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Rockstar Not Happy With GTA Documentary

Yesterday we reported on the release of the highly controversial GTA documentary shot by the BBC. The documentary was aired despite the legal action Rockstar is taking against BBC. As Rockstar has filed a lawsuit previously, it should come as no surprise that they don’t a particularly high opinion of the film. “The Gamechangers” has been slammed by reviewers almost universally, especially citing the fact that Houser and his brother, the founders of Rockstar, have always kept themselves far from the media. Therefore there is no way to know if lead actor Daniel Radcliffe’s performance is authentic in any way.


It is ironic how most of this GTA “documentary” is about as baseless as the countless rumors that surround the games in the franchise. While the film is “based on real life events”, much of the happenings of the narrative took place behind closed doors in real life, therefore BBC hardly had the necessary material on which to base the story line.

Current and former Rockstar/DMA developers have voiced their opinions on the film on social media.

Oh dear. Shit’s about to get. Well. Shitter. #gamechangers

— Brian Baglow

One day, the media will talk about a game, and not try and make out only one person was responsible…one day #IHaveADream#TheGamechangers

— Mike Dailly

@BBC Was Basil Brush busy? What exactly is this random, made up bollocks?

— Rockstar Games

As you can see, the developer is hardly pleased with their depiction in the “docudrama”. The documentary is also terribly biased, while making a poor attempt to seem fair. While the firlm certainly does not display any of its characters in a positive light, as it progresses, it becomes apparent that it is leaning towards Jack Thompson’s camp. Could this controversial film about a past controversy spark another controversy?

Did you guys see the Gamechangers? What did you think?

Bringing Back the Humor in GTAV

One complaint that a lot of GTA aficionados had about Grand Theft Auto IV was the toned down humor. Sure, there was plenty of laughs to be had from the in-game radio chatter and ads, but by and large the world around you was more like real life, rather than the exaggerated versions we had in other GTA games.

We need more jokes this time around!

The Main Characters

One reason that GTA IV wasn’t as innately funny as previous games was because the main character simply wasn’t funny. Not that every single former protagonist was funny, but Niko Bellic was more a fish out of water/stranger in a strange land type, rather than someone who was able to throw out the one liners and keep up with the strange cast of characters that he was interacting with.

In Grand Theft Auto V, however, we’re going to have three main characters and they all look like they’re going to have their various quirks that open the door for more insane interactions. Michael’s a been-there-done-that career criminal that will have tons of funny insights, Trevor’s a burned out psycho, and Franklin’s a repo man that works for Armenians. Lots of potential there!

Michael - GTA V

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in GTA IV was where the humor was at as far as characters went, and we should expect no less this time around. Grand Theft Auto V already has quite the supporting cast lined up with various girlfriends (of course), Michael’s overspending wife and kids, conspiracy theorists, and plenty of others, including a dog.

Look for all these characters to inspire a variety of missions that will see your characters engaging in various salacious acts that will bring a smile at the very least. Rockstar thrives in this sort of environment and hopefully they’ll really bring it in GTA V.

Let’s just hope there aren’t those annoying bromance missions you have to do every time one of your buddies gets lonely. Packie…ugh! Leave me alone!

It’s a Mad, Mad World

The worlds of the various Grand Theft Auto games are like an insane, drugged-out version of our own. Rockstar takes shots at everyday things we see in the world around us by taking them, twisting them, and turning it all up to eleven.

Modern Western culture is already neck-deep in overt sexuality, and GTA games are absolutely soaked in it. Expect GTA V to take hard shots at all things Americana that we’ve seen in the past 4-5 years since the last game came out. Anything and everything will be on the table, and there will be something to offend everyone. Your favorite movie, TV show, energy drink, band, or type of music will be blasted at some point.

But that’s the fun!

Expect Rockstar to Nail It

When it comes to the humor in GTA V, we have to expect that Rockstar will not hold back. Sure, grit is good in any game that consists of you performing any and all sorts of illicit activities, but at the same time we want to be entertained by Rockstar’s take on the everyday things we have around us. The humor is already there, it just needs to be exploited! These guys already have some funny folks in their stable, they just need to give them free rein and see what they come up with. Get on it Rockstar!