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GTA 5 Heavily Discounted On PC

GTA 5 is probably going for a Guinness World Record for “game most frequently discounted” or something like that with all these sales going on all the time. We’ve always said that it’s technically on sale all the time, as there is almost definitely some kind of discount on one of the platforms at some distributor somewhere, at any given time.


The game has managed to retain the same full price that it had upon launch, which is rare when first release happened three years ago. Not even the biggest AAA rivals keep their value for so long, but it seems that the game is compensating for the $60 regular price tag with the constant sales.

While the PS4 version of the game is trying to keep up, it is undoubtedly the PC version that sees the most discounts, simply due to the high number of third party digital distribution sites available for the platform. In fact, GTA 5 has hit its lowest price ever on PC last year, going for less than thirty bucks.


While this most recent sale gets close to that, it isn’t breaking any records. The base game and some Shark Card bundles are all discounted on GreenManGaming, a third party game-key distribution site.

The standard version is discounted by 33%, the Great White Shark Card bundle by 35%, the Whale Shark Bundle by 40% and finally the Megalodon bundle by 45%. Add to this a stacking 20% coupon code “DEALZON20” and the prices are slashed by an even greater degree.

Not only is this a great way for players to upgrade to the definitive edition of GTA 5, but it is also a prime time to nab some of the bigger Shark Cards for cheaper. For example, the stock price of the Megalodon Shark Card is $100. With these discounts, you can buy a Megaloson bundle for $59.83, which is a pretty solid markdown, plus you’ll have a spare copy of the game to gift to your friends, for example.

The other card bundles don’t quite offer such epic savings, but all of these are solid discounts, perfect for any player still looking to upgrade, or to acquire some in-game cash the easy way for cheap. GreenManGaming often hosts sales on many popular titles, so even if you aren’t buying in now, you should keep an eye on their store page to catch any good discounts.

Will you be cashing in on any of these sweet GTA 5 deals?

GTA V Gets Dashcams, Police RP Improves

GTA V mods are so numerous at this point that getting mods that mod other mods was inevitable. Of course, there is the map maker mod, which makes the base mod a requirement for loading custom maps, but when players take a given mod and alter it, or just add to it, you’ve got something really meta on your hands.


One of the most popular mods for GTA V happens to be one that gets re-modded all the time by the players themselves, or coupled with numerous other mods to make the experience more whole. We are talking about the incredibly detailed and ambitious LSPDFR mod, which acts as a total conversion for the game, turning it into a police simulator.

The dev team have loaded their mod chock-full of content and features, but the community always comes up with new things. This is why LSPDFR is extremely receptive towards other mods, specifically ones that work together with it.


Enter the Dashcam mod from PieRGud. The mod is pretty self-explanatory – it adds a camera mounted on the dashboard of various law enforcement vehicles in the game. You can switch to the dashcam while driving or when you’re on foot out and about. There is an optional grayscale filter mode as well, if you’re into realistic RP.

You can edit pretty much anything about the display of the cam, such as which police department is cited as the user, the unit number of the vehicle you’re in and the date format.


This mod is obviously aimed at players interested in police role-playing, as it adds to the feeling of authenticity, but serves no other purpose. There isn’t any actual benefit in terms of gameplay beyond that you can, I don’t know, have a better view of what’s directly in front of your car? You won’t hit squirrels?

We jest, of course. This is a solid mod, with the only bug being that leaving a car with Dashcam turned on will turn it off when you get back in – but honestly, that kinda makes sense, too.


A cool way of expanding this mod would be to have the dashcam record stuff. Of course, you have the Editor for that, but nonetheless, it would add to the realism factor of mod, which is after all what we’re all here for, right?

Do you like playing as police in GTA V with the use of various mods?

Tony Stark Moves To GTA 5 (Mod)

It seems like the GTA 5 modding community has a “thing” for Iron Man. Not only has one of the best modders in the biz made a fully functional and utterly awesome working Iron Man armor mod, several other modders have been coming out with various skins for said mod in order to allow players to pick which variant of the suit they want to use.


The Iron Man mod is probably among the most popular fan made files for GTA 5. However, the red and gold suit isn’t the only cool thing that Marvel hero Tony Stark owns – his house that was featured in all three Iron Man movies (and blown to bits in the third) is more than just a little luxurious.

Seeing as Batman is basically the only other super-hero with as much popularity among GTA 5 modders and he’s gotten his bat-cave modded into Los Santos, it is only fitting that fans of Iron Man get a hang-out based on their preferred comic as well.


That’s where mapper Tomybk comes into the picture. He’s put together a surprisingly accurate and detailed replica of Tony’s house from the movies that you can visit in-game. Of course, seeing as fans haven’t quite gotten an exhaustive tour of the house, this mod has been pieced together from the scenes from the films.

The map features two floors, one being the upper residential floor plus the lower garage with the workshop, the nice cars and of course the Iron Man suits in all their glory.


Obviously, this is best played in conjunction with the previously mentioned Iron Man mod made by JulioNIB, flying around the city and returning to your luxurious home for a rest – just watch out for the Hulk rampaging around.

How many of you regularly use Julio’s Iron Man mod for GTA 5?

GTA V’s Time Travel Mod Updated

Quite a long time ago we featured the Time Circuits mod here at GTA 5 Cheat along with an awesome DeLorean mod. Basically, Time Circuits simulates the effects of “time travel” in the game world. Of course, it isn’t “real” time travel, just a modeled extrapolation and procedural triggering, but it’s still really, really cool.

time circuits

The author, Joshua Vanderzee, has since updated the mod with some additional functionality. Some of it is really useful, some of it seems kinda niche, but it’s all around impressive.

Five DeLoreans have been added, including the original from Back to the Future, two version from Back to the Future 2 and another two from the third film. Additional vehicles from the films, such as the Doc’s van and other have also been added and made time-travel-capable.

The DeLoreans show some meticulous work – they all have animated interiors with various details that fans of the films will certainly love. They all have unique sounds for starting the engine and the  DeLorean from the second film actually flies.

time circuits2

Of course, the majority of changes are bugfixes and tweaks, since in a mod like this one, you can imagine what a mess the code is like even with a tidy programmer at hand.

However, one addition seems to cater to a small niche. Players who are operating with two displays can use the second display to constantly show the time circuits interface which dynamically changes based on what date you set.

time circuits3

How many players happen to have two monitors and a desire to use this function could there possibly be? In any case, it’s a pretty impressive feat in and of itself from a technical standpoint, so props to the author for that.

Did you give the original GTA V Time Circuits mod a try back in the day? What do you think of the update?

GTA V Meets… Censorship? (MOD)

If you’ve been reading our articles for a while, you’ll know that we usually kick off stories where we praise mods in similar ways. More often than not, we spend a paragraph giving readers a brief run-down of what the GTA V modding community looks like.


We say that there are serious mods, silly mods and awesome mods – with some variation in wording of course. However the mod we came across today, the mod that we’re sharing with you today is entirely odd and doesn’t quite fit any category.

Someone went to the lengths to remove each and ever audio file containing swearing outside of pre-rendered cutscenes. No banter with profanity will be present in the game anymore after applying this mod.


Well, almost. The mod basically censors the dialogue between the three protagonists, Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Only their family-friendly lines have survived this purge.

All in all, the mod is pretty impressive in the sense that the author has went to all the effort of scouring the whole library of audio-files in the game in order to find the ones which contain inappropriate vocabulary in the game.


But why? Why would you do this to a GTA game? This thing is rated mature for several reasons. Sure, profanity may be one of them, but it is hardly alone. Removing the swearing from the dialogue alone won’t suddenly make GTA V suitable for your little brother or conservative parents.

There is, actually, a rather extensive “family-friendly” mod for GTA V that removes all violence, illegal activity, sexual content and profanity from the game – but then that too is kinda weird when you think about it. If you want to play an open-world car game and nothing more, then play a bloody dedicated open-world car game and let GTA V be what it is.

Would you be interested in a family-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto?

GTA V’s Crouching and Prone Mod Updated

While in the world of GTA V modding, the spotlight is often stolen by large-scale flashy mods, those files which subtly improve the overall gameplay experience deserve some time on the big-stage as well. Users of mods tend to look for the kinds of projects that don’t necessarily turn Los Santos on its head with lore-breaking and overly wacky additions. Many are more interested in mods that work well together with the gameplay and story mechanics laid down by Rockstar.


Sure, flying around the world of GTA V in an Imperial Star Destroyer, or wrecking it with the powers of the Incredible Hulk may be entertaining and unique – for about an hour. However, these aren’t mods you keep turned on all the time. These aren’t mods that follow you into missions you want to seriously complete.

Mods like Stance – Crouch/Prone mod however are. Created by one of the most reputable modders in the GTA V community, JediJosh920, this mod adds a wider range of tactical stance options as seen in many FPS games.

The mod as initially released last December, but very recently got an update which, among others, added controller support and rewrote the entire code – probably for optimization purposes. The controls are simple – the mod overrides that “stealth” function the game has that no-one ever uses.

Pressing the assigned key will switch between crouching and standing, while keeping it pressed will make your character go prone. If pressed while moving, your character will perform a dive or combat roll.

The Stance mod has become one of the highest rated and most downloaded of all GTA V mods – excluding car mods, of course. It’s quite clear that while over-the-top mods like the insane vehicle packs or something as far out as Planet Chimp have their appeal, it is those files that integrate well with regular gameplay (hence the popularity of the car mods) are the most downloaded.

We’ve featured the work of JediJosh920 on multiple occasions. He is one of the most frequent uploaders and his mods are almost universally praised. Ranging from the more grounded files like this one all the way to the wacky end of the spectrum, he has most aspects of GTA V covered.

The majority of his mods are smaller, lighter gameplay additions which blend well with regular gameplay, in order not to detract from the sense of realism Rockstar has achieved.

What kinds of miscellaneous gameplay mods do you use for GTA V?

GTA 5 Gets Co-Op Mode With Small Mod


While GTA Online more than satisfies players’ needs for a massively multiplayer romp in Los Santos and Blaine County, there isn’t any kind of LAN or Co-Op mode included in the game. Seeing as there are three protagonists, missing a feature like this is more than a little baffling.

While fan-made multiplayer mod projects for GTA 5 were relatively common some time ago, many sought to replace the official Online mode for their users – some even tried to turn a profit. They advertised themselves with “features” such as allowing mods while online and hosting your own servers. However, these modded services were unstable and had low populations.


They weren’t particularly long-lived either. Some time ago Rockstar cracked down on all of these modded multiplayer servers since they directly conflicted with the EULA and TOS and were also leading to loss of revenue. Some operators understood and accepted this gracefully – others didn’t.

However, Rockstar left the LAN and Co-Op mods alone. These were characterized by allowing a small number of players connect and play within the same instance of GTA 5’s single player mode – therefore they didn’t function as Online alternatives.


One of the most popular of these Co-Op mods was rather intuitively named GTACoOp. However, support and updates for it seemingly ceased a few months ago in January, though the mod still could use a bit of tweaking.

An industrious modder and fan of GTACoOp decided to unofficially “take over” development and released his own internet and LAN Co-Op mod for the game, which is largely based on the framework of its predecessor.


TinyMP allows several players to enter the same, otherwise regular, single player GTA 5 world. The main improvements over its ancestor is that TinyMP allows players to host their servers from within the game, with the aid of a rather simple menu.

The author, Soccermitchy, is planning on expanding functionality making the use of the mod much more convenient. Bug fixing and new features are also high on the priority list, depending on the popularity of the mod. While GTA Online offers a solid multiplayer experience, every now and then players might feel the urge to faff about the single player world with a few friends along.

Do you plan on playing GTA 5 co-op mods?

Note: Since this isn’t in any way an “alternative” or a “replacement” for GTA Online in terms of function or content, it isn’t in violation of the Terms of Use for GTA V.

Become Indiana Jones In GTA 5 With Mod

Well, sort of. Indy has a whip and this is a lasso, but close enough.

While there is plenty of creativity budding in the GTA 5 modding community, with modders coming up with all sorts of original and new features that add to the overall experience of single player. While there is plenty of content which hasn’t been adapted from, based upon or inspired by features of other film or game franchises, these kinds of homage mods are among the most numerous.


Many of the most popular and best executed mods out there are based on some iconic item, object, weapon or something else from well known media. GTA 5 itself has many references to such franchises throughout the story and world – but these mods take it to the next level. Things like JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, his Flash mod, the Watch_Dogs hack mod or the various Just Cause gadget mods are all prime examples of this.

One of the best known names in the realm of GTA 5 modding, Jedijosh920 has recently released a new mod for the game which is based on a gameplay feature of a previous Rockstar game – namely, Red Dead Redemption. The wild-west gunslinger game had players reach for their lasso almost as often as for their revolver considering how versatile the hooped piece of rope could be when used right.


The mod is a fully functional port of the beloved tool, allowing players to lasso other characters (obviously), to hogtie them, to attach them to vehicles and to brutally and unceremoniously hang them.

Despite being only a day old, the mod is already running its third version, which has significantly more features than it did at launch. Armed PEDs will now retaliate if you have them lassoed, but if they’re hogtied they will become unarmed. The mod also has a particularly cruel and chilling feature, wherein if you attach a lassoed PED to a vehicle, they will stare at your character in the face with a pleading expression.

It goes without saying that this mod is best enjoyed if you also have some kind of John Marston skin downloaded for one of the three GTA 5 protagonists. Also, you’ll probably be using it in the desert region north of Los Santos if you’re going for something of a cowboy roleplay feel.

Red Dead Redemption has become quite topical in the past few weeks. With E3 2016 looming, players are all excited to see if yet another installment of Grand Theft Horse is under development or not. Usually Rockstar gives E3 a pass, however a recent statement from Take-Two Interactive has alluded that the developers of GTA 5 will be pretty active this year.


They didn’t specify that Rockstar will have something big to show, but since the only other dev under the Take-Two label is 2K, who have already shown their cards, chances are that fan hopes will be met. Whether it is going to be GTA related, or a different IP however remains a mystery.

What other well loved features or weapons would you like to see modded into GTA 5?

GTA V’s Map Maker Mod Expanded

One of the greatest things about the modding community of GTA V is that the modders not only have the chance to improve the game itself through the use of mods, but can go ahead and improve or add to other mods as well. By extension, this of course improved the game in the end, but the method of achieving this is unique.


The cooperation and collaboration between various modders has always resulted in some pretty spectacular additions or changes to GTA 5. Several of the greatest mods, LSPDFR included are the works of multiple, dedicated modders trying to achieve a vision of the game’s future.

However, simply creating a sort of addon to an existing mod without direct team work is another way to nourishing the GTA 5 modding community. Guadmaz created something truly groundbreaking with the Map Editor, as this modding tool has been since used in countless popular mods, ranging from the small to the gigantic.


OmegaKingMods’ Map Builder update is something of an expansion pack for the Map Editor. It adds a number of new features and options, such as material choice for the ground and walls and stack-able blocks of your desired material.

This, relatively small mod gives prospective custom map creators quite a bit of more control over their creations and opens up new opportunities for future GTA V map mods. Modders have been able to put together some truly awing custom locations and maps. This mod will only allow that “wow factor” to increase with every new map.


The Map Editor is a pretty easy to learn, but fairly difficult to master tool. It enables people new to modding to wet their feet and later to take the plunge, all in a single comprehensive map creator.

Have you ever made any custom GTA V maps with the Map Editor? Will this smaller addition be useful for you?

All GTA Online Missions Modded Into Story Mode

Using mods to port new GTA Online content over to single player has developed something of its own sub-genre among GTA 5 mods. With Rockstar constantly updating Online with new content, missions and vehicles, but leaving the single player mode untouched since launch, it is up to players to keep expanding the solo experience. This is where mods come in to the picture, adding to or changing existing content in the story mode.


When modding started to catch on, many of the existing DLCs for GTA Online eventually made their way to single player. Vehicles, weapons and apartments which were previously Online exclusive were now accessible when playing alone. As new updates came out over time, the turnaround time between release and the completion of the porting mod decreased to just a day or two.

Currently, GTA 5 is more or less caught up with Online in terms of weapons and vehicles thanks to mods, however there is still a whole lot of content in Online which cannot be accessed with Franklin, Trevor or Michael.


Granted, much of the content in GTA Online doesn’t even work in a solo environments, as they were developed with multiplayer in mind. Things such as deathmatches or Adversary Modes cannot be truly ported to single player. Then again, quite a bit of the Online exclusive content would work in SP.

Namely, the contact missions and other story-driven jobs. One modder has taken it upon himself to re-create every solo-compatible GTA Online mission with the build-a-mission modding tool.


GTA Online Missions for Single Player by DeaDPooL22 adds a whopping 107 missions to story mode from Online. Over time, the author has been updating the mod with new missions, such as those which were added to the game with the Lowriders DLC.

The mod is more or less free of any bugs, however (clearly) it does require your version of GTA V to be fully updated for the DLC missions to work. Several players running outdated versions of the game without certain DLCs installed encountered issues while attempting to load those missions.


The high rating and endorsements by known modders indicates that the author has put considerable effort into polishing and perfecting the missions he ported, making them resemble their Online counterparts perfectly. This is definitely a worthy addition to your game if you’re looking to buff up the content.

What features of GTA Online would you like to see appear in single player?