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GTA 5 Gets Co-Op Mode With Small Mod


While GTA Online more than satisfies players’ needs for a massively multiplayer romp in Los Santos and Blaine County, there isn’t any kind of LAN or Co-Op mode included in the game. Seeing as there are three protagonists, missing a feature like this is more than a little baffling.

While fan-made multiplayer mod projects for GTA 5 were relatively common some time ago, many sought to replace the official Online mode for their users – some even tried to turn a profit. They advertised themselves with “features” such as allowing mods while online and hosting your own servers. However, these modded services were unstable and had low populations.


They weren’t particularly long-lived either. Some time ago Rockstar cracked down on all of these modded multiplayer servers since they directly conflicted with the EULA and TOS and were also leading to loss of revenue. Some operators understood and accepted this gracefully – others didn’t.

However, Rockstar left the LAN and Co-Op mods alone. These were characterized by allowing a small number of players connect and play within the same instance of GTA 5’s single player mode – therefore they didn’t function as Online alternatives.


One of the most popular of these Co-Op mods was rather intuitively named GTACoOp. However, support and updates for it seemingly ceased a few months ago in January, though the mod still could use a bit of tweaking.

An industrious modder and fan of GTACoOp decided to unofficially “take over” development and released his own internet and LAN Co-Op mod for the game, which is largely based on the framework of its predecessor.


TinyMP allows several players to enter the same, otherwise regular, single player GTA 5 world. The main improvements over its ancestor is that TinyMP allows players to host their servers from within the game, with the aid of a rather simple menu.

The author, Soccermitchy, is planning on expanding functionality making the use of the mod much more convenient. Bug fixing and new features are also high on the priority list, depending on the popularity of the mod. While GTA Online offers a solid multiplayer experience, every now and then players might feel the urge to faff about the single player world with a few friends along.

Do you plan on playing GTA 5 co-op mods?

Note: Since this isn’t in any way an “alternative” or a “replacement” for GTA Online in terms of function or content, it isn’t in violation of the Terms of Use for GTA V.

GTA V’s Map Compared With The Division’s New York

GTA V may still be the crown ruler of the AAA industry but that does not mean that other developers are not busy. Rockstar’s blockbuster had to share the spotlight recently with releases such as the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, both of which stole some of its fame, though not enough to cause any real damage. While few others try to encroach on Rockstar’s “territory” by making games similar to GTA, they still try to make their own waves in the industry.


Ubisoft’s next big thing, Tom Clancy’s The Division, was off to a rough start following its announcement. With the memory of Watch_Dogs still fresh, no one believed the otherwise extremely impressive trailers and gameplay demos of the game. The Division is set to be the publisher’s next big thing, intended to have a long life span with frequent content updates. In some ways it can be likened to GTA Online, though there are obvious differences. The Division will be an open-world online third person shooter multiplayer game with RPG elements. The mission structure and setting is entirely different from GTA Online, though some similarities are undeniable.

The darker grey overlay denotes The Division’s map.

Following the recent beta test of the Division, players’ opinions have been turned around and most people think this game will make up for Watch_Dogs – and then some. A major aspect of games like this is the map, which in The Division envelops most of New York City’s metropolitan area, primarily Manhattan.

Fallout 4 also compared.

Of course, the map is significantly smaller than that of GTA V but keep in mind that the Division has no vehicles, and is much more tightly packed. There is also an entire underground section, and many more interiors than in GTA V. This is a prime example of a smaller map with more in it, just like Fallout 4.

Are any of you anticipating The Division, or is it GTA V and nothing else for you?

Playing GTA Online All The Way Past 2020

Often the quality or success of a game is measured by its longevity (other than, you know, sales and generated profit). Usually AAA games have a “lifespan” of 3-4 years. This lifespan denotes the amount of time during which sales are relatively constant and don’t drop suddenly. Naturally, multiplayer games with a dedicated following and content support from the developers have significantly longer lifespans, especially if they garner a cult following.


GTA Online isn’t an MMO in the traditional sense and has some rather unique structuring. Add to that the high possibility of the next installment of the franchise dropping in a few year’s time, also meaning the next iteration of the Online component, and you’ve got some solid indications that GTA Online will go under in the coming years.

Rockstar has other plans though. As far as they are concerned GTA Online is here to stay. Whether or not the next GTA game’s Online component will be standalone or an expansion we don’t know. Operating on the theory that it will be standalone, meaning that GTA Online will more or less stay what it is today with smaller DLCs dropping every now and then, Michael Pacht predicts the game will still bring in a solid US$250 million yearly until at least 2020.


2020. That’s seven years after initial launch. Plus, note the words “at least”. The most surprising thing about this is that it will likely come true. GTA Online’s playerbase is only ever growing with the passage of time. The constant stream of new free content has been constantly pushing the value of the game up, with the frequent discounts pushing its price down. Sales are steady with no sign of decline and people are buying massive amounts of Shark Cards.

When do you think that the sales and player base of GTA Online will begin to decrease?

GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips – Part 2

We’re continuing our coverage on the various tips and hints Rockstar has posted to help players with the recently added Adversary Modes in GTA Online. If the past weekend’s event was anything to go by, we’ll be getting chances to earn double GTA$ and RP with Adversary Modes quite often, which is also backed up by the rate at which Rockstar is adding these modes to the game. To check out the first post in this series click here.



Slasher was added to GTA Online with the Halloween Surprise update, and is one of the few features of the DLC which remained active after the event timer was up. Somewhat similar to the newer Every Bullet Counts, Slasher requires players to think ahead. As one of the Hunted, you’ll do well to ignore the flashlight the game gives you, and only use it as a weapon, lest you give away your location. Once you have your shotguns, don’t group up, but sweep the map systematically.



In Relay, victory depends on your driving skills and sense of timing. You should always communicate with your teammate, and get ready for the changeover. You switch at the end of each lap, so keep your teammate apprised of your location so they can prepare in their pen. If they position themselves correctly, and your timing is spot on, they’ll leave the pen in the exact split second of the changeover. While waiting for your teammate, it is good practice to switch over to spectating them.


Keep The Pace

In Keep The Pace, your very life depends on going fast. If you drop below the minimum speed, you blow right up, and said minimum speed increases with each lap, so if you plan on knocking other players out, do so in the first few rounds. If you want to go safe, only bump players midair – you can still control the flight, but they’ll be knocked right off course.

Which GTA Online Adversary Mode do you need the most practice in?

GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips – Part 1

Rockstar has been adding Adversary Mode after Adversary mode to GTA Online in recent months, and players have hardly had a chance to get familiar with them all. After recently hosting a double RP and GTA$ weekend on all Adversary Modes, chances are this will be a recurring theme and Rockstar wants to give players some tips on dominating the matches.


Every Bullet Counts

In Every Bullet Counts, playing smart is probably more important than any other game mode. When the match starts, you should always try to avoid any encounter initially, allowing your enemies to kill and/or weaken each other. Keep your ears peeled, note the exact number of gunshots that go off, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Luring players into a trap by allowing your location to be shown on the map for a split second is a great, if risky tactic.

Running Back

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction over the alleged incompetence of the vast majority of team-mates when it comes to the Running Back mode. For the defensive team, the best tactic is for one of the defenders to stay back, while the others form a barricade and move up the map, keeping check of their zones, forming a wall of sorts. Should the runner break through, they always have their backup to slow it down, giving the other defenders time to double back.


As the offensive team, you should adopt a similar wall tactic, with one member checking one defender. This way they’ll be tasked to capacity, and can’t focus on the Runner. The Runner, on the other hand, should stay away from the walls to keep its options open, as getting penned in is practically equal to immediate defeat.

For tips on Slasher, Keep the Pace and Relay, check out our next article.

Which of the new Adversary Modes is your favorite?

GTA Online Fans Give Hunting Pack Tips

Usually the forté of Rockstar themselves, the GTA V community has taken it upon themselves to help you get better at the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode.

In the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode, one player is placed in a vehicle that is rigged to blow if the speed of the vehicle decreases below a certain threshold. The goal of this runner, as well as the defending team, is to get said runner to the “deactivation zone” intact. The attacking team’s goal is to slow the runner down to a point where it explodes. There are a host of tactics to be used by either of the three types. While Rockstar’s tips are usually the best guidelines when playing GTA Online (in addition to our own of course), Reddit gamers have something to add as well.


Of course, the backbone of success for anyone involved is everyone in the lobby being at least somewhat competent and honorable. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve, since we are talking about an online game here. If this is given, then the rewards for a few rounds of Hunting Pack can be quite lucrative.


For truck drivers, the first golden rule is to not follow the GPS route like a fanatic. Often times the automatic routes will be filled with corners, and since it is taken from a template, after playing enough, your opponents will recognize the route and predict your movements.

Another easy mistake to make is pressing the pedal to the metal. You may not be allowed to slow down too much, but that does not mean you need to go full speed the whole time. Going slower will give you more control, while speed will simply increase impact damage.


In the case of attackers, brute-forcing the truck may not be the most effective method. Coming in at an angle will cause it to spin out of control, however.

If you have any tips for this GTA Online Adversary Mode, feel free to share in the comments.

GTA Online Mods: No Means No, Don’t Risk Your Account

Some people are convinced that when Rockstar says no mods allowed in GTA Online, they actually mean some mods allowed. Those people are wrong.


GTA Online’s relationship with mods has always been a strenuous one, with Rockstar continuously making moves which have put the continued existence of fan-made content for GTA V in jeopardy. Granted, it seems that the modding community and Rockstar have something of an agreement, with modders staying out of Online, and anyone found altering the game in multiplayer having their access revoked.

In order to keep accidents to a minimum, Rockstar has made themselves absolutely clear on their policy regarding the use of mods in GTA Online, however some players just aren’t getting the message.


Reddit threads are full of players asking “is x mod okay to use in GTA Online?”. Recently, one player managed to coax a definitive answer from Rockstar regarding visual enhancements and graphical mods. Any kind of modification is grounds for banning, as in the case of visual mods, altering the lighting effects changes visibility, giving you an edge over other players.

Recently, a player took to Reddit to ask whether or not the use of an FOV mod in GTA Online will get them banned. This here is a prime example of people not listening. Even more so than in the case of mere visual mods, increasing one’s Field of View gives them a massive advantage over other players, making this mod clearly in the red zone, even if we disregard that fact that all mods count as bannable offences.


Guys, don’t risk your account, don’t risk your access to the game. Remember that when Rockstar says that any and all mods used in GTA Online will get your ass pounded by the ban hammer, they really mean any and all.

Who here wishes that they’d be allowed to use mods in private lobbies while playing GTA Online?

GTA V Gets Multiplayer Co-op (Unofficially)

Just when Rockstar started cracking down on these, someone made a Co-op mod for GTA V.


Something many gamers have been missing from GTA Online is a proper co-operative game mode. The closest thing players have gotten is a set of team-based modes. However, there has been no PvE multiplayer option for players to share with their friends. In addition, the other GTA V multiplayer alternatives out there offering players some more freedom, such as modded servers and custom (not “content creator custom” but real custom) game modes and tweaks are being shut down one by one after Rockstar (check out the links for the reasons why).


The Multiplayer Co-op mod gives players the ability to host private servers to play with their friends, against AI enemies. The mod takes a fairly simple approach to the affair. It does not add new missions or game modes, it just synchronizes the single player instances of each player. The NPCs move, attack, and die the same way in all of the connected player’s instances. Also, an NPC is spawned in the game of each player representing the other players, who have the character model of whichever protagonist they’re using, and the movements are synchronized as well. Pretty ingenious really.


This method also allows players to use mods in co-op as well, another thing people have been requesting to be made available in GTA Online in private lobbies (never going to happen).

Since this is a fan-made mod we are talking about, there are a few bugs to squash. Occasionally, the synchronization isn’t very… synchronized. Player may be randomly booted from the server, though this is rare, and server hosting can still be a bit spiffy.

Is a cooperative PvE mode something you’d like to see in GTA Online?

GTA Players Divided Over Running Back

Some GTA V fans aren’t giving thanks to Rockstar for the new Adversary Mode.

Rockstar recently released an all new Adversary Mode for GTA Online in order to celebrate the event of Thanksgiving. The Running Back mode is based on American football to commemorate the celebratory games traditionally held on that day. The mode features two teams, offense and defense. The goal of the offensive team is to get their runner, a Panto, across the score line. While, the defensive team needs to prevent this (obviously). The blockers, regardless of team, are driving BF Biftas.


These games are held on long, thin maps situated on bridges or in tunnels. In order to entice players even further to play this new mode, Rockstar has made Running Back part of the new Thanksgiving event, rewarding players with double RP and GTA $ along with all the other Adversary Mode.


However, based on a few Reddit reactions, the players are not particularly pleased. The push to liken the Adversary Mode to American football has taken focus off balancing issues, making Running Back a tad broken. In most cases, as the GTA V players describe, the Panto manages to zip past the blockers immediately, and the defensive team didn’t even have a chance to win.


Every game has been the Panto dodging the defenders at the first charge, and then that’s game.

Some players suggested the mode be somewhat altered, while still retaining the connection to football. Players suggest that an unmanned Panto be used as a “ball”, with the two teams being evenly matched (as opposed to the defense having one more), and each needing to push the Panto over the other’s score line while defending their own. If the thread garners enough publicity, chances are Rockstar may implement the change.

How are your feelings on the new GTA Online Mode, Running Back?

GTA Online Modders Now Drop You In Bad Sport

It seems that the script kiddies of GTA Online are no longer content with stealing your money. After all, if that happens then you (as the victim) can contact support to get it all back in less than a day. There’s no option for the lowly “hacker” to be a lasting pain in your ass.


These pathetic modders who like to call themselves “hackers”, even though they haven’t done anything more than download a file and use an in-game interface, seem to be keen on actively screwing people out of playing the game, rather than just ruining GTA Online for their own benefit. Seriously, using scripts to get money still makes a tiny bit of sense since the modder in question is “benefiting” from it. We put those in air-quotes since this being a game and all, earning that money is part of the fun.

However this crap they’ve begun to pull is just nonsense. GTA Online “hackers” now like to burden innocent players with an artificial bad sport rating. This system was originally implemented to filter out trolls, griefers and quitters from the pool of players with proper gaming etiquette.

Unfortunately, the exact people who the system is supposed to keep out have found a way around it, and have exploited it. Now, regular, law abiding players are being given the title of bad sport, all because some modders don’t like the concept of you enjoying the game you’ve spent real money on.


In a brief departure from journalistic professionalism, let me illuminate just how absolutely repulsive and disgusting this sort of behavior is. People out there may not be in the best financial situation, with actual, real world problems, and maybe they can only afford to purchase one or two video games annually, maybe less. Maybe they’re working horrible hours for unfair bosses, and get home tired and demotivated, and just want an hour or two of escape from reality via GTA Online. And then some spoiled shithead who downloaded some mod screws it all right up.

We hope no GTA 5 Cheats readers have experienced this in GTA Online! If you have, be sure to let us know.