has a penchant for drafting up weapon development programs despite several failures in the past. One of these botched programs was the Objective Individual Weapons Program. While the OIWP is dead and gone, several of the entrants spawned offshoot projects of their own. One of these projects is the surprisingly successful XM25 “Punisher” CDTE (Counter Defilade Target Engagement).


While still under development the weapon has made its way into several video games and three well known modders decided that it needs to be added to GTA V as well – because, you know, the game is hurting for more ways to efficiently take lives. Jridah, Rippler & Suspect, all of whom are very well known names in the GTA V modding scene have put quite a bit of work into what may be the most polished weapon mod for the game.


The GTA V XM25 CDTE has all the correct animations and functions. It is reloaded like it should be, it is held like it should be and it is shot like it should be. The texture is extremely high quality, and the scope is realistic as well. The sounds are unique and befitting the weapon.

Plus, you know, it goes boom.

What other examples of experimental or prototype weapons do you want to see make their way to GTA V?

Hone Your GTA Online Sniping Skills With Community Jobs

It’s time for Rockstar to once again officially endorse a fresh batch of fan-made GTA Online jobs. Every so often Rockstar uses it’s proprietary news platform, the Newswire, to bring attention to the best of the best when it comes to community created activities. Sometimes they have a theme such as that time when throwback jobs for The Warriors were on the menu. Sometimes they’re just the best stuff that Rockstar staff could find. The theme this time around is Sniping and accuracy.


PC players can test their target tracking skills with Snipers vs. Speed Boats, an LTS where one group is perched on a ledge with heavy snipers while another comes at them on boats.

Sniper fanatics on PS4 have quite the challenge to look forward to in Hunting Season. This LTS features a group of runners who need to cross a kill zone into safety while snipers are tasked with picking them off.


For something unique you’ll need to be playing on PS3. Headshot Addiction places players atop windmills, the blades of which can deflect shots so timing is crucial to success. Whether beginner or expert marksman, this deathmatch is perfectly suited to sharpen your aim.

Don’t let the name of the Xbox One sniper job mistake you. Holes of Glory is a tight, up-close and personal CQC sniping LTS. This here isn’t real ‘sniping’ in terms of tracking targets at long range and waiting for the perfect shot. This game mode is geared towards twitch reflexes and quick-scoping or no-scoping.


Xbox 360 players will need to plan ahead in Sniper Tragedy I: Atk/Def. This strategic job places one team in a fortified location with limited ammo, while giving another team massive firepower and vehicles, but puts them right out in the open.

How good a GTA Online sniper are you?

GTA V Loading Screen Timewasters

Depending on your system, GTA V can have some pretty darn long load times. Usually developers try and make these bearable by putting a pretty picture on the screen along with a few game tips. If the devs are in a good mood maybe the tips cycle after a few seconds. And if the devs are being particularly generous they’ll let you interact with the loading screen, like in Skyrim for example.

In GTA V we only have the background pictures and the tips which can get quite boring after a while. So what should a gamer do when faced with a several-minute-long loading screen?


A simple method is to switch up the loading screens. Granted, this is only possible on PC. There are a few mods out there which change the backgrounds of the loading screens either to other images from GTA V or to something completely different. It’s up to you how… deviant you want to get.

Of course if you’re on console but have a smartphone or laptop on hand and are stuck on a loading screen, there is the entirety of the internet to provide you with momentary entertainment.


You could always fill out a GTA V personality quiz to find out which of the three horrible humans beings that are the center of the story you resemble the most.

You could also fill out GTA V related knowledge quizzes like this one. Granted, it is a tad dated but some of those things you’ll only know if you played enough. It’s a decent time-waster for sure.


If you’ve exhausted the internet’s massive supply of quizzes you could always learn something while you’re at it. The GTA wiki contains a wealth of useful info that could help you out once the game has loaded.

What do you guys usually do while GTA V loads?

GTA V’s Gangs Go To War. Again.

The GTA V modding community is overflowing with original content and unique, creative projects. All different kinds of mods are constantly conceived by programmers and artists. These range from new game mechanics, through insane vehicles all the way to home made hardware additions. This doesn’t mean that a good idea should not be revisited if the author has some significant improvements in mind though.


GeorgeZhan, creator of the original Arms Trading & Gang Wars mod has gone back and rebuilt it from scratch – and better than ever. The new Gang War mod dubbed “the return” mixes things up a bit and places much more control in the hands of the player.

This time you’re in control of your own GTA V gang. You can customize the weapons, appearance and name of any gang in the game and then participate in various missions. These all pit you and your underlings against a rival gang, however they’re not all run of the mill deathmatches.


Gang War features five customizable game modes, many based on original GTA V mission types. These are Deathmatch, Survival, Gun Master, Single Weapon and Custom Weapon modes, the final two of which can be freely configured.

The mod also features several improved aspects such as official-looking GTA style transitions and on-screen prompts, improved HUD, new locations, a mission creator and location editor.

A new layer of depth has also been added to Gang War with a new investment system. You and the enemy gangs all invest in various forces, and then you can deploy your squad composed of 7 unique classes.


This mod also pushes the whole “war” thing more so than the predecessor. Here, you can actually make progress and eliminate your rivals, instead of it being a static perpetual conflict.

Do you wish a dynamic gang conflict system was in GTA V by default?

New GTA Online Vehicles Modded Into Single Player

Modding GTA Online exclusive content over into single player has created a subculture of its own within the modding community. Initially it took quite some time for the modders to get on top of a new update. With each new DLC the turnaround time for the modders to port it decreased further and further. After the launch of the recent Lowriders DLC, Benny’s Original Motorworks found its way to single player pretty damn fast and the Executives and other Criminals content was ported almost instantly.


Even that wasn’t as fast as this time. Although we are only talking about two cars which technically were already in the game, making this overly simple. Still, its impressive that the new customizable Sultan RS and Banshee 900R have been added to single player.

The newly updated Benny’s Motorworks SP mod contains the two new cars and all their upgrades. If you’ve already installed the mod back when we first reported on it you just need to update the existing installation.


For those of you who weren’t around back then, the aforementioned mod adds Benny’s shop from the Lowriders GTA Online DLC to single player. This includes all the cars and customization options, allowing Michael, Franklin and Trevor to ride around in stylish lowriders.

For a number of reasons many GTA V players actually prefer single player to the hectic experience of Online. Since all DLCs are Online exclusive solo players can only turn to mods for new content.

If they play on PC, that is. Poor console players who dislike multiplayer are still holding out hope for story DLC, or have moved on to other games by now.


Due to the nature of GTA Online, some features from the DLCs cannot be ported to single player at all, such as Adversary Modes, new multiplayer game types, or pretty much anything from Freemode Events.

Would you want more GTA Online DLC content to make it to single player?