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GTA Online Modders Now Drop You In Bad Sport

It seems that the script kiddies of GTA Online are no longer content with stealing your money. After all, if that happens then you (as the victim) can contact support to get it all back in less than a day. There’s no option for the lowly “hacker” to be a lasting pain in your ass.


These pathetic modders who like to call themselves “hackers”, even though they haven’t done anything more than download a file and use an in-game interface, seem to be keen on actively screwing people out of playing the game, rather than just ruining GTA Online for their own benefit. Seriously, using scripts to get money still makes a tiny bit of sense since the modder in question is “benefiting” from it. We put those in air-quotes since this being a game and all, earning that money is part of the fun.

However this crap they’ve begun to pull is just nonsense. GTA Online “hackers” now like to burden innocent players with an artificial bad sport rating. This system was originally implemented to filter out trolls, griefers and quitters from the pool of players with proper gaming etiquette.

Unfortunately, the exact people who the system is supposed to keep out have found a way around it, and have exploited it. Now, regular, law abiding players are being given the title of bad sport, all because some modders don’t like the concept of you enjoying the game you’ve spent real money on.


In a brief departure from journalistic professionalism, let me illuminate just how absolutely repulsive and disgusting this sort of behavior is. People out there may not be in the best financial situation, with actual, real world problems, and maybe they can only afford to purchase one or two video games annually, maybe less. Maybe they’re working horrible hours for unfair bosses, and get home tired and demotivated, and just want an hour or two of escape from reality via GTA Online. And then some spoiled shithead who downloaded some mod screws it all right up.

We hope no GTA 5 Cheats readers have experienced this in GTA Online! If you have, be sure to let us know.

GTA Online Players Know How To Hold A Grudge

GTA Online is known to be a merciless land, where you either kill or be killed (or rather get hacked and not play). It’s a criminal eat criminal world out there, with players going to extreme lengths just to mess with their fellow gamer. The topic has inspired players to take to the subreddit dedicated to GTA in order to discuss their most ridiculous experiences regarding griefers. You know, those ones who went to extreme lengths just to kill them again and again and again.


These griefers, as they are known in the GTA V community, usually tend to target one particular player who they hound until the breaking point of annoyance.

One player, Blackknighl, recounts his tale of how he was speaking on the phone while playing. In order to get a few minutes of peace and quiet, he entered his submarine and descended to the ocean floor where he sat in peace for an hour. In that time, two separate players attempted several times to kill him, despite not having a bounty on his head. The prospective griefers attempted swimming down to Blackknighl using rebreathers, and both kept returning to his location with boats.

I never died, but found it funny people would go to such lengths (depths) just to kill another player…

As a counter example, another player, Jason_stanfield posted about his encounter with a particularly civil and polite GTA Online player.


Jason had racked up a $9000 bounty, and was merrily driving around Los Santos on his way home. Another player followed him to his house, buzzed the guy and the following exchange took place.


absolutely, dude – you earned it

The player killed Jason with a quick, clean headshot, gave him $4500, and drove off into the sunset.

What kinds of funny stories do you guys have from GTA Online?

Unofficial Multiplayer Mod “GTA: M” Shut Down

Take-Two interactive recently released its earnings report for the past quarter and some serious profits were made, outperforming Wall Street Expectations. The vast majority of GTA V related revenue came in from from GTA Online, with players spending on microtransactions.


We also know that there has been all sorts of alternative multiplayer modifications made for the game, changing the way the official version of GTA Online is meant to function. They enable mods to be used in select lobbies, and allow various game mechanics to be tweaked in a way other than that of the official version.

The problem is that players playing these GTA Online alternatives aren’t playing the official version, and therefore are not buying into the shark cash cards. One of the biggest of these mods, GTA: Multiplayer, was shut down just today. The development team has announced that they were approached by Take-Two to cease developing the mod as it was infringing their copyrights (and putting players onto an “unofficial” game version).

Pay attention, AAA industry – this is how it’s done.

Take-Two and Rockstar, knowing how popular GTA: M is, clearly saw that the continued existence of the mod would prove to be a problem. While other companies throw lawsuits around like candy, suing other developers over a word in a game’s title, Take-Two took the high road, and politely asked the GTA: M dev team to shut down their mod.


The team, in turn, adhered to the promise they made back when GTA: M began – that they will never damage Rockstar in any way, and will respect the developers of GTA V. Thus, as of today, the GTA: M servers are no longer up, and the mod website shows the team’s goodbye letter.

Rockstar’s developers have invested so much time to create this beautiful game. We have repeatedly stated our position: We are not going to cross this line, we won’t damage them.

Have any of you guys ever tried out an alternative to GTA Online?

FiveM Dev Claims PI Visit Over Mod

This story is a heavier version of what we posted earlier, regarding Rockstar’s request to the dev team of the GTA Online alternative mod GTA: Multiplayer to cease support of their project.


It was recently revealed that the continued financial success of Grand Theft Auto V can be majorly attributed to GTA Online’s microtransactions (to the surprise of absolutely nobody). We’ve also written about a few of the many mods that have cropped up over time and which offer an alternative to GTA Online with different game mechanics and free reign to use mods.

While with GTA: M, the exchange between the publisher and the mod team was peaceful and friendly even. It appears that in the case of the FiveM, things did not go quite as smoothly. Considering their civil handling of the situation with GTA: M however, we’re guessing the developer of GTA V isn’t to be blamed here.


FiveM and Rockstar have had a rocky relationship from the very beginning due to the way FiveM tampers with the Social Club. Some time ago Rockstar banned players en mass who were related to the mod in any way, shape or form.

And now one of the FiveM developers has claimed that a pair of private investigators were sent to their home by Take-Two.

I just got a pair of PIs at my door claiming to be sent by Take-Two, handing me a phone with a person somewhere in the UK or US or whatever to ‘discuss how to cease my activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto’


While the rep apparently expressed a desire to avoid legal action, it was also stated that Take-Two’s legal case is ready and solid, and the company will accept nothing but the immediate cancellation of the mod project.

We’re calling bullshit on this one. The whole thing is just so over the top, particularly when compared to the GTA: M situation. Either that, or it was some randoms from the internet trying to scam or prank them… What do you think?

GTA V Rakes In Golden Joystick Awards

The 33rd Golden Joystick Awards have just wrapped up, and this year’s competition was tight,= but the results are hardly surprising.

Despite not having been released initially this year, the launch of the PC version having happened in 2015 meant that GTA V could compete for recognition in the world’s second oldest video game award ceremony this year as well. Considering the game’s launch versions were highly praised, and that the PC version added a whole lot of new content and features, it is not surprising that GTA V took home several awards, though it got knocked out of the “Ultimate Game of the Year” throne by we-all-know-who.


While the biggest winner of the year is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – to absolutely no-one’s surprise – with a total of 5+1 (the +1 being CDPR winning Best Studio for TW3) awards. The awards are well earned, with the game being almost universally praised by all critics and players, and this goes to show in the sales department as well.


Coming tightly in second place is our own GTA V, with four awards to its name. An obvious community favorite, GTA Online took home the Playfire Most Played Award, with lord knows how many lifetimes worth of game time racked up. GTA Online also got the prestigious award of Best Multiplayer, going up against games which are exclusively multiplayer. Funny how a game-mod beat whole games at their own, well, game. Another rather big award taken home by Rockstar’s blockbuster is best PC game, which is a pretty big thing considering the majority of GTA V’s fans are couch gamers. Last but not least, GTA V won Innovation of the Year for none other than adding First-Person mode to the game.




But who are we to argue, right?

Did you guys vote for GTA V this year?

GTA V Multiplayer Mod FiveM Developer AMA

Some time ago we reported on a work-in-progress mod for GTA V which was basically an alternative version of GTA Online. It gives PC players the chance to game on private servers, use mods online in an orderly fashion and play local area multiplayer.

FiveM also has a few other features which sets it apart from the traditional (and legal) GTA Online, but was more or less a version of the game which didn’t actually require an active Rockstar Social Club account. Now, obviously, Rockstar did not take kindly to this, and started handing out bans like candy on Halloween, stating that FiveM was facilitating piracy (which, let’s face it, it is).


Despite offing the entire FiveM team and anyone who was related to the FiveM discussion in any way, this wasn’t enough to stifle continued development of the mod. While the wanton banning got Rockstar a neat little controversy, development of FiveM continued, albeit at a significantly slowed pace.

Questions about the effect the bans had on development are just some of the queries posted by the FiveM developer, “avail”, who opened a reddit thread where players and enthusiasts may ask anything about the mod and its developers (for one, we know avail prefers pancakes over waffles, which is somehow relevant to FiveM? I guess?).


The thread has provided some insight into what is happening with the mods nowadays. We knew that despite Rockstar’s crackdown, development continued on FiveM, it was just a lot slower. Well, as it turns out, there is a grand total of two people working on the thing currently, NTAuthority and avail himself. The thread is also a great place to start for people who are looking to move over to FiveM from GTA Online, but don’t know where to start.

Do you guys thing GTA Online would benefit from having an approach similar to that of FiveM?

GTA Online Freemode Events Bug Removes Missions

We’ve been covering the new GTA Online Freemode Events update that came with the 1.29 patch extensively in the past days… The large number of missions and other content it adds to the game, as well as the numerous bug fixes it implements.

However, it seems that 1.29 didn’t only fix bugs, but introduce some new ones too. While more might be discovered in coming days, the new bug on everyone’s mind right now is the one that cut certain missions out of GTA Online, unintentionally.


Ironically, the affected missions are co-op jobs in GTA Online, just like the heaps of new missions that were recently added!

We have received reports of missing Contact Missions in GTA Online, and we are looking into this issue now. These Missions were not removed intentionally.

Currently, the competitive missions are fortunately unaffected, so if you are experiencing issues with accessing some co-op missions, you can kill time by shooting your fellow man while Rockstar is working on the follow-up GTA Online patch.

Rockstar has released a list of which GTA Online missions are affected by this bug:

  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Show Me the Money
  • A Titan of a Job
  • Hack and Dash
  • Lost My Mind
  • Out of Harmony
  • Chasers

Fortunately, while a few co-op missions were temporarily made inaccessible, the Freemode Events have added a wealth of new content to GTA Online, giving players more than enough things to do in-game while these missions are being fixed. Take note that this one bug doesn’t mean a trend however, as it is clear from the recently released 1.29 patch notes that the update solved countless others which have been plaguing the game for a great long while.

Have you guys discovered this bug, or are you busy with the new missions added in GTA Online Freemode Events?

GTA Online 1.29 And Rockstar’s War On Hackers

With the release of the 1.29 update for GTA Online mere hours away, players all across the globe are itching to try out some of those new and crispy Freemode Events that were recently announced by Rockstar. However, a sizeable chunk of those players, namely the ones who’s chosen platform for their criminal exploits in Los Santos, is a PC.

As is true with any multiplayer game, there are people out there who just don’t know how to lose, and decide to crap in the communal soup just because they happen to suck. Thing is, hackers exist on all platforms, not just PC, but it is always the keyboard warriors who take the brunt of Rockstar’s retaliation.


Hacking and cheating in GTA Online has become and increasing issue in recent months, and Rockstar has been trying to clean up the streets of Los Santos with methods of varying severity and efficacy. As our regular readers might know, modding is a big thing on the PC, with a large and vibrant community striving to make the single player experience of GTA V more fun, quirky or visually appealing. This is all well and good, and Rockstar condones single player modding, but the problems start when people take their mods online.

Back when update 1.27 released, Rockstar simply killed off all and any mods. This was considered an over-reaction by many, and it did not take long for experienced modders to work around the block. The peaceful “legal” modding could then continue, but unfortunately so did online hacking. It wasn’t until 1.28 that Rockstar got really mad. That update introduced a method which would, on paper, make modding in GTA Online extremely difficult and time-consuming, but SP modding would be left alone.

On paper.

What 1.28 ended up doing was mess up the game’s code, screw over legitimate modders everywhere, and break unmodded versions of GTA V entirely. Event machines with several Titans in SLi were pulling single digit framerates due to optimization issues. Eventually, Rockstar rectified the issue, but we can only fear what sort of anti-modding measure they will be adding to 1.29 to secure the safety of players in the new seamless open-world of GTA Online Freemode Events.

How frequently do you guys bump into hackers in GTA Online?

New GTA Online Adversary Modes Coming With Freemode Events

Adversary modes in GTA Online were added back in March, along with the heists. These missions, which you can acquire from Martin Madrazo, are competitive multiplayer matches, typically team-based, and a fun way to get yourself some nice GTA $ and RP payouts while having some fun with friends or strangers. Until now, there were three adversary jobs available.

Come Out To Play featured three runners who had to reach safe zones before the hunters took them out. Siege Mentality has teams of four and six duke it out, with the smaller team defending a fortified location with several weapons, while the six attackers come at them with infinite lives and sawed off shotguns. In Hasta La Vista, up to four players, in team of 2, would either be trying to crush cyclists as truckers, or would be trying not to get crushed by truckers as cyclists.


GTA Online Freemode Events, the massive content update coming with patch 1.29, will be adding two new Adversary modes to the already expansive game, along with a wealth of other additions and improvements. One of these is Hunting Pack, which, despite the name, is far removed from the aforementioned Come Out To Play. Hunting Pack features a vehicle rigged to explode if it is travelling too slowly, which needs to be delivered to a specific location, while the enemy team is hot on your trail, trying to tailgate, crash, ram, batter, or knock you off course, straight into a firey death.

Cross the Line is possibly the most tactical of the Adversary modes in GTA Online. In this new mode, two teams of heavily armed and armored soldiers will duke it out in a neutral zone between their respective territories. The goal is to get your whole squad over the enemy border.

Are you looking forward to the new Adversary modes coming to GTA Online?

Rockstar Statement About Recent GTA Online Bans

Rockstar has been issuing bans to players who can be linked to the FiveM multiplayer mod project in any way, shape or form. Several of the banned players have since come out and said they did not use the mod, nor were they involved in its creation, instead complaining they only posted in the Reddit discussion related to the project and yet were given the banhammer.


Some of the players who have been banned contacted Rockstar support with their concerns. Whether or not they have been reinstated to GTA Online yet is unknown.

I believe these bans may be in relation to my existance [sic] on the FiveM project. I have not done any reverse engineering or other work on FiveM that may go against the TOS. I hope to resolve this soon.

These bans have been causing quite a storm in the gaming community as more than a handful of players were confused as to why Rockstar wasn’t seemingly resolving the issue. Rockstar has now released a statement about the bans, confirming that they were indeed instigated by the FiveM multiplayer mod project.

The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended.

Rockstar has gotten significantly more strict when it comes to enforcing the cheat-free atmosphere of GTA Online ever since the  hackers and modders have gotten out of hand (with the release of the PC version). This mass-banning isn’t the first zero-tolerance stance. In patch 1.28, Rockstar has filled the game’s files with heaps of dead code, which was intended to make the work of GTA Online modders significantly more difficult. However, an unintended side-effect of this on un-modded version of the game was that the performance took a nose-dive, even on the most powerful of PCs.

We don’t endorse cheats, hacks or anything else in GTA Online (we’re all about those single player cheats), but on the other hand hope that any innocent players have their bans reversed!