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Here’s Why GTA Isn’t An Annual Franchise

Recently, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick appeared at the MKM Partners Investor Day Conference, where he was extensively interviewed by Gamespot. Then a week ago, Zelnick spoke about how the massive success of GTA Online will not be changing the business strategy of Take-Two or Rockstar, and once again he revealed some of the tactical considerations of the company. Rockstar, and therefore Take-Two, have a lot riding on the GTA franchise. Being one of the most recognizable, and not to mention most lucrative name in the video game industry, Zelnick needs to make sure that the reputation of GTA is upheld.


Thing is, quality sells. Luckily for the brand name, Rockstar knows this, and didn’t run their franchise into the ground like Activision did. Sure, Call of Duty was the big dog on the block a few years back, but the past four-ish games failed to make any sort of impression on the industry, nor did they sell particularly well. Rockstar, however, is playing the long-game. They know that no amount of marketing can beat word-of-mouth in the social media age, and no amount of publicity will trump the basic phenomenon of people simply liking the game.


We think with the non-sports titles, we are better served to create anticipation and demand. On the one hand to rest the title, and on the other hand to have the highest quality in the market, which takes time. You can’t do that annually.

For a non-gamer, Zelnick really knows what goes into making a good game. Instead of pumping out a half-assed attempt every year, he has Rockstar sit on their games for a long, long time in order to release the most polished, content rich and professional product they can.

Are you guys satisfied with they way Take-Two Interactive is handling the GTA franchise?

Will GTA Ever Expand Into A Multimedia Empire?

GTA has achieved what few other video game properties have – it has become a household name. Pretty much everyone, no matter how disinterested in video games and video game culture they are, will know what GTA is. Non-gamers will exclaim “did you learn how to drive in GTA?” when they’re almost run over by a driver at a crossing. When you’ve got that level of brand recognition outside your target audience, you know you’ve hit peak.


Game franchises with significantly smaller cultural influence and following have grown into large multimedia franchises, with novels, comics, films, series, spin-off games, collectible figures, tabletop games and other merchandise. GTA, however, stuck with multi-platform games and some limited merchandise. The only two instances of motion picture entertainment in the franchise were the GTA 2 short-film, which was little more than an over-long advertisement, and the GTA documentary “The Gamechangers“. Gamechangers was an unofficial, poorly made, biased and inaccurate film which gravitates more to fictitious drama than to real documentary.

GTA has the kind of massive following, as attested by the sales figures, the active player base, the modding community and its fandom, which would make expansion into other forms of media extremely profitable for Rockstar. This could also be an opportunity to flesh out the world, characters and story more for hardcore fans. While GTA hardly has a rigidly established lore or continuity, there is plenty of story content and world building to to add to.

Fleshing out the backstories of certain core characters through a series of comics would be a great start, for example. There have been rumors of a GTA theatrical film being in the works, however those have never had any veritable evidence to back them up, and if you think about it, it will quickly be apparent that a series would fit the franchise more. GTA has massive potential to explode into an entertainment juggernaut, but for some inexplicable reason, Take Two interactive does not seem too keen.

Would you guys like to see an expanded multimedia GTA project?

Amazing GTA 5 Map Size Comparison, New LA and Oz Marketing Pics

This post is a bit of a mish-mash of sorts, but with all the Grand Theft Auto V hype, news and opinion currently taking over the internet, with though it was time to start cutting down on the extra noise…

GTA 5 Map Size Comparison

First off we have this new GTA V map size comparison video made by the same guy that created the animated GIF we posted about (and is in turn based on the leak of the game map).

Using the new “character switching” feature/ability in GTA 5, the creator gives us an amazing insight into just how big the gaming world in GTA V is, how easy it is going to be to get lost, and also how hard/impossible it might be to find someone (the city is big, but the desert is bigger).

Anyway it’s a great piece of work so kudos to ‘Leobc’ for creating it.

GTA V Marketing Images

We’ve made multiple posts on Rockstar’s marketing efforts for Grand Theft Auto 5 and just how impressive/substantial they are, and these next two shots only prove that point further.

First up we have this photo taken of the Los Angeles downtown skyline. Notice that one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb!? Thanks Armgerm for the shot.


Secondly there’s this photo taken of an entire tram emblazened with GTA V graphics – most notably “Beach Girl”. And yes, trams are a big part of the public transport system in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks JCXtreme.


PS: We’re at the five day mark – not long now!

Real-Life Footage GTA V Trailer & NYC Marketing Pics

We’ve got a “two-in-one” news post for you today.

First up is this very funny and extremely well done fan-made trailer for GTA 5. What’s the big deal though? Well it’s done entirely with real-life footage (Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr and others are all included). We laughed our asses off. Take a look at the embedded video below to see what we mean.

Next up is a bit more GTA V marketing imagery, this time taken from the sides of some buses in New York City. Thanks to reddit user bikr for the pics. And if you’d like to see previous examples of GTA 5 marketing, click here (everything from the sides of hotels being painted, to GTA 5 trucks in Taiwan and subway stations in Berlin!).




More GTA V Advertising in Hong Kong and Berlin

Rockstar’s worldwide marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto 5 continues with these latest images being spotted in a subway entrance in Berlin (that’s some pretty extensive artwork!) and also in a country perhaps better known for another sandbox game – Hong Kong (Sleeping Dogs, by the way).



Not sure if I can recall more advertising in more countries for any other game. Can you?

Thanks to bolingbrokeIV and rebeldrunker

GTA 5 Hummer/Patriot Spotted

So far we’ve had GTA 5 themed buses, trucks and even buildings, but this is the first GTA V themed Hummer we’ve seen!



If you’re really into your Grand Theft Auto (and aren’t we all…) then you probably actually refer to this type of vehicle as Patriot.

The GTA 5 Hummer/Patriot can be found at the intu Metrocentre in the UK if you wanna check it out for yourself and maybe grab some snaps.

GTA V Themed Bus Spotted in Sydney

Following up on our series of Grand Theft Auto 5 marketing posts (list below), someone recently took this snap of an entire bus being decked out with the now all-too-familiar “GTA V red bikini girl”. Looks like it was spotted on George St in the Sydney CBD, just outside the QVB building.


If you notice any large GTA V advertisements near where you live, be sure to snap and send them in!

Prior GTA V marketing posts:

GTA V Marketing Machine Reaches Taiwan

The reach of the GTA 5 marketing machine has no limits it seems, with a GTA V themed truck (of all things) being seen touring through the street of the capital of Taiwan, Taipei (of all places).

It’s also interesting to note that, just like another advertisement in NYC, this marketing campaign seems directed at GTA V for the PS3 only, and contains no mention of the Xbox 360 version of the game.