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GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Guide Part 2

Last week, Rockstar posted the first part of their official guide to GTA Online’s new Stunt Race Creator. The Creator was the crown-jewel of the Cunning Stunts series of DLC. We call it a DLC series since it entailed four updates spread across the space of a month, so it might as well be considered one “saga”.


Cunning Stunts has really left its mark on the GTA Online community. Here we are, well over a month after the first of the fours stunt-themed updates launched, still talking about it and its impact. Granted, the attention is well deserved – Cunning Stunts is the single most positively received and praised update since Heists.

Cunning Stunts also marks a change in Rockstar’s approach to GTA Online. Gone is the criminal angle, over-the-top but ever grounded in reality. Players have clawed their way up the proverbial food-chain from being simple street criminals to experienced bank robbers, to yacht-owning VIPs all the way to becoming the CEOs of massive illegitimate corporations.


All of these feats are ones which the average player cannot realistically achieve in real life, and hopefully doesn’t want to. Even so, their depiction was inherently realistic. Though unlikely, pretty much everything in GTA Online through the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update can hypothetically occur in the real world.

Then came Cunning Stunts, which has players race around stunt-tracks equipped with death-traps and massive jumps, suspended hundreds of meters mid-air, winding around the skyscrapers of Los Santos, or hovering above the surrounding sea. It features green speed-boosting pads, launching high-speed race-cars across gaps which would be impossible to clear in the real world.


The whole sensation started out as a low-info tease jotted as a post-script to the first tease of Finance and Felony. Initially marketed as only being an update to the Content Creator, this idea later grew up to be the most derivative GTA Online DLC yet.

Cunning Stunts itself was probably made due to delays affecting the Stunt Race Creator. Rockstar took the cars that were probably intended for the Creator update and bundled them with some officially made stunt races to make the smash hit update. GTA Online then received two further packages of vehicles and stunt races in order to tide players over until the Stunt Race Creator dropped in earnest.


When it did, the update to the Creator added hundreds of props and some new features to GTA Online’s official tool used for the creation of fan-made jobs. As such, even players well versed in the use of the Creator found that they could use a pointer or two on the new mechanics. Rockstar delivered a guide of their own, which we have since adapted on our page.

This brings us to the second part of the Stunt Race Creator guide. While the first one looked at basics on how to begin your project and some general tips, this second part will delve deeper into some of the elements of the Creator, helping you craft some truly memorable Stunt courses.


First item on the menu are props. Around 200 of them, actually. That’s the approximate number of new props that have been added to the GTA Online Content Creator’s already extensive prop library. Now, when you’re dealing with that many new resources, it would be wise to get to know them first. However, we mentioned that last time around, so let’s see what new tips are on offer.

Templates are a great way of speeding up the process of building your track. These are larger sections of pre-configured props put together in a particular way, saving you the effort of manually snapping each bit together. You can also save your own templates in case you want to reuse a section of your race down the line.


When placing your props, precision is key in differentiating a race that is “good enough” and a race that is supreme. Fine-tuning is important, and using the quick-zoom function while a prop is selected will allow you to adjust the height of the piece in question in order to line it up with the adjacent element.

The real staple of a race for the ages is creativity. Sure, all stunt props have an immediately apparent intended function, but you can re-orientate them in absolutely any fashion. Be creative and devise new and unintended functions for your props to really show off your prowess at creating a well-thought-out and derivative map.


GTA Online’s Content Creator always had a limit on the number of props any given map may contain. Though this limit has been increased with the Stunt Race Creator, there is still only so many bits and pieces that you can add. If any of you deal with 3D modelling, then you’ll be familiar with this method, as it is not unlike optimization:

Cut fodder wherever you can. Use larger props instead of multiple small ones in all cases where doing so does not interfere with your intended function. If you have a long, straight tube section, instead of constructing it from several smaller tube pieces, use a ‘Tube Extra Long’, for example.


If you are going for a varied and high-octane track containing a ton of various stunts built from all kinds of props, you’ll need some simpler connecting sections to contrast the epic stunt. Building Blocks are perfect for this purpose. Remember, making a stunt race is like cooking a delicate meal: you must balance it.

Another great way to string together larger set-piece stunts is with the Tubes that have become so iconic for the update. The Tubes can bend and spiral both upwards and downwards, so they are perfect for a change of altitude or a subtle transition between two sections. Then again, the Tubes need not be a place of peace, as there are spinning gate traps that can be set inside Tubes.


Be careful with placement though, as a misaligned Tube could cause your players to congest following the bump, as it causes a sudden loss of speed. Staying on the topic of Tubes, you need not worry about players missing a checkpoint by wall riding in one. The circular checkpoint prop has been sized to match the inner circumference of the Tubes.

While Building Blocks are simple at first glance, they might be what make or break a race. They are perfect for patching up holes, or for the construction of your own custom “props” used for stunting. The most basic example is rotating a Building Block to create a makeshift ramp. Speaking of ramps, remember to stay creative – they can be used for more than just jumping.


Now that you are better acquainted with the props themselves, it’s time to put them together and form your custom GTA Online Stunt Race. However, even if individually, you know how to handle your props, you’ll need to be able to bring it all together in an organised and cohesive manner in order to create a truly notable course.

When building a Stunt Race, there are two things you should be doing often, and especially after getting ready with a given section of the map: saving and testing. Saving is crucial because of the fickle server connection some players are experiencing. There is no autosave feature for maps made in the GTA Online Content Creator, and some players have reported losing hours and hours of work.


Testing, on the other hand, will help you identify issues and correct them before a given section is connected to so many others that editing it to solve the problem would require extensive backtracking. This, again, causes you to lose progress by having to reverse-engineer a solution.

Planning is crucial for a well designed Stunt Race. Kind of like putting together a puzzle, it pays of to spread out the pieces. Roughly position your props around where they will be in the final version to get a feel of how things build upon one another before fine-tuning and tweaking.


When building a stunt race, you have the option to choose between a Stunt Track and a Stunt Raised Track. Advanced players, however, may choose to have both in a single race. To connect your tracks, there are two neat methods: Bends and Track Link props. Both are specifically geared for transitions between two separate tracks.

If you’ve played on some of Rockstar’s official Stunt Races that were added to GTA Online with Cunning Stunts and its two smaller updated, you’ll have noticed that some of the courses have branching sections. These are achieved with the new Secondary Checkpoint feature, which has also been added to the Stunt Race Creator. However, to prevent getting tangled in all of your routes, plan out the path of primary checkpoints first.


Stunt Races are different enough from regular land races to warrant being careful in terms of mechanics. Always remember setting the starting grid to the stunt layout, and place checkpoints and respawn points around major set pieces in a way that doesn’t break the race. Testing comes in handy here.

Speaking of checkpoint placement, when dealing with such a crucial part of your Stunt Race you might want to reconfigure the layout completely a few times. Luckily, Rockstar altered the “delete all” feature to also take secondary checkpoints into account, making the process more streamlined. If you’re building a large and complex race, it pays off to keep in mind that the number of checkpoints is capped at 68.


The creators of Stunt Races also have power over how lucrative their tracks will be. You can add bonus modifiers on RP for example. GTA Online players will be grateful for stunts awarding RP, especially if your map is heavy on flashy tricks.

Remember, since these are stunt races we are talking about, balancing form with function is key. Your race must work well and be efficient, but it shouldn’t be dull. If you haven’t hit the prop limit, but are done with your course, throw in some decor to make it even more pompous and impressive.


For better or worse, the majority of Stunt Races in GTA Online are located primarily in the southern side of the map, and with reason. The geography of this part of the map lends itself well to these courses and Rockstar has realized this. With the city of Los Santos being here, as well as a varied wilderness, you can make all kinds of interesting races.

Sometimes you can spare props in terms of decor by weaving your track around the notable buildings of Los Santos, or the various landmarks in the country around it. Another great way to reduce prop count is by using the map as it was intended – GTA Online is full of roads already, why not use them?


Stunt Races are about obstacles and traps as much as they are about flashy stunts. You can use the natural hazards of Los Santos and Southern San Andreas to your advantage – and to the dismay of your racers.

These are all the tips and tricks Rockstar has chosen to share with the community. Even though this is merely the tip of the iceberg, many of you creative fans have already created amazing Stunt Races with the new Creator. Hopefully these guides will help you with the upcoming contest which will seek to find the best and most challenging Stunt Races the community can muster.

Have you built any custom Stunt Races for GTA Online?

GTA Online’s Newest Event Kicked Off

It seems that the former trend of weekly events being lined up back-to-back to keep the GTA Online playerbase busy in between DLC releases has returned. Last week we got an event doubling the RP and cash payout on three Adversary Modes which followed the theme of a team of bodyguards protecting a VIP from a team of assassins. A few vehicles were also discounted, like usual and a new Premium Race was designated.


Today marks the start of another event week, and this time Rockstar is being plenty generous. While a few months ago, during the time of the multitude of events following one another, at one point we started getting events where the double cash promo would only last through the weekend, and sometimes there was no double cash promo at all. Well, this event marks a turning point for GTA Online events, as there’s not just one but two way to earn double rewards.

The Stunts & Entourage Bonuses event week focuses on some of the newest content added to GTA Online, meaning stuff from the Cunning Stunts update and its subsequent smaller expansions. The newest Adversary Mode, added with Cunning Stunts, also gets a bit of time in the spotlight, as do official Rockstar-made Stunt Races


The event is running through the 25th of August, meaning next Thursday, so you’ll have plenty of time to capitalize on the promotions going on. The free clothing item reward has returned, so simply logging into GTA Online while the event lasts will net you a Red Stuntman Jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is decorated in patriotic red white and blue and emblazoned with stars just in case you weren’t feeling ‘Murican enough.

The two ways of earning both double RP and cash throughout the course of the event is by either playing any Rockstar-made Stunt Race, or by playing the newest Adversary Mode, Entourage. While the recent release of the Stunt Race Creator may have you eager to play some of the best fan-made stunt courses, but you’ll definitely benefit more from sticking to official maps.


Entourage hasn’t been selected as the designated double reward Adversary Mode just because it is the newest one, oh no. GTA Online’s most recent Mode has been expanded with three new maps, allowing players to duke it out in El Burro Heights, Paleto Bay and Pillbox Hill. The three new maps are live already, so get in on the double rewards as soon as you can.

No event can occur without a healthy dose of discounts. This event focuses on some of the newest vehicles to be added to GTA Online. There is a 25% discount on the X80 Proto, the Progen Tyrus, the Dewbauchee Seven 70 and the Vapid Desert Raid. If you’re looking for something a bit more old-school (in terms of addition to the game, not design), both variants of the Insurgent are 50% off while the event lasts. Note that this promo also temporarily removes the heist completion requirement for the Insurgent.


If you’re looking to deal out some serious punishment on a budget, this event has you covered. GTA 5’s resident arms dealer, Ammunation, has thrown a 50% discount on Sniper Rifles, Miniguns and Launchers as well as ammunition to ensure you are well stocked whenever the rough and rowdy nature of Online comes calling.

Rockstar has also announced what the next Premium Race will be in rotation. Plummet, one of the official Stunt Races has been selected to act as the battlefield of champions for the week. Here, after paying the standard entry fee of 20K, the best racers of GTA Online may compete for the three podium positions. As per the recent change in the reward distribution, third place gets their 20K back, second wins 30K for a measly profit while first place walks away with 100K. All others get nothing.


With this event being pretty unique in terms of offering two ways to earn double GTA $ throughout the whole week, some players assume this is Rockstar’s sneaky way of helping players prepare for the next DLC. Some think, based on unconfirmed leaks, that a Biker themed DLC is on the way, however with no official news on the matter, it’s as good as anyone’s guess.

Which part of this GTA Online event excites you most?

GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Guide Part 1

Not too long ago, GTA Online received the Stunt Race Creator update after about a month of fanfare and lead-up supplied by Cunning Stunts and its pair of mini-updates. Some time ago, back when the summer was just kicking off, Rockstar announced plans for a pair of DLCs which were intended to fill the game with new content in order to please the unruly masses who were disappointed with the “one lowrider a week” setup that characterised April.


The first of the two updates announced were Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, and the second was the as of then unnamed update to the Content Creator. At this point, not even the theme of stunts were revealed, we just knew that GTA Online’s official tool for creating fan made jobs would get a facelift.

Well after the launch of Finance and Felony, the update called Cunning Stunts was finally revealed. It detailed a new kind of race coming to GTA Online – stunt races – as well as plenty of new vehicles. True enough, the update launched with all that content and more, but the update for the Content Creator was nowhere to be seen.


Rockstar confirmed that the Stunt Race Creator would be coming to GTA Online at a later date. It was released three weeks after the launch of Cunning Stunts, with two smaller updates having been released in between the two to tide the community over.

Now that the Creator is out in its full glory, players have the chance to create their very own insane Stunt Race courses and share it with their fellow GTA Online fans. Plenty of new props and features have been added to the Content Creator to help in the creation of the best tracks the game has seen.


However it might be a bit daunting to jump into the creation of Stunt Races with all of these new features implemented. The updated Content Creator has slightly different controls and a new UI compared to the pre-Stunt Race Creator version, so even if you’ve mastered the tool before, this guide might come in handy if you want to build the most popular tracks.

When starting off with a new Stunt Race track, you’ll start off the same way as when making a Land Race. You’ll need to name your race, add a description, define the route type and so on – you probably know all this. If you don’t, you should consult Rockstar’s official GTA Online Race Creator Guide.


Next up, you’ll be selecting race placement, again much like in regular races. You’ll select the trigger, the lobby camera and place all of the checkpoints that the racers will need to reach. Once you’re done with all of this, the fun part of placing the props begins. Here, players who have already used the Creator extensively are at an advantage. following the update, the full library of props has expanded beyond 500, and if you want to make the best race possible, you’ll need to be familiar with the resources you have at your disposal.

Unfortunately, the number of props you can use in a single race to capped to 150 plus 20 dynamic props. While this does limit the scope of your project, preventing certain overly elaborate designs, the limit also helps rein in your wild imagination in order to invent something feasible. At a quick glance, 150 may not seem like much, but remember that the best fan made jobs for GTA Online all conform to this limit.


Many of the props you’ll see now that the update has been released will be stunt props. These are booster pads, massive loops, hoops of fire, etc. Basically anything related to racing but far too outlandish to be a real thing. The new props pretty much override any other setting, meaning that if you started building a land race and add a stunt prop, the Creator will automatically re-categorize the job as a Stunt Race.

Let’s take a look at those new props that have been added to the GTA Online Content Creator, broken down to categories. Regular Stunt tracks are the building blocks of a down-to-earth race, literally. These elements sit on or close to the surface, much like regular land races. Stunt raised tracks, on the other hand, are those props which are elevated into the air, or are used to connect the regular tracks with those up in the sky.


Stunt raised tracks were the props most often used in the marketing of Cunning Stunts, as they were used to create all of those impressive shots with the race-courses winding around the skyscrapers of GTA 5. The other type of extremely heavily featured props, even taking the center stage in the original teaser post, are the Stunt tubes.

These tubes have pretty much become the icon of Cunning Stunts, and come in all kinds of varieties. You have your regular tube elements, bends, start and end points, gaps, speed boosters and built-in rotating walls that act as traps. These tubes are all emblazoned in patriotic red, white and blue, with some stars thrown in for good measure.


Stunt Building Blocks are like the metal frame holding up a massive billboard – it isn’t what your attention should be focused at, but without it, the whole thing would collapse. Building Blocks are large, rectangular flat tiles. Whether you want the poor GTA Online players racing your track to get a little breather, or you need a tidy surface on which to work, this is the prop that serves said role.

Stunt ramps are one of the funnier additions to the GTA Online Content Creator. Not because of what they are or how they look like, but because players have been making makeshift ramps with the Creator literally since it was released. Of course, the official ramps newly added look a lot better, are more cohesive and allow for greater versatility in implementation, but still.


The official ramps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, allowing you to find the perfect ramp for any situation. Since catching air is the backbone of stunting, these ramps are some of the most essential props for creating Stunt Races. Sure, you can take a different creative approach and build a map with no ramps in it, but chances are the overwhelming majority will indeed have such ramps.

The craziest elements used in Stunt Race courses are given their own category as Stunt Set Pieces. These are usually large, elaborate props that may not be easy to clear for the players. One of the most obvious example is the massive spiral loop features in screenshots. You can use these props to really turn your custom GTA Online race into a bonafide Stunt course.


While Stunt Signs aren’t as glamorous as Set Pieces or essential as Ramps, they are a necessary addition as well. Maybe you have a great idea for a challenging stunt or trap which you add to your map, but the poor players racing for the first time may just crash if not given some warning in advance. These signs are a great way to control the traffic on your custom race.

While loops may be a hallmark of stunt races, so are speed and decor. The Stunt Special category is reserved for those props which help players alter their speeds with assistance in order to successfully clear obstacles, as well as other Stunt props which don’t fit in other categories. These include booster pads, slow-down pads, rings of fire, or the PA system props.


Finally, you have Dynamic props, which include things like massive footballs, bowling pins and similar wacky props. The Stunt Map we recently covered that brings a bit of Rocket League to GTA Online uses such a dynamic football.

Now that you are familiarized with the props, it is time to make some decisions which will define your stunt track. You’ll need to select which of GTA Online’s many vehicles will be used for the track, as well as the overall color scheme of the race. You’ll also select if the race will be standard, rally or non-contact. To many player’s dismay, the official Stunt Races released by Rockstar were all set to standard.


The release of the Stunt Race Creator was run with promises of not just new props, but new features as well. While there are tiny additions here and there, Snapping, Stacking and Overriding are the main new additions to the GTA Online Content Creator.

Prop Snapping seeks to help creators with the alignment of their tracks. Having two parts of your course being misaligned by a few inches is unseemly and in some cases may completely break the race, however authors don’t always catch these little discrepancies. Snapping makes managing this aspect easier.


If you want complete control over the feature, you can activate Triggered Snapping, which only snaps upon the press of the assigned button.Luckily, snapping carries over categories, so you can snap together Tracks, Raised Tracks, Set Pieces and so on. If you plan on using a given prop multiple times, you can always use Chain Snapping, which will allow you to easily create snapped duplicates of the currently placed prop.

When it comes to Prop Stacking, get ready to turn of the feature on and off often. Prop Stacking, as the name implies, allows you to build one prop above another, opening up countless new possibilities. However, seeing as the number of buttons on Controllers are (woefully) limited, this has been bound to the same one as edit. It’s also good practise to check the tool-tip for the currently selected prop, as you don’t want to waste time by going back to re-select your intended prop.


The Override feature is used when you want to align every prop in your custom GTA Online Stunt Race perfectly. These let you alter the X, Y and Z values of the given prop, changing its position in the world as well as its rotation. This enables fine-tuning your odds and ends, even after they are placed through editing the prop. While some console players have reported an issue where the props spin out of control occasionally, this is still a rare bug and easily fixed.

Check back soon for the second part of this guide. In the meantime, feel free to hit up the newly added Stunt Race Creator in GTA Online, and put what you’ve learned here today to the test! There are plenty of great fan made stunt tracks out there, and with the contest coming up, you ought to practise your map-making skills.

Which new feature of the GTA Online Stunt Race Creator is your favorite?

GTA Developer To Reveal New Project

Once again, the time for the quarterly earnings reports and calls to investors has come for Take-Two Interactive Software, parent company of Rockstar Games and also developer of the GTA franchise. Since usually these reports and calls are not intended for fans and consumers to see, they usually contain some info which otherwise doesn’t get out.


Given that the sales data reported has more of a financial purpose (obviously) rather than marketing and hype, it needs to be precise, even if it means including hints at news that is supposed to be kept under wraps. We previously reported on a similar call to investors detailing some “new and exciting” projects that Rockstar is working on, however those never saw the light of day at E3 like they were apparently supposed to.

The most recent call contained the usual reports of revenue and a breakdown of best sources and highest contributors. In spite of being three years old, GTA 5 continues to be one of the best sources of income for Take-Two. In fact, in the listings, it is mentioned separately from and before GTA Online. Total revenues went up from the past quarter, from $275.3 million to $311.6 million.


Revenue gained from digital sales is counted separately from that gained from the sale of physical media and merchandise, and the numbers show that while digital distribution is on the rise, brick and mortar is still the most common approach used by customers to get their product – and that somehow the actual game is still selling more than the microtransactions.

While it is understandable that a game at this level of fame will keep on gaining new players even three years after release, it is pretty amazing that copies are still selling as fast as they are. Microtransactions have become really popular among gamers in spite of what the vocal minority would have you believe.


We’ve reported that some time ago Shark Cards in GTA Online have amassed over half a billion in profits, which makes them among the best selling microtransactions in AAA games in history. Now, that’s a massive figure, which most games don’t hit throughout their lifetime.

Microtransactions in GTA Online allow players to purchase in-game currency, which can otherwise be earned through gameplay, giving the paying users no additional advantage. Granted, gaining large sums of cash in the game is difficult and time-consuming, but there are methods for optimal income.


Even so, physical game sales have Shark Cards beat, which surprised us more than a little. The cards fuel the massive playerbase of GTA Online in their drive towards getting the biggest and most luxurious goods the game, and are easily accessible for repeated purchase. Granted, many players who initially bought the first two versions of the game are likely to be upgrading to the enhanced edition now.

Battleborn, 2K’s answer to the recent surge in the popularity of hero-based competitive FPS-MOBA hybrids is also cited as a top contributor in both physical and digital sales, though Strauss Zelnick notes that the property has underperformed. We’ll hazard a guess and say that Blizzard’s insanely popular game in the same genre, Overwatch, has something to do with that.


The call also contained hints about the future for the company, such as the quasi-announcement that the console versions of XCOM 2 have been slightly delayed compared to their original release dates. The sequel to the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its expansion Enemy Within has been released in PC for some time now.

However the sentence pertaining to the ongoing projects by Rockstar was quite interesting. Zelnick said that the developer responsible for GTA is currently hard at work on a new game, or possibly even more than one. He also alluded to an announcement about these projects being made soon.

Rockstar Games also is hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon

Prior to this year’s E3 convention, Zelnick was hyping up Rockstar’s presence at the show. After a few leaks and a bit of deductive work by fans, it was pretty clear that a third Red Dead game is in the works, and was supposed to be unveiled at the trade show. However, as a few people who are “in the know” and who have seen the rehearsals reported, the RD3 announcement included a shootout in a brothel, and Take-Two opted to pull the reveal due to the recent shooting incident in the USA.


Granted, no official word of said decision was ever published, so this is still unconfirmed. Even so, a new Red Dead game seems to be the logical choice. Take-Two has stated in the past that the company already controls too many individual IPs and don’t want to further burden themselves in that regard, so chances are one of the many well liked properties under Rockstar’s control is getting revived.

Naturally, the biggest swirl of speculation is around the fabled GTA 6, which is allegedly in development, though it only began recently. Countless fans are posting hopes, wishes and fears about the inevitable next installment of the legendary franchise. We are running our own article series evaluating cities as potential settings.


However, for several reasons, including a desire to avoid franchise fatigue, chances are the next Rockstar project won’t be GTA. Recently surfaced WIP screenshots seemed to be a level in the elusive PS3 exclusive Agent, which by now has obviously switched platform priorities if it hasn’t been canned.

Many Rockstar properties just don’t have the weight to warrant a revival, however a few core franchises like Manhunt, Midnight Club and Bully could all be continued with modern installments to great success.


However no game is as hotly requested as Red Dead 3. Erroneously referred to a “Red Dead Redemption 2” by many fans, the return to Rockstar’s take on the wild west would undoubtedly be met with massive success and popularity.

While Zelnick offered no concrete date for the official reveal of RD3 – or whatever Rockstar is working on – he did say soon, so chances are that we will see a trailer for it, even if its just a teaser, before the summer is over.


In the meantime, GTA Online is going strong with new content. The Stunt Race Creator was released this Tuesday alongside a new Adversary Mode. This large update had been hyped up for the whole month preceding, and marks yet another turning point in the history of the game.

However even with such a large release, the speculation about the future of Online cannot be quelled. A recent leak suggests that the game might be getting that Biker DLC that everyone has been wanting to see pretty much since the launch of the game.


Details about said DLC are sparse, but what little has been revealed seems to be true. This obviously set off the community on a massive speculative roll, with everyone theorizing left and right what this DLC will look like. We know that the special Biker missions will work in a similar way to VIP and CEO jobs do now.

Either way, be it the next big AAA project or just a GTA Online update, fans are eager to find out what is next for Rockstar Games.

Are you excited to see what the developers of GTA 5 are working on?

GTA Online Stunt Race Creator Available Now

The update to GTA Online that has spawned about a month’s worth of DLC has finally been released in earnest – as the update you’re all downloading right now attests. The Stunt Race Creator is now available, allowing players to build their own death-defying courses with all of the new props seen in the official maps released with Cunning Stunts and its two mini-updates.

However, as we’ve all suspected, the update brings with it some additional content as well. Even the new Creator contains some previously unannounced features and a massive wealth of props not seen in Cunning Stunts, and GTA Online has also received a new Adversary Mode too.

The update to the Content Creator was announced back as the beginning of Summer alongside the pretty divisive Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This announcement followed a period of few and small updates leaving the community hungry for more content.


The concept was first introduced as a straight overhaul of GTA Online’s Content Creator, which remained pretty much the same ever since it was launched. The idea was to expand it with general props and tools, which in turn was spawned by the need to fix a bug.

Seeing as many of the features of GTA Online are pretty much left untouched unless direct intervention is necessary, Rockstar probably thought “well if we’re cracking it open anyway, might as well throw in some more props and features”.


The particular issue that made altering the Creator necessary was that after a given patch, for some odd reason stacking props or placing them close together caused a bug wherein the player character could fall through the floor and below the map. This forced Rockstar to disable prop stacking.

However, prop stacking proved to be a pretty important feature, seeing as it was essential for the creation of “parkour” maps and its removal resulted in several designs being impossible to create. The options became pretty limited. The community was a tad ruffled by this and have been asking for the feature’s return ever since.


Well, now it’s here. The Stunt Race Creator which is now available has brought it back with some more features to boot. A few of these were discovered in advance through data mining, including a sound-effect prop and the ability to edit and remove props which were part of the default GTA 5 world map.

A total of 250 new props have been added and the features and tools of the Content Creator to make the user experience more streamlined and convenient. The prop-stacking feature has returned as promised and (hopefully) no longer causes that bug where players fall through the texture of the map into the Blue Hell below.


With the Creator having been updated in this manner, you can expect hundreds upon hundreds of new custom races to pop up in the game alongside the 27 official Stunt Races that were introduced via the three updates running in the theme of Cunning Stunts.

Obviously, with 250 entirely new props and a whole new UI to wrap your heads around, even veteran Content Creator users might find it hard to master the feature. As such, Rockstar has put together a few useful guides for you to use, such as an extensive quick-start guide in PDF form and a series of more in-depth guides being posted to the Social Club.


Rockstar is also teasing the inevitable Rockstar Verified Stunt Race Contest, wherein aspiring master map makers can enter their best creations. The winners will probably be rewarded with some physical merchandise much like in the Rockstar Editor contests. Some custom GTA Online jobs have been featured on the Newswire, though those were not related to contests.

The update also brought with it an all new Adversary Mode. In spite of the GTA community having a general aversion to these Modes, Rockstar seems to love making them. There are a few which are well liked by the community like Sumo and Slasher, but many Modes aren’t too well liked.


However, the recent Power Play Mode ended up achieving wide-spread renown, somewhat restoring the prestige of Adversary Modes. Rockstar is trying to replicate that success with yet another new Mode, this time running in the theme of CEOs with an objective that could easily be a VIP challenge.

Entourage features one team of Bodyguards defending a VIP against an opposing team of Assassins. The Bodyguards must ensure the VIP reaches the destination alive, while the Assassins need to kill said VIP, naturally. This is pretty by-the-book as far as Adversary Modes go, which used to be GTA Online’s way of experimenting with gameplay mechanics that were more “far out”.


Entourage comes with an added level of difficulty, as only VIP knows where the Extraction Point is. The VIP also knows the locations of all Assassins, making communication essential on the Bodyguard team, otherwise the protectors won’t even know where they need to go. That said, it’s not like the VIP is defenseless, as they will be both heavily armed and armored.


The release of the new update also brings with it a new event week, focusing on the new content. Until the 11th of August, playing the new Adversary Mode Entourage will net you double RP and GTA $. To string up more rounds of the game, just select the Event Playlist featuring all of the Entourage maps.

A few – and by that we mean a total of 2 – discounts are also accompanying the event, since they always do. Both are offering a 25% price cut on various Cunning Stunts customization options. Both clothing items and tattoos introduced in the latest DLC will be cheaper by the stated rate.


In case this, alongside the 27 Stunt Races and 21 cars added in the past three updates aren’t enough to keep you occupied, don’t fret, as Rockstar will be bringing a long-requested DLC to the game. While this hasn’t been confirmed, some pretty reputable people have posted what seems to be evidence of none other than a Biker DLC being on the way.

If the info turns out to be true, GTA Online will be getting a massive amount of Biker themed content, including a number of new missions running in the same vein as the CEO and VIP missions, suggesting that being the member of a Biker gang will be similar to CEO status. It will have its own set of rules, restrictions and advantages for those who wish to take part in the new mission types.



A new customizable garage is also coming to GTA Online as it seems, alongside an increase to the limit of how many properties you may own at any given time. This will come as a breath of fresh air for the car-collectors out there, who ran out of garage space like 5 updates ago. Some other content, like customization items, vehicles and even what looks like it may be a VIP challenge.

Have you already tried out the features and new props of GTA Online’s updated Content Creator? Will you be creating a race for the upcoming competition?

GTA Online’s Stunt Race Creator Releasing Soon

The next big update for GTA Online is on the brink of release. With both mini-updates bridging the gap between Cunning Stunts and the Stunt Race Creator having launched, the scene is set for the Content Creator overhaul that spawned all of this to finally explode into the game. Slated for release on Tuesday, the 2nd of August, the Stunt Race Creator and the update around it is on every player’s mind. But what will it contain, exactly?


The community has been calling for a revamp of the Content Creator for quite some time. Specifically, it has become most frequently requested ever since on the of patches for GTA Online removed the ability to stack props, or to place them right next to one another. Seeing as this greatly limits the possibilities of the Creator and makes many ideas or designs impossible, it is understandable that the community wanted the feature returned.

The official reasoning behind this move was that stacking props or placing them so that they touch resulted in an odd bug wherein the floor near these places lost their collision factor, causing players to fall through, under the world map and infinitely fall into the “Blue Hell”. After trying to solve the issue unsuccessfully, Rockstar decided to simply not allow props to be stacked.


Parkour maps, among others, were some of the most popular community made maps in GTA Online. These often required stacking to work, leaving a rather large part of the fanbase a bit bummed out at the fact that they could not make these anymore. Several other designs were also stifled.

It turned out that fixing this bug required Rockstar to crack open the Content Creator and do some extensive re-coding. Seeing as GTA Online’s updates have had the tendency to always add new stuff and never change or improve old content, this was a rare occasion. If they got into it, they might as well change and add other things too, right?


This is what kicked off the idea of a Content Creator overhaul. It isn’t clear when or how the theme of stunts were chosen, but that was selected as the main directive with some other, more general new props being tossed in too. Back when the DLC was first revealed to the public along with Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, it was advertised as just being a Content Creator upgrade and nothing more.

While none of this is confirmed, it is safe to assume that at some point during development it became clear that work on what we know today as the Stunt Race Creator would take a tad longer than expected, forcing Rockstar to quickly come up with something to pass the time. At that point, they probably already had the assets for the new stunting props to work with.


So they took the work-in-progress Stunt Race Creator, threw together some official stunt races and made a few new vehicles to create the Cunning Stunts update while they were working on the Stunt Creator. Of course, by “threw together” we mean “spent time and effort on designing”, since Cunning Stunts turned out to be the best received update since Heists.

Cunning Stunts launched with 13 vehicles and 16 new Stunt Races, plus the new Premium Races feature. Seeing as the Stunt Race Creator was slated to arrive in GTA Online a full three weeks later, Rockstar decided to put together further, smaller updates in the same vein. Launching in the intermittent weeks, the two mini-DLCs each added a few new cars and stunt races, all the while being accompanied by events.


While we still know nothing of the exact content of the Stunt Race Creator beyond that it will contain the props used in the creation of the Stunt Races of Cunning Stunts from official sources, a few hints at what might be contained were discovered. Among others, there will be a new prop that triggers based on player proximity or some event that then plays a given sound effect determined by the creator. Also, a new feature will allow the editing and removal of props and objects which are part of the default GTA 5 world map.

Other than all this, not much is know about the specifics of the update. There will be a multitude of never-before-seen props added to the Creator as well as several new features that haven’t been revealed. Whether or not the new update will bring non-Creator content, like new cars, is also unknown at this point.


The Stunt Race Creator launches tomorrow. Updates usually go live during the late afternoon (in Europe, that is), so there is a little over a day to go until release at the time of writing. However, the launch of the Stunt Race Creator is hardly an end to the anticipation of new GTA Online content.

The next big DLC isn’t even out yet, but details of the one to follow have already been seemingly discovered. Of course, no information from sources other than Rockstar is guaranteed, but with a track record like theirs backing them up, the two leakers who published the findings are probably right. Plus, we’ve seen Rockstar listen to fan requests in the past, so this isn’t a wild theory.


Based on a number of code snippets from the game files of GTA 5, the next update will finally be the long-requested Biker DLC, that even got itself a popular petition at one point. Biker themed content has been highly requested pretty much ever since large DLC updates became commonplace for GTA Online and countless Motorcycle Club themed crews have cropped up in the game.

Based on the information discovered, the new content will be structured similarly to VIP and CEO missions, meaning that being a member of a MC (by this we mean the in-game mechanic version, not the crew kind) will be like being a VIP or CEO. It can be turned on of off and will bring with it its own set of restrictions and advantages, such as Passive mode being disabled and Biker missions being unlocked.


The update is also seemingly adding a few smaller non-Biker missions, as one reference to what might be a VIP challenge was also discovered. Other than this, references also indicate we’ll finally get an increase to the the property limit. Many players, especially car collectors have often said that especially with the recent update adding so many cars, the property limit and therefore maximum garage space is far too little.

The notes show that not only will GTA Online players be able to own more garages, but the new garage will be customizable, probably in a similar way to the corporate offices added in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This might mean that a new apartment in the style of “a garage with a bed and toilet” that many car enthusiasts might like.


Either way, a lot more about the specifics of the new Stunt Race Creator update will be uncovered tomorrow when it is finally released. For those of you who won’t be able to play for some reason, we will be covering the release.

Do you already have plans for a custom Stunt Race you plan to make for GTA Online?

GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races

GTA Online has received yet another mini-update leading up to next week’s release of the Stunt Race Creator. The Cunning Stunts update was slated to contain the overhaul to the Content Creator, however that feature was delayed and placed over into its own DLC, with the gap being bridged by two smaller scale updates running in the same stunting theme.


Cunning Stunts initially launched with 13 new vehicles and 16 official stunt races, which was expanded with another three rides and 6 maps in last week’s mini-update. Several motorcycles and cars in many classes have been added, including the newest holder of the faster car in the game title.

Premium Races, a new way for pro racers to show off their prowess and earn larger sums of cash was added. Premium Races all have a relatively high participation fee and the added risk that only the player finishing in first place gets a money reward. There is incentive, however, for everyone in the face of a triple RP multiplier, which is applied regardless of which position you finish in.


Cunning Stunts is also notable for its departure from the status quo of GTA. While most other updates and previous games more or less stuck to reality with some exaggerations and satire going on. This DLC on the other hand went entirely crazy with the dangerous stunts suspended in skyscraper altitudes thing it has going on.

This newest mini-update will add the last batch of officially built stunt races as the arrival of next week’s Stunt Race Creator will allow players to make their own death-defying races – in GTA Online, that is. The distinction is important, since mods have enabled players to enjoy custom Stunt Races as a solo experience ever since the original Cunning Stunts DLC initially launched.


Some of the content in this update isn’t surprising, as a batch of five new vehicles was leaked shortly after the main DLC was released. Three of those were added to the game last week, with another 3 new vehicles coming in this update. That leaves just one ride which is an actual surprise. Either way, the new cars simply add to the already massive library of vehicles available to players, with all too little garage space.

Five new races have been added to the game today, focusing on various vehicle classes giving you a dust off some of your less often used rides for a quick spin on the racetrack. The new maps visit a wide variety of locations to keep things from becoming dull.


First up is the Chiliad Stunt Race for super cars. While running this circuit won’t help you solve the Chiliad Mystery, it will push your skills to the limit. Taking the scenic route in this case means catching some air and braving some deadly traps.

H200 for sports cars will take you dipping in the sea around Los Santos. A water themed stunt race, this map kicks off on the beach, taking you across various platforms being licked by the waves of the ocean from beneath. If you’re not careful, your car will end up taking a closer look at the seabed, taking you with it.

Over The Bridge is what happens when you use bikes for a race more suited to helicopters or jetpack, in the sense that you’ll spend more time in the air than with your wheels touching some solid surface. Set in an industrial dock environment, this glorified jumping puzzle is a point-to-point race with a wanton disregard for hard surfaces.


Vespucci is a stunt race taking your across the titular beachfront in supercars. You’ll be alternating between the streets and massive floating tubes and platforms, where one wrong turn is all it takes to take a plunge into the deadly waters of the sea below. Bring sunscreen.

In keeping with the theme of the ocean and pain, The Wave is a coastal stunt race for bikes which will have you twisting and looping in a way that would make braving the sea during a storm more like the gentle rocking of a cradle. While stunt races in general are ill advised for people who tend to get motion sick from the screen, this should particularly avoided in that case.


The three new vehicles added to the game are the Vapid Contender, the Bravado Buffalo and the MTL Dune. The last one of these is a Pegasus vehicle with two variants, which differ in livery and price. Below is a list of the prices, credit to Reddit user arestopies1.

  • $GTA 1,300,000 – MTL Dune Globe Oil livery
  • $GTA 1,380,000 – MTL Dune Fukaru Racing Livery
  • $GTA 250,000 – Vapid Contender
  • $GTA 535,000 – Bravado Buffalo

Of these, it is the Bravado Buffalo which wasn’t leaked almost two weeks ago, while the others were revealed ahead of schedule. It seems that the buffalo is really the only one tricked out for actual racing, though the Dune is allegedly a prime choice for off roading.

The contender on the other hand is best suited for CEOs, as it is one big piece of reinforced muscle. That thing can take quite a few hits and keep going, plus it is pretty damn stylish (especially in the color shown on the screenshot).


The new DLC also means a new Premium Race has come into rotation. It is none other than the all new stunt race introduced in this very update, H200. If you think you have what it takes to win this thing, time to fork over that 20k in order to walk away with 100k.

Another thing the new DLC means is that a new week long event has kicked off too. Logging into GTA Online between today and the first of August will unlock a free gold jumpsuit, running in the vein of the racing theme that has dominated the game for the past two weeks.

Through Friday, all stunt races will reward players with not only double RP, but twice the regular cash payout as well. Discounts this week include a 20% price slash on all vehicle resprays and neon additions, allowing you to race in style on the cheap. If catching air with ground vehicles has tired you, it’s time to fly proper. The Nimbus Jet and Volatus Heli are both discounted by 30% while the event lasts.


The Stunt Race Creator will arrive to GTA Online next Tuesday, August the 2nd, however the future of the game beyond that has possibly been revealed as well. Recently, data-miners have happened upon info pertaining to a possible biker DLC incoming for the game.

Reputable leakers TezFunz2 and Yan2295 have discovered several references to biker missions in the game files, which would be structured similarly to CEO and VIP jobs. Mention of a new garage that can be customized has also popped up, which would finally alleviate the issues many players have with there not being enough garage space to fit all the vehicles the game keeps getting from DLCs.

Beyond this info, some details about the Stunt Race Creator were also leaked, such as some of the new props and one of the new features, which allows you to edit or delete props which are part of the default GTA V map.

Which part of this new mini-update has you most excited?

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Expanded

GTA Online’s status quo was recently upheaved by the massively deviant and, incidentally, popular Cunning Stunts update. The DLC brought two new kinds of race types to the game, with the Stunt Races being in the spotlight. The update pretty much disregarded the fact that GTA has generally remained grounded in reality throughout its existence and put players on massive stunt courses with fire-traps, massive jumps and speed-boosters suspended at skyscraper-height.


Cunning Stunts probably got the most positive response from the community since Heists as an update and is lauded with restoring racing in GTA Online to its former glory. The newly introduced Premium Races also contributed to this, as it solidified the position of races as end-game content for pro players.

The update also had some of the most raw content to date. With 13 vehicles and 16 official Stunt Race tracks, Cunning Stunts had plenty going for it. More than enough content to tide players over until the 2nd of August, when the Stunt Race Creator will launch, bringing the long promised overhaul to the Content Creator.


However, Rockstar has decided to expand on Cunning Stunts with a mini-update in the meantime anyway. This new free update was tease back when the large DLC launched and some of the content was discovered by PC data-miners, spoiling the surprise.

Lacking a name of its own, Cunning Stunts 1.5 has brought some new maps and vehicles to the game, because, you know, all GTA Online players are constantly complaining about not having enough cars to fill all that garage space.


The original 16 stunt maps are being expanded with another 6 to buff out the roster. Bikes are getting the spotlight in this mini-update, with three races in the class. Muscle, sports and super all get one race each.

Afterburner, the first of the bike races, hearkens back to the heyday of stunting, when jumping through a hoop of fire was a thrilling feat. Of course, the GTA equivalent is suspended thousands of feet in the air and has a few more extras beyond the one hoop, but hey – homages, right?


The second Stunt Race for bikes is called, rather intuitively, Forest. It is set, unsurprisingly, in the forested areas up north and has a dirt-bike theme going on. Finally, the third bike race is High Flyer, the concept of which is flying through the city on a private jet, except that jet is a bike and you’re stunting. This map winds its way around and above all of the skyscrapers in Los Santos.

Double Loop is the race for supers, and takes  the concept of loops  to the next logical step: add more of them. Double Loop is characterized by the feature that became its namesake, as it sees players brave not one, but two gravity defying loops right after one another.


Trench II, geared for the muscle class, features some pretty terrifying death traps. This really isn’t the race for you if you’re claustrophobic to any extent, as the side-walls of the race will be moving in on you, pushing contestants closer to one another. You’ll need to be on your toes to avoid a crash.

Finally we have Zebra for the sports class, set around and over Mt.Chiliad. Built like a roller coaster, Zebra will have you changing altitude faster and more often than NASA’s zero-g training plane. If you’re prone to motion sickness induced by things seen on-screen, you might not want to eat before braving this race.


Rockstar has also added some new vehicles with which you can enjoy these new races. Specifically, three new vehicles have been added. Seeing as more than three were leaked, it is pretty clear that this isn’t the only pre-August 2nd mini-update that we’re going to get.

The Declasse Drift Tampa is the sports variant of the beloved muscle car, rolling with liveries, spoilers and an exposed engine. The retooled fan favorite is accompanied by a complete newcomer in the form of the Ocelot Lynx, a sleek ride with a more traditional sports-car look. A new two-wheeler has also been added. The Western Cliffhanger is a rugged off-road bike that looks like it could take a few hits before going kaputt.


Two other vehicles that have been leaked – the contender and rally truck – are still unaccounted for. However, seeing as neither are “regular” vehicles, chances are that when they are eventually released, possibly next week, they’ll be accompanied by other rides that have yet to be leaked.

Players have already tested the vehicles, and while no speed records have been broken, many report that the Drift Tampa actually *drifts* pretty damn well. This pretty much makes it the first dedicated drift car in the game.


Rockstar has also kicked off yet another weekly event to commemorate this mini-update. Logging into GTA Online this week will net you a silver jumpsuit for free, along with a helmet to match. This event also adds some discounts, because of course it does. Some are returning from last week, such as the 20% price slash on all properties and garages. Fitting, as these updates did add a ton of new vehicles to the game.

Rockstar suggests making use of the second character slot to open up another 50 slots for vehicles, however even the total of 100 vehicle slots simply isn’t enough for avid vehicle collectors. When you have such a massive library of cars on hand, with such variety, you can’t expect people with discerning tastes to settle for just a slice of the collections. True, this may be GTA and not Pokémon, but the mentality of “gotta catch ’em all” still applies.

The other sale going on is discounting all Spoilers, Wheels, Tire Smoke, Skirts, Exhausts and Horns by 20% so you can trick out your all new Lynxes and Tampas for racing, as looks aren’t the only thing these modifications improve upon.

What part of this newest GTA Online mini-update are you most excited about? Is it the new cars, or the additional Stunt Races? We’re guessing it isn’t the discounts.

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Out Now

Right on schedule, too. As Rockstar announced last week, Cunning Stunts, the latest GTA Online DLC update has launched and is now available in-game. The DLC was originally teased way back in the Spring alongside Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


Originally run-up as a simple overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator with the returning feature of prop-stacking, Cunning Stunts was later revealed to be much more. A massive update with tons of cars, outfits, all new custom race-tracks and of course the initially teased Creator overhaul were all bundled together into one neat package.

Cunning Stunts really takes racing to the next level in GTA Online. Stunt racing and “Parkour” maps have always been popular among the community, so now Rockstar jumped on the bandwagon and made them official. While the main attraction is the ability to build your own maps, Rockstar adding a whopping 16 official new stunt courses to the game with the update.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before: tracks coiling up into the sky, skyscraper jumps, turbo-boosted corkscrews at 20,000 feet… and that’s before you get to the giant bowling pins and the rings of fire.

Cunning Stunts is tossing the idea of GTA being grounded in reality off a loop suspended hundreds of feet in the air. This update will have you race through twisting tubes running through the city at skyscraper-height. These new Stunt Races are seemingly a new job type next to regular races and are denoted by a pink blip in-game. Based on the wording of the launch post, Rockstar might be releasing further official stunt races in the future.


However, the previously unannounced Premium Races feature is one of the most interesting additions. Time-limited events that only appear on certain dates, Premium Races are for the cream of GTA Online’s racing community. These races pit seven competitors against one another with a twist – only 1st place gets a cash reward, albeit a big one.

In the early days of GTA Online, races were one of the best ways to earn money. Veteran and skilled racers had often voiced their hopes about this returning to the game and now it has – with a whole new level of competition. While the money is reserved for first place, all Premium Race contestants receive x3 RP. Yeah, not double, but triple.


Premium Races will have limited availability, a bit like the week-long events, but they offer skilled racers the chance to get some serious end-game PvP going and the chance to rack up serious cash. The first Premium Race circuit has kicked off with Cunning Stunts, and the schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 12th: Maze Bank Ascent (Sports)
  • Wednesday, July 13th: Duel (Muscle)
  • Thursday, July 14th: Splits (New Vehicle – Brioso)
  • Friday, July 15th: Vinewood Downhill (Motorcycles)
  • Saturday, July 16th: Racing Alley (Sports)
  • Sunday, July 17th: Canyon Crossing (Super)
  • Monday, July 18th: Turbine (Off-road)

It’s a brave new stunt-filled world out there in GTA Online, and you’re going to need some serious horsepower if you want to keep up. Lucky for you, 13 vehicles new to GTA Online are here to meet your every need

While the teaser and the trailer suggested Cunning Stunts will be bringing a motherload of new vehicles to the game, no one expected the final figure to be 13. Some big-name manufacturers are listed among these rides, so you can expect premium performance – and premium price.


Super: Annis RE-7B (New fastest car in the game) – $2,475,000; Emperor ETR1 – $1,995,000; Progen Tyrus -$2,550,000
Sports: Lampadati Tropos Rallye – $816,000; Obey Omnis – $701,000
Compacts: Grotti Brioso R/A – $155,000
Off Road: Vapid Desert Raid – $695,000; Vapid Trophy Truck – $550,000
Motorbikes: Nagasaki BF400 – $95,000; Western Gargoyle – $120,000
Muscle (all free): Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Vapid Pisswasser Dominator, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

But that isn’t where it ends. Rockstar teases that further racing vehicles will be added to the game over the course of the next few weeks. Expect more maps and rides to add to this already impressive roster!

In fact, several of the new cars are already present in the game files. The PC community being as crafty as it is, has already unveiled the names of these new vehicles. Some fans have also loaded up the 3D models to the engine for a sneak peek of what to expect. We’ll be covering these upcoming vehicles tomorrow.


The current line-up of 16 official Stunt Race courses will be updated with more maps between now and the 2nd of August, so you can easily expect that number to round up to 20, maybe even more. GTA Online’s racing scene really needed a boost, so these new maps are very welcome.

Rockstar also promised new outfits and other character customization items – and they have delivered. Countless new clothing items have been added to GTA Online in the Racing theme, as well as 50 new tattoos (how many are there in total now? The sheer selection must be overwhelming to folks who like tats on their toons).


However we now come to what is a small downer – the Content Creator overhaul isn’t included in Cunning Stunts. But wait! No need to riot! It’s coming on the second of August with the additional cars and races being released sporadically in between then and now to tide you over.

This was to be expected on some level, as the whole issue that kicked this off was the bug caused by prop stacking – after an update, stacking props opened up “holes” in the game world, allowing players to fall into the “Blue Hell”. This bug is seemingly persistent, and pushed the development of the overhaul along.


Once the Stunt Race Creator launches, you can all put your creative powers to work on new, insane and challenging stunt tracks, making use of hundreds of new props Rockstar is adding to the feature. By that time you’ll get a feel for the new gear thanks to the official Stunt Races, setting you off with more knowledge about how to balance a race.

Either way, the overhaul is coming, do not fret. In the meantime, the Premium Races, Stunt Races and new content should keep you occupied.

On that note, in accordance with tradition, Rockstar is also kicking off an event to commemorate Cunning Stunts. Logging in to GTA Online will during the event will unlock a special Black Jumpsuit so you can get stunting in style.


With all the new vehicles being added to the game, many players are probably hurting for some extra garage space – well, you’re in luck, since all properties with garages, as well as standalone garages themselves, will be discounted by 20% while the event lasts. Unfortunately the property limit wasn’t raised, but hey, a few of those cars can go, right?

Since this GTA Online DLC is all about the racing, tricking out your rides is crucial. On that note, select car mods – including suspension, brakes and engines – will be discounted by 15% all week.


To no-one’s surprise, Rockstar has also announced the next GTA Online Snapmatic competition. This time they specified in advance that there would be five winning entries in total, each winning the standard one million prize. As you might imagine, the goal this time around is to capture the new vehicles while they are pulling of some amazing stunt. Expect all the winners to be action shots!

Finally, if you are hurting for some good old physical merchandise, the official Cunning Stunts Event Sweepstakes are happening right now on the Social Club events page. Entrants will be chosen at random to receive an exclusive care-package with some sweet GTA 5 themed loot bundled within.


Cunning Stunts is the most deviant – and based on the community response, possibly the most loved – update that has ever graced GTA Online. While Finance and Felony added plenty of new gameplay, a few initial stumbles made things a tad sour. This update is possibly what GTA Online needed to seriously revitalize itself and woo back countless droves of players.

Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC do you like the most? The rides, the stunts or maybe the outfits?

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Coming July 12

Rockstar has finally unveiled the next major GTA Online DLC, as well as its release date – which is thankfully almost here. Sometime after the slow trickle of content earlier this year (finally) ended, Rockstar posted a description of two upcoming major DLC packs for the game.


One of them was the recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which built upon the groundwork laid by Executives and Other Criminals late last year. Players could become powerful CEOs running a black market organisation, buying and selling contraband and getting rich in the process.

Finance and Felony added enough gameplay content to keep the community satisfied for a good long time, though it had its issues. Some players jumped head first into the largest investments, draining their bank accounts thinking they would turn a profit within hours. Griefers were causing damage worth millions in-game.


However, amid the issues which have since been solved thanks to a few guides, there was plenty of good. CEO work has offered an alternative to Heists for most effective money-making activity. The new gameplay has encouraged players to take law-enforcement into their own hands. Hackers have been cleared out from PC.

Even so, the GTA Online community being what it is, was already clamoring for Rockstar to release the next big thing. First assumed to be called “Stunt Ready”, the name of the big Content Creator overhaul was eventually confirmed as Cunning Stunts. The DLC promised to bring a motherload of new props to the Creator, add a ton of vehicles designed specifically with stunting in mind and, most importantly, to re-enable prop stacking (woo!).


Information beyond this was scarce all this time – no leaks occurred beyond the three cars that have already been released – so players were scratching their heads as to what is going on. Many assumed that due to the red-white-blue and starred tubes seen on the only promo image available at the time that the DLC will be out in time for Independence Day.

Instead, GTA Online celebrated the 4th of July by re-releasing the content of the Independence Day Special, making items such as the Musket, the Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign bike and many other customization items available for purchase once more.


Now, finally, the curtain has been pulled and the Cunning Stunts update has been officially revealed.

Be daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth with Cunning Stunts, a visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA Online, coming Tuesday, July 12th.

Based on the images, this DLC is what happens when GTA Online takes a look at those insane “parkour” race map videos, goes like “hey, that’s cool” and tries to replicate the experience while getting drunk on American beer.


A massive library of new props allow creative players to build massive, intricate race-tracks in the skies of Los Santos, filled with all kinds of twists, turns and loops. Wall-rides are the new norm, ramps are littered all over the place and vehicles of all manners will be jumping left and right.

The DLC will add a number of stock race tracks pre-built by Rockstar to allow players to instantly try out the new content and to put the new rides through their paces, but obviously the main draw here is the chance to put together all new race courses with the overhauled GTA Online Content Creator. Stunt enthusiasts will have more specialized tools and building blocks to work with when building challenging new courses.


Of course, you’re going to need something with which to traverse said new tracks – worry not, Rockstar has all the bases covered. The new DLC will add a ton of new vehicles, including supercars, sports cars and bikes. While none of these have been named or described, nor do we know exactly how many new cars will be added, Rockstar fans have already analysed the crap out of the trailer and came up with a preliminary list.

A new race-car with a rally-style going on will be released under the Obey manufacturer, based on the Audi Quattro Group B, featuring heavy use of decals and wheel-guards as distinctive features. There will be a new Lampadati car based on the Lancia Stratos Group 4 with a similar basic style going for it.


There will be a new supercar with an undetermined manufacturer based on the Mazda 787B with some unique front lights and a low spoiler. Another possible super, or maybe sports car will also be released with a more reserved design, based on the McLaren F1. Two more cars barely glimpsed in the trailer are in turn based on the Fiat/Abarth 500 and Lexus LF-A.

There is also seemingly a new variant of the Karin Rebel as well as three new bikes on offer, one of which looks something like a motocross bike and another which is more sturdier looking (I’m no bike expert…). There is currently no info on the prices of these vehicles either. Rockstar hasn’t verified whether these vehicles will only be usable in stunt races, or whether other vehicles can also be chosen, but our guesses are “no” and “yes” to those questions.

(Thanks to I_AM_STILL_A_IDIOT for the data [yes that’s his username, don’t say anything])


The description of the post also promises some appropriate attire for the new theme of the DLC, meaning you can outfit your GTA Online character to look like a real rally driver or professional racer. Seeing as we are getting a massive amount of vehicles in this update, chances are Rockstar will also be focusing on character customization quite a bit.

Since this update is essentially bringing new props and some new functionality to the Content Creator, there isn’t any new major game mechanic to take up development resources. As such, we can expect a motherload of character customization options, primarily in the face of clothing, as well as extensive vehicle customization.


A really cool addition to GTA Online would be adding an upgrade shop to the game similar to Benny’s Original Motorworks, except it would allow players to modify any vehicle in the game to be more suitable for professional racing and stunting. You could add rollcages, additional lights and all kinds of liveries.

A sponsorship system could also be implemented – the more brand liveries you slap on the vehicle, the less you need to pay in the end, since those companies pay you for the advertisement. A separate racer reputation system could be altered by your performance as a driver. The better your rep, the more publicity you get for companies, hence bigger discounts at the upgrade shop. This could also be further incentive to perform well in races. If you’re consistently in first place, companies will pay you for advertising, thus providing bigger payouts after winning a race job.


Of course, this is just wishful thinking at this point, as there is no sign of such a system being implemented. Chances are Cunning Stunts will bring alterations to the way races are managed in the game, but nothing as major.

Cunning Stunts, with all the vehicles, booster rings, insane jumps and races defying physics itself launches next Tuesday, 12th of July, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Make sure to call in sick for that day *wink-wink*!


Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC are you most excited about? Is it the new vehicles, or the updated Content Creator?