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GTA 5 With Alternate Protagonists?

One of the main features that set GTA 5 apart from the previous installments of the series was the chance to switch between three distinct protagonists during the Story. While the main story quests were locked in terms of which character you had to control most of the time, whenever you were out and about, you could simply switch between Michael, Trevor and Franklin.


Each had their set of special events and side-quests which were unique to them. Trevor had his rampages and hunting, for instance. The trio have been praised universally, by critics and fans alike as a varied and engaging group of anti-heroes – though it has been often said that not one of them is likable. Trevor especially is something of a psychopathic loon with particularly revolting behavioral patterns.

These three have become synonymous with GTA 5. They’re pretty much the first thing people think of when the name of the game is mentioned. But is a GTA 5 without them really that hard to imagine? What if they were present, but took the back seat? Who would have the heroes of this story been in their stead?


This question is often discussed by fans in wishful “what if” scenarios. Some wish that they could have taken the helm of another character introduced by the latest game. Others would have gladly seen the return of a beloved classic hero from another GTA game, or a well known character who wasn’t playable back when.

Lamar Davis

Lamar is the best friend of Franklin Clinton, one of the actual protagonists of the game. While Franklin is serious, grounded, skilled and thoughtful, Lamar is his comic-relief opposite. Lamar is a silly, short-sighted brash character who somehow always manages to get himself – and others – into tight situations.


He needs rescuing more than once throughout the story, usually due to his most recent “get rich quick” schemes. He often contradicts himself, such as when he outspokenly opposes the on-going war between the Families and the Ballas. Soon after, he kidnaps a member of the Ballas, causing the relative calm between the gangs to escalate once more.


Lamar returns as a main character in GTA Online, being the one to greet the player character at LSIA. He later becomes a prominent contact added in the Lowriders update. Many fans have expressed a desire to have story DLC focusing on him, allowing players to control his actions.

Dave Norton

If Lamar acts as Franklin’s stand-in, Dave would be Michael’s. In the story, Dave is a corrupt “but in a good way” FIB agent who makes a deal with Michael at the beginning of the story. He ends up being a valuable ally during the story.


The prospect of playing a corrupt cop who is ever bit the criminal as any other GTA protagonist has excited players for quite some time. While for straight-faced police gameplay, PC players have LSPDFR, no opportunity to play as a corrupt cop in a GTA game has ever arisen.

Wade Hebert

Granted, Wade never kills anyone on-screen during the entire course of GTA 5, his association with Trevor as well as his criminal enterprise suggests that he would be readily capable. While considered to have a child-like mind and to be generally dim-witted, Wade is extremely resourceful. Something of an urban tracker, he has become adept at finding people in Los Santos and the surrounding areas with ease.


Players haven’t yet been put into the boots of characters considered to be “simple”, however as this doesn’t affect gameplay, it would be interesting to view a world rife with violence and crime.

What trio of existing GTA characters do you think would have fit GTA 5?

No, Ned Luke Didn’t Just Confirm GTA V Story DLC

We think it’s about time for GTA V players to accept that the game probably won’t be seeing any single player DLC. Ever.

Despite all the alleged leaks, despite Shawn Fonteno’s relentless attempts to troll the community, despite all the hope fans can muster, the only new content the game is getting seems to be GTA Online updates. Despite everyone knowing this deep down, every little sign that story mode DLC might be in the works is followed by a flood of tweets and shoddy YouTube videos claiming that “Story DLC has been confirmed”.


The most recent cause for this craze was a tweet by Ned Luke – who incidentally denied all knowledge of GTA V Story content – featuring the three voice actors. The tweet was accompanied by hashtags such as “#BackTogether” and “#Happening #Soon” (why those two are separate is beyond me, but then I never did understand hashtags).

Of course the knee-jerk reaction of the GTA V community was mouth-foaming about how Story DLC has now been officially confirmed. In reality all this is about are those convention appearances that were planned for the three voice actors (see previous link for details). For quite a while Rockstar had been looking to get the guys out to events again and Luke recently confirmed that this is indeed happening.

Take-Two Interactive recently released their financial records which showed that Online is their biggest cash cow. While GTA V sold over 60 million copies, it was Shark Card sales for Online which generated the most revenue.


Based on this you’d think it would be pretty obvious to steer any resources it would have spent on single player content to creating more GTA Online DLC updates.

Of course it must also be taken into account that two of the three endings of V would exclude both Trevor and Michael from future content.

Which convention do you think GTA V’s voice actors will be attending?

GTA V Meets Star Wars In Epic Video

Star Wars Episode VII hype has found its way into GTA V.

This isn’t a recreation, or an adaptation, however it is clearly inspired by the space opera epic which is getting revived next month. Star Wars is a staple of all forms of entertainment, not only film. However it is on the silver screen where it excels above all. The much awaited seventh episode, The Force Awakens, arrives next month after a decade has passed since the release of the previous installment, which happened to be the third of six. Yeah, its weird. Whatever. Star Wars.


This extremely well made animation features the epic showdown between Darth Maple-leaf Trevor Phillips, and Jedi Knight Michael De Santa. The whole thing is laced with typical GTA-style profanity and humor, plus the ever present violence.

Yeah, we’re talking about *additional* violence added to a duel between two space-magicians using laser swords. The force makes an appearance as well in the form of an awesome move by Trevor in the shape of the “force-flip-off” which launched a volley of lightning at Michael straight from the angry Canadian’s middle finger.


The ending is certainly scores more violent than anything that is shown in any Star Wars media (a large portion of its audience is children, after all), and we’re talking about a movie series which features frequent dismemberment and third-degree burns on the whole body. However, a lightsaber to the face just seems so much more effective.

That one aspect also happens to be the only issue with the video. The work put into making the animation fluid and realistic is impressive, and it is clear that a lot of attention was put into it. Too bad the fact that the heat of the lightsaber would instantly cauterize any wound, so the massive splash of blood would never occur.

How excited are you guys for the upcoming Star Wars film?

GTA V Meets The Teletubbies

It has been quite a long while since we’ve had one of these. The one and only Merfish has awoken from his deep slumber to bring terror upon us mere mortals once more. The man, the legend, the master of the Rockstar Editor has arisen again.

For some incomprehensible reason, ever since the 1.29 update (which contained the massive Freemode Events update) brought the versatile Rockstar Editor to the current generation of consoles, we’ve gotten far less interesting GTA V videos. The only thing that really comes to mind is that one short film about the chicken and the psycho.


However, Merfish has arrived to save us all from damnation. He has blessed us once again with an heirloom of his masterwork. He has taken an old children’s television show and elevated it to a whole new plane of artistry. Merfish has transplanted a piece of many childhoods into the world of GTA V.


This time on the chopping block is the Teletubbies, the odd gang of four color coded mutant somethings with functional television sets cybernetically implanted into their abdomens. They live in what looks like techno-Hobbiton, and have forced a strange biomechanical creature into their servitude who works as a living vacuum cleaner. They also offer tribute to the sun god, whose terrifying visage observes the creatures every single day.

Merfish has perfectly captured the atmosphere and feel of the teletubbies television series, adding the required dose of good old extra violence in order to make it all feel that much more like GTA V. Merfish had to resort to the use of mods to turn Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Lamar into the four demonic creatures, and his infinite wisdom becomes apparent through his choice of antennae.

Do we have any GTA V fans here who used to watch this series?

GTA V Singleplayer DLC Coming After All

Oh, the AAA industry. When a big name company says they won’t do something and then do the thing anyway. Most recently we had Microsoft announcing backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and now, after the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company said not to expect any singleplayer content, one of the voice actors teases some upcoming DLC.


A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on

Shawn Fonteno, voice actor of Franklin, one of the three playable protagonists of GTA V, posted a picture on Instagram of himself wearing a motion capture suit in front of a GTA Vice City poster. The image description reads “Shhhh…..YALL KNOW WHY I GOT THIS SUIT ON”.

Its pretty obvious he’s doing some mocap work for is role in GTA V, which means we’ll definitely be getting some more single player DLC.

Some eager players began mining the game’s code for information, and some interesting things popped up. A pointer to a model called “ig_agent14”, which is different from the “ig_mp_agent14” which appears in GTA Online suggest we’ll be meeting Agent 14 in the upcoming DLC. Other sources say that, while Trevor will be off infiltrating the IAA in the Agent DLC, Michael will be battling the risen dead in the Zombie DLC. How Franklin factors into this all, we do not yet know, but he is most likely involved in the Casino Heist.


The info mining on the unconfirmed DLC has turned up possible mission trigger locations, such as the IAA headquarters.

In regards to the Zombie DLC, there is much less concrete info. The DLC has been hinted at in the past, and it’s not unlike Rockstar to release undead content for their games, see RDR. It is most likely that the DLC will be in connection with Michael’s strong ties to the movie industry, and the missions will be centered around the production of a zombie flick.

What do you guys think of these rumors? Are you happy that there is singleplayer DLC on the way?

Michael and Amanda: New Artwork

Rockstar Games has just released some new artwork for my favorite GTA V couple – Michael and Amanda De Santa. Michael has his trusty Carbine Rifle and is hanging outside of Lester’s sweat shop Garment Factory, while Amanda is striking the Vrksasana yoga pose. The only thing missing from that image is Fabien Larouche… Anyway enjoy (and click on the images for the ultra, ultra high resolution versions)!



New GTA V Mural at Wilshire and S. Western in LA


GTA V murals continue to be spotted in various places in the United States (along with the odd GTA 5-themed truck in Taipei), with this latest piece of artwork being found at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and S. Western Ave in Los Angeles.

As you can see only Michael is featured, and like a lot of the other GTA V advertisements we’ve covered, only the Playstation 3 logo is shown (the game is coming to Xbox 360 as well!).

I guess that Sony is contributing to the cost of this marketing campaign more than, or to the exclusion of, Microsoft. Pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version of the game are still higher than PS3 pre-orders in the US.

Thanks to reddit user Theubermedic

All New Character Trailers for GTA 5

The three character trailers for GTA 5 have been released and let me say this game is gonna be AWESOME. Check out all three clips within the single video below – first Michael, then Franklin, and finally Trevor (in our opinion, saving the best for last).

Direct video link:

Within the game you’ll be able to actually switch between all three characters as you progress, and as you can see, each has a very different background and motivations for what they do.

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we were pumped for the release on September 17, but now it’s safe to say that we really, seriously can’t wait! Grand Theft Auto V does not look like it is going to disappoint.

GTA 5 has been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 only at this stage.

Update:  if you want to view the individual trailers for each character, they are available now on our videos page.

New GTA 5 Wallpaper, Release Countdown Timer

New GTA 5 Wallpaper

Rockstar Games has just released two new HD wallpapers for GTA 5. First, in an image titled “Cash and Carry: By Sea”, we have Michael making what looks to be a getaway on a specific jetski model – the “SpeedoPhile 2000”. Then, in a related picture called “Cash and Carry: By Land”, we have Franklin making a getaway from a robbery on a motorcycle. It’s safe to say that both modes of transport will be available to players in the final version of GTA V and you can download high definition versions of both new wallpapers by simply clicking on them below.




GTA 5 Release Date Countdown Timer

You should have noticed the new countdown timer in the sidebar up and to the right of this post. The concept is pretty straight forward – it’s just a handy little timer that will tell you exactly how long you have to wait until the game is released. So bookmark it and be sure to check back whenever you need to know just how much longer there is to wait until you can get your hands on GTA V!