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Sasquatch Peyote Found In GTA V (100% Confirmed)!

The world must be ending soon (or similar) because a rumor sprung from leaks made by so-called data miners are turning out to be actually true. I know right? Insanity!

Recently we reported on rumors there is a secret peyote plant hidden somewhere in GTA V, and that this particular peyote would turn the user into a sasquatch, or as it is more commonly known, a Bigfoot. Sasquatch-related rumors have been circling since GTA: San Andreas, and even the official in-mission inclusion of the furry beast in GTA V hasn’t made the community any less interested in the mystery.


Some time ago, references to three missing peyote plants were found in the code of GTA V. Then following the Freemode Events update, several new peyotes were indeed added to GTA V, however according to an Achievement/Trophy, one was still missing and had not been found by gamers. Following this discovery, data miners took to the code of GTA V to uncover the mystery, and happened upon a rather telling file:




Well, those words solve it, don’t they? Actually, the fact that no one found the actual Bigfoot plant itself caused the raising of numerous skeptical voices (in addition to that usually found when the data miners “find something”). Cause let’s be honest, the track record of data miners isn’t exactly great and a new GTA V rumor seems to arrive every other week…. Anyway, we digress…


It is now officially confirmed, at long last, that the mystery has been solved and the Sasquatch Peyote found! Now quickly before we proceed: yes, the screenshots are from the PC version of the game, and no, they aren’t from a mod. In fact, the plant’s existence has been confirmed and replicated by numerous players since (big shout out to rkRusty for finding this thing too!).


How to get the Sasquatch/Bigfoot Peyote Plant

In order to find the peyote at the coordinates (-1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862):

  1. you have to have unlocked all other peyote plants;
  2. it has to be Tuesday;
  3. the weather has to be foggy on PC or snowy on consoles (we have a cheat code for that!);
  4. it must be between 5:30 and 8:00 AM;
  5. you need to have finished the Strangers and Freaks mission “The Last One” without killing a certain something. If you’ve done it, you know what we’re talking about, and if you haven’t we won’t spoil it;
  6. you must have completed the game (not 100%, just completed it); and
  7. you must be playing on Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

You can also find and consume the peyote with any character, and getting this special peyote will earn the ‘Wild Animal’ actor for you to use in Director mode – bonus!


Will you be trying to hunt down the Sasquatch peyote in GTA V?

GTA V’s Hidden Peyote Turns You Into Bigfoot

Well, well, well, it seems that amidst the endless stream of false, baseless rumors, some speculation regarding future GTA V content actually turned out to be true. Some time ago, in the weeks leading up to the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, we reported on some data miners happening upon some code segments in the GTA V files which suggested that the 1.29 update would include new peyote plants. Peyote plants are collectibles scattered around GTA V’s game world, which allow players to transform into various animals. Based on some references discovered in GTA V’s code, players began to theorize that some of the peyote plants were either cut from the final release of the game, or they were held off as DLC.


The three unreleased peyote plants revealed by the data miners could allegedly turn the player in a rat, a chimp, and a freaking Sasquatch. More commonly known as Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), Sasquatches are classified as cryptids, which means their existence has not been proven. While the bigfoot urban legend is merely a marketing ploy to generate income from tourism in regions which are not interesting in any way whatsoever, it has managed to capture the imaginations of countless people across the globe. This popularity spurred Rockstar to add the being to GTA V.


Post the Freemode Events update, finding the known peyote plants grants you a trophy, the flavor text of which reads as follows:

You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?

Also, at this point, the stat tracking peyote plants will be one short of 100% completion. This, coupled with the reference to the bigfoot peyote in GTA V’s source-code, is ample evidence to come to the conclusion that the final peyote does indeed transform the player into a Sasquatch.

Have any of you found the bigfoot peyote in GTA V yet?

GTA V Datamining Reveals New Characters

Did anyone honestly think that the release of an update as massive as GTA Online Freemode Events, containing a huge amount of content including new missions, new adversary modes and more, would provide the so called “tipsters” of the GTA community with enough stuff to do in order to shut them up for a short while?

The data miners have been picking apart the code of GTA V’s 1.29 patch ever since it launched, and have actually found something of note among the endless lines. Bound to spark endless rumors, it seems that new characters will be introduced to the game soon…


Currently, characters are labeled as FMMC_PD_???. For example, Avi Schwartzman is referred to as FMMC_PD_AVI. The tipsters have discovered several references of that format which do not correspond with any characters currently found in-game. Among the new discoveries is “FMMC_PD_FVG”, which could be a reference to a character who will be added in a future update or DLC.

This is in a similar vein to a rumor that was circulating some time ago and related to the inclusion of agent 14 in GTA V’s single-player component, who is currently on present in GTA Online. However, with recent developments suggesting we won’t ever be seeing any kind of story DLC for GTA V, it seems those rumors were just as baseless as any other.

With Rockstar already teasing new content for GTA V, it should come as no surprise that the tipsters have gotten to data mining this quickly. The 1.29 patch reworked GTA Online from the ground up, meaning a lot of programming work went into it, so the Freemode Events update is a goldmine for tipsters.

Recently, we’ve also reported on a set of unlisted features included in GTA Online’s new update, which included new and more numerous spawn points of aerial vehicles. A map detailing the locations of these new spawn points can be viewed here.

Rockstar Teases New GTA V Content Already!

Look, Rockstar, we need to talk. I love the fact that you’re churning out content as quickly as you are for GTA V, I really do. But you released one of the biggest updates the game has seen freaking yesterday, finally silencing a thousand smart-ass mouths spreading rumors and conjecture about the update, of which nothing turned out to be true. Did you really, honestly, have to tease new content so soon? You know this just means more rumors, right? Oh, well.

Recently, after a number of console players expressed difficulty at finding how to access the Rockstar Editor on Playstation 4 and Xbox One (I genuinely couldn’t write for about 10 minutes because of uncontrollable laughter), Rockstar released a handy, simple, step-by-step guide.

You enter the pause menu. Then you select “Rockstar Editor”.

And I’m not even joking.

However, alongside this ancient eldritch secret, Rockstar also happened to share the following:

For those eager for more new cars to collect – not to worry, we’re working on new vehicles and lots more for future updates coming soon. Please stay tuned for info on that

So that’s where those 12 new vehicles went. It seems that Freemode Events, despite being as meaty as it is, is merely setting GTA Online up for future content, and laying the foundations of a whole new generation of DLC packs.

It seems that “lowrider” or “lowlife” or “lowhatever” might still be in the pipeline, and all that info-mining actually produced credible information. This also means that all those GTA V tipsters whose “leaks” were debunked by 1.29 can start using this teaser post as justification to continue their conjecture. The teaser however clearly pertains to GTA Online, which might be indication that the alleged story DLC really is down the gutter, as many players have feared for quite some time now.

Unlisted GTA Online 1.29 Features Detailed

Rockstar recently announced and subsequently released update 1.29 for GTA online. The update contains the Freemode Events DLC pack as well as the updated version of the Rockstar Editor which is coming for the first time to current generation consoles, namely the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (note the PC version of the Editor is also getting the new features).

The initial announcement of the GTA Online update only mentioned 4 of the new events, while it was later revealed that there were 12 in total. This led players to assume that there was still more to Freemode Events than meets the eye, and it seems that assumption was correct.


With the release of the patch notes for GTA Online 1.29, and the update itself, players have begun to discover previously unlisted new features which the massive update has implemented.

Aside from the host of bug fixes and various backstage tweaks, the update introduced some smaller features worth mentioning. For one, now you can accept and send friend invites while playing the game’s single player mode provided you are connected to the internet. Vehicle spawn points have been revamped over the board, but this is most apparent in the case of aerial vehicles (which have become more common) and the Barracks military truck (which can be encountered at certain times of day).

Players also now have the ability to customize their mini maps, getting rid of the incomprehensible clutter the slew of new markers and blips is bound to cause. You can toggle practically all markers on or off at your leisure in any combination, as well as doing away with the pesky pop-up notifications.

While hardly a feature, there is an exploit which allows players to track the Werewolf in the “Hunt the Beast” game mode using the players tab in the menu. Have you guys tried out any of the new events in GTA Online? Thoughts?

GTA Documentary “Gamechangers” Airs

We recently reported on the first-released trailer for BBC’s upcoming documentary on the first few games of the GTA franchise.

The film stars Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) as Rockstar co-founder and head honcho Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson. The film drew the ire of Rockstar Games, as BBC green lit the project without any consultation with the developer what so ever. Rockstar went straight for the lawsuit, which is still on-going. However despite the legal altercations the airing of the film is happening on schedule, meaning tonight, on BBC Two from 9 PM.

The film follows the story of Jack Thompson, the wet dream of every single 60-something hyper-conservative catholic white American woman out there, and his crusade to get the GTA games banned. His and Sam Houser’s battle unfolds into one of the most famous (or infamous) controversies of the gaming industry. The name of Thompson is one that is generally spat upon in gaming circles, mainly due to the fact that his vendetta against gaming appeared to be fuelled by personal greed more than anything else.

The film is based on real life events and evidence. However it has been dramatized and is presented in the form of a narrative. As the legal dispute continues behind sealed doors, the release of the film seems like an unconventional and risky move by Rockstar, who have skirted the anti-video game crowd perpetually since their foundation. Daniel Radcliffe might seem like a strange choice for this role, however the beard fits him pretty well.

Will any of you guys be tuning in to the GTA documentary?

GTA Online Freemode Events Out Now

Well, that was quick! Following yesterday’s announcement, Rockstar has just officially released the 1.29 update for GTA Online, containing the massive Freemode Events DLC pack.

The update completely reworks the basis on which the entirety of GTA Online is constructed. The new update wipes away lobbies, loading screens and menus, ensuring a fully seamless and immersive experience. Freemode Events also brings around a dozen new activities, jobs and missions for you to complete with strangers, friends and crew members, including the likes of Hunt the Beast and Penned In. To find out more about all the new missions, click here.


The new update will also be adding two whole new Adversary game modes, called Hunting Pack and Cross the line, respectively. You can read more about them here.

As announced a while back, 1.29 will not only be improving the Rockstar Editor vastly with a slew of new features, it will also be porting the acclaimed GTA V video editor to the current generation consoles, meaning the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. To find out more about the new features and the console announcement, click here and here.

The new 1.29 update also alters the way the Creator works, to better facilitate some insane constructions. Stacking and overlapping props now functions properly, and prop templates can be saved, making the creation of crazy parkour maps much easier.

To celebrate the release of the massive update, Rockstar is giving players some new incentives to try out the new content. Any and all players who successfully complete at least 5 of the new events introduced in GTA Online 1.29 between today and Sunday, the 20., will get a reward of GTA $50,000 and a limited Vapid in-game shirt item.

You can download GTA Online patch 1.29 now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Last-gen consoles have had content support discontinued.

Are all you guys already downloading the new GTA Online patch?

GTA Online Freemode Events Much Bigger Than Announced

Rockstar recently announced GTA Online Freemode Events, the gameplay DLC featured in update 1.29 that is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Freemode Events will wipe away the lobbies, menus and loading sceens of GTA Online, making the experience miles more immersive, and will also add a significant amount of open-world jobs and missions you can join just by being nearby. The titular Freemode Events spawn randomly every 12 minutes, and each time players are prompted whether or not they want in on the fun. Four such events were revealed with the official announcement of this GTA Online DLC, but there are many more coming on September 15.


Penned In – All competitors must stay inside an ever moving and shrinking area, knocking each other out to make space for themselves. If you stay outside for too long, you’ll be penalised (i. e. die).

Criminal Damage – Blow shit up. That’s it. There is also a time limit.

Hunt the Beast – Possibly the event getting the most media coverage, Hunt the Beast sees one player transformed into a semi-werewolf, and the remaining players need to hunt it down. Thing is, the werewolf has increased health and is invisible all the time save for a few seconds when reaching one of the 10 designated checkpoints.

Challenges – Typical open-world challenges; longest skydive; most vehicles stolen; lowest parachute deploy; most near misses.

Moving Target – The first player to deliver one specific vehicle (intact) to the designated drop-off point wins.

Kill List – A vehicle is marked, and once the minimum number of players enters it, waves upon waves of enemies spawn. You know what to do with enemies, right? Also comes in a competitive variety.

Checkpoints – 120 checkpoints spawn in a given area, either in land and sea or in air based on variant, whoever collects the most within the time limit wins.

Time Trial – Typical Time Trial race, competing against Rockstar’s milestones and global leaderboards.

Hold the Wheel – Players fight to be the one driving the marked vehicle when the 5 minute timer expires.

Hot Property – Get the briefcase, keep the briefcase, knock the briefcase from enemy hands. The longer you have it, the more points you get.

Dead Drop – A briefcase is indicated on the map, as well as a delivery point. Make sure you’re the one who gets it to its destination.

King of the Castle – Featured in the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events. You need to gain and keep control of a given area or building, defending it against the other team.

That’s a solid lineup. Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online Freemode Events?

What Happened To The 12 New GTA Online Rides?

Finally, Rockstar has announced the Freemode Events update for GTA Online, silencing the endless rumors and speculation (or, at least, redirecting it to the GTA 6 “discussion“).

Much of the rumors have related to the  mysterious “LOW” DLC with the 12 new vehicles that were found in the game’s code. Surprisingly (not) none of the rumored features or additions actually made it into the update, at least as far as we know. There is no sex change operation, there are no Lamar missions, there are no stunt races. While some of these still have a chance of being announced, many other rumors floating around the web were as baseless as they seemed. However, there is the question of the info that started all this conjecture. The single, literally the only rumor that had any actual evidence to show for itself. The references to the DLC in GTA V’s code.


Now, the DLC codename of “LOW” could still be a reference to Freemode Events, the logic behind Rockstar’s naming system be damned. The codename for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC was “LUXE”, which fits the aesthetic nicely. The two possibilities here are that either LOW does not refer to Freemode Events, and a “lowrider” DLC is still in the works (more rumors, yay), or Rockstar is just screwing with people, knowing that someone out there was bound to go digging through the code.

While the “LOW” codename is more of an interesting tidbit, the fact of the 12 vehicles that were referenced in the code is still a mystery. In Rockstar’s announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, they made no mention of new vehicles, nor have they done so in any further information released since. Now, some of these are vehicles which were present in previous GTA games, and back when the references were first discovered the more skeptical in the GTA community concluded that its just cut content from the final release. However, the connection with the “LOW” reference leaves this theory with a shaky foundation.

Are you still hoping to see those vehicles get into GTA Online?

GTA Online Freemode Events Last Nail In Story DLC’s Coffin

It seems that as much as the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events is the beginning of new era for GTA Online, it is also the ending of others. With GTA Online update 1.29 bringing the new game play content of the DLC only to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, it is safe to assume that Rockstar has joined the long list of AAA publishers who are procedurally pulling content support for multi-gen games which are still getting new content. This also raised the question of the life-span of the last-gen GTA Online servers and Rockstar’s resource allocation going forward. However another thing to consider with Freemode Events – does this mean that we won’t ever see story DLC, or does this mean story DLC is the next thing we’re getting?


Now, GTA Online Freemode Events is a massive update, expanding greatly upon the MMO aspect of GTA V. We know that the four events outlined in the trailer and original Rockstar post are hardly all there is, and we also know that a wealth of features and background tweaks are yet to be revealed as the September 15 release date approaches. It is also safe to assume the Rockstar will not simply announce the majority of content in the update, and let players discover the new face of GTA Online for themselves.

This massive reworking of how GTA Online’s Freemode functions however suggests that 1.29 is merely laying the groundwork for a new line of future GTA Online DLC packs, working off of Freemode Events’ new framework. If this is the case, it seems hard to believe that Rockstar would have the time or resources to develop a full fledged single-player DLC like people hope.

On the flip side, it is possible that with the release of Freemode Events, Rockstar and redirect some manpower to finish off a story DLC which has been in development already. Are you guys still holding out for GTA V story DLC?