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GTA Supposedly Linked To Real Life Crime… Again

Well, here we go again. Recently, one of the UK’s primary telephone companies was hacked. The website went down, and customers could not access their personal online accounts to manage subscriptions or contact online support. And who knows what other sorts of damage was caused that the company is keeping under wraps. Keep in mind that this is a rather major corporation, which undoubtedly employs a small troop of cybersecurity experts and specialists (or at least should be).

So, who hacked them? Was it a group of professional hackers hired by a rival company? Maybe an independent collective like Anonymous?


Nope, it was some 15 year old kid. Yeah. Embarrassing.

Ever since the hacker’s identity was discovered however, instead of riding on the fact that a 15 year old hacked a major phone service provider, a few papers (you can probably guess which ones) started focusing on the fact that the kid liked GTA V. Other games such as Resident Evil and Call of Duty are also mentioned, as the boy planned on being a professional player of the latter. However, it is the description of GTA V which leaps out as being the most typical.

The paper describes GTA V was “criminal mayhem” (alright, we’ll grant them that – we’ve used that term in a positive sense on this site as well) where – and this is the good bit – “players pick up hookers, have sex with them and then beat them to death”.


Yup, you’ve guessed it, this was published by the Daily Mail. How people take that publication seriously is beyond us, and based on the opinions of the vast majority on the web, neither can anyone else. Other, more reputable sources reporting on the story either downplayed or flat out neglected to mention the gaming angle, which shows that maybe the media has outgrown the childish mentality of “games are Satan”.

Do you guys know anyone spurred to real crime by GTA?


No one?

Thought so.

Most GTA V “Journalism” These Days Is A Joke

Do us a favor. Do a quick search for GTA V on Google and head over to the News tab. Now do this again for just “GTA”, and then GTA 5.

You’ll get, on first glance, different results from different sources, on first glance. However, it won’t take long for it to become clear that in truth you’re seeing all the same “news” and worse, that you’ve been seeing all the same news for freakin’ months!


Sure, whenever something actually happens in the world of GTA V, there is a small spike of real news going around. But otherwise, it’s all regurgitated filler. It’s all the same baseless and contrived “GTA 6” rumors all over again. It’s always the same predictions about upcoming updates all over again. It’s always the same “players are still waiting for story DLC” (no, they’re not) all. over. again.

And it’s always the same websites, posting the same content, linking to one another’s identical articles, all over again. They’re gaming Google News and the GTA community in general.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find any honest or genuine journalism of any measure of quality in this glorified circle-jerk of rumors. Whenever people get creative, they just post a video made by some popular GTA V streamer and report on what they say in said video as fact. Granted, there are newer and newer articles about the game going up every day, and there can hardly be that much newsworthy stuff going on around just GTA V all the time. But these sites… these “journalists” really ought to put a tad more effort into it.


GTA V has a sprawling fandom, a dedicated modding community, and Rockstar are also paying plenty of attention to their flagship product. This is a topic with the potential for a whole lot more variety, instead of reading how some star may or may not play a unconfirmed protagonist of a game which may or may not exist for the umpteenth time.

We’re not going to just preach from the mountain tops either though – do you guys feel GTA 5 Cheats is providing enough variety in its posts?

Calling All Artisits: Check Out This GTA V Fan Art Mag

Occasionally, a given game or franchise has the kind of pull, the kind of following, which spurs its fans to express themselves through the appreciation of said fandom. They create works of art inspired by the object of their obsession. That is how fan art is born, and is fairly common.

However, sometimes, these creative people band together with others who feel, think and act likewise, and create something truly special and unique. Rockstar sometimes publishes collections of fan art on its website and in one such post, brought attention to a work-in-progress project which planned to release a comprehensive compendium of GTA V fan art in the form of an art magazine.


Titled “What Happens In The Dark”, the art zine was in its preliminary stages at the time, but undoubtedly the publicity Rockstar’s endorsement granted them helped much in the way of getting the community’s attention. The GTA V fan community is absolutely massive, with plenty of up and coming artists in its ranks. So following Rockstar’s post, people of great artistic talent came in droves to have their work displayed in the art zine.

Well, at long last the art zine is complete, and it outperformed any and all expectations. The art found within is varied and of an astronomical standard, plus there is a lot of it. What Happens In The Dark is 74 pages long, with some double-paged pieces of art, though usually one per page.

The works encompass a number of styles, themes and tones, which make the experience of perusing the magazine a colorful one. At risk of sounding pretentious, despite being based on a video game (which in my personal opinion should not be an excluding factor, but public opinion is against me), much of this could and should be considered high art.

You can take a look at the whole art zine here.

No, The New GTA Online DLC Did Not Launch Last Tuesday

So, yeah, journalism.

Recently here at GTA 5 Cheats, we came across a funny little article pertaining to GTA V with the following, rather hilarious title:

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Releases ‘Lowrider’ DLC; New Camera Modes, Audio Modifications Filers Featured; No Tommy Vercetti


We won’t include a link because that would just give the article more clicks, which is exactly what that saddening title is trying to do, but if you’re really determined, you’ll find it within a minute anyway.

Now, we’re not trying to discredit the site, or give them a bad rep, or anything malicious like that. The upcoming Lowrider DLC has so many rumors circulating around it that it would be easy to get lost in all the info and speculation, however erroneous reporting will only make things that much worse.

While these errors can happen, sometimes a site will step out of its sphere of influence and “report” on a hot topic to get some clicks. However, a hot topic is “hot”, because many sources are discussing it. How to get the most clicks? Say something no one else is. The discussion surrounding the upcoming DLC is focused on rumors because the DLC hasn’t released yet. This is like when a popular movie is released, and millions of people watch it, if you type the film’s name into google the second top result will the be title with a “2” at the end, because people like to speculate.

Obviously, reporting that the DLC has released will bring in droves of people seeing the headline and going like “bwuh?” and clicking the link.

This isn’t the kind of non-news that the GTA 6 rumors have been generating.

This isn’t the kind of non-news where a site basically just republishes someone else’s article. This is the kind of false-news seeking to rake in cash without regards to misinformation.

We hope none of you believed this GTA “news”, right?

A US-Sized GTA VI Map Sounds Cool, But Would It Actually?

As always, the GTA VI rumor mills are spinning full force. With non-news and baseless speculation being basically all of GTA 6 journalism, nowadays some news outlets just post the exact same info again and again with yet another clickbait-y title that has no actual correlation with the article.


So let’s step away from the assumptions and conjecture for a moment, and have a discussion about one of the most cited “features” people expect GTA VI to have. The legend says that the next installment of the GTA franchise will have a map that incorporates the whole of the United States, and will be insurmountably massive, containing all previously visited GTA cities, plus some new additions. While making a game world magnitudes larger than what we have today, and filling it with enough content as to avoid it feeling empty would be a massive achievement, would it be good?

I’m going to say it: many games these days are too big and too long. The vast majority of the target audience for open-world AAA games are working people, with little free time. If you give them a game with a play time of 200+ hours and an immense open world to explore they might just say “to hell with this”, put down the controller and go for a smaller, but more focused experience offered by another game.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sprawling, long story-heavy RPGs, or massive open worlds full of interesting places to find and discover, but I find that I don’t really have time to do all this. If I were in Rockstar’s shoes, instead of increasing the size of the open world, I would approach it like Assassin’s Creed 2 did way back when. Several open-world areas, which are medium in size, but extremely detailed. Have GTA 6 include every city, but not opened together, rather as separate areas.

Would you guys want an open-world several magnitudes larger than GTA V’s Los Santos and Blaine County?

Fake GTA V News and Heroin Smuggling

We’ve all gotten used to about two thirds of GTA V “news” being baseless rumor/pure speculation. Just recently we had a rather large, popular and promising rumor debunked, and that was hardly the first such case.


Fake image courtesy of these guys

But where do all these rumors sprout? Where does this speculation originate from? Well, the most readily available answer is Reddit. With several subreddits dedicated to GTA V in some way, shape of form, it should come as no surprise that some of the insane theories people fabricate are bound to be mistaken for “leaked info”. Either that, or a troll purposefully begins to spread lies as if they were fact.

Reddit, however, isn’t the only source of GTA V misinformation. The other one is the gaming press, which either makes a honest mistake, or outright lies just to get some more clicks.

Recently, a popular website which primarily deals in PC hardware reviews and news, but also occasionally posts gaming-related content, put up a news piece detailing how mods wil be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. This one was sure to raise eyebrows, as while plenty of outlets were reporting on the Rockstar Editor making its way to consoles, no one mentioned mods, and this was the only site reporting this, despite the subject matter being pretty big news.

Turns out this misguided PC-focused site was reporting on the Rockstar Editor’s console debut too, but it made the honest mistake of having someone who had never ever played or even briefly researched GTA V write the piece. We won’t be pointing fingers, since this is a reputable site and we’re all only human.

However, one article we will gladly point fingers at is this one. Rockstar introducing a $10 DLC pack honoring kids who smuggled heroin into the US with a drone? And no official announcement has been made? And this is the only site reporting it? Something so absolutely absurd? With faked quotes? Seriously! We still can’t tell if that site is meant to be similar to “The Onion” or not…

Have you guys ever been fooled by fake GTA V “news”?

Ten Features for Grand Theft Auto V


(sorry, The Game isn’t included, it’s just cool art!)

While the GTA V news blackout continues (seriously, it’s been a drought!) we got thinking what new features it would be cool to see included in the game. Have a read of the list below and then let us know what new stuff you want to see in GTA 5 in the comments section below.

  1. Toll pass: stopping at the bridge toll booth each time can be annoying after a while, so how about being able to purchase an e-tag or some sort of pass that lets you through via a special lane. Of course if you smash the barrier arm the cops are called.
  2. Zombie mode: there could be a dedicated online zombie mode. Either everyone else turns into zombies and you (and maybe some buddies) need to survive, or everyone turns and it’s a free-for-all. Another options is for some sort of zombie mode cheat, which we’ve previously discussed.
  3. Weather effects: the weather affects the environment more noticeably than in previous games. For example if you’re flying and there is a storm, it is harder to control your plane or helicopter (and you’re screwed if you happen to be skydiving!). In addition, weather forecasts are played over the radio.
  4. Visibility to police: if the police can’t see you, they will search for you and will not universally “know where you are”. Dogs could be used to chase you and at night they will use flashlights to try and spot you.
  5. Crash scenes: when you, or anyone else, causes a car crash, the police mark-off the incident and traffic flow is restricted around that area. You need to take different routes and be a lot more careful around the increased emergency services presence.
  6. Vehicle ownership: you can purchase and own your own car (or any other vehicle). You don’t lose these vehicles by way of despawn, but rather can go back and get them from wherever you left them (via GPS). If one happens to get stolen you can report it or even seek retribution from the thief yourself (potential mini-game).
  7. Prison system: instead of being transported to outside the police station after being arrested, if there was some sort of prison system that could be interesting. For example, while “inside” you could learn new methods for heists, recruit people to help, establish businesses within the prison and generally cause havoc: think riots!
  8. Progressive rewards for collectibles: instead of being required to find all 100 hidden packages in the game (or whatever the number is) and getting a reward then, you get rewarded for every ten packages you find. This would make the process feel a lot more achievable and less of a grind!
  9. Movie studios: how can Vinewood not have one or more movie studios/sets with actual production carrying on? These would be cool to check out and cause mischief in. Would also add to the realism of the game.
  10. Cheats: we need these. They are a huge part of the GTA series to date and make the game more fun! If you don’t want to use cheats, then don’t. Others like to use them once they’ve clocked the game to increase replayability, and also to generally cause havoc. We’ve included this “feature” as a site dedicated to GTA 5 cheats and also because we’ve seen a few (albeit not many) calls for cheats to be excluded from the game. That said, cheating in multiplayer games should not be allowed (unless there is a specific cheat/anything goes multiplayer mode).

Most Wanted GTA 5 Features & Additions


The lack of any recent GTA 5 news got us thinking – what cool features would we like to see announced or revealed next? Rockstar is supposed to be releasing a heap of multiplayer information soon (like how it works!), but who knows when it will arrive…? So in the meantime, check out a list of the changes/features we think should be included in Grand Theft Auto 5.

What do you think of our suggestions, and do you have any of your own to add?

Cheat codes that work in multiplayer

But only in private matches… Of course we don’t want (or sanction) cheating of any kind in public matches, but in private matches we think that there should be more freedom to do what you want with your friends. This would include enabling cheat codes in private multiplayer matches. Things like vehicle spawns, weapons, health regen and wanted level could make things very interesting and would definitely be welcomed by most GTA fans. With cheats our emphasis has always been on making the game more fun!


Pulling off heists/bank robberies are a major part of GTA V and what often happens while one is taking place? Hostages are taken. You can actually see some hostages in one of the trailers, but it’s not clear whether players will have the ability to take and “use” them to any extent (i.e. whether hostages were included as a gameplay feature or just a cut scene). Also think of the possibilities when you have a 5 star wanted level and are in a stand-off with the cops… It would be a pretty major addition/feature and could be a bit much for Rockstar to squeeze into the game though.


Military drones are a controversial topic at the moment, but we don’t think that should stop them being includes in GTA 5, and in fact it’s reasonably likely they will be. We already know that there will be a military base in the game that you’ll be able to break into. Having some drones there to control, or steal and take home to use (perhaps via laptop from your pad), wouldn’t be a stretch.

Custom vehicles in multiplayer

The extent of your ability to customize your own Grand Theft Auto V experience has been talked up a lot by Rockstar (particularly in respect of cars, but also your own characters – including a “custom character”) and we think that extending it to customized vehicles within the multiplayer portion of the game would be a logical step. Showing off your hard work and customization skills to friends is always fun, plus you can check out all the cool stuff other people have made first hand.

Improved pedestrian behavior

Oftentimes in previous GTA games you could crash a helicopter or a car in the middle of a busy street and everyone would continue going about their business like nothing happened. While we can expect pedestrian behavior to improve in GTA 5 (and this has been confirmed) the extent to which it actually gets better will be interesting. If you have a sick ride we want people taking photos, same if you crash a car into a store front and then run off. Maybe massive crowds could also gather if you start doing crazy things in the middle of the street…

Involvement of The Game in GTA 5 Still a Mystery

Last Saturday, Money Gang’s Facebook page posted a tantalizing piece of artwork featuring The Game, in the style that’s come to symbolize Grand Theft Auto art. Along with the Grand Theft Auto 5 logo, the ESRB rating, and the Rockstar symbol, there was The Game in the center of the image mugging for the camera (well, if there was a camera that is).

The post had no other information describing the image, so naturally, the internet blew up with speculation, as the internet is wont to do. The possibilities were endless after all… well, maybe not endless, but the possibility that The Game would appear in the game (GTA V), and could in fact have a starring role in it certainly seemed to be highly likely.

It would not have been a huge shock after all, given The Game’s small role in GTA: San Andreas as Mark ‘B-Dup’ Wayne. The Game also made it clear back in November during an interview with Wired 96.5 that he had done some work with Rockstar on GTA V.

“They [Rockstar] called man, and we did a little bit of work with them,” he told Wired 96.5, in reference to the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA V). “Once you in a video game, you struck gold, man.”

Of course, ‘a little bit of work’ certainly wouldn’t appear to be the major role that the cover art style artwork was hinting at, and was in fact more likely to be a reprisal of his role as B-Dup in the new game, which would make plenty of sense, given the setting of Los Santos and the main character’s past as a gangster.


As you’d expect, all that feverish excitement slowing simmered back down to a tepid boil as it was revealed that the artwork is only a fanmade piece from a poster named streethustla at, who created several similar looking pieces of work with different images, and was not an official artwork created by Rockstar.

What The Game’s actual involvement in GTA V will be is still up for continued speculation, but as stated, it does appear he will have a role in GTA V regardless of the misleading artwork. Whether that’s a reprisal of his role as B-Dup, a new role in the game, or something solely on the musical end of the spectrum, we can only guess.

In the end, this whole saga is nothing more than a cautionary tale about the perils of jumping to conclusions at the mere sight of some artwork on someone’s official Facebook page, which you would think would come with some sort of description as to the origins of the artwork to stop the internet from blowing up, and saving a lot of news outlets from looking rather silly in the process (yeah, we posted it), but…I digress (and must end this run-on sentence).

With or without The Game, GTA V will be one heck of a ride when it releases later this year. That we can be certain of.