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Graphical Mods In GTA Online Will Get You Banned

GTA 5 Cheats has covered the most popular and most advanced graphical mods out there quite extensively – however, will they get you banned from GTA Online?


These mods allow PC users to drastically enhance the visuals of GTA V by adding extremely high resolution textures to the game, as well as new visual effects and tweaks to existing ones. The kinds of results these mods have achieved are nothing less than astounding, with the most popular ones creating a near photo-realistic graphics while playing – provided you have a rig powerful enough to run it.

Now, these graphical mods increase visual fidelity and improve special effects, but they don’t affect gameplay – or do they? The question whether or now strictly visual mods are allowed in GTA Online has been one even Rockstar Support hasn’t been able to answer for a good long while. Players have spoken of instances when even after a 6 response ticket was closed, the support representative still could not provide a clear answer as to whether or not its use is a bannable offense.


Some users of SweetFX have, surprisingly, gotten positive response from Rockstar.


As long as you do not use the mods to effect the online experience you will not be banned.

However, it seems Rockstar’s policy has since changed, and this is likely to be a result of the prolonged crisis regarding the extremely high amount of hackers present in GTA Online. Most recently, one player reported that they got a very, very clear response from Rockstar, which is bound to quell any further discussion on the matter for good.

Unfortunately, mods of any kind are prohibited for online use. This would include graphic enhancement mods.

Another rep goes on to clarify as to the reason why.


Even a subtle change in saturation can give you an edge in visibility (eliminating glare for instance) when engaged in PVP.

Straight from the source folks – no graphics mods are allowed in GTA Online.

Have you guys been using any visual mods while playing GTA Online?

Big Leak Appears To Confirm Yacht, New Vehicles, More

We recently reported on someone finding a reference in the code for a yacht coming to GTA V via DLC in the future. This discovery sent data miners into a frenzy, and a whole lot of new info has seemingly been revealed. Strap in, this is a big one!

Firstly, a video detailing a few of the newly discovered features went up on Youtube quite quickly, and it featured an advertisement image of the rumored yacht. As it turns out, the image is a stock photo of a real world yacht, and this realization lead to some players mistaking the leak for a fake. However, based on the massive amount of in-engine footage and game models subsequently dug up by reputable sources, the findings actually appear like they might be real (we can only hope!).

First of all, the content discovered is not related to one upcoming DLC, but three DLC packs which will all launch this year. It seems that the labeling of the previous post-Halloween rumor as fake was too hasty, as the next content update codenamed “Apartments” could in fact add a wide range of customization options to your in-game properties (primarily furniture) , as well as the new yacht.

The helipad and mini-dock mentioned in the previous rumor are in fact optional customization options for the floating palace. The update should also add a bloody heap of new cars, a full list of which can be found in the original post on GTANF.

Two new weapons, a Magnum revolver and a switchblade emblazoned with a skull also look like they’re coming to GTA Online, as well as new outfits including a large SWAT ablative bullet proof vest. Two new missions seem to be in the works too, most likely new heists.

We should also see an update to the Lowriders DLC. GTA Online Lowriders part two will add the vehicles missing from the previous one based on the original leak of 12 new cars, as well as two new weapons, both of which are rifles.

There is also a bit of information regarding a GTA Online Christmas DLC, which might be adding at least one vehicle we know about so far…. Phew, we told you to strap in. Rockstar has been VERY busy!

GTA Online Halloween Surprise Announced & Released

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to any of our readers, but Rockstar has just officially announced the already leaked Halloween Surprise DLC for GTA Online. What could possibly compensate for the lack of “surprise” though? It’s out right now!


The DLC is also everything the leaks made it out to be so no need to be disappointed on the content front. One interesting piece of new info however, is that the new vehicles and gear introduced in this DLC can only be acquired until the 16th of November, after which you won’t be able to get your hands on them (until next year’s Halloween – we hope). So we think it’s time to grind for cash, and hold off on buying those fully tricked out lowriders! Don’t worry though, as once you’ve acquired them, the items and vehicles will remain yours and usable after the 16th and beyond.


As we’ve known for a while now, the two new vehicles are the Lurcher and the Franken Strange, a funeral hearse and a hot rod, respectively. Rockstar also added 20 new bobble head customization items, two of which have been leaked as a Frankenstein’s monster and a werewolf.


A wide variety of new masks have also become available, and the halloween mask selection is the default setting for heists until the 16th. If masks aren’t your thing, then you can choose from the 30 different face-paint options.


The new adversary mode, Slasher, throws a veil of darkness over Los Santos and arms victims with flashlights, and one slasher with a shotgun. The slasher has 3 minutes to hunt the unarmed victims, who can either stay in shadows, but not see anything, or use their flashlight and reveal their position. However, once the 3 minutes are up, the “victims” might become the hunters, as they are blessed with shotguns of their own.


Rockstar has also announced that they will be holding a special Halloween weekend event and livestream. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Which feature of the GTA Online Halloween DLC do you enjoy the most?

GTA Online Halloween Adversary Mode And Zombie Hoax

With the possible announcement and definite release of the GTA Online Halloween “surprise” DLC drawing near, excitement is mounting. And whenever excitement regarding a new GTA Online DLC mounts, you can guarantee that rumors will jump into the saddle as well. With the spooky masks, new bobble-heads, two new vehicles and the new weapon revealed by data miners already, you can bet that the latest info they’ve uncovered is also good – as is their warning about a particular rumor which is as popular as it is fake.


But first, the good news – the upcoming Halloween DLC will be adding a whole new Adversary mode to GTA V (we’re getting a ton of those nowadays, aren’t we?) with a spooky theme. Players of this game mode will sure as hell be making good use of them spooky masks the update is introducing to the game. For the best experience, make sure to play in first person with headphones.

I’ll stop pulling your legs now. The new Adversary Mode is called Slasher, and much like the eponymous film genre, features one player who takes on the role of the titular “Slasher”. The Slasher is equipped with a machete and needs to hunt down the other players, who are unarmed, in a given amount of time. Once the timer runs out, the surviving runners are blessed with shotguns, and the hunter-prey relationship gets multiplied by minus one.


As for that rumor you should look out for, it is anything involving the undead. No matter what you see, no matter who says what, there is no way zombies are coming to GTA V – yet. One particular rumor showed a spiked baseball bat as a weapon that will be added in the update, with the caption “undead nightmare”, a clear allusion to the Red Dead Redemption expansion. Reputable dataminers confirm that the upcoming update has no such weapon, nor any undead.

What part of the GTA Online Halloween DLC are you guys looking forward to the most?

Halloween DLC Car Customization Leaked

We’ve recently reported on the leaked info regarding the Halloween DLC for GTA Online which is actually happening after all. The DLC will contain two new rides, a new weapon, and some seriously creepy new masks.


Well, dataminers have been hard at work to dig up all the info and features of the aforementioned DLC and release it to the public. Since the previous leak, another new feature, plus the full range of customization options for both new cars have been discovered and documented. All in all, the Halloween DLC is shaping up to be quite the content whale despite being released so soon after Lowriders, which has added a whole wealth of new content, with some of it only having been discovered some time after launch.

Two new cars, the Albany Lurcher and the Albany Franken Strange, are the rides we’ll be getting on the 30th. The Lurcher, a hearse, looks like a funeral car to which you can add skull and blood spatter themed paint jobs. While the Franken Strange is a beastly hot rod you can trick out with sweet purple flames, a burning skull or a grim reaper.

The new feature, which is a new customization option, is the addition of bobble heads, which you can presumably place onto dashboard. We can also see a leaked screenshot of an un-holstered flashlight, which, failing in its purpose entirely, is pointed upward and emits no light. Well…


We’re fairly certain that the Halloween DLC will also be adding missions to the game, and it’s a good guess that Rockstar will be hosting some sort of 2x RP and GTA $ weekend/week-long event in GTA Online to commemorate the event. The double cash payout will certainly come as a relief to the people trying to scrounge up enough cash to put together their dream lowrider.


Are you guys looking forward to the GTA Online Halloween DLC?

GTA Online Lowriders Gets New Trailer

Just when you thought the hype train has reached its final destination, Rockstar decided the ride ain’t over till it’s over and released a new trailer just to rev up your excitement that much more.

This trailer for the Lowriders update, coming to GTA Online later today, shows off what the newly reopened Benny’s Original Motorworks has to offer the eager customers looking to either purchase a new lowrider ready to go through the bling machine, or to trick out their existing rides.


The trailer introduces yet again the features which have been teased, namely the new vehicles, the interior and body jobs, the special artistry and the over powered sound systems we’ll be able to blow all out cash on.

The new features also include hydraulics, letting you and your squad hop and bounce all around the neighborhood in a fashion which will be stylish and intimidating to some, and absolutely laughable to others (seriously, how can you take anyone seriously if their car jumps around like that? Does anyone genuinely think that’s cool?).

Located conveniently in Strawberry, just south of the Olympic Freeway, Benny’s is a full service garage specialising in Lowrider culture and customisation. Visit for their grand re-opening, October 20.


As far as we know, Benny’s will be the one and only store of its kind in GTA V, but it will have a website accessible from the in-game smartphone interface in case you wish to make a remote purchase. Benny’s opening will mark the release of the update, and the new story missions from Lamar will become available in which you’ll need to take on the gangs of Los Santos, as teased in the above trailer. Whether or not vehicles present in the game prior to Lowriders will also be customizable is still a mystery.

Which new car added in GTA V Lowriders are you most looking forward to?

Check Out the GTA Online Lowriders Trailer

We just reported about the extremely surprising announcement of the Lowriders update for GTA Online, coming on the 20th of October as a free update. The DLC will add some new vehicles as well as new missions and customization options.

The most surprising thing about the whole affair is how many of the seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be actually true. The fact that the DLC even exists, the Lamar missions and other all had rather strained “evidence” to show for themselves, and the community became weary of the speculation quite swiftly. However, with many of the rumors turning out to be not so baseless, it leads us to re-evaluate our stance on other GTA V related rumors.


With excitement for the new GTA Online DLC mounting, Rockstar has released a trailer for Lowriders just to tease the update even more. Showing off some sweet tricked out rides and the new machine pistol in action, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the massive and brutal gang wars we can look forward to in the future of Los Santos. While it is clear that Lamar has some plan going for the various gangs of the criminal underworld, we’ll need to wait till the 20th of October (just 4 days away!) to find out what his endgame and true motivation is.

The trailer is true to the Rockstar tradition of being action packed, brief, to the point, exciting and explosive. Fancy cars are jumping  around to the beat of music with hydraulics and massive speakers, criminals are either killing each other or helping each other kill each other, and the hints to the story of the DLC are spread out evenly, giving us enough info to whet our tongue, but not so much as to spoil the experience in any way.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online’s Lowriders DLC?

GTA Online Lowriders Is A Thing, Coming October 20th

Update: Rockstar has released a trailer too.

It’s coming!


You guys know how the GTA community couldn’t shut up about a Lowrider DLC for GTA Online based on a code reference and indexes for 12 new vehicles? Remember how random, baseless rumors were linked with this unconfirmed DLC for over a month? Well, actually quite a few of these seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be true, leading us to question how many others that we dismissed offhand might become reality.


Launching on the 20th of October as a free update, GTA Online Lowriders will contain a whole lot of new customization options both for your character and your vehicles. As rumored, alongside a set of new vehicles just waiting for you to customize them, you can add hydraulics, trick out your engine block, gear levers, wheel, add speakers and neon lights, and cover your interior with leather or velour.


Another rumor that came through is a new set of missions brought to you by none other than Lamar. Make sure you’re well equipped when you undertake one of his assignments, as these will be dangerous and challenging.


Other smaller additions include two new weapons; a machine pistol and a machete; a fourth property slot to give you more garage space, and a massive amount of new clothing and accessory items.


It’s funny how many people quickly began to grow skeptical of and annoyed with all the Lowrider rumors, which, at the time, seemed unlikely to be true. Then, when Freemode Events was announced, everyone instantly wrote off “Lowrider” as being some internet legend and won’t ever actually be announced or released.


While the majority of rumors are still bullshit, the number of rumors which turned out to be true make the whole rumor discussion much more interesting going forward. Knowing that with the release of Freemode Events, a new wave of GTA Online DLC is coming, of which Lowriders is just the first, rumors in the future will have much more credibility.


Are you guys surprised that GTA Online Lowriders turned out to actually exist?

Rockstar Should Respond To Gamechangers With Actual GTA Movie

You know what would make heaps of money? An official GTA motion picture. You know what didn’t make heaps of money? The Gamechangers, BBC’s misguided attempt at making an “unbiased” (spoiler alert: it’s biased) documentary about the controversy surrounding Jack Thompson’s attempt to get GTA banned.

It was nasty business when it occurred, and birthed a toxic discussion topic which this tasteless film merely dredged up from the deep dark hole it should have remained in. The whole affair is politically loaded (obviously) and all in all just a bad film from a production standpoint.


However, instead of taking the BBC to court (like they’re actually doing), it would be awesome for Rockstar to handle this in a Rockstar-y way.

Pull a retaliation of the Duke’o’Death variety. How about they release a big budget Hollywood action thriller flick, meaning that if anyone ever searches for something along the lines of “gta film” or “gta movie”, they won’t ever happen upon anything regarding the Gamechangers. Instead the search results would be flooded with news, excitement and popular gaming news outlets going insane over an actual big budget Hollywood GTA film happening.


Also, they should, you know, actually make it a good movie. You’d think that an action movie about a criminal who is actually a “good guy” with a heavy emphasis on car theft couldn’t be anything but generic. However if you let someone from Rockstar write the script, fill it up with typical GTA satire, and work the use of cheats into it (at least as an easter egg), and have the guys who made John Wick work on it, you’d get the action movie of the decade. A proper GTA movie which leaves realism in the dressing room needs to happen.

Would you guys watch an actual GTA movie (I mean, of course you would, but we have to ask)?

Sasquatch Peyote Found In GTA V (100% Confirmed)!

The world must be ending soon (or similar) because a rumor sprung from leaks made by so-called data miners are turning out to be actually true. I know right? Insanity!

Recently we reported on rumors there is a secret peyote plant hidden somewhere in GTA V, and that this particular peyote would turn the user into a sasquatch, or as it is more commonly known, a Bigfoot. Sasquatch-related rumors have been circling since GTA: San Andreas, and even the official in-mission inclusion of the furry beast in GTA V hasn’t made the community any less interested in the mystery.


Some time ago, references to three missing peyote plants were found in the code of GTA V. Then following the Freemode Events update, several new peyotes were indeed added to GTA V, however according to an Achievement/Trophy, one was still missing and had not been found by gamers. Following this discovery, data miners took to the code of GTA V to uncover the mystery, and happened upon a rather telling file:




Well, those words solve it, don’t they? Actually, the fact that no one found the actual Bigfoot plant itself caused the raising of numerous skeptical voices (in addition to that usually found when the data miners “find something”). Cause let’s be honest, the track record of data miners isn’t exactly great and a new GTA V rumor seems to arrive every other week…. Anyway, we digress…


It is now officially confirmed, at long last, that the mystery has been solved and the Sasquatch Peyote found! Now quickly before we proceed: yes, the screenshots are from the PC version of the game, and no, they aren’t from a mod. In fact, the plant’s existence has been confirmed and replicated by numerous players since (big shout out to rkRusty for finding this thing too!).


How to get the Sasquatch/Bigfoot Peyote Plant

In order to find the peyote at the coordinates (-1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862):

  1. you have to have unlocked all other peyote plants;
  2. it has to be Tuesday;
  3. the weather has to be foggy on PC or snowy on consoles (we have a cheat code for that!);
  4. it must be between 5:30 and 8:00 AM;
  5. you need to have finished the Strangers and Freaks mission “The Last One” without killing a certain something. If you’ve done it, you know what we’re talking about, and if you haven’t we won’t spoil it;
  6. you must have completed the game (not 100%, just completed it); and
  7. you must be playing on Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

You can also find and consume the peyote with any character, and getting this special peyote will earn the ‘Wild Animal’ actor for you to use in Director mode – bonus!


Will you be trying to hunt down the Sasquatch peyote in GTA V?