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GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races

GTA Online has received yet another mini-update leading up to next week’s release of the Stunt Race Creator. The Cunning Stunts update was slated to contain the overhaul to the Content Creator, however that feature was delayed and placed over into its own DLC, with the gap being bridged by two smaller scale updates running in the same stunting theme.


Cunning Stunts initially launched with 13 new vehicles and 16 official stunt races, which was expanded with another three rides and 6 maps in last week’s mini-update. Several motorcycles and cars in many classes have been added, including the newest holder of the faster car in the game title.

Premium Races, a new way for pro racers to show off their prowess and earn larger sums of cash was added. Premium Races all have a relatively high participation fee and the added risk that only the player finishing in first place gets a money reward. There is incentive, however, for everyone in the face of a triple RP multiplier, which is applied regardless of which position you finish in.


Cunning Stunts is also notable for its departure from the status quo of GTA. While most other updates and previous games more or less stuck to reality with some exaggerations and satire going on. This DLC on the other hand went entirely crazy with the dangerous stunts suspended in skyscraper altitudes thing it has going on.

This newest mini-update will add the last batch of officially built stunt races as the arrival of next week’s Stunt Race Creator will allow players to make their own death-defying races – in GTA Online, that is. The distinction is important, since mods have enabled players to enjoy custom Stunt Races as a solo experience ever since the original Cunning Stunts DLC initially launched.


Some of the content in this update isn’t surprising, as a batch of five new vehicles was leaked shortly after the main DLC was released. Three of those were added to the game last week, with another 3 new vehicles coming in this update. That leaves just one ride which is an actual surprise. Either way, the new cars simply add to the already massive library of vehicles available to players, with all too little garage space.

Five new races have been added to the game today, focusing on various vehicle classes giving you a dust off some of your less often used rides for a quick spin on the racetrack. The new maps visit a wide variety of locations to keep things from becoming dull.


First up is the Chiliad Stunt Race for super cars. While running this circuit won’t help you solve the Chiliad Mystery, it will push your skills to the limit. Taking the scenic route in this case means catching some air and braving some deadly traps.

H200 for sports cars will take you dipping in the sea around Los Santos. A water themed stunt race, this map kicks off on the beach, taking you across various platforms being licked by the waves of the ocean from beneath. If you’re not careful, your car will end up taking a closer look at the seabed, taking you with it.

Over The Bridge is what happens when you use bikes for a race more suited to helicopters or jetpack, in the sense that you’ll spend more time in the air than with your wheels touching some solid surface. Set in an industrial dock environment, this glorified jumping puzzle is a point-to-point race with a wanton disregard for hard surfaces.


Vespucci is a stunt race taking your across the titular beachfront in supercars. You’ll be alternating between the streets and massive floating tubes and platforms, where one wrong turn is all it takes to take a plunge into the deadly waters of the sea below. Bring sunscreen.

In keeping with the theme of the ocean and pain, The Wave is a coastal stunt race for bikes which will have you twisting and looping in a way that would make braving the sea during a storm more like the gentle rocking of a cradle. While stunt races in general are ill advised for people who tend to get motion sick from the screen, this should particularly avoided in that case.


The three new vehicles added to the game are the Vapid Contender, the Bravado Buffalo and the MTL Dune. The last one of these is a Pegasus vehicle with two variants, which differ in livery and price. Below is a list of the prices, credit to Reddit user arestopies1.

  • $GTA 1,300,000 – MTL Dune Globe Oil livery
  • $GTA 1,380,000 – MTL Dune Fukaru Racing Livery
  • $GTA 250,000 – Vapid Contender
  • $GTA 535,000 – Bravado Buffalo

Of these, it is the Bravado Buffalo which wasn’t leaked almost two weeks ago, while the others were revealed ahead of schedule. It seems that the buffalo is really the only one tricked out for actual racing, though the Dune is allegedly a prime choice for off roading.

The contender on the other hand is best suited for CEOs, as it is one big piece of reinforced muscle. That thing can take quite a few hits and keep going, plus it is pretty damn stylish (especially in the color shown on the screenshot).


The new DLC also means a new Premium Race has come into rotation. It is none other than the all new stunt race introduced in this very update, H200. If you think you have what it takes to win this thing, time to fork over that 20k in order to walk away with 100k.

Another thing the new DLC means is that a new week long event has kicked off too. Logging into GTA Online between today and the first of August will unlock a free gold jumpsuit, running in the vein of the racing theme that has dominated the game for the past two weeks.

Through Friday, all stunt races will reward players with not only double RP, but twice the regular cash payout as well. Discounts this week include a 20% price slash on all vehicle resprays and neon additions, allowing you to race in style on the cheap. If catching air with ground vehicles has tired you, it’s time to fly proper. The Nimbus Jet and Volatus Heli are both discounted by 30% while the event lasts.


The Stunt Race Creator will arrive to GTA Online next Tuesday, August the 2nd, however the future of the game beyond that has possibly been revealed as well. Recently, data-miners have happened upon info pertaining to a possible biker DLC incoming for the game.

Reputable leakers TezFunz2 and Yan2295 have discovered several references to biker missions in the game files, which would be structured similarly to CEO and VIP jobs. Mention of a new garage that can be customized has also popped up, which would finally alleviate the issues many players have with there not being enough garage space to fit all the vehicles the game keeps getting from DLCs.

Beyond this info, some details about the Stunt Race Creator were also leaked, such as some of the new props and one of the new features, which allows you to edit or delete props which are part of the default GTA V map.

Which part of this new mini-update has you most excited?

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Expanded

GTA Online’s status quo was recently upheaved by the massively deviant and, incidentally, popular Cunning Stunts update. The DLC brought two new kinds of race types to the game, with the Stunt Races being in the spotlight. The update pretty much disregarded the fact that GTA has generally remained grounded in reality throughout its existence and put players on massive stunt courses with fire-traps, massive jumps and speed-boosters suspended at skyscraper-height.


Cunning Stunts probably got the most positive response from the community since Heists as an update and is lauded with restoring racing in GTA Online to its former glory. The newly introduced Premium Races also contributed to this, as it solidified the position of races as end-game content for pro players.

The update also had some of the most raw content to date. With 13 vehicles and 16 official Stunt Race tracks, Cunning Stunts had plenty going for it. More than enough content to tide players over until the 2nd of August, when the Stunt Race Creator will launch, bringing the long promised overhaul to the Content Creator.


However, Rockstar has decided to expand on Cunning Stunts with a mini-update in the meantime anyway. This new free update was tease back when the large DLC launched and some of the content was discovered by PC data-miners, spoiling the surprise.

Lacking a name of its own, Cunning Stunts 1.5 has brought some new maps and vehicles to the game, because, you know, all GTA Online players are constantly complaining about not having enough cars to fill all that garage space.


The original 16 stunt maps are being expanded with another 6 to buff out the roster. Bikes are getting the spotlight in this mini-update, with three races in the class. Muscle, sports and super all get one race each.

Afterburner, the first of the bike races, hearkens back to the heyday of stunting, when jumping through a hoop of fire was a thrilling feat. Of course, the GTA equivalent is suspended thousands of feet in the air and has a few more extras beyond the one hoop, but hey – homages, right?


The second Stunt Race for bikes is called, rather intuitively, Forest. It is set, unsurprisingly, in the forested areas up north and has a dirt-bike theme going on. Finally, the third bike race is High Flyer, the concept of which is flying through the city on a private jet, except that jet is a bike and you’re stunting. This map winds its way around and above all of the skyscrapers in Los Santos.

Double Loop is the race for supers, and takes  the concept of loops  to the next logical step: add more of them. Double Loop is characterized by the feature that became its namesake, as it sees players brave not one, but two gravity defying loops right after one another.


Trench II, geared for the muscle class, features some pretty terrifying death traps. This really isn’t the race for you if you’re claustrophobic to any extent, as the side-walls of the race will be moving in on you, pushing contestants closer to one another. You’ll need to be on your toes to avoid a crash.

Finally we have Zebra for the sports class, set around and over Mt.Chiliad. Built like a roller coaster, Zebra will have you changing altitude faster and more often than NASA’s zero-g training plane. If you’re prone to motion sickness induced by things seen on-screen, you might not want to eat before braving this race.


Rockstar has also added some new vehicles with which you can enjoy these new races. Specifically, three new vehicles have been added. Seeing as more than three were leaked, it is pretty clear that this isn’t the only pre-August 2nd mini-update that we’re going to get.

The Declasse Drift Tampa is the sports variant of the beloved muscle car, rolling with liveries, spoilers and an exposed engine. The retooled fan favorite is accompanied by a complete newcomer in the form of the Ocelot Lynx, a sleek ride with a more traditional sports-car look. A new two-wheeler has also been added. The Western Cliffhanger is a rugged off-road bike that looks like it could take a few hits before going kaputt.


Two other vehicles that have been leaked – the contender and rally truck – are still unaccounted for. However, seeing as neither are “regular” vehicles, chances are that when they are eventually released, possibly next week, they’ll be accompanied by other rides that have yet to be leaked.

Players have already tested the vehicles, and while no speed records have been broken, many report that the Drift Tampa actually *drifts* pretty damn well. This pretty much makes it the first dedicated drift car in the game.


Rockstar has also kicked off yet another weekly event to commemorate this mini-update. Logging into GTA Online this week will net you a silver jumpsuit for free, along with a helmet to match. This event also adds some discounts, because of course it does. Some are returning from last week, such as the 20% price slash on all properties and garages. Fitting, as these updates did add a ton of new vehicles to the game.

Rockstar suggests making use of the second character slot to open up another 50 slots for vehicles, however even the total of 100 vehicle slots simply isn’t enough for avid vehicle collectors. When you have such a massive library of cars on hand, with such variety, you can’t expect people with discerning tastes to settle for just a slice of the collections. True, this may be GTA and not Pokémon, but the mentality of “gotta catch ’em all” still applies.

The other sale going on is discounting all Spoilers, Wheels, Tire Smoke, Skirts, Exhausts and Horns by 20% so you can trick out your all new Lynxes and Tampas for racing, as looks aren’t the only thing these modifications improve upon.

What part of this newest GTA Online mini-update are you most excited about? Is it the new cars, or the additional Stunt Races? We’re guessing it isn’t the discounts.

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Out Now

Right on schedule, too. As Rockstar announced last week, Cunning Stunts, the latest GTA Online DLC update has launched and is now available in-game. The DLC was originally teased way back in the Spring alongside Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


Originally run-up as a simple overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator with the returning feature of prop-stacking, Cunning Stunts was later revealed to be much more. A massive update with tons of cars, outfits, all new custom race-tracks and of course the initially teased Creator overhaul were all bundled together into one neat package.

Cunning Stunts really takes racing to the next level in GTA Online. Stunt racing and “Parkour” maps have always been popular among the community, so now Rockstar jumped on the bandwagon and made them official. While the main attraction is the ability to build your own maps, Rockstar adding a whopping 16 official new stunt courses to the game with the update.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before: tracks coiling up into the sky, skyscraper jumps, turbo-boosted corkscrews at 20,000 feet… and that’s before you get to the giant bowling pins and the rings of fire.

Cunning Stunts is tossing the idea of GTA being grounded in reality off a loop suspended hundreds of feet in the air. This update will have you race through twisting tubes running through the city at skyscraper-height. These new Stunt Races are seemingly a new job type next to regular races and are denoted by a pink blip in-game. Based on the wording of the launch post, Rockstar might be releasing further official stunt races in the future.


However, the previously unannounced Premium Races feature is one of the most interesting additions. Time-limited events that only appear on certain dates, Premium Races are for the cream of GTA Online’s racing community. These races pit seven competitors against one another with a twist – only 1st place gets a cash reward, albeit a big one.

In the early days of GTA Online, races were one of the best ways to earn money. Veteran and skilled racers had often voiced their hopes about this returning to the game and now it has – with a whole new level of competition. While the money is reserved for first place, all Premium Race contestants receive x3 RP. Yeah, not double, but triple.


Premium Races will have limited availability, a bit like the week-long events, but they offer skilled racers the chance to get some serious end-game PvP going and the chance to rack up serious cash. The first Premium Race circuit has kicked off with Cunning Stunts, and the schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 12th: Maze Bank Ascent (Sports)
  • Wednesday, July 13th: Duel (Muscle)
  • Thursday, July 14th: Splits (New Vehicle – Brioso)
  • Friday, July 15th: Vinewood Downhill (Motorcycles)
  • Saturday, July 16th: Racing Alley (Sports)
  • Sunday, July 17th: Canyon Crossing (Super)
  • Monday, July 18th: Turbine (Off-road)

It’s a brave new stunt-filled world out there in GTA Online, and you’re going to need some serious horsepower if you want to keep up. Lucky for you, 13 vehicles new to GTA Online are here to meet your every need

While the teaser and the trailer suggested Cunning Stunts will be bringing a motherload of new vehicles to the game, no one expected the final figure to be 13. Some big-name manufacturers are listed among these rides, so you can expect premium performance – and premium price.


Super: Annis RE-7B (New fastest car in the game) – $2,475,000; Emperor ETR1 – $1,995,000; Progen Tyrus -$2,550,000
Sports: Lampadati Tropos Rallye – $816,000; Obey Omnis – $701,000
Compacts: Grotti Brioso R/A – $155,000
Off Road: Vapid Desert Raid – $695,000; Vapid Trophy Truck – $550,000
Motorbikes: Nagasaki BF400 – $95,000; Western Gargoyle – $120,000
Muscle (all free): Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Vapid Pisswasser Dominator, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

But that isn’t where it ends. Rockstar teases that further racing vehicles will be added to the game over the course of the next few weeks. Expect more maps and rides to add to this already impressive roster!

In fact, several of the new cars are already present in the game files. The PC community being as crafty as it is, has already unveiled the names of these new vehicles. Some fans have also loaded up the 3D models to the engine for a sneak peek of what to expect. We’ll be covering these upcoming vehicles tomorrow.


The current line-up of 16 official Stunt Race courses will be updated with more maps between now and the 2nd of August, so you can easily expect that number to round up to 20, maybe even more. GTA Online’s racing scene really needed a boost, so these new maps are very welcome.

Rockstar also promised new outfits and other character customization items – and they have delivered. Countless new clothing items have been added to GTA Online in the Racing theme, as well as 50 new tattoos (how many are there in total now? The sheer selection must be overwhelming to folks who like tats on their toons).


However we now come to what is a small downer – the Content Creator overhaul isn’t included in Cunning Stunts. But wait! No need to riot! It’s coming on the second of August with the additional cars and races being released sporadically in between then and now to tide you over.

This was to be expected on some level, as the whole issue that kicked this off was the bug caused by prop stacking – after an update, stacking props opened up “holes” in the game world, allowing players to fall into the “Blue Hell”. This bug is seemingly persistent, and pushed the development of the overhaul along.


Once the Stunt Race Creator launches, you can all put your creative powers to work on new, insane and challenging stunt tracks, making use of hundreds of new props Rockstar is adding to the feature. By that time you’ll get a feel for the new gear thanks to the official Stunt Races, setting you off with more knowledge about how to balance a race.

Either way, the overhaul is coming, do not fret. In the meantime, the Premium Races, Stunt Races and new content should keep you occupied.

On that note, in accordance with tradition, Rockstar is also kicking off an event to commemorate Cunning Stunts. Logging in to GTA Online will during the event will unlock a special Black Jumpsuit so you can get stunting in style.


With all the new vehicles being added to the game, many players are probably hurting for some extra garage space – well, you’re in luck, since all properties with garages, as well as standalone garages themselves, will be discounted by 20% while the event lasts. Unfortunately the property limit wasn’t raised, but hey, a few of those cars can go, right?

Since this GTA Online DLC is all about the racing, tricking out your rides is crucial. On that note, select car mods – including suspension, brakes and engines – will be discounted by 15% all week.


To no-one’s surprise, Rockstar has also announced the next GTA Online Snapmatic competition. This time they specified in advance that there would be five winning entries in total, each winning the standard one million prize. As you might imagine, the goal this time around is to capture the new vehicles while they are pulling of some amazing stunt. Expect all the winners to be action shots!

Finally, if you are hurting for some good old physical merchandise, the official Cunning Stunts Event Sweepstakes are happening right now on the Social Club events page. Entrants will be chosen at random to receive an exclusive care-package with some sweet GTA 5 themed loot bundled within.


Cunning Stunts is the most deviant – and based on the community response, possibly the most loved – update that has ever graced GTA Online. While Finance and Felony added plenty of new gameplay, a few initial stumbles made things a tad sour. This update is possibly what GTA Online needed to seriously revitalize itself and woo back countless droves of players.

Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC do you like the most? The rides, the stunts or maybe the outfits?

GTA Online Cunning Stunts Coming July 12

Rockstar has finally unveiled the next major GTA Online DLC, as well as its release date – which is thankfully almost here. Sometime after the slow trickle of content earlier this year (finally) ended, Rockstar posted a description of two upcoming major DLC packs for the game.


One of them was the recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which built upon the groundwork laid by Executives and Other Criminals late last year. Players could become powerful CEOs running a black market organisation, buying and selling contraband and getting rich in the process.

Finance and Felony added enough gameplay content to keep the community satisfied for a good long time, though it had its issues. Some players jumped head first into the largest investments, draining their bank accounts thinking they would turn a profit within hours. Griefers were causing damage worth millions in-game.


However, amid the issues which have since been solved thanks to a few guides, there was plenty of good. CEO work has offered an alternative to Heists for most effective money-making activity. The new gameplay has encouraged players to take law-enforcement into their own hands. Hackers have been cleared out from PC.

Even so, the GTA Online community being what it is, was already clamoring for Rockstar to release the next big thing. First assumed to be called “Stunt Ready”, the name of the big Content Creator overhaul was eventually confirmed as Cunning Stunts. The DLC promised to bring a motherload of new props to the Creator, add a ton of vehicles designed specifically with stunting in mind and, most importantly, to re-enable prop stacking (woo!).


Information beyond this was scarce all this time – no leaks occurred beyond the three cars that have already been released – so players were scratching their heads as to what is going on. Many assumed that due to the red-white-blue and starred tubes seen on the only promo image available at the time that the DLC will be out in time for Independence Day.

Instead, GTA Online celebrated the 4th of July by re-releasing the content of the Independence Day Special, making items such as the Musket, the Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign bike and many other customization items available for purchase once more.


Now, finally, the curtain has been pulled and the Cunning Stunts update has been officially revealed.

Be daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth with Cunning Stunts, a visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA Online, coming Tuesday, July 12th.

Based on the images, this DLC is what happens when GTA Online takes a look at those insane “parkour” race map videos, goes like “hey, that’s cool” and tries to replicate the experience while getting drunk on American beer.


A massive library of new props allow creative players to build massive, intricate race-tracks in the skies of Los Santos, filled with all kinds of twists, turns and loops. Wall-rides are the new norm, ramps are littered all over the place and vehicles of all manners will be jumping left and right.

The DLC will add a number of stock race tracks pre-built by Rockstar to allow players to instantly try out the new content and to put the new rides through their paces, but obviously the main draw here is the chance to put together all new race courses with the overhauled GTA Online Content Creator. Stunt enthusiasts will have more specialized tools and building blocks to work with when building challenging new courses.


Of course, you’re going to need something with which to traverse said new tracks – worry not, Rockstar has all the bases covered. The new DLC will add a ton of new vehicles, including supercars, sports cars and bikes. While none of these have been named or described, nor do we know exactly how many new cars will be added, Rockstar fans have already analysed the crap out of the trailer and came up with a preliminary list.

A new race-car with a rally-style going on will be released under the Obey manufacturer, based on the Audi Quattro Group B, featuring heavy use of decals and wheel-guards as distinctive features. There will be a new Lampadati car based on the Lancia Stratos Group 4 with a similar basic style going for it.


There will be a new supercar with an undetermined manufacturer based on the Mazda 787B with some unique front lights and a low spoiler. Another possible super, or maybe sports car will also be released with a more reserved design, based on the McLaren F1. Two more cars barely glimpsed in the trailer are in turn based on the Fiat/Abarth 500 and Lexus LF-A.

There is also seemingly a new variant of the Karin Rebel as well as three new bikes on offer, one of which looks something like a motocross bike and another which is more sturdier looking (I’m no bike expert…). There is currently no info on the prices of these vehicles either. Rockstar hasn’t verified whether these vehicles will only be usable in stunt races, or whether other vehicles can also be chosen, but our guesses are “no” and “yes” to those questions.

(Thanks to I_AM_STILL_A_IDIOT for the data [yes that’s his username, don’t say anything])


The description of the post also promises some appropriate attire for the new theme of the DLC, meaning you can outfit your GTA Online character to look like a real rally driver or professional racer. Seeing as we are getting a massive amount of vehicles in this update, chances are Rockstar will also be focusing on character customization quite a bit.

Since this update is essentially bringing new props and some new functionality to the Content Creator, there isn’t any new major game mechanic to take up development resources. As such, we can expect a motherload of character customization options, primarily in the face of clothing, as well as extensive vehicle customization.


A really cool addition to GTA Online would be adding an upgrade shop to the game similar to Benny’s Original Motorworks, except it would allow players to modify any vehicle in the game to be more suitable for professional racing and stunting. You could add rollcages, additional lights and all kinds of liveries.

A sponsorship system could also be implemented – the more brand liveries you slap on the vehicle, the less you need to pay in the end, since those companies pay you for the advertisement. A separate racer reputation system could be altered by your performance as a driver. The better your rep, the more publicity you get for companies, hence bigger discounts at the upgrade shop. This could also be further incentive to perform well in races. If you’re consistently in first place, companies will pay you for advertising, thus providing bigger payouts after winning a race job.


Of course, this is just wishful thinking at this point, as there is no sign of such a system being implemented. Chances are Cunning Stunts will bring alterations to the way races are managed in the game, but nothing as major.

Cunning Stunts, with all the vehicles, booster rings, insane jumps and races defying physics itself launches next Tuesday, 12th of July, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Make sure to call in sick for that day *wink-wink*!


Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC are you most excited about? Is it the new vehicles, or the updated Content Creator?

Red Dead Redemption Now Backwards Compatible

It turns out maybe that small mistake some months ago was more of a leak than an error? With Microsoft pushing its backwards compatibility initiative on the Xbox One, people were wondering why Rockstar didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Red Dead Redemption popped up as a backwards compatible title a while back, but was swiftly removed and Rockstar declared it an error on Microsoft’s part.


The Xbox 360 and PS3 classic achieved legendary popularity back when it was released. An open-world adventure game set in a fictional corner of the wild west, it followed the exploits of John Marston, a former outlaw whose family is held hostage by the government in exchange for Marston’s services as a freelancer mercenary, tasked with hunting down his former associates.

Fans and hopeful onlookers alike have been begging Rockstar to release a PC version of the game pretty much since release, seeing as it has been universally acclaimed by both reviewers and fans. Red Dead Redemption has always been lauded as being basically “Grand Theft Horse”, but this little joke was always meant in a positive manner.


Now, finally the game is confirmed to be coming to Xbox One via Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative. RDR is slated for backwards compatibility release on the 8th of July, this Friday. This suggests that the slip up a few months ago wasn’t as accidental as Rockstar would have fans believe.

This release allows former fans who have upgraded and consequently sold their old consoles and new prospective players alike experience the game in full glory – provided they play on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the game isn’t coming to PS4, nor is there any news on a PC release.


However, that latter hope has an ever greater chance for becoming reality. With the recently announced “Windows Play Everywhere” feature, Microsoft is bridging the gap between Xbox and PC, making the prospect of cross-compatible games more and more likely. Couple this with backwards compatibility, and RDR coming to PC has just gotten more likely than ever before.

Seems fitting, as it has been pretty much guaranteed by various sources that Red Dead 3 is the next big project Rockstar is working on behind closed doors. A tragedy seemingly prevented them from revealing the game at E3 this year, however that doesn’t make the rumors and leaks any less plausible.

Are you excited about getting a chance to play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One, or are you more hyped by the prospect of an eventual PC release?

GTA Online Finance & Felony Guide

Rockstar has the tendency to release a pretty exhaustive guide sometime after each DLC release to get GTA 5 players on the rails, particularly if they have been struggling with the content before. In some cases, they even need two long posts to cover all the bases in a given update.


It should come as no surprise that this next guide is only part one of two, seeing as it is providing tips on how to own in the most recent of GTA Online’s major DLC releases, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This is the biggest and deepest update yet, not to mention the most divisive among the community.

There has always been animosity… well, actually, there has always been seething hatred and disgust between the griefer and non-griefers among the GTA Online playerbase, but never has it been as pronounced as since the release of the DLC.


Finance and Felony has players make investments of several million GTA $ in the form of crates that need to be taken to warehouses and later delivered to buyers. Thing is, these crates have the tendency to burn or blow up when shot repeatedly by high velocity projectiles.

You can imagine the moist squeeing this realization spawned from those handful of pre-pubescent players who love flying around in Hydras and repeatedly killing other players who are minding their own business. On the other hand, those GTA fans who wanted to immerse themselves in the new black market mechanic saw this as more than a nuisance.


While we’ve covered anti-griefer techniques in the past, put together a quick tutorial on how to get into your own empty public lobby whenever you want as well as a guide of our own regarding Finance and Felony, Rockstar’s own guide has some pretty handy tips.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony builds upon what was possibly the best received DLC since Heists. Executives and Other Criminals was added to GTA Online back in December 2015 and brought with it a new level of gameplay with the VIP and Bodyguard system.


While more than enough words have been written about being a great VIP and a reliable Bodyguard, it never hurts to re-iterate how influential that DLC was. After all, it is SecuroServe which provides CEOs with associated in this update too.

The crux of becoming the biggest shark in the pool (which in this case is Los Santos) is getting the right office. There are four offices on offer, each with a different price tag. Functionally, they are all identical – the players with the cheapest offices have the same chances at success as the ones with the most expensive offices.


With the pricier HQs, you really just paying for the location, size and bragging rights. In this sense, being a CEO in GTA Online is much like being a CEO in real life – tossing money out the window for some flashy luxuries is in direct relation to your social standing.

Each office also gives players access to the same optional bonuses – if you pay extra, of course. These include a gun locker, a safe and accommodations.

The accommodations turn the office into a proper apartment, allowing characters to sleep and change outfits in the office, while the gun locker finally brings weapon loadout customization to GTA Online, allowing players to dump unused guns in order to make weapon selection quicker.


All stock offices come with boardrooms with a cool 3D map of Los Santos that has both purchased and available warehouses marked, a home cinema with a gaming system (and hence a mini-game) and your handy SecuroServe desktop which will be used to coordinate your corporate activities.

Another bonus that all CEOs in GTA Online will get with their office is a personal assistant, the gender of which can be freely chosen by the player. The assistant does all kinds of nifty things, like keeping you notified of the happenings regarding your business; they call in Pegasus vehicles to your office’s landing pad; they recover impounded rides and enable fast travel back to the office. However, undoubtedly their most useful feature is refilling your snacks.


For free.

That alone earns them a raise, no?

Once you have the office, you should simply access that SecuroServe terminal we talked about and register yourself as a GTA Online CEO (if only it were so easy in real life). There are fewer restrictions in place for CEO-hood than there were for being a VIP – there is no required minimum bank balance, there is no time limit nor is there a cooldown period after un-CEOing yourself.

Next up, in order to become a black market kingpin you need stuff to sell – but before you acquire said stuff, you need someplace that stuff goes. That someplace happens to be a warehouse – or, actually, up to five warehouses. These come in small, medium and large flavors, but buying one isn’t final as you can always upgrade.


These warehouses all come stocked with a workbench which can be used to apply special upgrades to delivery vehicles. These upgrades are particularly useful against socially insecure players who live out their fantasies in GTA Online as they include the likes of armor plating and homing missile jammers.

The temptation to go for the flashiest office and to stock up on large warehouses early on might be strong, but we suggest not to take that leap – it will set you back several million which you won’t earn back quickly, but you can always upgrade later. Black market missions need time to get a move on, so you’ll be doing a lot of work before turning a profit – however, once things start up, you’ll be making tons of dough.


Once you’re set up with a warehouse, its time to go on your first buy mission. These missions are where you acquire crates of cargo that you will later sell for a greater amount, hence profit. You can choose to carry one to three crates at a time, however the more you carry, the greater the risk.

These crates will attract the attention of other players and NPC enemies as well, so you need to make sure your team is ready for opposition. Sometimes it is worth doing multiple 1 crate missions instead of risking the three, however at other times the opposite is true.


After completing some buy missions, you will be offered the option to try your hand at a special cargo mission. Here, the cargo is worth a lot to the people you will sell it, however picking it up will broadcast your location to every player in the session while spawning tons of NPC enemies. This is a high risk, high reward scenario recommended only for skilled teams.

Now that your warehouses are loaded, it is time to turn those crates into profit. These are once more risk-reward scenarios, where the missions for those buyers willing to may more are also more dangerous.


You can manipulate the prices for which your goods go to some extent by stockpiling – if you don’t sell off your merchandise, the demand and therefore the value will increase. However, the more valuable cargo is, the more likely NPC gangs will attack said warehouse, forcing you to protect your goods.

Being a CEO is a game of risk assessment. Will you take one, two or three crates? Will you risk saving time in the face of greater opposition? Will you stockpile your goods in spite of raiding parties? Will you sell to the highest bidder and brave the tougher missions?


In the end, both the safe and the quick routes will turn profits. The safe route is more time consuming, however the quick route will see you lose more often.

Rockstar’s guide proceeds into a short FAQ section which introduces players to some other mechanics, such as the five minute cooldown between buy and sell missions as well as the benefits of being an associate.


It also seeks to explain why CEO activities can only be done in public GTA Online lobbies – because one must also accept the risks of other players spitting in their soup and whatnot. However, this is a bit unfair considering how many assholes inhabit GTA Online. In order to complete your CEO missions in peace, feel free to reference the solo public lobby guide we linked earlier on.

What kinds of tips do you have for your fellow GTA Online CEOs?

GTA Online Updated, Gets New Car

Earlier today, players once again made note of new content having been added to GTA Online sans official announcement via the Rockstar Newswire. This latter issue has since been rectified and the developers have introduced the new mini-update swiftly after the fact.


Not only is the next one of the three previously leaked cars now available for purchase in GTA Online, but the devs have also outlines what they have in store for players wishing to celebrate Independence Day within the virtual world of Online.

This is possibly the first time two consecutive GTA Online events have been announced simultaneously, with both Street Racing week and Independence Weekend having been revealed in the same post detailing the new content.


However, we all know the main attraction here is the new car – it’s what you all want to read about, right? Well, let us introduce the all new Psfister 811, GTA Online’s first electric supercar. The ride obviously took heavy inspiration from Porsche and has a snarky description about manufacturing producing enough pollution to offset the hybrid drive to match.

This is the first Pfister supercar in the GTA 5 roster and has a pretty damn sleek design. The car is a whole lot cheaper than last week’s Grotti X80 Proto, which is now the most expensive car in-game. The 811 costs $1,135,000 via Legendary Motorsport, plus there are plenty of upgrade options to boot.


Interestingly enough, while the Proto was “spoiled” and accessed by players ahead of schedule, the 811 was kept under wraps for a good while. There isn’t any news on its performance yet, as most players are only just giving it a first try, but don’t expect it to outperform the Proto with a price tag like that.

As for the other content, Rockstar has some sweet deals and  playlists set up for players looking to climb ranks and get rich quicker than usual. Independence Day is also going to be commemorated in-game this year, just like in the past three.

GTA V Independence Day

Starting today, through Thursday, the 30th, a special Street Race event playlist will be paying out twice as much GTA $ and RP than usual, featuring three maps. Put the all new 811 through its paces on “Senora Freeway”, “Arms Race” and “Business Trip” – you’ll make back the cash spent on the car if you’re skilled and dedicated.

If you’re tired of playing nice out in the streets and would rather beat your opponents with lead than with speed, Rockstar has you covered. Two favored weaponized vehicles – the Karin Technical and Turreted Limo are both 40% off while the event lasts.


Othe discounts include a 40% price slice on all masks from Vespucci Movie Masks, allowing you to pimp out your heist outfit with a sweet mask on the cheap, while the half-off promo for Bull Shark Testosterone will keep you buffed while still falling inside your budget.

However, the fun doesn’t end on Thursday, oh no. Starting on the first of July, this Friday, the Independence Day celebrations kick off in GTA Online. Independence Weekend will see the return of many fan favorite event items as well as other discounts.

GTA V Independence Day screenshot

The Independence Day Special DLC was released two years ago and introduced some sweet temporarily available items to GTA Online that ostensibly screamed “America, F*ck Yeah!” in every possible way.

This included the Liberator monster truck painted patriotic red, white and blue; the Sovereign bike with a similar color scheme; a fireworks launcher with thematic ammo and finally some real ‘Merican apparel for your characters.


These items aren’t typically available for purchase, only during the events commemorating the event. As such, many players who missed out on them last time around or have joined since will welcome them returning to stores in GTA Online – better yet, they all come with a nifty 25% discount.

Independence Day is also honored with a sweet little playlist through Monday the 4th, giving players further chances to rake in twice as much cash and RP. The playlist consists of three jobs, two of which lock the vehicles down to the Liberator and the Sovereign to make the theme obvious. Note that the fireworks launcher doesn’t actually work as a weapon, so don’t try killing enemies with it in the team deathmatch map!

Which part of these GTA Online events appeal to you the most?

GTA Online Power Play DLC Released

Yesterday’s unannounced GTA Online update which added a new car, free shirt and new discounts to the game has finally been unveiled by Rockstar on their Newswire. The update also includes a new Adversary Mode which wasn’t made available before the official reveal went up.


The update was noticed yesterday after Steam users saw the client update the game with a 55.2 MB patch. The small size first made players assume it was just a handful of tweaks, however some eagle-eyed players noticed that a new car has snuck into the game. A few discounts were also noticed, alongside a free T-shirt awarded to anyone who logged on.

The whole thing smelled like a weekly event with a tiny DLC attached, however no official announcement was posted about it. While updates going live before the Newswire post isn’t new, this was the longest time in between the two. The update was also updated (so meta) today with further content.


GTA Online has received yet another Adversary Mode, which is something of an amalgamation of existing game mechanics. Power Play is your typical team deathmatch spiced up with all kinds of crazy power-ups that hearken back to the heyday of competitive shooters. Big circular icons floating a few inches above ground will grant you various wacky advantages over the enemy.

Beasted will turn the user into the beast from Freemode Events, including all of the special powers; Zoned will activate bullet-time for all players; Doped will obscure the sight of enemies with a green haze; Raging will increase damage dealt and decrease damage taken for your whole team; Flipped will change the camera controls of the enemy team and scramble team chat and finally Dark will take your team off the radar.


Honestly, Flipped seems to be the most intuitive and interesting of all these power ups which really can mess with the enemy. While the power ups may make this Adversary Mode fun for a few rounds and good fodder for Youtube videos, we’re guessing it won’t hit the same status of being a classic like Slasher or Sumo.

GTA Online’s fascination with Adversary Modes has always been something of a double edged sword. The modes allow the developers to explore fun gameplay ideas that wouldn’t fit into the proper game and are simple enough to be churned out, however they are all plagued by low populations.


Rockstar hopes to boost the player base of Power Play by offering a week-long double RP and GTA $ promo on the new mode. Just jump into the event playlist and watch as the cash rewards roll in twice as fast. There are currently three maps available for this new Adversary Mode but you can expect more to come.

The new super car, which is not only the fastest but the most expensive ride in the game, has also finally been officially inaugurated. The car, as well as two others, were first leaked soon after the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Chances are Rockstar is going for another weekly release schedule for each car.


The new free t-shirt that is rewarded to anyone logging in to GTA Online while the event lasts is adorned with the Grotti logo, in celebration of the all new X80 Proto. This shirt was also released ahead of schedule, yesterday. There are some 50% discounts going for Valkyries, all Swift variants and the Toro, as well as a 33% markdown for all homing launchers to dissuade Hydra griefers.

Have you bought the new car yet? What are your impressions of the new Adversary Mode that has been added to GTA Online?

Rockstar At E3: What Happened?

While technically the actual E3 convention didn’t open its doors until today, the major press conferences have already run their course. EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and finally Nintendo have all had their chance to shine, with some game publishers showing off their goods during the Microsoft and Sony conferences. VR was a big topic, as is the new version of the Xbox One. This E3 was particularly scarce on new IP, with most games either being expected installments of long running series or sequels to some popular games such as Titanfall 2 and Dishonored 2.


There were few surprises at the show, but much of the stuff shown off is pretty impressive nonetheless. Many “reveals” were actually leaked beforehand, or instead of announcements publishers decided to show off more footage of games we already knew were coming. Overall, this E3 felt more like something along the lines of Gamescom or PAX with few actual reveals.

However, one highly anticipated reveal hasn’t yet come to pass and one question still burns in the minds of gamers across the globe.

Where was Rockstar Games?


Take-Two Interactive did announce some time ago that the publisher would be present at the expo in a “major way“. This was later followed by a comment to investors that Rockstar was working on multiple “exciting” projects which would soon be revealed. Since the same call also confirmed that Rockstar won’t be releasing any new games until April 2017 at the latest, E3 seemed like the perfect place to show off their new stuff.

Add to this that 2K, the only other developer under the Take-Two umbrella, has already revealed all of their currently running projects, these comments were practically a confirmation that Rockstar would be owning E3. As it turns out, the only presence 2K had at E3 was showing off more gameplay from Mafia 3 as well as announcing the collector’s edition for the game.


Now, this is hardly what you would call a “major presence”. One game that we already knew about? No, there must be more. With the main press conferences over, this leaves the rest of the event, running until Thursday, for Rockstar to unveil their next project.

While it is rare for any big reveals to take place during the convention days, there have been examples of this in the past. Plus, deviating from the typical way things are done would perfectly fit Rockstar’s MO – maybe they’re just pulling everyone’s leg as a joke.

Naturally, since this is the internet, there has been a fair share of doomsaying going about. Some say that the presence of Take-Two was simply exaggerated, others say that Rockstar pulled out in the last minute. Some went even so far as to link the developer’s absence from E3 to the lawsuit going on with Leslie Benzies.

However with most of the convention still ahead of us, it is far too soon to cry wolf. Rockstar broke their recent string of proper, named weekly events by merely releasing three maps for their newest Adversary Mode, Trading Places, accompanied by some discounts. This “low-maintenance” attitude on the week of E3 probably indicates the company is dealing with something else.


Rockstar had a history of purposefully avoiding big gaming events in the past. They barely had a presence at Gamescom last year and they almost always skip E3 (they did announce the next-gen version of GTA V at an E3 event, though). However, if they were sent to E3 by Take-Two, they might just be messing with the status quo for fun, like we mentioned above.

Do you think Rockstar will show up at E3 at the last moment, or do you think they dropped out?

GTA Online Further Adventures In Finance And Felony Out Now

The latest and biggest GTA Online DLC, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is now available for download and play. Lauded as the “deepest” update that Rockstar has ever made for the game, Finance and Felony has gotten a bit of a run-up in the past few days and weeks with announcements and a trailer, plus some info – surprisingly little – info got leaked.


Last year was topped off in December with the large-scale Executives and Other Criminals DLC which added an all new VIP and Bodyguard system, allowing high level players to unlock a whole new set of lucrative missions in and around Los Santos. To become VIPs, players had to have at leas one million GTA $ in their bank accounts.

These VIP missions turned out to be almost as lucrative as grinding the Pacific Standard Heist while being a lot less volatile in terms of having to find a decent team. The DLC gave players new ways to earn cash at a decent pace – and good thing too. Among other flashy and luxurious goods, the update introduced the incredibly expensive yachts to the game.


Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was introduced to the players as a follow-up to Executives, taking the whole white-collar crime theme to the next level. Rockstar first revealed the DLC in a post revealing their short-term plans in terms of DLC for the summer, which included a short tease of this update as well as another.

The other GTA Online DLC, which might possibly be called Stunt Ready based on that post, will feature a set of new vehicles tricked out specifically for – as the name suggests – stunting. Of course, this isn’t just a vehicle pack, as the DLC will also introduce a massive Content Creator overhaul with new props and features. As a bonus, the DLC will also re-enable prop stacking.


A new and feature-rich DLC for the game has been a long time coming, as players have begun to get a tad unruly after the first half of this year was characterized by standalone lowriders and the odd Adversary Mode here and there.

But now that Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is here, GTA Online has gotten its much needed breath of new life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new toys you’ll be able to play with.


One of the main new features in this DLC is the all new property type, the corporate office. These offices, bought through the SecuroServe app, are required to access all the new missions and the Special Cargo Network, which is the service with which you buy warehouses and illegal goods.

These aren’t just bland rooms with cubicles, though. The office properties act as top-of-the-line luxurious criminal headquarters with every comfort imaginable. There is limited customization involved, allowing you to add optional gun lockers, safes and proper accommodations, meaning that the office will also work as a safehouse.


Players will also be able to hire assistants and pick their gender through the same customization menu when buying a new office. These offices come with other bonuses as well, such as private helipads, boardrooms and an all-new arcade game to kill the time with.

There are four of these new offices in total. Their base prices range from GTA $ 4 million to 1 million, however the optional bonuses add to those expenses, making these serious investments. The locations are the Maze Bank Tower, Lombank West, Arcadius Business Center and Maze Bank West. From these offices, you can manage your warehouses which store your valuable merchandise.


Which brings us to the main gameplay aspect of Finance and Felony. As the new criminal kingpin of the Los Santos black market, you need to keep the money flowing. Based on the official post, there are new multi-part Buy missions where your acquire goods. Seeing as these are not only more difficult, but also more complex, than regular missions, they might be considered similar to heists.

The boardrooms in the offices act as the “heist planning rooms” for these Buy missions, which are possibly the most lucrative addition to the game from this update. The buy missions are grouped into three difficulty levels. Obviously, the higher you go, the more you’ll gain if you’re successful, but the more you’ll lose if you fail.


You’ll be facing all sorts of opponents during your exploits, ranging from the FIB, the LSPD, rival NPC organisations and also rival player VIPs. Warehouses come in three sizes, denoting how much cargo you can store in each – however you’ll need to be careful, as the more you have in a given warehouse, the likelier it is that it will be targeted.

It seems that the update is introducing a dynamic market mechanic, similar to the BAWSAQ stock market. Depending on the demand for a given type of cargo, different times will be optimal for initiating sell missions. These missions will pay based on how much of the cargo is successfully delivered, as destroyed cargo will be detracted from your payment.


Your warehouses aren’t only a source of income for you – they are enticing targets for your enemies. If you stock a warehouse to the brim with the most lucrative goods, you should expect some raids to be launched against you. Rival gangs will try to steal your goods and you’ll have to defend these locations.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony isn’t all about the black market though – there are other new missions here as well. The DLC is adding a few more regular VIP missions and challenges.


The three new VIP jobs are Headhunter, Airfreight and Haulage. Headhunter tasks you with taking out special targets on a timer, Airfreight has you steal guarded goods with a Cargobob while Haulage is something of a delivery race regarding stolen merch.

On the challenge side of things, we get Cashing Out and Salvage. The first has players steal from ATMs across the map, while the second involves collecting valuable cargo from the bottom of the ocean.


But what is a DLC without new vehicles, clothes and weapons? Well, Finance and Felony doesn’t actually add new weapons as opposed to what the leak stated, but we do get some new attachments.

However, the cars are obviously the main attraction here and this update adds plenty to GTA Online. Of the three super-cars shown in the trailer, the Pegassi Reaper was already revealed. We now know that the other two are the Vapid FMJ and the Grotti Bestia GTS. The SUV also seen in said trailer turned out to be the Benefactor XLS. The Enus Windsor Drop is a luxurious and elegant vehicle and closing the line is the Bravado Rumpo Custom.


You’ll need to reach deep into your pockets to shell out the cash for these sweet rides though. The prices for the six new cars are as follows:

  • Pegassi Reaper: $1,595,000
  • Vapid FMJ: $1,750,000
  • Enus Windsor Drop: $900,000
  • Grotti Bestia GTS: $610,000
  • Benefactor XLS: $253,000 – $522,000
  • Bravado Rumpo Custom: $130,000

Regular cars aren’t the only new vehicles added to the game in this update, however. Some specialized vehicles – such as that freaking armored trash compactor – are also available. Granting a long-requested community desire, Rockstar has made the Cargobob purchasable – and they tossed in a variant of it as well.


The other specialized vehicles include a new helicopter, a jet and a boat. These rides are also pretty pricey, as you might expect:

  • Volatus chopper: $2,295,000
  • Cargobob Jetsam: $1,995,000
  • Nimbus jet: $1,900,000
  • Cargobob: $1,790,000
  • Tug boat: $1,250,000
  • Brickade armoured truck: $1,110,000

Rockstar is clearly calling in some good-guy cards here with the GTA community to make up for the past few months of content-drought. Allowing you to buy the Cargobob isn’t the only player request they catered to – clothing items which were VIP and Bodyguard exclusive before can now be bought and worn when in regular freemode play, or when playing other jobs. Of course, a few new pieces were added as well.


In terms of weapon attachments, the focus here is on quantity – namely, the quantity of lead that you can pump into people you don’t like before having to pause for a reload. New box and drum magazines are available for a number of weapons, increasing magazine size drastically.

However, old habits die hard and alongside all of this content, a new Adversary Mode of all things has been added as well. Trading Places, as it is called, features two teams – the “winners” are destined for success, unless they’re killed by one of the “losers”. If a loser kills a winner, they become a winner until they’re also killed by a loser.


Rockstar, as per tradition, has also kicked off a dedicated community event to commemorate this big DLC release. Running from now through the 13th, the event will feature discounts and double RP promos.

By playing the new Adversary Mode, Trading Places, from the event playlist, you’ll be able to earn twice as much RP to help you climb those ranks. You’ll also earn some sweet new clothing, including a jacket and pajamas simply by logging in to GTA Online during the event.


As for discounts, a number of services such as those offered by Lester and Merryweather will be discounted by 25%. The Buzzard Attach Chopper has had the same amount sliced off of its price, as well as a wide array of items bought from Ammunation.

There are some other treats as well, such as a chance to nab some physical merchandise through the Rockstar Social Club and a Snapmatic contest which tasks players with taking the best in-game shot that describes the DLC. Winners will be taking home GTA $ 1 million – which based on the prices in this DLC isn’t much, actually.

Which part of this GTA Online update has you the most stoked?