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More PC Screenshots (Under 24 Hours Left!)

With the release of GTA V on PC now less than 24 hours away (I know, we can’t wait either!) it’s only natural for more and more PC gameplay footage and screenshots to become available. Lucky for you, this post is about some new images that should go some ways to making the next few hours that much more bearable. Check out below what you could be playing yourself, on your own PC, in less than a days’ time. Enjoy!

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Not a GTA V PC Delay Announcement, Instead Screenshots!

Rockstar Games made a new GTA V PC announcement today and good news, it isn’t a delay! So breath easy… instead we’re pleased to bring you 15 brand new screenshots taken from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Remember, the game comes out April 14 so pre-order now if you haven’t already. You can check out the system requirements here. Rockstar also said they’ll have an official PC trailer out next week so be on the look out for that too!

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All New GTA V PC Screenshots

This will hopefully go a small way in making up for the third delay of GTA V for PC recently announced by Rockstar. Today we have for you more than a dozen brand new screenshots taken directly from that PC version of the game. We have to say that the detail is looking amazing and that it definitely looks like the PC version will indeed be worth the wait. Now all we need is the rest of the PC cheats! Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to pre-order, or not.















All the GTA V Next-Gen Screenshots

With all the talk of bonus remastered GTA V content lately, as well as more images being released, we thought it would be good to collate all the next-gen screenshots posted to date in one place.

Some cool things we noticed – the Railgun, the Monster Truck and the Armored Dukes… did anyone say Zombie DLC!?

With under three weeks until GTA 5 is released on PS4 and Xbox One there is not long to wait now (PC release comes a little later on January 27 next year). Check out our GTA V Remastered FAQ if you want more info.

























Almost There: New GTA 5 Screenshots and Artwork

Only a couple more days until the official release of Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar has seen fit to give us several new screenshots and a piece of new artwork.¬†Take a look and then go outside – we know the wait over the next few days isn’t going to be easy!











PS: We know you want the cheat codes for GTA 5 and we are working on getting them to you ASAP. At the moment they are expected to become available between the official release date (September 17 of course) and up to one week after that. So sit tight, we will have them to you soon!

Amazing GTA 5 Map Size Comparison, New LA and Oz Marketing Pics

This post is a bit of a mish-mash of sorts, but with all the Grand Theft Auto V hype, news and opinion currently taking over the internet, with though it was time to start cutting down on the extra noise…

GTA 5 Map Size Comparison

First off we have this new GTA V map size comparison video made by the same guy that created the animated GIF we posted about (and is in turn based on the leak of the game map).

Using the new “character switching” feature/ability in GTA 5, the creator gives us an amazing insight into just how big the gaming world in GTA V is, how easy it is going to be to get lost, and also how hard/impossible it might be to find someone (the city is big, but the desert is bigger).

Anyway it’s a great piece of work so kudos to ‘Leobc’ for creating it.

GTA V Marketing Images

We’ve made multiple posts on Rockstar’s marketing efforts for Grand Theft Auto 5 and just how impressive/substantial they are, and these next two shots only prove that point further.

First up we have this photo taken of the Los Angeles downtown skyline. Notice that one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb!? Thanks Armgerm for the shot.


Secondly there’s this photo taken of an entire tram emblazened with GTA V graphics – most notably “Beach Girl”. And yes, trams are a big part of the public transport system in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks JCXtreme.


PS: We’re at the five day mark – not long now!

Some Cool GTA V Fan-made Images

With under a week left until the release of Grand Theft Auto V you can really feel the anticipation starting to grow. Internet forums and discussion boards are getting filled with GTA 5 related posts and traffic here at GTA 5 Cheats is also increasing significantly – it seems you guys want to know the cheat codes just as much as we do!

That said there has also been a lot more fan-created content being published and today we have three GTA 5 images we think you’ll enjoy.

The first piece will appeal to fans of the movie Heat. Thanks to RumblePhish of Reddit for posting. And in fact, Heat is probably the sort of movie to watch if you wanna get fired up for GTA V. Makes sense…


Next up is this new piece of artwork from renowned illustrator Patrick Brown. We’ve covered his work previously at GTA 5 Cheats and he literally just published the image below. We love it as much as his pretty pieces so make sure you check them all out at his official website.


Finally, Reddit user mandarijn decided to create this pretty cool animated GIF that not only shows off the size of the GTA V map, but does so using elements of the character switching feature that is new to GTA 5. Inspiring stuff!


Oh, and did we mention it’s just 6 days (nearly 5 in fact) until release hour!