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SweetFX Joins GTA V Graphics Mod Race

With both the ENBSeries and Gionight‘s graphics mod both turning heads throughout the modding and gaming communities, the race is on for a place in modding history. With the aforementioned two making the rounds on the internet, graphics enthusiasts watch with excitement of varying intensity, waiting which will be ready first.


What’s this? A new challenger appears!

SweetFX is the name of the newest mod on the block, and the name is quite accurate. GTA V is a damn pretty game in its own right, even, even, on last-gen consoles. This was the game that players called the “first true next-gen” release. This was the game that proved in April that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 still fall way behind the PC. Unmodded GTA V running on max setting in 4K produces screenshots that could be mistaken for photographs.


And then came a few crazy, crazy people who decided that that wasn’t enough. Talented coders and modders sat down sat down in front of GTA V and said it does not look good enough. Instead of spewing hateful bile on some forums though, they decided to actually do something about it.

We’ve seen the release of other ENB mods, such as the one for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Gionight has also worked on the same game. The guys behind SweetFX have also released mods for a metric ton of other games, making countless titles that much easier on the eyes. They’ve also done a great job with Rockstar’s latest open-world hit. It will be damn difficult to proclaim a winner in this particular unofficial competition considering the minute difference, and who knows how many others will join the fray.


What do you guys think of this graphical mod? Does it trump the other two? Do you even care?

Sneak Peek Of GTA V’s Next Big Graphics Mod

GTA V is widely known to be a very good looking game, especially on the PC. With the superior hardware capabilities PCs possess, games generally look significantly better on them than they do on consoles. Exceptions to this occur either due to horrible optimization, or purposeful graphical downgrades. Now, GTA V is a very, very pretty game. On max settings, some screenshots can be mistaken for a real-life photograph on first, second and third glances.

Another massive advantage PC has? Modding. While mods can be used for all kinds of mischief such as grappling hooks and jetpacks, or if you so desire, a total conversion of the game into a police sim, they are also widely used to beef up the visuals.

While we’ve already reported on one of the graphical heavy-hitters of the modding community, the ENBSeries aren’t the only popular graphical tweaks out there. Gionight, known for his modding of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has recently released to the public the first glimpse of what GTA V looks like after he got to work on the game. Note that despite being very much a work in progress, these screenshots already show a visible upgrade to the visuals of the game, even without a side-by-side comparison. If this is what Gionight’s Los Santos looks like incomplete, we can only imagine what the finished mod will make GTA V look like. Seems like the ENBSeries mod has a pretty serious contender.

mod2 mod6 mod7 mod3 mod1 mod5 mod4 mod5

Just as it is well known that GTA V looks pretty damn good on max settings, it is also common knowledge that you need a pretty beefy machine to get it running. The thing with most graphical mods is that since they are usually made by a one-man team, optimization wise these mods aren’t always the best, and shoot up the system requirements by magnitudes. However, looking at those screens, it’s damn sure worth it.

Do you guys use and graphical mods in GTA V?

GTA V’s Rockstar Editor Might Come To Current-Gen Consoles

Oh, Rockstar Games. The dev that absolutely loves taking its sweet time with anything and everything it does. Not that we’re complaining – look how great GTA V turned out. Quality work needs time, and in the case that the idea hasn’t been abandoned, then the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the Rockstar Editor will be damn good, considering that the possibility of the video editing software coming to current-gen consoles was first mentioned by Rockstar back in May, and we’ve had no word on the matter since. Work was already well under way at the time, but Rockstar didn’t give any specifics regarding when the Editor will be released on the consoles.


Due to hardware restrictions, there is absolutely no way that the Rockstar Editor will ever be released on the previous generation of consoles, so Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 GTA players will need to live out their fantasies of being a film director in some other way (may I suggest the PC and possibly the current-gen versions of GTA V?).

How much the console version of the Editor will differ from the one that shipped with GTA V’s PC version, we do not know, but it can be assumed that some of the functionality will be more limited. The director mode will hopefully be present, but we cannot be sure in what capacity.

Another way in which the Rockstar Editor will be limited on consoles will be the lack of mods. What is the connection between these seemingly unrelated things? Well, if you take a look at youtube, then the top Rockstar Editor videos will pretty much be exclusively modded creations, making use of fan created content in some capacity or other. Videos of 100% vanilla GTA V will be plenty, sure, but hardly as popular as recreations of popular pop-culture scenes, for example, the best of which all utilize mods.

Do you guys hope the Editor will have an outing on consoles?

GTA V PC Benchmarks Put The R9 Fury X After The GTX 980 Ti


With both Nvidia and AMD coming out with new cards soon, gamers are eager to know which of the two will be better. AMD was always the budget option with a tad weaker performance, while Nvidia always had a bigger price tag but also packed more of a punch.

AMD recently announced a new line of graphics cards, including the R9 Fury X, their new flagship GPU, and the first ever to feature HBM and stacked memory. Before the NDAs were over, everyone had extremely high hopes for this card, and was lauded as the “Titan-killer” by many AMD fans. The truth, however, is a little less glamorous…

Several benchmarks that have been leaked or released show that, as opposed to what people expected, the Fury X couldn’t quite defeat Nvidia’s pointlessly overpowered Titan X. However, Nvidia has also announced a new GPU since, the GTX 980 Ti, the bigger brother of the 980. The GTX 980 was meant to be the halfway-point between the price of the “regular” cards and the power of the Titan series. While many users suggest that builders go with 970 in SLI instead, the GTX 980 is still a solid card, and the Ti is just more of the lovin’.

GTA V on PC is known to be quite the hardware hog, though the fact that it is well optimized (*cough* Assassin’s Creed Unity *cough* ) means that it can run well on weaker systems too. However, if you want to get GTA V to look the best it can, then you’ll need quite a beast of a machine. As such, the game works well as a benchmaring tool for high end hardware, and a recent comparison between the 980 Ti and the Fury X shows that Nvidia still has the edge with performance.




Do you guys prefer Nvidia or AMD cards? Will you be upgrading your rig anytime soon?

GTA Online : Fighting Cheats With Cheats

Well this is an odd story. We all know the kind of fanaticism with which Rockstar is eradicating all forms of cheating in GTA Online. They put cheaters in separate lobbies, put anti-modding measures in place even if it affects single player, tracking player activity with a special set of hidden stats, and relying on community reports. However, even so, a few specimens of that very special breed of imbeciles who enjoy not only ruining the game for themselves, but for everyone else as well slip through the cracks sometimes.


Unfortunately, the virtual watch dogs of Rockstar are not particularly discriminant, and a new method of avoiding the wrath of the ban hammer is on the rise. Some players use a variety of mods which takes effect thorough the character of another player. In the case of Rev Drucifer, a cheater infected his character with a condition in which he spewed cash from every virtual orifice.

I’m in a car with this guy and money bags start raining down. I realize my account is filling up fast, so I jump out of the car…money is shooting out of my character’s [backside]. I’m yelling on the mic for him to stop, [but] he’s not stopping then all of a sudden [he] starts killing everyone in the lobby over and over.

This griefer, as they are called, used one of the recent unholy trinity of GTA Online mods that are more difficult to track. Cheaters either use another character to spawn money, have money literally fall from the sky, or use weapons that fire money as opposed to bullets.

Now, obviously we’re dealing with someone with absolutely no notion of how to be a decent human being here, so Drucifer could yell all he wanted, the guy would not stop. The end result was Drucifer being booted from the lobby and put into a Bad Sport lobby, which is where the misbehaving players are in detention for various amounts of time. But Drucifer’s troubles did not end here.

The Bad Sport lobby’s timer is notoriously glitchy, and fixing a feature used to punish rowdy players isn’t high on Rockstar’s priority list, understandably. Drucifer’s timer kept growing as time passed as opposed to counting down, and after he contacted Rockstar support, they said they can’t help him.

In a last ditch effort, Drucifer sought out a modder to help him.

I shot him a message telling him the situation. He said he’d give it a try but didn’t promise anything. Fifteen minutes later, I was out of Bad Sport.

Granted, we have our happy ending, but the griefer is still out there causing trouble. It seems modding GTA Online isn’t all bad, though.

How do you guys react when you run into a cheater in online multiplayer?

GTA V ENBSeries Mod Updated, Rockstar Gives Statement About Mods

GTA V has been a massive hit among gamers, and when the PC version launched, Rockstar Games’ flagship title found an all new audience – modders.

People who enjoy tweaking, changing and expanding a game with their home brew content have been poking around the innards of games for as long as there have been games, and the modding community is a sizable chunk of PC gamers. GTA V has been a playground for modders, with creations ranging from the technically useful such as graphical tweaks to the impressively silly ones such as a gun that summons sharks.


Today we’ll be looking at one of the useful mods, a graphical mod, to be exact. Well, the graphical mod. Boris Vorontsov is a name well known to the PC crowd, as he is the genius behind the wildly popular ENB series of graphical mods. Several games over the years ended up on his operating table ,and came out looking better than ever. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, previous GTA games San Andreas and IV, and Mass Effect are among the game he has elevated to visual masterpieces.

His work with GTA V has been pretty revolutionary. Let’s face it – vanilla GTA V looks pretty damn good, even if you’re not running all max settings. Even so, Boris managed to make noticeable improvements. He just released the newest beta version of ENB Series for GTA V, adding a new external shader and some other new features.

In light of the newest patch for GTA Online messing with single player mods, Rockstar has also issued a statement to reassure their PC fans that the policy regarding modding has not changed.

We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTAIV PC among many other classics. To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTAIV. Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing. It also bears mentioning that because game mods are by definition unauthorized, they may be broken by technical updates, cause instability, or affect your game in other unforeseen ways.

What do you guys think of the use of mods in GTA V?

Take-Two CEO: Potential of Consoles Remains Untapped


Grand Theft Auto V was a massive hit on all the platforms it launched on, and while the PC version is by far the most advanced graphically and in functionality, many players were impressed with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions as well.

While there were some dissenting opinions (because of course there are), the idea that Grand Theft Auto V was the first “true” next-gen game. With remakes, remasters, rereleases and HD editions making up more than three quarters of the PS4’s and XB One’s library, games that players readily call current-gen are few and far between, though in recent months, a steady stream of releases and announcements seems to be patching things up. Despite this, the current generation of consoles has been getting quite a bit of flack. Gamers say that the technological leap was far below expectation, libraries are thin, certain business practices involved are underhanded and a few of the obligatory “features” are invasive.

While this year’s E3 saw both Microsoft and Sony take steps in the right direction, some people are not yet convinced. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games, developer of Grand Theft Auto V, says that the consoles aren’t to blame. While they tried to make full use of the hardware at hand, Zelnick is convinced that not even GTA V could show off what these machines are truly capable of.

We’ve had a couple releases for new-gen, but I don’t think we remotely have seen what can be done, and that’s super exciting. And that speaks to many of our titles; hopefully all of our titles, ultimately.

Man has a point. Take a look at some of the Xbox 360’s launch titles, and compare those to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, or the prev-gen GTA V release.

“We have yet to see entirely what the technology can allow,” Zelnick said.

Personally, I’ve always been a PC gamer, but also always wanted to jump in to the console scene, mostly due to the exclusives. While on the long run, console do end up being more expensive simply due to console games being significantly more expensive (at least where I live) and lacking sales in the same caliber as what Steam or GoG offers, but for some dropping a larger amount on a powerful PC in one go isn’t viable. While the two main draws for consoles (exclusives and couch co-op) both being weaknesses in this generation, I’m still tempted to jump in.

Either way, nothing beats the PC’s raw power, modding support and massive  library of games that never saw the light of day on consoles.

What do you guys think? Were you impressed by GTA V’s current-gen release? Do you think the Xbox One and Playstation 4 can outgrow their current limitations?

GTA V Price Inflated to Cash in on Summer Sale?


Seems like Rockstar has been in the firing gun a bit lately. With the newest update to GTA Online containing the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC messing up single player modding, despite their claims to support mods back when the PC version of GTA V launched, has gotten them the ire of many a PC gamer.

Now it seems like PC Gamers are once again the sufferers under this latest move. The massive annual summer sale on Steam kicked off yesterday, and among the thousands of games on discount, we can see the blockbuster open world action game Grand Theft Auto V’s banner adorned with the “-25%” sticker. Not quite true…

Rockstar appears to have increased the price of GTA V to US$79.98, and then started selling it at the “discount” price of $59.99 under the sale, which was the game’s full price ever since launch! They try to justify this by bundling the game with other items, such as GTA: San Andreas, which on its own is discounted by 75%, so buying it alone would cost $3.74, and Shark Cash Cards, which adds in-game cash to players’ accounts in Grand Theft Auto Online. The actual value of in-game currency is in constant flux due to the stock market, and Rockstar also reserves the right to alter prices.

We’d love to see Rockstar do something good for gamers. Yes, the PC version of GTA V is AMAZING, but they have also suffered in the past (no Red Dead Redemption for PC, and less than spectacular PC ports in the past…). GTA V has earned Rockstar a ton of respect in the gaming community, PC gamers included. It’s baffling why they seem so eager to interfere with that!

Beautiful New Screenshots Show GTA V’s ENBSeries Mod


The ENBSeries mods are popular graphics enhancements mods available for a wide variety of games, which many GTA V mods in development.

ENBSeries gives player many options, such as changing the depth of field, shadows, reflections, and more. ENBSeries user dpeasant has just posted some screenshots from his custom GTA V mod using the beta ENBSeries GTA V mod, and they’re beautiful.

Take a look.








Screenshots from other ENBSeries users are available as well.

What do you think? Is this a mod you’d like to use for GTA V? Is there another graphics mod you prefer? Share all your comments on ENBSeries and related topics in the comments below.

Wave of GTA Online Account Restrictions: Bans or Hackers?


Today, fans discovered a sudden wave of GTA Online PC players unable to log into their accounts. This led people to believe that Rockstar might be cracking down on the hackers and banning players who have cheated online.

However, the majority of people affected seem confused by what they could have done to be banned. Rockstar’s response suggest something else is at work:

“Sorry to hear that you are having a problem logging into GTAV for PC. We investigated your account and determined that GTAV login access was suspended because your Social Club login credentials were shared across a large number of computers. Please note that sharing your login credentials with others is a violation of the EULA and can result in permanent termination of your Social Club account and associated Rockstar Games.”

This could mean that the affected players play GTA Online from multiple PCs, but some people worry it means these accounts have been hacked and accessed from other locations.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t look as good as PC players tired of the GTA Online hackers first hoped. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.