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Rockstar Trolling GTA V Dataminers?

So it seems that after the period of strict iron rule imposed during the brutal war against GTA Online hackers by Rockstar, the game developers’ sense of humor is returning slowly and steadily. With countless GTA V related rumors springing up based on information uncovered by data miners, players who dig around in the game’s code and files to discover hidden data, Rockstar has decided to put an end to it. In a move befitting Rockstar’s silly-funny public persona, seemingly they’ve begun to hide false info in the game files to throw data miners and tipsters off track.


Months ago, rumors regarding the eventual opening of the GTA 5 casino began circulating. It all began when someone reported that the sign on the casino changed from “opening soon” to “opening next week”. When no-one else encountered the phenomenon, and it was noted that the tipster was playing a PC version, it was concluded that he simply used a mod to gain fifteen minutes of fame. True enough, the casino has remained closed to this day, but the rumors have not died down. I mean, just thinking about it, it would be logical for Rockstar to do something with the casino, adding a gambling system to the in-game economy.

Another rumored DLC was the so-called “Mansions” update, which would add ridiculously over priced properties to the game with countless luxurious features for players with an endless wallet (possibly made possible through gambling wins) to blow their GTA $ on.


Recently though, some GTA V data miners happened upon the following:

0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you’ll never own.

References to both the casino and a mansion and we think, a not-too-obvious troll. Both the casino and mansions were popular rumored DLCs. Coincidence? What do you think?

Rockstar Teases New GTA V Content Already!

Look, Rockstar, we need to talk. I love the fact that you’re churning out content as quickly as you are for GTA V, I really do. But you released one of the biggest updates the game has seen freaking yesterday, finally silencing a thousand smart-ass mouths spreading rumors and conjecture about the update, of which nothing turned out to be true. Did you really, honestly, have to tease new content so soon? You know this just means more rumors, right? Oh, well.

Recently, after a number of console players expressed difficulty at finding how to access the Rockstar Editor on Playstation 4 and Xbox One (I genuinely couldn’t write for about 10 minutes because of uncontrollable laughter), Rockstar released a handy, simple, step-by-step guide.

You enter the pause menu. Then you select “Rockstar Editor”.

And I’m not even joking.

However, alongside this ancient eldritch secret, Rockstar also happened to share the following:

For those eager for more new cars to collect – not to worry, we’re working on new vehicles and lots more for future updates coming soon. Please stay tuned for info on that

So that’s where those 12 new vehicles went. It seems that Freemode Events, despite being as meaty as it is, is merely setting GTA Online up for future content, and laying the foundations of a whole new generation of DLC packs.

It seems that “lowrider” or “lowlife” or “lowhatever” might still be in the pipeline, and all that info-mining actually produced credible information. This also means that all those GTA V tipsters whose “leaks” were debunked by 1.29 can start using this teaser post as justification to continue their conjecture. The teaser however clearly pertains to GTA Online, which might be indication that the alleged story DLC really is down the gutter, as many players have feared for quite some time now.

New Leak Confirms GTA Online DLC Release Date, Genderbender?

Would you look at that – new information regarding unreleased and unannounced GTA V content which is backed up with actual evidence! Well known rumor-smith and GTA V tipster TezFunz has taken to Twitter in order to tell the world of their new findings regarding the mysterious Lowlife DLC content update that should be coming with patch 1.29 along with the console versions of the versatile Rockstar Editor. 


“TezFunz” has been known as a whistle blower of the GTA V community for quite some time now and has managed to get his hands on some new info whenever a new major update is around the corner. Version 1.29 really ought to be be a big one by the way, considering it was originally supposed to be released in late August. Recently the release window has been moved to early September and it’s already the eighth of the month. Recently, TezFunz graced the GTA V community with the following tweets.

Allegedly, Rockstar will be adding a plastic surgery feature allowing you to switch your character’s gender, both in the visual sense and in the genuine sense. This means that your character may have the character model of a female but be listed as male and vice versa, or you can go all the way. This can be facilitated both through an in-game feature, or by contacting the Rockstar support staff.

Exactly how the system will work, and what kinds of restrictions it will have, along side the concrete release date of the update, is all unknown.

Are you looking forward to gender surgery in GTA V?

GTA V Programmer Is Protecting Your Privacy

Those of you who sat through the credits of GTA V might be familiar with the name of Eric J. Anderson (or not… I can’t reasonably expect you to remember all those names), who is a senior artificial intelligence programmer at Rockstar Games, who worked on GTAV.


Those of you who are active in the hacker community and know a bit about hacker culture might be familiar with the name of Eijah (or not…. There’s probably a thousand people on the internet with the same moniker.)

It just so happens that these two people are in fact one and the same. Eric J. “Eijah” Anderson is a coder at Rockstar responsible for making sure that the artificial intelligence truly is intelligent. When he isn’t doing work on GTA V, he’s busy coding a new method to allow anyone to share anything in complete anonymity.

The GTA V programmer recently created demonsaw, a new file sharing application marrying the best features of centralized and decentralized application, and applying a new security system called social cryptography. You can send anything, anytime, from anywhere to anywhere, and your identity and location will remain absolutely, completely, totally hidden from anyone.

Eijah has also entered an official partnership with John McAfee, notorious internet security and anonymity advocate and professional exile, who is the founder of the almost universally hated McAfee Anti-Virus.The two plan on spreading the word on demonsaw, which aims to be as user-friendly as possible.

100% free, no ads, no installs, no malware, no bundled software, no logging, no tracking, and no bullshit. Safeguarding our privacy and protecting our Right to Share are the primary goals of Demonsaw. This is the demonsaw Promise.

The issue of internet anonymity has been a hot topic lately, especially with electronic warfare being on the rise.

GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Release Date Announced – Sort Of

In a recent post on the Newswire, however indirectly, Rockstar has announced the release date of the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC.

They’ve officially announced that the Welcome To Los Santos soundtrack collection, available only on PC until now, will be coming to the four consoles next month as a part of Ill-Gotten Gains Part Two. The competition ends on the 30th of June, which is a Tuesday, so one would think Rockstar might release the DLC on that day, since they pretty much always release DLC on Tuesdays. However, the post says next week, so it’s safe to assume that the DLC itself will launch on the 7th of July, which is the next Tuesday after the 30th.


This information leads us to believe that rumors that the Independence Day DLC and Ill-Gotten Gains Part II is one and the same were untrue, and that we will be getting an Independence Day themed content pack earlier, possibly next Thursday. While it’s true that typically Rockstar releases DLC packs on Tuesdays, there have been, albeit rare, examples of content updates launching on Thursdays, so this possibility is plausible.

So far the content of Ill-Gotten Gains Part II remains largely a mystery. There have been rumors of all kinds of upcoming content for GTA Online circulating these past days. How much of these are true, and how many of these upcoming features will be a contained in Ill-Gotten Gains Part II is unknown. Knowing that the Casino should be opening in a few days rules that out, despite it fitting with the theme of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC. Leaked info about two new online heists has also been publicized recently, but there was no info on the possible release dates. What little we do know is that the Knuckleduster and the Marksman Pistol weapons will be part of the DLC.

What do you think Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 will add to the game?

GTA 5 New Missions, Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Info Leaks

Speculation surrounding the content and release date of the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC has been afoot since before the first part even launched, but it seems already there has been a bit of a leak regarding upcoming GTA V content.

While the info regarding the DLC itself is no more than speculation, we do know that it will contain two new heists. A leaked audio file, posted by Youtuber “TurtleeyTY” gave away the info.

The first of the two newly revealed heists involves a clandestine drug operation being run out of a poultry processing plant. The three prep missions involving the theft of various vehicles, including a drug shipment truck which must then be driven to its destination, a riot van for later use and a Merryweather convoy truck. Once you’ve nicked the feathery narcotics, it’s time to pass it on to the global market for some sweet cash.

The second new heist is a run of the mill bank robbery, except you’ll be robbing 5 banks in a row. The prep missions reflect the scope of this heist, and show that a lot of planning went in to this job. Firstly, you need to steal a few Seasharks to serve as getaway vehicles, and stashing them in the storm drains at the river. The second mission has you plant extremely fragile explosives at strategic locations (power junctions) whilst avoiding detection and taking out some guards. The third mission is on a timer. A scientist who has some access codes you need got a tip that your after him, and has used radar jammers to hide from you. You need to track him down and “convince” him (meaning fill his squishy body with hot lead) to give you the passcode.  Mission 4 has one player on the team play honeypot. The most flirtatious of your crew needs to work the bank manager, a Joseph Whites, and use any means necessary to keep him occupied while the others record it secretly copy the manager’s vault pass.

The actual heist begins when you detonate the explosives, causing a city-wide blackout. Then you have 10 minutes to rob all 5 banks. Scripted events alter the encounter at each bank. The first two go without a hitch, the cops catch up at the third where you’ll have to fight your way out, after the fourth the use of bikes is obligatory, and in the last bank, all of the players will need to work the vault, but something goes awry, and they need to fight their way through a large police force before stealing a new getaway vehicle to reach the stashed Seasharks. Once on the water, the robbers must split up and lose the heat to be successful.


As for the DLC, well, officially the last day of summer is September 23., and according to Rockstar, the update will drop during the summer. Speculations also say that we might be getting an Independence Day DLC on July 2. While the tendency is for Rockstar to release DLC on Tuesdays, there has been a Thursday release before, so July 2. seems plausible.

What do you guys think of the new heists? Is there any credibility to the speculation regarding the DLC?

Leak Confirms 1080p for GTA V on PS4


The Official PlayStation Magazine is set to run a feature on the upcoming remastered version of Grand Theft Auto V, and we’ve started to see leaked details and scans of the publication at various locations around the net (like here).

The leaks confirm that GTA V will run at 1080p on the PS4. However, other than that, no new information was provided. More details were given in the article, but they’re all about things Rockstar already announced, such as the new radio songs and additional wildlife.

Some fans are skeptical about the credibility of this leak, while others are concerned about the lack of new information this close to the release date. After all, some people still hope for much more than just a remastered port. GTA V will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, with the PC version to follow in early 2015. Are you planning to buy it, or are you still unconvinced?

New Cars for GTA V

GTA 5 Car Chase

Whenever a new update or patch—or anything else, for that matter—is released, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before someone digs through the files to see what new pieces of information they can discover. This time, we’ve learned of data for three new cars hidden in the recent GTA V update, thanks to GTA forum user Mark Chump and Reddit user andrewmsv.

The three cars are the Enus Huntley, the Dewbauchee Massacro, and the Pegassi Zentorno. We can only assume these will be officially introduced in the next DLC. Check out the pictures of these unreleased vehicles (at the link above), and let us know what you think.

New GTA V Weapons Leaked?


An image has surfaced on Reddit (as above) of what appears to be a list of new weapons coming to GTA Online. They include names like Remote Sniper, Stinger, and Smoke Grenade. However, many players feel these are not new weapons, but weapons used in single-player missions.

We can’t be sure yet if this is a real list of new GTA Online weapons, or if it’s just a snippet of code from the single-player game, but we’ll let you know if new details come to light.

What do you think of some of these potential new weapons?

Faked GTA V PC Videos Taken Down


Fan fervor for a PC release of Grand Theft Auto V has been high lately, with the petition for it crossing 650,000 signatures and modders working on a mod version, as well. News of an official release, however, has been silent — although some people thought otherwise earlier this week.

A Youtube user named warrockteam1 uploaded a video that appeared to be footage of GTA V being played on a PC. This “alleged” announcement looked fairly legitimate, and many fans got their hopes up even as others decried it as a fake.

The cynics appear to have been correct. Back in September, a different video had been posted, and altered footage from that was what made up the fake GTA V PC release video. Once this was proven, Take Two Interactive suddenly came into the picture.

Take Two Interactive took down the fake footage, claiming it was copyright infringement. They also struck down the original video, even though there was no reason for that one to be considered a problem. They also removed every re-uploaded version of the “alleged” video, although the reason given was that such videos violate “Youtube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

Of course, many fans are suspicious. If the video was a fake, why did Take Two Interactive react so strongly? Therefore, this has added yet one more piece to the growing pile of rumors that an official GTA V PC release is on its way.