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GTA Online Freemode Events Bug Removes Missions

We’ve been covering the new GTA Online Freemode Events update that came with the 1.29 patch extensively in the past days… The large number of missions and other content it adds to the game, as well as the numerous bug fixes it implements.

However, it seems that 1.29 didn’t only fix bugs, but introduce some new ones too. While more might be discovered in coming days, the new bug on everyone’s mind right now is the one that cut certain missions out of GTA Online, unintentionally.


Ironically, the affected missions are co-op jobs in GTA Online, just like the heaps of new missions that were recently added!

We have received reports of missing Contact Missions in GTA Online, and we are looking into this issue now. These Missions were not removed intentionally.

Currently, the competitive missions are fortunately unaffected, so if you are experiencing issues with accessing some co-op missions, you can kill time by shooting your fellow man while Rockstar is working on the follow-up GTA Online patch.

Rockstar has released a list of which GTA Online missions are affected by this bug:

  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Show Me the Money
  • A Titan of a Job
  • Hack and Dash
  • Lost My Mind
  • Out of Harmony
  • Chasers

Fortunately, while a few co-op missions were temporarily made inaccessible, the Freemode Events have added a wealth of new content to GTA Online, giving players more than enough things to do in-game while these missions are being fixed. Take note that this one bug doesn’t mean a trend however, as it is clear from the recently released 1.29 patch notes that the update solved countless others which have been plaguing the game for a great long while.

Have you guys discovered this bug, or are you busy with the new missions added in GTA Online Freemode Events?

GTA Online 1.29 And Rockstar’s War On Hackers

With the release of the 1.29 update for GTA Online mere hours away, players all across the globe are itching to try out some of those new and crispy Freemode Events that were recently announced by Rockstar. However, a sizeable chunk of those players, namely the ones who’s chosen platform for their criminal exploits in Los Santos, is a PC.

As is true with any multiplayer game, there are people out there who just don’t know how to lose, and decide to crap in the communal soup just because they happen to suck. Thing is, hackers exist on all platforms, not just PC, but it is always the keyboard warriors who take the brunt of Rockstar’s retaliation.


Hacking and cheating in GTA Online has become and increasing issue in recent months, and Rockstar has been trying to clean up the streets of Los Santos with methods of varying severity and efficacy. As our regular readers might know, modding is a big thing on the PC, with a large and vibrant community striving to make the single player experience of GTA V more fun, quirky or visually appealing. This is all well and good, and Rockstar condones single player modding, but the problems start when people take their mods online.

Back when update 1.27 released, Rockstar simply killed off all and any mods. This was considered an over-reaction by many, and it did not take long for experienced modders to work around the block. The peaceful “legal” modding could then continue, but unfortunately so did online hacking. It wasn’t until 1.28 that Rockstar got really mad. That update introduced a method which would, on paper, make modding in GTA Online extremely difficult and time-consuming, but SP modding would be left alone.

On paper.

What 1.28 ended up doing was mess up the game’s code, screw over legitimate modders everywhere, and break unmodded versions of GTA V entirely. Event machines with several Titans in SLi were pulling single digit framerates due to optimization issues. Eventually, Rockstar rectified the issue, but we can only fear what sort of anti-modding measure they will be adding to 1.29 to secure the safety of players in the new seamless open-world of GTA Online Freemode Events.

How frequently do you guys bump into hackers in GTA Online?

New GTA Online Adversary Modes Coming With Freemode Events

Adversary modes in GTA Online were added back in March, along with the heists. These missions, which you can acquire from Martin Madrazo, are competitive multiplayer matches, typically team-based, and a fun way to get yourself some nice GTA $ and RP payouts while having some fun with friends or strangers. Until now, there were three adversary jobs available.

Come Out To Play featured three runners who had to reach safe zones before the hunters took them out. Siege Mentality has teams of four and six duke it out, with the smaller team defending a fortified location with several weapons, while the six attackers come at them with infinite lives and sawed off shotguns. In Hasta La Vista, up to four players, in team of 2, would either be trying to crush cyclists as truckers, or would be trying not to get crushed by truckers as cyclists.


GTA Online Freemode Events, the massive content update coming with patch 1.29, will be adding two new Adversary modes to the already expansive game, along with a wealth of other additions and improvements. One of these is Hunting Pack, which, despite the name, is far removed from the aforementioned Come Out To Play. Hunting Pack features a vehicle rigged to explode if it is travelling too slowly, which needs to be delivered to a specific location, while the enemy team is hot on your trail, trying to tailgate, crash, ram, batter, or knock you off course, straight into a firey death.

Cross the Line is possibly the most tactical of the Adversary modes in GTA Online. In this new mode, two teams of heavily armed and armored soldiers will duke it out in a neutral zone between their respective territories. The goal is to get your whole squad over the enemy border.

Are you looking forward to the new Adversary modes coming to GTA Online?

Rockstar Statement About Recent GTA Online Bans

Rockstar has been issuing bans to players who can be linked to the FiveM multiplayer mod project in any way, shape or form. Several of the banned players have since come out and said they did not use the mod, nor were they involved in its creation, instead complaining they only posted in the Reddit discussion related to the project and yet were given the banhammer.


Some of the players who have been banned contacted Rockstar support with their concerns. Whether or not they have been reinstated to GTA Online yet is unknown.

I believe these bans may be in relation to my existance [sic] on the FiveM project. I have not done any reverse engineering or other work on FiveM that may go against the TOS. I hope to resolve this soon.

These bans have been causing quite a storm in the gaming community as more than a handful of players were confused as to why Rockstar wasn’t seemingly resolving the issue. Rockstar has now released a statement about the bans, confirming that they were indeed instigated by the FiveM multiplayer mod project.

The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended.

Rockstar has gotten significantly more strict when it comes to enforcing the cheat-free atmosphere of GTA Online ever since the  hackers and modders have gotten out of hand (with the release of the PC version). This mass-banning isn’t the first zero-tolerance stance. In patch 1.28, Rockstar has filled the game’s files with heaps of dead code, which was intended to make the work of GTA Online modders significantly more difficult. However, an unintended side-effect of this on un-modded version of the game was that the performance took a nose-dive, even on the most powerful of PCs.

We don’t endorse cheats, hacks or anything else in GTA Online (we’re all about those single player cheats), but on the other hand hope that any innocent players have their bans reversed!

Rockstar Carpet-Bombing Users Of FiveM GTA Online Mod

Rockstar has been known to respond quickly against modders of GTA Online. Following the massive sledgehammer-to-the-face that was version 1.28’s anti-cheating defenseban

Rockstar has responded by dropping the moderation-equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Yesterday, pretty much everyone who was in any way, shape or form affiliated with the FiveM mod was banned from the Rockstar Social Club. This included the creator of the mod, users of the mod, and even the moderators of the GTA V PC subreddit.

I am not a developer of FiveM, I am just the mere moderator of the subreddit, but yes, I have some sort of affiliation with the mod. I was skeptical that we were banned (screenshot) for being contributors (in some way) to the FiveM project.

It seems that Rockstar really is going to extreme lengths to eradicate anyone who modifies GTA Online. Do you think Rockstar is getting a little brutal with their bans, or do you think the ends justify the means?

Will GTA Online’s Heists Be Competitive, Instead of Co-op?


The mysterious promised heists continue to haunt GTA Online.

Back in April, Rockstar promised that the spring updates would include new cooperative heists for GTA Online. Fans were very excited by the news, and waited for the heist update to come.

Eventually, “Where are the heists?” became a common response to any update, until June, when Rockstar confirmed that the heists have been delayed. They’re still in GTA Online’s future… but now a new rumor suggests they might not be what fans expect.

Youtube user DomisLive posted a video of what he claims is a leak of GTA Online information. In it, he details several different types of upcoming multiplayer heists, all of which include some form of team-based competitive gameplay. For example, one mode puts 16 cops against 16 criminals trying to save a gang member. Another is a bank heist featuring 4 criminals and 16 cops.

This sort of gameplay could still be interesting, but it’s not what fans expected from the co-op heists. Although DomisLive has a good track record for GTA rumors, as he found the “I’m Not a Hipster” Update leak, this is just a rumor until we hear something official. And if it’s true, Rockstar may have a hard time appeasing disgruntled fans who wanted a true cooperative gameplay mode.

More GTA Online Details Revealed


Game Informer magazine recently scored themselves some hands-on time with GTA Online (the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V) and CVG were kind enough to extract all the new info into a nice easy to read list of features/things to expect.

Being the top-notch journalists we are, there’s a straight copy and paste further below. But before that, here’s some things that stood out to us:

  • Almost all activities from the single player game are available in GTA Online. This includes heists, missions, robberies, assaulting gang hideouts, hijacking armored vehicles, races, tennis, golf and base jumping.
  • There’s over 500 missions, some of which will require a team. Others can be done solo.
  • GTA Online actually takes place after the time of the main single player story.
  • The game engine will automatically analyze your playing style and promote missions to you that it thinks will suit your style.
  • Other players can kill you and take any cash you’re carrying (ie money that you haven’t banked). There is ATMs you can use to take money out when you need. And if you are killed in this way (or if you just want to for fun) you can put a bounty on someone.

Many thanks CVG!

  • Character progression has a “flow” but there isn’t an “overarching narrative that culminates in a definitive conclusion”

  • The aim of GTA Online is to do whatever it takes to get more money in the bank and accrue assets such as cars and real estate

  • Characters appear in cutscenes when interacting with other characters in the world as they would in the single-player but doesn’t speak

  • Female characters can be used in GTA Online

  • Almost all activities from the campaign are available in GTA online: “heists, missions, robberies, assaulting gang hideouts, hijacking armored vehicles, races” as well as “tennis, golf and base jumping”

  • According to Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies there’s over 500 missions. Some can be completed solo, but others are complicated and require a team.

  • GTA Online takes place after the main story, familiar faces will make appearances

  • By currying favor of characters you can be introduced to more people and delve deeper into the criminal world

  • Franklin’s friend Lamar may introduce you to a car dealer named Simeon Yetarian, who wants you to steal cars for him

  • Biker gangs my support you during missions if you’re friendly with them

  • A tech-savvy character you’ve befriended may hide you on the radar during multiplayer

  • Security firms that have taken a liking to you may be used to deliver airstrikes

  • Rockstar uses a “dynamic” system to populate GTA Online, starting with your friends and crew members, then similarly skilled players in the same part of the world.

  • GTA Online has been created to be “as customizable as possible” in terms of who you play with: “there are options to let the game decide who to play with… or you can hand pick every player in the game”.

  • The game analyses your playing style as you play and surfaces missions that appeal more to your style.

  • There’s a crew ranking system and a personal rank

  • The fourth GTA Online player is fresh off a plane in Los Santos, character creation involves choosing your mum, dad and grandparents and you’re given a character. Then players then choose a lifestyle, make choices about the things the character does (partying, couch potato, criminal, athletics nut).

  • Starting skills are based on the chosen lifestyles, but can be upgraded, as can the look of the character

  • Players riding shotgun in cars can also control radio station, set waypoints, use a cinematic camera, or attack others

  • Holding the select button (on a PS3) pulls up a menu where outfits and gestures can be changed

  • Phone camera’s can be used to take a selfie

  • During a liquor store robbery the player can shout at the cashier to hurry up through a mic and the character will respond

  • Escaping cops involves keeping yourself out of the police’s vision cone

  • After each GTA Online mission cash rewards and Reputation Points are awarded. The crew leader decides who keeps the loot.

  • A leader can choose to hog the spoils but, obviously, other players might not take that very well

  • Invites are received through the character’s phone and accepting seamlessly transports the player to the activity

  • Players can customize the way a vehicle handles at shops found around the city

  • In missions involving bigger teams a lobby window opens up. From this the roles such as sniper, look-out and transporter can be assigned. The crew leader can tweak settings such as time of day, weather, difficulty and how many lives they have to complete the mission.

  • Everyone is given priorities suited to their role when missions begin

  • When you have enough cash to purchase a “high end residency” you gain the ability to set up heists like the ones in the solo campaign.

  • These missions involve multiple phases, including a set-up phase. In the mission shown prep involved buying guns from Ammu-Nation and procuring a helicopter. The tasks can be split between players.

  • Passive mode can be activated if you want to enjoy Online without being troubled by other players, this is automatically deactivated when you fire your gun however.

  • Players can kill you and take your cash, so you are encouraged to put money in the bank and use ATMs.

  • Purchases can still be made using the money even if it’s in the bank

  • If you are robbed, you can put a bounty on a players head for revenge

  • Each house you purchase has space for storing cars. Modest apartments have space for two, but high-end homes can store ten.

  • Garage areas can be treated like showrooms. You can walk around and admire your cars and hire a mechanic to keep them in good condition. You can also insure them to avoid big payouts should you damage them badly.

  • You can invite friends to your home and drink, call strippers, watch Rockstar’s custom created TV shows (or your friends in high-speed chases).

  • Missions are controlled through Rockstar’s Social Club, which means the developer tweak them regularly.

New GTA Online Details Revealed


Spanish gaming website 3D Juegos managed to score an interview with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, and in it he revealed a whole heap of new information concerning the recently revealed GTA Online (trailer and FAQ). The original interview is here (in Spanish), but we’ve also posted the most important pieces of new information below, in English of course!

  • It has long been a dream of Rockstar Games to create a “separate” multiplayer game for the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA Online is it.
  • There was between 30 and 40 writers who solely worked on writing GTA Online with help from others who also worked on GTA 5.
  • There is instant transition from the single player mode of GTA V into GTA Online (already known) and while this transition is taking the place, the game will start match making. Firstly it tries your friends, then members of your crew, and finally it searches for players of a similar rank.
  • Pretty much anything that can be done in the single player game can also be done in the multiplayer game.
  • As you rank higher in GTA Online more missions and characters to interact with will become available to you. You can also put limits on the people you want to do missions with (for example, only those above a rank of 50).
  • While there is a story in GTA Online, it is no where near as full and involved as the story in the single player part of GTA 5.
  • There are currently about 700 missions in GTA Online and Rockstar hopes that at least 500 will always be available. Each mission can be evaluated and tweaked continuously by Rockstar, and players can download more from the Rockstar Social Club.
  • Most GTA Online missions will be accessible either by visiting a specific place on the map or by calling one of the contacts in your phone. You can also open a list of extensive jobs however.
  • Specific heists will have certain requirements in order to complete them successfully. Like you might need certain weapons, vehicle or even characters (like a good driver or an accurate sniper) to pull them off.
  • The ability to speak via microphone in GTA Online will be pretty important for players.
  • Players can create and share their own missions via the Rockstar Social Club. Initially this will be limited to making your own races and deathmatch races, but Rockstar want to expand the possibilities down the track. Things like weather, timing, police presence, pedestrians, difficulty, level required and other factors can all be controlled and customized.
  • Team lives are all shared between the members of a team for a co-operative mission. If a team has four players, there are four lives that can be shared between them. Everyone can die once, or one person could die four times.
  • All activities like golf, skiing and biking can be done in GTA Online.
  • You can use in-game TVs to watch deathmatch games as a spectator, watch your friends getting chased by the police on the TV news or to even check the surveillance cameras in your garage. If someone interesting comes along and you go meet them, you might get the chance to learn new skills or progress in the game…
  • Additional game modes like “Capture the Flag” will be available.
  • The main reasons for limiting each multiplayer game to 16 players (as opposed to 32 players, for example) was because of the need to store each player’s specific customizations and vehicles.
  • GTA Online will exist “in the cloud” on Rockstar Social Club servers.
  • A complete record of all your activities in GTA Online will be stored in the Social Club and you’ll be able to access it. Rockstar will also use the information to decide which missions are most popular and how to tweak them, etc.
  • While GTA Online may not be a traditional MMO at the moment, that is where Rockstar want to take it. They view GTA Online as the start of something bigger and have plans to make GTA Online a persistent world where millions of people coexist.
  • Rockstar will keep GTA V and GTA Online “joined at the hip” forever. Each game will take off on its own direction.

Everything You Need to Know About GTA Online


We hate writing ridiculously long articles just as much as you hate reading them. That’s why we created the list below. It tells you all the major things you need to know about GTA Online quickly and simply. Enjoy!

Trailer: Watch it here.

Availability and release: GTA Online is free and will be available from October 1 2013.

Player limit: The player limit is 16.

Phone contacts: On your phone there are various contacts that can help you with different things (like if you’re on a mission, or need to escape the cops) and as you progress through GTA Online and rank up, you’ll get access to more contacts/help.

Unlocks: As you progress through the GTA Online world, new characters, gear, places and missions/activities will become available.

Alone or together: You can choose to play GTA Online either alone or with friends, and can work co-operatively to complete missions, participate in activities or complete the other game modes.

Passive mode: There is a game mode called “passive mode” in which people can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot them.

Content creation: You can create and share your own missions and activities via the Social Club cloud. Other players can rate what you’ve created.

Rivals: There is a rivals feature. You will know when your rivals come online and be able to find them.

Headset integration: If you speak into your headset, your character will lip-sync in time! Plus if you speak while robbing a store (for example) the clerk will react to the urgency in your voice!

Customization: You can customize your online character and spend money on them by improving stats, purchasing and customizing vehicles, and purchasing property and weapons. You can also pre-select their favorite weapons and vehicles.

Starting out: GTA Online begins with you arriving with zero money to Los Santos. You are then required to complete a few missions to earn some money and get introduced to the mechanics.

Insurance: You can take out insurance on your car and then get a new one if it’s destroyed.

Bad Sport: There is a stat called “Bad Sport” and basically if you constantly blow up other player’s cars (for example) it will increase and you will be penalized.

Additions: Rockstar say they will constantly add to the world over time.

Max Payne 3: Your Max Payne 3 ranking will be carried over to GTA Online, and if it was high enough, you’ll receive some special bonuses.

Team creation and control: When creating a team (like to carry out a heist or activity) you can select from your friends or recruit people based on their skills (ie driving or flying). You also get to choose how the rewards from the mission are split.

Reputation: By playing GTA Online you earn Reputation Points. This is the primary ranking function across GTA Online and is based on your shooting, driving, parachuting and flying skills.

Properties: There’s lots of different property you can buy and you can “hang out” in your properties with friends. You can also watch TV, surf the net, change clothes, shower and watch your CCTV (if you have one).

Money and bank accounts: You can deposit money into your bank account as you please, but if you die and have cash in your wallet, other players can steal it from you.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking is based off of your ranking.

Car pound: If you leave your customized cars around the map for too long they will get impounded and you’ll need to cough up some cash to get them back.

And HEAPS of other things… we suggest you watch the trailer again!