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Fake GTA 5 Story DLC Leaks Appear Again

Considering how common these were some months ago, we’re actually surprised things were this quite for such a long time. During the entire later half of last year, as well as the early months of 2016, GTA related journalism practically thrived on fake leak stories being posted, referenced, re-referenced, back-linked and re-re-referenced in a criss-cross pattern by the same handful of websites.


Of course, all of these turned out to be fake. Even one of the voice actors for a GTA 5 protagonist, namely Shawn Fonteno who played Franklin Clinton tried to once again play the community for fools, this time by recruiting the voice actor of CJ from San Andreas to help him in his little facade. Since then, the relative number of single-player DLC “leaks” has dropped significantly – considering that in the autumn/winter of 2015, we had more than one per week.

But all good things must come to an end. Yet another blatantly fake story DLC “leak” has been making the rounds, getting the hopes of gullible fans up over nothing. We’ve seen some shoddily made fake leaks in the past. While this doesn’t number among the worst of them, it is a pretty poor attempt.

Let’s start this off that the whole leak is based on alleged screenshots and details being shared by a leaker with some journalist – who then reported on the leak but neglected to show any evidence, such as the mentioned screenshots. Then this report promptly disappeared once the news of the leak picked up.

As the story goes, a YouTuber called “XXII” shared with one of the writers of a Greek news site some photographic evidence of upcoming Story DLC. This update would greatly expand the map of the game, adding new continents with the cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro as playable areas.


The story wouldn’t follow Michael, Trevor or Franklin as originally planned, nor any established GTA character. Rather, an all new protagonist by the name of Anthony Miller would be controlled by the players. The DLC would also have added a number of new features to the game, such as opening the Casino (we’ve already covered why that won’t happen) and include a horse-racing and betting minigame. Both of these would have played major parts in the story.

Now, all of this would be dandy, but it’s bleeding from quite a few gaps. Major Story DLC like this would require a lengthy development schedule – with new continents, new story, extra voice work and so on – which simply hasn’t been facilitated. Before 2016, there has been a steady stream of large-scale content next to which this project wouldn’t have been possible.


there has been a quite period in the past months, but not enough to warrant for such large-scale content. Also, let’s not forget the major GTA Online DLC on its way, which also took time to develop.

We’ve already mentioned that the Casino isn’t ever going to open and considering that the real-life Anthony Miller is a high profile football player in the US, Rockstar probably isn’t looking for yet another lawsuit against them like the one Lindsay Lohan is pulling.

Add to all this that GTA Online is generating stupid amounts of profit, Rockstar wouldn’t spend tons of resources on a major single-player DLC only the fraction of the player-base will buy, when they can spend the same resources on countless mid-to-large GTA Online updates that will drive up Shark Card sales – not that they need to be driven any higher.


Would you have liked to see this particular GTA 5 story DLC, or are the alleged features not to your liking?

Here’s GTA Online’s April Release Schedule

Rumors and leaks about the remaining lowrider vehicles which were added to GTA V’s game files with the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC, but weren’t made available in-game, have been circulating for some time now. Even though players knew they were coming, no one knew when they will arrive. In the meantime, the leakers who found this info moved on to release images of game-models regarding sports-related Adversary Modes.


The “hidden” lowriders even made their way to single player after the content from Custom Classics was ported over via mod. With the cat out of the bag regarding the three rides and new Adversary Modes – which are blessed with names such as “Inch by Inch” and “In and Out” – all that remained to be revealed was when this new content will be finally released.

While there were no dates among the leaks, it seems that the new content will be coming to GTA Online one by one, on a weekly basis. At the moment it looks like we’ll be getting one lowrider per week in April, with a mini-DLC containing the sports Adversary Modes and possibly some new character customization items at the beginning of May.


The scheduled dates currently look like this (and we must of course stress that none of these have been officially confirmed!):

  • April 5 – Tornado Custom
  • April 12 – Minivan Custom plus “Inch by inch” Adversary Mode
  • April 19 – Sabre Turbo Custom
  • May 3 –  Other Adversary Modes plus mini-DLC

The recent tendency for Rockstar to occasionally release Adversary Modes as standalone updates, making their GTA Online DLCs smaller but more frequent, bombarding the community with week-long events back to back have made some players wonder why.

The most popular fan theory is to keep players “occupied” with these breadcrumbs being thrown at them while the dev team is working on something more substantial – like a massive GTA Online update, or maybe even single player DLC – in order to keep things under wraps.


The other theory is that this is going to be the status quo from now on, as based on the announcement that Take-Two will have a massive presence at E3 this year, Rockstar must be working on something big, as 2K has more or less revealed their cards already. If Rockstar has been working on a new game, that means they won’t be able to focus as many resources on GTA Online anymore, meaning all we’ll get from now on will be vehicles and the odd Adversary Mode every now and then.

It’s clear that Rockstar is tied up with the development of something big. Do you think it is related to GTA Online, or something else entirely?

GTA Online’s Next Event Leaked… By Rockstar?

While getting your tightly held secrets spilled by tech-savvy fans digging through your game files is extremely bothersome, it is also inevitable. Letting something slip on your own however must be a tad embarrassing.

With the week-long GTA Online event celebrating the recent release of Lowriders: Custom Classics having ended yesterday, we can expect the next event to be announced soon, seeing as in recent months Rockstar has been holding these things back to back.


However the focus of the next event may have been spoiled ahead of schedule – and no data-miners were involved this time around. Knowing how running online games works, one will also know that even minute changes like an event in GTA Online needs to be properly set up behind the scenes and much of the data is pre-loaded secretly well in advance.

In such a case the pre-loaded data has the possibility of popping up in the live version due to bugs or human error. That is what seemingly happened in this case, where a PS4 user reported on some strange, unannounced changes having been made to GTA Online.

Reddit user and GTA V fan Clipper_Murray posted that he witnessed all visual and performance upgrades at Los Santos Customs being discounted suddenly and that his character received an exclusive shirt with the caption “The Shoulders Of Orion II”.


Then, almost as suddenly as all of this appeared, it all disappeared. The discounts were gone and another player reported that one of their characters also got the shirt, but logging on with another sometime later didn’t receive it. It seems that Rockstar discovered the mistake and quickly tried to stuff the cat back into the bag, so to say.

Rockstar’s recent habit of increasing the frequency of DLC releases, but making the updates smaller and padding out the time in between with events running back-to-back, has players wondering whether or not they’re building up to something. If leaks are to be believed, April will mark the start of a weekly content release schedule.

This kind of slow drip-feeding may be Rockstar’s way of both mounting the anticipation and trying to keep the community busy while its developing the next major update for the game. We might need to wait until this year’s E3 to find out what that major update actually is – could it be single player DLC?

What other promos do you hope the next GTA Online event will contain?

Rockstar’s Next Big Project Possibly Leaked

The online-portfolio blunders of former employees is always a particularly bothersome way of the lid being blown off a tightly kept secret. With significant buzz surrounding Rockstar Games following the announcement that their parent company, Take-Two Interactive, will have a significant presence at this year’s E3 convention and the press conference where the company’s president stated that they hold too many IPs, the hype around a new Rockstar game is high enough as is.


Of course the speculation has run rampant with E3 steadily approaching, with Red Dead Redemption 2, Agent and a new Midnight Club game leading the fan wishlists. While any info regarding a major GTA V DLC or even official word on the next game in the franchise is extremely anticipated, players are clearly starved for a Rockstar game from another IP.

The recent renewing of the Agent trademark coupled with the images made public by a former developer on the project indicate that it may very well be still alive. With rumors of Sony working on a new version of the PS4 with different hardware specs, it’s possible that Agent will be a launch title on this PS4 2.0 as the game was always intended to be a Sony launch exclusive.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is possibly the most hoped-for of all the possibilities as fans have been anticipating a sequel ever since the first one dropped way back in 2010. A PC port of the game remains to be one of the most requested releases all across the gaming community.

The possibility of the next project being a new IP is also on the table, however considering the recent statement about Take-Two already having more than it can handle, this is unlikely. Now, with all the anticipation, a recent misstep by a former Rockstar employee may have inadvertently answered everyone’s question.


Former Senior 3D Artist Ruben Tavares recently updated his LinkedIn portfolio to show the work he had done during his time at Rockstar. The list included three titles, including GTA V and Midnight Club: Los Angeles, however the last was the most interesting. The massively successful blockbuster and older racing game were joined by the entry “Red Dead Redemption 2”.

Once this was found, the press was lit on fire by the “leak” which seemingly confirmed that not only is Rockstar working on a new game, but one which has been hotly requested by fans for ages. Obviously the amount of dust that this kicked up soon got back to Tavares – and Rockstar.

Soon after the new made the rounds in the web, the profile was updated, removing the “2” from behind Red Dead Redemption. Tavares also updated his profile which seemingly explained the blunder. His bio contained a line speaking of how he was praised by his superiors over the years, which he updated with a small comment in parenthesis.

[…] during these years I received many good reviews from supervisors (NOT for spelling XD)

Nice try, but adding a space and number after a name isn’t exactly a spelling mistake. It’s not the kind of thing you’d do accidentally either.


Rockstar deciding to work on Red Dead Redemption 2 would make sense from a number of perspectives.

RDR had great reviews and sales back when it was first released with fans instantly starving for a sequel. This has set up the market ensuring a successful launch regardless of actual marketing efforts.

Then there’s the fact that RDR launched over 5 years ago. We know Rockstar doesn’t rush its games and if it’s only an initial announcement that we get at E3, chances are the release date is 2-3 years away, giving the developer plenty of time to polish the game to perfection.

This would be a massive source of revenue for Rockstar – especially if they add a GTA Online-eqsue multiplayer mode for the next Red Dead game. Since RDR was basically Grand Theft Horse anyway, giving players a massive wild west map to gallivant around with their fellow outlaws and gunslingers would garner massive success.


Hell, applying all that Rockstar has learned from three years of GTA Online could result in the smoothest and most polished multiplayer experience in the industry. GTA Online has advanced significantly since it was first launched, but some issues from the early builds are cemented in the game’s foundation – like the p2p server structure.

Given adequate funding – which we know Rockstar has – and a clean slate to work with, the developers could take all the good from GTA Online (which is a lot), give it a Red Dead coat of paint while tossing out anything that doesn’t work and building something that does.

Rockstar has the key to massive success right in front of them – we shall see whether or not they grab on to it.

Are you guys hoping for a new Red Dead game, or would you prefer another Rockstar franchise to return?

GTA Online Getting New VIP Work And More

So far, 2016 is shaping up to be a tight year both in terms of content and, undoubtedly much to Rockstar’s ire, in terms of leaks. Compared to the absolute mess that the fall of 2015 was in terms of baseless rumors and fake leaks, this year has been pretty sparse in terms of false info. When it did happen, it was pretty blatant and poorly put together.


The recent Lowriders: Custom Classics was not only leaked ahead of schedule, but once it was released, its files were quickly cracked open to reveal what else we can look forward to in the next DLC pack. We’ve already known about the three new rides that will be joining the Slamvan, Classic Virgo and Donk, however it seems that more content is coming than just new additions to Benny’s.

The most recent major DLC update, barring the thematic updates for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, was the Executives and Other Criminals update, bringing a whole new layer to the gameplay via the VIP and Bodyguard system. Now for the first time since the DLC was launched, new work for VIPs seems to be incoming.

One of the most reliable GTA Online leakers has recently posted source code evidence pointing to new VIP missions and challenges being released soon in an update alongside a new Contact which will in some way be related to Executives. Maybe a Contact who is only accessible to VIPs?


We’ve recently covered the football related game models which were leaked, suggesting that GTA Online will be getting a sports themed Adversary Mode called Inch By Inch (yeah, seriously). If that wasn’t enough for you, another Adversary Mode in the same theme has also been uncovered which is allegedly called “In and Out”.

This seems way too ridiculous to be true, but this is GTA we’re talking about and the info is backed up with some solid evidence in the face of the in-game models and a prompt found in the code.

IAO_HELP_1 = If all remaining packages are held at the end of the timer, attackers will get a further minute to deliver them. 
If any of the held packages are dropped during Sudden Death the defenders win. 


The leaks suggest that the three rides and two Adversary Modes will be added to GTA Online piece by piece on a weekly basis during April. This slow trickle of content has led players to speculate that Rockstar is building up to a massive update soon.

Are you more excited for the new lowriders or for the sports-themed GTA Online Adversary Modes?

GTA Online Might Be Getting New Sports Modes

The way GTA Online DLCs keep leaking, we might not even need official announcements anymore for them.  The game files of the recently released Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC also contained data pertaining to future updates for the game. It wasn’t long before these files were discovered and loaded up to see what info could be revealed.


The Custom Classics DLC was also leaked ahead of schedule, revealing one of the new cars that was added to Benny’s, as well as another one that is still on its way. The Custom Classics trailer ended with a teaser saying that more lowriders were coming soon – true enough, the files of Custom Classics contain more cars than just the three that were added.

Some of the new assets and prompts that were discovered in the files all follow the same theme: sports. American “football” (handegg?) specifically. The assets make it seem like the new update will contain a new Adversary Mode which is styled after football, using the titular prop as a “package”.


The models found are that of the actual football, the large goal, a football jersey and the in-game floating icon for the job. The various prompts suggest it will be a team based mode where players compete to score points with a package. Whoever carries the package will be unable to use weapons and a sudden death system will also be implemented.

A reference to the name of the mode has also been discovered. A line of code suggests that the new game type will be called “Inch by Inch” – a name that has been thoroughly ridiculed by the folks over at GTAForums. Seriously though, the name does seem to back up the evidence suggesting a sports themed update.

Whether or not this new Adversary Mode will be released in the same update as the remaining lowrider vehicles is unknown. If not, however, this will be the first time in GTA V history that we have more than one DLC leaked prior to any kind of official announcement.


Rockstar has been extremely hot on their Adversary Modes lately, releasing new mode after mode. While these modes are varied and creative, some players have begun to note “Adversary Mode fatigue”, asking for other kinds of gameplay additions. Bringing a wider range of sports minigames to GTA Online like Tennis would be a refreshing change.

Would you prefer a football Adversary Mode or sports minigames to be added to GTA Online?

GTA Online DLC Stealthily Preloaded On Steam

It seems that the data-miners may have not been screwing with the community this time.

In this digital age, it is very, very difficult to do anything without being detected and having your movements tracked. Rockstar Games really likes keeping the lid on their GTA Online DLCs, however this endeavor has become increasingly difficult with the release of the PC version of the game.


Not only are the game’s files significantly more accessible than they were before, but the game being available on Steam has enabled players to keep an eye on what files Rockstar updates server-side before releasing it as a public update. Peeking through this keyhole into Rockstar’s workshop, so to say, has allowed players to glimpse what the developer is working on. Through consistent observation, players have discovered certain patterns.

The website SteamDB allows free insight into the changes the files of various apps in the Steam Database go through. A recent change – so recent that it only occurred a few hours ago at the time of writing – indicated that the file named “qabeta2” was updated and changed several times.

Now, to a layman, this doesn’t really mean anything at all. Thing is, players who have been paying attention to this website and the changes GTA V has undergone noted that “qabeta2” is only ever updated right before a DLC is released.


This seems to confirm recent leaks which all stated that the new GTA Online DLC is slated to be released on the 15th of March. If this aspect of the leaks was correct, chances are that the rest of the info they claimed is solid too.

If this is anything to go by, we will be seeing a followup to the Lowriders DLC tomorrow.

Rockstar has stated before that they intend to expand the list of cars serviced by Benny’s Original Motorworks. They have recently added the Sultan and Banshee, allowing these two cars to be upgraded – turning the Banshee into the newest, fastest car of the game. DLCs being released in two parts isn’t new to GTA Online, as the Ill-Gotten Gains update was also separated.

Granted, Ill-Gottent Gains Part 1 and 2 was released consecutively. We’ve already seen the release of Executives and Other Criminals since the first part of Lowriders, but the evidence is still pointing towards an expansion of Benny’s.

What do you guys think, will there really be a new GTA Online DLC release tomorrow?

GTA Online’s Next Update Possibly Leaked

Before you get your hopes up, remember to take these leaks with a grain of salt – they’re usually a mixed bag. Even so, a few notorious GTA Online leakers and data-miners have earned their stripes over time by virtue of delivering mostly solid info.


It has been quite some time (relatively, at least) since the last major GTA Online DLC release. Executives and Other Criminals was the most recent big release last year. We’ve only seen minor thematic DLCs since, in the form of the Holiday Surprise and Be My Valentine DLCs, alongside a few Adversary Modes since.

With three months having passed by since Executives fans are eager for new content, as the tight release schedule has made them get used to seeing new DLCs often. While what may or may not be a troll performed by the voice actors is suggesting that the next big thing will be story oriented, Rockstar won’t be ignoring Online any time soon.

Of course, the GTA V community being what it is, the rumor mills weren’t still these recent months – they just didn’t produce anything tangible. However a verified data-miner has now put his name behind one of the more believable rumors.

Way back when Ill-Gotten Gains was the hottest update around, it was split into two parts and released separately. Based on that model, some players theorized that we might be getting a follow up to the Lowriders DLC.


This proposed “Lowriders 2” was inspired by a list of vehicles that was leaked several months ago. The list supposedly includes several vehicles which were slated to be added to GTA Online as DLC over time. With recent updates, these vehicles were being steadily ticked off.

However Executives and Other Criminals threw us a curve-ball by not adding any vehicle on the list to the game (it just added others). This has left us with several vehicles unaccounted for.

The data-miner, known online as Yan2295, has an – admittedly annoying – penchant for hiding his leaks behind unimaginative riddles. Fans have managed to crack his most recent messages pretty quickly.

The leaks suggest that new DLC will be adding additional vehicles to the list of cars serviced by Benny’s Original Motorworks, meaning more options will be open for the lovers of lowriders. It is also suggested that this update will be released next Tuesday, on the 15th of March.

All of this sounds nice, however we haven’t seen any proof related to anything mentioned. Moving away from the self-glorifying twitter-antics, a few images of in-game models loaded into the engine were also shown.

This here has actual substance. It seems that custom versions of the SlamVan and the Sabre GT are already present in the GTA Online game files, suggesting that they will be featured in an upcoming update along with some other rides as well.


Their new, custom paint-jobs are what suggest a connection to Lowriders as opposed to them being among the new vehicles of some unrelated GTA Online DLC. The Sabre particularly fits the bill, as one of the existing lowrider-exclusive paint jobs are very similar to the pattern shown on the leaked model.

If it weren’t for the in-game models, this leak would be filed under the same “fake” label as every other one, however a massive game-file leak like this was what spoiled Executives and Other Criminals way back when.

While the serving of this leak is somewhat cringe-worthy, the tangible proof is solid. If nothing else, we can be sure that the two rides shown here will be added to Online at one point or other.

Are you hoping for the next update to be an expansion of the Lowriders update for GTA Online, or rather something entirely new?


Fake GTA Online DLC Leak Season Has Begun

Here we go again. Remember that rather dreadful two-to-three month span in the autumn of last year where every two days a new GTA V or Online DLC “leak” happened and every unimaginative YouTuber made a dozen “NEW DLC CONFIRMED” videos? Remember how things got so bad that much of the community practically mobbed up on data miners? Granted, it later (much later) turned out that a small fraction of the leaks were actually correct. Info coming from reputable data miners was all good with the clickbaity “leakers” being the ones spreading falsehood.

GTA V Youtubers wet dream

Well, if a recent leak which was swiftly debunked is anything to go on, then the short period of consistently solid leaks is coming to an end.

The envoy of this new dark age originated from GTAForums but was reposted to Reddit. A users whose identity is unknown posted “information” he got from someone who allegedly hacked their way into Rockstar’s restricted dev forums. The leak suggests that the next big GTA Online DLC will, among others, add 58 new missions, 2 new locations, 14 weapons, 10 cars, 3 bikes, 2 helicopters, 4 planes and 2 boats including a new yacht.

Liberty City being added to GTA Online is another popular - but very fake - "leak".
Liberty City being added to GTA Online is another popular – but very fake – “leak”.


People believed that. Since then the leak has been confirmed to be fake by the poster himself, possibly after the less dim-witted members of the community ousted him for riling things up. It’s rather unfortunate that even with the dark times of the autumn past many people still believe every “leak” out there. This gives these fake leakers an audience and this being the internet, that’s all they need.

We can only hope that this rather pathetically grandiose attempt at trolling the community is not a harbinger of doom, a glimpse of things to come – but we’ve learned to expect the worse. It’s time to stack up on salt, guys. We’re going to need a lot of grains.

Have you guys ever fallen for an obviously faked GTA V DLC “leak”?

GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Content Video

We recently turned our calendars to February which means two things – Valentine’s Day is coming up and GTA Online is getting a new update. Rockstar released a small scale DLC to commemorate the event last year and most players took it as a given that they’d do so again. A recent leak seems to have confirmed this, which listed a high number of new clothing items as well as the good old Roosevelt.

If a rather extensive and authentic-looking snippet of game code wasn’t enough to convince you, the following videos certainly will. Some industrious players managed to access the preloaded models and files from the upcoming DLC in-game.

The featured videos show off the wide range of new clothing items both the male and female GTA Online characters will have access to once the update hits.

The male lineup is the smaller of the two. A few color variations on retro suits, vests and hats will be available as well as a modern pimp outfit and several boxers.

Female characters will have access to a larger range of new outfits. With all kinds of sleeping gowns, innumerable variations of underwear and corsets and stockings. For outer wear, they get a selection of dresses and gowns which evoke the same era as the retro suits do for the men.

In the background of the second video we see what may be the new Roosevelt, however it seems somewhat different from the stock version. Many players have theorized that the new Roosevelt will be serviced by Benny’s when the Valentine’s Day DLC launches. GTA Online’s most recent update added two new cars to Benny’s, and more are on the way. We’ll have to wait and see if the new Roosevelt can be customized or not.

Which new GTA Online outfit are you looking forward to the most?