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GTA V Meets Hey Arnold (Trevor)!

Legendary Rockstar Editor junkie and defiler of childhood memories Merfish has claimed yet another victim. After he has butchered a number of good old shows like Captain Planet, Pokemon, Arthur and The Powerpuff Girls, Merfish moved on to big Hollywood releases like Batman Vs Superman.

He’s returned to dishonoring well liked children’s shows in GTA V again with this most recent video.

Hey Arnold! was a show from before the turn of the century, beginning in 1996 and having an 8 year run with 5 seasons, 100 episodes and a feature film. The series mainly focused on the everyday lives of a small cast of characters and their mundane problems.

Merfish’s signature quips are present in full force. The characters in GTA V are a tad more realistic than the weird morphology adopted by the designers of the original show. After a few well placed dildos (this is Merfish after all) and edited outfits Arnold and crew are instantly recognizable.


Trevor jumps in as the titular Arnold with Franklin being Gerald. Lester, Michael and others fill in supporting roles. Lester, obviously, is once again the punch line of many lewd jokes. The whole recreation features significantly more phallic imagery and violence than the original did.

Despite the typical Merfish type crude humor the recreation is surprisingly authentic. Unlike in previous recreation, this time Merfish didn’t go to great lengths for modding in things that could not be done with the props at hand. The inhuman hairstyles which were a staple of the series are nowhere to be seen. All Trevor gets is a lousy cap and some side burn recoloring and Franklin just uses his default hair to represent Gerald’s glorious mane.

In some aspects, this is the best work of Merfish – in others, the quality dipped a tad. The dildos are here to save it though.

Which retro cartoon do you want Merfish to GTA V-ify next?

GTA 4’s Bowling Joke Reincarnates In Music Video

Suddenly it seems that much more GTA V fan video creators are turning to the pop music industry for inspiration as opposed to the telly.

Just today we reported on the recreation of a good old retro song, California by Wax, using the Rockstar Editor, and here we have yet another one. In the aforementioned article, we also point out how the music video recreation subgenre of fan videos has been somewhat sparse, and now here’s the second one in just a day. Considering how the high frequency of cool Editor videos resumed right after we wrote about how they seemingly disappeared, its safe to say that GTA 5 Cheats is downright prophetic.

While the title says GTA 4, due to the theme and characters being from that game, the article says GTA V fan video. This is because it was made using a modded version of V and the Rockstar Editor.

Many who have played GTA IV remember the main character’s cousin, Roman, constantly pestering him to go bowling. You’ll also likely remember how annoying it got, and you’ll also remember how much you regretted not going after a point in the story. The fan vid is a parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, with the theme of IV’s bowling joke.

The creation was made with the collaboration of one 8-Bit Bastard, who also happens to be the player responsible for the magnificent GTA V wildlife documentary films that we’ve covered in the past.

The recreation deviates greatly from the original clip, keeping only the backdrop and the aesthetic direction the same. The music itself has been altered further, with new lyrics which purposefully) enter the “so bad it’s good” territory.

How many of you guys played GTA IV back in the day? Did you go along with Roman, or did you ignore his pleas?

When GTA Almost Met South Park

Publicly revealing information about cancelled games is one of the best and also the most painful phenomena within the industry.

It is always intriguing to see what kinds of strange and insane game concepts people come up with. It is sort of like gaming archaeology. The problems begin when the cancelled game seems genuinely great, and the industry seems to be lesser for it not ever being launched. Sometimes these games spur fans and modders to revive the project. Sometimes the massive popular outcry resurrects them. Sometimes the community deems a game was better off buried and forgotten. Some cancelled games are averted disasters, while others are missed opportunities.


We have no idea what the hell this one was.

If you think about it, this is another case of the “obvious-choice-but-never-happened” syndrome. What do GTA and South Park have in common? Well, several things. Violence, profanity, sexual themes, social satire, dark humor and more violence. What else do the two have in common? Obscene amounts of fans! Considering how massively popular both franchises are, a mixture of them, even of not an official cross-over, would probably destabilize the entertainment industry. That alone might be why this game got canned.


Some time ago, someone discovered an early build of an unreleased South Park game on a Xbox debug unit. The game was an open-world, multiple-protagonist, action-adventure title with vehicles and driving mechanics being central to the gameplay. You know, like GTA.

The game had the player explore South Park and the surrounding regions doing odd jobs, side quests and main missions. Now, this is South Park, so don’t expect quests such as “Kill 10 Wolves for Farmer Ross”. While this early build didn’t actually contain missions, the game structure is apparent, so if this would have ever launched, it would most likely send you to crap on old people’s lawns (GTA should too, honestly).

Would you be interested in a South Park game with GTA’s gameplay?

Rockstar Trolling GTA V Dataminers?

So it seems that after the period of strict iron rule imposed during the brutal war against GTA Online hackers by Rockstar, the game developers’ sense of humor is returning slowly and steadily. With countless GTA V related rumors springing up based on information uncovered by data miners, players who dig around in the game’s code and files to discover hidden data, Rockstar has decided to put an end to it. In a move befitting Rockstar’s silly-funny public persona, seemingly they’ve begun to hide false info in the game files to throw data miners and tipsters off track.


Months ago, rumors regarding the eventual opening of the GTA 5 casino began circulating. It all began when someone reported that the sign on the casino changed from “opening soon” to “opening next week”. When no-one else encountered the phenomenon, and it was noted that the tipster was playing a PC version, it was concluded that he simply used a mod to gain fifteen minutes of fame. True enough, the casino has remained closed to this day, but the rumors have not died down. I mean, just thinking about it, it would be logical for Rockstar to do something with the casino, adding a gambling system to the in-game economy.

Another rumored DLC was the so-called “Mansions” update, which would add ridiculously over priced properties to the game with countless luxurious features for players with an endless wallet (possibly made possible through gambling wins) to blow their GTA $ on.


Recently though, some GTA V data miners happened upon the following:

0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you’ll never own.

References to both the casino and a mansion and we think, a not-too-obvious troll. Both the casino and mansions were popular rumored DLCs. Coincidence? What do you think?

Watch These Senior Citizens Try GTA V


You may have heard of React Gaming before, particularly the videos where teenagers were unable to figure out how to play older games. “Elders React” is another one of their video series, and in this latest episode, they put Grand Theft Auto V in the hands of some senior citizens. What do they think of it? Their reactions may surprise you, and they’ll definitely entertain you.

Is that what you expected? Stereotypes suggest older people wouldn’t enjoy a game like GTA V at all, but this video readily disproves that.

After recent accusations that the game causes violent, it’s good to see something like this. Some found it too violent, but many enjoyed it. In the words of one woman who thoroughly enjoyed her GTA V shooting spree, “just remember, this is make-believe.”

Bringing Back the Humor in GTAV

One complaint that a lot of GTA aficionados had about Grand Theft Auto IV was the toned down humor. Sure, there was plenty of laughs to be had from the in-game radio chatter and ads, but by and large the world around you was more like real life, rather than the exaggerated versions we had in other GTA games.

We need more jokes this time around!

The Main Characters

One reason that GTA IV wasn’t as innately funny as previous games was because the main character simply wasn’t funny. Not that every single former protagonist was funny, but Niko Bellic was more a fish out of water/stranger in a strange land type, rather than someone who was able to throw out the one liners and keep up with the strange cast of characters that he was interacting with.

In Grand Theft Auto V, however, we’re going to have three main characters and they all look like they’re going to have their various quirks that open the door for more insane interactions. Michael’s a been-there-done-that career criminal that will have tons of funny insights, Trevor’s a burned out psycho, and Franklin’s a repo man that works for Armenians. Lots of potential there!

Michael - GTA V

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in GTA IV was where the humor was at as far as characters went, and we should expect no less this time around. Grand Theft Auto V already has quite the supporting cast lined up with various girlfriends (of course), Michael’s overspending wife and kids, conspiracy theorists, and plenty of others, including a dog.

Look for all these characters to inspire a variety of missions that will see your characters engaging in various salacious acts that will bring a smile at the very least. Rockstar thrives in this sort of environment and hopefully they’ll really bring it in GTA V.

Let’s just hope there aren’t those annoying bromance missions you have to do every time one of your buddies gets lonely. Packie…ugh! Leave me alone!

It’s a Mad, Mad World

The worlds of the various Grand Theft Auto games are like an insane, drugged-out version of our own. Rockstar takes shots at everyday things we see in the world around us by taking them, twisting them, and turning it all up to eleven.

Modern Western culture is already neck-deep in overt sexuality, and GTA games are absolutely soaked in it. Expect GTA V to take hard shots at all things Americana that we’ve seen in the past 4-5 years since the last game came out. Anything and everything will be on the table, and there will be something to offend everyone. Your favorite movie, TV show, energy drink, band, or type of music will be blasted at some point.

But that’s the fun!

Expect Rockstar to Nail It

When it comes to the humor in GTA V, we have to expect that Rockstar will not hold back. Sure, grit is good in any game that consists of you performing any and all sorts of illicit activities, but at the same time we want to be entertained by Rockstar’s take on the everyday things we have around us. The humor is already there, it just needs to be exploited! These guys already have some funny folks in their stable, they just need to give them free rein and see what they come up with. Get on it Rockstar!