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Sony’s GTA 5 on PS4 Tweet Typo


You might have heard that yesterday the official Sony UK Twitter account tweeted about GTA 5 coming to the PS4. Yup, that’s right – check out the offending tweet below.

Given that Rockstar Games has previously refused to comment on GTA V coming to the next generation of consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and has even gone so far as to shoot the rumors down, this must have come as quite a surprise for them.

So much so that Rockstar quickly responded to a GameStop-originating question as to whether the Tweet was correct. The answer is unfortunately not…

Apologies for the typo about GTA V. It’s due for release on PS3 on September 17th.

Sony themselves has also come out and issued an apology over the affair. This make it the second time they’ve had to do so in respect of Grand Theft Auto 5 recently. The first one being when they allowed the game to be pre-loaded (downloaded) via the Playstation Network. Details on that debacle here.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 only on September 17. When it does, you’ll be able to access all the cheats and codes for the game right here.

Screenshot Comparison: GTA San Andreas vs GTA V

Big thanks to Reddit user _Trilobite_ for his work creating this collection of images. As you can see, various scenes from each of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and GTA 5 have been re-created for comparison purposes.

While it’s true that we’ve clearly come a long way since GTA: San Andreas, on the other hand it has also been 9 years (this ain’t no Call of Duty series!). Either way, we’re impressed and considering San Andreas is this author’s favorite GTA title, it only makes waiting for GTA V to hit store shelves that much harder.















Grand Theft Auto V will be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation on September 17 this year.

All New Character Trailers for GTA 5

The three character trailers for GTA 5 have been released and let me say this game is gonna be AWESOME. Check out all three clips within the single video below – first Michael, then Franklin, and finally Trevor (in our opinion, saving the best for last).

Direct video link:

Within the game you’ll be able to actually switch between all three characters as you progress, and as you can see, each has a very different background and motivations for what they do.

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we were pumped for the release on September 17, but now it’s safe to say that we really, seriously can’t wait! Grand Theft Auto V does not look like it is going to disappoint.

GTA 5 has been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 only at this stage.

Update:  if you want to view the individual trailers for each character, they are available now on our videos page.

Reports of GTA 5 Commercial Shoot False

Over the past 24 hours or so, you might have seen several reports of Rockstar Games shooting a real-life commercial for Grand Theft Auto 5 in Mexico.  The reports stem from some pictures that poppped up on Reddit and which you can see below.  Note the GTA 5 logo that features prominently in several of them.

It can now be revealed that in fact the commercial being shot was not for Grand Theft Auto 5, but is instead a general commercial being done by Sony for the Playstation, and which they’ll probably use at E3 2013 in June. What makes the story all the more interesting is that apparently the GTA 5 logo was used without Rockstar’s permission – tsk tsk Sony…

Check back for more GTA 5 related developments as we get them and don’t forget to submit all your cheat ideas for GTA 5 in the comments section here.

GTA 5 Marketing Ramping Up with Epsilon Program?

Epsilon Program

Rockstar Games appears to have restarted its infamous ‘Epsilon Program’. What is the Epsilon Program you ask? It’s essentially a religious cult (fictional of course) invented by Rockstar as part of the GTA series. It first appeared in GTA San Andreas and is referred to in various in-game songs, and also even by some pedestrians. In terms of what it actually is, think a parody of the real life Church of Scientology. Rockstar has been known to use the program as part of its marketing efforts for GTA games too.

The official twitter account of the Epsilon Program has been dormant for a few months now and recently sprang back to life with the tweets that you can see below. The tweets themselves are pretty cryptic, but seem to refer to Epsilon seeking a court order (or being forced to defend itself) against accusations that it is a cult. It also says they are now going to sue some people (kind of like the very real Church of Scientology).

Take what you will out of it, as we honestly have no idea what Rockstar is planning. We do know however that some of you would love a gameplay trailer (as least judging by the comments all over our Facebook page!). We’ll continue to keep you updated as always on any developments.

GTA 5 to Include Microtransactions?

Electronic Arts, probably one of the most reviled publishers amongst mainstream gaming fans as it is, recently dug itself an even deeper pit of fan revulsion when it announced more future EA titles would contain microtransactions.

Microtransactions are, for the most part, the nickel-and-dime scourge of the gaming industry as we know it, forcing gamers to pay additional fees for items or services within games they’ve already paid for and should have access to in their entirety. While microtransactions are justifiable in the mobile gaming space, where games are often given away for free or nearly free, there’s little excuse for adding them in games the gamer has paid a sizable sum for, as EA already did with their console shooter Dead Space 3.


However, if you thought it was just greedy EA jumping on the microtransaction bandwagon, you’d be wrong. Activision announced earlier this week that Black Ops 2 will also include microtransactions. While CoD’s publisher Activision isn’t much higher on the gaming industry integrity ladder than EA, if at all, what this does is signal an undeniable industry shift towards DLC and microtransactions, and also raises the question of when, probably not if, we’ll see microtransactions appear in GTA games.

On the one hand, imagine the horror of having to pay real money to fuel up your ride, or to buy bullets to load your favorite gun up with. It would sure take some of the joy out of pumping innocent virtual bystanders full of lead when that lead is costing you a pretty (or dull) penny with each flash of the in-game muzzle. Granted, microtransactions would never ‘force’ you to have to pay real money for something integral to the game. But perhaps bullets would become just a little bit scarcer so as to increase the sales of them through microtransactions. This would, I think, prove to be a major detractor and outright abomination.

Also, a task should not be harder to accomplish than it would otherwise simply because a microtransaction is now in place that the company is trying to sell. In the case outlined above, the microtransaction has undeniably had a negative effect on the game and ruined, at least to some extent, the experience of the game for people that have already paid their money, and who don’t wish to plunk down more cash on it.


If, however, the content is truly optional and the game is being built as normal (and not around the microtransactions) then there could be a place for it in limited cases. Gamers will certainly still decry that those willing to spend more money have an easier or more enjoyable time with the game than themselves.  But on the other hand if their own experience hasn’t been impacted by the inclusion of microtransactions, then there’s really no reason to get overly up in arms about it. We gamers are infamous for our whining though…!

For their part, Rockstar has not made any announcement regarding microtransactions in GTA V, though they have said they would consider it in future titles. Meanwhile, publisher Take-Two Interactive has already released games with microtransactions present, including in NBA 2K13.

Cheater’s Pool for GTA V Cheaters?

When Rockstar released Max Payne 3, they had plans in place for a feature to be implemented (shortly after launch) that would level the playing field in multiplayer for those playing fairly (as well as those who weren’t) . That feature was the cheater’s pool – a separate multiplayer area for the thousands of cheaters, modders, and hackers to wallow with each other, unable to lay their filthy, cheating hands on honest players.

While we condone and encourage cheating here, and will give you all the codes along with everything else necessary to do so, we do that as the developer intended. It is one thing to enjoy the game on your own or with your friends, making use of the many great cheats that can make the game infinitely more enjoyable. It’s another thing to cheat in an unauthorized way in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players in online matches. That we can’t and don’t condone.


Those who say cheaters never prosper have never seen cheaters running through online games, killing everything in sight and laughing at their hapless opponents, who can only curse, or frown, or laugh, or cry at their misfortune. Cheaters DO prosper, and they do so at the expense of the honest players who are online to have some fun and test their skills against other players; not to stroke their ego and think they’re actually good players because they can beat people down using cheats and hacks.

Rockstar had this to say at the time of Max Payne 3’s cheater’s pool announcement:

The move is meant to address several problematic hacks that have plagued the game’s multiplayer, including invincibility, infinite adrenaline, score cheating and more. If any players are added to the pool and later cleared of any wrongdoing, they’ll be able to re-join the general population for online multiplayer. However, a second offense will cause them to be added to the Cheaters Pool permanently. Beyond the Cheaters Pool, Rockstar will also be addressing cheats and hacks in upcoming title updates for Max Payne 3. Invalid leaderboard entries will also be removed “to ensure that the players at the top of the charts have earned their spots fairly.

The feature wasn’t completely new, in fact it was borrowed from their other hit franchise. You may have heard of it…Grand Theft Auto? Yes, the PC version of GTA IV had a similar feature, though not nearly as highly touted at the time, largely due to the fact that cheating in GTA IV’s multiplayer was much less pervasive than in Max Payne 3’s.


Now, as novel a concept as the cheater’s pool was, it was fraught with the same problems that plagued the simple act of banning unscrupulous players, which is that they can simply get around it (many game companies themselves admit that banning is generally ineffective and most players can just bypass or circumvent it). Cheaters are nothing if not resourceful after all. So while the concept is theoretically outstanding, it’s not necessarily any more effective than simply banning those cheaters from playing, in execution.

Rockstar hasn’t officially confirmed the return of the cheater’s pool for Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer, it’s likely it (or even more likely, an advanced and highly improved version of it) will be used again in an attempt to keep Los Santos’ online streets free of the dregs of gaming society.

Should Fans be Compensated for GTA V Delay?

Days and weeks removed from the heart shredding announcement that GTA V won’t see the light of day until the middle of September, fans are still fuming about the delay. Fuming, and ranting, and raving, and moaning, and complaining, amongst other things. In fact angry fans have even gone so far as to all but demand of Rockstar (on their official forums and website) that it compensate for the delay by going out of their way to share new information about GTA V – we want new info, now!

The delay itself isn’t exactly surprising. Many major games (heck even many minor, crummy games) see development delays and have their releases pushed back, and this is always accompanied by the usual moaning and groaning from the eager fanbase. As much as fans can try and console themselves with the fact that the delay is probably for a good reason, the reality is that fans already have lofty expectations, and anticipate the game of their dreams. So delays aren’t going to make fans jump for joy thinking they’re going to be getting a much better game when it finally comes out; they already expect the perfect game. So delays are just delays, and delays suck.


However, demanding the company to compensate them for their GTA V-induced pain and suffering is going a little far. It’s not Rockstar’s job to provide fans with constant trickles of information regarding their game, and certainly not because they owe it to anyone. It’s their job to make the best game they can. Anything else is just icing, or gravy, or apple sauce, or bacon bits, or whatever you want to put on top of your delectable GTA V main course. Certainly, Rockstar should be aiming to keep their fans happy, but major marketing blunders aside (like, for instance if they called their fan base a bunch of whiny twerps who should shut their pieholes), there’s really no chance these fans will NOT be first in line to purchase the game on the day of its eventual release.

In fact, sensible fans should probably be happy to see the game disappear from the limelight for a few months so they can just forget about it and concentrate on other things and other games until the release date gets nearer, and that would also mean it’s not so hair-pullingly aggravating to think about the remaining wait time for GTA V’s release. It will actually become something to look forward to then.


As off-base as these rabid and raging fans may be, it must be said that it’s still surprising that Rockstar hasn’t made any effort to provide us with some additional news on the game since the delay announcement a few weeks back. We’ve really received nothing official from them since, other than a refute of some of the rumors that began circulating as to why the game was delayed. Not brilliant PR, but they’re a game company, and making games should be their primary concern, not investing unnecessary resources into marketing and public relations.

What’s your take? Should Rockstar go out of their way to please their sad, sad fans at this point, or should we suck it up and let Rockstar focus on finishing their game?