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Big Leak Appears To Confirm Yacht, New Vehicles, More

We recently reported on someone finding a reference in the code for a yacht coming to GTA V via DLC in the future. This discovery sent data miners into a frenzy, and a whole lot of new info has seemingly been revealed. Strap in, this is a big one!

Firstly, a video detailing a few of the newly discovered features went up on Youtube quite quickly, and it featured an advertisement image of the rumored yacht. As it turns out, the image is a stock photo of a real world yacht, and this realization lead to some players mistaking the leak for a fake. However, based on the massive amount of in-engine footage and game models subsequently dug up by reputable sources, the findings actually appear like they might be real (we can only hope!).

First of all, the content discovered is not related to one upcoming DLC, but three DLC packs which will all launch this year. It seems that the labeling of the previous post-Halloween rumor as fake was too hasty, as the next content update codenamed “Apartments” could in fact add a wide range of customization options to your in-game properties (primarily furniture) , as well as the new yacht.

The helipad and mini-dock mentioned in the previous rumor are in fact optional customization options for the floating palace. The update should also add a bloody heap of new cars, a full list of which can be found in the original post on GTANF.

Two new weapons, a Magnum revolver and a switchblade emblazoned with a skull also look like they’re coming to GTA Online, as well as new outfits including a large SWAT ablative bullet proof vest. Two new missions seem to be in the works too, most likely new heists.

We should also see an update to the Lowriders DLC. GTA Online Lowriders part two will add the vehicles missing from the previous one based on the original leak of 12 new cars, as well as two new weapons, both of which are rifles.

There is also a bit of information regarding a GTA Online Christmas DLC, which might be adding at least one vehicle we know about so far…. Phew, we told you to strap in. Rockstar has been VERY busy!

GTA Online Rumored To Be Getting A Yacht

With the recent release of the Halloween DLC for GTA Online, players are already becoming impatient with regards to the announcement of the next DLC (because of course they are).

Rockstar’s recent tendency to release DLCs more and more frequently has conditioned the community to expect more content in less time. This, in turn, has resulted in yet another surge in upcoming GTA Online DLC rumors, and unfortunately so far all are fake. This new rumor however is showing promise, and the GTA V Reddit community have begun theorizing how this new feature will be implemented from a game play standpoint.

Recently, a relatively well known YouTuber named Taltigolt tweeted an image of a code segment taken from the GTA V game files. The reference is for what seems like an all new type of property, and knowing Rockstar, it will have a price tag to match.

It’s a massive luxury yacht. With living quarters. And a helipad. Did we mention it has its own dock? Yeah. Rockstar heard you like boats, so now you can boat while you boat. Looking at all of these features contained in the yacht, you can bet that Ill-Gotten Gains’ GTA$ 10 million gold plated jet will be like a matchbox compared to this beast.


Many have since been speculating how this yacht will fit into the gameplay of GTA Online. Due to the living quarters, some say it will work like any other property, and entering the yacht will open another instance. However, in that case, how will the helipad and dock work like in such a case? Would the interior of the yacht be another instance, with the exterior being a vehicle in the open world? Will dozens of yachts be buzzing around the waters of Los Santos, or will they be so insanely expensive that so few players will have them as to compensate?

Do you guys hope the GTA Online yacht rumor is true?

New GTA Online DLC Hoax

Just when you thought with both the Lowriders and Halloween DLC rumors turning out to be true, that you can start believing rumors floating around the web… But here we have yet another GTA Online DLC hoax.


The fact that people out there have the kind of free time and dedication to put effort into these things is baffling. Many fake DLC “leaks” pertain to the kinds of features or new content which quite obviously wouldn’t be Rockstar’s first choice, and very rarely are they believable to any extent.


This newest “leak” concerns an upcoming apartment and safehouse customization feature, allowing you to play interior decorator and architect with your in-game properties. A relatively unknown YouTuber posted a video about how he allegedly found images and game files dug out of the GTA Online Lowriders source code. Turns out, however, that these were all fabrications, and the files he “found” in the code were actually created by the YouTuber.

In recent weeks, DLC releases for GTA Online have become more and more frequent. As a side effect, the official announcements always happen really close to launch, meaning we probably won’t get any official info on upcoming updates until a few days before actual release, or on the day of release itself.


People are determined to find out what the next DLC for GTA Online will contain. Players know to anticipate a few vehicles – as of the 12 cars found by the data miners who uncovered Lowriders, only 6 have been released (or 8, depending on whether or not the Halloween vehicles come from that batch). Lowriders added a fourth purchasable property to the game, allegedly to buff out garage space, but with the attention properties got, it is plausible that apartment customization is in the pipeline.

This leak, however, is definitely a hoax!

GTA Online Halloween Surprise Announced & Released

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to any of our readers, but Rockstar has just officially announced the already leaked Halloween Surprise DLC for GTA Online. What could possibly compensate for the lack of “surprise” though? It’s out right now!


The DLC is also everything the leaks made it out to be so no need to be disappointed on the content front. One interesting piece of new info however, is that the new vehicles and gear introduced in this DLC can only be acquired until the 16th of November, after which you won’t be able to get your hands on them (until next year’s Halloween – we hope). So we think it’s time to grind for cash, and hold off on buying those fully tricked out lowriders! Don’t worry though, as once you’ve acquired them, the items and vehicles will remain yours and usable after the 16th and beyond.


As we’ve known for a while now, the two new vehicles are the Lurcher and the Franken Strange, a funeral hearse and a hot rod, respectively. Rockstar also added 20 new bobble head customization items, two of which have been leaked as a Frankenstein’s monster and a werewolf.


A wide variety of new masks have also become available, and the halloween mask selection is the default setting for heists until the 16th. If masks aren’t your thing, then you can choose from the 30 different face-paint options.


The new adversary mode, Slasher, throws a veil of darkness over Los Santos and arms victims with flashlights, and one slasher with a shotgun. The slasher has 3 minutes to hunt the unarmed victims, who can either stay in shadows, but not see anything, or use their flashlight and reveal their position. However, once the 3 minutes are up, the “victims” might become the hunters, as they are blessed with shotguns of their own.


Rockstar has also announced that they will be holding a special Halloween weekend event and livestream. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Which feature of the GTA Online Halloween DLC do you enjoy the most?

Halloween DLC Car Customization Leaked

We’ve recently reported on the leaked info regarding the Halloween DLC for GTA Online which is actually happening after all. The DLC will contain two new rides, a new weapon, and some seriously creepy new masks.


Well, dataminers have been hard at work to dig up all the info and features of the aforementioned DLC and release it to the public. Since the previous leak, another new feature, plus the full range of customization options for both new cars have been discovered and documented. All in all, the Halloween DLC is shaping up to be quite the content whale despite being released so soon after Lowriders, which has added a whole wealth of new content, with some of it only having been discovered some time after launch.

Two new cars, the Albany Lurcher and the Albany Franken Strange, are the rides we’ll be getting on the 30th. The Lurcher, a hearse, looks like a funeral car to which you can add skull and blood spatter themed paint jobs. While the Franken Strange is a beastly hot rod you can trick out with sweet purple flames, a burning skull or a grim reaper.

The new feature, which is a new customization option, is the addition of bobble heads, which you can presumably place onto dashboard. We can also see a leaked screenshot of an un-holstered flashlight, which, failing in its purpose entirely, is pointed upward and emits no light. Well…


We’re fairly certain that the Halloween DLC will also be adding missions to the game, and it’s a good guess that Rockstar will be hosting some sort of 2x RP and GTA $ weekend/week-long event in GTA Online to commemorate the event. The double cash payout will certainly come as a relief to the people trying to scrounge up enough cash to put together their dream lowrider.


Are you guys looking forward to the GTA Online Halloween DLC?

Actually, About That GTA Online Halloween DLC…

Well, these few days have been absolutely filled with surprises. Not only did it turn out that the Lowriders DLC for GTA Online is real, but most of the rumors that were circulating about it actually turned out to be true. This includes the ones about the new vehicles, the hydraulics, and the new missions courtesy of Lamar.

The DLC went live just today, giving players 1.4 GB worth of new content to play around with.


Now, Lowriders is quite the substantial update, and it will keep GTA Online fresh for a very long time. However it seems that counter to what every sign has been pointing to, Rockstar won’t actually let the spookiest celebration of the year pass by without some more new content to celebrate it with.


Last year’s Halloween passed in GTA Online with naught but a weekend event, and after a fake banner, and the recent release of Lowriders, it looked like Rockstar will be skipping Halloween DLC this year as well. However, the data miners who dug up the first hints to Lowriders all those months ago immediately began to pick the DLC’s files apart to see what they can find.


And boy did they find something.

The images in this article are all from files taken from the update, and loaded into the game engine SDK. As you can see, there are a full set of spooky Halloween masks and two new vehicles which look like the kinds of automobiles you’d see a modern Dracula driving.


It seems that the community will be getting a treat rather than a trick in GTA Online next week, so get your crew ready for some spooky crime-fests! When bombs go in the same basket as the sweets, this year’s Halloween will be a lot more exciting than ever before.

Are you guys looking forward to the Halloween GTA Online DLC, or is Lowriders sufficient for now?

Rockstar Trolling GTA V Dataminers?

So it seems that after the period of strict iron rule imposed during the brutal war against GTA Online hackers by Rockstar, the game developers’ sense of humor is returning slowly and steadily. With countless GTA V related rumors springing up based on information uncovered by data miners, players who dig around in the game’s code and files to discover hidden data, Rockstar has decided to put an end to it. In a move befitting Rockstar’s silly-funny public persona, seemingly they’ve begun to hide false info in the game files to throw data miners and tipsters off track.


Months ago, rumors regarding the eventual opening of the GTA 5 casino began circulating. It all began when someone reported that the sign on the casino changed from “opening soon” to “opening next week”. When no-one else encountered the phenomenon, and it was noted that the tipster was playing a PC version, it was concluded that he simply used a mod to gain fifteen minutes of fame. True enough, the casino has remained closed to this day, but the rumors have not died down. I mean, just thinking about it, it would be logical for Rockstar to do something with the casino, adding a gambling system to the in-game economy.

Another rumored DLC was the so-called “Mansions” update, which would add ridiculously over priced properties to the game with countless luxurious features for players with an endless wallet (possibly made possible through gambling wins) to blow their GTA $ on.


Recently though, some GTA V data miners happened upon the following:

0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you’ll never own.

References to both the casino and a mansion and we think, a not-too-obvious troll. Both the casino and mansions were popular rumored DLCs. Coincidence? What do you think?

Rockstar Teases New GTA V Content Already!

Look, Rockstar, we need to talk. I love the fact that you’re churning out content as quickly as you are for GTA V, I really do. But you released one of the biggest updates the game has seen freaking yesterday, finally silencing a thousand smart-ass mouths spreading rumors and conjecture about the update, of which nothing turned out to be true. Did you really, honestly, have to tease new content so soon? You know this just means more rumors, right? Oh, well.

Recently, after a number of console players expressed difficulty at finding how to access the Rockstar Editor on Playstation 4 and Xbox One (I genuinely couldn’t write for about 10 minutes because of uncontrollable laughter), Rockstar released a handy, simple, step-by-step guide.

You enter the pause menu. Then you select “Rockstar Editor”.

And I’m not even joking.

However, alongside this ancient eldritch secret, Rockstar also happened to share the following:

For those eager for more new cars to collect – not to worry, we’re working on new vehicles and lots more for future updates coming soon. Please stay tuned for info on that

So that’s where those 12 new vehicles went. It seems that Freemode Events, despite being as meaty as it is, is merely setting GTA Online up for future content, and laying the foundations of a whole new generation of DLC packs.

It seems that “lowrider” or “lowlife” or “lowhatever” might still be in the pipeline, and all that info-mining actually produced credible information. This also means that all those GTA V tipsters whose “leaks” were debunked by 1.29 can start using this teaser post as justification to continue their conjecture. The teaser however clearly pertains to GTA Online, which might be indication that the alleged story DLC really is down the gutter, as many players have feared for quite some time now.

New Leak Confirms GTA Online DLC Release Date, Genderbender?

Would you look at that – new information regarding unreleased and unannounced GTA V content which is backed up with actual evidence! Well known rumor-smith and GTA V tipster TezFunz has taken to Twitter in order to tell the world of their new findings regarding the mysterious Lowlife DLC content update that should be coming with patch 1.29 along with the console versions of the versatile Rockstar Editor. 


“TezFunz” has been known as a whistle blower of the GTA V community for quite some time now and has managed to get his hands on some new info whenever a new major update is around the corner. Version 1.29 really ought to be be a big one by the way, considering it was originally supposed to be released in late August. Recently the release window has been moved to early September and it’s already the eighth of the month. Recently, TezFunz graced the GTA V community with the following tweets.

Allegedly, Rockstar will be adding a plastic surgery feature allowing you to switch your character’s gender, both in the visual sense and in the genuine sense. This means that your character may have the character model of a female but be listed as male and vice versa, or you can go all the way. This can be facilitated both through an in-game feature, or by contacting the Rockstar support staff.

Exactly how the system will work, and what kinds of restrictions it will have, along side the concrete release date of the update, is all unknown.

Are you looking forward to gender surgery in GTA V?

GTA V Programmer Is Protecting Your Privacy

Those of you who sat through the credits of GTA V might be familiar with the name of Eric J. Anderson (or not… I can’t reasonably expect you to remember all those names), who is a senior artificial intelligence programmer at Rockstar Games, who worked on GTAV.


Those of you who are active in the hacker community and know a bit about hacker culture might be familiar with the name of Eijah (or not…. There’s probably a thousand people on the internet with the same moniker.)

It just so happens that these two people are in fact one and the same. Eric J. “Eijah” Anderson is a coder at Rockstar responsible for making sure that the artificial intelligence truly is intelligent. When he isn’t doing work on GTA V, he’s busy coding a new method to allow anyone to share anything in complete anonymity.

The GTA V programmer recently created demonsaw, a new file sharing application marrying the best features of centralized and decentralized application, and applying a new security system called social cryptography. You can send anything, anytime, from anywhere to anywhere, and your identity and location will remain absolutely, completely, totally hidden from anyone.

Eijah has also entered an official partnership with John McAfee, notorious internet security and anonymity advocate and professional exile, who is the founder of the almost universally hated McAfee Anti-Virus.The two plan on spreading the word on demonsaw, which aims to be as user-friendly as possible.

100% free, no ads, no installs, no malware, no bundled software, no logging, no tracking, and no bullshit. Safeguarding our privacy and protecting our Right to Share are the primary goals of Demonsaw. This is the demonsaw Promise.

The issue of internet anonymity has been a hot topic lately, especially with electronic warfare being on the rise.