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Intel director says GTA V won’t be console exclusive very long


Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum, director of marketing Chris Silva has said that “somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that [GTA V] was exclusive [to the PS3 and Xbox 360].”

While the issue of Microsoft and Sony making some sort of payments to Rockstar to ensure that Grand Theft Auto V was released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 first (to the exclusion of the PC platform) shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, it’s interesting that someone at Intel has actually come out and said as much.

Silva also said that he thinks we’ll see a PC version of GTA V fairly shortly:

At least with Grand Theft Auto I don’t think it’ll be console exclusive very long. But that’s what happens when you have a brand new launch with two companies that have lots of money trying to make sure they have content.

And also that given the size of the PC gaming market Rockstar would have to be crazy not to eventually cash-in on that market. It will more or less just be a matter of when…

The PC gaming ecosystem just continues to grow,. If you look at the amount of revenue that is generated by PC gaming it’s in the tens of billions of dollars each year. It’s incredibly diverse and rich and that’s it’s greatest strength.

Thanks PC Gamer.

Pre-order Bonus Brings GTA V Price Down

actual_1364387558You can pre-order Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox 360 now, directly from the Microsoft Store, and receive 1,600 Microsoft Points as a bonus – something that would usually cost $20. In effect, at least for Xbox 360 gamers, this brings the price of GTA 5 down to a paltry $39.99.

In order to take advantage of the offer, you need to pre-order the game from the Microsoft Store. Note that the offer is only open “while stocks last” and that it is only available for pre-orders.


By running this offer, Microsoft is likely hoping to get gamers sitting on the sideline to order the Xbox 360 version of the game as opposed to the Playstation 3 version. We recently conducted a Facebook poll and the results were pretty even (maybe slightly in favor of the PS3…) so deals like this could make a difference for the guys from Redmond.

Either way, if you have a Xbox 360 and are going to be getting GTA 5, then this pre-order offer from Microsoft is likely to be as good as it gets!

GTA V Likely on the Newly Unveiled PS4

Just in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last couple of days and were unaware; Sony made kind of a big announcement on Wednesday. OK, they actually made a giant, earth-shattering, the-universe-may-never-be-the-same-again announcement. No exaggeration. Not even a little.

Yes, they unveiled the PlayStation 4 after months and months of speculation and after months and months of waiting (kind of like all the waiting we still have ahead of us for GTA V). And while it didn’t come as a giant surprise or anything, we all knew the PS4 was coming eventually.

That said, there’s nothing quite like hearing for the first time about the next box of gaming goodness that will take up residence in our homes, and play our favorite games (unless you’re an Xbox fan). And boy is it a thing of power (and possibly beauty – we haven’t seen the actually console yet!), one that would no doubt run Grand Theft Auto 5 quite well we must say (hint, hint).

PS4 Controller

Sony has taken a dramatic shift from the PS3’s CELL architecture, which everyone and their uncle who knows nothing about gaming admitted was a pain in the butt for developers and overly complex. In its place will be an x86 64-bit 8-core (or octuple core) CPU with unified CPU and GPU. This makes the PS4 not only a personal computer for all intents and purposes, but one that will be more adept at running games than most modern PC’s. While each new console generation has made some bold claims about its power in comparison to PC’s, this may be the first time they actually live up to those claims.

Now of course the question is, will the Playstation 4 run GTA 5 one day? That of course depends on Rockstar on the one hand. We have to think it’s more than likely, especially if there is indeed a PC version in the works, which would now appear to be the easier version to port to the PS4, as opposed to the PS3 version. While a PS4 version would be unlikely to have any major impact on overall sales of GTA V, we tend to think Rockstar would love to show off the best version of their game they are putting so much effort into. And that would undoubtedly be a PS4 version at this point (not to forget our Xbox readers – we all know Microsoft are yet to unveil their next gen console).

At the very least however, and despite the PS4’s substantially different architecture compared to the PS3’s, it will most certainly contain backwards compatibility – Sony detailed in their announcement cloud services which will be able to host (and more importantly, play) PS3 games.

One way or another, the PS4 announcement should be exciting news for all of us playing the waiting game in respect of GTA V. Share the news with your friends, just as you’ll one day be able to share your GTA V exploits directly from your PS4 controller. Oh, you didn’t know? You really should get out from under that rock now!