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GTA Online Power Play DLC Released

Yesterday’s unannounced GTA Online update which added a new car, free shirt and new discounts to the game has finally been unveiled by Rockstar on their Newswire. The update also includes a new Adversary Mode which wasn’t made available before the official reveal went up.


The update was noticed yesterday after Steam users saw the client update the game with a 55.2 MB patch. The small size first made players assume it was just a handful of tweaks, however some eagle-eyed players noticed that a new car has snuck into the game. A few discounts were also noticed, alongside a free T-shirt awarded to anyone who logged on.

The whole thing smelled like a weekly event with a tiny DLC attached, however no official announcement was posted about it. While updates going live before the Newswire post isn’t new, this was the longest time in between the two. The update was also updated (so meta) today with further content.


GTA Online has received yet another Adversary Mode, which is something of an amalgamation of existing game mechanics. Power Play is your typical team deathmatch spiced up with all kinds of crazy power-ups that hearken back to the heyday of competitive shooters. Big circular icons floating a few inches above ground will grant you various wacky advantages over the enemy.

Beasted will turn the user into the beast from Freemode Events, including all of the special powers; Zoned will activate bullet-time for all players; Doped will obscure the sight of enemies with a green haze; Raging will increase damage dealt and decrease damage taken for your whole team; Flipped will change the camera controls of the enemy team and scramble team chat and finally Dark will take your team off the radar.


Honestly, Flipped seems to be the most intuitive and interesting of all these power ups which really can mess with the enemy. While the power ups may make this Adversary Mode fun for a few rounds and good fodder for Youtube videos, we’re guessing it won’t hit the same status of being a classic like Slasher or Sumo.

GTA Online’s fascination with Adversary Modes has always been something of a double edged sword. The modes allow the developers to explore fun gameplay ideas that wouldn’t fit into the proper game and are simple enough to be churned out, however they are all plagued by low populations.


Rockstar hopes to boost the player base of Power Play by offering a week-long double RP and GTA $ promo on the new mode. Just jump into the event playlist and watch as the cash rewards roll in twice as fast. There are currently three maps available for this new Adversary Mode but you can expect more to come.

The new super car, which is not only the fastest but the most expensive ride in the game, has also finally been officially inaugurated. The car, as well as two others, were first leaked soon after the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Chances are Rockstar is going for another weekly release schedule for each car.


The new free t-shirt that is rewarded to anyone logging in to GTA Online while the event lasts is adorned with the Grotti logo, in celebration of the all new X80 Proto. This shirt was also released ahead of schedule, yesterday. There are some 50% discounts going for Valkyries, all Swift variants and the Toro, as well as a 33% markdown for all homing launchers to dissuade Hydra griefers.

Have you bought the new car yet? What are your impressions of the new Adversary Mode that has been added to GTA Online?

Rockstar At E3: What Happened?

While technically the actual E3 convention didn’t open its doors until today, the major press conferences have already run their course. EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and finally Nintendo have all had their chance to shine, with some game publishers showing off their goods during the Microsoft and Sony conferences. VR was a big topic, as is the new version of the Xbox One. This E3 was particularly scarce on new IP, with most games either being expected installments of long running series or sequels to some popular games such as Titanfall 2 and Dishonored 2.


There were few surprises at the show, but much of the stuff shown off is pretty impressive nonetheless. Many “reveals” were actually leaked beforehand, or instead of announcements publishers decided to show off more footage of games we already knew were coming. Overall, this E3 felt more like something along the lines of Gamescom or PAX with few actual reveals.

However, one highly anticipated reveal hasn’t yet come to pass and one question still burns in the minds of gamers across the globe.

Where was Rockstar Games?


Take-Two Interactive did announce some time ago that the publisher would be present at the expo in a “major way“. This was later followed by a comment to investors that Rockstar was working on multiple “exciting” projects which would soon be revealed. Since the same call also confirmed that Rockstar won’t be releasing any new games until April 2017 at the latest, E3 seemed like the perfect place to show off their new stuff.

Add to this that 2K, the only other developer under the Take-Two umbrella, has already revealed all of their currently running projects, these comments were practically a confirmation that Rockstar would be owning E3. As it turns out, the only presence 2K had at E3 was showing off more gameplay from Mafia 3 as well as announcing the collector’s edition for the game.


Now, this is hardly what you would call a “major presence”. One game that we already knew about? No, there must be more. With the main press conferences over, this leaves the rest of the event, running until Thursday, for Rockstar to unveil their next project.

While it is rare for any big reveals to take place during the convention days, there have been examples of this in the past. Plus, deviating from the typical way things are done would perfectly fit Rockstar’s MO – maybe they’re just pulling everyone’s leg as a joke.

Naturally, since this is the internet, there has been a fair share of doomsaying going about. Some say that the presence of Take-Two was simply exaggerated, others say that Rockstar pulled out in the last minute. Some went even so far as to link the developer’s absence from E3 to the lawsuit going on with Leslie Benzies.

However with most of the convention still ahead of us, it is far too soon to cry wolf. Rockstar broke their recent string of proper, named weekly events by merely releasing three maps for their newest Adversary Mode, Trading Places, accompanied by some discounts. This “low-maintenance” attitude on the week of E3 probably indicates the company is dealing with something else.


Rockstar had a history of purposefully avoiding big gaming events in the past. They barely had a presence at Gamescom last year and they almost always skip E3 (they did announce the next-gen version of GTA V at an E3 event, though). However, if they were sent to E3 by Take-Two, they might just be messing with the status quo for fun, like we mentioned above.

Do you think Rockstar will show up at E3 at the last moment, or do you think they dropped out?

GTA Online Further Adventures In Finance And Felony Out Now

The latest and biggest GTA Online DLC, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is now available for download and play. Lauded as the “deepest” update that Rockstar has ever made for the game, Finance and Felony has gotten a bit of a run-up in the past few days and weeks with announcements and a trailer, plus some info – surprisingly little – info got leaked.


Last year was topped off in December with the large-scale Executives and Other Criminals DLC which added an all new VIP and Bodyguard system, allowing high level players to unlock a whole new set of lucrative missions in and around Los Santos. To become VIPs, players had to have at leas one million GTA $ in their bank accounts.

These VIP missions turned out to be almost as lucrative as grinding the Pacific Standard Heist while being a lot less volatile in terms of having to find a decent team. The DLC gave players new ways to earn cash at a decent pace – and good thing too. Among other flashy and luxurious goods, the update introduced the incredibly expensive yachts to the game.


Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was introduced to the players as a follow-up to Executives, taking the whole white-collar crime theme to the next level. Rockstar first revealed the DLC in a post revealing their short-term plans in terms of DLC for the summer, which included a short tease of this update as well as another.

The other GTA Online DLC, which might possibly be called Stunt Ready based on that post, will feature a set of new vehicles tricked out specifically for – as the name suggests – stunting. Of course, this isn’t just a vehicle pack, as the DLC will also introduce a massive Content Creator overhaul with new props and features. As a bonus, the DLC will also re-enable prop stacking.


A new and feature-rich DLC for the game has been a long time coming, as players have begun to get a tad unruly after the first half of this year was characterized by standalone lowriders and the odd Adversary Mode here and there.

But now that Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is here, GTA Online has gotten its much needed breath of new life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new toys you’ll be able to play with.


One of the main new features in this DLC is the all new property type, the corporate office. These offices, bought through the SecuroServe app, are required to access all the new missions and the Special Cargo Network, which is the service with which you buy warehouses and illegal goods.

These aren’t just bland rooms with cubicles, though. The office properties act as top-of-the-line luxurious criminal headquarters with every comfort imaginable. There is limited customization involved, allowing you to add optional gun lockers, safes and proper accommodations, meaning that the office will also work as a safehouse.


Players will also be able to hire assistants and pick their gender through the same customization menu when buying a new office. These offices come with other bonuses as well, such as private helipads, boardrooms and an all-new arcade game to kill the time with.

There are four of these new offices in total. Their base prices range from GTA $ 4 million to 1 million, however the optional bonuses add to those expenses, making these serious investments. The locations are the Maze Bank Tower, Lombank West, Arcadius Business Center and Maze Bank West. From these offices, you can manage your warehouses which store your valuable merchandise.


Which brings us to the main gameplay aspect of Finance and Felony. As the new criminal kingpin of the Los Santos black market, you need to keep the money flowing. Based on the official post, there are new multi-part Buy missions where your acquire goods. Seeing as these are not only more difficult, but also more complex, than regular missions, they might be considered similar to heists.

The boardrooms in the offices act as the “heist planning rooms” for these Buy missions, which are possibly the most lucrative addition to the game from this update. The buy missions are grouped into three difficulty levels. Obviously, the higher you go, the more you’ll gain if you’re successful, but the more you’ll lose if you fail.


You’ll be facing all sorts of opponents during your exploits, ranging from the FIB, the LSPD, rival NPC organisations and also rival player VIPs. Warehouses come in three sizes, denoting how much cargo you can store in each – however you’ll need to be careful, as the more you have in a given warehouse, the likelier it is that it will be targeted.

It seems that the update is introducing a dynamic market mechanic, similar to the BAWSAQ stock market. Depending on the demand for a given type of cargo, different times will be optimal for initiating sell missions. These missions will pay based on how much of the cargo is successfully delivered, as destroyed cargo will be detracted from your payment.


Your warehouses aren’t only a source of income for you – they are enticing targets for your enemies. If you stock a warehouse to the brim with the most lucrative goods, you should expect some raids to be launched against you. Rival gangs will try to steal your goods and you’ll have to defend these locations.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony isn’t all about the black market though – there are other new missions here as well. The DLC is adding a few more regular VIP missions and challenges.


The three new VIP jobs are Headhunter, Airfreight and Haulage. Headhunter tasks you with taking out special targets on a timer, Airfreight has you steal guarded goods with a Cargobob while Haulage is something of a delivery race regarding stolen merch.

On the challenge side of things, we get Cashing Out and Salvage. The first has players steal from ATMs across the map, while the second involves collecting valuable cargo from the bottom of the ocean.


But what is a DLC without new vehicles, clothes and weapons? Well, Finance and Felony doesn’t actually add new weapons as opposed to what the leak stated, but we do get some new attachments.

However, the cars are obviously the main attraction here and this update adds plenty to GTA Online. Of the three super-cars shown in the trailer, the Pegassi Reaper was already revealed. We now know that the other two are the Vapid FMJ and the Grotti Bestia GTS. The SUV also seen in said trailer turned out to be the Benefactor XLS. The Enus Windsor Drop is a luxurious and elegant vehicle and closing the line is the Bravado Rumpo Custom.


You’ll need to reach deep into your pockets to shell out the cash for these sweet rides though. The prices for the six new cars are as follows:

  • Pegassi Reaper: $1,595,000
  • Vapid FMJ: $1,750,000
  • Enus Windsor Drop: $900,000
  • Grotti Bestia GTS: $610,000
  • Benefactor XLS: $253,000 – $522,000
  • Bravado Rumpo Custom: $130,000

Regular cars aren’t the only new vehicles added to the game in this update, however. Some specialized vehicles – such as that freaking armored trash compactor – are also available. Granting a long-requested community desire, Rockstar has made the Cargobob purchasable – and they tossed in a variant of it as well.


The other specialized vehicles include a new helicopter, a jet and a boat. These rides are also pretty pricey, as you might expect:

  • Volatus chopper: $2,295,000
  • Cargobob Jetsam: $1,995,000
  • Nimbus jet: $1,900,000
  • Cargobob: $1,790,000
  • Tug boat: $1,250,000
  • Brickade armoured truck: $1,110,000

Rockstar is clearly calling in some good-guy cards here with the GTA community to make up for the past few months of content-drought. Allowing you to buy the Cargobob isn’t the only player request they catered to – clothing items which were VIP and Bodyguard exclusive before can now be bought and worn when in regular freemode play, or when playing other jobs. Of course, a few new pieces were added as well.


In terms of weapon attachments, the focus here is on quantity – namely, the quantity of lead that you can pump into people you don’t like before having to pause for a reload. New box and drum magazines are available for a number of weapons, increasing magazine size drastically.

However, old habits die hard and alongside all of this content, a new Adversary Mode of all things has been added as well. Trading Places, as it is called, features two teams – the “winners” are destined for success, unless they’re killed by one of the “losers”. If a loser kills a winner, they become a winner until they’re also killed by a loser.


Rockstar, as per tradition, has also kicked off a dedicated community event to commemorate this big DLC release. Running from now through the 13th, the event will feature discounts and double RP promos.

By playing the new Adversary Mode, Trading Places, from the event playlist, you’ll be able to earn twice as much RP to help you climb those ranks. You’ll also earn some sweet new clothing, including a jacket and pajamas simply by logging in to GTA Online during the event.


As for discounts, a number of services such as those offered by Lester and Merryweather will be discounted by 25%. The Buzzard Attach Chopper has had the same amount sliced off of its price, as well as a wide array of items bought from Ammunation.

There are some other treats as well, such as a chance to nab some physical merchandise through the Rockstar Social Club and a Snapmatic contest which tasks players with taking the best in-game shot that describes the DLC. Winners will be taking home GTA $ 1 million – which based on the prices in this DLC isn’t much, actually.

Which part of this GTA Online update has you the most stoked?

GTA Online: Further Adventures In Finance And Felony Announced

Rockstar, we know you’re coming up with these long names just to screw with our search engine optimization. You devil.

All jokes aside, Rockstar Games has officially announced the next major DLC update for GTA Online, along with a release date. The follow-up to last year’s magnificent Executives and Other Criminals DLC was teased not too long ago, along with the Stunt Ready DLC which will add a host of new vehicles designed specifically for stunting, as well as a whole overhaul of the Content Creator.


GTA Online players have been clamoring for a more substantial content update for quite some time now. 2016 has been characterized by one-off car releases and a few Adversary Modes. Lowriders: Custom Classics was the only update that had more than one addition, but even that focused on new cars being added to Benny’s.

Rockstar tried keeping the community satiated with an endless stream of back-to-back week-long events offering chances to earn double RP and GTA $, but the masses were not quieted by these attempts. Its not that anyone had anything against these events – but they’re no substitute for DLC.


Well, in any case, the pitchforks can finally go back into the barn – the next GTA Online DLC is just over a week away. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony will launch on the 7th of June.

Rockstar is making some grandiose claims as to the scale of Finance and Felony, calling it the “biggest and deepest” update GTA Onlne has ever seen. It is not only a “spiritual successor” to Executives – it is a direct continuation.


The top-dogs of the Los Santos criminal underworld – namely the VIPs – can get a chance to rise even higher in the city’s clandestine hierarchy. The new update will introduce a number of new properties – while also hopefully raising the property capacity – that can act as the HQ of your organisation.

The frame for Finance and Felony is jumping into the black-market dealings of the city by becoming a supplier and distributor of contraband items. The official description paints the new missions as forays to acquire or sell illegal goods while fighting off the police, rival criminals and other players as well.

Acquire a high-rise office and special warehouse properties to begin buying and selling a range of contraband across the city, all the while fighting the LSPD and the rest of the southern San Andreas criminal underworld for access to the rarest items and the biggest profits.

The update will also bring several new vehicles to the game. Of these, so far only one has been revealed. The Pegassi Reaper hypercar is one mean looking machine. While the stats of it have not been revealed, chances are we’re looking at the next fastest car in the game.


VIPs will rise to the level of CEO in this update. You will need to coordinate your employees running different jobs related to your personal criminal enterprise. As is with any company, efficiency will be of paramount importance, or other groups will leave you in the dust.

If Rockstar continues down this path of white-collar crime themed updates, we’ll probably have the chance to run for Mayor of Los Santos in the next DLC. There would only be one mayor per session, with a host of exclusive missions and jobs.


Hopefully Finance and Felony can recreate the success and fun-factor of Executives. The game really needs a shake-up. If the new HQs or some other addition falls into the price-range of the Yachts, Rockstar can expect another spike in Shark Card sales.

Which part of this major GTA Online DLC are you most excited about?

Rockstar Games Confirmed To Announce New Game

Some time ago, Take-Two Interactive made a statement about how the publisher is going to have a major presence at this year’s E3 event. Now, Take-Two has both 2K and Rockstar Games under their wing, however they didn’t specify which of the two would account for that “major presence”. 2K has been a regular presenter at E3 to some extent in the past, so that doesn’t warrant a special announcement. Plus, 2K has mostly bared its cards by now.


Even so, until now the fact that it’s going to be Rockstar that will show off some new game was mere suspicion. It was the logical choice, as they haven’t revealed any major project since the launch of GTA V a whole 3 years ago. Granted, they’ve released new ports of the game for newer consoles and PC, along with a steady stream of new DLC – but none of this would have taxed Rockstar’s resources.

An excerpt from a recent earnings report has finally officially confirmed that it is indeed Rockstar that will steal the show at E3 in Take-Two’s name. If there was any doubt until now whether or not Rockstar is working on any new games, there is none now.

Rockstar Games is ofcourse hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon

Take-Two counted GTA 5 to be the greatest contributing factor of revenue in the past quarter, despite high-profile new releases such as XCOM 2 and NBA 2K16 also having been released in that period. It seems that the gift of Shark Cards keeps on giving, as an even larger portion of income was attributed to microtransactions, rivaled only by the DLC for the Borderlands franchise.

The developer of GTA 5 also has a number of other franchises to their name. Most popular of these is Red Dead, the latest installment of which, Redemption, has achieved immense success on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Other famous series include Manhunt and The Midnight Club.


Following the massive success of GTA 5, having brought in over $3 billion in profit, Rockstar could develop a hit AAA blockbuster from the fraction of that cash – seeing as the total budget of GTA 5 was “only” $265 million. Fans have been waiting for a new game to be developed by Rockstar for a good long time. The team displayed a high level of expertise with pretty much all of their projects, making the community excited as for what they might come up with next.

Based on a recent statement by Take-Two about how the company already owns too many IPs, the chances of seeing a beloved franchise return from the dead. Of course, there is the chance that Rockstar plans on revealing the next GTA game (which could easily be a spin-off, not necessarily GTA 6).


However, seeing as they plan to keep GTA Online’s current iteration active and profitable through 2020 at least, they probably won’t be releasing a new game in the franchise for a few years, making such an early announcement pointless. Much more likely, however, is that they will take a different franchise out of the freezer.

The most likely candidate is, of course, Red Dead. While the franchise was originally kicked off by Red Dead Revolver, which shared many gameplay mechanics with Redemption, but had fewer features. The franchise only achieved mainstream success with the release of Red Dead Redemption, which is to this day considered one of the best games of the previous console generation.


Fans have been pleading Rockstar for a PC port of the game pretty much since launch, alongside a sequel. However not so much as an off-hand mention of the franchise ever occurred from official sources. If Rockstar really is going to drop a bomb at E3, then its likely to be a new Red Dead game – let’s just hope it isn’t merely a Red Dead Remaster, because that would be Red Dead Regrettable.

Then again, they could release a remastered version of RDR alongside the new game, similar to the way the new Call of Duty is launching alongside a remastered version of the original Modern Warfare, also known as the last good CoD game. Hopefully Rockstar won’t make the same mistake of not selling it separately.


Should Take-Two opt to give the franchise a Red Dead Revival, chances are we’ll see an Online component developed for it too. Since the game is basically Grand Theft Horse, pulling the mechanics of GTA Online over a similar game with a different setting wouldn’t be hard. Let’s just hope Rockstar pulls up a solid internal server park by then and avoids this peer-to-peer nonsense.

While “projects” doesn’t exclude this from being the case, the formerly popular theory of Rockstar working on single-player DLC has been pretty much given up by the community following years of pleading and hoping only ever being answered by silence. Rockstar isn’t likely to spend immense resources on a product only a fraction of the community will buy when they can either work on a fresh, new game – or just make more GTA Online DLC to drive up Shark Card sales.


The popularity of GTA 5 may have pre-determined the nature of the games we will get from Rockstar in the future. The reason the possibility for another Red Dead game is so high because it is the franchise that is most likely to Red Dead Replicate the success of this massive blockbuster. After all, if a game is still the primary source of income for a massive AAA company five years after launch, you know it was doing something right.

Then again, if Take-Two and Rockstar decide to have their cake and eat it too, they might decide to make the next open-world wild-west gunslinger game Online-only with single player component. If this happens, they’ll probably have a Red Dead Revolt (okay, I’ll stop now) on their hands.


What franchise are you hoping to see revealed/revived by Rockstar at E3 this year? Do you want a classic to return, or would you be happy with the announcement of the next GTA game?

Rockstar Promises More GTA Online DLC

In the past, Rockstar typically kept any official word on GTA Online DLC private until the last possible moment before release (or upon release), meaning that players were reliant on leaks to get their info earlier. Now that players have been getting a bit restless following the pretty dry content we’ve gotten this year so far, Rockstar has decided that a change in policy is in order and got out ahead of this thing.


In their most recent post on the Newswire, the company has outlined their plans for GTA Online in the coming months – these plans include plenty of content-rich DLC. Of course, they’ve tried to make the three lowriders released in April seem shiny in context, but many players would prefer a bit of variety.

Rockstar has unveiled that their next big-scale update will be a continuation of what Executives and Other Criminals began last year. Executives is probably the biggest and most substantial GTA Online DLC since Heists, as well as pretty much the only update to ever introduce a method of getting cash as effective as Pacific Standard.


Executives vol.2 will take VIPs and their organisations to new criminal heights by adding all new missions for execs and bodyguards. The post highlights the phrase “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” which could fit as the title of the DLC seeing as “Executives and Other Criminals” isn’t exactly short either. Then again, none of the leading letters were capitalized in the press release, so it could be just a slogan of some sort.

The description shows that Rockstar will be taking the concept behind the layered gameplay of the update to the extremes. New high-end properties will be added which will double as headquarters for your organisation. This suggests that they might work like heist planning rooms in regular properties, but for specific VIP assignments.


This also suggests that the new kind of VIP work that we’ll see will be on par with heists in terms of complexity, length and difficulty – if they don’t apex them. Seeing as regular VIP work currently available in GTA Online already gives players a viable alternative to heists for making money, these new jobs might end up being even more lucrative.

But what are these new jobs exactly? While Rockstar kept much of the details out of the post, but it seems that you’ll be running the black market from your pantry. While until now, on many occasions the stories of GTA games had players work for Black Market kingpins, for the first time we’ll be the ones giving the orders.


The new VIP properties will be where the goods will be stored and managed. Players will then need to arrange buyers for their illegal goods, re-stock through missions or raids and deliver the merchandise to the drop-off points in one piece. Undoubtedly other VIP players will act as rivals, adding to NPC enemies turning the fight to dominate the black market a PvP affair.

If Rockstar continues with the Executives line in the future, we might see players given the opportunity to fight themselves to the top of even the political food chain in Los Santos. This direction, especially with the upcoming update outlined above is a much more interesting path for DLCs than the lowriders ever were.


But wait.

There is more.

Rockstar has made note of how big the stunting subculture has become within the GTA Online community. Not only that, but it seems that they have heeded the complaints regarding recent changes to the official Rockstar Content Creator which prevents props to be stacked or even placed in close proximity.

Rockstar will introduce a massive overhaul to the Creator with the “Cunning Stunts” update, if that is the name at all. The prop library will be expanded with massive amounts of new entries. New vehicles geared especially for stunting will be added to the game. Many of the restrictions imposed on the Creator will be rolled back.


While the focus will be on stunting and racing, the overhaul to the creator will allow players to create exciting new jobs in any category in new ways. GTA Online has a very active custom job community, as proven by Rockstar’s frequent Newswire posts highlighting the best player-made missions.

To everyone’s joy, Rockstar also stated that they will keep adding newer Adversary Modes to GTA Online. The Modes have been getting some pretty harsh criticism from the community recently, much of it undeserved, but it seems this will not deter Rockstar from making them. The Modes aren’t poorly made or implemented, however they don’t pay too well. Since this is the internet, obviously the community will take one negative aspect of anything and blow it out of proportion.


As we’ve suspected, the newest Mode, In and Out, will be getting some new maps soon. The Adversary Mode was recently released and launched with three maps. It was also the last piece of content to be leaked. Seeing that there haven’t been any credible leaks since, it seems that Rockstar has implemented some kind of anti-data mining method and decided to take unveiling DLC plans into their own hands.

Rockstar will also be keeping up the never-ending stream of special event weeks which have been going back-to-back in the past months. These events will section out a specific aspect of GTA Online and shine the spotlight on it for 7 days, offering players opportunities to earn twice as much RP and cash with regular gameplay, as well as discounts and other promotions.


While unfortunately there has been no word on a much needed switch to a centralized server architecture, we’re hoping that if Rockstar puts full force behind GTA Online after these few months of downtime, we’ll witness an effective anti-hacking method implemented soon.

In that vein, Rockstar has also taken the words to express that they intend to continue improving the GTA Online experience for all of their players by listening to feedback. They once again highlight here how they will update the Creator in a way that allows for the stacking of props, as restricting that was one of the most controversial things they’ve done with the game.


However, the lack of any mention regarding a Biker themed update, in support of which countless GTA V fans united in a petition, is bound to break a few hearts and trample some hopes. Then again, if the follow-up to Executives and Other Criminals is as substantial as it promises, it likely entered production long ago, so for all we know Rockstar have slated the Biker DLC for later this year. Never lose hope!

The post made no mention of an ETA on the new content. Neither the Executives vol.2 nor Cunning Stunts has a projected release date. However, chances are we’ll see one of them before May ends. Our guess is that next week, In and Out will get its new maps, leaving the last week of May open for a big DLC drop. Either that, or Rockstar will kick off June and the Summer with a heavy hitter instead.

Which of these newly announced GTA Online updates are you looking forward to the most? Is it the new Executive themed DLC, or are you more of a stuntman?

GTA Online’s New Event Reveals Adversary Mode

While it’s not the reveal of a big DLC update, it’s something: Rockstar has unveiled their next event week, which also happens to coincide with the release of GTA Online’s next Adversary Mode. The previously leaked (guess it was correct after all) name for it seems to have been accurate and in keeping with the innuendo theme of last month’s Inch By Inch.


While we thought so up until now as well, dismissing the previous leaks of this mode as misinterpretations of the new maps for Inch By Inch, now we can truly and accurately say that there is no more leaked content yet to be released. For the first time in months, the future is truly unknowable.

Of course, players are already speculating and wishing for the features of the next GTA Online update. The most popular idea is that of a Biker themed DLC. The idea has gained so much traction over the months that there is an entire movement with a petition going on to convince Rockstar to get it done and release it.


While we don’t know anything about the next “big” DLC, Rockstar has finally unveiled the new game-mode of the upcoming small-scale update. The devs have really been hot on the idea of Adversary Modes in the past few months, with the all new “In And Out” adding to that craze early next month.

The humorously named (again) Adversary Mode will become available in GTA Online on the 3rd of May. Rockstar describes In And Out as a new twist on regular Capture game-mechanics. A team of nimble but vulnerable attackers must steal not one but 8 packages from the heavily armed defending team in the time limit.


The Mode promises a more serious tactical aspect being introduced to GTA Online, which it lacked until now. While many other modes and Heists especially required an extremely high level of team coordination and communication, the setup of In And Out will ensure the failure of any team that doesn’t plan ahead.

In and Out will launch with three maps to boot. If we take previous Adversary Modes such as Inch By Inch as an example, chances are that there will be more maps added in a future GTA Online update.


No Adversary Mode announcement can go without a sweet little double RP and GTA $ event week these days and this case is no different. Rockstar is offering a number of discounts alongside select opportunities to earn some extra cash. The event will last until the 5th of May.

Of course, since we are celebrating the release of a new mode here, the focus for the double payouts will be Adversary Modes. Rockstar has put together a rotating event playlist of the most popular modes.


Through the 30th, Hunting Pack, Relay and Offense Defense will grant double rewards, followed by Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts and Keep the Pace through the 2nd.

Following the release of In And Out on the 3rd, the last playlist running till the end of the event will provide double rewards on all three maps of the new mode.

All GTA Online events need their discounts and there are plenty of them this time around. Ammu-Nation is slashing the prices of grenades and sticky bombs by 20%, Assault Rifle mods and Combat MGs by 25% and SMG Ammo by 50%.


The new Adversary Mode is probably only here to tide us over until the next big GTA Online DLC is revealed.

Are you hyped for In And Out, or are you more eager to see what the next GTA Online update will be about?

New GTA Online Lowrider And Adversary Mode Coming

We’ve known these are coming for weeks, but finally the official announcement has rolled in, confirming those leaks we’ve been listening to all this time. Once again we’ve encountered a similar situation as the one prefacing the Lowriders announcement. In the weeks leading up to the announcement, leaks and rumors ran rampant, with most of them being utterly fake. It wasn’t until the announcement that the few who told the truth were revealed.


The leaks about the upcoming rides and new Adversary Modes began right after the release of the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC update for GTA Online not too long ago. The game files for the update already contained the in-game models of the new cars and much of the data for the sports-themed competitive modes.

The leaks showed off some of the new assets that will be added with the sports-themed adversary modes and their names also suggested a relation to football. The three new lowriders, on the other hand, were discovered by accident when porting the content of Custom Classics to single player via a mod added not three, but six new cars to the modded Benny’s store.


Benny’s Original Motorworks was updated once before Custom Classics too. In a small update earlier this year, two sports cars with extensive customization came to the special garage – the Karin Sultan RS and the Bravado Banshee 900R. This first update didn’t quite go as planned, however following a quick fix, the new Banshee became the fastest car in the game.

Small updates like that began to characterize the DLCs of 2016, with Custom Classics actually counting as a major release, relatively. Even so, Rockstar’s one-a-week lowriders DLC model is something entirely new. Spreading smaller nuggets of content out with a more frequent release schedule has the air of building up to a massive punchline about it. Players theorize that Rockstar has something groundbreaking to show off at this year’s E3 to back it all up.


Earlier this week, the first of the April lowriders, the Declasse Tornado Custom was released, which was announced a week ahead. The official announcement revealing the Vapid Minivan Custom and the Inch by Inch Adversary Mode has been posted on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer’s own news-blog.

The new Adversary Mode will launch on the 12th, meaning next Tuesday. While the introduction provided by Rockstar in the announcement isn’t comprehensive, it does give us a brief run-down of the mode. Two team will try to score points by carrying a package to their score-zone. Players carrying the package can’t use weapons, so the team-mates will have to cover them while the opponents try to nick the prize.


Based on the released image, the maps on which this mode will be played on resemble actual football fields with cover and other obstacles set up. The mode will be a frantic addition to GTA Online, as the package resets immediately if scored, forcing teams to strategize and stay on their toes.

Coming on the same day as Inch By Inch is the all new Vapid Minivan Custom, the newest and most unusual addition to Benny’s Original Motorworks. When thinking of potential lowrider vehicles, this would have been the last to come to anyone’s mind. Based on the image in the announcement (and the one in the leaks), however, the Minivan will be just as stylish a lowrider as any other. One of the most notable features the ride has is the sliding door, which allows passengers to lay down cover fire during harrowing escapes.


Just like last time around, the GTA Online event to commemorate this DLC release will kick off sooner than the release date – meaning now. Through the 14th, players will be able to rack up twice as much cash and RP from select Adversary Mode playlists which will be switching off one another during the course of the event. Two mixed playlists will last through the ninth and then through the 11th, respectively, with an Inch By Inch playlist bringing up the rear.

No event is complete without discounts, as we all know. During this particular GTA Online event, the guns take center stage, with several discount going at Ammunation. Sniper rifles get a 25% discount, with their attachments and body armor getting their prices halved. Shotguns are also going cheaper, with the weapons themselves at 30% and attachments at 40% off.


Surprisingly enough, as far as this announcement shows, there won’t be any discounts on lowrider customization items despite such a vehicle being released. If you’re eyeing the new Minivan Custom, you’ll do well to grind those Adversary Mode playlists, as it will certainly set you back at least one mil.

Would you like to see even more lowriders added to GTA Online after the Sabre GT, or do you hope Rockstar will move on from the lowrider theme?

GTA Online’s First New Lowrider Revealed

After weeks of rumors, leaks and speculation, we’ve finally gotten the first official word on GTA Online’s April content updates. It seems that the release dates that were recently posted by a GTA V leaker turned out to be true – as well as the release schedule plan Rockstar was rumored to be adopting for April.


Recently, the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC was released for GTA Online, containing two new weapons, several new character customization items and most importantly, three new lowrider cars to be bought and upgraded at Benny’s Original Motorworks, first introduced in the Lowriders DLC last year. This wasn’t the first time Benny’s got new vehicles either – a smaller update recently added the Bravado Banshee and Karin Sultan to the list of rides serviced at the garage.

The Custom Classics DLC game files were swiftly scoured through by data-miners looking for clues as to what the future holds for GTA Online – and they uncovered plenty. There were three other lowrider vehicles in the files which weren’t available in-game yet, as well as plenty of info regarding future Adversary Modes.


It was revealed that the Minivan, the Sabre and the Tornado will be making their way to Benny’s at some point, accompanied by new sports themed Adversary Modes coming to GTA Online. Based on the models, the Adversary Modes will be based on football. They have particularly ridiculous names such as “Inch by Inch” and “In and Out”.


Rockstar finally gave an official announcement via social media posts today about the upcoming content. They have revealed that the Declasse Tornado will be making its way to Benny’s Original Motorworks next Tuesday, April 5th. This is just the first of three such new lowriders to come, with another two soon to follow.


If Rockstar does end up going with the weekly DLC release schedule as rumored, it would only seem to reinforce the fan theory that Rockstar is drip-feeding players with a steady stream of small content to keep the community satisfied. We might not learn what they are trying to keep under wraps this way until E3 2016 comes along, where based on an announcement by Take-Two, Rockstar will have something big to reveal.

In the meantime, new lowriders and Adversary Modes with intermittent week-long double RP and GTA$ events will need to be enough to keep us going.

Which of the three new lowriders coming to GTA Online are you looking forward to the most?

GTA VR Edition Announced, Launching In October

UPDATE: April’s Fools!

Is this what Rockstar has been leading up to with the recent drip-fed content releases? In something of a surprise announcement, the developer behind GTA has revealed that they are bringing GTA V to Sony’s upcoming Playstation VR, launching this October. As one of the launch titles of the new device, there will be several bundles packaging the headset with the fourth edition of Rockstar’s blockbuster game.


With the releases of the last-gen, current-gen and PC version of GTA V having been spread out, tossing in a fourth release version will once again significantly increase the full-price lifespan of the game. GTA “Vr” as it has been rebranded will contain all of the content that was present in in the PC release with a few tweaks.


There will be a special graphical preset for VR use, however the game will be playable in “regular mode” without a VR headset. The single player mode will be updated with all of the vehicles, weapons, clothes and all other non-multiplayer reliant content up to and including GTA Online’s Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC – no need for mods to get Benny’s into story mode anymore.


When playing in VR mode, gameplay will be locked into first-person mode. Rockstar has also implemented various new mechanics to make use of the capabilities of VR. Flashes of light and staring into the sun can temporarily “blind” the player, PEDs will dynamically react based on pre-scripted behavior profiles if you look directly at them and melee attacks will occasionally result in a dazed effect, blurring the player’s vision for a few seconds.

There will also be select jobs in the Online component of GTA Vr which aren’t available on previous version, or when not playing in VR mode. These jobs and missions were specifically developed to showcase the capabilities of VR with intuitive game mechanics and level design.


Rockstar knows that it might be pissing off some players if they make them buy yet another full price version of GTA V, so any previous owner of GTA V with a linked Social Club account can apply for a 60% discount coupon through Rockstar Support starting this August. As a standalone, GTA Vr will cost regular AAA full price, meaning $60. Certain Playstation VR bundles will give it either for free or at a lowered price, depending on retailer.


Playstation VR will be launching this October and already has a host of exclusive games announced. Since Microsoft’s VR project is still a way away, GTA Vr is currently a Sony exclusive, though we can expect an Oculus Rift port soon enough. GTA Vr is the first truly AAA game to be announced for the new device and will probably be the biggest draw of sales – if predictions hold.

Rockstar has also teased that they littered the story mode of Vr with new, VR mode exclusive easter eggs, some of which may be crucial in solving the infamous “Mt. Chiliad Mystery“, a string of easter eggs which are in some way linked to strange UFO sightings in GTA V.

So who’s gonna be picking up GTA Vr when it launches!?